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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Best president for Kenya: This man who will solve ALL our political problems

He has fanatical support in Nyanza and equally enthusiastic support right across several province which in one neat move eliminates tribalism from our presidential elections. Sadly candidate Raibaki does not exist.

Still it is not bad to daydream once in a while and fantasize of what can never happen... Not in Kenya. Or can it?


Anonymous said...

Raila NEVER!!

Mudavadi has more appeal right across!

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...


With all due respect to the best president ever for Kenya [2013-2022], did you see what I am seeing, or is my nebulous vision to blame for having induced me into believing that the best president for Kenya is wearing some piece of fine jewelry on the left lobe of his ear? It is not a big deal after all but I want a confirmation just for the heck of it. By the way, how old will some pockets of the voting population be by 2022, good health willing it?

Anonymous said...

Rai wataraibaki na kuaibika punde tu huyo rais Raibaki atakaposhika usukani hapo Aprili, 2013. Are you really sure that this hybrid of a leader will be an exponent and not a hazardous broker with respect to all of our nation's political difficulties, economic uncertainties, ethnic troubles, and unbridled impunity (Kenya Ltd.), goonism, hooliganism, riots, domestic terrorism, na kadhalika?

Anonymous said...

Muda wa Vadi and Raila are not any different from one another because they were cut from the same cloth of political patrimony, and worst of all, they two aspirants to the throne are fraught with cyclic politics dating back to the 1970s and 80s. Let the majority elect anyone of them at their own peril. I hate to be the first to admit that Kenya's political climate and economic situtaion will be better off if the two vetrans and many others of their kind are quietly eased into political oblivion not later than 2013.

Taabu said...


There you go again provoking EXECUTIVE FOUL MOOD. Mudavadi is the chosen one and 'people' president, leave with it, won't you?

Please spare Kibaki's model face from desecration, will you?

Anonymous said...

Wapanda ovyo hula ovyo - 2013-2023. Shauri yao. The onus is them.

Anonymous said...


It okay to induldge ourselves in reverie so long as we do not take the extra step of collectively sleepwalking our way through out the next ten years under the leadership of our very own anointed political savior of all Kenyans.

Anonymous said...


He'll probably want to have Shebesh and Wambui as his concubines, at our expenses.

No thanks!

Anonymous said...


Mwarang'ethe said...

Since most have retreated to their INFANTILE ILLUSIONS, let the African Teacher continue with his mission.

We start in 1874 near Madagascar.

On this day, Her Majesty's (sometimes the devil/evil does God's work) steamer Vulture, commanded by Cay, (note the name), cruising off Madagascar spotted a dhow standing at the port of Majunga.

A boat was sent to check that dhow with the instructions that, if there were SLAVES, they should call the Vulture.

All was silent until a CRY came from the dhow that: "she's a slaver, Sir!" The Vulture's crew inquired, how many slaves? The answer came, 200 slaves Sir!

The dhow was then pulled a shore. And, the sickening work of transferring the slaves started. Some of them were so weak such that, they had to be carried by the British soldiers.

Hear this now!

Now and then a BABY appeared. In fact, they were SEVEN, and as they were carried away, they opened their eyes with wonderment.

In fact, ONE BABY had been born in the slave ship. Another had lost her mother during the fatal voyage. More so, it was the CHILDREN between 3 - 7 years who had suffered most because, they were unable to scramble for food with the stronger.

Of the hapless cargo, 30 were about to die. 30 others were just skeletons.

Anyway, at last, someone shouted, they are all our Sir! However, commander Cay shouted, better look again. Well, as they did so, in the darkest place, they spotted a POOR OLD WOMAN.

Meanwhile, the ARABS, who were LAZY even to FEED their slaves who were able to walk were searched for ARMS and MONEY.

Even better, this day was God sent because, the ARABS used to MURDER and THROW into the sea every slave on board to escape the British ships.

Why is the African Teacher writing about such old and useless stuff?

Here it is. The REFORMED JUDICIARY, POPULATED by the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS GRADUATES as expected, is at work.

Hear this now!

