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Saturday, March 05, 2011

What is the executive diverting attention away from?

5I have been away burying my dad. Predictably it has been a very sad time for me. Yeah, yeah I know how fashionable it is these days to celebrate somebody’s life at their funeral rather than just feel sad and only focus on what may have been but never was, but hey I am human after all and the guy was my dad.

Enough of that for now but for those still interested I will talk about the man who was the true inspiration behind your beloved Kumekucha and our stormy relationship in the weeks and months to come as I continue to come to terms with the sudden events of January 19th this year and the aftermath.
Time for me may have stood still in the past few weeks but oh my, nothing has stood still on the local political scene. So much has happened and there is so much to discuss and reveal. Indeed I debated with myself for hours to decide what this first post would be about.

Let’s talk about diversion tactics, shall we. Because there has been so much of that in recent times so much so that I am very scared for Kenya. By the end of this post you too will be.

Diversion tactics work best when you want to attack a fortress of sorts. You start a small fire (that looks big) on the side so that everybody’s attention is focused on your dangerous looking fire, including those who are supposed to be guarding the fortress with their lives. And so it becomes very easy for you to go in and steal the crown jewels. With proper execution some people will never get an inkling of what you did.

There was a time that many people used to believe that Mwai Kibaki drunk too much, but would president Kibaki with his array of top notch advisors make unconstitutional appointments without realizing what he had done? And then keep insisting that they were constitutional while clinging to legal straws that are at best laughable?

I don’t think so. The idea there was to divert attention.

Many of you will have heard of the Prime Minister using the same effective technique (according to Wikileaks revelations) to divert attention from substantiated allegations that he had appointed close relatives to key diplomatic posts.

All past Kenyan presidents starting from Kenyatta and Moi have been known to frequently use diversion tactics on the hapless public.

The question on your mind now should be; what is our attention being diverted away from? Serious political analysts will have no problem with the first guess. The ICC stu***.

But methinks that there is also something else almost as serious brewing which I hope to discuss here in the days to come. Meanwhile it is great to be back. I missed Kumekucha much more than I thought I would.

Some people don't think Kibaki is the main target on Ocampo's list


Anonymous said...

You are very right. Kibaki not leaving presidency next year.neither will he surrender t'he ocampo three.take this to your bank.

Anonymous said...

Pole for loosing your dad..In the meantime these two clowns have been leading us on a wild goose chase.But here is what the americans really think about them....
"President Kibaki is cast as a man in control and in full health, despite his occasional appearances in public which create the impression of a hesitant and disengaged leader.

Mr Odinga in turn is described as a pragmatic politician who agreed to the post election coalition arrangement despite considerable pressure from allies.

But both men come in for severe criticism, some of it delivered by their most trusted aides.

Mr Odinga is depicted as a politician who has placed his own presidential ambitions ahead of the fight for reforms, despite his public pose as a champion of the reform effort.

The PM is also criticised as an ineffective leader whose office is beset by wrangles and incompetence, which he appears unable to deal with".

And the person who spoke so unflatteringly about Raila to the American ambassador is none other than one James Aggrey Orengo..!

Anonymous said...

Chris! So sorry for your loss.

My sense is that none of them is interested in implementing reforms at this time in view of the elections next year. Two reasons. One, they dont have the bandwidth--attention spans are too low. Chemilio is concerned with succession and the "opinion poll president" with finally becoming president. Two, reform implementation (especially the kinds that Kenyans are demanding eg land, police force) is a messy and risky process. None of them is ready to risk the fallout it may entail, yet they or their successors will need both financing AND votes.

Keep well, Chris.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Pole Chris for the loss.


"Let’s talk about diversion tactics, shall we. Because there has been so much of that in recent times so much so that I am very scared for Kenya. By the end of this post you too will be."

mmmm, Chris, you are worried about Kenya? It is too late brother.

We have told you and others for a number of years that, Kenya and much of the world, is headed for REAL TROUBLE.

However, due to mass DELUSIONS, you guys refuse to listen. Haya, tutaona.

However, we understand the source of these DELUSIONS. It is the narrow and petty concepts of freedom that are taught in STATE schools of Nzamba, Ghai, Lumumba and Namwamba's of this world.

In other words, many have been taught to accustom themselves to SERVITUDE. Unfortunately, having never seen real deal, they mistakenly think this servitude is the much desired LIBERTY.

