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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ruto Curse

There are several methods that ignorant and naïve Kenyans use to judge human character. The most popular is how much money somebody has to their name. If you have money then you are a very clever person and a person to be trusted, so the reasoning goes. And true to form those mostly with ill-gotten wealth always say the right things to neatly complete the façade that is their so-called image.

But inevitably somewhere down the line they will do something stupid that will bring out their true character for all and sundry to see.
Character should always be judged by a person’s actions and not what they say or claim to be.

There is a national leader called William Ruto who has been traversing the country reassuring Kenyans that he is bringing to them a new non-dictatorial brand of leadership to Kenya that understands the problems of ordinary folk. Make no mistake about it, this man Ruto is a schemer par excellence.

In my book he would have been a person to trust had he resigned from his party post in ODM the minute he fell out with the party leadership. Instead he officially remains one of the two deputy party leaders even as he goes round the country trashing his party and selling instead his new party, UDM.

This is the same William Ruto who not too long ago held the entire country at ransom negotiating a common position for the purposes of passing a new constitution but the minute the very document he had negotiated had been published he emerged as it’s most passionate critic leading the no campaign to defeat that constitution.

Raila supporters believe that their leader can do no wrong but it is as clear as day that the man who wants to be the next president of Kenya made a very grave mistake when he hesitated to act decisively against Ruto right at the beginning of this rebellion and instead opted to treat him with kid’s gloves hoping for reconciliation. Clearly this only fed on Ruto’s ego and the rebellion has now grown much bigger than the small bush fire that would easily have been put out at the beginning with minimum casualties.

As you read this Ruto and company are plotting to pull the rug from under ODM by resigning from the party en mass causing Raila to lose his premiership which the national accord pegs his majority party position to. Read the story HERE.

Interestingly Ruto and his allies have been telling Kenyans that ODM is a dictatorship for wanting to force them out of the party. Insinuating that Raila would not have been labeled a dictator had he stuck to his previous pussy-cat-lame-duck stance of doing nothing against Ruto and company.

What I find even more interesting is the language used by Ruto and company in their public meetings. Kindergarten stuff if you ask me. Statements like “they will do us nothing” would hardly be the kind of language I would expect from a national leader who seriously wants my vote for the most powerful office in the land.

Indeed Ruto is so busy currently spreading his poison that it is easy to forget that he still has a very serious unresolved matter before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

I know many of my dearest readers admire this Ruto man but to be honest he always leaves a bad taste in my mouth every time I come across his name.

I end this Ruto post with a fascinating comment by one of my readers in a previous post referring to the aftermath of the punch up in State House involving William Ruto and a respected Kalenjin politician at the time Chesire;

The "Statehouse Punch Up" ended up in William Ruto being cursed by concerned elders from the Rift Valley.

The curse came to be known as "The Chesire Curse" with an elders' clause; "the arrogant and disrespectful young man (Ruto) will only see the inside of the '1907 government house' as a messenger or visitor or an outsider, and never as the main man incharge for as long as he's involved in politics".

The curse couldn't be undone since the offended elder, Chesire, passed away before any attempts were made by both sides in terms of reconciliation and cleansing rituals for Ruto.

Call it supersititious if you will, but time will tell whether the curse was a deserved response to some of the angriest implications of Ruto's role in the "State House Punch Up".
Read more about Ruto and Moi secrets.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, I have really been waiting for you to write about this.


Anonymous said...

The chickens are coming home to roost for Ruto and very soon, mark my words. Just wait and see. This make-believe movie will be over very soon and the true Ruto will be visible to all Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Curiously, Raila did the same thing that Ruto did after he fell out with Kibaki during the NARC days.
An average writer would have made reference to what akina Raila and ilk did and draw correlations and discrepancies to enlighten the readers why we should demonize and castigate Ruto now and spare Raila while both can claim to have built and propelled to victory ODM and NARC juggernauts.
My take, both politicians are hypocrites and the only difference is that one is sly enough to employ propaganda to appear better. I wonder if in the near future Chris will not do a [post of how bad sally kosgey or gumo or Kajwang etc are when they fall out with raila. Right now they are safi kama pamba having being 'sanitized' through their association with raila.