"10,000 to be evicted from Mazrui land."

"A court has ruled that they must vacate a 9,000-acre parcel of land in Takaungu belonging to the once powerful Mazrui family that ruled Mombasa in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The Mazrui Trust Land has claimed the extensive land parcel on which several villages sit for decades, despite its inhabitation by local landless people and several judges have featured in this case.

According to historical records the Trust has laid claim to this land on the basis of certificate of title No 409 of April 4, 1914 [UNDER OCCUPATION BY FOREIGNERS] when the Mazrui Land Trust Board was registered as proprietors of the land containing 9,100 acres."

If the order is effected, the entire Takaungu village, which historically, was a SLAVE TRADING post run by ARABS during the 15th to the 19th centuries, trading centres, hospitals, schools will be pulled down to pave way for occupation by the Mazrui.

The Mazrui went to court in 1991 [AFTER INDEPENDENCE] when the government declared intention to share out the land to the local landless people after the REPEAL of the Mazrui Land Act in 1989."


Justice Tuiyot’s ruling has political ramifications in the Coast province where the Mazrui clan has exerted influence for almost two centuries with key members of the family holding KEY POSTS in:

(a) politics,

(b)RELIGIOUS circles, and

(c) business.

NB: This enables them to produce and fund DUPES, FANATICS like that Sheikh they killed the other day.

Even better, if you look at the FACES of the MRC, they are all Africans. However, they are just DUPES, FOOLS & FANATICS in the BIGGER GAME.

Anyway, since "discussing" mythical persons is the SOLUTION, we leave to watch this AWFUL DRAMA as we enjoy:

Kirimu kiugi:

Mwarang'ethe said...

"10,000 to be evicted from Mazrui land."


Anonymous said...

So African Teachers only know and teach HISTORY? Where are the cutting edge scientific lessons? And please don't call humanities social sciences.

When is your next African invention to save the black race. No rants please.

Anonymous said...

What took so long? Why has it taken fourty years for a teacher of African history and wisdom to find or discover that there was family by the name as Mazrui, including their ownership of over 9,000 acres of family land? Will the African teacher ever learn to be original for change and stop the habitual tendency of regurgitating lessons, sound bites and news headlines from local news papers? Does the teacher of African history and wisdom know real difference between the descendants of the Omans and Mazrui? Who constitutes the 10,000 families that will soon be evicted if the Mazrui get hold of their 19th century family plantation in Takaungu? To say the least, the teacher of African history and wisdom never ceases to amaze. ~ Mwavita bin Vutakaka.

Anonymous said...

African teacher it is okay to quote such old and useless stuff but be original and incorporate it in your weekly lessons at the African Village School, instead of waiting for the Daily Nation, East African Standard or television to rouse your intellect.

Luke said...

ati RAIBAKI ni Kiongozi wa PUNDOM? and Taabu? hio bure kabisa

Anonymous said...

The more things change the more they remain the same, while history repeats itself as expected under the ageless East African skies.

The former president was forced by events beyong his control to designate Musalia Mudavadi as his vice president during the declining moments of his political tenure.

While in the same way, Raila Odinga has rewarded one of his diehard political lieutenants for having jumped higher than he had been expected at the drop of the hat and during every public occasion whenever he was asked and wherever he was.

Unforrtunately, what is now considered to be an extraordinarily large reward has come at time when it is too little and too late to be fully enjoyed by the deserving and loyal recipient of the award.

That is why five months is a very short period to take full pleasure of a worthwhile reward gained at the end of a five year long political journey.

In the meantime, the over ambitious son of his people has now been awarded full ministerial powers to flaunt a flag on any of his designated vehicles in the calculated hopes of luring more votes from his county in favour of the best president of Kenya.

And all the best to him, his followers, constituency, county and region at large.

Anonymous said...

If it is not recomended to fantasize about the eagerly awaited arrival of a notable best president, is it acceptable to phantomize about the potentiality of a hybrid leader in 2017? Would the likes of Peter Kenneth aka Mwananchi Asili, Manjit Singh Ndunda, Fatima McGrath or Rashida Muchelule qualify in 2023?

