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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bright, Clean Face of Future Kenyan Politics

True patriots, three young Kenyans with a singular vision and boiling warrior blood ready to slay our endemic trinity evil: tribalism, corruption and impunity. A breathe of fresh political air.


Anonymous said...

..the pensioner is still is still following ruto and uhuru everywhere like a dog on heat. 60 must be a very lonely age...

The oracle has spoken

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm! Yes it will be. A bright, clean and better future for Kenya and its people.

What a great opportunity for Kenya's next generation of well groomed leaders.

I couldn't agree more. The trio is what Kenya needs to close one chapter that has bedevilled the country for far too long, and to open a bright, clean chapter for future Kenyan politics.

Yes they can! Yes they will! Yes it will done!

Mmmmmmmmmm! Who is the person issuing the poorly crated ornamental spears to anoited leaders of 2012?

Might he be one Askari Kombo Kombo who lost the battle, his fortune and forces during the last elections?

Eu Genes Wa Pombe is a real character, it's very hard to differentiate his masked smile from his usual constispated game face.

Much has been said about Uhuru's eyes and teeth, including Ruto's whatever.

Believe it or not, it's fact that leaders are born and not made by circumstances initiated by previous political godfathers and nyayolanders.

Uhuru Kenytta, William Ruto and Eugene Wamalwa are the anoited ones.

One of them will be primus inter pares president and the other primus inter pares prime minister.

While the other one, the third pares mguu will always tag along as Kalonzo Musyoka's permanent replacement.

Anonymous said...

the mafi-ya fellow of jukwaa was seen lurking here behind the shadows...the smell of yesterday human faeces (mafi-) is a real betrayer for this jukwaa blog 'vintage' member..

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

Someone who has been looting public coffers from early 1990s can’t bring forth freshness. But I’ll not be surprised if one of these thugs becomes the next president as Kenyan voters are a pathetic lot who never seem to learn.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki will be your next president!

Anonymous said...

Just remembered your post of 2008 who-actually-owns-equity-bank. How is your boycott going? Did you manage to close Equity in Western Kenya, Nyanza and Rift Valley? I hope you were able to sack the 85% employees who according to you don't deserve to be working there. Kwani they come from Mars?

Anonymous said...

are you having a laugh????????murder suspects.....

mbaka ndungu(the fatcat) said...

I stiil remember those heated posts of 07 when if it was pointed out that Ruto was a thief,the likes of Taabu and Phil usually came up with swift rejoinders that his crimes were just allegations which have never been proved in any court of law.So what has changed between now and then?As far as I know there is still no court that has convicted Ruto of any crimes...Its only Taabu and other like minded fellas doing political gymnastics.

Anonymous said...

Just one thing I noticed on this photo that puzzles me. Between an MP and a HOUSING Minister who is more senior?
Just behind Wamalwa is Mr Shitanda Soita Housinf Minister! Why would Shitanda make a "bed" for Wamalwa to lie.(Pan intended if you understand what I mean).
I thought protocol has it that a junior MP like Eugene should welcome Shitanda to welcome guests to their areas! Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Birds of the feather flock together. If Ruto and UK are suspected of crimes against humanity, what connects Eugene to them?
There must be. Does anyone remember the drug thing in parliament recently? The Saitoti list of 6 (shame)! Yea. The Eugene is the money man people (money from the business).
They are connected by crime stupid.

The Olicre has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss out on something? I don't Mr. Si Utaita Kitanda standing behind Mr. Eu Genes Wa Pombe, unless there is a larger picture where this came from, or a different version of the same.

Mr. Si Utaita Kitanda will have let Mr. Eu Genes Wa Pombe to be the frontman from the area because he can not afoord to challenge the other contenders for high positions.

Mr. Wewe Tangulia is the pilot's seat and the rest must follow or seek for another ride. It's either his flight or be left on the runway.

Anonymous said...

They migt be Clean Faces but do they really have clean hearts, fresh minds, smart eyes and good ears?

To feel what others can't feel, to understand what others have failed to understand, to see what others have refused to see, and to hear what many have a hard time listening to?

Anonymous said...

HE Raila Amolo Oding will del with these fools when he becomes PORK next year.

Mark my words!

Anonymous said...

Raila will die a very painful death. The deaths he inflicted on innocent men, women and children during 2007-08 post election will come to haunt him, his family and his followers forever.
Malipo ya dunia ni hapa hapa duniani!

