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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kibaki Seals Statesman Legacy With Noble Launch

KUMEKUCHA would formally wish to go on record as extending an open apology to, and publicly retracting from our former harsh unwarranted opinion on the Kibaki Legacy. no hard feelings?

The formal opening of the state of the art million shilling Syokimau Train Station and rail service today proved H.E. P.O.R.K's critics are simply ethnic wanaNICHI who since 2002 remain visionLESS enslaved to small thinking and talk.

H.E. P.O.R.K. has never lost sight of his main agenda KAZI IENDELEE. Petty talk on elections next year, IDPs PEV, heightened national ethnic tension, I.C.C. etc all take a back seat to H.E.'s singular determination and steadfastness to steer Kenya to greener pastures as enumerated in vision 2030.

The essence of H.E.s presidency is evincing the political giraffe metaphor through actions that speak louder than words as only the best P.O.R.K ever could do. Such actions toasting leadership success from the front and by example have roped in Kenyans across the country to emotively chant "run for a 3rd term"! "run for a 3rd term"!

With the opening of the train line between Embakassi and the Central Business District, H.E.P.O.R.K has now not only left Kenyans cruising on the path of superhighway but also quaking in the wake of implemented radical and positive ideas whose time had come and was long past due. Make no mistake what one man does with his "half loaf " is another man's poison

The naysayers are now eating humble pie while exposing their post molars in delight from seeing the patient fruits of H.E.'s vision that could not fully be harvested as a one term presidency. The end has justified the means as Kenya full overtakes Singapore's GDP economyNA BADO


Taabu said...


You are a candidate for economic hate speech. Your sarcasm is cleverly meant to incite KK agianst an effective CEO.

That said you will consitipate on menu rich in humble pie soon. Just wait until you realise that the Syokamau eticket machines start malfucntioning and your bothers start jumping over turnstiles when power fails.

At least RVR has managed to built a station in over 80 years and lay an inch or rail since the colonialist left.

SWALI: Railway is an ILF invention with no knowledge about Pilato or Pythagoras.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all those responsible for the overdue vision and consequent construction of Syokimau light train service.

Job well done due to the fact that in the last forty years billions of shillings ear marked for similar projects ended up finding its hidden paths into the personal accounts of the most powerful and well connected of the day, while the city was left to waste away.

So, let some kind of little credit be given where it is somehow due, in spite of the table crumbs that have been given to the people of Syokimau in the form of rail service that should have put in place and operative as early as 2005 and not later than 2006.

Furthermore, all the five major entries and exits of Nairobi mteropolitan area should have had their own light rail services similar to that of Syokimau by now instead of Nairobians being left to wait for another ten years for the overdue construction.

The question remains, why now during the last year or months of his presidency and not in the first four years?

What was he or his handlers waiting for? Some kind of little credit will be extended in appreciation of the gesture that has come too little and too late.

If some of us may ask, where is the ultra modern state of the art million shilling sewage disposal system?

Where is the ultra modern state of the art million shilling electrical plant(s), or main power station and sub-stations in and around Nairobi?

Where is the ultra modern state of the art waste management plant in Nairobi?

Where is the ultra modern 'Peoples' Market' or 'Mama Fulani Market' in Nairobi?

Where are the two main ultra modern state of the art million shilling clean drinking water facilities in Nairobi?

And when will Kenyatta National Hospital ever get to be reconstructed and developed into an ultra modern national medical center?

Why make fun of Nairobians by throwing stale bread crumbs at this late stage of the game?

Anyway, the Syokimau light train service is better than nothing and Nairobians living in those sides of the city will appreciate it for years to come.

Job well done. Bravo! Prafo! Mbravo! Mblabo!

Anonymous said...

Chris: Why are you leaving your blog to be messed up by these idle pensioners?
Why are you giving an open licence to these tired wazee's to insult Mwarangethe?
Gone are the days when you would visit KK and get stimulating debate thanks to these babus


Mwarang'ethe said...

"The end has justified the means as Kenya full overtakes Singapore's GDP economy NA BADO."


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he wa wa wa wa

You build infrastructure to LOWER the cost of doing business and not the other way round.

Why so?

As an example, on 11th November, 2012, it was reported that:

"Shrinking revenues push local software firm to Singapore."

"Kenyan software company Craft Silicon has started business in Singapore as revenue from the local market continues to decline.