With such DELUSIONS, you only end up establishing oppression/tyranny on a legal basis such as the new constitution.

Anyway, let us leave thee with Sura Mbaya:

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Chris and pole sana for the loss of your dad.

We hope to see more of your well thought out, incisive and well written posts making a comeback over here at Kumekucha - after a very long time.

Mwarang'ethe said something in his comment that set me thinking. He said:

"Many of us have been "taught' to accustom ourselves to SERVITUDE.... "

It really makes you think, at least speaking for myself, that Kenyans - the average wanainchi, not just the politicians - are their own worst enemies.

Our personal and public standards are so low. No wonder MEDIOCRITY reigns supreme all over the place.

We HATE excellence, in whatever form it takes, with a passion that borders on MADNESS. We are truly a DOOMED people.

Anonymous said...

Karibu sana Chris and pole sana Bwana for the big loss.

But hey at least you are one lucky fellow, my dad passed away when I was only 2 years old. I never knew the man, I wish he was there as I was growing up. All I hear are stories from my aunts and uncles about my dad. So there you go, your kids got to see their guka, mine will never experience that, even from their mother's side!


Mimi said...

Hi Chris,

I had the chance to read through the real issues affecting Ivory Coast as a country and the Francophone west africa region.

How is it that AU played the card that they did? How they have gragged Kenya into this issue through RAO? Probably because as we were not a french colony.

Anyhow this post is about the French Colonial Pact....

Pls see attached and lets debate....
Could you research more on this pact and enlighten the masses... Mwarangethe, jee...

Mimi said...

Anonymous said...

Kibakis infamous announcements.

Does Kibaki wait for RAO to leave town or does RAO run away when aware Kibaki is a bout to make the announcements?
Just cant get it when you look at the fateful nominations and now the dream team of envoys to UN

Anonymous said...


I want to offer my sincere condolences on your recent and untimely loss and I can only imagine how difficult it has been for you and your family, keep on brother.

While you have been "MIA", recent events by our political high priests have enrolled us enmasse to become members of the "virtual church of the blind", a congregation of blissful indifference to the TRUTH. We are busy shouting "amen" to sermons even before they are over.

Since we have stopped having probing minds, we are going to be herded around like sheep, with a wide selection of "political sheperds" to choose from, following and keeping up with the ancient master-race traditions until that day when we shall have a "revolution of the mind"

In the past our society was led by the witch doctor, village elders, medicine men, paramount chiefs, voodoo priests and today we have the president and the prime minister working hand-in-hand with the new ruling class of industrialists and investment bankers mmmmh!

We are being told off sweet terms like the GDP is set to rise and the "virtual blind congregation" have no idea what awaits them..

Meanwhile, I will sit pensively plucking pages from this new constitution as I slowly sip mursik watching as the political class "harvest" wool from the sheep.

Mwara"N"gethe wapi popcorn? This drought will soon lead to shortage of corn plus I need to wrap them using the pages that I have plucked.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Pole chriss glad you are back

Mwarang'ethe said...

In the past our society was led by the witch doctor, village elders, medicine men, paramount chiefs, voodoo priests and today we have the president and the prime minister working hand-in-hand with the new ruling class of industrialists and investment bankers mmmmh!


mmmmm, these investment bankers, what investments do they do? And, do they have the money they invest?

As concerns industrialists/capitalists, you need to distinguish btw. two types of industrialists/capitalists:

(a) industrial capitalists, and
(b) financial capitalists.

The problem is not (a), in fact, we need millions of these. We need such to convert our raw materials into useful products we need and in the process, create millions of jobs we need.

Our ENEMY is (b). In other words, such IDOLS as the Equity for all they create are DEBTS and debt is the CURRENCY of SLAVES.

Just watch this interview:

When you are used to SERVITUDE, you may not see thru the DOG POO in this interview.

In it, he says, the Equity's balance sheet is kes 150 bn.

Now, if you look at the CORE CAPITAL, it is now kes 250 m, and will be kes 1bn in 2012.

Now, if their capital is around kes 250 m. where do they (44 banks) get the rest of the "money" which amounts to kes 1 trillion which the SLAVES have "borrowed."