Anonymous said...

Is there a substantial backup plan or is ODM contented with Ababu Namwamba being its one and only flag-bearer and flag-flaunter in charge of its general election affairs in all counties within the western region?

Anonymous said...

Chris, what would the people rather have in their villages, hometowns and counties? Would they rather have the best president who will solve all of their political problems between 2013 and 2017?

Or have the clean drinking water, modern schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, industries, public markets, rural and urban roads, agricultural sector, transparent financial institutions, transportation, security, safety, etc established in the next four years without failure and usual old time excuses?

The final choice rests with the people whenever they have their priorities in good order.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said "Better late than never" had some of our soon to be former loyal, obedient and most faithful politicians in mind. Thanks to 2013 general election.

And I tell you wewe, na kuambia wewe, nakuonya wewe, you are not the only man in parliament. If any motion comes to parliament, if you think you can threaten the prime minister ... the best president and the next commader-in-chief of Kenya .... , tutakutana na wewe kama lori ya miguu ishirini. - Bull's Eye (Blowing trumpets the wrong way).

And chuna chuna, tutakuponda ponda, kanyanga kanyanga, saga saga, chuja chuja, pepeta pepeta, kahanga kahanga hadi ushike adabu.

Anonymous said...

Why has Chris of Kumekucha decided to remain MIA without the courtesy of declaring his political intentions in time for the 2013 general election?

Several governors in waiting like Dr. Alfed Mutua, Miguna Miguna et al have made their declarations known, including our very own Hon. Taabu who did not disappoint the people of Kumekucha County with his timely and uplifting remarks about his senatorial bid.

So far, the word on the streets of Kumekucha County is that he will definetly receive the support in all possible ways by the elctorate who are already out and about canvassing votes on his behalf.

In the meantime, many residents are waiting for a definite statement as to when Chris of Kumekunya will make his political intentions known, whether he will be seeking a senatorial or gubernatorial seat, and in what county?

What does Chris really need at this juncture in order to venture out in the open like Hon. Taabu and declare that he wants to seek the governorship of either Nairobi, Masaku, or for the better, Trans-Nzoia County?

If it is not now then when? And why not take the bull by the horns in 2013, rather than risk waiting for 2017 at a time when the political landscape in most of the afore mentioned counties and rest of the county will have unergoned a seismic transformation given the tenacious efforts grassroots movements and development minded women represenatives?

It is now or never.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Or have the clean drinking water, modern schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, industries, public markets, rural and urban roads, agricultural sector, transparent financial institutions, transportation, security, safety, etc established in the next four years without failure and usual old time excuses?



All these are ONLY possible with increased productivity of the Kenyan people.

Such an improvement is not going to happen. So, wacha maneno tupuu wewe.

Anyway, since our schools (GROWN UP BABY SITTING CENTERS) do not teach anything on how societies are improved, apart from teaching SHEEPLE how to shout about OPIUM SESSIONS, PARLIAMENT of FOOLS and such RUBBISH, it is time we leave to enjoy:

Those who are led by KIHUNGUIYO:

Anonymous said...

Oh, sagacious African teacher, what different solutions, if any, do you suggest or propose to precipitate societal change instead of sitting on the side-lines or standing on your favourite rostrum dispensing age old wisdom, while the nation, "parliament of fools" and legions of "ivy league fools" are left to sink deeper and deeper into their usual "self-deception" and "delusional" state of "rubbish" existence?

Anonymous said...

Excuse the digression for a second as a quick stab is taken against the distant shadow of one British nobleman by the name Andrew Mitchell, I suppose.

Although it sounds so cliché, the more things change the more they always remain the same, no matter what the harsh realities or painful lessons have been learned from the past costly mistakes of others in our midst.

