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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Hague Referendum Aimed to Burn with Kenya

Like him hate him, Cherangani MP Joshua Kuttuny has a way with words. And when it matters most his gliding lips minces no words and he says-it-as-it-is. No diplospeak. He has told all and sundry that next year's elections is a referendum on The Hague. Period.

Forget where all The Hague business earned its first coin. We did not take ourselves to that place it came seeking us with a laser guided missile. You must remember the nation's battle cry 'NO HAGUE, LET'S BE VAGUE'.

And golden pair Uhuruto have declared the elections must be worn first round so that they can concentrate in defending themselves at The Hague. Make no mistake, you don't need to be a resident president. Ruto has spelt it clearly that he can remotely rule by ICT. We have been paying absentee MPs for ages, why not upgrade?

You cannot blame the conjoined twins Uhuruto. Their fate is so similar and so bleak only winning the Presidency and using it appears the only path to beat ICC. And don't engage your fertile imagination to extrapolate into what they are not saying.

So will Kenyans play ball and help bail out our prodigal political twins? No need for guessing they have done the maths and it looks promising.

Uhuru and Ruto knows all they need is have to their respective communities under lock and key. After that the rotund Gambian Fatou Bensouda is cooked goose.

Tempting ICC gods

Forget the moribund G7. That was a warmup kit before the main match by two friendly parties. Give it to Jomo Junior, what he has done with T(i)NA within these last few months ss incredible. He would not have had the leeway to do as he pleases with Kanu.

Raila never saw it coming. Even his sojourn with Kalenjin Elders will not save him this time. The die is cast and all the faces bear no resemblance to son of Jaramogi. What a rude political send off for the prime Minister.

The diplomat Stevo true to his calling still harbours hope that some miracle will happen and he will feast on the fallen limbs. Politics must be a very rude sport. Just ask Musalia Mudavadi who was bought new political sails only to be left in the doldrums at the mercy of UPEPO WA KUSI.

Uhuruto has all it takes to tempt both the gods of ICC and fate itself. We haven't seen anything yet. The game has been determined and the Kenyan voter has been squarely roped in. Playing is just but a routine.

No need for abstract theories. The two suspects need power to twin their fate with Kenya. Game over and damn the consequences. NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

Election 2013 need not be a coalition of tribal referendum of some sort, but concerned voters can go ahead and cast their vote of disapproval, disgust or outright rejection against the son of Odinga, or against any other person whom they believe is reponsible for sending their already anonited "sons of the people" to The Hague.

It is no secret that the son of Kenyatta has a lot of offshore accounts loaded with billion of sterling pounds and others valuables in gold reserve

The son of Kenyatta has extra fortune that is reported to be enough to build Fifty-five (55) Aga Khan Teaching Hospitals, twenty Thika Expressways all over the country if he wanted to if the people are wise enough to elect him as president so that he is able to restore the family's royal throne back to its rightful place.

So, the question is what has he really promised Ruto? Has Ruto been promised several million pounds if he sticks to plan?

Or has Ruto been guaranteed the vice presidency is he toughs it out through the second round in the efforts to knock out their arch nemesis once and for all given his golden age?

On the other hand, Ruto may some how have been promised a better room closer to that of the son of Kenyatta should the two of them end up being legal guests of The Hague by the end of December, 2013.

Who knows, Ruto may up being in real need urgent protection against current residents like Bemba, Lubanga and others that will follow soon, given their personality traits and warrior like attitudes while confined in small spaces at the The Hague Guest House.

Unfortunately, it does not matter who gets sent to the gallows at The Hague and who remains to take advantage of the misery of other people, because Kenyans from all walks of life will not get any political, economic and social relief from the politics of the day where MPigs rule the Democratic Republic of Animal Farm for another deacde - 2013-2022.

Anonymous said...

UHURUTO is a Kikuyu word for "wind". Could this be a wind of change for Kenya?

Even US has come out to say they are not bothered by Uhuru or Ruto's presidency!

Anonymous said...

May someone help the son of Tseikuru understand that if he really wants to be elected as the next president of Kenya in the event that some of his opponents end up being retained at The Hague, while others are forced into political retirement by angry mobs of voters with the help of unmitigated political and social circumstances, he (son of Tseikuru) should stop dressing himself up like 1940s and 50s American used car salesman, or in the same fashion as old uncle Mint Some More Ramoney loves to dress.

The odds will keep rising unless the son of Tseikuru allows himself to undergo a complete makeover as well as win some kind of national appeal in time to tussle it out with Charity Ngilu, a likely candidate (project) of choice for some regional power brokers in the high stakes presidential election.

