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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Expansionist Museveni Walks to Fourth Term

While loudmouthed Dr. Kizza Besigye is shamelessly urging Ugandans to walk to work, the hard working revolutionist Yoweri Kaguta Miseveni hasjust been installed as the President for a fourth term in office. Kizza may have been Museveni's personal physician but he is no match to the real Sebo. No wonder his eyes were sprayed with deadly pepper and had to run to Nairobi for treatment.

Uganda needs Museveni more than Kaguta needs her. After JUST 26 years Ugandans seem to have forgotten that they owe everything to Yoweri. He deserves to stay in power until the natural equalizer beckons. If anything Leader Colonel Gaddafi himself told Museveni that revolutionists don't QUIT they soldier on and lord it over their subjects until the limbs fail.

The world can make all the noise they want but Museveni and Uganda are the same thing. All he needed at his inauguration ceremony are his TRUSTED neighbours and colleagues. With Mugabe, Moi and Kibaki around, Sebo is in good company.

Charity begins at home and already Museveni has shown the way and leading by example in uniting Africa. After expanding Uganda into Lake Victoria by adding Migingo, he has lately acquired Ugingo and we Kibaki must thank him on our behalf for his unmatched statesmanship and enterprising expansionist qualities.

As our own KK resident virtual economists will tell you for free all the West's eyes are singularly trained on Uganda's new-found oil. You need a strongman and battle hardened leader like Museveni to milk that wealth. Others must learn to wait for knock-down effects.

Congratulations are due to Kaguta. Twenty six years and counting. With First lady as minister, son leading the presidential guard and daughter as private secretary you are in safe hands.


Anonymous said...

To team out-with-both-guns-blazing, this is tongue in the cheek moment :)

Philip said...

he he he. And is it Taboo or Taabu?

Anonymous said...

Pumbavu posting indeed. Uganda is Kenya's biggest trade partner and any instability there translates to loss of jobs and income for thousands of Kenyans. A tongue in cheek posting like this one is pumbavu kabisa. The same pumbavus who hailed Gadafis bombing by NATO, yet Libya is our largest source of crude oil at discounted prices. The result is the very high fuel prices we are paying. Imagine Tabus relative in kibera paying 80 bob for a litre of kerosene1
We need to sober up as enyans and learn to take care of those who contribute to our well being as a country. Kenya is not in USA or European Union. Our interests are here in Africa and we must be selfish in this. In 1993, many of ius celebrated when Siad Barre was driven out of Somalia by the military. I recall seeing him at Safari Park hotel where he was holed up for a few days before fleeing elsewhere. Little did we know the chaos that would follow mpaka leo.

Wembe Wa Mugumo Tree said...

Anon 7:00AM
During a recent interview on a local television station the NRA commander and President of Kenya's biggest trade partner scoffed at the comparison made between him and one military leader and former president of the pearl of Africa Idi Amin Dada. One wonders what the basis for making such a comparison would be or was it as President Museveni inferred a matter of unprofessional journalism?

Simply put we as Kenyans should be more discerning who allow to contribute to our wellbeing starting with cleaning out our own closets. We can do without those who abuse human rights,repress opposing political opinions not to mention conferring on themselves unconstitutional and unchecked life term presidencies because they can't imagine life in the country without them. Kenya/Uganda/East Africa is bigger than 1 man/3 men

masterE said...

yeah ugandans need not forget what museveni did for them but change is a necessary remedy for development...his time has come to vamoos

now send me to the gallows!!!I said it!!

Anonymous said...

Lisemwalo lipo na kama halipo liko njiani laja.

Kaguta's days are numbered and they will come to an end when Ugandans least expect it.

Uganda is much more greater than one individual, though he may have saved the nation from it's vicious cycle of a haunted existence.

However, men like Kizza, "the laughing hyena" (as known by many in the UPDF), won't do Uganda any good given his sordid track record during the revolutionary days and after.

For the record, there is no honour among a band of midical professionals with Kizza's well known type of unethical modus operandi, ("dawa ya wamama").

