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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Obama To Kenya:Vote In Dreams Of My Father

With the clock furiously counting down to the 2013 PORK presidential elections, POTUS has thrown his HEART into the ring by exploiting his forte of using modern technology ambitiously, 

Using STATE RESOURCES as evidenced by this recorded message from the halls of the White House, Obama attempts to steer the Kenyan electorate in the right direction to push agenda into campaign discussions (see video)

Make no mistake by all indications in the video message POTUS knows all too well that Kenyans are acutely aware of the challenges surrounding their upcoming vote for the fourth PORK  

However BHO's ambitious strategy via audio visual message is to drive the Kenyan electorate to propel a worthy politician to high office in a country notoriously famed for comprehensively allowing bad to triumph over good every 5 years at the ballot box. His message is clear :-Vote for the dreams (not FRUSTRATORS) of my father NA BADO


Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Obama, his father was a drunkard. What fathers dreams is he really talking about??

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he wa wa wa we we ta ta ta ta ra ra ra ha ha ha wa wa wa wa ja ja ja ja ja ba ba ba ba

Ati, STRONG PARTNERS in development?

You can fool some people for some time, but, you can't fool all the people all the time:

Instead of this "brother" of ours giving us USELESS lecturers on peace and development, he would DO his OWN FATHER a great SERVICE if he told us whether, and WHEN did the USA change this POLICY announced in 1945:

"Nothing is more MENACING to WORLD SECURITY [misuse of words to fool people]than to have the LESS DEVELOPED COUNTRIES [such as Kenya], comprising more than half of the population of the world, RANGED IN ECONOMIC BATTLE against the LESS POPULOUS but INDUSTRIALLY MORE ADVANCED nations of the WEST."

Is this policy still at work bwana Obama? Hiyo tuu!

With that, KNOWING that:

- Haiti was sold by Mulattoes to the French;

- Burkina Faso was sold by a Mulato to Germans, we leave to enjoy:

You are too RUDE,

Rastas not work for cia:


Anonymous said...

nyayo philosopy of peace love unity sounds better....

rasta reminds me of coup detat Aug 1982 VOK peace on that day....

this sounds better:

why can't everything be done with peace......

one's perception of history depends on which side of the fence you are ......I will never forget a minimum wage kenyan in the mid '80s who told me emphatically he was better off in Colonial kenya..his money went further and he was treated better....?!?

Anonymous said...

Why are the stripped hyenas emitting faint barks at the son of Kogelo village?

While spotted hyenas are busy trying to take potshots at the son of Obama?

With all due respect to the stripped hyenas and spotted hyenas, may they be reminded of one very painful and sad statistical fact that eight in every ten Kenyan fathers are either drunkards, violent spouses, cruel parents, tribal chauvinistic hyenas, womanizers, neferious urban or village neighbours with a wicked for young girls, prey on widows and single mothers, are purveyors of corruption among their own kind, and will do anything to gain unfair adavantage over their own flesh and blood, etc

The simple question is why is the son of a chauvinist village kettle bubbling with spotted hyenas calling the son of a former chauvinist pot from the village of Kogelo, black?

By the way, one does not have to be:

(a) a promoter of hate and dismissive gestures against the messenger

(b) be a promoter of Cordless political party

(c) an advocate of the Jubiless political in order

(d) leading a hard life in the diaspora

in order to be very unappriciative of the timely reminder delivered by the son of Kogelo just several weeks before the country's general election.

Which leaves the public wondering how will the names of the tribal chauvinists who gave birth to their wonderful eduacted sons be remembered in their own villages and country several years from now?

As far many people are concerned world wide, the son of Kongelo maybe one of the few dreams his father had when he left his village and country to study in North America.

By the way, does it really matter in 2013, whether his father was a PhD or struggled with alcoholism in the same way many millions of his peers from all walks of life did at the time?

Bill Wilson and Dr, Bob Smith must have known a lot humanity and its weaknesses as early as 1935, yet many of us still do not comprehend the magnitude of it in this day and age, inspite of the fact that there are so many people struggling with alcoholism in our very own families.

Anonymous said...

Why do we always expect Amrika to change its 1945 policies when we have become certified banana republic thanks to the revenue generated from our generous wild life that we never seem to care for given the rate at which their populations are being decimated by domestic and international poachers, with help from insiders within the government.

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