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Monday, March 28, 2011

ODM War Manifest Nonsense, Fiendish Delight

Don't be vague, let's go to The Hague. Well, not quite as ODM's poor attempt to bake its cake and eat it culminates into another impending political tower of Babel. Torn between projecting a spruced face seeking justice for post-election victims and token appeasement of its residual hitherto members from Rift Valley, the ODM edifice is staring its political and credibility Waterloo in the face.

What is more, William Ruto has compounded ODM's problems by smartly rejecting the poisoned chalice that was doled out to him as legal support for his forthcoming Hague date. Granted, most Kenyan will predictably rush for the cheap ethnic explanation but the truth is far bigger than that. Speak of reverse FIENDISH DELIGHT which amounts to cheap justification of security in numbers albeit disguise. Our political parties stand for nothing apart from being used as vehicles to acquire raw political power, PERIOD.

The hitherto political juggernaut ODM is calmly lying on her deathbed crowded by opposing camps in every decision making. It is simple: YOU CANNOT HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT. While collective responsibility would demand the Orange party to go by its NEC and parliamentary decision to sponsor lawyers for Ocampo3 to placate Rift Valley voters, it is a difficult balancing act to renege on consistency to project objectivity in search of justice for the PEV.

Make no mistake, the support and opposition for the gang that is Ocampo6 is nothing but our time-tested ETHNIC POLITICS perfected. Despite the high-sounding declarations laced in chest thumbing, no camp is interested in justice or reconciliation. Your guess is as good as mine what the fate of the Ocampo6 be if ICC another of our easily-manipulated courts. All his warts notwithstanding, Luis-Moreno Ocampo has scared the IMPUNITY hell out of tribal lord and things will never be the same again.

Meanwhile, lawyers or no lawyers, ODM is a victim of its own schemes and the tower of Babel will soon leave members cowering for political safe grounds. 2012 here we come.


Anonymous said...

Have u just learnt about tower of Babel? I have noticed in all your recent posts, "tower of Babel" is interwoven in your writings even when its totally irrevelant.
Let me help you: Tower of Babel has been used for thousand of years!

Anonymous said...

ODM or PNU They are both the same, devil by any other name. Hawa ndiyo wale ni jersey tu ndiyo tofauti. Wapi nduru.....

Anonymous said...

ODM is the acronym for 'Order of Destructed Minds' aka 'Overly Disorganized Men'.

While Musyoka Kalonzo aka Kaloozer Katika Katika aka "Hehehehehe! I tell you my friend, hihihihihi" is the real King of Fiendish Delight.

The real big difference between ODM and PNU is worth King George's ndururu of 1942 that can still be found along the Kenya-Uganda railway tracks.

Otherwise, a spotted hyena is spotted hyena by any other name, and if they howl in parliament, in their constituencies and all over the country like hyenas and they look like hyenas they are hyenas.

And that's just one of the many reasons why peace loving Kenyans should be very worried about the packs of spotted hyenas from both parks; the ODM national game reserve and PNU national game reserve.

There was a time when there was Punda Wengi Duniani (Kenya), but now there are Fisi Wengi Nchini masquerading as legislators, former/future politicians, and Council of Elder Spotted Hyenas (CESH), or Order of the Spotted Hyena (OSH) in the hopes of getting huge chunks of stale meat after the December 2012 elections.

BTW, our people living in modern villages on the otherside of South of the Saharan continent never like using poisoned chalice but love to use a tainted calabash or gourd with a slight smear of powder from the dry bones of a black mamba around the rim.

Chalices are still not that common at the usual secretive night gatherings in our political villages.

Don't forget to request our future scribes to replace fiendish with a more commanding term like schaderfreude - malicious joy in the misfortune of others.

Hense the word mashadafrauda used by some young adults in the streets of Kenya has its origin in (ma)schaderfreuder as coined by the late Gato (Gatonye) during his days at the Goethe Institut Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

When wiil Kenyans get a minister for Diplomacy and Diasporan Affairs?

Anonymous said...

The month is set in stone and that's why I just don't intend to offend in advance those concerned or any of the family members of the forcasted subject when many of people begin ordering their desserts by the doszens for the coming holidays from the Fiendish Delight Bakery on Duruma Road.