Chris, Thats how lame and gullible you have become. No wonder Mwarang'ethe likes using the term Sheeple.

PS: I am sure in your next post you will tell your avid readers how you have received threats, abuses etc...just spare us the crap. We know you are lying!!

kumekucha said...

Anon @1:34

You sound as childish as Ruto and company sound.

Where in my post have I defended Raila or said that he is safi kama pamba? Show me!!!

What a crappy comment. And you took the time to write such drivel. Has anybody ever threatened your life? Just shut up if you have no idea.

Chris Kumekucha.

M. Pesa said...

Chris, this Ruto guy is just a marionette playing to his master's tune. Now, someone may ask, who is Ruto's master?

Why and what does he owe him? Why does Ruto need his master's favours? Lastly, why are his prime plots of land in the city which were gained controversially still intact?

A good example is that prime piece of land (grabbed from Kenya Airports Authority) opposite Shell petrol station next to Wilson Airport where he's building a multi billion hotel and mall.

Anonymous said...

Ruto is the easiest target for all manner of comments, just like other Kalenjins are the easiest to sack or ignored.......Its cheap.

Anonymous said...

If you live by the sword you must die by the sword.
Both Raila and Ruto have lived by swords, now they must taste the bait.

That's said. Chris can we have this post in Swahili? Last time I reminded you to respect my human right and feed me in my mother tongue. But since we may not come from the same ethnic grouping I am demading you write all your posts in Kiswahili. Or alternatively offer translation online from English to Swahili. Please take this plea seriously...

Swahili language enthusiast!

Anonymous said...

The title of this post should read "The Curse upon Kenyans"

Kenyans are their own worst enemies. When you started worshipping your fellow human being just because they have money and power that's when u invoked the curse of God upon yourselves. Your leaders are no longer political leaders but idols and cults leaders who have no interest in welfare of Kenyans.


Kenya siwezi rudi... HELL NO!

Anonymous said...

spot on. i like to call to ruto 'OKONKWO' as in things fall apart. The guy who did not see a father figure he did not want to attack which ultimately led to his fall

Anonymous said...

One can only wonder why the same person would post comment twice, both as anonymous and then using their well known KK handle. Talk about dichotomy of personalities!lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:55 aka Anon 1:34 aka Kumekucha Princess aka fake Oracle aka Mistress of Phil/Taabu/Chris aka fake Mwarang'ethe aka cheering squad for the same Mwarang'ethe..

Phew! your is truly the worst case dissociative identity disorder ever witnessed on KK wild west.

You're not content with imitating multiple personalities and leaving "YAWN" comments on every post in KK(except Mwarang'ethes) you have now also morphed into an embittered and acerbate economic refugee mmmmh!

who are you really KK village lunatic?

Anonymous said...

I think Anon 1:34 am has a point. You have to learn to take criticism positively. Raila did the same and refused to step dowm claiming partial ownership to NARC. Ruto has done the same. They are both birds of the same feather.
If you check land theft and corruption allegation, Raila as well as Ruto have court cases as I type. Raila with squatters land in Malindi while Ruto with a couple of plots that he acquired during Mo1 error. If you check their public office abuse records, they both tie. Raila's office was involved in maize scandal and youth fund. Ruto remains suspended for obvious reasons. Raila has appointed his unqualified family members to public offices just as Ruto has done. Both are undisputed tribal chiefs; positions they use to negotiate political positions.
I mean, how does one differentiate between these two fellows other than their big age difference and hair (undyed) colour?

Anonymous said...

Typical black african fatalism borne of stupidity and laziness. When something beats them, instead of working hard to solve the problem, they take the easy way out, throw their hands up and wait for the spirits to intervene.

Anonymous said...

Any clear vision of the future starts with hope, and most of us know by now that hope is the last great gift for a nation like Kenya to rise out of the current grave of political, economic, and social despair.

Unfortunately, I don't see any ounce of hope for the country in Raila Odinga nor in his shadow sparring partner, William Ruto.

This two politicians have become the real curse for the nation, it's people and their political future.

First of all, it goes without saying that one of them is a very well known astute (deadly) opportunist, while the other is known to have mastered the art of chameleon politics.

