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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NATIONAL CALL: To Action by the YOUTH of Kenya

The Start of the Nne Nne Revolution

Kenya Youth League, a young class of leaders that seeks to unify the youth of Kenya to capture State power and transform Kenya from a dysfunctional post-colonial state into a vibrant modern democratic republic under civilian rule of law;

1. Sets out with a promise that in due time the weights we carry as a nation should be lifted from the shoulders of all Kenyans regardless of tribe, race or origin and that all should have an equal chance as citizens of this country.

2. Recognizes that all self defining bodies of men are equal one to another, if they but choose to insist on that point.

3. Convinced that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of the proper ends of government, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government.

4. Alive to the fact that a name, a phrase, a standard has meaning only when associated with the consideration that gave birth to the nomenclature and that the right of Revolution implies an insistence upon the supremacy of reason in human affairs

Do call upon all ALL Kenyans who want REAL change to gather at

· KICC, next to Mzee Kenyatta’s Statue- Nairobi

· Kenyatta Sports Ground, Kisumu

· The roundabout of Nkrumah road and Moi Avenue, next to the post office in Mombasa

· The junction opposite Municipal offices leading to Golf Hotel, in Kakamega

· The junction of traffic lights next to the post office on Kenyatta Avenue in Nakuru

· The junction next to Kenya Commercial Bank - Embu

· Nyeri- Nairobi Bus stop-Nyeri

· Nandi Gardens-Eldoret

· Taifa Park, Garissa

· Outside the District Commissioners office-Machakos.

· Posta Grounds-Bungoma

· The Junction adjacent to Barclays Bank Kisii-Kisii

· The Nairobi Mombasa Highway Junction going to Mwatate- Voi

· The lorry park next to the bridge-Narok

· The junction at Makutano on your way to Maua – Meru

· Next to The Total Station-Kajiado

· and in all available spaces next to government administrative offices in the various 47 county headquarters

from 10am on 4th April 2011(Nne Nne), To tell this coalition government that we have had enough of it.

Nothing has come of the National Accord:

a) Youth Unemployment is worse than before they came to power.

b) IDPs four years later on are still homeless living in Tents, relying on food rations and being rained on.

c) Only two bills of the 40 needed to operationalize the constitution have been passed.

d) Post Election Violence perpetrators have not been tried whilst both sides of the coalition government engages in all manner ping pong brandishing the tribal card.

e) The cost of living has gone up; fuel prices, food, transportation and no one in government looks bothered.

f) The politicians continue to treat our institutions with contempt full of impunity

Ours is to tell them that we have had it and they must wind up immediately and go! And that we shall not leave the various squares until the coalition is wound up.

Kenya Youth League wishes to set out the following rules for the Protests:

* We shall be disciplined. Discipline is paramount.

* There shall be no use or return of verbal or physical violence towards any person. The objective of the protest is to change government by popular will not by coup or by force. The protests therefore will be peaceful and non-violent, no arms, no defense, no destruction of property.

* We shall effect arrests on anyone who carries arms or engages in the destruction of property.

* We shall not loot since Protests do not lead to thuggery, it dethrones thugs.

* We shall not carry or use alcohol or illegal drugs.

* We shall not place ourselves in obvious danger and we shall try to ensure the safety of all people in and around the action squares.

* We shall be responsible for the cleanliness of the places we occupy.

It is our Prayer that the Almighty God will in due time give us a new breed of National leaders who are committed to ridding us of Poverty, ignorance and disease as hoped by our founding Fathers. God bless Kenya.

Haki, Undugu, Uhuru na Ustawi


Anonymous said...

Dream on!

deroo said...

Manifest Rubbish and Nonsense. You are changing your colour, strips and even ideological belief faster that a clouding sky.

What has happened in the last three months that you have all been dead quiet? Brooding for REVOLUTION??? NADA!

This one wil not happen. Try another trick. You have been caught out! Buddy

Here we go again. Another MASS ACTION in DISGUISE! Why the call for Mass Action (in another name) Youth??? You said? Fidel's blood first!

Kabila Adui aka Njamba ya Bururi also Kikuyu Elder or Athoniwa

Anonymous said...

Phil is now a ODM youth winger....

Kenya Youth League said...

This is real. Any youth willing to take over power in Kenya is welcome. Those who do not believe can join in later. It is not about ODM or PNU. Both sides of the coalition must go home! We need a new crop of leaders!

Anonymous said...

Its about time the youth in this country sprung into action to salvage Kenya from languishing in the doldrums

Look, the women tried to do it(remember the sex strike of 2009 led by the so called G-10 women's caucus of activists) and failed. The middle class in Nairobi tried to do it(remember the Feb28th sing-a-national-anthem day last month) and failed why not now the youth?

They are the most in number

They are the the most unemployed

They are the ones who bear the brunt of our idiotic politicians lack of ideals policies or philosophies

They are the ones who will be killing each other next year unless something changes

There can be no real meaningful change without blood shed. Look at University of Nairobi Students today wasting energy destroying the same people who they will ask for employment upon graduation? what mis-directed energies?

This call to action by the youth is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

I admire your youthful enthusiasm and I hope you will never ever waste it in the same manner your predecessors have misspent their youthfullness since the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Which is which? Youth of Kenya (YOK) or Kenya Youth League (KYL)?

Whatever names you call yourselves, be assured that although you may not have contributed to any political, economic, social or ethnic issues that have become extremely divisive in Kenya, or had a bad influence in what's really gone wrong in present day Kenya, a country that is now so severely torn along entrenched ethnic lines, but at least you've got youth on your side, time on your side as well as a lot of mileage in your life-accounts.

So, use the youthful capital and fresh lifelines very wisely since most of you would hate to see the next three to four generations of Kenyan youth up in arms reminding you of your generational smell of decay that you will have created or caused by 2020, 2030, 2040 or 2050 when your generation is in one of the following age brackets; 25-30 yrs, 31-40 yrs, 41-50 yrs or 51-60 yrs.

Btw, most Kenyans of a certain age still dread the term 'youth' due to some of their worst political experiences dating back to the dark and cruel ages of KANU and its legions of Youth Wingers ("Red Shirts") and the manner in which huge numbers of idle Kenyan youth was misused, misguided and wasted by the past despot regimes and rogue politicians who always had dirty tricks and evil ways up their ethnic sleeves whenever they wanted to silence or destroy their opponents and people they didn't like or hated, and above all when the dreaded general elections were looming on the horizon.

I know it sounds so cliche but 'beware what you wish for' and while you are at it, always keep in mind the fact that 'those (youth) who forget the (their country's sordid) history are bound (condemned) to repeat it' in so many way other ways.

Goes without saying that Kenya is your inheritance and the stark reality will only start becoming apparent to your youthful generation that's assumed to have been born between 1990-2010, when the obituaries of the current failed crop of politicians, dead wood citizens, civil servants and so called prominent figures begin to pop up in the national media.

Many of them will be hardly remember by your generation, let alone their current politicl antics and tribal pandering that have become so absurdly comical.

Anonymous said...

This Real.

Any youth revolutions MUST first begin at the grassroots, namely, in their own enclaves.

The youth can never be radical enough at the national level when they have not yet been radical enough or failed to be radical enough in their own enclaves.

Radicalism begins at home, at the village, sub-location, location, division, district and county levels and then harmoniously exported to the national level and showcased through various political forums.

Otherwise, forget the so called "action" for the time being, because youth will end up being forced to chaotically retreat like riotous students or bunch of hooligans or looters or the run.

Or worse, they will end up being divided as usual along clan and ethnic lines, or class (struggles) that have become so pronounced since 2003.

Prove otherwise for a change, or else the Kenyan youth will end up with squandered opportunities and so many exact replicas of Koigis, Railas, Uhurus, Orengos, Mudavadis, Balala, Wamugundas, Jirongos, Rutos, Kajawangs, Onyong Nyongs, Kabogo, et al, the one time wannabe radicals against Kenyatta and Moi regimes and the so called political youth movements of yesteryears.

Prove otherwise for a change or else forever hold your silence until you become radical enough to liberate your country at the ballot in 2012 or 2017.

Anonymous said...

Guys, its almost 2012 and expect people to try and mobilize as many groups (call them nne nne, matako moto, vichwa uji or whatever you like..) as possible and use them as a cash bargaining vehicle from the 2012 senator, governor, parliamentary, presidential hopefuls.

How do you expect Phil (approaching 50 but still clinging to the youth label), who for the last 6 years has been following Raila like a cow on heat to be the moron leading anything meanful??
After posting this so called call for demo, he went back to his lair in Jukwaa and penned another article campaigning for his ailing luo defacto leader. A hyena doesn't become a herbivore overnight..ignore this latest attempt to use people for their selfish gains.

The oracle has spoken

Mwarang'ethe said...

Habari Phil,

Sasa, we see you have listed some noble objectives. But, how exactly do you plan to achieve them?