He noted that revenues from the Kenyan software industry have stagnated especially because of a tough TAX [TO PAY IDLERS LIKE SON OF NYACHAE, CHESEREM, DR. KIBUNJA ETC] regulation that makes it cheaper to import software than buy locally developed applications.

According to Craft Silicon, which provides customised software solutions to the financial industry, Singapore is attracting developers because of enticing tax holidays and incentives for foreign firm’s opening shop there."


That is why the African Teacher noted ages ago that, Kibaki is NOT A BRILLIANT Economist as the SYCOPHANTIC journalists tell us.

More, so, the above would not have occurred if he was informed of Plato and Pythagoras!

With that, we are off to enjoy:

Copy cats who copy ideas without UNDERSTANDING:

If you build infrastructure in a way that RAISES TAX and BUSINESSES LEAVE, how SHALL YOU pay for them?

Anonymous said...

why the train to town and pay 100 bob. All I need to do is take a Matatu and pay 80bob

Anonymous said...

Regarding Jokes About 'Misearble' Pensioners in Our Midst.

As we all know by now, in every rural and urban areas of the country there is a pensioner or retiree who was twenty years younger in 1982, 1992, 2002 or 2012.

So what is the point of poking fun at them as more men and women join the pensioners' bracket, club or sphere of existence while the cycle of life keeps turning on a twenty-four hour basis.

Why worry ourselves to death, why stick our heads into the deep seas of denial, nor assume that our turn will never come - based on our current age (late 20s) - in 2022, 2032 or 2042.

Change is the only thing that remains constant in our lives and the world around us.

Lest we forget how our grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and elder siblings have progressed in age since our early childhood.

Or else we will keep wondering why tumbiri haoni ...

Let us savor the moment and enjoy the journey of our lives while it still lasts and while good health still favours most of us.

Anonymous said...


Your beef with Taabu/Luke is childish. Please try to grow up and drop that village mentality of anybody pointing at ills by your tribesmen being anti Kikuyu. When were you born? Please live your age, won't you?

And for your peace if your dad is a miserable pensioner please help and tell your mum.

Anonymous said...


As usual, I have eyes but I always fail to see the obvious that is right within my immediate sight, and that is why you got me proper for a third time due to my inability to spot or recognise the outing projectile in form of asante ya punda.

And truth be told as it is that the majority of us will remain bure tu!! due to our deep seated siasa ya mavi ya kuku!!!! if we don't shake off the cobwebs of ukabila hatari and shape up in due course.

Wonder what became of the former owner of the projectile in question and whether the valiant patriot was ever rewarded for his unexceptional valour?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm! Look at who is talking while calling the pot black.

Seacrest wannabe, how comes you still have such an intense feeling of loss and longing for the days when the BlackBerry debates ruled, yet times have changed into an era of Android circles, Samsung Galaxy S3, inter alia?

When are we ever going to face up to the new landscape of democratized digital real estate and curve our own paths to a better future?

For your information, your peers (babus) like Makau Mutua, Mutahi Ngunyi, Tony Gachoka, Miguna Miguna, Susan Nandwa, Susan Mboya, Susan Wakhungu, Hassan Omar Hassan, Tiampati, Barrack Obama, et al, have all moved on past the days when mumbo jumbo debates ruled the blogspheres and various sites to better and bigger things.

Where the h.ll have you been and how comes you have yet to start revolving within the circles of great minds and join them in the continuum of advocating and serving various communities, institutions and nations?

Anonymous said...

When a young police officer, a potential candidate as Kenya's next Inspector General of police in 2028, 2034, or 2040, was hit by a large rock thrown from the roof top in the slums of Mombasa, nobody said anything about his identity, rank, where he was based, whether he had a wife, children, parents, siblings or extended family,

And above all whether the murderers have been tracked down and brought to justice by the well funded, trained and highly respected units from the CID, NSIS, and the ever vigilant police force under their committed commanders who value and cherish what Utumishi Kwa Wote is all about.

Then there was deep silence by the same media, civil society, police top brass and higher-ups in government with regard to whether the culprits and other criminal elements had been arrested, charged and prosecuted by the state following the murders - mowing down - of several police officers in the Tana River Delta when their police base was overran by marauding gangs of vigilantes, tribal militia, or cattle rustlers during the recent Tana Delta Violence.