Kizza aka "Sura Ngiri" aka "Scarface" aka "Dr. Pizza (dawa ya wamama)" is known to have had a unique private practice of shamelessly extending his unwarranted doctor's visits to the houses and homes of the girlfriends, mistresses, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts, widows and even mothers of his current and former patients that were some how influential people in various political, economic, diplomatic, military, diplomatic, and social circles in Uganda.

Ugandans deserve a better leader wheneever Kaguta's era comes to an end, a leader who has less baggage from the past and doesn't suffer from malignant credibility cancer, nor gross tumours of the unethical type.

In no way, shape or form am I trying to defend nor exonerate Kaguta's 26 years of revolutionary adventures in and beyond Uganda; but so far he is the only devil that Ugandans have known since the fall of evil man Idi Amin, and demise of mad man, Milton Obote II.

Ugandans will have to bear it out patiently with Kaguta until his fourth and thee last term nears its end, otherwise the current leader will have to deserve a Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali type of reserved farewell national celebrations in due time.

The other alternatives to Kaguta's lesser evil ways of governance are very much less appetizing and palatable.

Characters like Joseph Kony aka "Devil Incarnate" aka "Lord of the 10 Commandments", Kizza aka "Sura-Ngiri" aka "Dr. Pizza (dawa ya wamama)" and His Royal Highness Kabaka Yeka, don't offer Ugandans and the region at large a better alternative in the longrun, other than more refugees.

When all is said and done, Uganda will first need an Ali Hassan Mwinyi, then a patiently wait for a Benjamin Mkapa before the nation and its resilient people can get a true new generation of African leaders like Mr. Kikwete, the current president
of Tanzania.

Ugandans should never forget to learn from Kenya's political, economic, social and ethnic huge costly mistakes, and combine them with time tested workable lessons from Tanzania and Rwanda in order to prepare for a far much better Uganda after strong man Kaguta, the 1980s revolutionary.

Viva Uganda! Aluta Continua!

254joblink said...

lets pray for uganda to sort out their internal mess

Bordering the ridiculous said...

Uganda does not have oil!

Anonymous said...

Give it to Kizza ("Kissa" or "Kiss Her"), the man has a way of reaching down the inner sanctum of women's lonely, neglected, abandoned, uncared for, untouched, bruised, suffocated, silenced, fearful, oppressed and unloved hearts.

He is one and the same Dr. Warren Kifefe ("Dr. Kifafa") who broke the hearts of many nurses during his stint at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, when he left to serve his country during the liberation war.

Kizza owes a lot to the late Dr. Josephat Karanja who helped him secure employment at the Agha Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

As a matter of fact, it's believed that there are several Kifefes who are now in their early thirties that were left behind by Dr. Warren Kifefe in the late 1970s.

Mwarang'ethe said...

As our own KK resident virtual economists will tell you for free all the West's eyes are singularly trained on Uganda's new-found oil.


ehehehhe, ahahah,

See them fighting for POWER,
But they know not the hour,

So they bribing with their GUNS, spare-parts and MONEY,

Trying to belittle our
Integrity now.

They say what we know
Is just what they teach us;
And we're so ignorant
'Cause every time they can reach us,

Through political strategy,
They keep us hungry,

And when you gonna get some food,
Your BROTHER got to be your ENEMY.



Sasa? So, how is the fight on corruption going these days?

And, have you give KRA ROBBERS permission to increase their cut from your income to finance implementation (kes 25 + 10 bn. and counting) of your katiba?

Kukopa harusi, kulipa ni ma....

NB: Political controversies flow from ECONOMIC CONFUSION among the PRIESTS and their SHEEPLE.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57 AM.
Don't ignore the fact that there more things change, the more they remain the same. Will Uganda's version of Jakaya Kikwete be any different from that of;
Benedicto Kiwanuka
Milton Obote
Idi Amin Dada
Yusuf Lule
Godfrey Binaisa
Paul Mwanga
Milton Obote II
Bazilio Olara-Okello
Tito Lutwa Okello
and now
Yoweri Museveni, president for life?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57AM/9:30AM
Doesn't Kenya also deserve our own version of the near to perfection like president of tanzania Jakaya Kikwete?

