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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Smart Kibaki Now Upgrades Shuttle Diplomacy

President Kibaki has once again shown his genius side by appointing VP Kalonzo to lead the group of envoys who will push for ICC deferrals. And that what it takes to lead from the front and by example. The truth is some of these issues are too complex to be solved using pedestrian antics packaged as cheap populism. Granted, it is one thing to respect the views of Kenyans but quite another to do the right thing for the long term benefit of those who MOVE (and own) this country. And Kibaki should know better.

As a servant leader, VP Kalonzo's rallying call to give us back our country is no empty slogan. Forget about the diplomatic rumours labelling the handsome and born-again Veep as an opportunist and an intellectual lightweight. Nothing can be so condescending from an arrogant guest with an obtuse appetite to scandalize his hosts. It is the height of diplomatic hypocrisy to turn the truism of real (kati kati) politics as devoid of gist, gravitas and agenda.

Make no mistake, Kibaki has seen it all. HE often draws from his alloyed wisdom to serve all Kenyans equally including the so-called Ocampo 3 (not 6). A look at the list of envoys tasked with ICC deferral reveals the TRUE FACE of Kenya and intellect both dolled in a unit. What is more, Kibaki even respects both the spirit and letter of the new constitution on gender parity by appointing two ladies. Both Dr. Sally Kosgei and Prof. Hellen Sambili are women with superlative brains, the former having hinted at being underutilized prompting her deride our national flag.

What is more, while Minister Njeru Githae is an accomplished legal mind, Chirau Ali Mwakwere is Kenya's ex-chief diplomat. Add Saitoti's experience to the mix and you get a team teeming with all it takes to competently and selfishly serve our national interest.

Kalonzo is a reputed peace maker. That his sojourn as Minister for Foreign Affairs saw peace in Southern Sudan and Somalia cannot be gainsaid. Only him could have Libya's Muammar Gadaffi listen and endorse our cause. Forget about the NON-EXISTENT unrest in the Middle East, we owe the pride of our own LAICO (sorry Grand Regency) it to dear Leader through Libya Investment Authority.

The naysayers must spare HE Kibaki spats and wait to see the fruits of his vision. He is no lame duck President and serving the interests of movers and shakers of Kenya has always been his forte. No need for juvenile consultations. Kalonzo will deliver ICC deferral under stringent budget and squalor among the IDPs will disappear.

And the ultimate reward awaits brother Steve next year when he brings the trophy home parading his fighting spirit. Who said the VP needs KKK? Both Imanyara and Orengo only have single votes. Washindwe!


Anonymous said...

Kibs is not 'smart' by any stretch of imagination! Stop flattering the old man!

Anonymous said...

Taabu, where have u been?

Go back you are not wanted here!!

Kubaff wewe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME said...

Love your satire.

Moreno Ocampo 15th said...

Ni wega Sudu shuttle diplomacy is BULLSHIT! Kinyesi original, Kaloozer is just enjoying his final privilages as VP and why not enjoy 1st class Mothokoi while on board Virgin Atlantic on his way to the USA where he will not even get to meet Jatelo Obama but will be holed in a salon somewhere dying his hair, he may as well book an appointment with Dr. Bosley to plant hair on his balding head.

Anonymous said...

Do you really want to become a renowned political starist, or are you going to remain Kumekucha's resident comedian on all matters political?

Some people like Musonye Kalonzo have never changed their old ways from the era of Nyayo Shuttle Diplomacy to the current Smart Kibaki Upgraded Shuttle Diplomacy?

Eeeeeeeh! The more things change the more thye continue to remain the same.

By the way, why hate a rare and one of a kind honest emissary who dare crosses the strictly imposed diplomatic curtain by going an extra to draw your attention to the fact the that, there are so many dead rats polluting the drinking water in the homestead's fifty year old well, including an overdue warning about the family's main cooking pot needing proper cleaning as the only way to avoid cross contamination and consequent cases of political food poisoning in 2012 as was the severe case in 2007 and '08?

And worst of all, the diplomat in question has the courage and good intentions to let you know about a fact that has been hidden from you regarding how fifty years of corrosive political sewage have continued to corrupt the parliament, the civil service, civil society and the rest of the country.

Why target the messenger when valuable time could be spent on eradicating the political and ethnic sewage, pollution, dirt and corrosion that is so pervasive nationwide?

At a time when the other so called "well behaved, silent/polite type and good diplomats" continue to laugh behind our backs and spend years or their tour of duty drawing very offensive caricatures and politically offensive cartoonist impressions of our nation, it's leaders, and it's people.

Anonymous said...

This link is for Uhuru Kenyatta. Please note that even Wazungus are Kihiis. This is from Tartu in Estonia.

Good day sir.

Anonymous said...

Well, even dogs, donkeys and so on are kihii, not just wazungu (US might be the exception). When you take a matter out of its context it loses meaning.

Onward to more interesting matters. It would be such fun to have a KK blog dedicated to the 'opinion poll president's' sojourns in Cote d'Ivore and Addis Abeba. Some videos on you tube can animate the whole discussion. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hata pia mimi nilikutana na ni kazungumuza na Col. Muammar Gaddafi juu ya mambo ya ICC na mengine mengi kuhusu ushirikiano kati nchi yetu ya Kenya na Libya. He he he he he! Diplomacy is not a one day event or something that is done in a matter of minutes. I still have to meet with more world leaders in order to table our country's proposal and agenda about the ICC and what we really feel about it.. - Future President of Kenya, the Lion of Ukambani and all the surrounding regions, Shujaa Kalonzo Musyoka, Esq., EBS, LLB.

Anonymous said...

Who opened the old grave where taabu has crawled from.
He should realize kumekucha has been peaceful without his stale boring kindergaten type articles.

Just shoo away taabu, you are so past tense and unwanted here..

Anonymous said...

Idiots like the person who just wrote this blog never seem to amaze me no wonder your country is poor and remains poor ,You get the leaders you deserve, pathetic excuse of a Kenyan .
I Pray almighty God that Kalonzo fails in his mission and the Ocampo six see The Hague .

Anonymous said...

... no wonder your country is poor and remains poor.

I real hate to dignify your comment by asking whether you are as wealthy and generous as Mr. Andrew Carnegie who sold his company in 1901 for $480 million?

If so, I pray to God Almighty that you find the courage, compassion and inspiration to help Kenyans fight poverty and free themselves from the jaws of corruption and chains of economic stagnation that have impose upon them by leaders who do not deserve to be leading the nation.

I am very sure the Kenyan people would be better off without 80% of the current legions of not so dedicated leaders by 2013 and following.

Thanking you in advance.

Bobby6Killer said...

Kenyan wannabe blogger still very much around. The real question is what happened to Chris?

Anonymous said...

It is gudu u removed that stale and boring Assange photo, plus ur stale opinion

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