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Monday, May 06, 2013

Mutula's Mysterious Last Visitor

What is the identity of the mysterious visitor at Mutula's Maanzoni home? That is the question on everybody's lips. More so because it is now emerging that the late senator may have spent the last moments of his life with the mystery fifth witness.
Other sources are now suggesting that this person may have in fact been the one who raised the alarm that the senator was in distress and was probably still on the scene when he died.

Why has the identity of all the other witnesses at the home been revealed by police and yet this particular one has remained a closely guarded secret? What exactly is being kept away from the public about this mystery visitor and why? Those questions including startling details about them are discussed in great detail in the very latest raw notes released earlier this morning (see details on how to get them at the bottom of this email).
The good news is that a possible cover up is becoming increasingly difficult to execute. More so because the mainstream media have now decided to ignore the suspect orders (usually used for cover ups in our banana republic) for Kenyans to quit speculating about Mutula's death and wait for 8 to 10 weeks for the results of the autopsy to be officially made public. The media has now even picked up the Polonium 210 story. It has been claimed that this is the radioactive poison that was used to kill the late senator.

The fact that death from trauma related to the heart has now been ruled out means that Kenyans can comfortably throw the Viagra overdose theory into the trash heap where it belongs. It also means that those who were so determined to dismiss my painstaking investigations (which started minutes after the discovery of senators body was made public) into this matter as just some conspiracy theory have now been left with mud on their faces.

Indeed all the unfolding developments solidly corroborate the contents of my explosive special report detailing why Mutula was murdered.

But there is an even more disturbing question that concerned and less gullible Kenyans need to ask. Why is the CORD high command so lukewarm and quiet about this murder? More so when senator Johnstone Muthama has revealed that in a meeting with Mutula barely 48 hours before his demise the late senator told him in the presence of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga; "My life is in danger, and all our lives are in great danger."? That means Mutula also revealed exactly who wanted to kill him. CORD's silence on this matter is therefore deafening to say the least.

Exit poll proves that Uhuru did NOT get 50+1
The truth cannot remain hidden forever but even I am amazed at how quickly conclusive evidence has emerged that President Uhuru Kenyatta did not get the 50+1 threshold required by the constitution although he won the first round. JUBILEE supporters were livid when I revealed that information here shortly after the elections. But CORD supporters did not spare me either because they wanted me to say that Raila won the first round convincingly and that the elections were stolen from him once again. As I have consistently stated, the truth is a little more complex than that. Now an exit poll conducted by an American professor from Harvard University in the US has fully corroborated the details in my book Mystery Monday: Unlocking the 2013 presidential polls secrets which details exactly what happened in the March 4th presidential elections and why it happened.

The exit poll whose findings are all over the main stream media (read the Daily Nation report HERE  OR read a more detailed report HERE ) show that Uhuru won narrowly but neither of the candidates attained 50% let alone 50% plus one.


Anonymous said...

The Havard University Don said what we know from the beginning:

To win the elections in Kenya you need the following:

1) Two tribes with many voters

2) Election commission: Promise the Chairman a lot of cash and 3 ministers from his region.

3) The Judiciary's Chief-In-Justice. Promise him and his team a lot of cash and threaten them.

4) Manipulate voter registration(see 2)

5) Manipulate voting machines or simply buy faulty ones.

6) Buy votes by paying 1000/= for IDs each
7) destroy votes during counting

8) Put funny paints on ballot papers in rival regions and assure these votes are REJECTED,

9) Get someone to be your project in areas where the rival might get votes.
10) Put your campaign server on same server as Electoral commission.

Dont forget to get a newspaper to do you the right propaganda: "Your tribe did not vote, etc"

That's all. You are assured of 50.007%.

Whoever perfects this process will win the 2018 Election clear and fair.

People have done mind shifting and are moving on.

One region is destined to rule for ever.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that a possible cover up is becoming increasingly difficult to execute.

The crew of local and foreign pathologists may have found the easy way out by quickly ruled out any cardioyopathy, cadiopulmonary or cardiovascular causes from their list.

Nevertheless, the ruling does not completely exclude the long term effects related to the use of recreational substances like Sidenafil, Tadalafil, other commonly used PDE5 inhibitors, and consumption of high end liquor.

So, eight to ten weeks it is, and the public will have to wait for any evolving findings that may or may not be disclosed to parties or people who are not connected to the deceased, Senator of Makueni, due to privacy related issues.

The unlaballed bottle containing colour coated pills found left by the bedside, the early morning swim taken by the deaceased, the presence of a spectral guest, and above all the CCTV footage may end up providing essential clues as to what really caused the unfortunate demise of the well known rising politician rumoured to have had presidential aspirations in 2018.