If you can unravel this modern alchemy, you will never be perplexed again by these kind of DOG POO interviews like that talking head we see in this interview.

You may begin by knowing that, when we come to financial matters, we have 3 things:

(a) money,
(b) currency, and
(c) credit.

If you check the NEW CONSTITUTION, it talks of CURRENCY. It is silent on MONEY and CREDIT. Terrible mistake if you knw what this means.

However, a small matter to people who are EXPERTS in centers of power and HR nonsense.

Simply, the drafters of this useless constitution are illiterate when it comes to financial matters, i.e. the most crucial issue in a nation. But, that is the game plan of the STATE schools to train vichwa maji.

Well, as concerns popcorn, we are well supplied. We consulted weather men in advance.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Sorry for your loss.

Now that you are back, can you do something about "Oracle" the madman who have been running a campaign of bullying, intimidation, harrasment and hate in this blog for the last 3 weeks.
I beseech you to do something. He comes in various anons and under differrent names i.e "King Charles", "Oracle has spoken"
You are capable of blocking this madman from running free in this blog.

We are simply tired and sick his childish kindergeten behaviours

Mwarang'ethe said...

Sorry, we just realised the MOST HIGH PRIEST and the OLDEST, if you exclude those of Amsterdam is in "our camp in denouncing investment banks." If you doubt, sample this:

"Mervyn King: Banks putting profits before customers."

NB: One may ask, which profits is he talking about?

"Banks are trying to maximise short-term profit at the expense of customers, the Bank of England governor has said.

In a Daily Telegraph interview, Mervyn King questioned the bonus system and warned that failure to reform the sector could result in another financial crisis.

mmm, some are even saying this:

"It may be the first time many people have heard such STARK and, some might say, incendiary comments from the Bank of England governor."

It is called strategic deception by THE MOST HIGH PRIESTS to calm the SHEEP.

It is so, because, it is the presence of CENTRAL BANKS which is the real beef. The other banks are just its kids.


Bobby6Killer said...

Condolences to you & yours Chris. Welcome back though.

Anonymous said...

Pokea risala za rambirambi. Mungu ailaze Roho yake mahali pema peponi. Amina.

Karibu tena.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

“The silly when deceived exclaim loudly; the fool complains; the honest man walks away and is silent.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chris sorry and pole sana for your loss.

@Anon 7.57Am,
You are an intellectual lightweight who has nothing to offer this blog and you carry various anons but you are popularly known as Taabu, who is always against the Oracle and mwarang'ethe. Grow up old mzee

Anonymous said...

there goes FAGGOT oracle @ anon 12:33!

Anonymous said...

@7.57am and 12.41pm,
Forgive me for bursting your bubble, but I am not the Oracle, but was simply stating that you need to grow up. If we were to adhere to the house rules your foul mouthed comments would not see the light of day and shame on you for not respecting Chris during this time. For your own benefit, kindly grow up.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Pole sana kwa msiba, Mola awe na familia yako....

Chris said...

Thank you all for the kind words. I am overwhelmed by kindness of the kind I never expected from the battle ground called Kumekucha. Am sincerely grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Kumekucha Chris

Anonymous said...

Typical of Chris, promise too much and deliver nothing, nada, nilch...typical of premature ejaculators who leave their wives frustrated.
Yes Chris, we feel cheated to have read nothing in your post even though you promised alot in your preamble.


Anonymous said...


Before feeding us on "Coprophagia" theories of Dog Poo! and signature BULLSHIT! Cries. It was my belief that you clearly UNDERSTOOD my "industrialist" referall, that is one field I have delved on for so long it makes my head haemorraghe just from thinking about it, so sorry you taught me nothing new.

Ha ha he he hi hi "Martin King: Banks putting profits before customers"... is this news??? You are in Cosmetics business bwana are you in it for SERVITUDE or PROFITS!! Mmmmh!, leta ingine, allow me to use your parlance, hiyo ni BULLSHIT!!!

You also said...."Now if you look at the CORE CAPITAL, it is now Kes 250m, and will be Kes 1bn in 2012". Aiiiii for which year?? Hii mambo ya because it is on the internet so it must be the TRUTH is Dog Poo raised to power 2, adjust hizo ma web references.

