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Monday, February 04, 2013

2013 Presidential race: When former president Moi gets involved...

When former president Moi gets very actively involved in something like the 2013 presidential elections there is reason to sit up and pay attention. And when the candidate that the former president is supporting is a State house project there is even more reason for concern.

I can report that the former president is very closely involved in the Amani coalition campaign that is fronting deputy prime minister Musalia Mudavadi for president.

I have nothing against the son of the late Sabstone Mudamba Mudavadi or Ma-DVD as the young people fondly call him. In my view he is the lesser evil in a field of extremely evil and selfish presidential candidates.

But the older Moi’s deep and enthusiastic involvement in his campaign is something that Kenyans need to pay very close attention to.

Those who know the old man well will tell you that he never forgets a favour. That is how he managed to rule Kenya for 24 years the last 14 being extremely trying with virtually every western power pumping some serious money into the country to bring his rule to an abrupt end. They and their sacks of cash failed miserably

Many years ago when Moi had not even entered politics Mwalimu Mudamba being a senior official in the ministry of education promoted Moi from a P3 teacher to a P2 teacher. Years later when Moi took over as president Mudamba quickly ended up in his cabinet and was the most “untouchable” member of the inner cabinet. Unlike the other members of cabinet who were subject to a one o’clock news bulletin shocker old man Mudamba was so close to the president that he was exempt. For the information of younger readers of this blog President Moi would make frequent cabinet re-shuffles, firing and hiring during the one o’clock news bulletin. So much so that many ambitious Kenyans would listen to the KBC 1:00 PM news knowing that their lives would easily be transformed by a single bulletin. And indeed many lives were. The late professor George Saitoti was a struggling unknown mathematics lecturer at the University of Nairobi when his name was mentioned in one such bulletin and the rest is history.

Moi is indeed a good friend to have because when Mudamba suddenly passed on, his son who had only recently graduated from the University of Nairobi with a land Economics degree found himself in the cabinet in a flash. The name of that son was Musalia and he never had to warm the back benches first. He went straight into cabinet.

Kenyans who believe that Moi is going to get involved Ma-DVD’s campaign to lose are na├»ve. There is one very important thing that virtually all political analysts in the country have missed. And that is the fact that the rules of the presidential elections game have changed dramatically. Everybody is behaving like either CORD or Jubilee will win the first round and end up in State house. All Ma-DVD needs to do is to ensure that he comes in second on March 4th. Politically any contest between Mudavadi and Uhuru or between Mudavadi and Raila will hand over victory to the son of Mudamba. That is a certainty.

Perhaps you are reading this and dismissing it as some Kumekucha pipe dream. I have no problem with that because in my long blogging experience I have had many of my posts written off as ranting at best and pure insanity at worst only for things to play out in a manner that is fairly similar to the “madness” suggested.

The campaigns proper have just began… watch Ma-DVD very closely folks. Very closely.

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Breaking News; It is now official, discussing land issues and historical injustices in this campaign will get you prosecuted.


Anonymous said...

no chance for Mudavadi.He has nothing to offer Kenyans.NOTHING!he is an opportunist waiting for Uhuru or Raila to fall.Peter Kenneth is much better.

Anonymous said...

at the time not KBC
but Voice of Kenya......ah! the peace of a one party state - kenya 1978 -1982.......

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chris has a good point. Mo-1 does not back losing horses. This will see RAO pick his exit ticket @ gate No 3. Na Siaya hawamtaki kabisa!

Anonymous said...

old man mudavadi appears in the background

Anonymous said...

Which moi are u talking about? One that supported uhuru who failed? Or was that a losing donkey and not a losing horse?

Anonymous said...

The only way mudavadi will come second is if uhuru is not in the race. In that likely event, then uhuru supporters will throw their support to PK tunawesmake and some to Karua. Mudamba has no serious support elsewhere.

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