Anonymous said...

The second coming of christ is imminent!
Be prepared!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

We have no idea about the clean faces. However, we are 105% sure of this. The Kenyan clean politics must be funded.

It is for this reason, we rejoiced upon read that:

"IMF calls for VAT reforms to increase collection."

Among other stuff, we were able to read were this:

"A WIDENING and simplification of the Value Added Tax(VAT) bracket could increase Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)’s revenue collection by an estimated Sh40 billion."

NB: Means imposing tax on LUXURIES like food, medicine, agricultural etc.

After all, we have no doubt that, as per the IVY LEAGUE FOOLS, increasing the cost of producing food will go along way in feeding the already over fed nation.

This is so because, we have no reason whatsoever to doubt the HARLOTS who are even willing to shed blood to help suffering Libyans. Thats why they are "... recommend[ing] that exemptions can be removed to make VAT less complicated."

In other words, according to the COE, IMF and such experts, the more we are robbed, the more wealthy we shall become.


Interestingly, it seems like the stupid Moi does not seem to understand what great minds from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS understand very well.

If he could only have gone to the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, he would not be lamenting about coming taxes to fund GOVERNORS, SENATORS, more Mpigs etc who shall bring development to the poor Kenyans:

Anyway, we know this for sure. At all times, governments can be involved into two issues:

(a) properity of its free people, or
(b) taxes.

When you see a society focussed on taxes, know that, an earthquake has gone off in the ocean.

As such, even though the water movement is invisible, be smart like wild animals and run to a higher ground for a tsunami is on the way.

Anyway, let us continue enjoying Jacob Miller's songs:

chola said...

Mwarangethe ;Are reading from the same script with MO1.I was in Kabarak yesterday,this what the old nyayo was talking about.Please tell me Iam wrong or its devour.

Anonymous said...

anon. 6.16 FAKE ORACLE,

you must be so obsessed with Oracle's persona

Anonymous said...

okay, Okay we get yikeeees! Anon. 6.16pm can't even learn to use words right. And it is definately Taabu he is the only fellow who is idle on this blog.

So long as we have danda heads like Taabu, Kenya can never move forward period.

Anonymous said...

Taabu makes a post and feels the comments area as various anons what a looser. But we are used to him.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "FAKE ORACLE"?

There is no-one under the sun named Oracle.
Oracle is not a person, get that and stop crying and throwing toys to get attention by claiming anon 6.16 is a fake Oracle.
By posting several comments that anon 6.16 is fake oracle just expose you as an egostical stupid FAGGOT!

Anonymous said...

This stupid dude loves the word 'faggot'! Leave his highness 'the oracle' the eff alone!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how Kenyans are unable to think beyond Raila, Uhuru, Eugene, Ruto, Kalonzo….Lets face it, the current crop of “front runners” have demonstrated nothing but immature brand of politics..tribal animosity, caressing impunity, personalization of their differences (a difference of ideology doesn’t result into character assassinations). No leader has demonstrated in-depth vision for the country:


A man who believes in nothing and stands for nothing as demonstrated in his long years romancing repression during nyayo era,… in his odm-k formation..,in his stand on the new constitution, in his thinking that the “president has said” and we don’t question the president, in his failed and embarrassing shuttle diplomacy.


Is a man obsessed with being the president and can go to any length to get there. He has cleverly managed to trick the populace that he is pro-reform while his high- handedness speaks for itself. His close associates like Orengo has even said that the guy is not a reformer but a Statehouse obsessed guy.


A self-made thief, corrupt, militant and paranoid guy who thinks The Kalenjin is his doormat on which he wipes his dirty shoes on his way to House on the hills. He has no intentions of bringing reforms whatsoever, that is why he never wanted the new constitution anyways and would do anything to derail its implementation.


Stands for nothing other than the misplaced thought that Statehouse belongs to him by lineage and he should inherit it just because he is the son of Jomo. A chap who grew up in affluence but forgot to carry with him polished manners and talks nonsense. Kenyans should be very afraid…if alternative capable leaders refuse to come forward (coz they are there)

Anonymous said...

These guys need good lawyers!! Who in the hell allowed the Ocampo Two to display the use of dangerous spears in public… the type their supporters used to kill each other.

I think it's Raila (through Kombo) who set them up.

Anonymous said...

