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Monday, March 11, 2013

Uhuru is President, Raila Better Concedes Lest...

By KK Blogger

The tyranny of numbers came to pass and we have president-elect Uhuru Kenyatta. Raila is better advised to hung his political gloves to save himself from further embarassment.

Kenyans have decided and they have have Uhuru Kenyatta as their 4th president. It is both a new dawn littered with challenges.

But hey, democracy comes with a price and the Kenyan voter damned the consequences and made the bed they must now lie on.

Raila might win the court case, but badly lose in the subsequent election. But since he will be suing the IEBC, the judges can not give him the presidency. He must go for another election. How then does he expect the same IEBC that he has sued for inefficiency to do a better job within 60 days?

The new election may be even more poorly managed by IEBC because it will not get enough funds in time, the electronics that went dead may not be repaired in time and those he claims shut the gadgets can still do it again. He was behind Uhuru by over 800,000 votes. If the court rules another election, the smaller candidates, other fringe candidates like Dida and Mudavadi may not want to vie again. It will be Raila and Uhuru.

Uthamaki ni wa cioka

Now many people who voted for him will not see the need of voting again because they know the 800k gap cannot be bridged, even if he is given all the other non-Jubilee votes on a silver platter. People are fatigued and voter turn out will be low-and he stands to suffer more from this than Jubilee.

Raila's former sponsors and supporters may not be ready to do so again. Many of his supporters who vied for various elective posts and lost will not see the need of spending an extra penny campaigning for him. Those who have been elected will not see the need to spend any more money campaigning for him.

Raila will not effectively monitor all the polling stations and this can give the opponents opportunity to cook figures. The best thing.....concede defeat and avoid an embarrassing exit. I for one voted for him, but I am resigned to the fact that we must move on. I stood on a line for 8 hours to vote and I have wasted a whole week doing nothing. I am not ready to repeat this cycle again. I will NOT vote for him. And we are many.

Make no mistake, Raila's move to the court is the right thing and he has the right to do so. It's just that I AM TIRED AND I MUST MOVE ON. Just like he agreed to work with nusu mkate, I have also agreed to move on with the way things have turned out.


Anonymous said...

Some people seem to have taken the campaign euphoria a little bit too far because it did not end up translating into the much needed votes to clinch a victorious capture of the colonial governor's mansion on the hill.

So, what did they expect after their leader and his close lieutenants were known to have had a real addiction of spenting a lot of the time outside the country, shuttling from one foreign nation to another without ever explaining themselves or bothering to share with the public about the real reasons behind the unnecessary frequent trips abroad at the taxpayer's expense, let alone the wasteful and outrageous spending of over $7500.00 per night for several days in one famous New York hotel, including many others numerous occasions in Europe, Asia and the Middle East?

Any political candidate, party, and coalition should not be surprised at all when they fail to win an election due to the fact - unknown to them - that they did not have a meaningful or constructive branded message(s) to sell the electorate in most parts of the country where a historic general elction was bound to take place in light of a new constitution.

All that was ever passed around or regurgitated during the whole campaign season was the unmaketable political sound bites that were solely crafted and plastered on an election bandwagon loaded with tales of unfinished political business dating back to five years ago, including the making of presumtive international scenarios that may never come to pass in the next three to five years due to oen reason or another.

The rest is now history and it is time for the whole country to turn not just a new political chapter, but to overhaul its general modi opernadi as the only constructive way forward.

Enough is enough! The old acrimonious battles that have continued to be fought between several major political factions since the early 60s, 70's, 80's, 90's and thoughout the 2000's must be brought to an end if the country needs to propser and sustain some quality of peaceful coexistence among several major groups and in various regions of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru won, Raila lost. However one thing is clear. Uhuru candidature breached the constitution and should have not been allowed to happen in a real civilized world.

But we know what Kenya is and we must accept the fact that impunity is still ripe in this country.

We shall experience a lot of surprises and we expect a govt worse than Kibaki's.

There will be many Anglo-leasings. There are regions which will lack representation in the gov. It will be a gov of 3 provices of Kenya. We have to expect detentions. Mungikis will have a lot to say.

The internal security, defence, finance, physical planning, roads, education and foreign ministry will be from ONE region.

