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Friday, March 18, 2011

Governor Ocampo Triggers False War Drums

Imaginative Kenyans. They mint new phrases every time the political temperature soars. Thanks to them now we have new lingo in POWER GRAB CALCULUS alongside MANIFEST NONSENSE that is devoid of PATRIOTIC flavour. Well give it to one governor Ocampo (hate him, like him) the Argentine has rattled Kenya's ruling class like never before. Meanwhile the gullible Kenyan is still pitching for the tribal warlords.

Make no mistake, Ocampo's incessant media briefs is both political and legal. He is simply conditioning the leading suspects for a SUMMON-WARRANT transition in addition to preparing the masses. No amount of threats of violence will deter Lius-Moreno. Having successfully prosecuted Argentinian military junta, the threats and bravado flying from our public rallies only succeed in providing him with more ammunition against the suspects.

Both Ocampo6 and their supporters have exhausted all our traditional trademark excuses lakini wapi? The sovereignty card won't wash neither the naked lies dressed as motion with no trace of movement. We cannot export our NATIONAL culture of deceit. We only fool ourselves by claiming to task police with investigating themselves and reporting to a suspect himself.

It is true proving and convicting a suspect on crimes against humanity is no mean feat and Ocampo knows it. Judge Kaul had to dissent for legal fidelity lest he loses credibility after differing with his colleagues in round one. But reading his report is no consolation to the suspects. The diplomat in him refer to local solutions that do not exist.

Granted we created our own bed of mess and must be ready to lie on the filth. But given the gimmicks from the owners of Kenya, you need not be a neurologist to see through the beauty of coloured lies. Truth is there will be no more ELECTION/TRIBALLY-instigated violence like that witnessed in 2007/8. Every tribal warlord now has his (no lady yet) horn firmly in ICC and/or Ocampo's hands.

The cheap and empty threat of POWER GRAB CALCULUS is MANIFEST NONSENSE, period. Leta ingine.


Anonymous said...

One of the greatest antidotes for 'hyena-power grab calculus' (hesabu ya munyakuo wa fisi) is to have the next president and prime minister come from the none dominant ethnicities [major culprits] that have been causing a lot of political, economic and social problems, inculding inter-ethnic clashes in Kenya since the mid 1960s.

Bobby6Killer said...

Anon 7:50 there's some truth to that & I've advocated for that in the past on KK. Maybe the COE should have added a clause that the first president in KE 2.0 be from one of the smaller tribes. Think of it as ethnic group affirmative action which is rife in the new constitution.

We've seen it time & again from the big 4 that the tendency for them is to reduce democracy to a numbers game. The allure of ethnic alliances looms large when you are confident your tribe has your back, ergo you can bring solid votes to an alliance. That is nothing short of tyranny by the majority. An interim president even for one 5 year term from an ethnic group with less than 10% of the population could possibly give KE a breather from the numbers game by turning it on its head.

Anonymous said...

Molasses is desperate to have Uhuru and Ruto away in 2012. The civil societies have been paid 5 million each with an assurance of an equal amount if they succeed in this mission. Meanwhile, Salim Lome has been bribing the editors in Nation and Standard to edit news that reflect the molasses in bad light. Case in point is the recent wiki report where omitions of Raila's incompetence was glaring and only mention of his personality was highlighted.
Lastly, Raila has been paying the opinion pollcasters for the 4th year running to ensure that edited statistics favour his presidential ambitions and try change perception amongst Kenyans.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

ODM Damu said...

All the rants we have been hearing from PNU stalwarts that the Hague is influenced by RAO via Obama and Ocampo.

Will it be now inorder to say that Judge Peter Kaul is a PNU mole and is being controlled by them?

shaka said...

The Luo community have been King makers for all Kikuyu presidents.Oginga Odinga would easily have been the first president of Kenya if he did not care about the Kapenguria six.
When Kenyatta took over the laedership he forgot about his kingmaker and hounded him his entire life.
Exit Ogingan and Kenyatta enter Raila Ojinga and Mafiya kuku Kibakiand history copies and pastes.Kibaki Tosha declaration was the golden statement for his ascention to power.

Anonymous said...

Tiskie FORMERLY of Jukwaa

You are such an empty debe who reasons worse than a political warthog, can you provide verifiable proof or better still with irrefutable evidence to your propaganda laden comments. How about educated reasoning for a change?

Wild uneducated comments are like dust in the wind, they simply fade away into thin air. Stick to what you know best, spewing tribal vitriol and comments rather than venture into the realm of the educated. KK bloggers atleast know what is between your ears.

Tiskies more educated friend.