Hio ni urongo kweli

The first one has joined hands with Mungiki leader and is ready for war

The second one is going to be charged for having financed Mungiki

The third has numerous fraud cases since YK92.

The three are the faces of brutality, corruption, impunity.

Whoever gives them a single vote is like a goat which gives the butcher a knife to slaughter it. Ndiyo hivyo.

Anonymous said...

Eh.. after the pev, my brothers from Central were saying:

Lt. Ruto must die. Lt. Ruto will face the Kikuyu gun. Lt Ruto must go to the Hague.

And today the same people say:

Ruto is a clean face and will be PORK.

Karua said it all. Today you are against local tribunal, tomorrow you are for it (because of impunity). And then you say it is Tinga who is messing.

It seems Kenya is a home either of corrupt and sly or criminals and liars or simply stupid people who dont understand logics.

Anonymous said...

For all those who claim that ODM was not involved in the violence listen and learn "when we were in the pentagon were told to call everybody, go out block roads burn vehicles,cause anarchy lets make the country ungovernable"

let them all go to the hague let the truth be told that even mungiki were being used for ODM propaganda purposes
Na bado

Anonymous said...

FRESH FACES INDEED!BRIGHT CLEAN CLOWNS!!!IS THIS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!! We are not heading anywhere with this lousy looking HAGUE LOOK-ALIKES!
They claim to have the youth at heart but what have they done as parliamentarians to ALLEVIATE POVERTY AND HOPELESSNESS OF THE KENYAN YOUTH!!
YES THE ONES skipping a meal a day just to GET BY...the ones walking over 15kms to earn barely enough for one day!
The bright-clean-CLOWNS have no idea how hard life has become for the YOUTH in this country.
The BRIGHT GREEDY FACES tell it all...."its our time to grab more eat and feast"
the BRIGHT GREEDY BUNCH will only continue to favor the elite impunity!
Ask any of them what new ideas they have for Kenya-ummmm-?????Nothing.we are headed into a trench!
who will stand up and save Kenya!

Anonymous said...

The poor fellow aka political novice has no clue as to why he was the last one to be given a spear?

What about the shields? Any wise old man is aware of the fact that there times when younger ones can be very temperamental when reacting to what others say about them.

That's why shields are ensential for bodily defence when there is an occurrence of little fights.

Anonymous said...

Is William Kabogo part of the "Bright, Clean Face(s) of Future Kenyan Politics"?

Or is he one of the many not so young black sheeps that are still bent on driving the country back onto the same old road of wholesale impunity and radical ethnic strife?

So far the rest of the public are very much aware of who William Kabogo is, what he is capable of doing and what he was made of long before he ventured into politics.

But the real question for politicians and potential tribal warlords in the making like William Kabogo is, what does the Constitution dictate or demand from members of parliament and all public servants?

And what should patriotic citizens of Kenya expect from politicians like William Kabogo as well as his sworn company of traditional friends when it comes to rescuing the country or serving the public without any discrimination or political malice?

"It is not that I have anything against her (Karua), but it is our (Chania River oathed interests) tradition to support our own (tribal members)" regardless of whether they are wrong or right because that's what the tradition dictates, according to one William Kabogo (MP, Juja).

The painful question on people's minds is; what will politicians like William Kabogo do when their so called tradition demands or dictates that political opponents and members from unwanted ethnicities be eliminated or destroyed for whatever reason in order to make sure that all political entitlements and gains are retained with their side of Chania River in 2012, 2017 or 2022 by all means necessary?

Anonymous said...

Who are these "African mercenaries" or darker skin hired guns fighting under the leadership of Gaddafi loyalists?

I have always thought that Libyans were Africans with a geo-homeland located in North Africa, but it turns out the term 'African' is designated for darker skin (black) people who live and work in the northern region of Africa.

How about some knowledgeable source provide an insight as to whether the "darker skin" hired guns are from the Horn of Africa or whether they are an inevitable extention of Al Shabaab or whether they are people with my kind of skin, hair, stature, physique and speak with some kind of accents that are distantly related to the West African, Central African or East African types.

As the overdue revolutions continue to take place in North African countries, one hopes that there will come a time when the minds of revolutionary darker skin, browner skin and lighter skin 'Arabs' (North Africans) will be helped in relearning how to make clear the difference between a heredity and what that heredity produces over a certain period of time or after several generations due to underlying heritable genetic variation.