Raila should resign from politics, we agree. He should set up a college of good governance to train democrats from all over Kenya. These are people who will defend his legacy.

Raila has done more to this nation than any other person in this country. I owe my freedom to Raila.

We wish you Tinga long life. We want to remind you that in 2007 RV, WP, Nyanza, Coast, NEP gave you nearly 100% of their votes but they still declared you a loser.

Dont worry Aguambo you will be remembered more than those who cheated.

Anonymous said...

I hope that when he goes to court, he uses the ODM nominations as an example of how free and fair elections are managed.

Anonymous said...

The following are the possible outcomes and consequences of the court case:
1. Court strikes out case >>>> Uhuru takes full charge as the president of Kenya for the next 5 years.

2. Court orders that another election be carried out:
a). Raila wins >>>>Uhuru goes to court requesting for another election.
b). Uhuru wins again >>>>Raila goes to court again requesting for another election.

Now, which of these options looks the best for Kenya and Kenyans?

Anonymous said...

Cost is not an issue. If necessary,lets get another election
Brewers and printers can't be happier.
Lets flood the country with cash as we buy voters. It only happens every five years.
We just burned 20 billion in fake election gadgets.
Can we equate justice to these costs. Let Odm express their democratic right.
Maybe Kenyans may learn much they don't know that may have happened through this would form a good audit of the election process. Bring it on and may the deserving win.

Luke said...

Bure kabisa where is MZALENDO KIBUJA?....this is PENSIONER HATE SPEECH and by the way where is RO for END....?keep it to yourself stupid

Anonymous said...

Raila and his advisers slept on the job .....period

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, some of us owe our present day freedoms that yet to be fully realized and the still on-going pursuit of democratic rights, to all Kenyans who suffered, were displaced, oppressed, maimed, imprisoned, exiled, disappeared or died in various struggles against:

a) the notorious Arab invaders and slave traders who occupied the East African coast and controlled all hinterland routes for centuries.

b) the cruel Portuguese seafarers and merchants who sought to capture the sea ports and dominate trade routes along the East African coast.

c) the British who were so arrogant to the point where they really believed that they could continue to expand their one time mighty empire forever.

d) the Jomo Kenyatta's autocratical regime which failed ambysmally to engineer and instal fundamental sociopolitical foundations and independent institutions right after the birth of the nation on December, 12th, 1963.

e) Kenya's second despotic government that is responsible for destroying whatever little that was left behind by its autocratic predecessors, and went instal a reign of absolute terror fo all most twenty-five years.

f) Kibaki's adminstration that was so indifferent to communities and regions that were not well connected and of little value to its immediate sociopolitical and economic interests.

d) the ever present multinationals ('neocolonial hit-and-run vultures') that continue to find ways and means to suck dry anything of profit that they can get away with from Kenya without ever paying necessary taxes as required and concerns for social responsibility, etcetera.

Our freedoms that are yet to be realized are not owed to any particular individual or groups of people, especially those who seem to have been part of the real problems rather than solutions to the countless sociopolitical quagmires and economic predicaments the country has been thoroughly subjected to in the last fifty years.

And may end up being sujugated to in the next five to tean years if the old world order in Kenya is not eradicated and replaced with one that is transformed for the common good.

Anonymous said...

given globalization multi partyism is here to stay everywhere

however multi partyism in 2007 ended with the grand coalition; you could have reached the same result without violence had there been a one party state with elections; despite multipartyism african culture of building consensus resulted in a grand coalition

multipartyism in 2012 will also be supplanted with consensus building - what are the chances of raila, musyoka, mudavadhi being given a cabinet position of head of govt agency??

so would not moi's mlongwe system of queing behind your candidate have resulted in consensus - lines for uhuru would have been longer, transparent and no one would have disputed; line for raila in kisumu would have been longer, transparent and no one would have disputed?? just asking?? probably would have taken less than 30mins.....which brings me to why spend tons of money on electronic systems - why do you need a biometric voter registration kit in a developing country provided by a french company funded and chosen by Canada (Canadian Commercial Corporation)??? would the money not have been spent better in providing jobs, houses washrooms in Kibera..?? just asking....even here in Canada manual voter list and manual counting was carried out....

Mwarang'ethe said...

