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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Is It Really Possible To Get Plenty Of Customers Right Away When My Sales Have Been So Low? Is It Practical?

No matter how well or badly a business is doing the owner will always have certain expectations. Most folks are grateful for a handful of sales, especially if the economy is doing badly. They may not know it but what they are actually doing is limiting themselves and their profits and success... forever.

What you wish for is precisely what you get. Start the day wishing that you at least get 5K and chances are that you will make 2K or 3K that day or 0.

The limit is more often than not, the best sales one has ever done. And so if you usually sell a certain amount at your shop/business every day and one day you do double that figure, you will be delighted. If you do double the best sales you have ever done, you will be over the moon. And yet you can easily do ten times that figure or even more. Sadly that is the difference between a company you admire like Coca Cola or Google and that company you have never heard of... and you will never hear of.

Your profits and sales from your business will always be as high as your practical innovative selling ideas (copied or original) can take them and there is really no limit to what you can achieve. - Christopher Kyalo-

Selling more and making more profits starts with perception. And that is why most of those who ignore this article or read it while being very skeptical already believe that they cannot do much more than what they have already done. Chances are that those kind of people will NOT gain much from the brilliant tried and tested ideas here.

This thing called "experience" makes matters even worse. How many times have I heard the statement..."I have had X numbers experience in this business and I can tell you what you are suggesting is impossible."

In my first ever get-plenty-of-customers-right-away consultancy job I met this man (who was very senior in the company). And he knew that apart from my get-customers expertise I had no previous experience in the industry. When I suggested my projected monthly sales within 3 months he just laughed. "1.2 million a month is a pipe dream my friend." And then he went ahead to discredit every idea I suggested. "That will never work, not in 100 years," he often boomed. To cut a long story short the company did NOT achieve 1.2 Million monthly sales as I had projected. That figure was way off. We achieved 2 million monthly!!

As you start on this journey to get plenty of customers be wary of the skeptics. They will be very many on your path to new heights and success and they will often be very convincing.

"What book is that you are reading? Hahahahaha"

"A local guy will help you make more sales? Has he made more sales for himself? Hahahahahaha

"Please stop dreaming and come back down to earth."

"You have bills to pay my friend, stop wasting time with pipe dreams and fantasies." hahahahaha.

My advise? Ignore them. If you went into business to be popular or to follow the popular view then I suggest you leave immediately and join politics.

Bottom line the problem with your low sales has much more to do with what is going on inside your mind and the limits you have set for yourself. That is a much bigger issue here than your prospects out there. You must remove ALL limits you have set for yourself before you can reach out to your prospects.

Next we will get down to business and take the first step to getting plenty of customers right away.

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