Well, if some of us thought that former noblewoman 'Lady' Nancy Baraza was a class act, then we need to think twice for she learned from noblemen she once thought were the best and good company, such as in the person of one snobbish patrician who is totally disconnected from the every day problems and hardships of the common people - "plebeians" as he calls them - living in and around London, including the electorate from his own backyrad of Sutton Coldfield and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Andrew Mitchell, a BCP (British Conssertive Party) politician and MPig for Sutton Coldfield, is free to continue reiterating a thousand times his politically calculated mia culpa maxima mea culpa after the fact and in the wake of damage already done during his irrational outburst of anger nestled in stings of superiority complex and confrontation with a sentinel - "plep" - at Dowing Street.

When all is said and done by the media, the police officers' league, people who have been offended by his arrogant, disgusting and ignorant remarks and others who are concerned in one way or another, it is hoped and really beileved - this time around - that the so-called "plebs, commoners, subjects, low class or under class", among others.

Including the rest of the British people - immigrants - who have always been deemed by patricians like Andrew Mitchell, to be "of lower social status", will register their united "plebeian" disgust and strong disapproval by making sure that the provide unrelenting media, financial and political support in the campaign to ensure that the snobish patrician is shown the door and consequently shoveled out of parliament before or in the next general election.

All things taken into account, there should be no place nor any room, whatsoever, for politicians with a sickening mentality of the 1700s in today's British society, unless some of us, outsiders as it were, are trying to upset the apple cart or dirty the smooth order of social existence among what we have always deemed to be a very proud people of the United Kingdom.

Andrew Mitchell must go, quit say goodbye in the name of decency, self-respect and honour for the people of Sutton Coldfield and rest of the United Kingdom.

His days of social freeloading life as a patrician may not be over but his time as a senior politician within the current British government should be brought to an end soon rather than later by his own colleagues and people who really care about the rest of society, unless they want to remain birds of a feather for as far as it takes them.

Anonymous said...


Please be informed that you are free to bid or rather tender your long awaited declaration for either the paliamentary or gubernatorial seat for Trans Nzoia.

But not for the senatorial seat which is already in the cross hairs (darubini) of one large scale farmer, long time resident, highly regarded woman of real substance and a senatorial aspirant for Tran Nzoia, who is none other than Balozi Orie Rogo Manduli, a formidable force to be reckoned.

Talking of the same woman and heroine who at one time craved - in her own words - to own land at a time when majority of her peers were busy salivating and overly craving for the contents in other people's wallets and handbags, as well as trying so hard to always procure extra pair of dresses, shoes, comestic kits, hair pieces, and readily available offerings of free car rides, train and bus trips to the exlcusive resorts along the shores of the coastal towns of Kenya.

Including "social promotion" in their places of work at their own vast expense that has compromised the lives, integrity and careers of so some individuals for the last three and half decades.

People like Balozi Orie Rogo Manduli are a rare breed of Kenyan women who have always believed in the aphorism that, living well is the best revenge against all imposed odds in a person's (woman's) life, rather than wasting the very same life on a crying mission of leveling a barrage of never ending complaints and lamentations against the double headed ancient social monster that is better known as 'patriarchy' aka rule of fathers.

She among very few politicians, public figures and political aspirants who are not hesitant to declare their wealth to the public by reiterating the fact that she is still the rightful owner of 1000 acres of farmland in Trans Nzoia for the last thirty-five years.

As opposed to some well known (distinguished aka honourable) politicians, former leaders and current presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial and parliamentary aspirants who are busy trying to grab 100 acres of land and other properties in urban areas, or faudulently obtain or retain the same that has belonged to other hardworking Kenyans.

No you just in case you did not know that Balozi Orie Rogo Manduli is aspiring for the senatorial seat in Trans Nzoia.

Anonymous said...

Uncouth politicians like Honourabless Ferdinard Waititu 'wa Matata' are always playing with real fire that can easily explode into unextinguishable inferno that will extend consumed beyond Kayole.

Inciting ethnic violence among residents of Kayole or constituents of Embakasi is a very deadly game for him to induldge in at this point and time, when people are beginning to get ready for the 2013 general election.

His urging or encouraging his goons and certain groups within the Embakasi community to act in violent or unlawful manner against innocent civilians just because a single member from their ethnicity is suspected of committing murder is an extremely destructive path and slippery slope for Waititu and company of goons to take.

