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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Statesman President Kibaki Talks the Walk

Typical and resolute President Kibaki avoided the small talk while opening parliament and instead reminded the MPs of the bigger task ahead. While all others have been enslaved to small talk, Kibaki never mentioned ICC nor party party politics. By urging the MPs to pass the requisite laws that will anchor the new constitution, Kibaki is leading from in front and by example.

Walking the talk meant the President never lost sight of his main agenda. No petty talk on the heat generated about August/December elections next year. Those who know Kibaki will recall his singular determination and proclamation to banish our national vices in during his inauguration in 2003. The same steadfastness saw him steer Kenya out of near-apocalypse after 2005 referendum when he reorganized and formed an INCLUSIVE cabinet.

A peaceful and fair elections will guarantee all else. By reminding MPs about the urgency of the task ahead of them, Kibaki couldn't have been a better barometer of the Kenyan pulse. He is aware of the importance of passing the laws that will create Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission. The President aptly noted that 2012 elections will be MORE DEMANDING because of the many offices that will be contested.

So there we go, Kibaki has set the ball rolling. We can only hope and pray that the heat and foul-mouthed politics revolving around The Hague will not rear its ugly head to derail implementation of the constitution. Kibaki is the political giraffe whose advise will see us avoid the hitherto predicted chaos because of only two people.


Anonymous said...

The pensioner galore, thats what kumekucha has turned into. Chris all but sold his dream that brought forth kk to a senile fellow whose appointment with the grim reaper is soon approaching.
Chris, if you so believe in young people as being the best hope of Kenya, why abandon kk to the hands of an ailing geezer?

Anonymous said...

ujinga tu wa idle taabu

Anonymous said...


You are boring....

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu, we could not understand whatever Mr Kibaki may have said.

However, we read something from the gods of money. And, from where we stand, i.e. on the Mt Kenya of Human History, we see a trapped and an increasingly deluded nation.

Sample this:

"Central Bank acts to prevent further fall in shilling rate."

Further, we read this:

"The Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank (Politburo) voted to increase interest rates slightly in a move designed to stop the recent dramatic weakening of the shilling."


What does this SATANIC languge really mean?

Two effects will result from this move by the CBK:

(a) More money will flow from producers, i.e. farmers, manufacturers to bankSTERS. In other words, manufacturing will be hammered. As such, it will not reduce inflation for inflation is a component of bloated govt. and inflow of hot money.

(b) as the cost of production will rise, the imports will become cheaper since industrial nations are having free money and destroy our manufacturing industry.

As such, we are sinking nicely and very fast into a captive market for other nations.

(c) yes, some dollars etc will flow. This money, being printed abroad freely will have this effect:

(i) will drive land values up. This will drive cost of land and rent up.

(ii) higher rents will destroy more Kenyan businesses.

(iii) the shares will rise. However, shares have nothing to do with productive capacity of a nation.

In fact, when Zimbambwean economy was collapsing, its shares were the best performing in the world.

U see, in the last few years, we have borrowing dollars to build houses as if we need dollars to buy building rocks sourced locally.

NB: We wrote about this last year on this blog.

Now, the speculators are dumping the Kenyan shilling and hence, its collapse. The way to support it, is for the CBK to dump dollars into the market so as to strengthen the shilling.

However, since we do not have a printer for dollars like the CHAIRSATAN of the FED, or export anything of value, we do not have such useless papers.

Thus, the real solution is to prostrate in front of the IMF gods. However, two things will happen if we do:

(a) we must accept more austerity measures which are aimed at crippling our people's buying power. Hence, more poverty.

(b) It will leave us even more dependent on exports which will be accelerated by higher debts. This will mean that, we will have no chance of building a self reliant/resilient economy.

Also, remember this. The IMF money will be borrowed from the same speculators. As such, they stand to benefit into ways:

(a) interest rates.

(b) from the IMF conditions like, sell the Kenya Port which they will buy with credit.

Isn't this special situation for a nation that is implementing, i.e. adding more parasitic posts?

Well, it seems even Gaddo has woken to the real meaning of implementation:

Anyway, we are off to study the destruction of Carthage in B.C. 146, where, we are told that:

- she was without arms - look at Libya today.
- she had no ships having surrendered them to Rome - look at Libya today having surrendered nuclear stuff to the New Rome.
- she had no war allies - look at Libya today.