Anonymous said...

Am sure Taabu is like...'pheew,glad I have finally got that out of my chest.It was hard but it just had to be said...'! By the way,what happened to that other moron,Phil..?You can bet your soul,the guy will remain deep inside the bunkers he has dissapeared into during these troubled times for his beloved and saintly ODM/RAO...!

Anonymous said...

I will write this again so that whoever deleted the earlier one may know I can do it again and is how it went.... Taabu must be going like 'pheeew,finally I managed to get that off my chest,but it had to be just said...'!!And by the way,what happened to that other moron Phil..?You can bet your ass the fella is not likely to resurface any time soon from the bunker he has dissapeared into during these troubled times for his beloved and saintly ODM/RAO..!

Anonymous said...

Taabu is an idiot...Getting old is your problem not ours..!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki broadens Kivutha role

Is Muthaura not on his way out before 7th April/

Anonymous said...

Voice Male.
You're gutless. You can't bring yourself to break up with your girfriend in person, so you're leaving her a voice mail message. what do you say?

*Mwalimu kasema "it can be done".

Anonymous said...

People never cease to amaze. Ati Fiendish Delight Bakery on Duruma Road?

Minister for Diplomacy and Diasporan Affairs?

I heard of the second one, the Israeli have one, but I have never heard of nor seen a Fiendish Delight Bakery in Nairobi, unless I have failed to grasp the figure of speech that is normally intended for the intelligentsia in our midst.

Anonymous said...

Let me help you: Tower of Babel has been used for thousand of years!

The help has not been forthcoming since 3:33 PM

Are you attempting to force Taabu's hand into substituting the Voices of Babel with the French Eiffel Tower or Tower of Pisa in order to drive your point home?

Or just being your usual self, plain nasty, bitter and loaded with tantrums galore?

Anonymous said...

anon 10:42PM
oh my goodness!nimecheka ati fiendish delight bakery!thanks for that one!LOL

I look forward to Manifest Nonsense Butchery somewhere in Gikomba and don't forget the infamous Hague Discotechque in the heart of the city centre

Anonymous said...

@10:01 AM
Kenyans are not the only who never cease to amaze. What's in a name? God forbid, but imagine for a second if what is happening in Fukushima had taken place in California. Where in California? Well, at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant. The apocalyptic factions, Christians from all faiths as well as people from all walks of life would be protesting and demanding that the name of the power plant be changed from the current one.

Anonymous said...

why is the ODM juggernaught a she?

Is that not breaking the rule of common decency?

deroo said...

Vipi Baba?!

Mambo Kangaja hapa. Did I say? Oh, Yes, the atom that is Odinga Dictatorial Movement (remeber i said in 2007) has exploded.

Kabisa and Phil, the Dreamer told us two month ago here that Kibaki will name Raila as his successor to assure him of the Kikuyu vote. Aha, things have changed since.

Now, Phil, is nowhere. Kabisa hayuko. As we speak, Hague plane is revving, about to carry a load of rubbish with it to wherever and then, we take on other issues, like being made a Kikuyu elder in front of Ester Murugi.

By the way, someone please confirm whether it is true that some ODM spin doctors have been hospitalised. Not me, but someone just mentioned.

Finally, to all, I said RAO will never be the President.

Kabila Adui aka Njamba ya bururi.

Anonymous said...

What a sign to be hold on one Kenyan political zoo: Rattle Missing. A venomous snake is on the loose in an area near you.

Political zookeepers are notifing the public with abundance of caution. The snake's tribal toxins can cause nationwide political respiratory failures and potential deaths.

Until the chuki creature slinks into political view before December 2012, the public should plan to skip the reptilian political rallies, and maybe keep an eye on their votes and ankles.

Although some vetrans are hoping that nature will take care of the aged reptilian on the loose by cogestive heart failure, acute cerabral paralysis, or a flare of aneurysmal fibula bone cysts before the ned of the year

Anonymous said...

Good people of Umuofia, why are we always comparing apples for apples or apples to oranges when kola nuts, bananas and mangos can serve a better a purpose in the area of village comparison.