On the other hand, whoever took immediate possesion of the CCTV footage will shade some better light with regard to what transpired during the late evening hours leading to the early morning hours at the swimming pool, unless the CCTV was conveniently switched off, or the footage was removed for safe keeping, or erased for whatever special interest reasons.

But as time goes by any cover up will only end up feeding the chambers of specualtion, wheels of gossip and rumour mills.

Anonymous said...

Poor Chris, a whole article full of "I told you so" quotes from rumour mills or useless wazungu. No wonder Prof. Mwarangethe always doubts your intelligence, you have stooped too low. Your article deserves no engagement since no one want to be labelled a fool.


Anonymous said...

is it C. M. who was last with Mutula ?

Anonymous said...


In speaking of the transactions worth millions or billions of shillings over thirty year period, involving countless of Mutula Kilonzo's personal business empire as well as the contents of [your] explosive special report detailing why Mutula was murdered.

Just think of it! That man, whom most of his peers, stiff competition and arch enemies had been very careful not to trample on any of his feared - dreaded - side(s) - Mutula's hexagon as it was known.

May in the end have fallen victim to an individual he knew so well and trusted to the point where he was comfortable enough to welcome the mysterious guest into the inner sanctum of his ostentatiously rich and luxurious castle, the Valhalla.

So far, Mutula's death is said to be an open case due to the ongoing investigations by the authorities and private detectives (hired by the family), who seem to have first hand information that points out to what really happened during the last hours and final moments of his life.

Further, it would be very appropriate for the investigators to examine and re-examine any of his known business rivals from the past that may have been embittered due to obvious reasons.

Unfortunately, when all is said and done, the outcome of the cause of death, or whole murder case may boil down to one thing, protecting whatever remains of Mutula's legacy, family's name, and dignity of his children, wife and surviving close relatives, without disclosing sensitive information to the public.

Although, it has never been irreverent to the people of Ukambani and surrounding regions, nor a big deal for men of substantial means to extend the number of inamoratas or paramours within the confines of their enclaves - Kwa Kyelu - located in Maanzoni, Mbooni, Mathathani, Machakos, Nairobi and elsewhere around the country.

After all, many of his close friends could not disguise the fact that he loved the good life and had a soft spot for members of a glamorous nature.

Cedriq said...

Man you need to check your sources ...Americans also run dodgy elections back in the day and even the last one ...Hope you watched it
Mr Know I told you so by using what the world police thinks???...Come on now, I've read some of your articals and I do not agree with most (love somme of them ...factual based)but dude 6000 is not enough to quantify anything given the figures quoted by the article...Ati you beklive what Mzungu sez next you'll retracty some of the colonial articles you've uploaded

Anonymous said...

As many people continue to ask whether there is any word yet on the well guarded identity of Mutula's mysterious last visitor ('The Guest at Maanzoni Palace') who was present during Mutula's last supper at Valhalla Castle.

The results about what caused Mutula's death can wait for another eight weeks or several months, but the big reveal of the identity of the mysterious last visitor is what has kept the public waiting for more information, etc.

Why would the identity of Mutula's mysterious last visitor matter so much to the general public?

Well, disclosing the identity of who it really was is going to be an uncomfortable one in one sense, however, your guess is as good mine, given the fact that it does not matter so much how the deceased lived his life, but what really matters after the fact is how he met his demise, the manner in which it occurred, and whether there was any type of foul play involved.

And who the person or persons that might have been present at the exact moment Mutula's loyal soul decided to terminate its long term contractual obligation with his body that still holds the necessary evidence that will determine what may or may not have caused his untimely death.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Poor Chris & Co,

Instead of focusing on what MATTERS, you and the & Co., waste time on useless OPIUM SESSION nonsense.

Ati IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS Scholar telling us about so called opinion polls?

What f$5£%% scholarship wastes public funds on such stupidity?

Why can't such scholars use their time and public funds to educate us on the MYSTERIOUSLY increasing COST OF LIVING for the Kenyans?

Sample these BITTER FRUITS of the New Katiba:

"Cost of living set to go up in new tax regime."

"Individual taxpayers are expected to contribute the single largest revenue item with Pay As You Earn expected to hit Sh249 billion, a 20 per cent increase from last year’s level.

Implementation of the 10 per cent excise tax on financial services and mobile money transfers, introduced late last year, will also come in handy.

Income from corporate earnings is also expected to increase by a similar margin, which would imply the government is banking on administrative and economic growth to hit the two targets."

There we are. The African Teacher, VINDICATED 101%!!!!!