And just when the flowers and makers left on multiple graves of Kenyan police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty are still fresh, and their bereaved families, relatives, friends and colleagues still mourning them, the country was once again awakened to a rude shock after another group of thirty-seven to forty-two police officers were overwhelmed and killed on the 'Battlefield of Baragoi', in what has being explained as a surprise attack by the seasoned and well armed cattle rustlers.

A very shocking episode that has been dubbed as Baragoi Ambuscade by the European media and other world news outlets that are concerned for the welfare and security of their citizens and tourists who are vacationing in Kenya.

Well, the mind boggling question is how could the infamous 'Baragoi Police Massacre' have resulted from an ambush staged in a location or area that has been known to be a 'dead-zone' by security personnel, government officials, local residents, cattle rustlers, as well as to the British military that has been training its troops in the area for decades?

So, was the search and rescue security operation bungled by ill-prepared contingents of police officers under the questionable leadership of their respective ill-advised base and field commanders?

And why were recently graduated police officer thrust into harm's way, hornets' nest, or the Abyss of Baragoi without the benefit of advance intelligence gathering, police scouts, sniper units, adequate ground and air support, back-up plans, organized retreat strategies,

And above all, the simple implementation of a required basic standard SOS lifeline linked to the main military base in the region as expected during the any search and rescue security operations in known hostile territories?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki steals statemans legacy with nimble latch.

Anonymous said...

After all has been said and done, will one of the two horses in the race to the house on the old hill after the political outcome after April of 2013?

Talking of the one horse with great knowledge of its pidgree that extends to the ancient blood lines dating back to 1322 BC.

A horse with a stubborn temperament, one that is likely to be susceptable to self-induced colic like conditions during tight political races, or when being transported in dark carriages or confined in small coalition spaces.

A race horse that has been owned but several breeders and ridden by so many political jockeys in the last three decades, most of whom have been used, dumped or thrown face down on the race course during very critical moments at major equestrian events.

The kind of horse with a deep sense of entitlement and a chip on its silver coated crest and embroidered family political saddle.

The kind of horse that is likely to end up blaming its loss at the finish line after April-2013-Derby on Mzee Mwai Kibaki's 'gifts' to the republic, such as the Syokimau Train station, Thika express way, vice-presidence's residence, etc.

Including 221 completed projects around the country that had been stalled in the last two decades, and other generous presidential offerings to minorities (28 tribes), and young voters who are allergic to negative tribal politics and conniving tribal political lords.

Will the horse in question be gracious enough to concede defeat at the finish line and accept the end of a very long held political dream of becoming the highly decorated thoroughbred the country has ever seen?

Anonymous said...

The gentleman seems to have done a copy-and-paste derived from various sources in the Kenyan social media and local daily news papers. There is nothing new, original, or informative for the unfortunate gentlemen and ladies in the Big Apple.

Police Killing in Kenya Deepens Aura of Menace.

Prof. Aura from Mayoni (Mumias) should demand an explanation asap.

Anonymous said...

Will Lillian Mwikali Andree and her surviving family ever get any type of real justice given the colour of her skin and origin?

The warped world of journalism is what we have always thought it to be with regard to reporting, or ignoring to address, or avoding to expose all evil issues or matters pertaining to Kenya, East Africa and rest of Africa

Unless the issues of the hour, day or week are worth earning the very same purveyors of wazungu brand of journalism repackaged for usual much anticipated readership and consequent reactions in west.

Case in point, the headlines on the front pages of major newspapers and talking heads on various media outlets over all Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Canada, USA, and of all places the UK would still be blaring in neon colours had the identity of the late Lillian Mwikali Andree been that of caucacasion woman killed in Africa.

In other words, many of them would have not failed to report along the lines that 'the gruesoms muder of a hardworking Germany citizen and business owner was discovered after her decompsing remains were found hidden in a sceptic tank on the business premises that once belonged to her deceased Germany husband.

It has been reported that the Germany business owner was murdered while visiting the ancient port city of Mombasa which is located on the coastal region of Kenya, after what seems to be as a result of a long-drawn tenacious fight over the ownership of a Sh70 million property since the death of her late husband in the early-mid 1990s.

An anonymous police source has stated that the culprits have yet to be apprehended by local authorities.

While the government minister responsible for the country's internal security and the local authorities in Mombasa have stated that no stone will be left unturned and not a single grain of sand will fail to be explored until the criminals reponsible for the cold blooded murder of the German business owner are pursued and tracked down by the country's law enforcement in conjunction with other local security agencies who are still busy working around the clock.