Anyway, one day, We will sing our own song:

M. Pesa said...

Kibaki's legacy has been poisoned by

1. Rampant tribalism- all "sensitive" dockets are dished out to Gema from Treasury, Internal Security, Finance, Office of the President, KRA, CID, NSIS, Kenya Ports Authority, Transport..etc. Tribal groups like KKK have kibaki's full support.

2. Corruption- Anglo Leasing, Passat Deal, De la Rue, Grand Regency, Water scandal, Maize Scandal, CDF looting, Free Primary Education Embezzlement.. list too long and not one senior person jailed since 2002!!

3. Extra Judicial mass killings- Just read Prof Alston report, if it doesn't move you to tear, you are scum! Most of those killed are actually young jobless youths (about 5,000) from Central province who were labelled Mungiki by Kwekwe Squad. Oscar Kingara and Paul Oulu both of Oscar Foundation were killed by the same squad. Not a single person arrested which leads us to...

4.Impunity- The Mta do mentality. No one is ever convicted in big cases. Laws broken when appointing big shots most from same tribe!

5. Drugs- They are smuggled by well connected people yet not a single one has been convicted. They flood the country with cocaine and heroin killing an entire generation especially at the Coast province.

6. Mass Murder- Post election violence where by over 1300 innocent Kenyans were killed by the State and hired gangs. Not a single person convicted over this but in my estimate,I think more than 6000 may have lost their lives in the bloodshed!

7. Extreme Poverty-The ignorant rich keep getting richer yet the poor don't feel the trickle down effect of economic growth if at all any.

8. Unemployment- This is the most serious issue facing Kenya. We have lots of angry youths who are well educated idling round. This is a ticking time bomb which we have ignored at our own peril. This bomb may explode any time just like in those Arab countries.

9. Crime- Is out of control by ruthless thugs like Mungiki. they are armed to the teeth with AK47's and grenades ready to kill while robbing. This is one factor which makes many investors shy away from Kenya. Your guess is as good as mine why the police have refused/failed to act over soar away crime inflicting this nation.

In short, the sooner the old Mzee goes, the better for this great nation!

Anonymous said...

Taabu is overfeeding Kumekuchans with satire while Chris has perfected the act of promising goodies after which he disappears without a trace.

Having said that let me also predict that the road to implementing the constitution will be too bumpy due to the usual selfish, partisan & tribal interests. I also don’t believe Kikaki believes in what he talked about. Finally, I think we could have thought harder on the cost implications of implementing the document but it’s too late now.

Anonymous said...

Yuck!!! Another recycled post! This is what happens to a Nation ( read blog) that has run out of ideas. Taabu is clutching on straws while Chris drowned long ago.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is the best President Kenya has ever had!
The economic growth under Kibaki's leadership has been staggering.
Kibaki ni President wa maendeleo.
Hope you run for the 3rd term!

Anonymous said...


Wembe Wa Mugumo Tree said...

hey shouldn't your title read "walk the talk"? well, Ruto and Uhuru are afraid of the hague thats why they talk about it all the time. General Keugoya on the other hand is not afraid of the hague he knows his loyal footsoldiers would rather die and impale themselves on their own swords than to give up the emperor.that is why he never said anything about it

Anonymous said...

Taabu wewe ni Mafi-ya Kuku Bwa ha ha haaaaaaa ROFLMAO!

Anonymous said...


You say, "In short, the sooner the old Mzee goes, the better for this great nation!"

Who do you propose we replace him with so that all these problems disappear?

M. Pesa said...

Anon at 6:28 AM

Although I rarely respond to Anons, I will give you my answer to your question. you asked:

Who do you propose we replace him with so that all these problems disappear?

Well, well since Kibaki is by far worse than Kenyatta and Moi, surely no other person can be worse than Kibaki- even if he tried! Even a monkey in shorts would do better!

M. Pesa

Nbi Kenya

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is going nowhere!!!!
Third term is he's for taking!!!
Kazi iendeleee!!

The Oracle has spoken

Mwarang'ethe said...


