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Friday, July 29, 2011

This government of Kibaki and Raila

The coalition government of Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga believes that it has done everything humanly possible to deal with the current hunger crisis in the country. After all we are told it is the worst drought in 60 years, that is not their fault is it?
The government spokesman representing the government of Kibaki and Raila went on national TV yesterday and with a straight face told Kenyans that the good government has no record of any Kenyan deaths as a result of hunger. That amazing TV broadcast was beamed into parts of Kenya where they were burying casualties of the current hunger. Before you bury anybody you need a burial permit which is usually obtained from the local chief in remote areas of the country. On that burial permit you have to state the cause of death. So this information has yet to reach the good government headquarters in Nairobi where there have been rains in recent days. So maybe the good government of Kibaki and Raila is wondering where the drought came from.

Either that or the government is grossly ignorant and incompetent. They can’t blame the death of Kenyans on nature when nature gave us a bumper harvest last year at a time when everybody knew that El Nina was coming.

But wait a minute, ODM diehards will tell you that it is the PNU side of the government that has fallen asleep on the job. Odd because none less than the PM himself the leader of Ohhhh Di EMMM who blasted the local media not less than a day ago for unfairly targeting his government which has done everything humanly possible to deal with the drought crisis.

PNU supporters will tell you that it is the ODM “jaruos” messing up the government. They will even point you to the most corrupt minister currently being from the ODM side. Last weekend some PNU geek spammed this blog with messages appealing to me to write an expose on Immigration minister Otieno Kajwang and his corrupt ways. The chap made it impossible for readers to focus on a thoughtful weekend special on embattled media magnate Rupert Murdoch. What they didn’t know is that what was breaking news to him is an old tired tale on Kumekucha (just search the site and see for yourself from previous posts). Anyway to PNU diehards all the good things are attributable to their crowd and all the bad ones to ODM “jaruos.”

Meanwhile there are other pressing and more urgent issues at hand. Like re-branding political parties in readiness for the 2012 polls (ODM Kenya did that this week shortly before the Mutua fellow told us that nobody is dying from hunger).

The good cabinet of Kibaki and Raila is also busy “editing” bills handed to them by the CIC and inserting clauses to deliberately cause ambiguity so as to delay the implementation or to protect themselves from the fire that is coming from a fully and properly implemented new constitution. Indeed the busy cabinet in an effort to quickly dispense with the issue of starving Kenyans hurriedly approved the importation of GMO maize into the country. They really don’t need to investigate how safe those food are because they themselves and their good families will not eat GMO (or so they think). Tip from Kumekucha: avoid GMOs like the plague including those abnormally huge bananas you see in the market these days, if anything make efforts to start planting your own food. I kid you not!

Meanwhile one of the members of the executive Hon Raila Odinga will seek your vote to be president of the republic of Kenya on the grounds that he has played a key role in bringing about many of the changes you see today including the new constitution that is causing the political class sleepless nights and some of them to pass waste in their clothes (excuse my crude language).

Welcome to the banana republic of Kenya where there is no evil which is impossible. And where no leader in their right minds will take resposnibility for anything. (Why do you want to blame Prof Ongeri for something that his juniours did?)

P.S. Statistics clearly show that there is usually a very high increase in gory and extremely bloody road accidents whenever the general elections are around the corner. I am not superstitious but I am not blind either.


Anonymous said...

The government of Kibaki and Raila MUST GO ASAP

Anonymous said...

Alfred Mutua must have a few nuts in his head loose. The guy can not be normal.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,

This government of Kibaki and Raila was a compromise coalition, and we know the events which took place that forced us into the current arrangement we find ourselves burdened with today. Him who stole the presidency learnt a lesson for all eternity and stealing will never take place again in Kenya

However, the strength of any man/woman/child is proven in bad times not just when life is great, and in GoK's example they were handed a basket case of a country back in 2002 which they actually should have used as a blank cheque to demonstrate their ability to govern this nation better than before and lead us away from the economic, social and political failures characteristic of the terrible nyayo era.

What a waste of goodwill! from being ranked as the most optimistic people in the world we are now the most impromptu, waiting till the last minute before we react to every new negative circumstance and trouble we find ourselves in. Its sad that the same personal parameters we used to measure whether or not to vote an MP in parliament 10 years ago are still the same ones we will use next year to allow them to capture the senate/governor/parliament seats.

Its redundant to ask about "track record, economic policy, fought for independence of this country, paid their taxes, voted consistently" etc when you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Let the dogs sleep next year why force 'stinkers' to dye their hair yet again for another 5 years and fill our TV screens with their Sonko like tomfoolery when they can't even institute simple irrigation projects to aid farming or build dams to boost electricity generation in the country?

shame on you Kenyans and your dumbness in re-selecting bogus leaders year in year out!

