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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Odinga Curse?

Raila Odinga

Legend has it that the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga begged then President Moi to be allowed to be president just for a day.

That story is NOT true. Just part of the persistent propaganda onslaught designed to completely neutralize any political clout that our beloved Luo brethren may ever have amongst their fellow Kenyans. When historians finally sit down to analyze this community they will have to acknowledge the many years when they have been the only opposition (albeit ineffective) to the rise of impunity and bad, selfish get-rich-quick-governance in Kenya.

But those who are superstitious never lose an opportunity to point to a fascinating incident that took place in the early sixties that had such a huge impact on the future of Kenya and her politics. The Luo community was bang in the middle of it.

Even those of us who do not believe in such mambo jumbo cannot help but sit up and pay attention to this tale and wonder if there is something to it. After all Raila Odinga won the presidential elections convincingly in 2007 but never moved into State house. Instead he could only play second fiddle in what was supposed to be a power sharing arrangement. Surely even if you do not believe in curses there has to be something going on when a person wins the presidency but circumstances develop that make it impossible for them to get justice let alone take over the reigns of power. And even now based on the information I have it is unlikely that Raila will ascend to the presidency. My deep and sincere apologies to those who are CORDed and reading this but my readers expect me to say things without fear or favour.

And so the question Kenyans need to ask themselves is what will Raila do if the Supreme court ruling does not favour him? What new role in politics can this great champion of democracy who has fought so much for justice in our country find?

What actually happened in the early 60s? I discuss that tale of deceit amid a fierce struggle for power in my latest raw notes and give an indication of the impact it will have in the landmark Supreme court ruling that Kenyans are holding their collective breaths for.

For the sake of the process of healing in Kenya it would be nice if a fresh new presidential candidate from the community offered themselves for the presidency in 2018 and had realistic chances of winning. 2018 may seem like it is a very long time to come, but how times fly.

Interestingly looking around from where I sit, that man may be one Evans Kidero, the governor elect of Nairobi County. Regular readers of my raw notes will know that there is a lot I don’t like about the man and with good reason (not malicious or personal). But I am also a realist and looking at how swiftly the man has adjusted from the corporate world into politics, I have to be impressed. Kidero was already doing things like getting running water (using his own funds to buy the pipes) for some city residents even as his competitors were on the campaign trail vomiting empty words and promises. It is rather obvious that his political future is bright and Nairobians should prepare for the kind of county government that they can be truly proud of.

Don’t make me eat my words Bwana Governor.


Anonymous said...

Matiba had his victory stolen by Moi.
Kibaki also suffered the same fate.
None of these two nationalists choose massacre to force their way into government. Chris, do not try to re-write history just because you are forn of Raila. Matiba is the only reason that we enjoy multipartism. Raila was a VERY LOUD johnny come lately. Back to the topic, Raila has never accepted defeat and has always resulted to violence at the slightest provocation. He will be remembered as the biggest cry baby in Kenyan politics. BTW, Evans Kidero is going nowhere, mark my words. Raila will be on the ballot come 2018 for a final thrashing.

The Oracle has Spoken.

Luke said...

Chris my brother,
Odinga CURSE vs Kenyatta BLESSINGS or....? just curious bro

Can PENSIONERS become GOVERNORS or...?just curious bro

Anonymous said...

If a man has a gun and steals robs you clean.goes ahead to rape your wife and shoot you in the leg just for fun..would you call that a curse??
The Tume ya Wakora have been identified ..the truth is out in the open.Kenya is in the gutter and more divided because of GREED and HATRED.Ruto was on a revenge mission.hence the anti-cord sentiment in the rift.its sad where kenya is headed.Pray for us!

Anonymous said...

Chris,please do not compare Raila with his father, his father. Jaramogi was a gentle fellow who never killed anyone. You seem to have swallowed that lie from Raila being behind the freedom enjoyed by Kenyans today. How about Martin Shikuku?, he died, the man died, what of Rubia, he lost all his muscle, and how about Matiba? he lost his marbles, as for the likes of Koigi and his mother,George Anyona, Gitobu Imanyara only God knows. It's not a curse Chris, Raila has blood on his hand, no wonder he appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Anonymous said...