For instance, statements like hawa watu waende, watoke hapa kabisa. Hatutaki hawa Wamaasai hapa, wote warudi kwao, huko walitoka, will only end up inviting belligerent reprisals from the people of the land.

As a matter of fact the original owners of the areas around Nairobi have never had any problem nor slightest hesitation when it comes to marching en masse onto Nairobi in the same way they descended in the vicinity of the High of Court in order to register their collective disapprobation wwhile a trial was in progress.

There are many civilised avenues and options through which certain hot button issues among residents of places like Kayole can be dealt with without the likes of Honourabless Waititu and his goons ever resorting to violence, lawlessness and the usual flaming of ethnic tensionsas they are trying to initiate in Embakasi.

Sadly, nescient politicians like Waiitu and their loyal goons and foot soldiers do not have the slightest clue of the massive inexorable force that be unleashed by their intended opponents when unprovoked beyond measure.

Honourabless Ferdinard Waititu should learn hard lessons from the muderous mayhem in the Tana River Delta that left over one hundred and twenty civilians dead, countless of residents displaced, with the addition of wanton destruction of properties in the area.

Anonymous said...

What is Hon. Madame Racheal Shebesh upto? Has she cast the die or will she roll the same in time for the general elections?

What political office is she going to contest on her own merit now that she is no longer under the patronage of Raila Odinga and the protection of ODM?

Will she try and become her own total political woman or will she have to wait for another free ride in order to get nominated or rigged in as woman representative regardless of whether her new patron Uhuru Kenyatta wins the presidency or even fails to capture the former old colonial house on the hill that once belonged to his old man, the late father of the nation?

The real question is, what will Raila Odinga and the ODM political machinery miss most about Rachael Shebesh's former presence within the establishment during the general elections?

On the hand, has it turned out to be a case of goodbye, good riddance and thank goodness she gone for good?

Or has it come down to where some individuals and insiders are now wishing that they had treated her a little bit better and met her halfway in terms of enabling her to achieve some of her much cultivated political desires and determination that she had when she first walked through ODM's doors?

And who is Rachael Shebesh in terms of the much anticipated women power that is bound to tip scales not just within the major political parties but in the country's political landscape as well during and after the 2013 general elections?

Are there anymore Rachael Shebesh's types out there waiting to defect to their political parties of their own choice for all the right reasons?

Namely, position themselves well in familiar places and political environments where they believe that they will stand a good chance to impact their societies in many ways?

Or will it turn to be business as usual - finding more ways to eat together with their political masks intact?

Mwarang'ethe said...

All things taken into account, there should be no place nor any room, whatsoever, for politicians with a sickening mentality of the 1700s in today's British society, unless some of us, outsiders as it were, are trying to upset the apple cart or dirty the smooth order of social existence among what we have always deemed to be a very proud people of the United Kingdom.


Racism, tribalism, class discrimination is not defined in terms of emotions, feelings and speeches where some people express negative ideas about others.

However, we are aware that, the above is the working definition of the Ivy League of Fools so as to fool the SHEEPLE.

The real definition is this:

Deliberately and consciously Organizing the social, economic, political and religious affairs of a nation, world so as to enable a section of the society (usually the minority), be it a race, a religious group, a tribal group or a class to DOMINATE, EXPLOIT and SUBJUGATE the other group.

As a matter of fact, when things have been so arranged, the dominant group will become very civil to the subjugated.

For instance, instead of calling themselves colonialists and murderers, they call themselves DONORS and DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS. What can be wrong with a DONOR or a DEVELOPMENT PARTNER?

Internally, for instance in the UK, the PM will always talk of working for the HARD WORKING BRITISH FAMILIES, bla bla.

However, should you understand the UK TAX CODE, you will realize that, it is a CLASS LEGISLATION which hides what was obvious in the 17th Century in England and France.

Taking the second definition as more informed and close to REALITY, your ideas that the 17th Century ruling class is gone is another example of living in that wonderful world of unreality called DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASY.

More so, what does it matter of patrician X is replaced by patrician Y?

