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Monday, November 28, 2016

Best Container Modifications Kenya: Homeclad Interiors

Homeclad Interiors: Best Container Modifications in Kenya That Delivers Dreams
Beautiful home built from containers.

HOTLINE: +254 725 926 899
Would you believe that such a beautiful structure was created out of shipping containers? It all comes down to creativity and a passion for design that just takes your breath away.

Kenyans are rapidly embracing shipping container architecture and all the huge advantages (see list at the bottom of this article) that comes with it. One of the organizations leading the container homes and business premises march is Homeclad Interiors.

Homeclad Interiors is based in Nairobi and offers interior design solutions from concept to actualization. Their client base caters to all; private and business.

The company has elegantly modified shipping containers into Homes, Shops, restaurants, cottages and offices at an affordable cost. 

Usually, shipping container conversions come in two sizes: 40 foot x 8 Foot or 20 Foot x 8 Foot solid construction. The containers are easily transportable with optional wheelbase.
Containers can have the following options;

* Fully functional kitchen, electrical appliances.
* Microwave oven, toaster and fridge. heating and Cooling Gas or electrical hot water system, optional Solar power for lighting with backup batteries.
* Large integrated water storage tank (optional) large king single bed or bunk bed, double bed and fold down (optional).
* Fully functional home office with optional PC, TV, DVD, and stereo system.
* Fully insulated for climate control.
* Double Glazed sliding glass doors opening onto large undercover deck.
* Timber polished floors and waterproof flooring and walls to wet areas.

Get in touch with us
Address:  Homeclad Interiors
P.O BOX, 27362-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.

+254 722 263489
+254 725 926 899


Advantages of Container Modification Structures

1. Durability and strength
    Shipping containers can be an ideal building material. They are designed to carry heavy loads and to be stacked in high columns. They are also designed to resist harsh environments, such as on ocean-going vessels or sprayed with road salt while transported on roads.

2. Construction costs
    The welding and cutting of steel is considered to be specialized labor and can increase construction expenses, yet overall it is still lower than conventional construction.

3. Ease of transportation to site
    Pre-fabricated modules can also be easily transported by ship, truck, or rail, because they already conform to standard shipping sizes.

4. Easily available
    Used shipping containers are widely available in Kenya more so as the country's appetite to import grows at a breakneck speed.

5. Cost of container is reasonable
    Many used containers are available at an amount that is low compared to a finished structure built by other labor-intensive means such as bricks and mortar — which also require larger more expensive foundations. Construction involves very little labor and used shipping containers requiring only simple modification can be purchased from major transport companies for as little as US $1,200 each.

6. Foundations are easy with containers
    Containers are designed to be supported by their four corners making a very simple foundation possible. Also the top four corners are very strong as they are intended to support a stack of other containers.

7. Good for the environment
    A 40ft shipping container weights over 3,500KG. When upcycling shipping containers, thousands of kilograms of steel are saved. In addition when building with containers, the amount of traditional building materials needed (i.e. bricks and cement) are dramatically reduced.

Good luck and may the structure you have in mind one day rank amongst the best container modifications in Kenya.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievably beautiful. And to think that it is all from container modifications, possible in Kenya!!! But am not sure about the cost claim. Depending on the design it can sometimes work out to be pretty costly.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are a conservative lot. Really sad because container modification structures can really have a big impact in our country if enough people take it seriously. I thank the writer for showing us the amazing possibilities here and also giving us some of the many advantages.

Anonymous said...

Awesome just awesome Even my hard to impress wife was impressed. the first time I suggested this for our proposed upcountry home she pronounced the word container like it was a dirty word. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

This article has changed my plans for my dream house which is coming up soon. I was going to use interlocking blocks now I will use shipping containers and interlocking blocks. I might even contact these guys... I hope they are not expensive... Are they??

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