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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If Elections Were Held Today Many Would NOT Like The Winner

Readers email question to Kumekucha - I am one of those Kenyans utterly convinced that Kenyan voters cannot/will not legitimately elect Uhuru immediately after a ten-year Kikuyu presidency. The presidency in Kenya firmly remains a tribal affair in the eyes of the majority and nothing much has changed regarding that perception over the last decade.

A- I hear what you are saying. It is what I hear from a lot of well educated elitist Kenyans and it makes plenty of sense. I think the problem is that my analysis on kumekucha is based on the facts on the ground and what the vast majority of voters are saying.

Personally I would hate to see another Kikuyu president because it is NOT good for the country for obvious reasons. However the reason why Kumekucha has such an amazing record for predicting political outcomes many months in advance is because I try as much as possible to keep my elitist views and opinions out of what I write.

Let me clarify the facts about Uhuru;

(i) The Kikuyu vote by itself (sheer numbers) is enough to get Uhuru to the run off, more  so because of the crowded field running for the presidency. But my facts on the ground indicate that candidate Uhuru has more support than just the Kikuyu vote. For instance he has solid backing from the extended GEMA bloc.

ii) Raila Odinga's popularity is a mirage that will melt before the eyes of Kenyans. Raila won the 2007 elections by a landslide (according to the figures I got of the real election results). However the votes he got were protest votes against Kibaki and Kikuyu dominance. This time round there will be no protest vote against the Kikuyu and even if there is it will not necessarily go to Raila Odinga.

iii) My facts and figures on the ground agree with what a vast majority of pollsters are saying. That if elections were held today the run off would end up being between Raila and Uhuru. Now when you have a choice of two candidates everything changes. Tribalism is watered down because the electorate have a choice of only 2 candidates. Namely Uhuru and Raila. GEMA are with Uhuru. The Kamba will never vote Raila. Coast province are very pissed off with Raila just now for many reasons. Western Kenya are mostly anti-Raila these days. Let me just stop there because I am sure you get my drift by now.


Anonymous said...

Upuzi mtupu!! Were you facing Mt. Kenya when you wrote this?

Taabu said...


Can you please confirm or deny that you head PR at UK Centre.

You are right Kenya's forth president will be inaugurated abroad. We better start learning to accept and live with that.MTA DO?

Luke said...

which TRIBE do ELECTION WINNERS come from? just curious

how do you FREEZE when an MP is TALKING? just curious

Saved by Grace said...

Why can't you just ask Raila to retire gracefully with Mr Kibaki. What is he going to achieve which he has not for all those years in politics?
And of tribes, can we say all Kikuyus benefitted from Kikuyu presidency, or are all Kalenjins super rich from Moi's 24 years rule?

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn" Alvin Toffler.

Mwarang'ethe said...

You are right Kenya's forth president will be inaugurated abroad. We better start learning to accept and live with that.MTA DO?

10/15/12 2:24 AM


Uhuru aende abroad kufanya nini?

If the DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT[read: ARMED BANDITS, PIRATES & TERRORISTS] in LIBYA "can REFUSE" to take that son of Gadafi to the KANGAROO COURT in the Hague, which indicted him, why can't Kenyans and Uhuru in particular utilize such a good "precedent" from the same KANGAROO COURT?


On a more interesting note:

Some "ages" ago, the African Teacher warned that, the new political dispensation was an OLIGARCHIC COUP like that of Venice.

As usual, most never got it!

Now, this is what we meant:

"TNA [Read: UHURU] to spend Sh1 billion on party nominations."

"The National Alliance (TNA) estimates to use Sh1 billion during its primaries."

The questions are:

(a) so, if the primary nominations will require KES 1billion, what will be the entire cost up to the OPIUM SESSION day?

(b) how many Kenyans can afford a million, let alone a billion so as to enter into the OPIUM SESSIONS?

(c) doesn't this whole arrangement amount to an OLIGARCHIC COUP whereby, the RICH (ATHAMAKI) will rule DEMOCRATICALLY the SHEEPLE?


Anyway, since what the African Teachers say is never taken seriously/understood until it is too late, we leave to enjoy:

See them fighting for power,

But they know not the hour,

So they bribing with their GUNS, spare-parts and MONEY

They keep us hungry,

And when you gonna get some food

Your brother got to be your enemy

Anonymous said...

Only at KK do we have one and only African (read tribal/racist) teacher whose exclusive source of info is NMG/Std/BBC/CNN etc.

Very authentic self glorifcation: I-TOLD-U-SO (as I said before)

Anonymous said...

kumekuchians! The nobel prize for economics has been awarded na mwara', jina lako halikutajwa, what a travesty! They gave it to a couple of ivy league candidated! What say you, mwara?

Anonymous said...

Pardon the interruption, while an answer or reaction is awaited at a later time.

If a runoff election was to be held in a matter of days, which front running mule among the two favourites would win the tight uphill race that is bound to flow in deep sweeping ethnic meanders?

It goes without reiterating, that there are those of us, call us certain traditional pockets of the population who are already craving to run Chris of Kumekucha out of town and lynch him on any nearest baobab, mugumo (mukumu, mukhumu,), mringaringa, eucalyptus, or mukumari tree situated on the outskirts of town.

Kumekucha's only crime? Daring to utter the unsavoury to the intolerant masses and especially to the illiberal ethnic elites who have always had ears and eyes cleaned, but never bothered to put them to better use in the last several decades at their own peril.