Anonymous said...

Kenya's neighbours to the west, should busy themselves with advocating for gradual change rather than revolutionary change, given the nation's volatile political history.

Here is some little advice aimed at patriotic Ugandans from all walks of life -
For the right moment you must wait, as Egyptians and Tunisians did most patiently, when warring against the powers that be, though many censured, laughed, mocked, scoffed at their decade old delays; but when the time comes, you must strike hard while the opportunity is still hot, as the Egyptians and Tunisians did, or your waiting will be in vain and fruitless."

Ugandans will win in the end as long as they put their country first before all else.

And as long as they continue to "stand together in love, labour, peace, friendship and in search of freedom of the land that feeds them, the Pearl of Africa's Crown."

Ugandans should beware of political opportunists like Kizza Besigye among others, people who will only end up dragging the whole nation down the same path as Laurent Kabila did with DRC, or to a hellish existence once Yoweri Musevani has had his fill.

Anonymous said...

Granted, Kikwete is no saint but he is light years ahead of his PRIMITIVE neighbours.

But make no mistake, Kikwete is a product of Nyerere who unlike is peers so ages ahead. Contrast that Kibaki as a student of Jomo and get the difference.

Remember man-eat-man society lash and Jomo's man-eat-nothing retort? Well, our bravado (deceit/fraud) is no infant and is in the genes.

Anonymous said...

Typical Kenyans shamelessly dishing out ADVISE to Uganda forgetting the ticking time bomb (deceit/tribalism/corruption) in their own backyard. Next Armageddon will make 2007/8 look like Sunday school or picnic. Domo domo fried in DECEPTION. Please rescue your sights by removing the log choking it. Mshindwe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57AM/9:30AM/10:05AM
Yes indeed, but one condition, make sure that the likes of Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Muraguri Murungi, Joseph Saitoti, Kalonzo Musyoki, Mudambavadi, Sonko, Beth Mugo, Kutunyi, Wakoli Bifwoli, Ababu Namwamba, Miguna Miguna, Anyong Nyong, Kojwang, Balala, Atwoli, all those who crown Muthamaki as king of Kenya, and conpany are not elected as elected as president of Kenya in the twenty years.

Anonymous said...

i concur but what part of ..."ugandans should never forget to learn from kenya's political, economic, social and ethnic huge costly mistakes"... don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

Someone says Kenya deserves a Kikwete type president then goes ahead to dismiss...."Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Muraguri Murungi, Joseph Saitoti, Kalonzo Musyoki, Mudambavadi, Sonko, Beth Mugo, Kutunyi, Wakoli Bifwoli, Ababu Namwamba, Miguna Miguna, Anyong Nyong, Kojwang, Balala, Atwoli AND all those who crown Muthamaki as king of Kenya...."

LOL so who does that leave? Martha Karua?mmmmmh. welcome to politics made in Kenya

Anonymous said...

There is nothing I really hate like those little cafes and hotels in Kenya where food is recycled and then resold to unsuspecting hungry travellers heading to different destinations.

Taabu, it's been said over and over again, "a person is responsible for allowing others to treat him/her with some degree of respect or outright disrespect."

Deleting and wiping out all the previous comments (- "Expansionist Museveni Walks to Fourth") without any kind of explanation shows your level of disrespect and contempt to diehard anonymous handles who frequent Kumekucha.

Thank you very so much.

Mononymous Pyszczynzki

Taabu said...

Anons poleni sana but it is not my fault. Those with Google handles will know that Google has been having technical hitches for the last 2/3 days taking off all posts and re-instating them with some penalties (e.g comments).

That was the case and for the last 24 hours they could only re-instate the Osama post but not allowing comments. Now the 'LATEST' on M7 has been re-instated and all looks fine.

Have a ball including all the daily BILE.

Anonymous said...

Please TEAR INTO Mutunga and Baraza and don't forget to provide short links.


Anonymous said...