Anyway, it is time to enjoy:

Working Class Hero:

Anonymous said...

Name a country where by-elections is equated to dress rehearsal in constituencies where political mitumba are the order of the day?

Anonymous said...

African teacher, allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of refuting the shout @9/24/12 4:42 AM.

Anonymous said...

The strike by school teachers may be over but teachers being struck by their students may have just began as exam fever catches up with many candidates reading themselves for theirr life changing final exams.

Kenyan school principals and teachers should now be on the constant lock out given the shocking and malicious assault inflicted upon their colleague, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed by rogue elements within the students population at Garissa Boys' School.

Mwalimu's only offense as far as the rogue students were concerned, was that of trying to raise school's acdemic standards by setting very tough mock exams as well as implementing strict disciplinary measures against any violators of standard school regualtions.

In the end, it came doam to, asante ya punda na nyumbu wengi shuleni ni mateke.

We wish Mwalimu Ibrahim Mohamed a stady recovery given the injuries he sustained at the hands of some of the students that he thought knew to be law abiding generation of young citizens.

Teachers tread carefully and watch-out for each others' backs and be vigilant twenty-four seven while at school or on your way home.

Anonymous said...

Time to trade in that piece of a hybrid face for a better alternative from the crowded pool of presidential aspirants.

Two weeks is enough free campaign advertisement for the two incumbents bound for retirement in 2013.

What Hon. Raibaki and the other twin Hon. Bakirai have been up to in the almost last ten years is public knowledge given their busy yet abysmal record of sharing half-boflo with their masks on and one of them seated behind curtains, speaks volumes.

While they have left their henchmen and rest of the political underlings busy sharing the other type of long bread whose local Japanese sounding brand name is hard to pronounce in public or print on online due to decency rules and self-censorship.

Do not forget to trade it in at closing bell tomorrow afternoon for some amount of profit.

Mwarang'ethe said...

African teacher, allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of refuting the shout @9/24/12 4:42 AM.

9/25/12 5:50 AM


What? No!

Instead of such, the African Teacher would ENJOY REFUTING the Kenyan so called TOP LAW BRAINS, i.e. DEAD USELESS BRAINS from the ILF GRADUATES.

Sample these IDIOTS at work:

"Gender rule still defies Kenya’s top law brains."

"The Supreme Court may be asked to help unravel the confusion surrounding attempts to implement the gender rule that threatens to plunge the country into a constitutional crisis next year.

The problem here is that the House will have dozens of unelected members. Besides, the Constitution stipulates that the maximum number of MPs in the Lower House is 349 and 67 in the Senate. This will also produce a BLOATED, COSTLY PARLIAMENT OF FOOLS."

How costly?

"Kenyans to pay Sh4bn as gender rule crisis looms."

It will cost the taxpayer an extra Sh4 billion per year if Parliament fails to enact a law to ensure one third of women are elected to the House and each County Assembly."

NB: One of the TOP DEAD BRAINS is telling Kenyans that, this sh4bn., in paying PARLIAMENT OF FOOLS will be a worthwhile INVESTMENT!



Such STUPIDITY and FOOLISHNESS, we are happy to refute any day.


Before we leave, since we mentioned YOUR DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS, we have seen that, these DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS are at it once again:

"CUT SPENDING, IMF team tells Kenya after salary increases."

Kenya should cut non priority spending as opposed to borrowing to finance the growing wage bill in the public sector following the recent pay rises or risk reversing the gains made in reducing the public debt."


With that, as watch the TRAIN WRECK, we leave in PEACE to enjoy:

Kimiiri - You will eat GRASS:

Anonymous said...

Sagacious African teacher, now you are talking although there are time when you do speak in tongues that "me no understand one bit", in the same way "I do in hacking coughs that keep people at a safe distance".

The Sh4.5 billion will be going down the drain if it is wasted on beefed up salaries and perks to appease the "extra non political baggage of unelected representatives whose only job may end up being glorified cheerleaders" while the elected MPigs concentrate on their efforts of gathering together in the name of eating as much as quickly can in the course of the next five years.

