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Friday, November 25, 2016

Top Interior Design Experts Kenya: Suntint Interiors

HOTLINE: 0717 959544
Suntint Interiors: Interior Design Experts 
With Enviable Projects And Experience
Your building interiors say a lot about you and it is easy for them to say the wrong things to clients and customers you have worked so hard to bring to your door step.

Kenyan interior designers can easily compete with the very best in the world. One such company that stands out is Suntint Services.

Suntint Services is an office fit-out and interior refurbishment specialist with many years' experience in the redesign, build and refurbishment of exceptional workplaces and homes. Suntint Services has home and office out and interior decor solution for all its discerning out and interior beauty conscious customers. From project inception and design through to build and aftercare support, our dedicated and skilled team of designers, project managers and building professionals provide a one-stop office interiors solution.

Suntint Services helps you to create your signature look. The outstanding home and office interior decor and design services include the following:-

We provide office partitioning systems that meet the needs of today's modern working environments. Office partitions create space, and a partition is perfect for dividing work areas to provide practical workplace solutions.
Sometimes the clever use of office partitioning can give the appearance of height and increased space. Many different styles, colors and types of office partition are now available to complement your existing decor and environment and we can help you make the right choice.

Suntint Services has the ability to design and construct suspended ceiling systems of all types and complexity, from modular grid right through to sophisticated, purpose built, high performance suspended ceilings.

The right ceiling can improve the office environment greatly. For example, ceilings can be installed that alter acoustic qualities according to what is required in the workspace. A meeting room would need very different acoustics compared with an open plan office space. The right type of suspended ceiling can achieve the exact acoustic properties you want as a client for each space.

With access to a vast range of modern components, we are confident that Suntint Services can provide ceiling solutions to meet your performance specification and budget.
Suntint Services offer a complete range of decoration ideas to complete the look of your office or home redesign, including office wall coverings, paint finishes in a wide variety of colours and a range of special coatings and protection suitable for a variety of uses:

Office Wall Coverings
Suntint Services offer the most competitive paper and fabric backed vinyl office wall coverings available within the country. These are materials that are strong and tough with excellent tear and shock resistance, they are fully scrub able and able to withstand repeated cleaning. Fabric backed office wall coverings tend to be more durable, providing better wear and tear performance than paper backed products. Hence, they are more suitable for high traffic areas such as corridors and stairwells.

Environmentally friendly office wall coverings are now available which incorporate recycled materials. New digital imaging techniques mean that high quality graphics can be reproduced from artwork or photos to create very high impact visual images.

Apart from colour, texture and pattern, you may have other considerations when it comes to choosing an office wall covering. Clean ability, durability, fire rating and acoustic performance may be factors in your particular office, and we at Suntint Services can help you choose the product that best suits your office interior.

Office Paint Finishes
Knowing which colours and paint finishes go together to create the image you require for your office redesign can be difficult. So at Suntint Services we help you choose, lending a wealth of experience and expertise.

Whether you want to achieve a pure, clean, and breezy feel to your office decoration, a natural relaxed colour scheme or maybe a scheme containing soft, subtle, and muted shades to give your office a cool contemporary feel, we at Suntint Services can achieve that effect for you.
The colours we choose from numerous paint manufacturers are carefully selected to complement each other. Therefore, you can be sure to get the right combination.

Special Coating & Protection
At Suntint Services, we can provide a comprehensive range of special coatings to cater for all eventualities. We can install office wall coverings that are stain resistant and/or have anti-microbial properties. Special finishes can be used to create dry-wipe (whiteboard) surfaces.

Some manufacturers produce translucent resin panels that encapsulate material such as foliage, metals, or textiles to bring light, texture and colour into your workplace. These panels are especially suitable for areas where you may wish to create visual impact such as reception areas.


We are happy to supply a comprehensive range of blinds as part of our overall fitting-out service.

Vertical Louvre Blinds
Vertical louvre blinds are the most popular window treatment for offices and commercial premises today. They provide the versatility of slatted blinds with the texture and warmth of fabric. Different fabrics and finishes can be added to give your blinds different properties. We are able to supply and install a huge range of internal and external window blinds suitable for almost all applications. Our aim is to offer a quality product at a cost effective price.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian window blinds offer infinitely variable anti-glare light control, privacy, durability, security, and protection from sunlight for all your commercial and office furnishings.
Partition blinds can be created using Venetian blinds between a double glazing unit. This is often used in commercial premises and offices where the trend is to move away from an open plan layout. The blinds can offer privacy, but can be tilted to provide an open plan effect. Blinds are available in various widths of slat and in a comprehensive range of colours in aluminium or wood.

Suntint Services has been advising and installing window films and also anti-graffiti, anti vandal, safety, security, bomb blast, bomb proofing, privacy film, decorative film, mirror film, glass film, interactive projection systems.
Through continued investment in technology and performance, we strive to provide the best and most cost effective solutions for all film needs.
We constantly search out and research new solar window film products to give our customers the finest materials and the latest developments in the marketplace.
We take pride in offering a very efficient and professional service from advising the right solar window film for your project to installing to the highest of standards.

Branding plays, an integral role in establishing your firm’s identity; be it in web, media or on the buildings. Suntint Services has gained popularity as one of the leading branding company due to pristine quality of services provided at very affordable prices. We offer branding services to individuals and corporate clients, thus delivering world-class branding solutions.

The art in our service helps in developing brand identity of your products/services especially if done on the external of the premises.

We offer a broad range of services like brochure design, logo design, advertisements, mailer design, banner design, promotional designs, and drawings, among others. An image “speaks a thousand words” A well-framed branding should be meaningful enough to deliver the message for which it is created.


For today's modern office environment there is a wide choice of hard wearing, attractive floor coverings, and office carpet tiles. At Suntint Services, we have access to all the major supplier’s offerings.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are the perfect choice for today's busy working environment being practical, flexible and hard wearing. Suntint Services offer a selection of high quality, heavy contract, tufted carpet tiles designed for use in the demanding commercial sector. Today's commercial carpet tiles are often anti-static and castor-resistant, to stand up to the rigors of modern office traffic.

Different coloured carpet tiles can be used to inexpensively create a feature area, highlight shapes, or designate a walkway; Company logos can even be incorporated into the carpeting.

We can install a wide range of styles and textures from cut piles, loop piles, and innovative cut and loop pile carpet tiles available in a huge selection of exciting shades and patterns designed to inspire truly creative interiors


• Equity bank through sub contractors
• Barclays Bank of Kenya
• Kenya Revenue Authority
• Co-operative bank of Kenya
• Safaricom Ltd
• Antarc systems office
• Kenya Commercial Bank through sub contractors. E.t.c

Full contact details;
Westlands Road Nairobi, Kenya
Email :
Mobile :+25471795
Just the people you should look for if you are seeking serious Interior Design Experts In Kenya


Anonymous said...

Hizo designs ni kali, why lie. Kudos Kenyans. This is the stuff that makes me proud to be Kenyan.

Anonymous said...

Interior design like all design and creative work is very trick business. Some people like grey while others will stand nothing but blue. A good designer also needs to be an excellent "politician" to give his clients what they want and also a good businessman to understand that he or she has to dance to the piper's tune even as they maintain high standards for new clients to admire enough to give them work. Not an easy line of work at all.

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