Equities core capital left that realm kitambo, infact when Amos Kimunya was opening his mouth on the 2012 deadline it was way ahead. I hope we are looking at the same Balance sheet as at 31 Dec 2010 and from the same Balance Sheet you will notice that only 53% of its profits came from its CORE business of LENDING,yaani your blanket "robbery" depiction, unlike say 62% for BBK and 64% KCB infact the loan portfolio grew by 23% whereas the profit base grew by 68%.

Blanket condemnation only continues to make us more apathetic and at the same time see no hope, banks yes are "Robber barons" but there are people celebrating from Equity banks help, like over 1,000 farmers in Nyandarua have increased their earnings last year by Ksh. 1Bn whereas another 300 "home owners" are mourning and set to loose their houses thanks to defaults.

People are in business for PROFITS period!! Including you, but will you admit it, NEVER. Mother Theresa SERVITUDE e"CON"omics takes a back seat, kama kuna ya Bure ebu tell us we rush their using "bolt speed" we can aptly begin with your "Robin Hood" Cosmetics factory ama?

Anyway enjoy your popcorn laden weekend, we off for better missions, I can respond to your "dooms day" theoretical cries next week.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me the meaning of the word Coprophagia? Anyone.

Anonymous said...

Simples Nkt.
Coprophagia?!!! Here it is....
Coprophagia is the consumption of feces, from the Greek κόπρος copros ("feces") and φαγεῖν phagein ("to eat"). Many animal species practice coprophagia as a matter of course; other species do not normally consume feces but may do so under unusual conditions. Coprophagy refers to many kind of feces eating including eating feces of other species (heterospecifics), other individuals (allocoprophagy), or its own (autocoprophagy), those once deposited or taken directly from the anus.[1]

Anonymous said...

I think profits especially for corporates are coprophegia. Pooh. I dont like corporates.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you give Oracle a job here. He's been craving for attention for a very long time now.
To a point he developed "King Saul syndrome" - that is tearing someone else in order to lift himself up.
Saul syndrome normally feel better when they pull others down out of jealousy.

Mwarang'ethe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mwarang'ethe said...

People are in business for PROFITS period!! Including you, but will you admit it, NEVER. Mother Theresa SERVITUDE e"CON"omics takes a back seat, kama kuna ya Bure ebu tell us we rush their using "bolt speed" we can aptly begin with your "Robin Hood" Cosmetics factory ama?

Anyway enjoy your popcorn laden weekend, we off for better missions, I can respond to your "dooms day" theoretical cries next week.

The Oracle has Spoken


It is always nice to understand, or, to ask where you do not understand.

Let us be very clear.

1. We have NEVER NEVER attacked profits. We love profits. It is for this reason, we have asked for income and VAT taxes to be abolished.

2. We have and will always attack, PROFIT WITHOUT PRODUCTION such as Equity and other BANKSTERS so called profits.

Seen from that perspective, all your rants are bull shit.

So, as to avoid your dog poo arguments, let us start from that understanding of what we have and will continue to write about.

Anonymous said...

Coprophagia is the consumption of feces, from the Greek κόπρος copros ("feces") and φαγεῖν phagein ("to eat")...

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of the one eyed village fool who always brags about having a more perfect vision than the rest of the other villagers who still own their normal pair of eyes?

3/6/11 5:14 am/7:18 am, I suggest, repeat, suggest that you guys seek professional help with your (DSM-IV-TR) 302.9 related mental issues. Kumekucha is one of the many wrong arenas for staging such episodes.

Anonymous said...

Is the executive still hanging on to things that no longer work?

Things that may have worked so well for the powers that be during the previous two regimes.

Times have changed and alerted people can't wait for the poorly planned smokescreens to fade and the divertionary tactics to end.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.42am,
Why don't you do some research instead of relying on armchair specialists for information. Better still How about educating us for a change, instead of spending your time fighting the oracle.

If you feel that the info he/she/it has provided on equity bank is erroneous why don't you give us the true position. Suffering from -*Joseph Kamotho*- syndrome will not help you.

Anonymous said...

Pole sana

Anonymous said...

I enjoy it when mwarang'ethe is boxed into a corner and left with his tail between his legs. Mwarang'ethe you don't have to respond to the oracle just for the sake of it. It is always good to know when to retreat. For years you have been ranting about how USELESS paper money is and yet you are in the same or very business of chasing the same.Talk of Copraphagia theories LOL!, I love that word.