Anonymous said...

this bastards....they just discuss abt tax and icc..instead helping their own people.....oooh how i hate all this crooks in our parliament

Mwarang'ethe said...

Let the dogs sleep next year why force 'stinkers' to dye their hair yet again for another 5 years and fill our TV screens with their Sonko like tomfoolery when they can't even institute simple irrigation projects to aid farming or build dams to boost electricity generation in the country?


You and Chris, are looking for a SAVIOR. Good luck.

Sometimes back, Kenyans forked KES 20 bn. to buy Kengen USLESS PAPERS.

The question that, any THINKING Kenyan, ought to have asked was this:

(a) what if we dedicated KES 20bn. we are GAMBLING with to FARMING in Ukambani?

Since, Kenyans do not think for themselves, they wasted all that money GAMBLING in the spirit of SOMETHING for FREE. The spirit of AGE OF RENTIER seekers.

If you analse the remittance from the Kenyan Diaspora, it runs into BILLIONS p.a. The question is, where does most of this money end?

We answer, LAND SPECULATION. In our ILLUSIONS DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES, we think that, land is wealth.

We forget the simple truth that, what we need are more bananas, maize,cows, beans and not EXPENSIVE LANDS. We do not eat land, we eat what comes from the soil.

However, since we are SOPHISTICATED people, educated in the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, we deal with SOPHISTICATED PAPERS/stuff like shares, forex, GOK. bonds and above all, land speculation.

As such, instead of us organising our:

(a) capital, and
(b) knowledge, we squander our capital speculating.

However, when famines etc come, we ask like KIDS why is our MAMA STATE not irrigating our land. Silly.

We need to grow up and stop the childish habits of running to the SKIRTS of our MAMA STATE.

Where is the:

(b) BOLDNESS, and


A real story. We know a Kenyan guy, who was working abroad. Having earned millions, he "invested" (read, GAMBLED) all his savings at the GAMBLING DEN, i.e. the NSE.

We desperately tried to tell this guy to invest this money in our rural area, but, he could not listen.

We reached a point where he thought we wanted to con him. To cut the long story short, he lost everything.

Having lost millions, he now came to his senses, and today, he is investing millions in the rural area. By so doing, he is growing the food we need and employing our rural folk.

This is what will save us, and not running like kids to MAMA STATE. Stop it and grow up and act like real MEN and WOMEN.

Anyway, let us continue enjoying:

Yes you, Mr. Politician
We’re not blind, we seeing you
You use the people’s misery for your prey
And you use war to be a business
How long this a go continue?

When them come, come talk ‘bout ELECTION (OPIUM)
Iahbingi RUN THEM ‘WAY
Drive them ‘way
When them come come talk ‘bout election
I wonder why the old tief dem won’t go ‘way

By Culture.

Anonymous said...

We need a reconstructive surgery for a shattered nation that was once Kenya, after the so called government of Kibaki and Raila has folded tent in January of 2012.

The cronic aversion of the president and his prime minister, including PNU diehards (kichua-heads) and ODM diehards (head-vichua) to take responsibility for their self-created disasters only makes the starvation crisis, corruption scandals, endemic tribal skirmishes and poor governance grow worse every day.

As a matter of fact, negative ehtnicity, endemic tribal politics, wide spread corruption and a comatose government always overwhelms economics and other aspects of much needed development in the whole country.

Other the hand, there are some clergy who are so ignorant, blind and very insensitive to the plight of their fellow Kenyans who have been afflicted by severe drought and famine.

Case in point, a very senior clergy, who has access to millions of dollars, if not euros, as well as stockpiles of food, was heard speaking in name of his entire community and proclaiming its gratitude to God for the abudance of creation.

Chief among these blessings were the magnificent order and splendor of the universe, social harmony and fertility of the land in Kenya et al.

I am sure that many Kenyans in their true minds would be left to wonder how the senior clergy's praise of God's activity - and rightly so - in arranging the bounty of creation fits the current lief and death experience of fellow Kenyans living the eastern and north eastern regions of country?

Let alone those Kenyans, fellow citizens, who are without food in drought-stricken parts of the country, and who have a real difficulty acknowledging that God sustains all of Kenya's countryside from rivers full of water and an abundance of yearly harvests of staple foods.

Talking of fellow Kenyans whose lives have been altered forever by the current dorught, and all they have seen and experienced is God's arrangment of nature - rainfall - has failed them.

So far, all they know is that God, their fellow Kenyan citizens as well as the so called government of Kibaki and Raila have been absent, hidden and so mysterious that can be described only as being in cohorts with the dreaded drounght and killer-famine.

Hence one of the many reasons for the urgent call for a reconstructive surgery of a shattered, neglectful and failing nation.

Anonymous said...

