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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Wanjiru Murder: Possible Suspects

Left: Wanjiru's mother, Hannah Wanjiru and Right: Teresia Njeri, Wanjiru's wife. The champion runner's mother told a local newspaper last month that her son was murdered in the bedroom.

Picture the following scenario. World famous athlete Samuel Wanjiru dies and even before his burial you start hearing about his mother’s lawyer and his wife’s lawyer. Do people need lawyers to bury their dead? I think not.

And then today (Saturday 4th June 2011) Wanjiru’s mother Hannah Wanjiru, got herself arrested when she caused a fracas at a grave marking ceremony for the burial of her son. TV footage showed a very angry and bitter woman who even threw stones at the press. She was quoted as saying: “Who is that trying to bury my son before those who killed him are arrested?” Read the story HERE.

The obvious conclusion here is that Wanjiru’s mother knows her son’s killers and that there is a vicious battle going on behind the scenes between the two most important women in the late Wanjiru’s life namely his mother and his wife Teresia Njeri. One side wants a quick burial while the other side wants arrests to be made before a burial can take place.

Any murder investigator anywhere in the world will tell you that the first suspect when a person is murdered is usually the spouse. And this case should be no exception. But then this is Kenya where money, influence and power talk louder than anything else.

It is now no longer a secret that Wanjiru was murdered. The post mortem report from the pathologists are conclusive in that respect.

So what was the motive of his murder? The most obvious has to do with the wealth this young man had managed to accumulate. But there is yet another powerful motive. Actually it is still the number one motive for murder anywhere in the world after being the motive for the very first murder that happened. Remember Cane and Abel in the Bible? The motive for that murder was jealousy.

I have heard some people say that Wanjiru’s mother is the main gold digger here. Can a parent, your mother no less, be a gold digger? I don’t think so. Although I have a problem with folks who use their mother’s name as the surname as the late Samuel did my two cents is that his second name clearly implies that this is a man who had very strong influence from his mother and must have been very close to her.

Sigh!!! Whatever happens next it is important that the truth is found about what really happened in the last moments of a great Kenyan’s life.

BREAKING NEWS: Loud powerful explosion on Kirinyaga Road (Grogan), Nairobi believed to be a bomb. Trailers and buses have tipped over and trapped several people under them. All windows at the nearby Shabbir Centre shattered and a Shell petrol station nearby on fire. Still no word on casualties and no official police statement on the incident.

Why doctor's believe Wanjiru was murdered


Anonymous said...

This is my hypothetical recreation of the events that happened that night.
A drunk Wanjiru went home with Nduta the barmaid. The wife came and met them at the tableroom taking some red wine. Naturally she runs berserk and becomes physical. She is easily overpowered by Wanjiru who makes it clear to her that she has to respect him since he has more than one wife and he very is capable of marrying another.
Sensing she is loosing too much ground and has no way of discussing anything with her drunk husband, she goes to the police station where she has established some close connection with a certain senior police officer who handled the earlier domestic dispute where Wanjiru had threatened her with a gun.
The police officer looking at the dejected Njeri blows a gasket, grabs a gun and rides with Njeri in her car back home. The wife gets to the gate but soon learns from the guard that there are clear instructions from the boss not to let her in. Njeri gets out of the car, reprimands the guard, gets into the compound through the smalkl gate and orders the guard to open the gate and let in her landcruiser driven by the cop friend.
Njeri walsks back to the house and finds her husband with Nduta in the master bedroom. All hell breaks loose, there is commotion, she grabs the keys and promises to expose Wanjiru and his ways to the whole world. She locks the door to the bedroom and briskly leaves the house to her car. Wanjiru has had enough, he see`s her wife leave from the balcony, jumps and lands like a cat slightly injuring his hands and knees.
He then rushes to his wife who by this time is opening the door of her landcruiser. He grabs her, shakes her up and tells her she has to give back the keys. The wifes companion aka cop friend furiously goes round the car (unseen by Wanjiru who is busy trying to wrestle the keys from his wife) and with pent up anger whips his exposed back with the butt of the gun. Wanjiru drops like a sack of potatoes. Then the cop and Njeri both realize the blow was fatal. The quickly take Wanjiru to the tableroom and try to resusctate him but its too late. The wife panics but the cop realizing the gravity of the situation convinces the guard, a naked Nduta watching from the balcony and Njeri to carry out a quick coverup. Crucial CCTV recordings...gone, blood stains....gone....

As they say the rest is history.

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

You watch too many movies

Anonymous said...

s%'t, kp version above looks f%&$#g real!!
r u a detective?

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha prefect, you could be 100% right

Anonymous said...

This Wanjiru's saga sounds like something out of a Nigerian Movie!

Anonymous said...

Has the issue of Samuel Wanjiru's cold blooded elimination by his local or international competition, business partners, associates and agents who were bound to be disadvantaged in one way or another not yet been explored by the media, the powers that be or Kumekucha for fear that such move will end up being consigned to the relm of speculation, innuendo, rumour and fiction?