Including the soft loans with zero percent interest that are usually allocated to most members of parliament to jump start their private businesses at times when they should be either in parliament or back in their home regions serving their constituents.

But what about your fellow African teachers who will now be allowed to drain the nation's [t]reasury a lump sum of Sh1.5 billion in monthly salaries and Sh13.68 billion every year for the next five to ten years, all done in the name of salary pacakges for time taken lousing around schools, instead of real work done from 8:30 AM-4:00PM as expected in many of their asigned schools?

Sh1.5 billion plus S4.5 billion wasted on monthly salaries and fat allowances while the rest of the country remains in the stone age era in 2013 and beyond.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Sagacious African teacher, now you are talking although there are time when you do speak in tongues that "me no understand one bit",


Ati speaking in tongues? NEVER!

When these IDIOTS were selling this SNAKE OIL as the cure for the Kenyan mess, the African Teacher, on this same blog, wrote these PROPHETIC words:

"Instead of such a simple policy, we come up with WEIRD IDEAS OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to "uplift the welfare of our women."


"How do you separate the welfare of men from that of women?

These are mere DELUSIONS which will ironically, COST THESE POOR WOMEN EVEN MORE IN TERMS OF TAX to pay these so called "women leaders." Kenyans may go ahead with these schemes, but, we shall keep on shouting,..."


Now, 2 years later, YOUR TOP LEGAL BRAINS (read IDIOTS and INSOLENT DESPOTS) are sitting in endless meetings while "earning" MILLIONS STOLEN from the POOR WOMEN ati deliberating how to implement their INSANE affirmative actions programmes to help the same poor women they are ROBBING.

Even better, the PRIESTS in the so called Supreme Court, may have to sit while being PAID MILLIONS by the same POOR WOMEN to determine the "case."

We are told that, the tree is known by its fruits.

If these are the BITTER FRUITS of the BEST LEGAL BRAINS manufactured by your IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, who can doubt our claim that these schools produce PhD's and professors who are DUMB and STUPID fully of DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES?

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Ndai Cia Kenya Njeru

Anonymous said...


It is never too late nor premature for one to get started with the process of calling out a list of names to establish who will be lucky enough to have surrvived the general elections after March of 2013.

And another list is for all those who will have fallen by the wayside after the defeat or taking a thorough beating at the polls courtesy hands of the electoral majority during the general election.

And worst of all, how many of the very same candidates, winners and lossers, including the electorate as well as the old guard will still be well and alive by the time the country gets engaged in another round of fresh and better organised general election by 2017.

So, far so many members of parliament, civil servants, business people, clergy, private citizens and many unsettled returnees from the diaspora, have declared their intentions to contest the newly created electoral positions that will be awarded to the last candidates standing once the political campaign circus and general elections are over.

It is no secret that the political as well as financially enticing electoral positions include that of president of the republic, senators, county gorvernors, members of parliament, county wards and women representative in all of the newly created forty something counties in the country.

As mentioned by many in various social circles, the redundant positions of women representatives will be used by many urban and rural women as either stable stepping stones, seasonal springboards or as the much needed proving ground for women political novices who set to venture into real dirty politics once they had the first hand opportuinity to watch and laern from their glorified colleuages (MPigs) swing into action for one term.

Some have dubbed the positions for women representatives as a "Initiation Party to Dance with the Wolves" and learn the ropes as well as most of the tricks to help the novices avoid political snares, quick sand, a rival's sword, hired political slayers, and usual minefields hidden in plain sight within parliament, counties and the constitutincies.

With all due respect to most of the politicians, it is hard to even start imagining how many of them will not around to defened their political eats or contest for higher political pies (positions) that may have fallen vacant at the time.

The last but least, there aree those of us are also very much aware our mortality as well as of the fact that some of the very same old same old dreaded career politicians, may still be around and incharge of their political domain and powerful positions of influence in governemnt et cetera in 2017, 2022, 2027 or 2032.

Such is life, and some of us may end up having to kick the wooden buckets earlier or later than expected given the current rate of mortality.

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