Why bother with the mythical fictional charcaters like the infamous self-exile of Patpat Mosimosi when we have our own medicine men and women of Umoufia like the late Kajiwe from the coast, Ndunda of Mbooni, Ondiek of Oyugis, Masubayi of Sio Port, Sang of Tinderet, Mwauru of Ruiru and many others?

Anonymous said...

Message for Uhuru Muigai wa Kenyatta, it's wrong, very wrong to go along with injustice that has been prevailing around the country since 1962.

He should beware of those old wazee from Fort Hall, present day Murang'a. They have laready had their five decades of power butd wasted it on ethnic mudslinging and fights.

However, since Uhuru has conviniently switched to addressing the public in vernacular, and at the same time he has adamantly refused to carry his own political cross without the temptation of pulling his entire ethnic community into the whole ICC fiasco, I will try and use a language he understands so well.

Here is a word of caution for son of the late Mzee Kenyatta, Njamba, nyùmba yakagwo na njì ya ùùgi; utaùku nguo ùtùmaga ììhande: Ni ùmwnyi ùiyurithagia matheegi mayo umathi wothe uria wi hata na mwega.

Mundu muugi niwe wi na hinya, ii-ni, mundu uri umenyi niwe ukiragiriria uhoti. Amu ugithii ita, thiaga uri mutaaririe o wega; kuria kwi na aheani aingi a kirira gutuuraga kwiganngarite.

Maya namo no mohoro ma andu aria ogi. Gutiira andu mauthi cira-ini-ri, ti undu mwega.

Mundu wiraga uria mwaganu, Wee niwe muthingi, o kugekwo arigekagwo ni andu a mabururi, arthuuragwo ni nduriri o guthuurio.

The truth will always set you free, while self-inflicted wounds or deeds will always bring judgement upon you in one way or another.

Kenya is much bigger than some tribal politicians think and it will manage to survive the likes of Uhuru, Ruto, Kalonzo and Raila and bounce back onto a greater national path of cohesion.

Anonymous said...

Ulisema don't be vague ask for The Hague. Hague imefika mwenzangu, sasa wewe chukua Hague yako pole pole, na uwacha Wakenya waendelee na maisha yao bila siasa zako za porojo, fitina na ukabila. - Hon. Martha Karua

Anonymous said...

Fiendish Delight.
Fiendish Nderight.
Fientish Tilight.
Viendish Deright.
Fientish Ntilight.
Fiendisi Delight.
Feendish Delight.

Anonymous said...

Kenya ina wenyewe, na hawa ni wale watu ambao bando ni wazee wa kutoka enzi ya kukaliwa na wakuloni. Mawazo na fikira zao bado kubandilika kamwe, wengi wao wangali wanaishi na kuota ndoto ya ukabila, chuki, uhasaama, na michafuko ya kisiasa. Hawa wazee wenye giza wamerudisha nchi yetu na raia nyuma kabisa kabisa, kwenye karne zilizopita hapo kitambo. - Mzee Wakanyote.

It's understandable that some gezeers need excitement every now and then, however old men like Michuki should be spending the last years of what remains of their lives on mentoring and counseling the next generations of patriotic young adults and future national leaders, instead of breeding the old fashioned tribal chauvinistic legions of young adults who will only resort to wanton destruction of life and property when all else fails during every election season or political disagreements.

Was it not Michuki among others who were heard to have lamented with real great disappointment after Chotara Kariuki had failed to kill Mzee Kenyatta when Chotara's attempt to stab him in the back with a crude kitchen was thwarted by fellow detainees?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When will you guys ever get it right?

Kenya ina wenyewe and that's why it's own by industrial conglomerates and multinationals, who will never give a hoot or toot about what tribe is bottom-up or which tribe is the botton drawer or the tribe that ends up in the bottomless-pit as long as the systemic intertribal mess (disease) does not rise to a sustainable level where it affects their bottom line, the only highly valued target in Kenya and the rest of the African continent.

Anonymous said...

Where are caricaturists when you need one?

Eugene Wamalwa aka "Mr. Constipated Face" aka Laughing Hyena is not a utility asset for one of the Ocampo-6, but all he amounts to is a political Kleenex paper hand towel, no more no less.

The poor man has become an architect of his own political demise when it comes to his own backyard and around the rest of the country.