If ever there was a more opportune time for trotting the middle ground in order to tout one's way to the State House through the middle road, then April of 2013 is once in a lifetime golden opportunity for the son of Tseikuru, the lesser of the two evils, to realize his dream of twenty-seven years.

The presidency is for the son of Tseikuru to win or lose in a matter of five months.

Luke said...

ati UHURUTO Presidency is MSILANOITPECXE hio ni bure kabisa

Anonymous said...

Mint Some More Ramoney is still shell shocked and does not know what hit him after he is believed to have spent $650 million of his own hard earned money to get rid of Obama and wiggle himself into the White House.

The unfortune politician seems to have been assured that he was going to win the American presidential election and become the next leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Unfortunately for Mint Ramoney, he may have counted his chicks without taking a closer look at most of the hatcheries in his backyard.

The billionaire who is so used to calling all shots and getting what he wants whenever and however he wants it must be in great pains right now while he still struggles to figure out his next move, eat a humble pumkin pie and how to offer the overdue concession speech to a nation that he had really believed would accept him as the next leader instead of the other the candidate whose father was from some where in Africa.

Well, there will be place to hide nor time waste but he will be forced to show up his face with its usual fake grin
at some stage or another and accept the beating from Obama.

On the hand, my father's former village will not gain a single cent or peny from Obama's re-election, howver, they will rest assured that a day will come when the son of Obama finally decides to visit Kenya while he is still in office now that he does not have to worry being assocaited with Kenya or the African continent.

Kenyans have learned to reconcile themselves with the fact the president can't afford to associate himself too closely with the land of his father's birth.
- Murithi Mutiga

Taabu said...


Your 'broda' has been RE-ELECTED and so EXCEPTIONALISM reborn. Please confirm or deny that you are in a foul mood now that no public holiday has been declared.

Also confirm that your 'broda' knows about Plato or Pythagoras. He should, na wewe?

Anonymous said...


Mitt is estimated to be worth $250 million. How the heck can he have "spent $650 million of his own hard earned money to get rid of Obama and wiggle himself into the White House"?

Anonymous said...

The time is right for a team of respectful elders from Kogelo to procure a three legged stool or rocking chair made from an indigeneous tree, or quava tree branches, cushioned with a goat hide and held in place with all natural materials, then have it sent out through Federal Express or DHL to Clint Eastwood, with a simple message attached to it, saying that, Fellow elder, any mzee who talks to an empty chair or shadow of another person's son or grandson ends up forfeiting his good standing as a patriach, loses all respect from the council of elders and suffers the immediate revocation of his social status within his respective community. These is a special hand crafted chair that will provide much needed rest and comfort now that the American presidential election has been won by an American born citizen. By the way, Kogelo has great locations for movie productions, just incase you would like to direct and produce one more movie entitled 'Out of Kogelo' or 'Son of Kogelo' or 'Dreams of My Father'. You are welcome at any time.

Luke said...


"thanks to the spotlight given by the first election of Obama, the once simple village of Kogelo has changed much in four years.

The main road is now paved and there is electricity and running water in SOME homes." (EMPHASIS MINE)

Anonymous said...

The under stated is in no way a callous attempt to hijack, sideline or even ice the glaring huge elephant - The Hague Referendum - in our midst, let alone disregard the hardworking Cherangani legislator who happens to be one of the leading champions of 'Uhuruto Cause'.

A man who is gifted with gliding lips that minces no words whenever he says-it-as-it-is in a Kuttuny sort of double barrel fashion while shooting from both of his hips.

Excuse the reversion to the village of Kogelo and Obama's outright victory against his maternal cousins, uncles, aunties, grandparents and people - of a certain political party - who were really bent on kicking him out of George Washington's former official residence as well as from the capital city of their great nation.

By all accounts, Obama, the man, owes it to the people of Kogelo, his father's family and relatives that have been singing his praises since the mid 1980s when he first retraced his paternal roots and set foot in the remote village of Kogelo located in the hinterlands of Nyanza, the birth place (source) of one of the world's greatest rivers, the mighty Nile.

The Epiphany at Kogelo reawakened something that was missing in the life of young Obama, and without which he would never have had the radical insight of who he was and what he was capable of becoming two decades later.

Cultural authorities, family pyschologists and political pundits, et al, have debated a lot about the ethos of Obama and his resurgence after the now famous pilgrimage to the village of Kogelo in order to commune with whatever was left of his father's influencial spirit and notable ancestry.

It will always remain open for debate, however, the fact remains that there would never have been Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America, without Obama's maidan trip to Kogelo at a time when his life was at a major crossroads.