Anonymous said...

what is politicalmaniac of Jukwaa doing in Kumekucha calling others mafi-ya? He really cant get over mafi, looks like changing diapers of the elderly his daily occupation in the elderly homes of USA has taken a mental and creativity toll on this SOB.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that people would cheat themselves that Jaramogi paved the way for Kenyatta to be president. Jomo Kenyatta was the father of Kenya nationalism and Jaramogi came into the limelight as a champion of his release from prison. DOES THAT MAKE HIM A MAHATMA GADHI WHO DECLINES OFFICE AND LET NEHRU BACOME PRESIDENT?
Raila Odinga was a the secretary general of KANU upto October 2002. He quit to lead a rebellion when Moi choose Uhuru Kenyatta as his successor. Being too late in the day to launch a presidential campaign for himself, he joined the Mwai Kibaki team which already had its own line up of Wamalwa Kijana and Charity Ngilu. It is a matter of debate if the original NAK would have won without the Raila group. But that is what it is, a debate. DID THAT MAKE RAILA THE KING MAKER? I doubt it. Alikuja kujaza debe to overflowing levels but to win the presidency, Kibaki needed just a simple majority. It is also on record that Kibaki was very reluctant about this alliance with Raila,and he weas right.

Do you know that voter turnout for Kibaki in Luo Nyanza was a mere 40% in 2002 elections?

ECK records tell it all.

Anonymous said...

Taabu's catch phrase:

Ocampo preparing UK/FM for the SUMMON-WARRANT transition. Very true.

Anonymous said...

I Luo friend of mine told me that Ocampo is a white angel who has delivered Raila and his people out of the wilderness to the gates of State House. He went on to tell me that the new US ambassador who will be arriving has been instructed by Obama to help push them push the gate open.
It is amazing how deluded some people can be. But again, it looks like it is cultural.

Anonymous said...

Raila's ideologies are FRAUD DECEPTION and LIES!
Anyone who still think Raila is a presidential material is sick and needs help ASAP before it's too late!!

The oracle has spoken

Anonymous said...

Tiskie FORMERLY of Jukwaa

just as I stated before, kumekucha has given you room to ventilate and rant. We ask what you have to offer KK?

Tiskies more educated friend

Anonymous said...

Bobby6Killer said....

"Maybe the COE should have added a clause that the first president in KE 2.0 be from one of the smaller tribes"

It seems the weed that Obama is smoking in your poster has left you not only delusional but utterly confused. This is what we purely call jua - kali mentality.

What then happens to the bill of rights? Detox from the weed opinion and approach the issue with more sobreity.

Anonymous said...

Ocampo may be an experienced prosecutor but he is already having problems with the evidence and arguements he presented to PTC. He is making appeals to have the case of use excessive violence by police reinstated claiming his case against three suspected will be weak even before the actual trials began.

It seems Ruto was right, the prosecutor has not done adequate investigations is relying heavily reports on KNHCR, HRW and other NGOs. It is going to be an uphill battle to get conviction when the actual trials began

Anonymous said...

Raila's ideologies are FRAUD DECEPTION and LIES!
Anyone who still think Raila is a presidential material is sick and needs help ASAP before it's too late!!

The oracle has spoken

Why do I get this feeling that you are the fake oracle trolling the net unfortunately your use of language has failed you.


The Drums are beating as dissenting voices are coming from the PNU side it seems that Ocampo may just add another feather to his cap in the name of UK and WSR after the junta.


The more the PNU guys open their tired mouths the more they seem desperate. We finally have them by the balls na wata do?

Anonymous said...

PNU and their allies are panicking running helter skelter everywhere renting the air with their screams of no deferral no peace!led by none other than the commander in chief himself President Kibaki

The very panic set in the camp itself reveals the dangers of underestimating your actions against kenyans.there is a price for theft,there is a price for ruling an unwilling populace,there is a price for sneering at a white if only they could turn back the hand of time and go for the local tribunal option but its too late. what happens next will be good for all but 6 kenyans and their secret sponsors.the time has come for justice

Bobby6Killer said...

Anon 2:52. LOL! Taabu can get away with satire but I can't try a little tongue in cheek? Point was, we need to think out of the usual box. It hasn't served us well so why keep trying it afresh?

PS: I think the young Obama was smoking a cigarette ala spliff mode. A teenage prank he never would've dreamed would come back to bite him in the White House

samuel obare. said...