The Kenyan problems have NOTHING to do with Kibaki, Moi or Kenyatta. These are nice and decent men.

And, until we understand this, the nation will descend into social/economic, and, or tyranny /despotism as we shout.

Sample this statement u make:

"Extreme Poverty-The ignorant rich keep getting richer yet the poor don't feel the trickle down effect of economic growth if at all any."

Now, let us look back. As the Roman Republic was dying, we find this:

1. The aristocratic ruling party was a selfish faction ruling for its own interests, and with little regard for the welfare of the people.

2. The separation between the rich and the poor became more marked than ever.

3. Luxury and dissipation were the passion of one class, and

4. poverty and distress the condition of the other.

NB: Doesn't this sound like Kenya in 2010?

More so, we find that, to avoid civil war in B.C. 77, the senate bound the two consuls by an oath not to take up arms.

NB: Doesn't this sound like the Grand Coalition of two principals of 2008 to prevent civil war?

In other words, the collapse of civilizations has very little to do with actions of presidents, emperors, kings etc but, other deeper, and unseen forces.

Untill we understand the deeper forces at work, we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Wembe wa Mugumo,
You missed the SATIRE in the title: talking the walk, LOL

Wembe Wa Mugumo Tree said...

Mwarang'ethe @7:13AM
I kindly beg to differ with you. not to quibble over small things such as terminologies but nice decent men is too much praise for the aforementioned.

Anonymous said...

Most thinking people knew that the new constitution would be too costly to implement but since the masses were sold devolutuion and bought let them pay the price mtoto akililia wembe mpe
the majimbo argument was that it would create more civil service jobs but in reality it meant that it would loosen state coffers allowing more to the feeding trough now counties will spend all their monies paying senators and county governments.
Guess who we will turn to for financial aid ? Will be IMF or USAID? No wonder they were pushing hard for reforms!

Anonymous said...

The Kenyan problems have NOTHING to do with Kibaki, Moi or Kenyatta. These are nice and decent men

The constitution (as in comsposition) of Kenya is so exceedingly complex, that the nation has sufffered together for almost five decades without being able to discover in which part the fault lies, some will say in one and some in another, and every political physician, like the Mutahi Ngunyi's of our time, will advise a different medicine.

I know it is difficult to get over local or long standing prejudices, yet if we encourage or force ourselves to examine the residual political component parts of Kenyatta and Moi leaderships, without ignoring the now fading Kibaki leadership, we will find them to be the base remains of two ancient tyrannies, compounded with some few political cosmetic changes at one time or another, or here and there.

First. The remains of monarchical (village) tyranny in the persons of the presidents like Kenyatta Moi, and lords of impunity fits the bill 101%.

Secondly. The remains of aristocratical (tribal) tyranny in the persons of the peers, tribal elites and lesser lords of impunity from every corner of the country.

Thirdly. The gullible, myopic, blind, misinformed, miseducated and overly ethnic centered hordes of people, in the persons of the ordinary wananchi, on whose virtue depends the past, current and potential volcanic ethnic eruptions and consequent destruction of the country.

Men like Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki, may have been nice and decent men (call them leaders if you will) by your estimation.

But there are many other things that they were not, which are patriotic, revolutionary, visionary, honest, fair, capable, peace makers, and national political linchpins worthy the honour of being called 'national fathers' of sorts.

And however our eyes may be dazzled with show, or our ears deceived by sound; however prejudice may warp our wills, or ethnic interests darken our understanding, the simple voice of nature and reason still says, it was not right, it is not right, they (Kenyatta and Moi) were not decent or nice men, but they were leaders of absolute governments, the disgrace of human nature.

While Kibaki is a master political chameleon, always assuming the coloration of a character that wins him some short term political mileage instead of being true ho himself as a leader who set out to lead a precarious country and its whole people (all ethnicities) onto the eagerly anticipated road reform that never was after the 2002 general elections.

Anonymous said...

Ati 'aforementioned' damn lawyers! Good point though

Anonymous said...