Will it hurt or kill our skin conscious North African neighbours if they found out that some of their great great great maternal ancestors were pitch black or charcoal black as in beautiful princesses of Nubia?

Anonymous said...

Taabu why do you hate diasporans so much, why can't you organise fro a fund raiser to help you fly over or better still pray hard for a green card.

Senior citizens are treated very well here.

Anonymous said...

Taabu's comments are like that farting pig on his profile photo. Brainless Neanderthals that are already extinct.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

Those spears are to spear the ego and presidential ambitions of Thug Raila.

By the way, when is the Thug going to be made a Kikuyu elder in Ruringu Stadium in Nyeri. My orange kitenge is fading.

Chepkoit Wambugu said...

when is Kaloozer going o smell the Coffee and realise that he is not the chosen one.
It is either Ruto or Kenyatta PERIOD! we can't have a Kamba leading Kenya, it has to be a Kalenjin or a Kikuyu pekee.

Anonymous said...

You are a funny guy Taabu, I like you and that is why I am going to kill you last.

Diasporan Exterminator

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! Bwa ha ha haaaaaaa, woi wooooiiii! Laughing at Taabu's post, Bwa haaaa haaa haaaa LMAO! Oh my ribs are cracking Bwa ha ha haaaaa, old mzee go jokes, LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol...drama drama...after a 30 sec TKO by Mwarangethe, seems 'the oracle has spoken ivy fool' with sagging pants exposing multicoloured boxers has resulted to mund slinging from the bushes..

Mwarangethe was right, these are just ivy fools.

Anonymous said...

My fears have been confirmed.
Not only does the pensioner taabu suffer from senility, the SOB also suffers from multiple personality syndrome. Chris, you need to relieve this old man off the job of KK watchman, staring at the screen the whole day is slowly driving this haggard fellow nuts.
In a span of 1 hour, he has posted as 3 different people using the same handle, deleted some comments, commented as anon....
He really works hard to push the comment threshold to 100.

Anonymous said...

To Innovate or not to Reinvent, that should be the question on the minds of many at the NCST.

The like of Prof Shauker Abdulrazak of Kenya never cease to amaze the Kenyan scientific community with their latest innovations.

One local daily reported that government officials were busy overseeing the testing of the locally made boat by Lebanon Muchuma which is propelled by cycling a wheel with both feet instead of diesel or paddles.

Prof Shauker Abdulrazak claims that the Hydropedalplane as Muchuma calls it, is not an invention but an innovation.

Talk of cycling vs pedaling to generate marine propulsion.

Well, is the locally made boat any different from a padalo, a boat propelled by pedaling (not paddling) with the feet?

Lest Prof Shauker abdulrazak and company (KIRDI, NCST, and KMRFI) forget the fact that there already exists a pedal boat also known as a water bike which is a form of waterborne transport primarily for recreational use, powered through the use of pedals in and around the coastal waters of Kenya as well as on the world market.

The question is, will Kenya reap any economic benefits in the longrun as a result of the inventions by Kenyan inventors or innovations by Kenyan innovators?

Or shall we end up reinventing the a pedal boat that has been around since the 1480s?

A pseudorhombicuboctahedron may pass for a rhombicuboctahedron but it's akin to a tetrahedron.

Let's hope the allocation of Sh500 million for the NCST's next budget will be put to a better use rather than be wasted on reinnventions or the type of innovations similar to those that were shamelessly displayed before the whole nation as the so called Nyayo Cars (vehicles) produced by Kenyan automobile enginners in Kenya.

In the meantime, how about the powers that be get one or two BHC SR. civillian hovercrafts to replace the not so realiable ferries at Likoni crossing?

Anonymous said...

A pseudorhombicuboctahedron may pass for a rhombicuboctahedron but it's [NOT] akin to a tetrahedron.

Anonymous said...

I will stop reading this post you have became a mouth piece for Impunity now instead for writing bright creative pieces championing Kenyan rights.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmh! it seems retirement can end up being a full time pre - occupation for some people here. As ususal my valid and authentic comments have been promptly delete by the KK "Gate keeper" in Chief a.k.a Taabu.

Well bwana Mashida what it gonna be, what the deal yo! You only prefer to potray me in bad light, well skunk like you stink from the web right to there desktop.

The Aroma is to pungent to ignore, get yourself a make over and bill me will you Taabu?

The Oracle has SPoken

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