For instance:

(a) you seek to capture capture State power and transform Kenya from a dysfunctional post-colonial state

We ask, should we seek to capture state power, or, dismantle it?

(b) you state this:

(i) Only two bills of the 40 needed to operationalize the constitution have been passed,and then,

(ii) The cost of living has gone up; fuel prices, food, transportation and no one in government looks bothered.

Surely, here, lies the great contradiction. You are calling for implementation of the new constitution, i.e. unprecedented expansion of GOK, while at the same time crying about inflation.

Throughout history, inflation has always been as a result of two things:

(a) wars, like Germany after 1WW or the Roman Empire,
(b) bloated governments.

If this is the case, how do your youth group seek to square this Dido problem?

Just another example. Just two days ago, the WB priests gave Kenyans kes 8 bn. to upgrade slums, whatever that means.

Surely, to upgrade a slum, we do not need dollars from the Americunts.

So, how do the youth that you are part of, planning to deal with this FINANCIAL OCCUPATION?

We ask this because, from our carefully considered opinion, it IMPOSSIBLE to "transform Kenya from a dysfunctional post-colonial state into a vibrant modern democratic republic" without ending this FINANCIAL OCCUPATION.

And, just to figure out, are the Americunts involved in funding your group in any way?

Or, are some of these youth in this movement been to Serbia of late?

Anonymous said...

The cost of living,
ethnic tensions,
internal displacements,
political wrangling,
countless deaths from prevental diseases,
poor infrastructure,
a stagnated economy will continue to rise steadly unless people begin to stop wasting valuable time
and precious energies on listening to idiotic speeches and lectures by cabinet ministers, MPigs and tribal lords whose mouths run faster than their brains can walk.
We are what we choose to listen to and we will always be what we choose to associate with for all the wrong reasons under the Kenyan skies.

Anonymous said...

muthamaki, musamaki or muzaamaki?

Anonymous said...

Kenya's post-election violence strengthened ethnic identities and divisions.While in Zimbabwe ideology was the key driver of violence.

One never knows what the youth are capabale of but in the meantime the public will have to wait and see what the united call to action by the youth of Kenya will translate into beyond sporadic occasions for facebooking, twiting, youtubing and social gatherings at the end of the day.

More power to the Kenyan youth if they turn out to be real, brave, courageous, patriotic, united and pragmatic agents of change all over the country.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Phil,
the date for this post is off by two days

Anonymous said...

That bunker you had hibernated in must have been stiffling hot and very suffocating if thats all that you managed to come up with.Pole sana,Kenyans are divided among so many lines thats its totally impossible for them to rise up as a whole against anything...!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kumekuchans,

Ati youth revolution. The DOMO DOMO people are at it again. They are after a shortcut to power in the name of YOUTH. Fortunately, Kenyans are not easy to fooled - the person they want to install after capturing power is well known. He instigated the 1982 failed coup d'etat, and the 2007/8 tribal PEV through mass action.

Now, this shameless THUG wants a free ride on the backs of the youth to State House. My advice to this thug and its worshippers is to wait and try their luck in Next Year's General Elections or go and sell mandazi in Kibera!!!!

Anonymous said...


Is not Kazi Kwa Vijana program not run from Raila Odinga's office? Why not tell the youth to go and hijack the office untill all the youth is employed? Why?

Anonymous said...

Come on, ODMites! In 2007 you tried the 41 versus 1 campaign and failed, what makes you think that the people of Kenya are going to buy the skunk you are now selling them in the name of revolution? ODM will only come to power when the railway uprooters will outnumber the law abinding citizens.

Kisumu Molasses said...

I want to make it very clear here:

Raila Odinga will NEVER become the President of Kenya,,,NEVER!!! Get that in your thick heads and moveon!

2012 It will be Kalonzo's time.

No Kalonzo No Peace!!!

Anonymous said...

Take heart Kenyans!
Who would have ever thought the mighty King of Africa aka Muammar Gaddafi would be shaking in his boots in 2011 facing the combined wrath of the western imperialists?
If North Africa can do it so can you East Africa!Go youth go!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Take heart Kenyans!
Who would have ever thought the mighty King of Africa aka Muammar Gaddafi would be shaking in his boots in 2011 facing the combined wrath of the western imperialists?
If North Africa can do it so can you East Africa!Go youth go!

3/31/11 2:46 AM


So, you applaud the robbing of Libyan oil by imperialists? These terrorists in Libya, are taking loans while pledging the Libyan wealth which Gadafi had invested in the West, and you applaud this?

More so, the imperialists are using uranium depleted weapons in Libya, which is a way of disposing their nuclear waste. And, you applaud this?

More so, Gadafi was about to finish over $ 20 billion water project, one of the biggest project in the world. Do you think this project will be completed once the so called rebels takes over?

Read it here:

In terms of human development index, Libya is number 53, i.e. THE MOST DEVELOPED NATION IN AFRICA. Thats the fact, and even gods cannot deny it.

Without defending Gadagi, watch what happens to education, health, water projects once the rebels get power riding on the imperialists death machines.

Now, these so called rebels have formed their oil company and central bank. Are the people of Libya in control of these?

Wake up from you media induced illusions.

Anonymous said...

Foreign Minister abandons Gadaffi

(Reuters) - Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa arrived in Britain on Wednesday and has resigned from Muammar Gaddafi's government, the British government said. "We can confirm that Moussa Koussa arrived at Farnborough Airport on 30 March from Tunisia. He travelled here under his own free will. He has told us he is resigning his post," a Foreign Office spokesman said in a statement. "Koussa is one of the most senior figures in Gaddafi's government and his role was to represent the regime internationally -- something that he is no longer willing to do," the spokesman said. The British government encouraged people around Gaddafi to abandon him, he added.

Anonymous said...

come on Mwarang'ethe!
if you won't join the revolution start one!

Anonymous said...

Gbagbo Falls!

Ivory Coast army chief Phillippe Mangou 'seeks refuge'
Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo's army chief has sought refuge at the home of South Africa's ambassador in Abidjan, South Africa's foreign ministry says.

Phillippe Mangou was accompanied by his wife and children, a statement said.

The news came as forces loyal to the UN-recognised president, Alassane Ouattara, were reported to be on the outskirts of the main city of Abidjan.

Mr Gbagbo continues to cling to power in Abidjan, despite the UN saying he lost November's poll.

Fighters loyal to Mr Ouattara began their advance south from their northern bases on Monday, capturing the capital, Yamoussoukro, and the key port of San Pedro on Wednesday.

The BBC's John James in Yamoussoukro says almost the only area President Gbagbo still controls is Abidjan - 240km (150 miles) to the south of the capital.

Mr Gbagbo's home town of Gagnoa has also fallen.

Anonymous said...

UN boss chides desperate Pumbavu

United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon has said the decision on Kenya's request for a deferral of the post election violence cases does not lie with him.

Mr Ban said the government had already lodged its appeal with the UN Security Council and the matter was now in the hands of member states.

"The outcome of that request does not lie with me. It is upon the 15-member countries to decide," Mr Ban said during a news conference at the UN offices in Gigiri, Nairobi Thursday.

The UN boss was responding to a direct appeal from President Kibaki over the government's push to postpone the Ocampo Six cases at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for a year.

The President said the new constitution had given Kenya a "window of great national transformation" and put in place structures that will revamp key institutions.

"It has positively impacted our governance structures and set us off on a journey to restructure our institutions.

"I have no doubt the new constitution has the structures needed to decisively and systematically deal with challenges and opportunities that we face as a nation," said President Kibaki.

Mr Ban said Kenya had already made a pitch for the deferral pointing to talks between him and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka in New York earlier this month.

Anonymous said...

Heed this warning from Jesus Himself!

"False messiahs and false prophets will appear. They will work spectacular, miraculous signs and do wonderful things to deceive, if possible, even those whom God has chosen."
Matthew: 24:24

Anonymous said...

How is it that we consistently end up with poor leadership who frustrate us beyond belief? I submit that the electorate are a large part of the problem. Our leadership are a reflection of ourselves.

We elect those we feel "fit the bill", without considering the wider ramifications of poor judgment on our part.

Sadly, the evidence would suggest that we have been myopic in setting our selection criteria for leadership. More often than not, we look to those with deep pockets (regardless of the source of that wealth) to assume leadership roles.

We are well aware of the fact that deep pockets do not necessarily translate to wisdom, experience, or the desire to serve the Kenyan people, yet inevitably we are more inclined to select a wealthy simpleton over a not-so-affluent teacher, for example.

This may be largely out of self-interest: deep pockets represent handouts, school fees, medical bills and more. Furthermore, we have created a situation where to be accepted as a credible candidate one must, at the very least, create the illusion of wealth.

How strange! The Kenyan electorate has effectively locked themselves out of political leadership by perpetuating a myth: the myth that only particular elite is fit for leadership!