There is nobody to blame but our forfathers and partly ourselves.Nobody is born a tribalist,hater,agressor,thief or murderer.These are all learned behaviours.our minds are like water,destructive when not guided and also destructive if the guideing systems in place are destructive in nature.constructive when properly guided.
what are the guiding systems of our minds?
fore the most part it is the environment we grow up in and the one we cultivate for our future generations.This blog being one of our guiding systmes,i implore my fellow citizens to embrace this opportunity to help shape our country.
Our society today is made up of tribalists,haters,murderers,reformers,nation lovers,humanitarians and many more. I believe it is our responsibilty to look at our problems eg.the ICC case from an unbiased point of view and make note that whatever we come to should be sensible.WE should also note that we can not bring people who died back to life.we know from time in memorial humanity has been in a constant and dynamic battle between good and evil but the least we can do is try.I plead with my fellow kenyans to take the side of histroy that respected humanity and not egocentrism,enthocentrism or powertrip eras that have long existed in kenya.
Also note that hauge or local tribunals will not save kenya.Truthfullness,brotherly love and Oneness with Almighty God whoever you worship will bring Kenyan problems to a close.

Mwarang'ethe said...

How about a million signature e-petition to compel our 'virtual economist' pen his book.

3/17/11 2:36 AM


Ati pen a book. What for? Who is that GULLIBLE to read?

By the way Taabu, we seek to BREAK some GOOD NEWS to break the monotony of acidic news if you do not mind.

It has come to our notice that, and very happily so, we have a new kid in the block, i.e. the MOST PROFITABLE HARLOT in EA.

Hear this now:

"CBK posts Sh23.2 billion profits as economy recovers."

Among other stuff, we are told this:

"The bank’s IMPROVED FORTUNES come with the economy in recovery lane
after a two-year slow down. CBK made a historic Sh23.2 billion profit in the period ending June 30last year."

Now, add the kes 23 bn "profit" of MOTHER HARLOT to kes 35bn. of the DAUGHTER HARLOTS, and you get the picture.

Not even Safaricom 2.0 can match this new HARLOT in town.



We do not know about you Taabu, but, having read such wonderful news about the HARLOT and its DAUGHTERS, we were lost when we read this:

"Tough times ahead as shilling weakens further."

Reading further, we saw this:

"The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) said the weakening of the local unit has since pushed up the cost of production by seven per cent."


"It is expected that local manufacturers of food items such as flour and cooking oil will continue to adjust prices upwards as they seek for more shillings to import raw materials."



Very confused, we were about to depart for Mt Kenya of Human History. However, we just noticed something very, very unusual.

We do no know about thee, but, this is what we read:

"EAC currency in the offing."

Curious, we scrolled down and we found this:

"The meeting comes a year after a study was carried by the European
Central Bank (ECB), which focused on the feasibility of a monetary
convergence in the region.

In its report, the Bank argued that the changeover from national
currencies to a single one "should be properly anchored in society,
and particularly in the financial industry."

NB: "Should be ... in particular in the FINANCIAL INDUSTRY."

The FINANCIAL BARBARIANS who have been terrorising Greece, Ireland etc are at the gate advising us in LOVE how they will be the ANCHOR of our new system.



As if that was not enough shock, we also saw this:

"Africa closer to single currency, central bank governors say."

We were not able to read further, but, those who can read and are not gullible, the source is here:


At this point, we opened the Bible and we were taken straight to this verse:

"And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it, Saying, If thou hadst known, even THOU, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are HID from thine eyes"

Unable to understand this ancient lugha, we were lucky to meet Josephus who was a General assigned the defence of Galilee in 70 A.D.

We did not have time to ask him a lot of searching questions, but, we heard him say something like this in his surrender to the Romans that:

"Oh God of Israel, I do not not surrender as a traitor, but, as a messenger."

That tells u how the prophecy was fulfilled by the book for the destruction of Jerusalem was so savage and total, that, even today, the after shocks are with us.

Anyway, we are just around to pick more RED PILLS for our journey:

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe beats intellectual lightweight Taabu 100:0..

Bwa ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ti hi hiiiiiiiiiiiii

this teacher ate too much chalk....tihi tihi..

Anonymous said...

Diplomatic shuttle offensive missions are bound to fail. Even the dissenting ICC judge has clearly stated that RUTO and UHURU have a case to answer.

No wonder they are blaming Raila for their mothers having given birth to them. 30 Years ni miaka kidogo in the cooler they should go in for life.

Anonymous said...

To all molasses idiots: Please join me celebrate the incarceration of jomo and ruto in molasses praising blog or Its easy to remember, they all start with J so does other befitting words....

Anonymous said...

anon 5:30am
pole sana rafiki, it seems the kitchen is too hot for you to handle the heat your beloved PNU is taking,well don't worry after your flag bearer Uhuru is taken down maybe you can stand a chance to run for party leader lol. every cloud has a silver lining au sio?

Anonymous said...

View how the Odinga family was in involved in the maize scandal here.

Anonymous said...