"... the ever present multinationals ('neocolonial hit-and-run vultures') that continue to find ways and means to suck dry anything of profit that they can get away with from Kenya without ever paying necessary taxes as required and concerns for social responsibility, etcetera."


The fact should or ought to tell you one thing. There is something fundamentally wrong with the TAXATION of the our times.

Thus, you are dealing with a SYMPTOM!!! A waste of time and effort on your part!

Thus, the solution does not lie in chasing so called MTN's around as Mr. Cameron is fooling us, but, changing the tax structure.

Basically, a SANE tax system should ensure that, taxes are CERTAIN. When taxes are not certain, it opens the way for cheating, fraud, evasion, avoidance, corruption etc etc. So, in such a legal situation, the HONEST suffer while the CROOKS do well!!!!

So, make the tax system to be in line with the PRINCIPLE OF CERTAINTY of TAX, and all this "huge problems" [SYMPTOM] evaporates like dew in the morning sun!

So, simple!!

But, is such a thing ever discussed in so called debates? Hell NO!!!!

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Time Is Getting Harder - because, ONLY SMALL MAN PAY TAX when taxes are UNCERTAIN:

Anonymous said...

Those of us - 'grown-ups' - and so many others who are had already attained the age of reason, made overly rude and mocking remarks at the time when the most hated and very unpopular country's second adminstration was reliquishing power and handing it to Mwai Kibaki and his executive company of politicians at the 2003 swearing in ceremony.

Ironically, the one time disliked head of state will be the only man left standing and laughing out so loud - I knew it! I told you so! I handpicked him! His is and still is KANU damu! His my boy from the old good days! - when the country's fourth president takes oath of office in a swearing in ceremony that will be taking place in a couple of weeks.

Regardless of whether our former colonial masters, the present day neocolonialists, the ever thirsty and very hungry multinationls, the so-called 'our goods friends from across the other ocean, - those who have always prided themselves as the defenders of human rights and basitions of democratic principles - like it, support it, love it, or are willing to work with the type of leaders that have been elected by the - majority - of Kenyan people to form the next government of the people, by people, for the peole and what you have in the name of democracy.

All things considered, the majority of the Kenyan electorate have spoken, while the other pockets of the population are waiting to find out how good governance - as promised during the election campaigns - is going to be implemented by the young and energetic leaders, for the benefit of Kenyans from all walks of life.

The rest is history and a matter to be confined on political report cards for future evaluations when the time is ripe in 2017 and 2022.

Anonymous said...

Several of the so-called political scientists and self-proclaimed social media analysts will have to retract their already delivered or published pontifications.

While others will obviously be wise enough to stick to their usual day jobs because their overly calculated or rather over estimated - imagined - 'out put' did not match any of the end results from the completed whole exercise and processes that we have come to know as our Kenyan styled general elections.

The proof is - now - in the pudding, this time around, because some of the projections, pontifications, and prophecies provided by the 'talking heads' - political scientists and social media analysts - on several local media outlets turned out not to be of the same quality and accuracy as the type offered by the bona fide top masters from the East African enclaves of political science, such as Mutahi Ngunyi and others.

Their documented body of predictions, pontifications and all manner of prophecies in the last ten months didn't match that of the great strategic thinkers of all things pertaining to Kenyan, East African and African politics and regular election(s) of candidates for presidential office.

They never quesitioned or even answered, let alone bothered to explain what was - and is - the key to the kind of adaption that was embraced by certain political candidates during the whole campaign season.

Including how certain known individual candidates were able to balance the tension between political and personal objectives without diminishing or ruining their electabilty?

And why the well orchestrated open rebellion against former political comrades, parties and coalitions, and how such powerful revolt tactics played well in real favour of the political rebels and renegades, and how the other well elstablished parties and their candidates failed to combat them at every turn, as well as nake attempts to criple or contain their surging popularity in various regions of the country.

All things taken into account, the final verdict by the IBEC supports one historical fact that always reoccurs in most elections on the African continent and around the world, simply put, the formidable candidates with a popular 'coded' message, the undivided attention and undying support of their political machineries with the greatest strategists and often coupled with the greatest resources have always had a powerful edge over their main rivals and other competing entities that are well financed.