We are preparing to enter another electoral cycle. This presents an opportunity for us to re-evaluate the criteria through which we select our leadership!

If we are to avoid our previous mistakes, we must divorce ourselves from the old model where the ethnic group, deep pockets, big cars, and fancy suits are the sole determinants of leadership.

Rather, we should apply our minds to evaluating the merit and interrogating the substance of each selection.

Mwarang'ethe said...

come on Mwarang'ethe!
if you won't join the revolution start one!

3/31/11 5:33 AM


What revolutions are you talking about? Revolutions led by satraps?

You may think otherwise, but, all these noisy commotions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Ivory Coast, and the ones Phil is telling us, are a foolish joke.

Anyone who takes these noises as a serious revolution, has never spent an hour pondering on the meaning of liberty.

For instance, what is the position of these youthful satraps on.

(a) WB, IMF and WTO?
(b) standing armies?
(c) taxation reforms?
(d) industrial reforms?
(e) banking and money reforms?
(f) agricultural reforms?
(g) centralised police structures?
(h) centralised Caesarism?

Let us just take police structures as an example. If you are an honest person, you will agree that, the AP has been turned into a tribal militia.

Now, in REACTION to this, Phil tells us that, the youthful satraps should capture this militia.

Simply, if Phil and his fellow youngsters capture this heavily armed militia, they will just make it serve his own interests. Which means, we shall be back to square one. We have read enough history to understand human mind.

For us, we say, dismantle the whole centralised policing bullshit.

Let policing be controlled by the people locally. Let them also pay for it. As such, let the people of Western, organise their own policing and not this nonsense of being controlled from so called Nairobi/Rome.

NB: The test of free men/women is the ability to organise their own communities.

As such, those who think policing can only be organised by Kibaki in Nairobi, are slaves.


"I submit that the electorate are a large part of the problem. Our leadership are a reflection of ourselves."

3/31/11 7:39 AM


You assume that, we are poor voters. Have you ever talked to voters in the West? If you do, you will realise how damn ignorant they are as well.

If the Western voters are so idiotic, how do you explain their "ability" to elect "enlightened" "leaders" who kill millions so as to get oil for their voters?

What you see in the West has nothing whatsoever to do with masses. If that was the case, how do you explain the offshoring of jobs, austerity e.g. in the UK despite their protests?

In other words, you are telling us this. The citizens of Rome who were corrupted by wealth and luxury of Rome were bright as compared to the subjects of the African/Asian province of Rome.

What manifest nonsense?

Anonymous said...

anon 7:39am
wealthy (Sonko)
simpleton (Bifwoli)?
not-so-affluent (Anyang'nyong'o)
teacher (Saitoti Prof.)?

There is alot of substance there my friend i tell you

Mwarang'ethe said...

Rather, we should apply our minds to evaluating the merit and interrogating the substance of each selection.

3/31/11 7:39 AM


Sorry for too much posts.

Now, in our previous post, we noted that, the Western voter is not better than a Kenyan voter.

For the last 60 years, the Western voter was allowed to feel as if he/she was in control.

NB: There were good reasons for that.

Now, that time is over. It is now serious business and it does not matter they think. If you doubt, sample this:

"Ken Clarke privatises Birmingham Prison amid union fury."

Birmingham Prison is to become the first jail in the UK to be privatised, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke has said.

Mr Clarke told MPs the "military are involved" in contingency plans should prison officers stage a strike.

NB: The gloves are off.

Anyway, let us enjoy Working Ckass Hero by Lennon:

Anonymous said...

Birmingham prison now belongs to G4S!mmmmmmmmh!
Does this mean all the prisoners will disappear from their cells within the next 24hrs LOL!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Birmingham prison now belongs to G4S!mmmmmmmmh!
Does this mean all the prisoners will disappear from their cells within the next 24hrs LOL!

3/31/11 8:53 AM



We always find interesting stuff when we look back to old time. As an example, we are told this by eminent historians.

"The ruling class in Rome was a monied class, and it MADE and ADMINISTERED the LAWS with a view SOLELY to its interest. Thus the relation between LENDER and BORROWER was mixed up with the relation between SOVEREIGN and SUBJECT."

Does this sound familiar?

In today's privatisation (read piritization), this is what has happened:

(a) the invisible guys desired to get rich by putting more guys in Kamiti. The more prisoners u have in times of economic stress, the more money you make.

(b) the invisible gave/gives money to all political parties.

(c) the "wise" voters of the UK votes either of the so called parties.

(d) once any of these parties are in power, they do as required by the invisibles.

Labour which represents the Unions now crying foul, starts the process. The Conservatives finishes the job. Off course, Labour will be crying with the Unions today.

NB: Also, Labour of the working class hero, started university fee in the UK. As per the plan, the Conservatives increased the fees to what was desired from day one. As per plan, Labour has opposed the increment with the poor students.

(e) the invisibles, goes to the bank, which he owns, and creates money from thin air. As such, the prison has been acquired by THIN AIR.

(f) having acquired the prison with THIN AIR, the invisible must make money and pay debt/THIN AIR by doing a few tricks like:

(i) cut costs. Translated, sack workers. Can someone say DOLE?

(ii) cut costs. Translated, reduce maintenance budget which means poor service. Can someone say, THIRD WORLD?

NB: Do you remember Kenya Railways saga?

Can someone say NEO - FEUDALISM please?

Anonymous said...

Mheshimiwa Phil,

Kwa hakaki, wewe ni mkenya halisi as they come from down country.
Kwani sisi vijana wakazi wa Marsabit, Moyale, Wajir, Mandera, Liboi, Maralal, North Horr, South Horr na baadhi ya vijana wengi wanao toka sehemu mbambali za kasikazini-mashariki hatutambulika kuwa Wakenya asili?

Tueleze tupate kujua mara moja ili tusiharibu kura, nguvu, michango na wakati wetu when the real political need arises for the down country people.

I sei, sisi vijana we can't wait for fully-fledged universities, regional hosipitals and airports to be built in our upper eastern and northeastern areas of Kenya so that we can continue to develop our regions without being bogged down by never ending feuds between two political coalitions of ethnic groups, one of whom still share a warped common belief that it is their turn 'to eat' after prolonged monopolisation of political power, land and the economy by Kibaki's ethnic group.

While the other continues to adamantly hold onto an outdated and warped belief that it's their ordained right to hold onto power and rule the whole country, because Raila's ethnic group has no business trying to seek political as well as economic power of any kind

Nauliza kwamba, for how long will the youth from the forgotten regions of Kenyan continue to endure the scourge of marginalization?

Why are the youth from these regions always treated as if they were the proverbial ugly stepchildren?

Usisahau kwamba there is more to northeastern than Garissa, and there is more to upper eastern than what what's passed around as lower eastern or a remarkably homogenous region of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Muthaura and uhuru resign security positions. Too little,too little!

Anonymous said...

Mudavadi the son of a former minister, Uhuru the son of a former president, Ruto a classic protege of Moi, Jirongo a groupie of Gideon Moi, and Kalonzo another classic protege of Moi still consider themselves to be among a youthful generation that is assumed to have been born between 1990-2010.

A generation that now rightly belongs to the grandchildren of gracefully aged men in their fourties and fifties.

Might it be one of the major reasons why many disgraced African leaders like Mobutu Sese Seko, Hosni Mubarak et al could never face the fact that the times had changed so much since the days of their youth during the colonial era of blind loyalty and unquestioned submissiveness in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Anonymous said...

Any good legal mind in panua? Now uhuru and muthaura do what was expected of them ages ago.too late too little. Is there nobody to advise those going with the ocampo six? Any in the waki report may also find themselves residents of hague.mambo hot!eg. Mututhu and jane kihara.icc is not thika court.

Anonymous said...

For the love of....
someone please stop Esther Murugi from STRIPPING her clothes next week FRIDAY when her ethnic child Uhuru flies to the Hague

Just imagine this silver haired grandmother losing her clothes and dignity for the presidency not crossing the river chania enroute to hague.Can the striking youth do something about this disillusioned mother?

Anonymous said...

ECOWAS will soon have the last laugh at Gbagbo who first dismissed them as "a sterile bunch of wild mules in uniforms".

That's when a senior Nigerian military officer with the ECOWAS was heard saying that "why lose your fingers or hands in a careless attempt of trying to dislodge a stubborn buffalo from a cliff above a civilian settlement, when hunger or brutal weather conditions can easily accomplish the same objective without the loss of a single life?"

As Things continue to Fall Apart in Ivory Coast and history repeats itself as was the case in Uganda, Chad, Somali, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Rwanda, the world is waiting patiently to find out when Gbagbo will be eased out of power by his own men in uniform.

What a turn of event since March the 21 of March 2011, when the pro-Quattra forces were threatening to march onto the capital Abidjan.