So, Montecello in Charlottesville, Virginia, (USA) is to Thomas Jefferson what Kogelo in Nyanza, (Kenya) should be to Barack Obama five years after he has completed his second term at the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

You can Do It If You Believe You Can.

Last Tuesday's American elections should be a real wake-up-call (WUC) for all Kenyan women politicians as well as potential young women candidates who are planning on running in the senatorial, gubernatorial and parliamentary races in the next two general elections.

As we all know, Kenya is not the United States of America or in some western European nations where the political culture is more mature, advanced and electoral races are conducted in a transparent manner unlike in most African, Asian and Middle East countries.

However, women politicians in Kenya should not be deterred but take a good second look at how 162 women candidates ran in the Tueday's American election that ushered in a historic number of 20 women who were elected to the Senate after defeating their counterparts who had the advantage of heavily loaded war chests at their disposal.

Examining the histories of the candidates who got elected to the Senate, how some of the various races were won and why others were lost will go a long way in helping them understand the battles that await them in 2013 and beyond.

While at the same figuring ways in which they can tailor some of the succesful lessons to fit their own unique personal and political situations when and if they decide to run for political office in 2013 and 2018.

Kenya Women Can Do It - in 2013 or 2018 - If They Believe They Can.

Anonymous said...

Luke & Taabu; have you noticed the disinterest of the majority of kk leaders with the obama re-election?
He is american for crying out loud and just like he doesn't give a sh&7 abt us, we dont give a sh%7 about him!

Taabu said...


You have not answered my question and you can see this post is missing SOMETHING: do you think Obama knows Plato or Pythagoras?

Satellite Don said...

Congratulations to BHOPOTUS

HISTORY (& other related ACADEMIC DISCIPLINES such as ECONOMICS,MATHEMATICS etc. from ANCIENT GREECE, AFRICA, SAMARIA)repeats itself. Therefore let those who can TEACH those who CAN'T and those who can LEARN should be willing STUDENTS of HISTORY, ECONOMICS, MATHEMATICS etc.

Anonymous said...

The world would never have heard the last of it had the son of Obama been kicked out of office as was the case with the French connection.

Oooooh yeeeees! The ill-wishers based in East Africa did pay a lot of attention to Obama's re-election campaign and there were some among them who had already written Obama's political obituary several months leading to the first presidential debate that seemed to confirm their highly anticipated outcome and fervant political prayers.

But as fate would have it, Obama's political opponents with their well oiled financial juggernaut that had been operational since 2008, and including several foreign grown Obama's 'ill-wishers' ("OHs" - Obama-Haters) based in places like Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East, Europe, North America, etc ...

Obama, a name that will from now on mean the quiet storm that sneaks up on its wealthy and angry political opponents and ravages them when they least expect it, rose to the occassion when it counted most for his political party and went on to prove to the majority of media houses, political research institutes and foundations, as well as the so-called seasoned political pundits that they had overly underestimated him and countless legions of his ardent grassroots political supporters from all walks of life.

And when the overcast dust of the presidential election had settled, it ws Obama's political opponents and sworn enemies who were found to be so shell-shocked to the point where they still can not figure out how they were hit so hard to the extent where 306 electoral .... were taken away from them in spite of the several hundred million dollars from Super PACs and other sources that had been heavily invested in the restoration of their 'Old World Order' and traditional survival political games.

When all has been said and done, Obama's ill-wishers especially those based in East Africa, will have to bury, burn, discard or eat all of the post-election glorifications and edifications that had been written in advance in favour of Obama's vanquished political opponent.

An individual who has never given a ... about the African continent, its people and their future, nor is he going to donate a single dime from his billions of dollars to the ill-wishers based in Kenya any time soon nor in the next two decades.

Anonymous said...


Pardon the interruption, because the jest and ironic twist to the question as presented may have been missed in the process of trying to answer it in a rush as stated below.

Well, this is an attempt to provide a general answer to the question 'Do you think Obama knows Plato or Pythagoras?' that was strictly directed at Luka.

While you are still waiting for any type of response from Luka as indicated @4:53 AM, the answer to the question is yes.

And here is why, Obama knows about the two ancient Greek philosophers, given the fact that the high school curriculum in his former home state still covers the material in detail in the same way it was done during the time of Obama and his peers.

High school students in his part of the world are introduced to The Illiad, The Odyssey, Trojan War, The Republic, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and other classical works of ancient great Greek minds, call them philisophers if you will before heading on to college.

Unlike few of their counterparts in other parts of the world, who only end up being exposed to the classical Greek world if they are lucky enough to attend college.

Least we forget, there are many students who only end up encountering great ancient works besides those of the Greeks such as other great Mesopotamian works like the famous epic poem known as the 'Epic of Gilgamesh', during their college years instead of high school.