Anonymous said...

Psssssst! Everyone mind u, i'm no economic nor financial guru, but sample this; say I borrow Ksh. 2M from a bank to construct a house, apart from keeping the bankers employed and in business assuming i'm able to repay my interest on time; i may be indirectly creating jobs for others, like transporters, quarry, cement and paint manufacturers, engineers, architects, electricians, landscapers, etc and not to mention how this scenario plays out for all this people are also able to maintain their families and such social ills like crime, unemployment are kept down though not eradicated completely.
I remember very well not that I support equity bank, but before they came into the scene opening an account was a headache not forgeting the bank charges and minimum balance maintenance. Mind you equity bank still has the highest rate of interest in the market if one takes a loan not forgeting the peanut wages they pay their employees. But all in all evil or not banks somehow uplift the status of others while ruining others forever.

Anonymous said...

15 March 2010 is this when Senor Ocampo will be presenting his case, I hope the masters of impunity are immeadiately and effectively hauled away.

Kalamari said...


Sorry for your loss. Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

First of all, my belated condolences to Chris of Kumekucha, his family and for all that he's been through while trying to assist his father's soul cross over and beyond our world as we know it into the next, the other world of our ancestors.

The release of information such as the passing on (crossing over) of a parent, spouse, child, sibling, friend and colleague always makes me mindful of the ever-growing impact of death and dying on our lives, culture (whatever still remains of it), religion and spirituality have a greater role to play in reminding us of our humanity and consequent mortality.

There is no contradiction or denial about the impact of the above mentioned. Each gives us valubale insights into the other.

I hope Chris of Kumekucha will share his ordeal of losing a parent as well as some personal insights in due time or when he's ready, about the pains of having to say a final goodbye to a beloved parent who helped birth him into a world that has become so familiar to him in many ways and on many personal levels.

Pole sana, and may the Earth rest softly on your father as his soul continues to seek eternal rest and peace.
Welcome back! On a lighter note, why does that caption imbedded in your article seem so familiar as in a friendly face (name withheld) from a social crowd, a distant past and familiar place I was once associted with during the best of times in Jamuhuri?

Anonymous said...

What is this obsession with a mzungu? ,that if a white man says something then it must be true ,these wikileaks nonsense are just opinions from one man and like all of us he has biases and prujudice ,reinneberger's word is not gospel ,we seriously need to get rid of this inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

The executive is busy as usual diverting attention away from the harsh reality facing ordinary wananchi who can't afford let alone dream of going to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Asia and South Africa in order to seek better medical treatment like the wealthy wananchi, MPs, ministers, vice president, prime minister and the president of Kenya.

The question many wananchi have been asking for decades is that, why can't the government utilize some of the funds being wasting on irelevant ghost projects, and redirect them on the reconstruction of modern regional health facilities around the country?

In this modern age, when it comes to dealing with economic as well as health situations, there is no longer familial, political or even ethnic boundaries.

From community to community and region to region, the nation is inextricably interconnected. Each region depends heavily on the others.

In order for a country to develop its own economy, it is forced to take seriously into account the economic and medical health conditions within all of its regions as well.

In fact, economic and medical health improvement in all of its regions ultimately results in the economic improvement of one's won region as well as the whole country.

What happens to Karemi, Nduko, Kainei, Njeri, Atieno, Nangila, Nyarotsa, Chebichi, Lotian when they get afflicted by ovarian cancers, or when their male counterparts are afflicted with prostrate cancer, colorectal cancer or eye cancer?

Will they be able to be afforded the same medical care that was accorded to Wamalwa Kijana, Mwa Kibaki, Raila Odinga, Kirimi Muthaura, Anyang' Nyong'o, et al?

Anonymous said...

We should be more intersted in persons and their families being accused of corruption than in others being called intellectual light weights. But of course hero worship prevents from from being rational. And then we say mzungu ni nani.

Joe said...


My heartfelt condolences.

Now, what is the executive diverting attention away from?

Nothing! I think you are giving too much credit to these fools. Since 2002, they have not shown the capability to execute intelligent schemes...

Kibs wants to be seen to be doing something by the Ocampo six. When he fails as he will surely fail, he can not be accused of doing nothing.....It is vintage Kibaki as we know him.

Chris said...

Anon@ 12:57 PM


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