Sadly, there are some among us who strongly believe that the presidential election is already a done deal given the ICC equation, or rather what has come to be known as the optional blessing in disguise.

On the contrary, it is not a done deal as wished for by some in our midst, because if there is anything that could be more unpredictable, then the final outcome of April 14th, 2013 presidential contest is one.

And a candidate who is neither half-donkey nor half-horse may end up being the single winner without the unnecessary tribal baggage brought in from the hinterlands of central, Nyanza, western, Rift Valley, and Eastern.

Does the name Petrology ring a bell?

Anonymous said...


On sensitivity and selectivity of the next tribal president rather than national president.

Which tribal president are members of the larger tribes going to vote for this time around?

And where will the ugly and discriminative traditional trend of tribal based presidential elections leave those of us who are not culturally and linguistically related to anyone of the larger tribes like the Agikuyu, Luo, Akamba, Abaluhya, Kalenjin, without forgetting the the Meru, Embu, Kisii, et cetera?

Will there ever come an opportune time in our nation's history when the other thirty (30) tribes decide to unite, turn tables and influence national politics for the better, as in favour of real democratic politics as opposed to tribal politics where the larger tribes have dominated the political scene as well as ruled the roost from the state house?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
kumekuchians! The nobel prize for economics has been awarded na mwara', jina lako halikutajwa, what a travesty! They gave it to a couple of ivy league candidated! What say you, mwara?

10/15/12 8:13 AM


Ati allocation of resources in a complex market? Which complex market?

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha hu hu hu.

You mean allocation QUANTITATIVE EASING style and BAILOUT style?

Or, you mean like this ALLOCATION in the COMPLEX OIL market?

"Petrol price driven up by suspect deal."

"A flawed tendering process [RESOURCE ALLOCATION] which led to overpricing of freight charges could have led to Kenyans paying a higher price for their petrol. [ALLOCATION of resources from Kenyans to the OLIGARCHY]

While the industry average for importation of crude oil has been $0.90 per barrel, the winners [ALLOCATION MEN] of the September tender charged $3.126 and $2.83 per barrel."


On a more serious note, is Economics a science like physics or chemistry? If no, then, LOGICALLY, the rest that follows must be FRAUD and BULLSHIT.

NB: Jevons, you must be smiling in your grave to see the SHEEPLE dancing to your ECONOMIC FANTASIES over 100 years later!

Then, you must ask yourself, why perpetuate such a GIGANTIC FRAUD on humanity?

If you want to have a clue, STUDY the ancient TEMPLES for they also, allocated resources!

Hiyo tuu!

Anyway, since we have LITERATE ILLITERATE with PhD's, we leave to enjoy:

They use FRAUD and BULLSHIT so as to FOOL their SHEEPLE as they feed their OVER FED children while STARVING the SHEEPLE'S CHILDREN:

Anonymous said...


Using the very terms coined by ILF:


Give us your words and stop puking on other people's intellectual property.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
kumekuchians! The nobel prize for economics has been awarded na mwara', jina lako halikutajwa, what a travesty! They gave it to a couple of ivy league candidated! What say you, mwara?

10/15/12 8:13 AM


Something else only the African Teachers will TEACH you for FREE. In other words, Africans Teacher do not CHARGE heave and earth to FOOL you.

There is nothing like Nobel Economics Prize!

This is how the DECEPTION and FRAUD was meticulously organized.

Sometimes back, the Central Bank of Sweden (TYRANTS of Sweden) decided to mark some of its age by creating an award for economics.

Obviously, one would have expected, such an award to be named after Adam Smith, Ricardo, etc.

Or better, why not some of the greatest Swedish economists like Heckscher?

Or, why not Karl Marx?

No, no, no, that would not do. So as to further this CRUEL SATANIC DECEPTION, LIES and BULLSHIT, they called it:

The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economics Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

They knew that, the IDIOTIC and GULLIBLE journalists would shorten the same to: Nobel Price in Economics.

So, there is nothing like Nobel Economics Prize. It is Bank of Sweden Prize.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he he he hu we we we we wa wa w ra ra ra ra ra ta ta ta

Foolish man, what can't you believe?

Anyway, it is time to enjoy some music:

Truth Must be Revealed ONE DAY to those who SEEK the KINGDOM of TRUTH:

Anonymous said...

If the presidential election was held today or even let us say last weekend, there are many of us would not like the last candidate left standing as the winner and next president of the republic.

Why? The winner will not be one of own, nor would he or she emerge from what is at times condidered to be the "friendly tribe" as in the the political equation where an enemy of an enemy is a friend as long as the enemy tribe is kept out of the corridors of influence and the self-serving needs of the third party are met accordingly.

Unfortunately, when most political histories are reviewed, it is always the third parties that are found to have ending up as collateral damage.

SAdly, the majority of us have always failed to figure out sooner or later why one of us or the myopic assertion of one of our own has never ever had our regional as well as national best interests at heart.

In the end, tribal political leaders or so-called tribal elected presidents are nothing more than part of the political evil in our midst, detrimental to any type of political, economic social progress, and a real impendiment to the maturation of democracy in the country.

Unfortunately, there are those of us who always view, judge and elect a presidential candidate as well as members of parliament solely based on their ethnicity rather than what they stand for or stand against.

In the meantime the death of democracy continues to march on, while the common good eroded.

Woe unto the next generation of Kenyans. Will presidential election in 2032 or 2043 be any different from the 2013 presidential election?

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