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Friday, May 27, 2011

China Shocker: Workers Build 15 Storey Hotel in 6 Days

Imagine leaving for Mombasa for a brief business trip of about 6 days and then when you come back to your house in Nairobi you get lost completely. The reason being that a 15 storey building that you did not leave there has seemingly dropped from the skies.

This is exactly what happened to some poor chaps in a neighborhood in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha when workers recently completed a magnificent 6-story building in 6 short days. YES!!! 6 DAYS.
The work crew erected the new Ark Hotel (pictured above) —a soundproofed, thermal-insulated structure reportedly built to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake—with prefabricated materials. A crew of off-site factory workers built the sections, and their on-site counterparts arranged them on the foundation for the Ark project. Read more.

And that is not all. Like in all prefabricated buildings there was very little wastage of material. It was also reported that there wasn’t a single injury during construction. Those in the construction industry will tell you that high-rise buildings in Kenya routinely claim a few lives by the time they are completed.

I hope Kumekucha readers are able to appreciate the implications of this kind of speed in a construction project. Speed can revolutionize any venture. Imagine if you could make the kind of money you make in a year in only 6 days!!!! It means without doubt that China has to be a serious contender for the leading super power in the world today even as people continue to make fun of the quality of Chinese goods without realizing that a vast majority of the things they use on a daily basis are of Chinese origin. By the way incase you are not aware most parts inside the computer you are using to read this are from China. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a laptop or a PC. The same applies if you are using a cell phone or Blackberry.

Most people don’t know that before Japan became such a respected name in quality manufacturing there was a time everybody laughed at their poor quality. It seems that that is a phase that the Chinese have recently crossed.

I happened to know of some local entrepreneurs who are using Chinese prefabs in the Kenyan construction industry to their advantage. Imagine being able to put up buildings much faster than usual. It would have tremendous implications on cash flow and the financials in general.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Call it thinking out of the box. The most prosperous fear nothing but fear itself. China is a dragon (cuts both ways).

But wait till you get hit with EVANGELICAL economics from KK's resident oasis of all knowledge. First brace yourself to be told off that you DON'T GET IT.

Are Chinese trading in GOLD or YEN?LOL

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, that's what we really need in the overdue reconstruction of new county headquarters, police headquarters, county prisons, modern county markets, proposed (elevated) national schools, county colleges and universities, and the putting up of the state of the art hospitals in every county of Kenya.

Thanks Kumekucha, as always, for the shocker about the 15 storey hotel that was built in 6 days by Chinese workers.

The architectural venture makes the Tower of Babel pale in comprison.

However, the Chinese need to have more stricter scrutiny and controls of their exports like Japan does, otherwise so many unscruplous manufacturers, traders and crooked businessmen will continue to produce and export substandard commodities, thus the current laughter and deep misgivings about Chinese goods of inferior quality.

On the minus side, if it takes six days for such a building to ascend to its specified height, how long will it take to descend when compounded with structrural malfunction at oen time or the other?

Anonymous said...

This blog was also made in China? It explains why the comments are deleted and you keep disappearing and re-appearing intermittently

Anonymous said...

i dont trust them. the two words china and durable dont work in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

The heading of the story is all sexed up. They did not build unless there is a Kumekucha variant definition of building. They just assembled. Its like getting exited about assembling a bed in 1 minute and reporting 'Chris builds a bed in 1 minute'.

About your advert of making 6,000 dollars in a Month, that company is another pyramid scheme and the only person who benefits is the owner. I got this information by googling in under 10 minutes and I am suprised Chris could not have exercised such basic caution before sending Kenyans into another international pyramid scheme.

All in all, we are happy to have you back.

Philip said...


Your previous posts and this one shows clearly that you are more concerned in making money through this blog than informing people.

I believe the intention of the last one was to attract Safaricom to market itself in your blog. I believe in this one your target is to attract real estate investors.

I don't think your intention nowadays is to inform people but it's all about making money through the blog.

Be careful because you can focus so much in making money through this blog and forget what made it popular which will eventually lead you to where you started after bloggers have left this one.

You'll be surprised by how much I know about prefabs houses. Infact I have experience in nearly all of them and I know challenges they face that has made them not to be popular.

Chris said...

Anon @ 8:59PM
@ Philip

Thank you for your comments.

You guys need to do a little more careful research on this.

For instance there is a VERY BIG difference between Pyramid schemes and Network marketing affiliate programs. For example respectable was the first website to use affiliate marketing that has plenty of network marketing likeness in it. Nobody has been arrested yet because in the US pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL.

Anyway I have joined the program I am sounding out my fellow Kenyans to and I DON'T join pyramid schemes.

Having said that, thank you for the warm welcome back. Not many have welcomed me back and I am human after all is said and done who apprteciates and feels e-hugs.