He should have distanced himself or even kept a very safe distance from the childish fights that are going among Uhuru, Ruto, Raila and Kalonzo, and then tried to establish himself as a serious but independent political candidate for future considerations.

But being the blind opportunist that he has become since the death of his uncle, Mr. Laughing Hyena didn't want to miss a piece of the fleeting action or to be left out of the foray.

The one time mighty politician, Kombo Kombo gave a ceremonial spear to each one of them while they were somewhere in western Kenya, but when the trio got to Murang'a, only one of them was brought forward, introduced to the crowd, anointed by the elders and then awarded a ceremonial hide, small black fly whisk and a three legged stool.

Lesson learned? Or does he still need to receive some tuition in simple logic and metaphysics of old tribal politics in Kenya?

As time goes on, the novice politician will soon hit a fork in the road.

Mtaka vyote hukosa vyote. Let him look no further than Soldier Kombo Kombo and company.

Anonymous said...

some countries are more valuable than others?Looking at Libya one can't help but wish the same "assistance" had been extended to Kenya in her hour of need,or Zimbabwe 2 years ago,or even Somalia and Sudan

let us learn a lesson kenyans-you're a

Anonymous said...

Staehouse scandal

State house now charging sh100 for police uniform attached to Kibaki

Police officers attached to the Presidential Escort are up in arms following an order by a senior commander based at State House that the officers pay out Sh100 so they can get their new ceremonial uniforms. The said commander has told his juniors the money will be given to the designer as a gift. Our mole at State House has whispered to us that those who have refused to pay have been threatened with transfers to hardship areas.

Anonymous said...

"assistance" in her hour of need!

What assistance? What type of assistance did people expect in the first place? Assistance against who?

First of all, Kenya's viral interethnic reputation preceeds us wherever we go and whenever there are ethnic skirmishes and clashes fought under various disguised political banners.

If I may ask, were Kenyans expected the "Night Raiders" to be hit by tomahawk cruise missles, or were Kenyans expecting one of "Kenya's most notorious gangsters" to be wiped out by hellfire missile?

All things considered, why sshould any sensible nation intervene in Kenya's perennial tribal wars given what's going on at the moment with regard to Kenyans ganging up in various tribal camps as far as the impending ICC trials are concerned?

We can't be saved from from ourselves if we don't want to learn simple but painful lessons from our past, the latest being '07/'08 post election violence.

Don't you think that we deserve the hellish existence that we always bring upon ourselves as a divided nation for one reason or another?

Do we ever ask ouselves whether we really deserve to reap what we sow along ethnic political lines during every election year?

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Kenyatta is he a murderer or not?

Answer big yes yes yes and he must face his crimes like a ndume, why is he scared? was he scared when he was paying the mungiki's to go murder at his royal pleasure? did he loose sleep when blood was flowing through river nile? did he get hiccups when young children were being raped and bothers and sisters beheaded? did he run to his mother and cry when innocent souls were being burned alive in their houses, where was uhuru when all these heinous crimes were being committed by his orders? yes where was Uhuru then? asleep in his warm bed and at times getting drunk choking on whiskey I say Uhuru must pay for his crimes like all other politicians in africa who use their own citizens blood to wipe their bums

Anonymous said...

Farewel party for uhuru,muthaura and ali. ICC itawa mama yao from 8th april. Beth mugo should get used to this

Anonymous said...

Come 2012 the song will be (hear me jaluos!):

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:03,

Many cops would pay even 1000 Kes leave alone 100 just to be attached to SH.The perks and privilegdes they get there are to die for.

Anonymous said...

Raila on Post election Violence

Anonymous said...

All peaceful means to get Laurent Gbagbo to recognize his defeat in the last presidential elections have been exhausted. The man doesn't undertand diplomatic language and the only thing he will understand is being pushed out by force once what still remains of his demoralised personal army has deserted him. -AP

Ahaa! Where will Laurent Ggagbo (Bagaboo) spend his Christmas holidays since he is no longer welcomed in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Ireland?

Will Zimbabwe's Mugabe extend some type of quasi compassionate living arrangements similar to what was offered to the evil despot Mengistu Haile Mariam and his family?

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