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Monday, November 12, 2012

Uhuruto: Kenya's Two-horse Race to Destruction

Peter Kenneth may have done his best to market his ideas as a presidential candidate. But deep down the MP for Gatanga is not naive to Kenyans penchant to go tribal at the ballot.

The presidential field has been trimmed to the predictable five populated by the BIG FIVE TRIBES - say a prayer for the small tribes. But it is the Uhuruto axis that has generated more political heat given what is at stake for the pair.

They are joined at the Dutch heap. The sword of damocles that is The Hague is hanging precarious above the duo's heads so much so that the only way is to rope in Kenyan voters and commit a political harakiri.

Damn the consequences. So far the respective ethic voters are playing along. The two are very smart politicians and they are not naive to reveal the true plot to their gullible supporters.

Self-preservation packaged in hollow sovereignty and patriotism has never been so cleverly articulated in shuttle diplomacy episode II.

Poor Kalonzo has been left holding both the dirty water and dead baby. He refused to see the bold writing in capital letters staring at him. Brother Stevo ended up wailing louder than the bereaved about the G7 Tower of Babel oblivious of the sting from its true owners.

PM Raila may soon curse what he wished for. The two horses may as well have bolted with Kenyan voters to The Hague.

We haven't seen anything yet. The next three months will Kenyan politics charged like neve3r before. The old tribal stereotypes will come flying left, right and centre. NA BADO


Anonymous said...

I'm ready for anybody as president coz my well calculated vote is only one amongst the uncalculated ones. so, there's no difference. I'm prepared for the worst though. coz the kenyan voter seems to learn when he's dead.

Anonymous said...


You are right, only the presidency can save Jomo Jnr and Ruto from ICC. UK will use anything it takes to take Kenya with him. Provided his Kikuyu voters are playing ball GAME ON.

Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu,
Your obsession and hatred for Kikuyu's even in your pension years is sad to watch.
Mo1 will never again be president of Kenya, Raila is enjoying his political sunset years. You better arm yourself with a good supply of adult diapers coz next year will bring with it excruciating pain to you.


Phil said...

"PM Raila may soon curse what he wished for. The two-horses may as well have bolted with Kenyan voters to The Hague."

Not happening anytime soon! You can take that to the bank my brother Taabu.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru and Odinga may as well get what they are really wishing for, which is, end up like one former political mule on its last leg of living in the oblivion circles of life. Does the name Kombokombo ring a bell? The man should have been avoided like a plaque. Why even bother with associating, let alone bring along an augury of the worst kind to a prospective business deal?

Luke said...

ati POLITICAL HARAKIRI is for the politically HORSELESS hio ni bure kabisa

Anonymous said...

Why are the sons of a former president, vice president, one time powerful cabinet minister and several henchmen trying to create more chaos in the country?

The dead politicians were an absolute failure in terms of leading the country through the post-colonial era, while their sons have turned out to be complete failures in their attempts to lead and guide the country to better heights in the last ten years.

All things taken into account, the sons of dead politicians are not to blame but it is the people who worship them and take to heart every word that is uttered by the band of sons whose fathers once ruled their tribal roosts.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The dead politicians were an absolute failure in terms of leading the country through the post-colonial era, while their sons have turned out to be complete failures in their attempts to lead and guide the country to better heights in the last ten years.



Yes, the sons of the dead Kenyan politicians have failed Kenyans.

However, the sons of DEAD COLONIALISTS, MURDERERS, LOOTERS, RACISTS will save Kenyans.

Brilliant analysis by the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, FOOLISH GRADUATES!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he he hu hu hu wa wa wa wa we we we ra ra ra ta ta ta ya ya ya ya

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Anonymous said...

a) Uhuru, a captain of TNA (Thee TITANIC), known to stay the course in his attempts to swallow every obstacle (political opponents) in his path as he heads straight for the iceberg (ICC). Beneath it all, he is a son who will forever be overwhelmed by his late father's large than life shadow as he tries so hard to rise to prominence as well as keep the family legacy (status quo) intact against insurmountable odds.

b) Balala, a self-procalimed seafarer with no clue of how to read or operate a radar, a man who is so afraid of swiming from the old entrance at Fort Jesus to the other side near the old show grounds. He is tantamount to a ship captain's nightmare of hauling along uninspected extra baggage while on the high seas during turbulance.

c) Ngilu, radioactive, liability, diminishing returns, distraction galore, been around the political blocks too many times, and an eagerly awaited paradise for political opponents with regard to the anticipated pulping by her rivals at the 2013 general election.

d) Kombo, fuddy duddy, master of doing the same things over and over while expecting different results, a man whose time has come and gone, a chief of oblivion whose former leadership style is now consigned to posterity and he lacks clout in the arena of national appeal.

e) Wamalwa, a seasoned coattail rider with zero coattail effect (in the 2013 general election), a real novice as they come, an opportunist like Kalonzo Musyoka, without a back-up plan or vision in the event of a worst case scenario at the polls.

f) Another one of those tag-along politicians (Kenyan style), an unknown quantity, dead weight and opportunist with very little clout in his own political camp and region.

Politicians who are so scared to death of being defeated at the polls, unsure of themselves, afraid of their constituents' next choice, political rivals, and others out there have an open invitation to hop on board the TNA (TITANIC) liner as it prepares for its maiden voyage in April of 2013.

Anonymous said...

The grandsons and great-grandchildren of dead colonialists have never cared about Kenya, and why should should they care fifty years later?

Lest we forget that they were the ones heard cheering very loud and clear when very few Kenyan flags were seen being waved in the air during victory laps at the 2012 London Olympics.

Mo Farah, (kryptonite), UK's Somali-born British finest ever distance runner salvaged their long lost pride in the world of track and field.

As a matter of fact, it was such a great joy for the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of Kenya's former colonialists to see the Union Jack flying high at the London Olympics instead of a flag from a former colony that has long been forgotten apart from being an infamous prsent day source of foreign students, refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants seeking better standards of living, guranteed basic security and civility.

Further, most of the sons, daughters and grandchildren of former colonialists can not even pronounce the name Kenya, yet the majority of them have been able to visit most of the major cities and national parks in South Africa in what has become a rite of passage for young tourists from the UK.

Well, some of the tourism revenue that has continued to be directly channelled to South Africa over the last two decades could have saved the lives of many Kenyans, as well started and completed various development projects in Kenya if ...

While the sons, daughters and grandchildren of former colonial collaborators, homeguards and religious leaders continue to be the resident evil as in present day murderers, looters, racists (diehard "tribalists"), economic rapists ("hitmen"), saboteurs, senior politicians in governemnt, goons, land grabbers, perpetrators of political violence during every general election, et al

Without forgetting the backbone of the elite and so-called uncivil society, bankrolled activists, and human rights watchdogs who have decided to conveniently remain silent as well as miss in action (advocating for justice) in the aftermath of the massacre of forty-two uniformed police officers who were on duty in Samburu area.

They above mentioned 'legions of concerned groups' would have been heard singing loud and clear in very many different choruses, tunes and anthems to the rest of the world and fly-by-night media had the forty-one dead uniformed police officers been the usual "innocent children and women" or the so-called "unarmed men" and "defenseless civilians (or .... tribesmen)" from the region in question.

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