Nye nye nye nye todhii morio Uhuru to the Hague

Anonymous said...


You call your comments tongue in cheek?, LOL!!! How about Foot n Mouth presario. More like kicking your comments back with your teeth.

Anonymous said...

In the absence of any evidence proving that the crimes alleged are embedded in an ‘organisational policy’, I continue to hold that the Court has no jurisdiction ratione materiae (subject matter jurisdiction) over the situation in the Republic of Kenya, including the present case,” he said.

“Consequently, I have no doubt that the crimes alleged in the Application concerning [the six] fall within the competence of the criminal justice authorities of the Republic of Kenya as a matter to be investigated and prosecuted under Kenyan criminal law.”

The judge said Mr Moreno-Ocampo had provided sufficient evidence linking the suspects, Mr William Ruto, Mr Henry Kosgey, Mr Joshua Sang, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr Francis Muthaura and Mr Hussein Ali, to post-election violence.

“I am satisfied by the evidence provided that Uhuru Kenyatta was the principal contact between the Mungiki gang and the principal perpetrators,” he said, but found that meetings with facilitators and perpetrators “does not transform a limited partnership of convenience into an ‘organisation’ within the meaning of Article 7(2)(a) of the Statute”.

The judge said he was satisfied that Mr Ruto made available guns, grenades, and gas cylinders, to selected perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

@Samuel Obare,
There is very little that can be done at this stage of the ongoing ethnic dirty games and underground wars.

As for the rest, it's all in the genes and the generational sequencing, overly localized schooling, lack of a double exposure to the rest of other communities around the country and ethnic political lords are to blame big time.

All Kenyan communities are as guilty as the sequencing goes and very little is going to change in the next five to ten years.

BTW, I hope it's a not a case of mistaken identity ('SO'), but do places such as Kizingo (residence), Mama Ngina Drive (Tritton Rd - Obare's former residence), Azania Drive (mhugo-ukwajo), Uhuru na Kazi (9-2-5), Lotus Hotel (oasis), Makadara ('mawidoni'), Fontanella (oasis), MBS Yacht Club (Tudor Nora - academics), Buxton (no man's land), Mzizima (persona non grata/fatwa), Cozy Tea Room (interlude), Ambalal (ujasiri), Bora Bora and Jadini ring a bell from way back then?

Anonymous is a former longterm resident of "The Old Fort Bungalow" formerly adjacent to Catherine Bibi. Memories galore.

FYI, the old residence was turned into a museum (S.C.C.) of sorts and recently demolished for the current construction. Overdue gentrification.

I hope the KWS found a safe haven for the 100s of harmles Kizingo monitor lizard that lived in the coral reef behind the property.

* S.O., IGNORE the whole bit (post) if it's a case of mistaken identity. Thanks.

Bobby6Killer said...

Anon 6:52. Come tiTher. Pray tell what's the difference with satire, tounge in cheek, foot in mouth, spliff in mouth? Don't forget your dentures.

Anonymous said...

The judges in Hague are demanding to inspect the four Luo dicks which were circumcised by force on the tarmac in Naivasha before the can classify forced circumcision as a crime against humanity. Those dicks have to be submitted as items of evidence before the Court?

Jaameni! hii dunia ina maashabu!

M-Pesa said...

Bwa Haaa Haaaaa

Ati 'maashabu', OMG, you guys from central need to go to school


Anonymous said...

Is Ocampo siding with Raila, are civic leaders against the Kibaki's 3, are Kiambaa survivors friends of Raila?

Everybody wants justice to be done. Kibaki, Ruto, Uhuru, Muthaura, etc want the matter to rest.

As Jomo used to say after killing JM, TJ, etc: Haraaaambeeee, let's forget the past.

This time, the truth has to come out. Personally I believe that Ruto and Sang are innocent. But let's wait and hear what the ICC finds out.

I believe, Kibaki knows alot about the killings and that's why he is panicking.

The days when assasination cases were deferred to Gatundu or Kabarak are long gone. Let Kibaki prepare for ICC in 2013 after his retirement to replace Muthaura and Ali. They will be warming his seat in the Hague.


Anonymous said...

I detest raila to the extent that in spite of my conviction that Uhuru, Muthaura and Ali have been unfairly targeted, I hope they are arrested while at the Hague because that would seal raila's fate back home. Central eastern, rift valley and north eastern would not vote for him leaving him with a paltry nyanza and western votes not enough to ascend to CEO of kenya.
Now thats cause to celebrate!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why was taabu born?

Anonymous said...