Explanation well taken, although you should have said so in the first place, how could the likes of Mononymous Pyszczynski know that Taabu had a lot of taabu due to technical hitches courtesy of Gugulethu (Google)?

Mononymous jumped the gun and all s/he saw was disrespect and contempt for the anonymous herd.

Apology as well.

There will be no impudence on Mononymous part because the would be hepatocytes are already humbled and disarmed by your explanation.


Anonymous said...

Yoweri Museveni has set record that surpasses the one of Mzee Daniel arap Moi, but not Joseph Mobutu's.

He will now rule Uganda for 30 years since overthrowing the tribal (Langi) government of Milton Obote in 1986.

Are we doomed or cursed when it comes to elections in Africa?

Are East Africans and Southern Africans are doomed? Will there ever be an 'East African Awakening' or 'Southern African Awakening' any time soon?

Unfortunately, most of the heads of states paid homage to Yoweri Museveni, and they had no qualms about congratulating Yoweri Museveni for his fourth reign in power.

Not sure whether Paul Kagame showed up for the sake of good neighbourliness or just in case he might need Yoweri Museveni's help on a rainy day given the way African politics usually play out.

Yoweri Museveni is not yet a limping lion, but he's still going to roar in Uganda for another ten years regardless of whether this is last term in office or another one of his series of 'president for life' African style.

Last time, I felt a lot of pride an joy when Gbagbo reminded many of us of the fact that the vests worn by many grandfathers, fathers and school boys during the 1960s and 70s were still in vogue and worn by very powerful and wealthy men of Africa.

However I was very disappointed when a formidable and credible opponent was not found to counter Yoweri Museveni, punch-for-punch, during Uganda's generla elections.

Kizza Besigye was no match, he is not Uganda's version of Quattara, nor does he have the charisma to unite all of the opposition against Yoweri Museveni.

The man I pity most is Kahinda Otafure who was blocked from trying to unseat one of Museveni's yes men, Amama Mbabazi.

Although, there is still hope because Uganda has 37 independent MPs and if all goes well other MPs could join ranks and end up being a power block that influences parliamentary business while at the same time force Yoweri Museveni start limping before his time is over.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Kaguta. What else to say?

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:15PM said...
Congratulations to Kaguta.what else to say?
Plenty my friend. Allow me to elaborate briefly;

We Africans occupying this populated continent have alot of explaining to do to our future generations progeny as to why currently 50 out of the 53 states can be described as living below poverty, illiterate, sickly from curable diseases and weighed down with inferior complexity to the western culture more than 40 years after gaining self-independence from former colonial powers

The reason is simple and has everything to do with the re-election of Kaguta.The leadership crisis plaguing Uganda is totally the Ugandan people's own making as they repeatedly make and stick to very poor choices in a leader. Who can blame them though? they are in good company on this side of the sub-sahara

The uprisings in Egypt and Lybia not withstanding, Africans must get introspective and ask themselves what is the attraction and comfort with consistently voting in bad/poor leadership which they are then unable to get rid of for the next decade or two.

That is what can be said about the re-election of YKM as Uganda's president for life

Mwarang'ethe said...

Please TEAR INTO Mutunga and Baraza and don't forget to provide short links.




To oppose Moi is not to oppose tyranny.

You may know this today, but, in due time, time will teach you.


The reason is simple and has everything to do with the re-election of Kaguta.The leadership crisis plaguing Uganda is totally the Ugandan people's own making as they repeatedly make and stick to very poor choices in a leader. Who can blame them though? they are in good company on this side of the sub-sahara



Which choice are you talking about?

The "choices" you see are like your left and right bum.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mwarang'ethe, those analysis are like a false dawn and/or left and right bums. intellectual underweights! why do they bother to comment here when they have no substance to offer. Mwarang'ethe I'm with you all the way keep on educating us

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Bordering the ridiculous said...

This is what I don't understand about Kenyans, they are celebrating the nomination of a well known Shoga as CJ who is not even afraid to declare it publicly by wearing a stud and on the other hand we have same Kenyans shouting their voices hoarse that it's unafrican and unchristian to do another man.
I can't see this doubledness anywhere in the world. You stick to one or the other!