Not that its important, but young minds need to be well nurtured before being released into the ever expanding relm of scientific endeavors and self-desicovery, if they so desire to do so later on in their academic pursuits.

Anonymous said...

Are some of us really questioning as to whether the works of dead Greeks philosopers like Plato and Pythagoras were ever known by Obama, the young student, who is reported to have delivered his first fiery public speech at an anti-apartheid rally held at Corns Hall, in February 18, 1981?

At a time when many of his African counterparts were getting free college education, meals, accommodation and undisclosed amounts of stipends (spending - drinking - money) from their allegedly tyrannical governments and overbearing vice chancellors?

The was during the Cold War era when most of the world nations were prostesting the deplorable political, economic and social condtions in South Africa, with the calculated exception of certain powerful nations under the leadership of two former heads of states whose governments - have been inheritated by David Cameron and Barack Obama - continued to offer carte blanche protection status and military aid to the apatheid regime.

Anyway, now that the world has been brought some where near to (y)our finger tips, do not hesitate to seek out a photograph taken of young Barack Obama in the company of a famous exiled South African leader who had joined the students at Occidental College during their anti-apatheid rally at Corns Hall, on February 18, 1981.

Where were some of us on February 18, 1981? Mmmmmmmmmh! Remember several common excuses that are usually given, ... not yet born. ... was too young to remember. ... still in primary or secondary school. ... oh yes, we were also in college demonstrating as well. ... does it really matter now that the apatheid regime is no longer alive in South Africa? .. who really cares after all?

Well, will it still matter to future generations by the time they reminded of South African Struggle for Independence, or about young leaders like Barack Obama in 2032 or 2052?

Anonymous said...

Is Mint Ramoney worth $250 million by all accounts?

And how much more was he willing to part with in order to become the next occupant of the Oval Office?

In the meantime, it is very hard for people on the otherside of the fence to fake feelings about the current pain being experienced by all combined loyal troops of Mint Ramoney, although the source of their deep seated anger, frustrations, or dismay is very much understandable.

FYU, there are three or five members of the wealthiest club of megadonors in the United States of America who poured more $300 million in support of Mint Ramoney's dash to the White House.

While there are 100 others who did gamble a minimum of $2 million dollars in the hopes that Mint Ramoney was going to be the next president of the United States of America, and worthy investment for their future returns.

Then there are other megadonors, people, who can afford to buy any third world government or country whenever they so wish, but failed to do the same in their own country where the majority of American citizens stood up against them and won the election battle and patriotic fight against mega-donors.

So, where did all the millions and millions of dollars go to? whose accounts remain saturated with the windfall?

Anonymous said...

The message should continue to be reiterated in a more louder and clearer manner os that the likes of Uhuru, Ruto, Odinga, Musyoka, Mudavadi, Ngilu, Balala, and other contenders and pretenders out there can get it in the remaining months leading to March 4, 2013.

We should not expect good leadership from those who have compromised their integrity. - Yohana Kadinali Njue (John Cardinal Njue).

Anonymous said...


Before I dare refrain ('resign') from posting half-baked comments on Kumekucha due to my usual extreme poor judgement, lack of substance, horrendous grammer - thanks to my Ngereza teachers in primary school - and nausiting content,

I would like to know why our Afrikani big men, politicians, executives, senior military leaders, including the very well respected religious leaders - beloved bishops, imams priests, sheikhs, and other clergy - never resign whenever they have been caught in a pickle of some kind, or between a hard and a hard place?

On the one hand, do powerful men like Jemedari Daudi Petraeus really need to be constantly reminded of the fact that kikulacho ki nguoni mwako?

Or should they always be given a break and forgiven because kisokula mlimwengu, sera nale?

On the other hand, will there come a time when our Afrikani jemedari and luteni jenerali learn to follow follow Daudi Petraeus' example by resigning whenever they have stumbled on beauty stones, or shared an apple with the seemingly harmless Bathsheba and Paula Broadwell of our present day world?

Anonymous said...

Men like Petraeus, Strauss-Kahn, et al, have no one in the world to blame but themselves for their own undoing, consequent destruction of their careers, marriages, personal lives, and public persona, all done in a quick roll of the dice on a table, in their own bedrooms, hotels, or in other convenient locations of their choice. Paula Broadwell could have become a real 'Trojan Horse' had the F.B.I. failed to figure and sniff her out during her earlier and later attempts of trying to pester a more formidable 'third party'.

Anonymous said...

Chris, what happened to the weekend sepcial?

Anonymous said...

yea the weekend special

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