Bouke, Yamoussoukro, Duekoue, Toulepleu and San Padro has all fallen in the hands of the 'New Forces' and it's just a matter of time before Gagnoa falls as well over the weekend.

What are the two major signs of decaying government or a political leader having lost a stronghold on his nation?

It's when ragtag militiamen begin patrolling the streets of the capital bearing government issued ammunitions.

Army chiefs like Gen. Phillippe Mangou have always known that when push come to shove, men like Gbagbo will careless whether their armies survive the onslaughter or not, since the evil leaders are known to have stashed million of dollars in safe havens and have their private jets on ready standby waiting to flee at a moment's notice.

The unfolding secnario is so reminiscent of the documentaries about the fall of Idi Amin's, Hassan Habre's and Samuel Doe's forces.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a good idea. Billions for deferal and peanuts for IDPs, Hunger, education.

PNU wants to protect the six with billions while the youth are jobless, sick, uneducated and neglected. No to Kibaki gov

Anonymous said...

Drugs belong to wambui mwai read papers.what a messy statehouse!

Anonymous said...

A miacle! The ocampo six are international suspects. Their visas are restrictive.hague is not gatundu court.God exists. The suspects are human like me?.deatain these criminals! .rapist and murderes.Now,with the new constitution, any kenyan can challenge their dreams to a public office. Thats fact.they are criminals. Seen sentence for that son of a minister iin rwanda?.thee farewell O6.karua said it.kenya is greater than six.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are their own worst political enemies, although they can become their own best political medicine if they so decide.

On one hand Kenyans can be seen chest thumping about how well informed they are in all political issues about Kenya, Africa and the rest of the world the world.

While on the other, they are known to be real political cowards who are so accustomed to retreating into their respective ethnic cocoons only to emerge and allow themselves to be ruled by the sons of former or dead politicians who are already taking the once beautiful and wonderful country down the same old path of destruction that their fathers once took since they got into a political fight and split ways for good in 1969.

What a pity that there is no single individual or a group of courageous people in Gikuyuland and Luo Nyanza, who have the foresight and political fire with which to confront Uhuru Muigai the son of Jomo Kenyatta Kenya's first president and Raila Amollo son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Kenya's first vice president and explain or tell the duo that enough is enough, Kenyans, besides some from Gatundu and Bondo, are really fed up with politics of inheritance that have been going on for far too long, and the rest of the country should not be held hostage by the ongoing political family feuds.

When will there arise a hundred couageous men and a hundred courageous women who are willing and able to tell Prince of Gatundu and Prince of Bondo, that enough is enough, the people and the country deserve stability, real political change for the better and a modern functional governemnt.

NB: You welcomed to throw your stones as awell as swing your machetes at this messenger.

Enough is enough regardless of whether one goes to The Hague and the other remains scot free in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

The "NATIONAL CALL: To Action by the YOUTH of Kenya should not fail to deal with the menacing drug problems and the the dealers in Kenya.

Lords of Impunity are still well, alive and arrogant 110%

One of the many reasons why Kenyans need to get rid of the current dysfunctional government and reform the police force 100%, from inside out and outside in.

As if to underline their impotence in the face of worsening drugs crisis, the police complained drug barons were "boasting in public places" how the force is useless. - 'Police Link heroin boats to politician, activist.'

Who is this Nairobi politician who is the owner of speeboats that were linked to the offshore drugs smuggling?

Who is the politician who enjoys protection of an official in the Ministry of Internal Security?

Who is the 'well-connected activist and businesswoman' protected the politician who owns the heroin speadboats that were involved in the ferrying the drugs onto Kenyan territory?

And who are the people or known individual (high ranking official) in the Ministry of Internal Security who blocked police from interrogating the suspect or person of interest?

Does anyone know whether the criminal property forfeiture act is incorporated in the Kenyan judicial system, an act that would make easier to confiscate any assets or profits gained the drugs trade?

Drug property forfeiture would send a clear messages to all would be drug cartels and dealers that their days are numbered.

Where is the FBI when you need them? Or the Dutch wranglers when justice or an arrest has failed to take effect?

Philip said...

Hope I'm not going to see the same corrupt student leaders who wants to take advantage of youth euphoria.

Anonymous said...

Nice april fools day joke.
Hahahaha...peaceful demo my a**!
All it will degenerate to is one huge looters fest a la UON or better yet ODM's so called mass action/pogrom
Phil stick to Jukwaa and worshipping your idol please?we know who's sponsoring this bull

Anonymous said...

OMG! Uhuru is a COWARD!!!! afterall, he just had to resign from the powerful security committee. This Ocampo man really makes UK take double shots of Tequilla.

UK now needs to sober up and see clearly. This Hague Express thing after chest thumping and thunder clapping he is really afraid of being detained at the hague he he he.

Bure kabisa huyu Uhuru

Mwarang'ethe said...

What a pity that there is no single individual or a group of courageous people in Gikuyuland and Luo Nyanza, who have the foresight and political fire with which to confront Uhuru Muigai the son of Jomo Kenyatta Kenya's first president and Raila Amollo son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Kenya's first vice president and explain or tell the duo that enough is enough, Kenyans, besides some from Gatundu and Bondo,


You are looking at the end result without looking at the means to get there. Sample this:

The last time we checked, a piece of land at Community was going for around KES 120 million. UK needs only to sell/lease ROBBERY FREE two such pieces and buy the presidency.

Now, since the working man is ROBBED by KRA everyday, how can he raise enough resources to just buy an ad at the NTV? Remember, you have to buy editors as well.

As a result of these arrangements, which are invisible to you and irrelevant in the scheme of things, the only person who can challenge UK, must also be a member of the oligarchy.

Anyway, we just discovered that, there are others who are wary of the Ivy League of Fools:


Anyway, let us continue enjoying: Picky Myself Up words such as.

Sittin' in the midday sun
And wondering where my meal's coming from
After working so hard
Not even piece of bread at the yard

Anonymous said...

Iteere confirms why ICC should deal withe powerful in kenya.has wako heard the police confirming they are powerless to deal with drug dealers let alone international rapists and murderers that is ocampo six? GoK just lost the case to be filed even before ICC judges look into it!

Anonymous said...

April foo (4) foo (4) is around the corner, let the YOUTH of Kenya make it memorable through real ACTION for the common good.

Anonymous said...

Hope I am not going to see the same corrupt student leaders who want to take advantage of the youth euphoria.

The CSLs (corrupt students leaders) have always been known now as "riot chasers" - "hijackers of demonstrations" - "users of gullible students" and "merchants of destruction".

Some of them have been on the payrolls of of powerful politicians, activists, league of disatisfied lecturers, and government.

These CSLs are so good at rallying their peers and using them as a means or pawns to boost their personal profiles and so called future political careers.

But the most unfortunate thing is that there some idiots in their midst who will always treat these opportunists as saviours and add their names for whatever reasons to the martyrs memorial totem pole.

Anonymous said...

Where there is shipments of drugs or drug dealing on large scale as seen at the coast of Kenya, there is bound to be brutal turf wars and vicious gang rivalries.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ocampo loses appeal:

1. The trial judge reconfirms that they were right in arriving at their Judgement of 8th March

2. Stress the need of demonstrated evidence.
3. without prejudice,asks Ocampo to do a better presentation on the issue of the appeal.Seems this line will resurface at a later date.

So those celebrating should hold their horses. Ocampo will pull surprises on 7th and 8th.

From above, the issuance of summoneses was based on demonstrated evidence!

Anonymous said...

Major Characteristic that's so common among African and Arab armies.

Many Ivorian towns have been captured or easily fallen into the hands of 'Republican Forces' that are now entering Abidjan due to lack of any organised resistance and the historically unwarrior-like nature of the Ivorian army.

They were very happy to draw their pay every month but they were essentially like civil servants.

So when faced with people actually committed to fighting - the former rebels who make up the Republican Forces - it's not surprising they stand down (surrender without putting up a fight).

It's easy to fire on unarmed civilians, but it's much a different choice to decide whether you are going to engage with people who are well-armed as you are.

- Dr. Michael McGovern, a political anthropologist at Yale University.

A luta continua!

Viva Ivory Coast!
Viva Republican Forces!
Viva Quattara!
Viva defecting Ivorian forces!
Viva Gen. Philleppe Mangou!
Viva the Ivorian people.

A luta continua!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The behaviour of crocodiles on the hunt is very predictable during the Serengeti annual migration.

Inspite of having endured long dry spells without any taste of fresh blood from the wildebeest meat, they will allow the first wave of wildebeests to cross through the waters for the first twelve hours, then engage in a free for all during the rest of migration period.

What's the relevance between the Serengeti crocodiles and the ICC judges?

Well, the next group of you know who, will not have it easy when trying to navigate the legal waters at The Hague, an international judicial river that's known for its famous slow but deep judicial undercurrents.