Anyway, since IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS specialize in researching upumbavu in their DELUSIONS, ILLUSION and CHILDISH FANTASIES we retreat to enjoy:

Time Is Getting Harder:

People are dying; little babies are crying,

There care is?! No sympathy!

Think about the greedy, they leave nothing for the needy

What about taxationROBBERY?

Anonymous said...


So after the rants what separates you from the rest?

Granted, we have known you here to RANT at anything and see imperial/fools shadows in everything. So what have you done for yourself that others can learn from?

Please share with no utopia/Sumerian folklore.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, display (show) four pictures of your wonderful homestead, village, fomer primary school and local dispensary to Poor Chris & Co. for a change, and let them be judges of whether you are above the lot that wastes "time on useless opium (miraa) opium session nonsense". Only then will you be VINDICATED from your African Treachery sessions of self-delusions, illusions and childhood fantasies.

Anonymous said...


It has been said, "always say good things about the departed, but never engage in bad-mouthing the dead". So, when did Kenyans begin the tradition of raising over twenty to thirty million shillings in order to cover the funeral expenses of other wealthy Kenyan who are rumoured to have left behind huge multi billion shilling busness empires, billions in univested funds, including several undisclosed offshore accounts? Is that one of the reasons why a foreign pathologist had to be imported into the country?

Anonymous said...

Uhuru met David Cameron.

Comments in Kenya press says he didnt! He did,though INFORMALLY.

only that Cameron was shy for a photo and left W. Hague to take the limelight

Mwarang'ethe said...

So after the rants what separates you from the rest?

Granted, we have known you here to RANT at anything and see imperial/fools shadows in everything.

So what have you done for yourself that others can learn from?


What separates the African Teacher from the FOOLS, IDIOTS and DUPES who tell us about OPIUM SESSIONS is that, the African Teacher is WISE enough not to WASTE OF TIME on STUPIDITY na UTOTO!!

So, learn some WISDOM from the African Teachers!

After all, don't they say, WISDOM is better than gold and silver!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he he hu hu hu

Sample this now:

"Rift Valley, Nyanza MPs join push for pay increase."

"A section of MPs from Rift Valley and Nyanza want their basic salaries increased to Sh2 million per month."



"Counties crippled by assembly pay boycott."

"Thirteen county assemblies have adjourned indefinitely, crippling local government operations, in what appears to be a coordinated strike to force a pay rise for county representatives."


On a serious note. For you to come a certain CONCLUSION, for instance, that, OPIUM SESSIONS are okay, you must have had some PREMISES.

Can we know upon which PREMISES you the OPIUM SESSION takers operate from?

Or, how did you EVER arrive on the idea that OPIUM SESSIONS are a solution to anything or even worthy talking/writing about?

Bure sana nyinyi!

Anyway, it is time for music:

I am not BOASTING:

Anonymous said...

Alaaaaaa! Kumbe mzee fulani alikuwa anavunja mifupa bila kujali kwamba meno yake ingeshambuliwa na chachu au kung'olewa kwa ghaflaa. Jameni, kufanya mapenzi na binti wa mfunyikazi wa nyumbani au bomani ni mwiko na hasa ni tulio la aibu na lenye kuumiza mno. Yaonekana kwambo huyo mzee fulani alikuwa akitafaunatafuna binti wa mwenzake kwa muda wa miaka mitano au sita hadi thibitisho rasmi likachepuka. Ya dunia ni mengi.

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself why Kilonzo was poisoned. And why Moi had other commitments during Kilonzo burrial. This man knew alot about Moi-Kenyatta-connections. Did he know too much on PEV? Someone used his weakness to finish him.You can only survive in Kenya if you toe the line, become a camelion or water melon or you have your own Jeshi like Atwoli.

Anonymous said...


How does it feel to be a 'BRILLIANT' racist (sorry African) teacher in the horrible European weather?

I guess INFERIORITY COMPLEX manifests itself in differnet shades. Reverse racism and a long ego-trip convinces your that you are SMART.

But don't worry, KK will always offer you avenue to exhale from low self-esteem (PLEASE TWIST THAT).

Anonymous said...

@5:49 AM

Allow Sen Mutula Kilonzo's soul to rest in enternal peace, and spare his earthly remains from any of the resounding drum beats of concipiracy theories.

By the way, why would the old man, former president number two, get the late Sen Mutula Kilonzo whacked a decade later when he could have done it in a split second during the 90s given his MO at the time?

What was there to gain or hide this time around? It would not have taken such a long time for the senator to get whacked if the old man was a political goodfella living in fear of shadows from a distnat past.

The old man may have been unable to attend the funeral due to the fact that he is getting to be an elder of a certain age, hence, he has to curtail some of his public engagements and other social activities.

The likes of Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth, Archbishop Gesmond Tutu, and many others have had to cut back a great deal in that regard.