We, the people, never seem to get it, and we have failed to get it in the last fifty years, and we may not get it in a long time to come, call it thirty years from now, March of 2013.

One of the major thorny issues at the center of Kenyan politics has been on-going shadow battles between two main ethnic rival blocs that are spear-headed by various chauvinist councils of elders and inner enclaves of very power hungry and arrogant politicians.

The two blocs of political archrivals have always engineerd ways, created shallow excuses and cultivated fertile grounds in order to use the legacies of well known former politicians, Jomo Kenyatta and Oginga Odinga, as means to sustain their underhanded ethnic-cum-political competitive advantage in the world of Kenyan politics.

And what a better avenue and arena for them to continue feuling the 1960s ethnic political flames, than to front the sons and family names of the two former politicians, as presidential material.

Anyway, back to 2002-2013, where members of all parties that have sprung up or shriveled since 2002, need to be reminded of the fact that there is a very big difference between real democracy and the versions of warped or imagined democracies that continue to be manufactured in Kenya during every general election season.

For instance, what several political bigwigs sanctioned during the nomination process in 2002 and 2007, as well as during and after 2012 TNA's and ODM's party nominations was not just a total aberration of democracy, but a political death of a nation's future yet to born.

Wonder why some of them are now crying foul after having been given a dose of their own murky medicine?

Political party dictatorship and tyranny of the well connected and underlings have always dominated the scene or ruled the day in most of the nominations and governance since 2002.

To the point where most of their loyal and committed supporters, including many other party members have never been given the chance nor opportunities to elect, control and to oust their leaders when and where necessary in the last ten years.

The big question is whether the sons of Kenyatta and Odinga, including their - ethnic enclaved - handlers will guarantee the Kenyan people that, the country will be placed under a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of the state, typically through elected - not selected or imposed - respresentatives by the majority, once the Supreme Court of the land settles the looming general election petition issue?

The operative word should be government by the people, especially rule of the majority and not a political party dictatorship, or tyranny of the self-anointed politicians and their recycled diehard sycophants.

Anonymous said...

Ok first off; power hungry Matiba is not the only reason we have multi-partysm-get your facts straight.
And how was Kibaki's victory stolen by Moi?
In 1992 the greedy opposition led by the funny Matiba flat out lost to Moi. Kibaki and Odinga Snr ran as well. That was to Mois advantage and for those of you that don't know, incumbency does go a long way.

Had Moi stolen 92/97 elections he would have easily done it again in 02 in his little projects interests-The current president elect.

In 2007 it's clear the elections were bungled. It's an open secret Kibaki didn't win..even some of his followers from Mt Kenya will tell you that..

Anonymous said...

Revisionists have always tried so hard to trade their own brand of heroic political narratives of well known political and wealthy elites who were never nationalists to begin with, given their loyalty and uttermost devotion were heavily invested in specific regions rather than the whole nation throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

The only time they ever tried wearing the hats of spurious nationalists, was when their own business empires had began to dwindle under constant pressures, threats and vicious competition from their rivals who were directly affiliated with the powers that be at the time.

In all fairness, let over due credit and honour be extended where they are due, in this particular case, to some of the well known fighters, activists, agitators and advocates for real democracy and other freedoms in the country.

They were people like Chelagat Mutai, Mukuba D. Gitari, Murere T. Njoya, Kipsang arap Muge, Wangare Maathai, including countless others who severely suffered but withstood the test of time as they challenged and resisted the unlimited power that was possessed by one Kenyan Caesar.

And it all happened while the two individuals whose names have appeared somewhere in the same context with nationalism, were free and busy living large in their well secured upscale estates, as well as accustomed to playing several rounds of golf every three to five days a week in some of the most exclusive county golf clubs in East Africa and Southern Africa.

The two individuals are not the reason why Kenyans are still seeking true democracy and have yet to enjoy real multipartism in the country, minus the recent brands of fly-by-night political parties that always rare their predictable ugly multi-headed coalitions during every general election season since December of 2002.