"The Luo community have been King makers for all Kikuyu presidents.Oginga Odinga would easily have been the first president of Kenya if he did not care about the Kapenguria six.
When Kenyatta took over the laedership he forgot about his kingmaker and hounded him his entire life.
Exit Ogingan and Kenyatta enter Raila Ojinga and Mafiya kuku Kibakiand history copies and pastes.Kibaki Tosha declaration was the golden statement for his ascention to power."

You need to have your head examined if you really believe the above. What it basically shows is that the Odinga duo knew when they were defeated. That's not a bad thing in politics, really. No need to waste resources swimming against the current.

Anonymous said...

"I believe, Kibaki knows alot about the killings and that's why he is panicking."

Chemilio is not panicked. Not at all. Neither is he interested in the fates of the Ocampo six. What this man is desperately concerned with is the implications of an ICC-led trial on the country's institutions. The feeble-minded cannot see this--their flat noses get in the way.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember what Raila Molasses said about the presidency and the constitution when he prostituted himself in New Kanu?

Anonymous said...

kumekucha is a blog for intellectual lightweights.

Anonymous said...

Hii Mafi-ya lake vitoria needs to be sorted out chap chap. Why don't we just ignore the ICC summons like sudan did? Bashir still travels to friendly countries, wata do?

Anonymous said...

Uhuru said, "Kwani Kenya can't go ahead without Raira saying so!" I am beginning to think this is true! I hate to admit it but it looks true.
If it's not then how do you explain Kalonzo's latest reply about UN postponement of deferral talk? And I quote...
A clearly miffed Musyoka sarcastically told journalists to "Go and ask Tinga about it," when questioned about the meeting’s failure.

So it means Tinga controls everything hata UN? He controls ICC, UN, Kenya etc!

Anonymous said...

It must really irk PNU mandarins and the break away allied rebels of ODM that its full steam ahead for Governor Ocampo and nothing the commander in chief or his laptop poodle the globe trotting vice president does can seem to stop the impending April 7 apocalypse

Its now a matter of time before the house of cards built on the theft of kenyans blood sweat and tears begins to come crashing down around the emperor.will he be left naked again? will his croonies end up impaling themselves on the sword to save their general keugoya?

Folks pull your seats up close and gather around the fire place with your gourds of brown and white UJI.the next few months promise to be an extended uncut version of absurd hesabu ya munyakuo wa fisi

Anonymous said...

PNU mandarins?

LOL!!! Now that's a new one for the mudslinging season.

Anyway, some folks never cease to amaze. So when the little ... oranges become associated with PNU?

The ORANGES, as a symbol, were known ot be part and parcel of ODM's centrifuge, while the bananas applied to PNU.

Or did some folk have in mind the Chinese industrial supporters of PNU's economic wing?

Some folks seem to be a simple persons (in the political sense), totally lacking in guile, but they can be full of loathing and bile when they choose to.

Advance apologies for what could be construed as patronizing and condescending remarks.

Anonymous said...


Ati Luo dicks circumcised on the tarmac will be exibits of evidence of a crime in the ICC!!!

I didn't know male circumcision is a crime in some communities!!

Anonymous said...

anon 4:14PM
you call that your little rant patronizing and condescending?
you are too much of a gentleman even for your own good LOL! anyway, thanks for the apologies much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Let them all be arrested , let them go to the hague come election time we will tell who are the real winners kalenjins did not have their sons die for nothing and if raila thinks so we will show him otherwise he will never see the presidency just like his near yet so far

Anonymous said...

@ANon 9.31PM

Bwa ha ha haaaa! Ati you will show who? it's funny how powerless bloggers who can't even control there wives are waxing how they will show 'them'.

Well go ahead, atleast KK gives you room to ventilate your anger. Bwa ha haaaaa haaaa ROFLMAO!!!!! please show them te he he heeeeee

Anonymous said...

@3/17/11 10:04 PM
While you are laughing I would like to point out that The KKK has a head start of 40% of the vote. To win the presidency ,they only need 11%. Do the math "political maniac" then weep because your god raila is doomed to being a perennial looser and even worse by him fingering ruto and UK he inadvertently gave a free pass to State house to his nemesis kalonzo. The gods do have a sense of humor don't they?
I'm really enjoying this!!!

Anonymous said...


Still ROFMAO! Bwa ha he ehe hi hi hoooo I cant stop myself. You cant handle your wife and hear you are under the guise and pretext of how you will teach us bwa ha ha ha haa.

Handle your wife first then you can come back on KK and wax your ego Tehe he he he heeee. You need not spill your Premature ejaculation here

Anonymous said...

kenyans are lucky that we have Raila . I wonder what would have happened to us during this period of mount kenya mafia in power without the opposition of Raila. these mt kenya mafia would Have taken all the position in governments and all the land by force .

