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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Midiwo's Dishonest Suggestion on More/Less MPs

By KK Blogger

Co-Government chief whip Jakoyo Midiwo is one politician known for his loose talk and character worshipping. But his suggestion against many MPs over the weekend made very interesting argument.

Midiwo knows the next generation of MPs will not be as powerful as the present one give the presence of senators and governors. But only politically selected few can fill these grand posts.

So was Midiwo simply being nostalgic about the impendining loss of political power or he was genuinely engaging in substantive national debate?

Well, there is no price for guessing. Politicians the world over are the most selfish species among us. Midiwo may be right to compare number of representatives in US and the population with ours but he connivently avoided comparing the pay. And there in lies the nauseating dishonesty in his suggestion.

Some would readily say because we are who we are and we have always remained who we were, without any intention of ever changing ourselves, communities and a once beautiful country - Kenya, I suppose - for the better or for the next seven generations.

Think about it for a second; 435 representatives and 100 senators serving (as opposed to being served, honoured, and worshipped by) 311 million people in country - United States of America - with a land mass of 3,718,710 square miles.

Versus the usual revenue guzzling payload of 349 MPigs (potential lords of impunity) and 67 senators [whose only mandate is to demand honour, adoration and daily worship at public rallies], for a population of very unfortunate 38 million impoverished Kenya confined on a land mass of 30.2 million km2 (11.7 million square miles).

And for what? Why the wastage as usual? So that the political elite may continue to eat together for another five to ten years in the ever willing company of political-cum-tribal lords, double-faced aid agencies, and cold hearted foreign economic hitmen and women?


Anonymous said...


If he was genuinely engaging in substantive national debate, then it means the new constitution we happily voted for (or were told to vote for) is not the stuff dreams are made from....unless one is talking of nightmares.

Our resident Phd. who hates the ILF's is gonna have fun with this :)

Fire away, Mwarang'ethe.

Anonymous said...

Wapi oasis of all knowledge to populate this post with 'I TOLD U SO' rants.

The one and only racist African teacher must be sleeping on the job.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Our resident Phd. who hates the ILF's is gonna have fun with this :)


Bwa wa wa wa wa ha ha ha he hi hi ra ra ra ta ta ta ta ga ga ga gu gu gu ju ju ju qe qe qe....

African Teacher having SADISTIC FUN? NEVER!

Racist? NEVER!

The African Teacher is very busy learning HOW TO CONSERVE ENERGY, because, having failed to INCREASE the VAT ROBBERY, the DOGS IN THE MANGER have INVENTED and PATENTED the new METHOD of ROBBERY (AS EXPECTED) so as to pay for the:

- increased Permanent Secretaries' ALLOWANCES,

- the increased salaries and allowances of the NEW HIRED JUDGES/PRIESTS led by the CHIEF INJUSTICE,

- the HIGH PENSION award of SMILING WAKO, and the salaries of the NON SMILING WAKO, among other such LUCRATIVE NEW JOBS we have CREATED in since 2010.

We know this because:

"A gazette notice No. 12856, dated September 14, 2012 states that all prices for electrical energy will be liable to:

- a foreign exchange fluctuation adjustment of plus 144 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for all meter readings taken in September, 2012.

This is in ADDITION to a fuel cost charge of plus 599 cents per kWh for all meter readings taken during this month.

What this means is that at the end of this month, DOMESTIC (DARKNESS IN THE HOUSE) and industrial consumers (LOSS OF JOBS IN OUR MARCH TO 2090 VISION!) of electricity will be slapped with a fat bill, loaded with increased fuel cost and foreign exchange adjustment."

As we learn the new art of ENERGY CONSERVATION, (HOW DOES ONE CONSERVE WHICH HE DOES NOT HAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE?) so as to pay for the REFORMS introduced and LED by :

- PROFESSORS of LAW such Ghai,

- Ph.D's in Law such the CHIEF INJUSTICE,

- QC's and PROMINENT LAWYERS, we continue enjoying:



Time Is Getting Harder:

Anonymous said...

We have seen the ranting lot before. They populated the civil society with lofty ideas until they joined the eating chiefs in government.

Don't take any rants at face value. Those deriding ILF graduates are simply envious:

1) they never qualified to join

2) they use and enjoy inventions from the same ILF graduates

3) ranting is never scholarly. Humanities is the curse of scientific innovation.

You never discover iphone/pad using Sumarian folklore. Bring it on loud-mouthed AIRHEAD.

Saved by Grace said...