Alfie Mutua reminds me of Tariq Azziz (spl) the former foreign minister for Iraq during the dark days of Saddam Hussein. Very clueless about the reality affecting the country.

Anonymous said...

Another Royal wedding this weekend!
This time is Queen's granddaughter getting married.

Anonymous said...

Is there really famine (lack of food)or is it a case of poor distribution?
Potatoes are is rotting in the fields of Nyandarua,cows are sick of feeding on cabbage, while in North eastern people die of hunger.

Anonymous said...

How would I have felt and what I would have done had I been in this child's shoes or predicament several years ago?

The poor child could have been Kibaki's or Raila's, Uhuru's, Ruto's, Peter Kenneth's, Mutava's, Saitoti's, Kalonzo's, Marende's, Ngilu's, Kalembe Ndile's, Atwoli's, Moi's, Githunguri's, Matiba's, Kirima's, Mosonye's, or Nyachae's, had he been born at a different time, place and in one of those well connected political families and clans of Kenya.

It took a while to notice the time ticking on the clock tower positioned between Kibaki and Raila, and the dying young child nailed across the tower like a vertical beam of a wooden cross.

We may never know nor found out whether the kid dying of hunger could have been our Kenya's version of Albert Einstein in a scientific field that has yet to get a breakthrough, Ban ki Moon, Desmond Tutu (but not Kobia, Njue et al), or Bill Gates, the computer genius and the philathropic guru that just keeps giving and giving.

Until we, the people and nation, are willing to start focusing on others, and at the same time stop treating certain segments of the Kenyan population as third class citizens who are undeserving of any human rights as well as basic rights.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha what say ye?

When will our day came for protests, sit-ins, demonstrations (that last for days and not just two/three hours) and movement for recall elections.

As is the current situation in Tel Aviv, Israel, where demosntrations are still taking place in protest not for democracy or against state oppresion and corruption, but against the high cost of living, the price of housing, food (unga) and other goods.

Talking of daily demonstrations during the month of August - held in the streets of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Garissa, Mtito Andei and elsewhere across Kenya, - that are lawful and non-violent since the new constitution guarantees the freedom of assembly and free press.

Anonymous said...

All conditions are now right to raise funds for 2012.

Am wondering what the current floatation of BRITAK,DEACONS,TRANSCENTURY means at this point in time.
These are all related to major players in Safaricom,Equity Bank and Housing Finance.The ruling cartel.

Are we to see the same conmanship as we witnessed when buying the now valueless papers in Safaricom and Kengen? Be warned

And as final topping-thedrought has given rise to another opportunity to raise funds.A few months ago,the government assured Kenyans that we had adequate food stocks. Now we need donations.

The Catholic Bishops said it all in the papers today that "They also faulted the government for leaving Kenyans at the mercies of exploitative middlemen and asked parliament to be guided by moral conscience and need to protect and promote human dignity and life".

God saidia Kenyas

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words but the caption above drives the painful message home in its entrirety.
The two kings of Zamunda seem very oblivious to what the young boy and his whole community are going through.
Which leaves the open question, who is who among the two with regard to "the wise thief" and "the arrogant thief" nailed on the cross at the place of the skull?

Anonymous said...

Pontificating to the newspapers is one thing but taking some drastic action where its really needed could have been worth the risk and effort. Anyhow, the so called pontifices aka watchdogs of European Christianity in Kenya are to blame as well for having remained dead silent and for the persistent failure of not highlingting and rising the alarm on the very issues in the last eight months or so.

Phil said...


You have become desperate.

So desperate to the point of publishing lies and innuendo.

Pole sana.

Anonymous said...

Phil of kibera can only see lies when Chris highlights the plight of dying Kenyans and the useless president and premier. In his small e-world revolving around that small useless blog, raila does no wrong!!
Some people really need crusade-long prayers.

Anonymous said...

Kenya should follow Malawi's way (irrigation) in order to alleviate food shortage. Malawi agriculture was transformed when they borrowed the leaf from Israel. Today Malawi is one of Africa's self-sufficent nations in terms of food.

Anonymous said...

How so? Could you be so straight forward as to enumerate the lies and innuedos published by Chris?

Or let's just say it isn't true that;

a) One of the worst drought in 60 years continues to take place on their - Kibaki's and Raila's - watch.

b) Kenyan citizens who happen to be of Turkana origin continue to starve to death due to prevailing extreme drought conditions.

c) The government knew about it, they had been informed about it in as early as Janury of 2009 (check WFO/Kenya Reports).