What you are talking about is already happening. Take Mombasa for example, foreign somalis are pumping in money into the real estate market. They are buying up the whole island and this not an exagerration. They pay upto ksh10 million for a swahili house which cost not more than one million 3 years ago. No one who has worked hard for his money will throw around money the way they are doing. This has effectively shut out the locals from the real estate market, cost of buying and building is beyond reach for Kenyans. All this while the government is watching and bickering, as the country is being slowly bought up. In most countries even buying a car would have the govt enquiring where the money comes from. Here we have people buying a whole city and there is not a single word from the govt. And it is very easy, just ask the owners to show their tax records if they have made the money lawfully. But even that doesnt cross the minds of our thieving politicians. Foreigners buy kenyan IDs, passports, and now they are buying Kenya and locking Kenyans out of a big sub-sector. causing artificial inflation and making the cost of everything rise. That is part of the legacy of Kibaki, the vountry has no leadership. While Moi was a ruthless dictator who should be in jail now, he made sure that no one played with Kenya's sovereignty. Kibaki's goons sing of Kenya being a sovereign state when it comes to 6 (six) individuals. But when ethiopians, ugandans and somalis cross the border and kill kenyans he says nothing. When foreigners buy up whole cities he says nothing. In short Kibaki has destroyed Kenya. and before people yap about Raila. he is no better. neither is Kalonzo, Ruto or Uhuru. They are all after their own interests. In tomorrow's papers we will read how there is a shortage of condoms, that funds for infrastructure will be cut, hoe kazi kwa vijana will be stopped. and then we will read about british lawyers for the O-6 and 75 million shuttle diplomacies and 4.5b to pay for the hague defense team.

We will find it normal and continue supporting our tribesmen then go back to our suffering and complaining about the cost of living and lack of this and that. Where is the economic development everyone is talking about? They 5 % and this and that. Where is it?

Anonymous said...

he vented against those old friends (chiefly his comrade and fellow lawyer james orengo) who he imagined had betrayed him to nyayo's special branch wolves, leaving him to rot in kamiti maximum prison for six years.

he was fond of writing words such as 'mentioned earlier, aforesaid, above-mentioned political tyrannosaurus' or 'undermentioned tyrannical regimes of kenyatta and moi' on wc-tissue that he was forced to discard by the warden who were never ravished by his testimonials, writings about two failed revolutions and a life lived without fear and betrayal of comrades.

where is he today? your guessed it right, he is deeply embedded in the current echelon of power and he's never bothered to help with the drastic reformation of the justice system as well as the prison system in kenya.

who was he and what was his name again?

why don't you figure that out for yourself, as meantioned earlier on.

Anonymous said...

Is Emilio a statesman or has he become a nine year statement (an indictment) of the kind of leadership that was not expected by many when he first took office?

[Statesman - an experienced politician, especially one who is respected for making good judgements.]

Is Emilio well respected for his good leadership?

Is he known for making good judgements during crucial national moments?

Would it be fair to say that so far Emilio's modus operandi has been very unstatesmanlike based on his track record since 2003.

In the beginning Emilio promised to deliver double matunda ya uhuru to all of his fellow countrymen and women but ending up issuing the first fruits to a select few while leaving bunches of unripenned bananas for the rest of the population.

As his tenure draws to an end, there are some nagging questions on the minds of many people, such as, does he ever feel guilty about letting down those gave him a second chance in December of 2002?

And if so is he ever haunted by the burdensome thoughts of having betrayed his fellow countrymen and women?

Did he ignore national politics?

Did he fail to keep company among intellectuals and political reformers?

Did he seek alignment with groups of individuals who compromised the 2002 Revolution and the country's future?

Will some of his presidential decisions cast a deep shadow over the country for a long time to come?

Let's hope that time will tell when more evidence with which to reconstruct the essential facts of his life and political leadership become readily available to historians and the public as well.

Anonymous said...


Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

What you are talking about is already happening. Take Mombasa for example, foreign somalis are pumping in money into the real estate market.


Yes, we are aware of this. However, we see no need to prevent Somalis or anyone from buying what they want.

In an intelligently organised economy, the Somalis would establish factories like we see in Singapore or Hong Kong. They would do so because, it would be futile to inflate land prices.

So, focus not on Somalis, but, the stupid land tenure that u have entrenched in the new constitution.

In any case, the CBK just raised rates, crippling our industries so as to attract money being printed by the Americans.

So, why focus on poor Somalis when Americans/Britons/Japanese are buying the whole world with a PRINTER??