Anonymous said...

anon 12:44,

Lucky to have raila???
Ask jaluos in kisumu who contributed money to revive molasses plant only for your stray hero to sleep with Moi and poket the paupers money and molassses plant.
Ask the malindi squatters whose land was taken by this buffoon of bondo or the kenyans who perished because this fellow decided to label 1 tribe kabila adui.
Do we need to go to the starvation of Kenyan due to the maize scandal that was engineered by his crooked family?

Be careful what you wish for...

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

poor kenyans,
all around you its an uprising as other african nations are uniting to kick out their wayward regimes. further afield your arab brothers are following the same example

Meanwhile you are busy singing national anthems and attacking tribes among yourselves.who will save you now?poleni sana and goodluck 2012 general elections here we come

Anonymous said...

What's the best way of avoiding the ICC's summons, consequent warrants of arrest and going awol?

Can one of Ocampo-Six still manage to hide himself in the Aberdares or among friendly sympathizers living in restricted ethnic areas that are out of bounce to outsiders and remain on the run for years? Or will the wannabe Munuhe's of Kenya spoil the awol party?

The question on some people's minds is whether some of the Ocampo-Six will decide to abscond?

And if so, will the ICC find it difficult to implement the AAI (Absconder Apprehension Initiative) program in a country that is known to be still hiding several Rwadan, Ugadan, Somali and Congolese (Zairean) fugitives from international justice?

Welcome Back President Titide

Haitian people deserve the chance to chosse their government through peaceful, free, and fair elections.

Yet there are people in the United States of A who still bent on making sure that President Jean Bertrand Aristide is kept out of Haiti forever or until the elections are over and done with.

Why? Let them explian to the Haitians and the rest of the world why they have worked so hard in order to keep President Jean Bertrand Aristide out of Haiti and see to it that he remains exiled in South Africa.

The South African officials, thanks to President Zuma, said they ultimately had no cause to hold him, while the Haitian governemnt said there was reason he could not come back home.

Anonymous said...

Tiskie FORMERLY of Jukwaa,

And the man without anything between his ears continues to spew tribal epithets and hatred on the blog. My crystal ball tells me from your comments that you are not a happy man, obviously you are a broke man, the jogoo road / mombasa road smoke must really choke you.

Only broke people talk the way you do, your achiles heal being you are stupid yaani pumbavu. You can blame RAO for all your problems but you will always be broke, POLE!

Anonymous said...

Tiskie suffers from inferiority complex and that it why he tries so hard to hang on to the 'jukwaa' tag where he was ejected ad kicked out like a dog and that is why he an 'Mbwa Koko' on Kumekucha ROFLMAO!

Can the MBWA KOKO TISKIE go and bark elsewhere. LOL!

Philip said...

@Tiskie of Jukwaa

I sincerely pity you, that is, if you are not among the elites, for you'll be fighting the wrong enemy meanwhile giving the right enemy more opportunities to sit on you.

I wish you could use your energy to make noise against increasing energy cost, high inflation, high bank lending rates, high income taxes e.t.c.

If Raila dies today you'll be surprised that your life won't change for better. It'll remain with the same trend, which can either be downward or upward.

I have friends who are considering selling their over 2000cc vehicles and buy a small one because of increasing fuel cost. Maybe you are also feeling the pinch. I know you know very well that Raila is not the cause of it.

Maybe you are also complaining of high income taxes, high bank lending rates, high value added taxes e.t.c. do you think insulting Raila will solve it, or to others, do you think insulting Kibaki or Ruto or Uhuru will solve it?

You can choose to live in deceit and insult Raila et al or live in honesty, and see where to vent your anger and lobby others in bringing the needed change.

I know you are a big man who can reason and you know where the truth is from what I've told you.

Anonymous said...

he he very funny

Anonymous said...

Can we now draw parallels and similarities between 'Mbwa Koko' and 'chokoras' or machongolo mapipa LOL! Loitering on our blogs and we all know how Chokoras were created, could the same be said about Tiskie ?(Pun Intended).

will we now see Tiskie scampering with his tail between his legs out of KK, LMAO!!! bwa ha ha haaaaa,
ROFLMAO! he he heeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

@Tiskie of Jukwaa
welcome to the KK wild west!
Whereas i'm not sure just how rough Jukwaa was, i assure you here in KK its no easy ride hang on for dear life i'm sure you are man enough judging the bite you have taken which is more than chewable

Many great names both unknown anonymous and known have been felled right here on these 2 dimensional walls. my advice to you is aim for greatness and stay in the kitchen but warning the temperature was already boiling when you stepped into the ring.gloves off and no i don't mean my own

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...
@Tiskie of Jukwaa

I sincerely pity you, that is, if you are not among the elites, for you'll be fighting the wrong enemy meanwhile giving the right enemy more opportunities to sit on you.