Have a nice day bro.

Chris Kumekucha

P.S. @ Philip I wud love to hear about the shortfalls of prefabs according to ur experience coz I want to go into them in a big way.

Anonymous said...

Chris can you just imagine if the Chinese were printing our money, the quality of the notes would be so inferior and cheap that corruption would immediately stop in Kenya because nobody would want to handle this poorly minted paper

Having said that please feel free to ignore those welcoming you back with sticks and stones-they can criticize but can they contribute constructively?

PS:-why can't all the slums in the country be torn down and prefab put up instead?

Anonymous said...


Pyramid schemes and Network marketing affiliate programs (or MLM's as they're called) are very different. What most people don't know is that the loss rates for MLM programs are close to 99.98% of all participants, which is way worse than for straight forward pyramid scheme which have a loss rate of around 85%. In Kenya, we have Tianshi and GNLD wiping out people in the name of Network marketing affiliate programs selling their overpriced junk.

Please don't try to compare Amazons business model with MLM. It's deceptive.

Read and understand what Phillip has told you.

Anonymous said...

If u let chinese in, they will come for your women!

Anonymous said...

what anon@3:26AM means is that you don't get it and you don't want to get it

Anonymous said...

Chinese are coming!

Anonymous said...

“...Run in such a way as to get the prize”
(1 Corinthians 9:24, NIV)

Oftentimes, when we have a dream in our heart, we start off strong. We head down the path toward our goal, and we’re so excited! But along the way, we hit some roadblocks and encounter some adversity. Many times, people will just give up and take the easy way out. But we have to remember, it’s not how we start that counts; it’s how we finish. Anybody can be fired up at the beginning, but I’m encouraging you to stick with it until the end! Have the determination to go all the way through. Don’t stop at the halfway mark just because times are tough. Don’t quit because you don’t see anything happening. The scripture tells us not to walk by sight, but to walk by faith.

Today, if there’s a dream in your heart, something you’re believing for — a relationship to turn around, a business opportunity or to overcome an addiction — keep pursuing it! Run your race to win the prize! Don’t settle until you see the fullness of what God has placed in your heart. As you stand strong in your faith, I believe God will pour out His favor and blessing upon you, and you will see the victory He has in store for you!

M. Pesa said...


What happened to Kumekucha's Weekend Specials, Playing Nyatiti for those core issues we appreciate and some good old stories you used to tell us to drive a point home? One of those stories that still sticks in my mind today is that one of an old fella who hated the noisy youth, so he opted to open a fast food joint for pensioners! Well, the joint never lasted long since wazee didn't have a clue about chips and burgers. Remember breaking the story about sex scandal at Nation Media Group? Marianne Briner's saucy letters to Jeff Koinange? ....My point? Bring back the good old Kumekucha and these guys may want to return back: The likes of Kalamari, Phil Wesonga, Taabu Tele, Proud Kikuyu Woman, Kwale, Kimi Raikkonen, Vicky, "Oscar", Sayra, UrxInc, Derek, Oracle....etc!

Good day Sir!

Anonymous said...

A sucker is born every minute, while prymids schemes are hatched everyday.

That's why one should not have sympathy whatsoever for people, Kenyans in particular, who desperately or blindly seek to make quick money through greedy channels or questionable means.

Only to turn around screaming that they "have been lied to, had, tricked, taken advantaged of, swindled, scammed, robbed, taken to the cleaners, or left hanging dry."

Greed is good. Greed begets greed. Suckers are the bloodline and lifeline for millions of conmen and conwomen around the world.

Pata! Potea!

Anonymous said...

One of the people you've mentioned above is responsible for penning "Nairobi nights: How times have changed!"

Anonymous said...

Who are the etc or do you mean Mwarang'ethe, Tiskie of Jukwaa, and of course yourself?
The point you are making of Chris doesn't just get it sounds all too familiar

Philip said...


The only feature in most of the "affordable" homes that have so far been introduced in kenya is wall. Unfortunately though they have been successful in other countries like South Africa and several countries in South America, they have failed in Kenya because our stone wall has proven to be cheaper than them particularly in Nairobi and its environs which takes up over 50% of all constructions in Kenya.

The first "cheap" construction method I worked with was Hydrafoam blocks. They claim its cheaper since they are interlocking blocks and so no need for mortar for joints. What they fail to say is that the blocks are made of a mix of cement, sand and red soil. That a block weighs 11 kg with cement taking close to 2kg which makes a square metre of it to have more cement than conventional stone. In Nairobi you'll have to import red soil which makes it more expensive. It's only cheap where there is plenty of red soil and no stone.

....... I'll tell you more ....

Anonymous said...