For the record, it is the Kenyan people fro all walks of life who have suffered and continue to suffer for democracy, but always end up having their hard fought election victories stolen by a select few.

The ongoing political situation in the country speaks volumes regardless of who or what coalition will end up in power after the petition has been upheld or thrown out by the Supreme Court, sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

It is not true that Matiba is the reason we have multipartism. That is plain wrong. The reason we have multipartism is the Luo factor. Matiba's contribution was merely to delay it. Chris is dead right on this one. Some may want to twist history but this happenned in my lifetime and will I bear testimony to it even though I am not a Luo.

M. Pesa said...

Our Luo brothers have been in the opposition trenches for too long, just like the Kikuyus before independence. But the ultimate prize for Luo or Odinga does not necessarily have to be the now weakened presidency! I think that if Nyanza devoted more time in development issues at the expense of too much politics that revolve around victim-hood, then that regions would be an economic powerhouse today. I think Raila risks becoming a prince who reigned but never ruled. But his contributions towards a better have been counterproductive. Many will never forgive him for roles played in '82 coup attempt and 2007/8 "mass action" which were not very peaceful. A Luo friend recently told me that presidency in Kenya needs to be rotated among the 42+ tribes of Kenya. When I said we should start with Giriama people from the Coast, he was shell-shocked. Then I added it was dangerous because women would also complain they wanted the seat, then more complaints would come from Muslims, Wahindis, gays etc. I finished by asking him, "What is democracy?"

Anonymous said...

Hasira ya mkuzi tijara (furaha) ya muvi.

Tabia ya kuwa na hasira (tamaa) isyokoma huleta maangamizi kwani mwenye hasira (tamaa) hutenda bila kutafakari kwanza.

Huyo fulani bin fulani, amejikosesha baraka tele kwa hiyari yake mwenye kutokana na ule mutindo wake wakawaida wa kujipendekeza ovyo ovyo.

Tabia na siasa zake za haraka haraka, hasa mbio za sakafuni tangu hapo awali, simesababisha ukosefu mwingi wa kupokea madaraka na kuoja utamu wa starehe za ikulu.

Anonymous said...


Which is which?

Kidero's 2018 Presidency, or The Odinga Curse that may soon find a permanent place in the country's history books and people's mind if the Supreme Court settles on upholding the IBEC's final choice?

By the way, Kidero who? Who is he in the larger scheme of things, especially when it comes to the trencherous musical chairs that have become a political staple in the city of Nairobi?

Will he fair any better or in any way different than Andrew Ngumba the former mayor Nairobi did when he ascended onto city hall with a litany of so many promises, glamorous ideas and several blueprints for the immmediate improvement of the whole city of Nairobi?

The 'Odinga Curse' is one of the many reveting tragic and cautionary tales of a watershed in Kenya's present day political history.

Lest the public forgets 'The Kalonzo Curse', 'The Mudavadi Curse', 'The Ruto Curse' et al, will no doubt be defined by the aftermath of March 4th, general election.

For how long will they continue to play the presidential ball game in the same way and style that they have done since 2007 and now 2013?

Anonymous said...


Does the country really need another choice of president from the big regions?

Why not pick a different choice of president from the coastal region or north eastern region for a real change rather than limit the country to the usual dominant regions that have been offered so many opportunities in the last fifty years?

CHOLA said...

Rail curse is his own making, fisi type,very impatient ,Jeng pride and arogance.With Humilty if he had Kept Ruto in ODM, left Mau poor on thier land kick out the rich, we would be looking at Preso Raila. But this guy this guy forgot one think you do not turn agenst those who kill in you name, cos it will come back to hunt you.
I said Rial like father he will spend his life in OPPO

Anonymous said...

Time will tell whether Kenyan voters made their mark in the just concluded general election.

However, it is hoped that many voters did not waste their efforts and precious time standing in line for over five to seven hours in order to vote for their candidates, so that the now elected representatives - the usual suspects among the 'Who is Who' members only club - can afford to fly out of the country at will and spend several nights in hotels that charge $5,650.00 to $7,580.00 per day in foreign capitals around the world, with nothing of benefit to the nation to show for in return.