Habari Philip.

Well, it is all psychology bwana. The problem is this. We make a terrible mistake of assuming we are better than ancient people. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Sample this. In the ancient times, among the Jews as well as Africans, when our societies encountered some calamities, we would sacrifice lambs/goats.

The ritual was one of taking a goat (in Gema, we would say, a goat of one body, i.e. one pure colour, hapana madoadoa), the priests would lay their hands on the head of the animal so as to transfer into the animal those spririts causing animosity/calamities among the people.

In other words, by killing such an animal, the sins were expelled from the community.

As it was, so, it is today. However, our modern rituals are sophisticated and thereby, hidden from us.

Look at OPIUM TAKING session in 2012. Are they not religious rituals to expell that is evil from us?

Haven't you heard every Kenyan saying, come 2012, all the Mpigs will be out? What they are saying is simple.

Come 2012, we will sacrifice the Mpigs and with that measure, all our sins will be expelled. A clear delusion.

In the same vein, the ICC process is another example of hidden modern scapegoating mechanism.

In this ritual, just like ancient goats and lambs, we are just sending the Cromwell, oh!, Ocampo 6as sacrificial goats.

Having done that, we naively, hope, the poison that has engulfed our society is expelled. Another delusion.


Now, as concerns the economy, prepare for the worst.

As concerns oil prices, we ask thee, why do we import all the oil when we do not have to?

Well, let us let Israel Vibration answer that:

Anonymous said...

I am tempted to join the "KK Wolf Pack" in taking bites from a rabid stray dog but unfortunately all that is left is evidence of bones littered all over the blog, so I will move on swiftly to other matters and let others inter the bones.

we are reading from our newspapers that.....

“The majority of Kenyans have become more pessimistic about the future of the country due to increasing inflation, loss in value of the Shilling, lack of rainfall and political events”

Consequently we can now ‘enjoy’
A 50 kg bag of sukuma wiki and a 110 kg bag of potatoes at an average price of Sh2,000 and Sh4,800 in Nairobi as at the end of last week from Sh1,100 and Sh3,800 at the end of September last year.

Meanwhile our "Vault gate Keeper",

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is calling for tax exemptions to be reviewed, saying they cost Sh40 billion in revenues annually.

Mmmmh the IMF seems to forget that;

Basic foods such as maize meal are zero-rated in relation to VAT.

While banks are hogging in Profits never before seen;

We are seeing a glaring disparity in the pricing of loan and deposit products as well as transaction fees. On average Kenyan banks pay between 3% and 4% interest on savings a/c — to a saver, and charges the latter up to 18 per cent when borrowing.

Lets continue to applaud our Economist PORK and CBK Governor for steering the economy to where it is with affordable fuel, food,while employing economic 'best practices' by limiting the amount our shuttle VP spends , holding on to the IDP funds and provision of cheap and affordable Transport for all the mwananichi and meanwhile we shall continue to blame Raila for any increase in the cost of living.

Its simply Kenyana Kenyans being themselves, the delusion of 'Haki Yetu' continues.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Thanks God for Raila!
If it was not for Raila we would never have known how stupid some section of Kenyan community is - so daft!
I mean despite Raila's constant and blatant failures, lies, antics... some kenyans still think he is the best Kenya can offer. This is cuckoo-ness beyond any help! I pity them... I really do.

And as of Raila becoming the next President of Kenya, I can say emphatically...NO CHANCE!
Infact I have more chances of going to the moon than having a "H.E President Raila Ojinga"!

Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Taabu the Pensioner,
Old age comes with dead brain cells and clearly you are on the final leg to lunacy certification. Idle minds are the devils playground, and satan must be having a bowl.
You have perfected the art of Attacking Mwarangethe as you reel from inadequacy no wonder you chose the blue pill LOL!

Anonymous said...

This article is total crap, Ocampo has no power to arrest any suspect. He can only ask the court to issue warrant of arrest just as he asked the court to issue surmones.

I know you are not going to publish my comment but you better have you facts right

Anonymous said...

surely Taabu has exceeded his sell by date..just ignore him sir Mwarangethe, its called despair of a man who wasted his youth and now he faces a certain demise without an iota of success...I know it because my dog Simba went through the same depression, mood swings, irritation all recently evident to a fellow who was unfairly awarded a scholarship by Moi but got kicked out because of his intellectual deficiency.
Will veteran KK fellows take this senile fellow to Dr. Frank Njenga please??? Simba on the other hand was not so lucky. I had to administer euthanasia.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Taabu has been impersonated.
And the feeling is telling me the FAKE "Taabu" is Oracle.