Blah, blah, blah, ....'

In the meantime, the murder of the late Lillian Mwikali Andree, a Kenyan-born Germany citizen and business owner is left on the back burners just because some editors and media house managers consider her death to be less attractive, non contraversial and not newsworthy for the hordes of hungry news junkies seeking to feed their eyes on any sensational news from what is still considered as the 'Dark Continent of Africa' where everything goes.

RIP - Lillian Mwikali Andree.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"In the meantime, the murder of the late Lillian Mwikali Andree, a Kenyan-born Germany citizen and business owner is left on the back burners just because some editors and media house managers consider her death to be less attractive, non contraversial and not newsworthy for the hordes of hungry news junkies seeking to feed their eyes on any sensational news from what is still considered as the 'Dark Continent of Africa' where everything goes."



Mwafrika hana rafiki - so used to say Mzee Moi.

Mwafrika kitu chafu kama ngozi yake - So, said Mzee Moi in 1992.

Sample this:

There are riots in Nairobi. When you open the DN, in the first page, you read this:

"Riots in Eastleigh in wake of Matatu attack."

Down there, you find this:

Anti-riot police were heavily deployed to the Eastleigh area in the mid-morning to repulse the stone-throwing youths.

An AFP reporter at the scene said police used tear gas and fired into the air to contain the violence.

"There is chaos. Several people have been injured but we are doing everything possible to contain the riots," Moses Nyakwama, Nairobi Police chief told AFP by phone.

The question is, doesn't DN have a reporter in that part of the city?

Why should DN rely on the AFP reporters yet, its HQ is a few "meters" from that place?


With that, we leave to enjoy:

Njukite na Utuku:

Anonymous said...

Wafirika Wengi = Unafiki Mwingi - Fikira. Mwafirika hafikiri bali yeye ni kiumbe kilicho na unafiki chokochoko.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Kabila's henchmen from the DRC and their superior partners and agents representing foreign global minning corporations and giant Chinese - minerals harvesting - companies are insisting that Congo rebels' presence is unnecessary at the Kampala talks in Uganda.

Well, if that is the case, or prevailing view of how to bring about an end to the fierce fighting in Goma, while at the same time trying to restore peace in the region, then what is the real point of holding peace talks in Kampala, or trying to negotiate a truce without involving a major players like the ferocious M23 rebels who seem to be gaining momentum with each passing day.

The modi operandi of M23's well cordinated and proficient fighting machine is reminiscent of the advancing allied rebel movement that toppled Joseph Mobutu's depotic regime.

On the other hand, for how long will the bankrollers, golbal mining corporations, arms suppliers and loyal troops of Joseph Kabila Kabange continue to support his regime before things fall apart, and DRC's bloody history repeats itself sooner or later?

The lingering 'Shadow of Patrice Lumumba' continues to haunt whatever that was left of the Congolese region, its resilient people, and successive corrupt governments since his heinous murder on February 11, 1961.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The modi operandi of M23's well cordinated and proficient fighting machine is reminiscent of the advancing allied rebel movement that toppled Joseph Mobutu's depotic regime.

On the other hand, for how long will the bankrollers, golbal mining corporations, arms suppliers and loyal troops of Joseph Kabila Kabange continue to support his regime before things fall apart, and DRC's bloody history repeats itself sooner or later?


Just call the ICC!

After all, didn't that KANGAROO COURT jail a Congolese warlord the other day?

Didn't the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, FOOLISH GRADUATES celebrate and PREACH to us that the ICC decision was a victory against IMPUNITY?

So, why this war/IMPUNITY again if the ICC is the "solution" as IDIOTS keep on telling us?

With those few words, we are off to enjoy:


Anonymous said...

Goma finito! Aluta continua! M23! M23! Bumayeeh! M23! M23! Buyayeeh! Aluta continua!

Kabila better watch out! The season for Kabange to cut his losses from the lavish political inheritance, count his personal blessings and secure a path for his safety has arrived, unless he wants to end up like Mobutu, Samuel Doe, Laurent Gbagbo and many other former African puppet presidents who were once imposed upon their people.

Anonymous said...


You may be schooled but remain very primitive in arguments. Calling people with different take FOOLS leaves you looking like one yourself.

Make your point and let others be the judge. Why would you think being judgemental makes your posts better?