Hard to believe but it happened, that several political candidates - incumbents - left the country for South Africa and Southeast Asia, with the calculated underhanded agendas of securing multiple personal business deals, as well as prospects for steering government contracts to various South African and Southeast Asian corporations and individuals.

The behind the scenes surreptitious activities took place during the last weeks leading to the general election, due to the fact that the politicians involved were impudent enough to believe that it will be business as usual for them the moment they came to power or return to power, regardless of which side of the political divide they belong.

Anonymous said...

The bigwigs of JUBILEE and CORD are all on an intense herculean quest for that one secret or mysterious tool that will enhance their political survival and health of the future of their parties, as they get ready to fight the negative effects, fallouts, internal vicious cycles of rivalry and other political side effects that are bound occur within their own political parties, cliques and well established regional enclaves, the moment the Supreme Court reaches a its decision on the presidential election petition. Yet the real political secret for their survival has actually been hidden in plain sight all along. Shauri yao.

Anonymous said...


Did the crowned champion of 'democracy' fight so much for justice for all, or so that he could accomplish his childhood dream of being able to enter and settle in the state house once the much awaited and craved for golden opportunity was presented to him by a larger number of the voters?

Anonymous said...

I think if Nyanza devoted more time in development issues at the expense of too much politics that revolve around victim-hood, then that region would be an economic powerhouse today - M.Pesa.

The age old itching question that always comes to mind is Why Rwanda and not Nyanza, Western, Eastern (Kitui & Machakos), or Coast in terms of a thriving economy, infrastructure deveploment and functional institutions, after all the decades of so many squandered opportunities?

Who is to blame since December 12, 1963? Is it the people themselves, the elected politicians, the government's hidden hand, other unknown prevailing dark forces from beyond, or all of the above?

May be the opportune time has come for younger generations to really take a step back and explore the science behind their political, economic and social regional strengths that have remained untapped in the last five decades.

At the risk of being called presumptious or yule nyagumi insolent, suffice to say that wananchi from Nyanza, Western and Eastern regions can be found thriving so well, professionally, and business wise in many regions of the Africa besides their homeland.

Highly skilled physicians, engineers, consultants, researchers, teachers, et al, galore South Africa, Bostwana, Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, Seyechelles, Madagascar, etcetera.

Mwarang'ethe said...

MPesa wrote:

"I finished by asking him, "What is democracy?"

3/21/13, 12:45 AM


Democracy is not casting PAPERS in the BLACK BOXES and using ELECTRONIC means to COUNT as we hear argued in the so called Supreme Court!!!!

Democracy means:

(a) greater division of power.

But, where does power come from?

Power comes from control of wealth/property.

Thus, democracy being greater division of powers, in reality means, GREATER DIVISION OF WEALTH.

So, what we see around has nothing to do with democracy, but, STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE, FOOLISHNESS and INFANTILE GAMES and FANTASIES!

With that DEFINITION of democracy, we leave to enjoy:

Stiff Necked Fools:

Mwarang'ethe said...

"At the risk of being called presumptious or yule nyagumi insolent, suffice to say that wananchi from Nyanza, Western and Eastern regions can be found thriving so well, professionally, and business wise in many regions of the Africa besides their homeland.

Highly skilled physicians, engineers, consultants, researchers, teachers, et al, galore South Africa, Bostwana, Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, Seyechelles, Madagascar, etcetera.!


As a matter of fact, whenever there was slavery, the SLAVES were the MOST SKILLED PROFESSIONALS.

In fact, in 1860's in the USA, there were MORE HIGHLY SKILLED African American SLAVES than were the Whites in the South!

In fact, even in Ancient Babylon, SLAVES were very good in business, i.e. DOING BUSINESS of their MASTERS!

In Rome, the GREEK SLAVES were the TEACHERS of the kids of the Romans!

Given these observations, what is the relevancy of your observations!


The problem of Nyanza, just like that of any other place in Africa is very simple: the LABOR is not PRODUCTIVE enough to produce enough wealth.

Simple as ABC!

Anonymous said...


Are you a skilled conspiracy theorist (aka 'African' teacher) in EU?

Anonymous said...