Just try asking one time political wildebeests like Charles Taylor, Bemba, and the wild pack of ... that organised, financed and executed the Bosnian war.

Let's wait and find out who among them will be ripped apart and who survives just because the others were blind or dumb enough to cross at the wrong time or engage the crocodiles with arrogant gimmicks akin to Charles Taylor's peacockish defence.

Anonymous said...

I am a 27 years old kenyan lady looking for love. Am I in the right place?

Mwarang'ethe said...

It's easy to fire on unarmed civilians, but it's much a different choice to decide whether you are going to engage with people who are well-armed as you are.

- Dr. Michael McGovern, a political anthropologist at Yale University.


Thats why we have stated many a time that, standing armies are a means of internal and external tyranny.

All standing armies have been used as a personal political means of power. In other words, standing armies are glorified mercernaries/dogs of war.

If we are desirous of true liberty, we must have a citizen army where every man and woman is armed. Otherwise, once you give up the natural right of defence, you will forever be rules by thugs hired by Quattara's of this world in the name of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Spare us this mockery of justice that will be served on ICC's watch.

Why is William Ruto the only politician from ODM's ticket who is being sent to The Hague for prosecution (selective slaughter)? WHY?

If it's a real question about the political revenge, human rights abuses and other violent ethnic crimes that were orchestrated by both sides, then three more senior politicians from ODM's camp should be ordered to present themselves at the ICC as well.

Evidently people like Anyang'o Nyong'o the ODM's secretary general has a case to answer by all accounts.

All those hand written notes that were passed around, minutes of so many meetings, mobile phone messages, large amounts of money that exchanged hands and huge purchases of cannabis sativa and chang'aa that were used in the efforts to sweep or mow "outsiders" from certain regions of Kenya should be released and disclosed by Ruto's legal defence team, and sympathizers who had access to such material should submit them during the ICC's trial.

There is no way why individuals from one side of the equation should be prosecuted while others from the other left out only to repeat the same deadly political mistakes in 2012.

The political consequences are going to be real grim during the 2012 general elections when many flock to the polls to cast their sympathy votes, votes of solidarity, and 'votes of anger' for the sole candidate who will have been chosen to run for the presidency against others in the absence of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

[Rule out Musyoka Kalonzo, for he's out of the presidential equation for obvious reasons].

Almost all sides had blood on their hands, and it's not just the Gikuyu and Kalenjin who were the only ones involved.

For instance, who were responsible for the wanton destruction of human life and property in Nyanza Kenya, western Kenya as well as in many parts of Nakuru and Nairobi?

Don't tell the ICC that the whole mayhem was limited only to goons belonging to the dreaded and notorious Mungiki gangs?

The ICC trials will only end up being seen by many as a selective prosecution of leaders from certain communities, while the others get a free a pass to indulge themselves in business as usual.

So what about the question of real accountability?

Anonymous said...

An overdue April fool's joke or a desperado's fly fishing venture on the rocks? Mmmmh! Tick tock tick tock tick tock are you already counting down to thirty? Late 20s and still busy looking for elixir and love potion no. 9 in every which way you can? That's a deadly combination. Kumekucha is one of the wrong destinations for that. Try the other dating sites that charge a fee to catch and release fish. All the best with fly fishing.

Anonymous said...

Kenya's elections in 2007 shook African electoral democracy to the core.

Moreover, a number of PNU and ODM leaders and supporters were implicated [fully involved] in post-election human rights abuses and so it was in their mutual interest that these were not investigated.

The perpetrators of the 2008 violence in Kenya have thus not been brought to book.

As mentioned, in Kenya it is mutually beneficial to bury the question of prosecution since both sides committed violence.

This may explain the lack of unanimous support from Kenya's political elite to the international Criminal Court's efforts to pursue a prosecution at The Hague.

Kenyan unirt government has not been more reform minded because under the guise of unity, anti-reform elements within both parties have conspired to 'eat' together, blocking democratic reforms.

Because of this impunity, the stability delivered by power-sharing may simply represent a calm before the storm.

We now know that Kenyan groups have been arming in preparation for the next election in 2012

Anonymous said...

Ivorians are now marching through the country side, and the streets of fallen towns, cities and on the outskirts of Abidjan, taunting the police, military, and bands of Young Patriots thugs.

Will Mr. President for life His Excellence Laurent Gbagboo try and escape it exile or unknown destination, or will he end up like another arrogant fool once known as Jonas Savimbi who was chased and hunted down like a common village goat-thief in the shallow bushes of Angola?

Jonas Savimbi had 500 well armed men by the time he was cornered and moments before he embarked on his ten mile escape on foot, with Angolan goverment forces in hot pursuit.

By the time he was captured and shot in the torso, he was found to be in the protection of a two cooks, a maid and one bodyguard.

They all surrendered their arms with the exception of Jonas Savimbi who thought that he could fight his way out of to safety.

Anonymous said...

After several centuries of doing good business in the name of taking care of souls on behalf of the higher authority? Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Vatican - Vistors Must Declare Cash.

The Vatican put a new rule into on Friday requiring that anyone bringing 10,000 euros (about $14,000) or more into Vatican City declare it to the authorities.

The rule is part of new anti-laudering regulations aimed at bringing the Vatican in line with international standards on financial transperancy and helping it shed its image as a tax shelter.

Italian authorities are investigating the Vatican Bank for money laudering. The Vatican has denied wrongdoing
. - AP

Anonymous said...

Ruto, Kenya haiwezi kubadilika wala kubadilishwa kukiwa bado kuna wanasiasa kama wewe wanao ropopoka ovyovyo kasoro heshima, nidham au dhamira ilyo koma. Wewe ni mmoja wapo wale wanasiasa wanao sambaza porojo, fitina, ukibila na siasa duni tele tele nchini pote. Usife bali jitayarishe kubeba huo musalaba wako mwenyewe kwasababu hakuna mwengine aliye tunika hilo gogo mabegani mwako ila wewe mwenyewe kulingana na siasa zako za wakati wa ghasia, fujo na migogoro ya PEV. Kufa kikondo bila kuadhari taifa zima. Na usisau kwamba wakimbizi yaani IDPs bando wanagojea kurudi kwao nyumbani huko mashambani waliko toroka baada ya uchanguzi mkuu.

Anonymous said...

now that fighting has broken out in Ivory Coast is the NATO led coalition going to "save" the people of that west african nation or is the cocoa not as important as the oil?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kikuyus and Kalenjins are now friends since Uhuru and Ruto seem to have closed ranks ahead of next weeks court appearance in Netherlands

Mwarang'ethe said...

now that fighting has broken out in Ivory Coast is the NATO led coalition going to "save" the people of that west african nation or is the cocoa not as important as the oil?

4/2/11 2:54 AM


Do not worry. Everything is under control. The UN "peacekeepers" and the ICC worshipped by IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, are in place.

If you go to a construction site, it may look a bit messy to your eyes. However, to the ARCHITECT, who knows the end game, it is work in progress.

As such, what you see may look a bit disorganised, i.e. poverty, death, conflicts here and there. However, simmer down for there is serious work going on.

All the present chaos have one target, Iran. It must be isolated slowly and cornered.

Once we are done with that, now, the REAL TARGET will be visible, i.e China. Have you seen great power's naval forces policing Indian Ocean in the name of Somali pirates? Remember what happened tyo Japan during 2 WW?

One may ask, why is this? Simply, China is not acting like a "responsible member of the international community" at the moment. You ought to know what that means.

So, if the Chinese CORPORATE OLIGARCHY State become "responsible," all will be well. If they do not, the GREAT GAME under way, will take care of the situation.

Anyway, we leave thee with two things. One, a quote which goes like this:

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." J. Edgar Hoover.

The other one, is a link to Libya, The Lion Heart of The Desert:


If you have time, you may also watch this:

Anonymous said...

Uhuru and Ruto seem to have closed ranks.

Ever heard of the old saying from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, "Yesterday's enemies will be tomorrow's friends, today's friends will be tomorrow's sworn enemies. So beware of those whom you invite in your fold to share bread and wine with you"?

What's now known as "an enemy of an enemy is a friend" and "an enemy of a friend doesn't have to be your enemy when you stand to benefit from their enemity."

Wait and see how long their newly found brotherhood of sorts is going to withstand the test of political times and the stint at the ICC, especially when their;
a) court cases,
b) damning evidence against them,
c) moving witnesses, if any,
d) quality of their legal defence in terms of errors and omissions,
e) crucial verdicts -
take a totally different turn from current expectations.

However, when all is said and done, the proverbial Trojan horse will always remain their midst whether they found guilty or not.

In other words, "kikulacho kimo nguoni mwako" and not in your neighbours' or so called enemies' sordid political or ethnic garments.

I may be coming from outerfield on this one but 2013 or 2014 may prove otherwise or worse echo the same events.