I would like to wish you and Kumekucha readers a Very Happy New Year! Today is Rosh Hashanah or Jewish New Year.
Why is this important/or got to do with you?

If you are a believer in Jesus, then you should know He is coming back soon. It is celebrated by Christians around the world to remind them the return of our Lord and Saviour.

To mark the day, we blow trumpets, we also feast by dipping apples into honey. Apples represent fruitfulness and honey the sweetness/goodness of the coming year.

This coming year you are going to elect new goverment and how much you need God's guidance in this!

Anonymous said...

they never 'qualified' to join ... and they use and enjoy inventions from the same ILF graduates.

On a serious note, could you please care to remind some of us, the less educated people, who are always perceived as an envious lot who never qualified for a prestigious berth or had the brightest minds to earn a sacred desk at one of those so-called ivy league schools in Europe and North America, as to whether Bill Gates (drop-out), Steve Jobs (drop-out), Richard Branson (mkia of his class), Mukesh Ambani (drop-out), Oprah Winfrey (product of state university), and others were among the brightest minds in some of the world most renown ivy league schools known to humanity.

...Humanties is the curse of scientific innovation.

Humanities as a discipline or humanities as the quality of being human in plural form?

Any by the way, what became of those with the brightest minds in our midst who passed the farmously selective entrance exam with broad scientific education that opened the way for many of them to careers and positions of influence in the diaspora (since the early-mid 1960s - 2012), and government, industry, finance, research, et cetera in Kenya?

Where are they now as in 2012, and how many of them have had any impact on the country (Kenya), their respective counties, communities, clans, villages and immediate families?

Woe is us when an educated Kenyan mind cannot afford or fails to develop workable solutions or creat new methods, ideas, products, technological innovations to help alleviate the suffering of million of lives of residents imprisoned in the slums of Kibera, Mathare, Bondeni, Majengo, Mukuru (Reuben, Njenga, Karibe, Kimakia), Komorock, Kayole, etc, as well as advance the minimum standard of living for 75% of a nation's adult population.

Woe unto the brightest minds of the republic of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

The fact Rosemary Rumo of TNA party got 216 in Nyanza shows Jaluos are eventually becoming democratic. A reason to celebrate.

Taabu said...

Why celebrate a Jewish holiday? There is nothing African about Christianity and if the Western god is all you need for salvation then the very god created our ancestors to destroy them because they never knew him.

There is only one religion - JUST DO GOOD. All else is idolatry. Why speak of apples that are alien to many localities?

Misplaced symbolism is when you speak of drinking humna blood and eating his flesh without realizing that it amounts to gruesome cannibalism.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Saved by Grace said...

I would like to wish you and Kumekucha readers a Very Happy New Year! Today is Rosh Hashanah or Jewish New Year.
Why is this important/or got to do with you?


Victims of the ILF education!

Here is where you should start:

The Jews/Hebrews so called, settled in Palestine around 12 Century B.C.

Find out more about the history of that place BEFORE this CONQUEST and you shall know better.

Just a HINT:

When the AFRICANS came to plead against the JEWS before Alexander of Macedon, they said:

- Canaan belongs to us, ... The land of Canaan with the coasts thereof.. and Canaan was the ancestor of these people [i.e., ourselves].

Do you get it? Do you know this history? Does your priest know this history?

Some ages ago, a guy called Origen observed that:

- 'the PRIESTS have a SECRET PHILOSOPHY concerning THEIR RELIGION contained in their national scriptures, while the COMMON PEOPLE only HEAR FABLES which they do not understand.

If these FABLES were heard from a private man, without the gloss of the priest, or the interpretation of the secret doctrine, they would appear exceedingly absurd.”

You want to test the above?

Let us go to RECENT DEBATE among PHILOSOPHERS (one a PRIEST) at Oxford:

"Rowan Williams and Richard Dawkins in Oxford argument."

Two grey-haired wise men were going to face each other in mental strife. Would it be like one of those wizard stand-offs in the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

Well, not quite.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, was going head to head in a public debate with the leading secularist Richard Dawkins."

The MAIN issue is this:

If the theory of evolution was correct, then did that mean that humanity had a non-human ancestor? MOST LIKELY , SUGGESTED the archbishop.

Then what was the point of the book of GENESIS, Prof Dawkins wanted to know.

Hear the PRIEST now when in the PHILOSOPHICAL WORLD:

"These WERE NOT LITERAL NARRATIVES, but stories with deeper truths about the nature of humanity and the creator, the archbishop countered."

And, what does he say in the Church when addressing the SHEEPLE?