Anonymous said...

anon 3:29PM
Shoga is what he is or what he does? I thought he is a lawyer/CJ nominee so whats that got to do with Shoga?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

There is more that can be said about the self-styled liberator of Uganda;

-the conqueror of all the military forces of Milton Obote, Bazilio Olara-Okello and Tito Okello,

-the slayer of Oyite Ojok, the one time stubborn and merciless python that nearly choked all life out of Loweero Triangle,

-the vanquisher of all crazies like Joseph Kony ("devil incarnate"),

-the Son of a man of the Seventh ("KEYA"),

-the politician and statesman,

-none other than the one and only Field Marshal Yoweri Museveni.

Since NRM ("Never Resist Museveni") formation 30 years ago, Museveni has run the political outfit (party) with a very heavy hand.

NRM, the party, is synonymous with Museveni, with no permanent values or interests other than his own.

He brooks little opposition, packing it will alllies and relatives.

His brother, Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho, brother in law, Sam Kutesa, son Lt Col Kainerugaba Muhoozi, wife Janet Museveni, and daughter Natasha Karugire are among his family members to have held government posts.

Museveni whose guerilla war against Obote began in 1981, is a self liberator who says he delivered Uganda from oppressive Obote.

But he himself has been freequently accused of amnipulating elections and intimidating the opposition to keep himself in power.

...East Africa is increasingly gaining notoriety as a region that does not condecut free and fair elections.

Kenya is still smarting from the violence that erupted after 2007 elections which were manipulated by a partisan electoral commission to Mwai Kibaki in power

Egnubo said...

Someone in a post above asks the following:

Please TEAR INTO Mutunga and Baraza and don't forget to provide short links.


I invite you to sample some comments by Willy Mutunga on the ordination of gay bishops in the Anglican Confraternity and why the topic of homosexuals is hardly spoken about in Kenya.

"It's hypocrisy. The fact is that this society is fanatically religious," Willy Mutunga, head of Kenya's independent Human Rights Commission, said.

"A lot of people know its happening but don't want it to be discussed," he added, explaining that religious delegates at a conference charged with rewriting Kenya's constitution tried to prevent a debate on enshrining gay rights.

"I think the influence of religion in this country is very harmful.

"They don't allow proper sex education in school, don't allow condoms in a country with HIV/Aids.

That kind of rubbish makes me very mad," Mutunga said.

Richard Muga, director of medical services in Kenya's health ministry, put forward a more prevalent view.

"Homosexuality exists and it is widely responsible for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases."

Mutunga has some allies elsewhere in Africa, however.

"It is a humanely unacceptable and politically hypocritical situation," according to Senegal's Alioune Tine, who heads the African Defence of Human Rights Union.

"Everybody knows that homosexuals live among us in this country but why deny them their rights to demonstrate or organise themselves?" he wrote in a 2002 report on homosexuality in Africa published by the International Human Rights Federation.

Anonymous said...

According to UK's Tullow Oil, which operates block 2 in the Lake Albert basin, Uganda can produce up to 350,000 barrels of oil per day by 2018 if the right development plan is adopted.

President Yoweri Museveni will see to it that the right development plan is adopted while he is still in office and his successor will follow through with the best interest of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Anonymous said...

Another cause for celebration, one of your arch nemesis fell on his own sword during a so called "moment of temporary weakness and bad judgement call."

Was it his first? Who knows! The suspect may have gotten away with it in some third world countries where victims are easily intimidated and threatened by local authorities.

Unfortunately for the big kahuna, he met his match in the land where any police officer who first arrives on the scene of a crime can arrest suspect or issue an APB in pursuit of a fleeing suspect.

I.M.F. Head Is Arrested and Accused of Sexual Attack.
The leader of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport, accused of attacking a hotel maid, the authorities said
. -AP.

Another one of those big fish (crows) bites the dust and flushes a whole career down the drain in one of the largest cities renowned for escort services that caters to high-end clientele.