- The W.F.O. cautioned and reminded the governemnt of the impending catastrophic hunger, environmental effects and the death toll that would ensue if no immediate concrete measures were implemented.

d) The two leaders, president and prime minister, including regional and local authourities have continued to burry their heads in convenient political sands inspite of the amounting eveidence, human body count, the overwhelming toll on the livestock as well as wildlife in the affected regions.

e) The government is grossly ignorant and incompetent with how they have gone with addressing the current hunger crisis that has cost untold suffering and huge losses of life and property.

f) In the midst of it all, they seem to have addicted their responsibilities in the hopes that foreign aid agencies will deal with mess and later pick up the tab.

g) There those - the usual suspects and culprits - who have already politicized the current hunger crisis issue in the hopes of scoring more personal political in preparation for the 2012 general elections.

h) And the dirty political and bureaucratic laundry list just keeps duplicating itself year after year.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard that Malawians are already raving and ranting against the government of Mbingu (Bingwa) wa Mutharika, Kenya's prodigal son from Igoji.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Raila must go (with Emilio) into retirement--holding hands into the sunset one with a golf club in hand, the other with a..... tube of hairdye, I think.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kenya should follow Malawi's way (irrigation) in order to alleviate food shortage. Malawi agriculture was transformed when they borrowed the leaf from Israel. Today Malawi is one of Africa's self-sufficent nations in terms of food.

7/29/11 3:55 PM


Have you checked the latest from there? UK has cut "aid." USA, has also cut "aid."

Having cut what they call "aid," to Mutharika, they are now financing the so called civil society. mmmmmmmm

Please not the following carefully:

1. Nothing will ever work in Africa as long as we use other people's USELESS PAPERS.

2. Secondary, the idea of state irrigating lands, is not the way forward. It may work for a few days, but, it will eventually fail. Even the Ptolemies of Egypt (300 B.C.) did all this, but, it ended in failure.

NB: History if full of answers on what to do, and not what to do. However, since we do not care about it, thinking ourselves very smart because we have a lap top, we end up in more mess.

3. Agriculture cannot do well, if there are no industries. The last time we checked, Malawi had no industries. As such, from day one, we could have told you that, it SHALL fail.

And, now, the real deal. A well ordered state, is made up of 3 parts:

(a) Industrial state,
(b) Jural state, and
(c) The culture state.

The three must be FULLY DEVELOPED to ensure the highest well being of the body politic.

So, what is the state of African states in regard to the 3 parts?

To be honest, Africans seem not to have any idea of what they are doing.

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

Too much dying in the Ghetto,
too suffering of the poor,
too much crying in the Ghetto,
I do not like the POVERTY,
too much people WALKING to SLAVE WORK

Mwarang'ethe said...

Relax guys.

The SAVIORS of mankind are here at last.

In other words, NEVER LET A "CRISIS" go to WASTE:

1st, the headlines:

"Sh62bn boost for war on hunger."

In other words, to continue fooling the DELUSIONAL, ILLUSIONAL Africans, they term it as a problem of LACK OF FOOD.

The WB VAMPIRES knows better. It is a crisis of LACK OF PURCHASING POWER.

However, the Africans must never be able to DEFINE anything. In other words, if you are going to run an EMPIRE, appropriate the power of DEFINITION and the DISCOURSE.

Never mind. Let us read further these wonderful news.

"Johannes Zutt said an initial Sh8 billion would be made available to support the most affected areas over the next six months, out of which Sh810 million was immediately available.2

Read, colonial welfare by BANKRUPT West.

“In the economic and drought recovery phases, Sh54 billion will be made available to facilitate recovery of crop and livestock production..."

Read, return to STATUS QUO.

“In the long term, it is important for countries in the Horn of Africa to prepare for recurring droughts and we shall support these efforts,” he said.

Read, poison Africans with the GMO rubbish while making money.

“We are not a humanitarian organisation… we are a development bank that focuses on middle- to long-term interventions like climate smart agriculture, improvement of water production and storage, among others,” he said.

Read, this "crisis" which we helped create, is good for business.

In other words, we CREATE crisis, and then, in the Hegelian system, offer SOLUTIONS. For this, we are very grateful for the STUPIDITY of the HUNTED RACE.

"Mr Zutt proposed that the recent move by the government to allow importation of tax-free grain be made permanent."

YES, BOSS, let us become FULLY DEPENDENT on Western farmers for our grains and proteins.

Meanwhile, as you instruct us, we shall increase our COFFEE, TEA exports and improve our NATIONAL PARKS to attract the WELL BORN and God's chosen races to witness lions MATING so as to acquire £ and $ to pay for the grains.

In other words, let us keep Western farmers in business.

Anyway, let us retreat and continue listening to:

Hey SLAVEDRIVER!i.e. like Mr Zutt, read, Mr. BUTT,
I'm asking you this question again and again and again
and again
Work police- you false priest!
Trying to indoctrinate Jah people,
When will this payday be?

My forefather worked down here
On this great plantation
True he didn't get no pay
For all their wasted days
Tell us now!

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