The political duo are no more than two struggling hungry hyenas that have chosen to remain stagnant at the fork in road of 2007 electioneering politics.

None of them wants to let go of the past and move forward into a far much better direction for their own political well being.

Believe it or not, the electorate will be doomed with either one of them, because the real political difference between the two is similar to that of a spotted hyena and striped hyena, very deadly creatures of the - political - wild.

BTW, one doesn't have to be an ardent supporter (true believer) of PNU or a diehard opponent (foot soldier) of ODM to figure out that none of the two will virtually be assured of winning the general election.

When all is said and done, let the two, so called former '2007 comrades in arms' continue to wash their dirty political hides (linen) in public.

I hate to admit it that the two of them - Ruto and Raila - have exhibited (and continue to do so) a lot of Laurent Gbagbo's personal and political traits as seen and noted years before his much celebrated downfall.

Kenyan Gulf Jobs said...

wapi Carol Nyege? I miss her mathayos

Anonymous said...

Yeshua Ha'Miachiach (Jesus) is coming very soon!

Phil said...

@ chris

You seem to be the only one who does not know that since 2008 (when he tried and failed to bribe Karua) Ruto is being used by the powers that be to destroy ODM from within in exchange for state protection from persecution. Recall what happened in the KPC fraud case?

Well, ODM is not KANU, and Raila is certainly not Moi, and Kenyans of 2011 are not the same Kenyans of 2007. During the ODM-K days Ruto is the same person who said Raila was unelectable in 2007 but the shifting ground forced him into ODM.

The great news, the majority of Ruto supporters are with him to eat part of what he is receiving from the same sources.

Have you forgotten the IDPs are still in tents. Have the reasons which made them end up there been resolved just because Ruto rode at the back of the presidential Land Rover in Eldoret?

Phil said...

Hizo ma censure motion ni vitisho. En-mass resignation from these broke MPs is also far fetched. The reality is that these MPs are following Ruto everywhere for handouts. And it is Kibaki's kitchen cabinet feeding that in-tray. Its not that they want to be UDM members or that they agree with Ruto's confused ideology!

Ngoja real siasa starts when parliament is dissolved. Right now, Ruto has agreed to be used as toilet paper by the same people who took him to Hague through NSIS evidence. Why bother with such permittivity?

Kibera Mandazi Seller said...

Raila worshipping Phil is BACK!!
This man will stop at nothing trying to glorify his mbwa witi Bondo Bumpkin fool aka Raila Molasses.

Kibera Mandazi seller

Anonymous said...

Jukwaa folks are flocking KK to defend their opp (opinion poll prezo).Thank God chris is not like that kadictator in jukwaa that only allows agwabo praises. Long like kk

Anonymous said...

Is 'the Curse of the Nation' and 'the Ruto Curse' intertwined by any chance?

Will Kenyans ever capture the headline news that they experienced leading to and after the 2002 general election?

As in we are a people of a countrywide movement for total change, a nationwide alliance for a new and better government and democratic leadership. ...All things are possible from now onwards.

Kenyans are still waiting and wondering when they will ever get to the promised land?

Let alone experience what it really means, feels and tastes like to be party of a fully democratic nation and a developed society with equal rights for all?

So far, it's almost been fifty years since independence, yet Kenyans continue to spend a better part of their lives wandering through political landmines, parliamentary confusion, never ending govermental abuse of power, endemic ethnic conflicts, and sanctioned caravans of a deeply corrupt civil service system.

Not to mention a military that does nothing but scream "Fear me! Don't mess with our budget! Leaves as alone!"

"Even if we have spent twenty million on importing junk jet-fighters from those bedouins (carmel owners) in the Jordanian desert").

As it were, majority of our elected officials have an 'MO' and work ethnic that would put members of organised crime families and syndicate to absolute shame.

They are so accustomed to eating (stealing) from the government coffers and systematically looting the nation's treasury without any kind of remorse.

Now, that's the sort of Cursed Nation that we have become.

Anonymous said...

"If elections were called today, over 50% of the current MP's would not make it back to Parliament." I don't quite agree with this recent research finding. Infact the guys who'll definitely make it back are these cronies who steal from the public coffers and use the very same monies in hoodwinking Kenyans by hand-outs to be re-elected. So no matter how crooked Ruto, Raila and their respective team players are, expect them back in the game until they age in Parliament!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What a curse!