He talks about Adam and Eve as if it is the literal truth!


Anyway, we can say more but, some knowledge would create some very difficult MENTAL ADJUSTMENTS to BILLIONS of people because, LIES are their FOUNDATIONS.

So, we leave to enjoy:

I & 1 are the ROOTS, OTHERS are BRANCHES,

and BLOOD is thicker than water:

Saved by Grace said...

Hey, I just wished people happy New year and now I am been lectured about religion?

FYI, there is nothing you can write or say that will deter this Saved by Grace. I wish you can understand what it is to be saved by grace and not by religion.
I wouldn't care or give a toast whether Jesus was white, black, red, blue, yellow or whatever. The fact is He saved me and through Him I have eternal life and the life I have now is by faith in Him. I couldn't ask for more or less.

I am blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved by the creator of universe.
What more can u ask?

Anonymous said...

As stated and rightly so, Midiwo may have been nostalgic about the impending loss of political power that has been bequeathed to MPigs and cabinet ministers since time memorial (c.1963).

And yes, he was also have been genuinely engaging in substantive national debate that many of us would rather not want to hear or deal with at a time when we are so deeply engrossed in the coming general elections and overly capitivated by the so-called charisma of our over recycled political candidates of choice, as if the current crop of presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial and parliamentary aspirants were worth the valuable electoral votes that will be wasted as usual by 2013.

The majority of us have blatantly refused to get engaged in similar substantive national issues simply because we have already been brainwashed into believing that the unnecessary creation or excessive duplication of political constituencies along ethnic demarcations, will become a the elusive panacea so many of us having been searching for since the advent of the 90s multi-party dysfunctional system in Kenya.

Further, there are those among us who have a very hard time taking people of Midiwo's calibre seriously, for they would rather shoot the messenger given his track record rather than take the time to weigh the pro et contra of the message that is being conveyed at any given time for our own best interests in both the short-term as well the long term.

And lest we forget that the Midiwo's timely message is a real rude wake-up call - as it were - for the next seven generations of Kenyans and it needs to be re-evaluted by those who have Kenya's best interests at heart, unlike those who are preparing for the second session of eating together with their masks on for another five to ten years.

The question remains, where will the money or rather yearly funding for the newly minted constituencies come from?

Will it be from high interest foreign loans or foreign aid packages with so many deadly strings attached to them - from Europe, North America and now China - that always end up mortgaging the soul of the nation and impoverishing its people for decades to come?

Let some of us or worse, all of us continue to make fun of Midiwo's utterance at our own peril, for time will eventually prove him right in many ways than most of us may have thought so.

Anonymous said...

People like Midiwo, hate them or like them, are known to make wild and at times crazy remarks on various political and social issues of the day.

However, they are never given credit for making subtle remarks that are real food for thought, particularly in a country where large segments of the population have refused to face the harsh realities of life.

And instead elected - by our usual traditional modi operandi - to remain unprepared when it comes to dealing with dire political, economic, and ethnic consequences as well as related complications that always ensue every five years or so.

Does Kenya, given its GDP, really require an over bloated parliament loaded with certified underperforming MPigs, coupled with newly created slots for a very unnecessary political breed of representatives?

Where are the funds going to come from? Poll tax or the unaccounted for yearly taxes?

Anonymous said...

Do we really need a bloated parliament overly loaded with MPigs who only come to eat together at the expense of their constituents and rest of the country?

And do we really need the so-called token ... representatives that are not legally or politically found in all of Europe?

A group of wannabe political elite that do not have a place even in the land (USA) of unwavering democracy, constitutional rights, human rights, and what have you for human beings that are considered equal?

What is really going on behind the scenes in Kenya since promulagtion of the new Constitution?

And what group of people are being fooled by the other group of those who only gather in the name of parliament in order to eat together what is not rightfully theirs?

Anonymous said...

@S.B. Grace,

Mark your calender so that you do not forget to wish Kumekucha in kind 'A Happy Diwali' on November 13, 2012.

Just in case you have forgotten, Diwali is an Indian festival of lights that is commemorated in the major urban areas of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and largely in South Africa for a period of five days, and it marks the end of the harvest season in the Indian subcontinent.

Kenya has had a large Indian tribe (population) over the last one hundred and fifty years settled along the coastal region, not counting those who came over at a time when the British finally found their way into East Africa.

FYI, the Indian Festival of Lights - Diwali - is more ancient than all the Jewish, Persian, Greek, Roman and Germanic festivals combined.


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