But again you are suffocating under your utopian weight. Good luck.

NB: Please pass to us the patent for what you have discovered/originality. No rants!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

"You may be schooled but remain very primitive in arguments. Calling people with different take FOOLS leaves you looking like one yourself."


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha hu hu hu hu hi hi ta ta ta tu tu wa wa wa wa we we

People with different take?

Let us for a moment "see" what you mean by words "different take."

Some few months ago, we were told by the OLIGARCHS that, the UN, read, the French, had to act to defend the "democratic gains" in Ivory Coast.

Even better, this so called UN, sent Raila Odinga to Ivory Coast to "mediate."

NB: As usual, the African Teacher, rejected these interventions as stupidity.

Now, the same UN, is CHEERING the warlords/thugs and puppets as they match in Congo to remove the other puppet, while telling is that, the UN troops in Congo have no mandate.

Without defending Kabila, where did the UN soldiers in Ivory Coast get their mandate from?

Why can't they get the same mandate from the same source now?

Was not Kabila "elected" in an OPIUM SESSION in Congo like that in Ivory Coast?

And, why didn't the ICC conviction end the Congolese "impunity"?

Is this cheering of stupidity what you label different school of thought?

No, no. this is not about different schools of thought. It is:

WISDOM versus FOOLISHNESS. Take it or leave it!

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Kalachnikov Love:

Anonymous said...

Chris wa Kumekucha,

The last time a steady stream of echoes were heard emanating from some of your posts was when you were planning on taking advantage of the early bird registration and other amazing opportunities offered to attendees at The Africa Roundtable & Conference on CSR.

Re: The Africa CEO Roundtable & Conference on Corporate Sustainability & Responsibilty (AR-CSR)2012.

The theme was Sustainable Development: Expanding Economic Opportunities For Public-Private Synergy.

So, what has happened since then, and were you able to develop any economically viable strategic partnerships with some of your fellow CEOs and others?

Anonymous said...

The more things change in our beloved country of Kenya, the more they remain the same as rogue elements in our society continue to rear their ugly heads in many versions around the country.

Why is that our individual as well as collective conscience get so outraged whenever barberous acts have occurred in our midst due to outright disregard and contempt of human rights?

Yet by the very same token, the majority of us are never bothered, angered, or even outraged whenever the deadly cancers of corruption, impunity, greed, ignorance, ethnic hatred, regular government maleficence, etc., rare their monstrous heads in our midst.

For instance, why would a so-called "a well known human rights lawyer" who has spent years the general public into believing that he is a true paragon of virtue,

And a person who has always been ready and willing to die or be sacrificed in defence of 'people's right to life and liberty, freedon and of thought and expression, and equality ....' regardless of citizenship, residency status, ethnicity, gender,

End up engaging in the illegal use of his official position or powers to demand very exorbitant 'chai' or 'kitu kidogo' - in the amount of $7000 to $8000 - in order to release or part with a case file (government property) that is responsible for stalling court proceedings over a decade,

And not a single soul within the LSK, human rights community, amnesty international, 'un'civil society, judiciary, police force, and general public gets his or her concience outraged by the disclosure of the darker side of the well known human rights lawyer, that was not previously known to the public.

Who are the group of professionals that are more corrupt than parliamentarians and average politicians?

Are they the Great White sharks, African dwarf sawsharks, or spotted hyenas?

Anonymous said...

lol, mwara, the egyptians are back at tahrir square screaming mursi is mubarak, revolution or delusion, people, as arrogant as some may seem, they speak truth!

Anonymous said...

Unlike some of their neighbours across the Sinai Peninsula, Southwest Asia and beyond the Midterranean, if the Egyptian people dare forget their recent past then they are bound to end up with the despotic political, religious and military leaders they deserve, and a nation that will continue to be shaped, in part, by varying oppressions and inequalities.

On the one hand, how might the Egyptian people transcend cultural orientations that make their political, religious and military leaders participants in oppression of the average citizens since an era before BC 3001?

On the other hand, how might the Egyptian political, religious and military leaders and their staunch supporters become more sympathetic to and supportive of the efforts of oppressed Egyptian people to accomplish political, economic, social, military and religious reforms?

So that even an ordinary woman's voice or a vote of young Egyptian adult become the beginning of radically changing their country to be more in line with what the majority of 2011 protestors in Tahrir Square (Martyr Square) - before the unceremonious exit of Pharoah Mubarak I - stood for, struggled for, fought for, suffered for and some even died for?