Not that I like Taabu, but I can tell when there is an impersonation.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:52AM
ahh yes, you are the "Oracles" shadow always seeing your obsession even when he's not there

well let me not stop you,keep on with your daily KK job i just hope you are earning some money for all your dedication

Anonymous said...

@ANON 8:42 AM,

And I can unmask you again! YOU are Oracle!
What an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Is KK becoming a blame game blog similar to our charged political atmosphere where all blame is laid down to shadows.
Taabu should learn to grow up, he is way past the toddler stage and is infact approaching the Octogenarian stage

Anonymous said...

3/18/11 3:44 AM
You really are juvenile, you probably think that name calling is the height of intellectualism I hope its not genetic and that a few more years in school will correct that.

Back to the real issues: Do you really believe that the power elite would allow anyone as reckless as raila near the reigns of power? Think again.
I have no faith in the neww constitution but I'm pleased with the ICC summons , I think we should just ignore them otherwise kenya will become a virtual colony of foreign unseen hands given that ocampo has the temerity to determine who can or who cant be a minister in kenya. Lets put it another way: would have ocampo dared to ask Donald rumsfeld or dick Chaney(during the bush era)to resign due to atrocities committed in iraq ? This is neocolonialism period.

Anonymous said...

Neolocolonialism my foot! Where were the patriots when Kenya was boiling in blood 2007/8? Where was China when non-inteference meant leaving nobody standing in Kenya?

SELECTIVE amnesia and global lies define Kenya/ns. Na kazi iendelee.

Anonymous said...

@ 3/18/11 11:19 AM
selective amnesia is a terrible affliction but combined with revisionism it makes one hopeless

What happened in kenya was ethnic cleansing turned into civil war true patriots should have never urged citizens to turn against each other raila not once asked his supporters not to kill or destroy property I would challenge you to provide footage to the contrary.

Have you questioned where the ICC was when thousands of Iraqis were killed, tortured raped and kidnapped? Talk of crimes against humanity ! Why is it that ICC only targets weak third world countries and not powerful nations?
Why is it that the ICC has been silent on russian atrocities in chechnya or when russia invaded georgia in 2008?
The "kenyan agenda" is deeper then you can possibly imagine and allowing the west to dictate what happens is akin to inviting the devil for dinner

Anonymous said...

Kenyan agenda is deeper than you can imagine? What agenda?

And if I may ask, where were you and your ilk when Saddam Hussein was torturing, maiming, imprisoning, poisoning the Kurds with gas and murdering thousands and thousands of Iraqi people for all those years?

How comes you didn't say a word of protest let alone issue condolences when your comrades in arms from Chechnya massacred so many innocent school children and their defenseless parents in Russia?

Where have you been when the so called "weakly third world nations" continuously fail to provide their citizens with simple basic necessities of life?


Why is it that some of you are so much afraid of the ICC?

What will people like you in particualr, your family and your ethnic community gain or not gain by having those responsible for the '07/'08 PEV prosecuted at the ICC?

What do you really stand to gain while the traditional lords of impunity continue to rape the nation's resources and lord it over the entire population of Kenya without fear of ever being brought to justice in their whole lifetime?

Why are you afraid of real justice ICC style?

Are you so afraid that what goes around may come around in the form of delayed justice?

Anonymous said...

I would rather invite the devil for dinner in a blue moon than allow the real devil to own my backyard, my family, immediate community, entire nations, and consequently confiscate our souls for the rest of our lives on earth.

Anonymous said...

@ 3/18/11 4:47 PM
And if I may ask, where were you and your ilk when Saddam Hussein was torturing, maiming, imprisoning, poisoning the Kurds with gas and murdering thousands and thousands of Iraqi people for all those years?

I was watching in amazement as the US armed and encouraged saddam hussein to go to war against the then enemy No. 1 Iran

How comes you didn't say a word of protest let alone issue condolences when your comrades in arms from Chechnya massacred so many innocent school children and their defenseless parents in Russia?
where were you when russia ruthlessly massacred chechens in 1991 - 94 rebellion , this was the kind of rebellion that is being celebrated in libya , tunisia and parts of the middle east , back then the US kept mum and considered it a strictly a russian internal affair, a similar rebellion is occurring in libya and the US considers intervention a humanitarian duty, how times change or is it interests?
Now may I ask, where were you in January 2008 when kenyans turned against each other ? did you remember to send condolences to the victims?
I do not have a problem with real justice but I do have a problem with the manufactured kind and with dancing/ kowtowing to unknown foreign masters and revisionism

@ 3/18/11 4:52 PM
to he who would invite the devil to dinner needs to remember this saying
"He needs a long spoon who sups with the Devil."

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