In most countries even buying a car would have the govt enquiring where the money comes from.


This is a police state, and we do not want such kind of society. History is full of warnings on giving fellow men such despotic powers over other men.

Anonymous said...

Yawn!!! Chris where you at? Taabu is making KK a bore, can you save us, spare some time from importing cars and TZ

Anonymous said...

It isnt worth commenting on the crap that Taabu mingi writes.Its a total waste of finger muscles..!!

Anonymous said...

A French official says Mirage and Rafale fighter jets are flying over the Libyan city of Benghazi and could strike Libyan tanks.

The official says the jets are flying over the opposition stronghold and its surroundings to ensure that Moammar Gadhafi's forces could not take any action there.

The official says the French operation could strike Libyan tanks later Saturday.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the operation.

He spoke right after top officials from the United States, Europe and the Arab world announced immediate military action to protect civilians as Gadhafi's forces attacked Benghazi.

Anonymous said...

French warplanes encountered no opposition in enforcing a U.N.-mandated no-fly zone over Libya on Sunday, a defence ministry spokesman told a media briefing.

An armed forces spokesman said 15 French combat aircraft took part in allied patrols on Sunday but they did not have to fire at airborne or ground targets because they met no resistance.

“The reason why we have not made any strikes at this stage today is because as of yet today there have not been any threats to the population,” Defence Ministry spokesman Laurent Teisseire said.

Asked whether a ground operation against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s forces was possible, he said: “We are in an airborne operation. Nothing else is under consideration.”

He said Qatar was deploying 4 French-made Mirage 2000/9 combat planes to join the allied mission, underlining Arab participation in the operation, and they would fly jointly with the French air force.

The aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle, flagship of the French navy, left the port of Toulon on Sunday to take up position off the Libyan coast with its battle group including a submarine, half a dozen support ships and 15 fighter planes.

The French air force fired the first shots at Libyan tanks and military vehicles on Saturday after a Paris conference of Western, Arab and African countries declared that Gaddafi had ignored a U.N. call for a ceasefire and was attacking civilians.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:09AM/3:01AM
If it was Phil or Mwarang'ethe or Luke or Sam Okello you would still say the same thing.

it would be easier if you left the blog permanently. Chris has many websites ask him to direct you to where they are online

Anonymous said...

international coalition pounds armed forces still loyal to Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi, intelligence experts said that despite fears of a desperate terror attack on Americans, Gadhafi likely no longer has the means to carry out such an attack.

More Video
Watch: Making Sense of What's Happening in Libya
Watch: Who are the Libyan Rebels?
Watch: Tapper on US Goals in Libya"I think clearly from what we've seen he's got intent, but the second piece is capability," former senior U.S. intelligence official Phil Mudd told ABC News. "He's been out of this business a long time so whether he's retained the capability is an open question. Whether he can resuscitate it, I think, is an even bigger question."

Gadhafi had been in the process of dismantling a stockpile of highly lethal mustard gas when a popular uprising put his 42-year reign in jeopardy. International monitors gave Gadhafi a deadline for this May to complete the dismantling but he has not yet completed it.

Mwarang'ethe said...

3@/24/11 4:09 AM

Watch: Who are the Libyan Rebels?


Does that video explain to us who are the rebels? And, why should UN defend rebels?

Or, they are defending civilians?

See the defenders of civilians in Libya making fun of their civilian trophies in Afghanistan:

Anonymous said...


This diet of popcorns and Musirk is blocking your intellectual arteries.
You seems to know everything and anything including the Libya affairs... why don't you stick to your 'virtual economist' theories and spare us hallucinations!
You are not an intellectual and never you will be. Infact you are a intellectual featherweight!
I AM the only intellectual person in this blog!

The Oracle has spoken

Anonymous said...

Some Kenyans (not all of them) can be real comical when they get back or rather land on Kenyan soil for three to four weeks of annual, biennial or in most cases tri-annual rebirth-vacations after having temporarily left their coveted foxholes (residence) in the West.

A pharmacist and several shoppers were treated to a strange spectacle when a smart vacationer was heard cursing and blaming his sudden disgestive track discomfort on all things Kenyan because such an incident could never have happened to him while in the West.

