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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Esther Passaris Landlord And Second Wife Saga

Esther Passaris has never been afraid of speaking her mind
The story of Esther Passaris is much more interesting than any Telemundo soap you care to pick, past or present. Over the years we have covered a big part of this dramatic life right here in the Kumekucha blog. More so when Ms Passaris went into politics but admittedly it was too tempting not to cover her other life as well.

But what most Kenyans do not know is that just like in any good soap, there is also a leading man. The leading man in the Passaris saga is one fascinating gentleman.
The most controversial and popular Esther Passaris photo. First published here in Kumekucha
But let us start at the beginning. Passaris admitted recently that she was in a polygamous relationship. Meaning that she was married as the "other wife" to a man who was already married. Not the kind of thing you would expect from such a strong advocate for women rights and equal opportunities.

Insiders are sure that the man still in her life is one Pius Ngugi Mbugua. A man paranoid about having his photo taken and whose early life remains a big secret known to only a few. One source told Kumekucha that the man had a very humble beginning selling sweets and grew his empire from this small beginning later going into the manufacture of this mass market product that many short-sighted entrepreneurs would not give a second look. Read the brief sketchy details on the man in Wikipedia.

Ngugi and Passaris have been in an on and off relationship for years. At one time Passaris even sued Ngugi and accused him of reneging on his promise to marry her. This begs the question is the relationship about love and passion or is it about money? Or is it about all of the above? That is a mystery that Kenyans can only speculate about until the day Passaris tells us her heart.
LEFT, is controversial billionaire tycoon Pius Ngugi Mbugua who is the man in Passaris' life.

 It is the same Ngugi who was sued by another woman (also light skinned like Passaris) for child support. very similar circumstances to what Passaris sued the man for over a decade ago.  Wah!!!

Ladies, and the drama continues... will keep you posted. Esther Passaris passion, power, and fortunes soap continues shortly...

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The other woman in the life of Passaris' man

This see-through black dress Passaris wore to a function had tongues in social media wagging for weeks. "It was too revealing" they complained.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This Esther Passaris woman ni mambo yote. NOT a woman to joke with, even if she is sexy.

The writer should have given the cokle saga. Around the 90s she had this company called SHARPER IMAGES. Passaris landed an advertising deal for all COKE gift itemes... You guessed it, she was TIGHT with some boss there. That came to an end under controversial circumstances, as all her deals do, and she took off to South africa with some other rich lover.

Huyo alipofilisika, akarudi nyumbani kudandia Pius...and the soap goes on and on.

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