Kenyans are still very lucky to be getting away with looting, bribery (mbraimbari or puraipari or mblaimbali), and other financial criminal activities on a daily basis.

So many cases of malpractice and malfeasance in the financial world of Kenya are never investigated.

In the mean time, thousands of white collar thugs do manage to get away with robbery in the public sector as well as in the private sector.

While their counterparts in China never get away with it. For instance, a culprit like Zhang Chunjiang, the former vice chairman of China Mobile, was sentenced to death - in a brobery case - with a two-year, giving him the possibility of life in prison for good behaviour.

The former official is going to rot in prison for a very long time, while so many culprits in Kenya wil spend the rest of their lives enjoying their ill gotten wealth.

Anonymous said...

"Yeshua Ha'Miachiach (Jesus) is coming very soon!"

Yes. And He will judge the quick and the dead.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone interpret the shit below? Possibly written by Aringo and (noshow)Kamotho but now adapated? I lifted it off the worship page of mafiya wa lake victoria:

Those who love to bash Hon Miguna have not yet accomplished even 1% of what Hon Miguna has done so far.
They are also so far from the center of power and influence, that their opinions cant move the needle of public opinion or for that matter actual legislation an iota.
But they still bash Hon Miguna, not on substantive issues, but merely on irrational hateration.

Its rare for them to dispute with solid arguments and facts any assertions Hon Miguna makes. Hon Miguna always writes with factual information backing up his views.
His haters dont.

They wallow in the muck of peer envy.

They envy his job, his pen and CV. Hon Miguna has a CV money cant buy. He had the 'conjones' to speak truth to power and suffered for it. Out of the ashes a phoenix rose.

Most, if not all his bashers here were unabashedly, without shame, some with unmitigated cowardice, suckling at the teat of socio-economic and political comfort brought about by changes fought for by Hon Miguna, amongst many others, some on this very board.

As we all know prophets are hated by the villagers. Hata Yesu was crucified by his own.

But thank goodness that mere peer envy wont stop the mighty pen wielded by Hon Miguna.
He will continue to bless us with his prophetic voice voice.

So yea go on and moan and groan about Hon Miguna loosing you, blah blah blah, about Hon Miguna 'naively' telegraphing his every move.

Where were you when Hon Miguna single-handedly stopped wako in Kampala and Addis Ababa from surreptitiously passing a PNU agenda and talking points in a AU meeting, whilst pretending to do so on behalf of the GCG?

Bure kabisa all some folks here know is to whine and B.

Miguna this and Miguna that.

I hope that Hon Miguna is destined to greater things. I know he is.

I hope he gets to the legico, or gets into the cabinet. Pole sana if that hurts YOU! but it may come to pass. I think he is one or two jukwaaists that I know who are destined for greatness soon.

Anonymous said...

If a flying toilet could talk, that's what it would say. See above.

Anonymous said...

who is mukuna mikuna?

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
I couldn't agree more with Anon 8:37PM-What a curse!

Kenyan greedy leaders are indeed very lucky that the citizens they dominate and rule over are not like other citizens around the world e.g. in China, Egypt, Tunisia,Libya, Uganda otherwise they would never get away with feasting greedily at the collective expense of the nation

Kenyans need to banish completely the thought and dispel entirely the notion in their mind that any meaningful change can be brought about by quiet patience and tight lipped endurance of malfeasance, greed and theft. Pacified citizens make the easiest target for dummies like our current lot of MPs

Anonymous said...

What has Miguna done for the nation, let alone the failed thorough cleansing of ministry of immigration, intergration of bona fide Somali refugees, and any worthwhile development projects for his constituents, other than shooting his mouth of with the usual egocentric anthem of his named "leo ni mapambano!mapambano! mapambano!"?

Whose is the so called Miguna, and what would be today without being under the patronage Raila Odinga?

What if anything special has the man accomplished in Nyanza region and the rest of the country? Enlighten us for a change. We're all ears.

Anonymous said...

Destined for greater things in his backyard, or a Kenya that will leave people like him and their brand of politics in the dust after the 2012 general election? Keep dreaming until then.

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