Where else but in Kenya, a distant place where some food handling standards are not yet at par with those in his adopted countries.

Lest we forgot, we talking of countries where the shelf life extension program by many industries helps put meat and poultry products as well as many other processed foods on the market for a considerable period of time.

So, shoppers in the immediate vicinity wondered whether what seemed to be a minor vacation attack was precipitated by some type of food the vacationer may have eaten while waiting for his flight or connection flight in Europe?

Could it have been a case of raddom touch of verbiage or sudden bout of diarrhea after his arrival?

Or was it just a normal feeling of a lot anxiety on his first day in Kenya, a place many once considered to be home many (5, 10, 15, 20, or 25)years ago.

A captive audience didn't seem help him much but he was to blame because he had forgotten his own first line of defense, which is, a laxative or epsom salt that could have saved a portion or an antire vacation from being ruined by two bad days of periodic indecent assault on his alimentary canal.

Ath things considered, it was a good lesson learnt by a homecoming prince, and it's hoped that the tri annual vacationer will be better prepared when revists his home country or 'country of origin' in December of 2005 for pleasure.

Anonymous said...

ODM has become a truly Luo 'thing' led by Kavirondo mafia. The bosses are Raila, Nyong'o and Orengo with assistants being Midiwo and Kajuang'i. Nothing happens in the 'party' without these warlords calling the shots. Occassionaly, Mudavadi is given a statement to read. ODM has become a society of th wicked.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news!

ODM makes an about-turn regarding O6 just 24 hrs after vehemently defending their 'stand'....

Anonymous said...

All ye intellectuals @ kumekucha, all these things r good 2 know, fuel politics libya etc but can we 4cus on making our individual and collective lives better! Mwara! Instead of predicting doom can you tell us the cheapest fueling stations say in nai? Forget about libya what is the forecast for troublespots in kenya come 2012? Ati you deal in cosmetis! Can you help some of us start viable sustainable business (assuming yours is) + how can we ponyoka from kra?

Anonymous said...

Can you help us (me) start viable sustainable business.

There is a severe shortage of cardamom spiced tea cookies in almost every slum in Kenya.

It's estimated that every slum in Kenya has over 1600 commercial tea providers and more than 3500 tea drinkers who love but lack cardamom spiced tea cookies.

Some of the cardamom spiced tea providers are now into the business habit of leasing their cardamom spices, while other providers are now reusing their cardamom spices.

The GK, WHO, UN and countless of foreign and local NGOs spend a big portion of their health care budgets on procuring cardamom spiced tea cookies for the populations in question on a yearly basis.

Cardamom supply is one in a million business ideas that you could venture into to start a sustainable business because of the demand and funding will always be there.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances that ODM will not become a casuality or even mutate into what became of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga's and Masinde Muliro's FORD of old?

Any political party that lacks a solid traditional identity as well as a sense of a strong ideology is bound to be scattered by the cyclical whirlwinds that are so common during the crude, Kenyan style, electioneering season that's already began.

The ongoing internal divisions, squabbles, fights and threats of explusions within ODM's camp must be causing quite a considerable amount of welcomed commotion among PNU diehard conservatives and seasonal supporters.

Someone don't forget to keep tally of the heavy casualities that will be suffered by incumbents from both sides (ODM/PNU) after they fail to retain their seats when the dust settles by the end of December, 2012.

Anonymous said...


This diet of popcorns and Musirk is blocking your intellectual arteries.
You seems to know everything and anything including the Libya affairs... why don't you stick to your 'virtual economist' theories and spare us hallucinations!
You are not an intellectual and never you will be. Infact you are a intellectual featherweight!
I AM the only intellectual person in this blog!

The Oracle has spoken


When one keenly explores the language used in the above post it is very easy to zero -in on the culprit.

Why Taabu likes impersonating me simply beats me, but I will not tire to say that he has nothing between his ears.

The Oracle has Spoken

2uk_itova said...

I admire your command in written literature but your political analysis is so shallow and lacks wisdom, Kibaki is the epicenter of the unending political quagmire facing this young nation always trying to manipulate things in a tribal and selfish manner while ignoring wise counsel and is always silent even when the nation seems to be up inflames their is nothing prudent about that kind of behavior

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