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Monday, October 15, 2012

Political Transfer Window Open, Cold Fireworks

Less than five months to go and the open political window is destined to see more intense activity like never before.

You will here and witness numerous alliances that break even before the handshake is over. Welcome to Kenya's well-known ritual of political prostitution and laundering.

Already we are witness to a flurry of activities seeing engagement of foreign consultants engaged to spin facts. Who said foreigners should leave Kenyans alone?

You won't believe the faces on camera exposing their post molars in delight of forming alliances. Hitherto sworn enemies (sorry opponent is so soft in Kenyan politics) will be trooping to one side singing from both layers of their lips.

The adage no permanent friends nor enemies just permanent interests has never been more apt. Enjoy the show while it lasts.


Mwarang'ethe said...

It must be so because, the road to OPIUM SESSIONS is paved with marbles of DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS & CHILDISH FANTASIES.

Oh, wait! Didn't we get a new Constitution for a New Kenya?

Meanwhile, as Kenyans match in their GREAT MARCH OF FOLLY to the great OPIUM SESSION, the price of energy, just went up:

"Petrol and kerosene prices up by Sh6."

"Kerosene, which is used by most people in rural areas and low-class urban dwellers [THE POOR] for lighting and cooking, has gone up by Sh6.36 in Nairobi.

This marks the highest change in the sale of the oil products yet. It will now be sold at Sh86.01 from Sh79.65 a litre."

In other words, the poorest of the poor, will sink into deeper poverty because, they have to spend more of their earnings on energy.

Without saying much, all to fund our expanded government which is WAGING WAR ON POVERTY as guided by the IMF.

Even better, the poor will continue to switch to CHARCOAL. This, will accelerate the DEFORESTATION even as Raila and other GREEN MEN/WOMEN continue with their IDIOTIC campaigns to save forests.

Is not wonderful to be alive in the age of GREAT FOOLISHNESS?


With that, we leave to enjoy:

Each and everyday time is getting harder:

Working man want this, working man want that,

Lazy man want just the same
We got to make effort, to get what necessities, Lord!

You forward to the market to make a small purchase every item rise sky high,

The longer you live the more you got to pay

Anonymous said...

Tribal political misfits will never amount to any political prominence in their own tribal backyards, regions and in the rest of the country.

Who are the four characters from the western rgion of the country?

Who and what do they really represent?

What is their known sub-tribal, tribal, regional and national development track record?

What is the degree, if any, of their national appeal in terms of politics, economics and social matrix?

Why should any other Kenyan who is not a member of their sub-tribes or collective tribe consider voting for either one of them in the coming presidential election?

Jiringo, Atwoli, Mudavadi and Wetangula are representative of the worst type of political culture that has become so persive in Kenya over the last fourty-five years.

They are not the exeption because their tribal counterparts exist in Luo-Nyanza, Kisii-Nyanza, Rift Valley, Central, Eastern, Coast and North-Eastern.

Without leaving out Nairobi where a groups of ethnic-cum-political chauvinists still hold onto the claims that the whole metropolitan area belongs to them and them alone by virture of its geographic vicinity.

So, the real question every Kenyan citizen should be asking themselves as the country draws closer and closer to the Arpil 14th, 2013 general election is:

Which tribal poltical candidate will I be voting for as president in the coming general election?

After all, how many times have the majority of us, Kenyans, the so-called electorate, ever voted for a member of parliamentpr, let alone a pesidential candidate who does not belong to our respective tribal background?

As for those among us who are quick to counter with the usual claims that they have voted before, or have always voted for a candidate from an ethnic background that is different from their own, the follwoing question still begs for an anwser:

How many of us, the elctorate, have voted - or will vote - for a presidential candidate just because he or she belongs to the known tribal enemy of our tribal enemy?

Hence, a more preferable presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial and parliamentary choice of a candidate (or line of candidates) in April 14th, 2013.

Ther is one well calculated tribal political solgan that continues to make its rounds among some major particular ethnic circles and enclaves, alluding to the fact that: I still don't know the presidential candidate (character) that I am going to vote for, but I am definetly sure of the person who will not be getting my vote in April of 2013.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to all the residents based in the Western region - as in counties of Luhyaland - of the country, what has a very questionable character like Cyrus Jirongo done for his own people and region since the days he heavily benefited from a political windfall during the early 1980s?

Then take away the COTU shelter - misundersttod platform - or bandwagon that characters like Francis Atwoli have come to believe is their brainchild and fiefdom, and what does a loud mouths like Francis Atwoli, et al remain to bargain with in their quest for political seats in their own home regions, let us not even bother with regional hubs like Nairobi, Mombasa or Nakuru?

By the way, who is Musalia Mudavadi, besides him being a deadwood career politician who is believed to have been involved in various financial and land scnadals?

And the son who was single handly selected a former president to inherit the political seat that had fallen vacant after having belonged to his father, the late Moses Mudamba Mudavadi, a very close aid, trusted confidant and henchman of the former president from a distant dark past?

What about Moses Wetangula of all people? Who would he be in politics once the Bukusu equation or political rug has been pulled from under his feet?

Would a political character like him be the type of individual to be really trusted with matters of national leadership given all the huge scandals that he has been associated with in the past, regardless of whether he was awarded clearance on silver plater by the current manupulative judiciary system that has yet to be cleansed its dark shadows?

Is that all the best of candidates of political characters that the counties of western Kenya can offer to the rest of the country?

Is that all there is, the creme de la creme that is being fronted for April 14th, 2013?

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