Anonymous said...

NATO doesn't care how many nyeusis slaughter each other like wild carnoivores. NATO will always allow for an internal solution similar to what happened in Uganda, Chad, Liberia, DR of Congo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and now Ivory Coast. Kenyans can join the ranks if they choose to embrace the chaotic ways of ironing out their internal political and ethnic differences.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, if more women are elected to parliament then the country will become a better place, good governance will be the order of the day, and the security conditions as well as the living standards of urban and rural women will improve a great deal.

Ahaah! Beware what you wish for because the calbre of Sambili, Shaban, Mugo, Kosgey and the rest of them are the types that will continue to get elected, no more no more less.

They only used the gender card to benfit their selfish agendas and not the welfare of Kenyan women who risked casting their powerful votes for them in the first place.

These are politicians with very misplaced priorities 24/7.

Anonymous said...

In a last-ditch attempt to save face, self-esteem and what remains of their political capital, the petulant politicians being carded to The Hague are creating situations that will have a pernicious effect on so many local levels as well as at the national level.

All those bound for 'The Hague Express', could have done it in real style by engaging their suppoters and the rest of country on relevant substantive issues in a more dignified manner and with a splash of statesmanship here and there.

So that they could have a 'Kapenguri Six' type of a rousing homecoming in the event they get exonerated from all the reponsibility for the post election violence.

Unfortunately, their petulancy and throwing of temper tantrums before heading out to The Hague, will only have the opposite effect in many ways unbeknown to them.

In the meantime, let Kenyans who cherish stability, progress and democracy continue to honour their ancestors and those in recent times who have suffered under the lords of impunity and purveyors of tribal bigtory.

Anonymous said...

I Love Jesus!!!!

Anonymous said...

If so, then love thyself, thy spouse, thy offsprings, thy neighbour, thy fellow country woman/man, thy God with all thy mind, thy strength, thy whole heart, thy soul during the 365 days of the years and thy shall inherent the earth and eventually the kingdom of God.

Anonymous said...

Hatuko pamoja. Beba gogo lako peke yako bila kuhubiri siasa chafu na ukubila wa giza.

Anonymous said...

Prayers were held for the Ocampo-3 and the question now is when will the same prayer groups hold homecomnig prayers for the IDPs who atill waiting to return to their homes?

Thou shall not kill.
Thou shall not covet they neighbour's goods.
Thou shall not bear false witness.
Thou shall lie.

Anonymous said...

Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock....
4 more days until cucu (grandmother) Esther Murugi strips naked at JKUAT with the entire country watching!

4 more days for Joshua Arap Sang to recover from his suspicious "freak accident" hindering his travel out of the country

4 more days for Uhuru and Ruto's new found friendship to pass the test of facing justice and speaking the truth

4 more days to seal the fate of President General Keugoya...will his lieutenants impale themselves on their swords for him or will they leave the emperor exposed naked to the whole world with cucu Murugi?Just imagine those 2 naked

Anonymous said...

Kesho ni? Kesho! Kesho ni? Siku ya "NATIONAL CALL: To Action by the YOUTH of Kenya.

Will someone or a committed group volunteers write the number four (no. 4) in almost thirty if not foutry-two national languages of Kenya?

Anonymous said...

...hahaha, getting a Kihii is the dream of every Kenyan woman.

I have never met a Kenyan woman who would say NO to a French man, an English man, a German, a Polish or even an Armanian (Remember the President's daughter ran into the hands of such a Kihii).

Truly, the matter of a Kihii as stupid as the people talking about it. Circumcision be it for male or female is outdated and is a shame even to imagine it.

The folks from the desert had to go for a cut 3000 yrs ago because there was no water there. The Jews, the Arabs, the Africans in Sahara, NEP had to be cut because of the filth.

The Nilotes fishermen had no problem with hygiene as they spent 12 hrs a day in water and remained as clean as fish.

The Europeans, the dream of every Kenyan chick was always on snow. There was always water to wipe their dicks. NO need for mutilation.

In modern Africa, there is soap and water. In Kenya most regions have water. There is no need for cutting.

Whoever tells you it will heal or protect you from Aids is a big fool and a liar.

Yeah, I am proud to be a Kihii and a Kenyan. I'll be there to demonstrate aginst the gov setting money to protect thugs.

Anonymous said...

Yeshua (Jesus) changed my life.

Jesus is awesome!!!

I love Him dearly!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Somebody forgot to take their meds as ordered by their pyschiatrist.

Anonymous said...

As rightly predicted by astute smart Kumekuchans, today's so called "planned national call to action by the youth of Kenya" has predictably failed to take off

No surprises there. however all eyes are on this coming Friday when Esther Murugi foolishly promised to shamelessly unclothe herself infront of the whole nation because her ethnic son Uhuru will be boarding a plane to travel to a foreign jail.

If this silver haired grandmother goes ahead with her threat it will be such a traumatic experience one from which i am not sure our children will never recover from the rest of their lives

Anonymous said...

An advance team of Kenyan lawyers representing the post-election violence suspects flew out of the country to the International Criminal Court at The Hague on Sunday TO TEST THE MOOD AND LIKELIHOOD OF DETENTION.

Soverign of Kenya confirmed as:

Seemingly, the Kenyan cases have turned out to be lucrative hunting grounds for foreign experts in international criminal law. (READ: State enlists Queen’s Counsel in Hague cases)

Mr David Hooper, a Queen’s Counsel, has joined Mr Ruto’s defence team which is led by Dr Kindiki. The respected British lawyer currently represents former Congolese militia leader Germain Katanga.

Sources close to Mr Kosgey said he had sought the services of another Queen’s Counsel, Mr Ben Emmerson, who is acting for former Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj.

Anonymous said...

Where is the PROMISED REVOLUTION of Raila worshippers? I have been hanging around the city center, but even Phil is no show.
Does Raila think that Kenyan youth are so stupid as to get engaged in delusional revolutions after Raila has cheated them with the Kazi Kwa Vijana projects. The PM office took off with the youth's money just as they had taken off with famine maize.
One day a Luo will be president of Kenya but not Raila!!!

Anonymous said...

The only way Raila will have a realistic chance of being president in 2012 is if Uhuru and Ruto are jailed in Hague, but if they are free to campaign the will use Raila to mop the floor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

Be patient! Wait untill the two cats (Ruto & Uhuru) leave town and Rat Raila will start dancing. Just wait and see the Rat in a funeral or two next weekend.

Anonymous said...


Where are the updates of the revolution. Don't be like Taabu who promised us Amageddon and them went quiet.

Please, bring the revolution or I will uproot a railway.

Anonymous said...

someone please convince cucu Esther Murugi not to undress herself naked in just 3 days time!
Just imagine a whole grandmother standing naked infront of the entire country!so unAfrican

Anonymous said...

ICC refuses legal aid to Sang.

Import of this from the ICC is that "we are reading news. We picked it from the press that ODM has offered to help with your legal expenses and that you had a succesful fundraiser...."

I fear for the Ocampo six especially Uhuru and Ruto. Dont be surprised when they are told " we have been reading the press and seen how dangerous you are turning your tribes by inciting them.It is safer if we detain you as the charges are grave....."

Me, Myself and I co. said...

I am preparing myself for the Royal Wedding in 3 weeks time! I have lost weight (15lbs) just for this wedding.
If u don't know, quite a few Kenyans are invited... including some Maasai friends of the couple.
Charter flight to fly Prince William's Laikipia friends to London for the wedding has gone through final touches.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:40am
well thanks for the weight watchers club advertisement. wishing you all the best in your international man hunting travels,i understand they like slim women over there good luck you just might land yourself your very own prince William

don't forget to apply for the non-immigrant visa as that country is no longer allowing Kenyans to migrate there easily

Anonymous said...

This blog is surely going to the dogs.If anyone cared enough this stale post should not be here.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for la revoluccion

all i see is ODM's e-sycophant licking Raila and his chief goon Miguna's dung on Jukwaa.....


Anonymous said...

Kenya fails to stop the ICC case

Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Monday confirmed receiving an application by the Kenya government that seeks to quash the post election violence cases on grounds that they are inadmissible before the court.

The Judges however said the application will not stop ongoing cases against the Ocampo six.

"The Judges of Pre-Trial Chamber II have received the Application on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kenya pursuant to Article 19 of the ICC Statute and are currently in the process of reviewing the application," a statement posted on the ICC website said.

"The Rome Statute and the Rules of Procedure and Evidence DO NOT PROVIDE FOR ANY SPECIFIC TIME-LIMIT during which the Judges should make a decision regarding this application, AND THE ONGOING JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS WILL NOT STOP."
Under Article 19, a State may challenge the admissibility of a case before the ICC on grounds that it is investigating or prosecuting the case in question( OF OCAMPO SIX) or has investigated or prosecuted the said (OCAMPO SIX)case.