Chris, we sincerely do love you and it breaks my heart that you have been lured into an endless money losing MLM scheme. Kumekucha has more potential than you can imagine if you put all your efforts and talent here. Websites like Kenyanlist that draw tonnes of traffic nowadays and earn lots of cash used to look upto Kumekucha as lately as early last year before you abandoned the site and went looking for a quick buck.
My advice, revive this forum, continue doing what you are good at and money will come knocking at your bank vaults.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

Chris there seems to be somewhat of an angry backlash towards you for putting your personal money making interests ahead of the welfare of this blog to the detriment of the of
your loyal audience's general interest

How do you respond to these accusations and what plans do you have to rectify the situation as it stands?If you don't get it this time you must

Anonymous said...

Chris, please arise and explain yourself or come to your own defence with regard to the alluring offerings by the golden Sphinx in question.

I was made to believed that some smart Kenyans were making $5,000 or more from a myriad of ventures other than from the bottom pits of the Sphinx of Nairobi.

kumekucha said...

Thanks for your useful comments good people.

Allow me to sleep over it all and chew and digest everything you have said so that I give you all a detailed answer kesho...


Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

etc means people like Derek, B-Carotene, Cicero, Daniel Waweru, Ivy, e-cop...etc, I miss them all.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...

The only feature in most of the "affordable" homes that have so far been introduced in kenya is wall.



The cost of a house is made up of two things only:

(a) labour, and
(b) land.

If this is the case, to what extent has the cost of labour increased in the last 10 years?

A few days ago, we gave an example of a 3 bedroom house that went for KES 3m in 2003 and which is now going for KES 14m in 2011. An increament of KES 11m in 8 years.

So, has the cost of hiring fundi's gone up by that %? Has the labour costs of cement, sheet gone up that much? Hell NO.

So, what has gone up then? Simple, LAND. Oh, that land again!

In other words, any introduction of so called cheap/affordable materials will not lead to cheaper houses. It will not do so cos on such introduction, LAND values goes up to take up the would be savings.

In other words, just like any tax exemption ends up increasing land values, so, will any cheap building options. In few words, all we are doing is aiding the land monopolists.

We can try all solutions in hell and Heaven. However, nothing SHALL work until we understand the centrality of land in our lives in life and death.


As concerns quick riches, we only say this:

We live in the age of SPECULATION whereby, people believe in SOMETHING for NOTHING.

However, remember, when you get something for nothing, someone somewhere, must have lost SOMETHING.

It is must be so because, the only formula known for wealth is this:


Speculation/getting rich quick is a formula which tries to eliminate HUMAN EXERTION.

It does not. It only ROBS others. However, since this robbery is done not with a gun, we walk around proud of our riches.

Woe unto you murderers and robbers calling yourself investors.

As Bob would say:

Babylon system is the vampire,
Suckin' the children day by day,
Me say: de Babylon SYSTEM is the vampire, falling empire,
Suckin' the blood of the sufferers,

DECEIVING the people continually,
Me say them graduatin' THIEVES and MURDERERS;
Look out now: they SUCKING' the BLOOD of the sufferers.

kumekucha said...

Guess what?

You can now make comments directly from your Facebook account to Kumekucha and vice versa. And so your friends on FB can see what you said without having to visit Kumekucha. Cool huh? Have fun using it guys!

This is part of a small set of exciting changes happening in Kumekucha this week designed to dramatically enhance user experience and general enjoyment and usefulness of the popular blog.

Kumekucha Chris

kumekucha said...

Ohhh and I forgot to mention that this old blogger comments system remain for those who prefer to post as annonymous. When in the blog you just flip from one set of comments to the other depending on where you want to leave your comment.

There are two tiny greay boxes at the bottom. The one with a blogger logo is the blogger one and when you click on it you see blogger comments. The other one isd the Facebook one and when you click on it you can leave a comment that will be visible both on Kumekucha and on Facebook.

Please let me know what you think guys.

Kumekucha Chris

Anonymous said...

"Woe unto you murderers and robbers calling yourself investors."

Hear ye. Hear ye.

Off with their heads!

Anonymous said...

I share not Chris' excitement about linking to facebook. What is facebook, anyway? Your mother?

Anonymous said...

Chris i as one of your long time readers on this site am more than pleased and excited with these new developments bringing Kumekucha into the 21st century finally.

Your return has rejuvenated this blog and now you can see why you are so much missed whenever you disappear.You have already been told that this blog is a leader of kenyan internet websites and you must work as hard as you did at its inception to keep it there-

PS:-now you are getting it even Mwarang'ethe would agree so

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello?? I miss him

Anonymous said...

Chris, your rising to the challenge like a phoenix has put the Sphinx to rest. One more issue that still needs clarification, which is, what about youtubing on Kumekucha without having one's face booked or taggd by the so called friends and aliens?

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