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Friday, February 09, 2007

Tony Gachoka: Gigolo Or Shrewd Operator With No Morals?

Most Kenyans first came to hear of Tony Gachoka during the late 80's and early 90's when he published an alternative press publication known as the Sunday Post.

What majority of Kenyans don’t know is the fact that the fast talking gigolo turned politician has such a sordid past that it could make a great script for a Hollywood thriller.

'TG' as he is popularly known by the ladies has been a fun loving guy from an early age and at one time, he used to hang out with Uhuru Kenyatta and Gideon Moi, two popular philanderers and playboys who's limits were boundless

In a bid to sustain his big spending habits, Gachoka laid his hands on the title deed of the family's coffee plantation and secured himself a big loan from the bank and went ahead to rent a full floor in a prestigious city building to conduct 'business'.

One of the businesses he did was the publication of the notorious Sunday Post where his contacts with Gideon Moi proved useful because he was able to identify corrupt Asians, most of whom paid him handsomely to keep their stories out of his rag.

In between his business, 'TG' could usually take time off and fly to South Africa with the Moi and Kenyatta siblings for lunch or even a weekend and carry along beautiful young women who were in abundant supply for the trio, with the kind of money that was flowing.

Gachoka's family only came to know of the loan when the bank attached their property for auction for nonpayment on the loan in a saga that resulted to Tony being cursed by the mother.

In a desperate bid to make money after the saga, Gachoka started preying on rich and lonely women and where best to find them than inside parliament and classy restaurants in exclusive suburbs.

He managed to catch the eye of Charity Ngilu while she was still in the opposition and an affair started soon after as her elderly husband, Engineer Ngilu was already senile and sick not to mention his terrible drinking habits. He died in December last year.

The rich engineer had already contracted high blood pressure and diabetes, two diseases that are known to quickly kill libido.

During this same period, Gachoka was also having other affairs with rich women in Nairobi, some even married as he struggled to maintain his big spending lifestyle by 'borrowing' lots of cash from his lovers.

His big break came when NARC came to power and Ngilu was appointed health minister. Gachoka o date been awarded lucrative tenders worth millions of shillings to ironically publicize the HIV-AIDS scourge.

The philanderer has made so much money that he has now opted to plunge into politics and he is contesting the Embakasi parliamentary seat on an ODM-Kenya ticket.

Unfortunately, most Kenyans in leadership positions know the story of Tony Gachoka very well and it will remain to be seen whether the high profile Gigolo will secure the ODM ticket.

Like any good, selfish opportunist, he has already made friends with ODM kingpin Raila Odinga and has even assured him that he is capable of securing votes for him from central province, a near impossible feat which Raila himself does not believe but again, with politics, 'yote yawezekana' which means everything is possible.


Anonymous said...

hi chris,

TKS for the insight on Gachoka, he is actually vying the Kamkunji seat with a host of other guys like Martin Shikuku but we all know he stands a "Rats" chance in capturing the seat..

Anonymous said...

Relaxx its not that Serious Buddy....This article was'nt neccesary especially to put Tony on BLAST like that.It seems your a female with Personal issues but if your not you need to address your weak emotions Pal you cannot knock another mans hussle thats how i feel

Militant said...

Hahahahahaha!!! Damn! I love this!! Anonymous, go blow yourself, the public have a right to know...!

Anonymous said...

Correct your english Militant..The public has a right to know...not "have" a right to know.. damn ass!!

Anonymous said...

This is so scandalous and in bad taste in my view

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