This opportunity is only afforded once.

Anonymous said...

Kenya fails to stop ICC case

ICC Judges receive Kenya's request to strike out cases

Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Monday confirmed receiving an application by the Kenya government that seeks to quash the post election violence cases on grounds that they are inadmissible before the court.

The Judges however said the application will not stop ongoing cases against the Ocampo six.

"The Judges of Pre-Trial Chamber II have received the Application on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kenya pursuant to Article 19 of the ICC Statute and are currently in the process of reviewing the application," a statement posted on the ICC website said.

"The Rome Statute and the Rules of Procedure and Evidence do not provide for any specific time-limit during which the Judges should make a decision regarding this application, and the ongoing judicial proceedings will not stop."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you don't know, quite a few Kenyans are invited...

Just so you know that Kenyans, descendants of Bw. Eric Walker, MC, representated East Africans when they were invited to the wedding of century' on 29 July 1981.

Congratulations on shedding 15 lbs for the Royal Wedding of our time, and for the exclusive invitation that was extended to you from Buckingham Palace. Enjoy the historic occasion to your heart's content.

Oh, by the way, you wouldn't, by any chance, be a Duchess, Princess, Marchioness, Countess, Viscountess, Baroness, or Dame?

While at it, don't forget to keep us (@Kumekucha) well posted about the royal ceremonies that will be held at The Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster, St. Paul's Cathedral, dinner at the Buckingham Palace and the traditional toasts and wedding breakfast with the royal and family quests.

Cheers, hear from you after the royal wedding.

Anonymous said...

testing! testing!

Anonymous said...


Did this event ever take place?

Mwarang'ethe said...

"The Rome Statute and the Rules of Procedure and Evidence DO NOT PROVIDE FOR ANY SPECIFIC TIME-LIMIT during which the Judges should make a decision regarding this application, AND THE ONGOING JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS WILL NOT STOP."



(a) the case will be dismissed as moot.

(b) the money robbed from the poor Kenyans to pay the QC's is lost.

ICC politics is a PROZAC of the thinking masses in an age of hubris, fashionable doctrines and above all, the comforting ignorance of history.

Anyway, let us continue enjoying Amazing Grace History By Wintley Phipps @

Mwarang'ethe said...

"The Rome Statute and the Rules of Procedure and Evidence DO NOT PROVIDE FOR ANY SPECIFIC TIME-LIMIT during which the Judges should make a decision regarding this application, AND THE ONGOING JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS WILL NOT STOP."



(a) the case will be dismissed as moot.

(b) the money robbed from the poor Kenyans to pay the QC's is lost.

ICC politics is a PROZAC of the thinking masses in an age of hubris, fashionable doctrines and above all, the comforting ignorance of history.

Anyway, let us continue enjoying Amazing Grace History By Wintley Phipps @

Anonymous said...

When the chaos in libya started Saif al-Islam Gaddafi gave a rambling speech in which he said the country would not fall as easily as egypt or Tunisia because the primary identity of each libyan is his tribe.
Kenya isn't egypt or tunisia, our primary identity is our tribe, not ideology.

Anonymous said...

DN-Poll: 61pc of Kenyans prefer ICC trials

A majority of Kenyans want the Ocampo Six to stand trial at the International Criminal Court, a new opinion poll shows.

Of those polled, 61 percent said they prefer the suspected masterminds of Kenya's post election violence to answer charges at The Hague-based court, the survey by research firm Synovate and released Tuesday showed.

This represents a marginal one percent INCREASE from a December 2010 poll where 60pc backed the ICC process.

Conversely, 24pc of the respondents said they favoured local trials through a Special Tribunal to try the suspects of the chaos that left 1,133 people dead and a further 650,000 people uprooted from their homes.

The poll also revealed a strong preference among Kenyans for justice as only three percent want amnesty granted to the suspects. In the December poll, 14pc were in favour of forgiveness.

According to the survey, Kenyans were also highly aware of the Ocampo Six at 79pc.

Anonymous said...

Gbaaa gbooo! Gbaaa gbooo! Gbaaa gbooo! Gbaaa gbooo!

The former university historian couldn't take a simple lesson from the pages of political history with regard to despotic rule on the African continent.

Word has it that he is now cornered like a rabid ferret weasel with no war dance left in him as he hides himself in a bunker beneath the presidential palace.

The New Republican Forces are tightening the noose around his neck as they continue chipping away at the last of what remains of Gbaaa booo die-hard loyalists, who will end up dead, maimed for life or as criminals of a brutal and murderous regime.

Husni Mubarak was wise enough to see the writing on the wall of the faces of many Egyptian people, including the Egyptian military and the international community.

While Gbaaa booo led himself to believe that he would withstand the taste of historic times in Ivory Coast.

I wonder where the one time ferocious, vocal and chest thumping Gbaaa booo's Minister of Youth is now hiding?

Freddie said...

The skill with which politicians have inculcated kenyans with raila & Luo-phobia is impressive. Am seeing comments here from grown men who own homesteads, scared silly by revolution-mongers conducting a false flag operation :-)

Anonymous said...

Am posting this on the 5th and no such event took place.Phil the moron was just hallucinating like all the ODM faggots do when imagining Rao in State House.

Anonymous said...

ICC-Filing by GoK

Judges say that GOK is not a party to the Cases of the Ocampo six!

"As to the Government's Third Request regarding its participation in "one or both
of the hearings' days of 7/8 April 2011", the Chamber wishes to recall its recent
"Decision on the Motion by Legal Representative of Victim Applicants to Participate
in Initial Appearance Proceedings", in which it made clear that the initial appearance
hearing has a limited purpose and scope reflected in article 60(1) of the Statute and
rule 121(1) of the Rules.^ Thus, considering issues related to article 19 proceedings
during the initial appearance hearing would certainly go beyond the scope of this
hearing as defined by the Statute and Rules thereto. Moreover, the fact that the
Government of Kenya is a party to the article 19 proceedings DOES NOT MEAN PER SE SE THAT IT IS A PARTY TO THE CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS against the suspects, which would allow
its participation during the initial appearance hearing. It follows that the
Government's Third Request should also be rejected".

Anonymous said...

fellow Kenyans,
could the current scenario playing out in Ivory Coast be the west african nation't version of Kenya's uncompleted 3rd liberation of 2007/08 which was cut short by the panel of eminent african personality peace makers?

We as a nation are so good at exporting trends and global pacesetters right from the co-operative movement which was then picked up by Asian countries and perfected to the booming of their economies, through to President Barak Obama a product of Kenya but are we good at finishing what we ourselves start within our own borders?

next year will be the true test of democracy but the birth pangs have already started now with the coming prosecution of PEV masterminds the so-called Ocampo 6. We are in for a rough time hold on to your horses, but remember if we chose to we can once again reclaim our nation from the clutches of the deadbeat elites and political deadweights who are choking us back with their uselessness. Over to you dear countrymen and women

Anonymous said...

Much nicer name for the violent mijingo thug than opinion poll president.

Anonymous said...

The revolution will be 'bloged'! Can oracle and mwara' please start a fight and change the topic?

Anonymous said...

Feckless dictator.

Anonymous said...

After having various foreign "governors" ocambo and ranne his mouth, stomping around kenya, we now have the US department of drug enforcement opening a permanent office in kenya.
Are we a colony of the US for them to have a department of justice office in our country? Have we been sold lock, stock and barrel by our politicians ?

Anonymous said...

A prophetic critic and a rationally concerned Kenyan has written what needed to be said by voices of reason in our midst.

Hence, let those with eyes read what's been written, while those with ears hear what's being said about what the prophetic critic wrote.

King Uhru Won't Solve Kikuyu Woes. - By Koigi wa Wamwere

Yes indeed I'm not alone when I dare say that the anointed king will not even solve the Kikuyu woes if he becomes president or prime minister, let alone manage to solve the woes his father failed to solve in the first place after independence and during the glorious years of the 1960s.

So, as the clock continues to tick, some individuals are probably still popping antacids from heartburn of losing the the fight against being tried by ICC instead of a judicial system that is easily manipulated, corrupted, coerced, threatened, and turned into circus tribo maximus.

Guess being tried by the ICC is progress for all rationally concerned citizens because the judges at the ICC never feel threatened by menacing mobs lingering outside of the courts or having their judicial arms twisted by some powerful people from some far away governments and kingdoms.

Anonymous said...

While Mwai Kibaki has been conspicuously dead silence about ICC as well as anything to do with 'PEV-6' who were busy traversing the country in search of public sympathy and appealing to their emotions, Mzee Daniel arap Moi is the only mzee (statesman) who has spoken with wisdom, cautioning those who have been blinded by the the fear of missing out on 2012 general elections.

By the way, who are the forty Mpigs (Ali Baba's 40 groupies) who have gone to The Hague?