What of yours has Raila eaten that you now hiccuping him like that and brewing his name and a curse in one half of a calabash as he wait big news to be king politician of whole mountains and valleys in big home country, or pack himself and all his impedimenta, walk away home and be gone for good? What not great thing he done you, people, politics and country? When Mr Supreme Court finish referee recount goals or replay match, you be like Prince Apologetic, or Mr Shock and Ms Not Believe-It. Don't say me tell you already.

satellite don said...

Nani anasumbua Mwara?

Mwarang'ethe said...


Are you a skilled conspiracy theorist (aka 'African' teacher) in EU?

3/22/13, 11:54 AM


Conspiracy theorist? Wacha ujinga wewe!

Just a few days ago, we noted that, EMPIRES live by ROBBING.

Before the "ink" could dry, what did we hear? We heard of a SAVINGS LEVY in Cyprus ati to INVEST in INSOLVENT BANKS!!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he he wa wa wa wa

In their law schools, they teach/BRAINWASH about:

- rule of law,
- respect for private property,
- democracy blah blah blah

So, where are all these now?

And, in the land of Adam Smith, what are we hearing?

Ati, they are going to TAX the CLEANERS to GUARANTEE/SUBSIDIZE MORTGAGE'S for houses costing up to £ 600, 000.

So, what happened to the FREE MARKET we have been told about for the last 60 years?

NB: Now that Kenyans have NEW OVER LORDS, in the so called Counties, what have they gained?

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

We do not want BALLOTS and BLACK boxes:

Anonymous said...

"The Odinga Curse" is well known in many political circles and it predates the last two adminstrations; nonetheless, people have become so unmindful of the 'Specter of Kenyatta' that has subsisted for the last five decades. The two entities must always be mentioned in the same context because they have always fed off each other's energy.

Anonymous said...


When was the last time Kenya and the Vatican got new heads of state in the same year? What type of political adminstration ensued thereafter in Kenya? Why? Just asking!

Anonymous said...

The council of wise elders from a Mbalamwezi village located near my father's former village of Ukingoni, are still busy reassuring the whole residents of Usiku-wa-Manane County that the best magic does not trick the village people, it only makes them believe in the impossible.

Hence, in their infinite wisdom they are still urging eight out of every ten households - nyumba kumi - to make sure that they have placed unwashed wooden ladels, miko, and metal skewers smeared with wet ashes besides the narrow entrancies of their half-empty grannaries for the next several weeks.

A move that is hoped will enable the two halves of the election petition riddle to be solved, where both 'loser' and 'winner' are named for what they are and will remain for the next five years, in order to avoid steering the whole process into becoming another sequel of March 4, 2013.

Anonymous said...

Comeon Chris, can you please remove the photo in this story? Majority of Kenyans have had enough of Mr. cry baby formerly opinion poll president. And where is Phil of Kibera? Still on suicide watch?

Anonymous said...


Is the picture in question worth a thousand words, or does it contain a predictable single expression that betrays it all?

Anways, it is never hard to ascertain the cause of frustration, head scratching, hair padding that goes on when people are not aware of it, let alone the trademarked distant look in a person's face.

Anonymous said...

Is the legend of 'The Odinga Curse' based on misconstrued political events, conjecture, fantasy from his opponents, or a well documented long list of self-inflicted political and personal misfortunes that have occurred in the last forty-something years?

Why not let the purported curse remain a mystery to be solved or reexamined by objective political historians as well as political scientists in the next two to three decades?

At a time when national and regional archives loaded with catalogues of all the careers and so-called accomplishments of our present day presidents, politicians, power brokers, including the 'movers and shakers' of the political art of seeking time to eat together with those who hang around them for one reason or another, will be easily accessible to the public?

On brighter side, 'The Odinga Curse' may turn out to be a real blessing in disguise for the next generations of politicians and other civic leaders from his strongholds.

And who knows, maybe one of his great-grand daughters, or a well positioned visionary leader may rise to greater political heights and become Kenya's first Julia Gillard, Dorothea Merkel, Ellen John Sirleaf (not Weakleaf), Joyce Banda, Dilma Rousseff, Christina Kirchener, et al.

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