Some of our extended families have elders of a certain age who can longer be present at family gatherings, or travel to distant places as they used to do during the good old 80s, 90s and 2000s.

Guess what! Just give some of us ten (2023), twenty (2033), thirty (2043) or more years, and we will definitely be in the same boat of being copelled by nature to restrain our social activities due to one reason or another.

Anonymous said...


Who among us have perfected the art of playing chameleon or possum or shutting our mouths up where necessary?

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Lest we forget that 98% of Kenyans living in foreign countries are the ones who normally toe the line 100% in order to guarantee their monthly paychecks, and above all, their own survival and that of their families, for those who have them.

Many of them have become professional yes men and yes women in order to follow their dreams otherwise the powers that be and the systems they operate under, would have eradicted or black listed them long time ago.

It goes with the territory, whether you here in "the thrid world" and out there in the so-called better world, "the first world".

Anonymous said...

Mutula's last visitor may turn out not to be mysterious after all but a well known individual who was a fixture around the Kwa Kyelu Ranch during most weekends of the year.

Anonymous said...

And the recent veiled prophesy/warning of Kenya's ambassador to the UN, Mr. Kamau is coming to pass.
Insecurity and violence are soon to make Kenya ungovernable!

Anonymous said...

Is he the same person or rather soon to be former ambassador who was known to spend over $15,000 on monthly rent in one of the upscale neighbourhood apartments in the New York area?

Just because he felt that the asigned official residence was way beneath his United Nation's bwana status quo, and he needed a more fancy place where social guests could be entertained at will.

On the other hand, it is the unfortunate ordinary wananchi who are the ones that always end up suffering in the long run, and paying a very high bloody price for the manufactured "insecurity and violence" meant "to make Kenya ungovernable" for whatever diabolical reasons.

Sour graped losers and political hooligans in cohorts with criminal elements will never be able to distablise the country, come rain or shine, due to the fact that they can run but can not hide for so long.

Anonymous said...


Kumekucha! Amka ugeuze kurasa, ujembe na mengineo! Usisahau kwamba marehemu Mtula Kilonzo alishafunga virago vyake vyote, na safari yake ya mwisho hapo awali. Kwa hivi sasa marehemu Mutula Kilonzo anatungojea kila mmoja wetu hadi tutakapo wahi kukutana naye hivi karibuni kwenya mahakama makuu.

Anonymous said...

Bw. Ruto (WSR) be very worried that your nominees are being shown the door-to climb down/negotiate on remaining two cabinet slots?

Mr Chirchir has been nominated for the Energy and Petroleum docket while Mrs Kandie is the nominee for Tourism, East African Affairs and Trade.
Nchi ina wenyewe (WSR not a pedigree)!

Anonymous said...

Who can decode these events that happened so close for me?
-Mutula Kilonzo(MK)moved on
-Moi gives excuses for missing MK's burial of his former trusted wakiri.
-Uhuru acts as the cabinet Foreign secretary (on the fly) but made sure to attend MK's burial.
-Kibaki refuses to leave Nairobi,grabbing press headlines-as the prezzo while the newly duly elected prezzo (Uhuruto) is the foreign secretary on foreign errands.
-Kamau issues that letter to UN security council and we see increased crime (UN says against humanity)in the same time.Was Uhuruto maariagenot meant to keep Kenya "united" and "move on"?
-Ruto's two nominees to cabinet face being axed.
-Githu (AG)asks for meeting with ICC-to Prove contents of Kamau's letter to UN security council?

were you so happy with the delegation that travelled to UK with Uhuru.Do they reflect the face of Kenya (all Mt. Kenya)? lets get serious.

what is not happening in Kenya? Are we safe as a citizen?

Anonymous said...

The honourable ambassador should forever be reminded that his one year's rent for a CLASS A high rise apartment in Manhattan, New York, is enough to build a brand new primary school consisting of:
- eight classrooms,
- ane office for the head-teacher,
- one office for the deputy H.D.,
- a staff room for twelve teachers,
- one miscellaneous storage room,
- one 500 gallon water tank,
- eight latrines for boys,
- twelve latrines for girls.

Without even counting or adding the yearly rent for the other years he spent in New York, plus the extra thousands of dollars that were wasted on maintaining the designated offical ambassador's residence that went unused during the same time period.

Anonymous said...

Are we safe as a citizen?

What do "we" think? Well, corruption, tolerated mediocrity in parliament, civil service and private sector, abject poverty, ignorance, preventable diseases (that go unprevented) and a collective tribal mentality do not need any decoded because they are what have made Kenyans unsafe and will continue to do so unless we change our respective ways of doing things.

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