Wonder whether he will have the effrontery to complain that he was framed by his political enemies at the UN, IMF, WB, Wall Street, or in the USA?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe, man you are an arrogance little ba....! You may have education but you do NOT hsve monopoly on knowledge. Shape up pal.

Anonymous said...

Room 2806 or Suite 2806?

"Do you know who I am? You guys are making a very bing mistake! This is a very big mistake! Do you really who I am? I will sue all of you and the New York Police (Department).

Just wait, you will see when this is all over. You can't just humiliate me and embarrass me in public in the manner which you doing at the moment."
- Heard from a first class passenger on an international jetliner.

"The New York police Department arrested Mr. Strauss-Kahn at 2:24 a.m. Sunday "on charges of criminal sexual act, attempted rape, unlawful imrpisonment in connection with a sexual assualt on a 32-year-old chambermaid in a luxury suite a Midtown Manhattan hotel yesterday" at 1 p.m., Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne, the department's spokesman, said.

Can't wait to hear more fireworks from the French political circles, the Socialist Party and the haters of "caviar leftist elite".

One less political candidate for the French presidential race in May 2012, and an unexpected but a timely political windfall for Nicolas Sarkozy.

The incident at 45 West 44th Street, near Times Square opens up a vacancy for another professor of economics at the Paris Institute of Political Studies.

The whole episode may end up being a very bad sequel to the movie 'Maid in Manhattan' with a French connection or twist.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! The goon thought he was in France where men are able to pinch women's butts and get away with it on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Woh, PARAGON of knowledge. Only you knows, the rest well, ULISOMA WAPI?

Wembe Wa Mugumo Tree said...

The arrogance of blind ambition in action...
When a knowledgeable and professional man such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn is stupid enough to think he can get away with sexual assault then you understand how arrogant blind ambition can make you.

It begins with name calling and hurling of abusive insults due to your perceived intellectual credentials. Sadly it usually results in mistreatment of people perceived to be on a lower pedestal intellectually in comparison.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is lucky we live in a world where people look the other way if you're famous rich or important. He will get away with his arrogant blind ambition

Anonymous said...

If it happened in kenya, Dominique Strauss-Kahn would have walked scotch free and woman would have been scorned.
Kenya is a macho society, I believe it happen everyday in schools, work places, market places,inside matatus, cinemas, in their own homes places of worship na kadhalika.

I can never be married to a Kenyan man.I thank God I left Kenya, away from those stupid primitive men! I don't believe Kenyan men deserve any woman, they should all turn gay and marry each. shenzi type!

Anonymous said...

Said the daughter of a Kenyan man. Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

anon 1:01
first of all you are a man pretending to be a woman!women don't visit this blog anymore. have you no shame?

secondly what does that say about your kenyan father?If he is alive then i sympathize yours is an existential crisis and a cry for help

Thirdly i think chances are higher of men legally marrying men in whichever western nation you're currently residing in so what does that say about your adopted motherland?


Anonymous said...

"I can never be married to a Kenyan man.I thank God I left Kenya, away from those stupid primitive men! I don't believe Kenyan men deserve any woman, they should all turn gay and marry each. shenzi type!"

Good grief. Kenyan men dont seem to be doing well on this count.

Anonymous said...

@4:24 p.m.
you intend to state that you "can never be married to a man from" your gene pool or macho ethnic background?
the right to choose the type of spouse, type of marriage and type of life you want if you so desire.
just fake it, make it in life.

Anonymous said...

Sammy Wanjiru was a victim of jealous people who put a witchcraft spell on him.
Sad such a talented young person had to die this way.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:23AM
Of course he wasn't don't be ridiculous. First of all may the late Olympic marathon champion rest in peace.

Secondly was witchcraft responsible for his being drunk in the company of a woman (not his wife) in their matrimonial home?

Third but not least of all was witchcraft responsible for his wife taking him to court a few months ago on the grounds seeking divorce?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:48 AM,
YES, witchraft was responsible for ALL of his misfourtunes.
When a spell is cast on you, it makes you do things you are not suppose to do pushing u further and further into trouble inorder to destroy you.
He should have sought help in church when trouble started.

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