Can't wait to see who among the 40 Mpigs will manage to retain their seats in 2012 and who will be sent parking for good by their rational constituents filled with anger and disgust over the time and money wasted going to The Hague instead of attending to the busy they were elected to perform on behalf of the electorate (employers).

61% support ICC

24% Special Tribunal

8% Kenyan Courts

3% Msamaha

Mwarang'ethe said...

we now have the US department of drug enforcement opening a permanent office in kenya.
Are we a colony of the US for them to have a department of justice office in our country? Have we been sold lock, stock and barrel by our politicians ?

4/5/11 1:41 PM


"How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs."

Anonymous said...

Now, tell me, how will the feckless dictator turn this (i.e. the sunken ODM-Raila) around? I dont like funereals, which is where this party, the ODM-Raila/Jaruo, is headed. Ocampo, Renneberger, Obama, Scotland Yard, all other foreign masters etc--please do something!

Anonymous said...

Poor General Keugoya?
which way forward is now the question he must be racking his brains trying to find an answer desperately to his dilemma:-

1)failed shuttle diplomacy costing the taxpayers millions with nothing to show for it except a big fat rejection of deferral

2)more millions of tax payers shillings being poured in defence of the Ocampo6 at the expense of a country facing condom shortages, rising costs of living, underinvestment in infrastructure,public services,etc

3) the likelihood that his lieutenants Ali and Muthaura are going to crack under the intense pressure of prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo's questioning at the witness stand. It is highly unlikely that these once die-hard loyalists and apologists of Kibaki will hold their tongue when it comes to choosing between facing an extended prison sentence and naming the real perpetrator of the PEV. In the words of Muthaura himself:

"If you are an adviser, you cannot take the highest responsibility. The person who advises you to advise the police should take the highest responsibility that is why it is an advisory body"

Troubling times indeed for General Keugoya....

and by the way when is silver haired grandma Esther Murugi going to make good her promise to strip now that her ethnic son Uhuru is boarding the plane to Hague? this is one promise she will be glad to "forget" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! He he he he he! How amazing!

If ODM (former FORD/NARC) is bound for the political graveyard, then what about PNU (former DP/NARC) once Emilio Mwai Kibaki grabs the golden handshake and takes his wheelbarrow and heads off to Othaya?

As it were, there is no question about it that the real difference between ODM and PNU is worth a 1941 King George's ndururu (penny), some of which are so common on the railway tracks around the Kenya.

It's been reiterated that the two political parties are nothing more than destructive tribal political enclaves, where the two major tribes have die hard 'nyama mkia' or what's better known as 'kabila za pembeni' (blindly supportive tribes) attached to them.

That's why one of Kenya's biggest cancers that needs to be surgically removed if there is to be any hope for the future of the nation and its people, is the rotten mentality that is deeply engrained on the political grail with the inscription, "it's our time to eat" as in those who stand/work/fight/attack together and those who have a single goal.

On the brighter side of the equation, there are many well informed Kenyans from different walks of life who don't adhere to the one of the worst kind of tribal political mentality that continues to drag down the whole nation to na earthly hellish existence.

For those of us who really want to undertsand why Kenya's economy still lags far behind that of the Asian Tigers by fifty years, five decades, it's because of the on going destructive tribal mentality that only benefits the tribal elites through the well greased avenue of 'it's our (tribal elitist) time/turn to eat' as long as the the ignorant tribal fools continue supporting their every move.

Philip said...

Breaking news from Nation Media:

"COURT ORDERS former president Moi to pay retired intelligence chief Stephen Mureithi Sh2 billion for illegal detention."

My response:

We all know the precedent this can cause especially when successful. It means that Matiba, Koigi Wamwere e.t.c and maybe Raila can also go to court and sue Moi.

Another news:

"Shock of Kenya ruled by ethnicity"

My response:

Ethnic diversity in Civil service will never be a solution to most of our problems. Infact I'd rather a Ministry be run by qualified people from one tribe instead of being run by unqualified people just because we want ethnic diversity.

Philip said...

Breaking news from Nation Media:

"COURT ORDERS former president Moi to pay retired intelligence chief Stephen Mureithi Sh2 billion for illegal detention."

My response:

We all know the precedent this can cause especially when successful. It means that Matiba, Koigi Wamwere e.t.c and maybe Raila can also go to court and sue Moi.

Another news:

"Shock of Kenya ruled by ethnicity"

My response:

Ethnic diversity in Civil service will never be a solution to most of our problems. Infact I'd rather a Ministry be run by qualified people from one tribe instead of being run by unqualified people just because we want ethnic diversity.

Philip said...

and hope I'm not seeing diversion tactics being applied.

Anonymous said...

THREE worrying events in Kenya today

1. RAO addressing the nation. Not the Head of state.RAO insist only through ICC can there be justice to victims and fairness of trials
2.Moi ordered to Pay a former spymaster- Unlike many not seeing RAOs move, he is expected to get Rift Valley through the Moi family.Thats how this Judgement should be see.
3. PNU organising a prayer/political rally at Uhuru park next Sunday. Note reaction of ODM

watch the space

By NATION Reporter
Posted Wednesday, April 6 2011 at 17:33

The High Court has ordered former president Moi to pay a retired intelligence chief Sh2 billion for illegal detention.

Justice Jeanne Gacheche said Mr Stephen Mureithi should be paid the money.

Uhuru Park rally by PNU:

"It has come to the attention of the Orange Democratic Movement-ODM that some people are going round claiming that the Party has booked off all the Public venues for the coming weekend through to Monday.

"ODM is not in the business of blocking others from doing what they feel is democratic and in the interest of the Nation," said Ms Janet Onger'a, ODM's executive director.

"ODM is a party that believes in Democracy and the Rule of Law has no intention whatsoever to undermine the very basics that it leadership has always fought for.

"Those peddling such rumours are desperate and cheap propagandists who want to hype their so-called prayer meeting or whatever it is using the popularity our party has across the country.

"ODM does not fear competition and therefore, we call on our competitors to carry on with their activities in peace and leave ODM out of their woes," she said

Anonymous said...

Hate Raila the man or dislike Raila the politician for what he is, but let's give credit where its due.

The Kenyan Prime Minister was ridiculed and even dismissed by many when he was quoted for having said that "the only way to remove Laurent Gbagbo from power was by military force".

Raila's earlier suggestion may not have sounded politically correct in the ears of many at the time, but the in the end, it has all come down to force.

The only language that is understood by despots on the African continent as well as Arab peninsula.

While we are at time, the despot in question is still holed up in his bunker without a government, without an army to defend him, without a country to rule over, and with no way to sneak out to.

King Laurent Gbagbo wasted all the options availed to him by the winner of the last presidential election, the ECOWAS, AU, UN, the French, and the rest of the international community.

All that ii remained for him to rule is a four roomed bunker underneath what remains of his former presidential palace.

However he will have to emerge with his family and henchmen at some point once electricity, water, sewage and food supplies have been compromised in one way or another.

Oh! what a shame that it had to come to such an end for a man who was been crowing the rightful king of Ivory Coast for the last ten or so years.

Idi Amin, Said Barre, Milton Obote II, Mengistu Haile Mariam, and many others knew better than to be caught after days of having been trapped in a bunkers underneath the countries they once ruled with unquestionable might.

Anyway, there goes another African dictator, unfortunately amidst unnecessary wanton detsruction of human life and property.

The question is, will he be captured like Saddam Hussein or will he end up like Jonas Savimbi?

Anonymous said...

Moi warns against reckless talk on ICC
Retired president Daniel Arap Moi has warned The Hague six suspects agaisnt what he terms as careless utterances that may jeopardize their case at the international criminal court. In an apparent reference to the recent public rallies held by some of The Hague six, Moi said some of the remarks made were less than helpful.

Anonymous said...

OK--so I hear the bumpkin retard will stutter through a national address some time tomorrow? Very good.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:38 AM
Do you recall Francis Kimosop and why his no longer in higher political circles? Beware what you wish for!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow! the jaruos are isolated as had been predicted. thanks to uhuruto. desperate and in the corner they're back to the bumpkin's case book--parroting how the kikuyus form the majority of the public service appointments. bring it on,jaruos. there is a plan B, this time around. bring it on, jaruos.

Anonymous said...

nothing gives more meaning to the terminology "exported villager" than seeing Eugene Wamalwa and co chanting songs of support for the Ocampo 6 outside different venues in Netherlands

Anyway, let us see what more fun and games awaits us today from the first court proceedings.

Anonymous said...

He he he....well well well,
So Ruto, Sang and Kosgey made their debut at the trial judges chambers today in ICC.mmmmmmmmh!

Arap Sang must have raised the required money needed to travel probably from wellwishers and mpesa donations.

Rumour has it cucu Esther Murugi has been threatened with prison if she decides to strip on Friday when her ethnic son Uhuru appears before the judges for his initiation in the ICC court process

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