The latest revolutionary political campaign as executed by the now president-elect and deputy president-elect - former adversaries sworn against each other in 2007 - has redefined the nature of politics in Kenya, the results of the general election strategy will change the course of political history in Kenya from 2012/13 onwards.

Anonymous said...

For how long will the last minute games of petitioning the courts continue?

There will come a time when the business of running the nation will have to take a front seat when all is said and done.

Why prolong the pain of defeat against all odds?

Anonymous said...

Chris wa Kumekucha has never indicated nor betrayed himself to be a diehard football fan as far having a high tolerence for the highly prefered current brand of European soccer goes within certain circles in Nairobi, around the country and throughout the African continent.

But if he does an interest or an addiction for the sport, then he may have already joined many other fans and viewed what transpired in the match between Barcelona and AC Milan, some forty to fifty hours ago.

While one team kind of stepped onto the pitch with a misplaced chip on its overly confident shoulders and seemed to rest on its laurels, the other team was clearly aware of the fact that this particular match was a make or break moment for them as a club, not just a team on the field.

Therefore it turned out to be a matter of urgency that forced one of their international superstar and other great players on the team to rise to the occasion while at the same time making sure they clinch the match, in order to snatch the elusive victory from their formidable opponents, and live to play in the next qualifying round.

Easy for some of us to say analogously that there are close similarities between yesterday's match and our just concluding March 4th general election.

Where one of the teams knew for sure that the first round was a make or break for them - must be won in the first round, or losers go home type of situation - and did everything they could to register higher scores while playing in every corner of field, with the helpf of their fervent supporters who never let them down during the first half of the match.

As a result the team that won and its supporters managed to pull it of and avoid having to play in the second round, or in the unpredictable extra time.

So far, the final score is what it is, it will be left to stand as reported by the referee - IEBC - and there is slim likelihood that main football governing body - High Court - will overturn ro reverse the overwhelming registered score due to various reasons.

For instance, the very expensive goaline technology - BVR kits - that was imported and installed, failed to function properly as expected in the first palce.

Hence, it will be very difficult to provide any reasonable proof, or find any substantiative evidence that there were any major goal tampering activities going on at one point or another during the first round of the match.

Let alone, find the evidence to confirm current allegations being made by one team, that the goal posts were altered and many unofficial soccer balls were being kicked into the goal netting by diehard supporters, malicious spectators, or even uncruplous officials.

Any kind of anomalies would have been detected by the ever glaring presence of countles cameras from every angle that were in the hands of various crews, and without forgetting the overly zealous foreign journalists who were already camped in the country for months, weeks and days.

These were the very journalists who had been praying and hoping that the March 4th elections would turn out to be the real moment they had wanted and waited for to make a name for themselves and establish their major lengendry careers by cranking hourly and daily so-called famous 'breaking news' - wires - and minting all sorts of exotic reports from 'Out of Africa' during their glorious stay in Africa.

Unfortunately, as it turns out for the losers turned petitioners, the dozens and dosens of commentaries, reports and reviews already delivered by a sea of international and outside observers who were present, and very well prepared during their coverage of the whole electoral occasion from the time it started, during and after the whole process had been concluded by the final tally - whistle -, will not work in their favour this time around, but in an objective support of the the team that emerged victorious.

Anonymous said...


Why are we overly consumed with issue of where the president comes from, whether he should comes from our community, or be 'one of our own' kamwana?

Why not have a president who is a real people person, a good fellow, politician, leader, and an effective communicator of ideas and issues that are at the heart of the nation and pulse of every community and homesteads?

Talking of issues that affect all Kenyans regardless of whether they belong to the minority or majority communities in the country.

As Kumekucha has reiterated on numerous of accasion, whether it really matter who flies a plane from Mombasa to Nairobi, Nairobi to Eldoret, Kisumu to Nairobi, Garissa to Malindi, or Nakuru to Kakamega, as long as they are well qualified to fly that particular aircraft?

We, the tribal people, often forget the fact that although some of us may never fly a plane, or travel in one, it is still our - ground crew's - responsibility to make sure that the planes and runnways in our neck of the woods (mtito) are always in good working order during all times of weather conditions.

Who among us, would want to have a drunk pilot - from 'one of our own' tribal backyards - throttling around in the cockpit, during takeoff, in mod-air or landing?

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