Unfortunately, the Egyptian people did manage to get rid of Pharoah Mubarak I, his royal political advisers and high priests, only to end up beeing saddled by another chameleon in Sphinx's body.

A chameleon who has come to be infamosuly known as Pharoah Morsi due to his latest decision which stipulates that his will is supreme, and he will govern the whole of Egypt and its eighty-two million subjects by devine edicts and royal decree.

While there are many people within the world media who have began to declare that the chameleon is finally showing his true colours, some of us had already reached a very sad conclusion immediately after Pharoah Spilogale Gracilis III had ascended to the royal throne.

Sadly, Pharoah Spilogale Gracilis III, has reached a stage where he sees no reason nor feels any fear whatsoever to inhibit his ability to secrete the worst kind royal decrees and devine edicts that will have consequences with lasting strong, foul political, economic and social odors throughout the land of Egypt for another two or more decades.

Will the Egyptian people rise like the Phoenix or remain silent like the Great Sphinx of Giza?

Mwarang'ethe said...

lol, mwara, the egyptians are back at tahrir square screaming mursi is mubarak, revolution or delusion, people, as arrogant as some may seem, they speak truth!


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he he hu ta ta ta ta ra ra ra ru ru

African Teacher arrogant? NEVER!

Does he speak the TRUTH? yes, ALWAYS a friend of the TRUTH.

Yes, as you mention, when the Arab Spring started, we dismissed it as CHILDISH REVOLUTION.

As usual, we were called all kinds of names for "supporting" Mubarak and being ABUSIVE by those who live in that wonderful world of DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS & CHILDISH FANTASIES, i.e. the CULTURED class!


And, coming closer home, what do we find with that CHILDISH DEVOLUTION in our wonderful katiba?

"Cabinet approves Bill to keep provincial chiefs’ jobs."

The government has moved in to SECURE the JOBS of provincial administration ahead of transition to a devolved government.

NB: They couldn't "secure" those at the KQ, but, these, they are experts! At the KQ, we were lectured on FREE MARKETS!

"On Friday, the Cabinet approved a Bill seeking to restructure the provincial administration into a national government service.

The National Government Service Delivery Coordination Bill 2012 now awaits publication and enactment by Parliament.

“The Bill SECURES the positions of County Commissioners, District Commissioners, District officers, chiefs and assistant chiefs as officers of the National Government responsible for coordination of national government functions in their respective areas,” a dispatch from the Office of the President read.

Congratulations Kenyans, led by LEARNED FOOLS for CREATING PARASITIC JOBS from 2013.

After all, don't we need jobs?


And, what SHALL be the EFFECT of this job creation strategy led by the LEARNED FOOLS?

As a small example, we are hearing this:

"Outcry over new tea levy"

We are aware that, very IDIOT running for the presidency is PROMISING to FULLY IMPLEMENT the new constitution.

The problem is this. To implement FULLY this monstrosity, is TAX KENYANS EVEN MORE and DEEPEN POVERTY!

What a wonderful EDUCATION Kenyans have received?

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Working Class Hero:

Anonymous said...

Who is going to be the real big boss - glorified Bwana Kubwa - at the county level?

Will it be the county governor as expected or the county commissioner?

Unfortunately, the mixing of county commissioners and county governors in the same county paddock is going to be a real recipe for unimaginable political, adminstrative, economic and regional disasters.

One of the many reasons why wonders never cease in our beloved country of Kenya.

Further, what is the real point of the country doing away with eight provincial commissioners only to have them replaced by forty-seven county commissioners, multiple number of district commissioners, district officers, and countless number of chiefs and deputy chiefs?

And how many districts, locations and sub-locations will be retrofitted into each county?

The redundant governmental arrangement of the highest disorder will only end up facilitating further excess wastage of more funds - in form of very high wages - that could have been put to better use in terms of infrastructure and other much needed development at the county level.

Whose idea was it? And where will the money for the bloated county payrolls come from?

Will the county governors and county commissioners be asigned separate headquarters and legions of salaried personnel?

Or are they going to share the same the facilities, personnel, buildings and allocated funds?

Anonymous said...

Chris, alihamia huko ka blog ingine kwa jina Daily Post.
I think if he can't keep this blog going he should sell it or better give it to Mwarangethe.

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