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Sunday, December 04, 2016

First You Need To Find Out Where Your Prospective Customers Are Congregated Right now?

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If you want to find plenty of customers and right away for whatever you deal with you must find that place where your BEST prospects are congregated in large numbers right now. The following two rules for qualifying a "place" are very important;
1. The number of people has to be high because not everybody will buy. If your idea of large numbers is about 10 prospects then most likely you will end up selling to one. Or two or three if you are extremely lucky. If it is 1000 chances are that you will do 100 at the very minimum.

2. Your prospects must be as close to each other as possible. That way you can reach them quickly and that is the only way you will be able to find plenty of customers right away which is what we are all about in here.

Your profits and sales from your business will always be as high as your practical innovative selling ideas (copied or original) can take them and there is really no limit to what you can achieve. - Christopher Kyalo-
Let's look at one example of my own personal get-plenty-of-customers-right-away operations of the past.

This new company selling solar panels were in a fix. Not a single sale had been made. So we started by trying to figure out where the customers were congregated. We found them in a coffee growing area not far from Nairobi. Folks in the area had good houses (evidence that they had the money because at that time solar panels were NOT cheap). The houses were fairly close to one another. We managed to generate sales of over 100 solar panels in that area alone that had about 500 homes.

The second example is of a movie shop in town that was hit by stiff competition and no sales. Which group of people consumes movies and series in large volumes? University students of course. So we had two options, appoint representatives within the campus or move the movie shop as close as possible or even within the campus.

Where are your the vast majority of your potential customers congregated? Facebook and social media? Or is it in offices and businesses in town? Or are they in the industrial district where all the factories are situated in your town or city? In yet another scenario they could be in the homes in a certain large housing estate.

At this point do not worry about what to do after you have found out where your best prospects are. Finding them is in itself is quite a challenge that needs all your focus and concentration. And so focus on finding them first.

Finally remember that when you manage to generate a large volume of customers quickly, it tends to attract other customers equally quickly. Referrals and people who are suddenly eager to buy because others are buying in large numbers. I kid you not, that is human nature and you cannot argue with it as ridiculous as it often is. 

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