Ms. Hannah Wanjiru may be a classic case of those domineering, overly controlling, demanding, stiffling type of mothers when it comes to raising young sons and consequent interaction with their grown up sons in the absence of known or unknown biological fathers, but there is one thing that she is not, and that's a cold blooded killer of her own flesh and blood. That's for sure, she's not the murderer of Samuel Wanjiru.

This is a woman who was already enjoying her son's undivided attention, she had unlimited access to her son's love, support, generosity and means, and there was no motive nor the depraved need for her to get rid of her beloved son.

Although she may not have committed filicide, she continues to exhibit clear behaviours of the type of dysfunctional mothers out there who have confused overdue umbilical cord extention with healthy maternal instincts and parental concerns.

The real killers, not the killer, are still out there waiting to strike their next victim in exchange for consideration, monetary ("blood money").

The public should braze itself for more drama that is yet to come, as the murder case of Samuel Wanjiru continues to unfold and unravel with many surprises and shocking discoveries.

For there is no honour among thieves, let alone among cold blooded murderers.

Anonymous said...

Wanjiru's murder will not be fully resolved without considering and looking into how the cultural aspect of how his heritage played a role in leading to the untimely demise of this once promising young and upcoming track athlete

This is not the first time that the fiduciary practices of his traditional kinsmen are making the national and indeed international headlines in matters related to murder and killing. Its sad to consider the fact that Hannah Wanjiru is forced to walk around with a machete in her purse not only because her son's killers are still alive but because as a "guka" she is only too aware that she is now also a target of their blood thirsty lust for Wanjiru's wealth and riches.

But what can one woman or even the whole entire Kenyan police force do against a cultural mindset such as the one which Wanjiru fell victim to?It behoves that community to sit down among themselves and broach the dialogue on a national level of how they found themselves in the mess they are in where their appetite and thirst for filthy lucre knows no bounds legal or illegal.

Change never starts from the outside with investigations and prosecutions but it starts from within

Anonymous said...

My take is that the barmaid Nduta is an accompliance in the whole saga, or murder for that matter. Remember earlier on we were told that Wanjiru left training camp for home because his wife (Trizah) had summoned him over some dowry issue. So, is it possible Wanjiru could have taken home the Nduta (we assume mpango wa kando)?

Assuming Trizah found them in a comprising situation, how come Nduta was bold enough to remain in the house even when Trizah bolted out in anger. An an average woman could have ran for her dear life.

Anonymous said...

Indeed the whole saga looks like a script from Naija film.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6/5/11 7:23 AM
you are a bigot!!!

mag atieno said...

Hey what a theory.

it might actually fly.But where is Wanjala(the guard) in this theory.

My theory is that there was a conspiracy between someone and the bar maid-who later cam asking Kenyans to forgive her for having contributed to Ws death

Anonymous said...

I still believe had Wanjiru married a foreigner he will not only be alive today but he would have lived to see his dream and his children's children.
My beloved Kenyans, if you have a big dream or great talent (men and women alike) please stay away from fellow kenyans. Do not enter into any romantic relationship with a Kenyan man or woman. They will destroy you. Take my words.

Anonymous said...

It seems all the bigots and puritans are crawling out of their crevices today infesting KK with their deadly prejudices and intolerance. mmmmmh!
Anon 1:54pm why didn't your parents follow your advice?

Anonymous said...

get a life

Anonymous said...

Regarding the explosion that took place on Kirinya (Grogan) Road, let's hope it was caused by some unattended welding machine or a faulty welding gas cylinder or an electrical malfunction but not a bomb device set off by some unglorious b..tards in our midst or wannabe militant elements from across the north eastern boarder of Kenya.

Otherwise, the unglorious b..tards living in and around Nairobi are going to set off a chain of events and a nationwide reaction that will end up biting them where it hurts most, and distruction of all their financial hubs that are based in various locations around the country.

Stirring a hornet's nest, call it a nyuki's hive, will only make matters worse for them and all of their associates living and opearting on Kenyan soil.

So far the Kenyan public may seem docile as it were and they may appear to outsiders as a disunited bunch of citizens, but they can very easily morph into an instant verocious whirlwind or surge into a cyclone storm in a matter of minutes when they are provoked by those who may seem to be abusing Kenya's generosity as well as hospitality that has been to offered to millions and millions of deserving guests from neighbouring countries since the 1960s.

Scores of family members of insurgents have been attacked in recent years as Iraqis turned against Al Qaeda and other militant groups.

The same may end up being the worst case scenario in Kenya where the public's reaction may be laced with an element of instantaneous velocity to it, in a kind of combustive convulsion fashion, unlike during the 1998 Nairobi bombings where the public's restrain was obvious because the agents of death and destruction were unknown at the intial stages and later believed to be from a distant place.

One would hate to see innocent bystanders and many guests who have lived in the country for decades suffer just because some wild and rabid stripped mongoose have decide to that it's time for them to start pooping, peeing and puking on Kenyan soil in the same manner they continue to do in their own habitat.

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