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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Embodiment of Virtues

People should not be scared of their governments, governments should be scared of their people


Anonymous said...

Kibakis side must be stopped before we get back to 2007!
He has no love for IDPs and for that matter Kenya.

Marende said he is being threatened-lets see what Impunity is. Tunisia and Egypt are just too civilised.

Kenyans will no longer be intimidated by the Drug barons in Statehouse.


Fresh ethnic violence hits Njoro

Fierce battles have erupted between two communities in the area following the killing.
By MUCHEMI WACHIRA and GEORGE SAYAGIE gsayagie@ke.nationmedia.comPosted Wednesday, February 2 2011 at 21:00

Ethnic violence erupted again in Njoro District of Nakuru County where the farmers and herders fought running battles the whole day.

The combatants, mainly youths, yesterday fought with bows and arrows, swords, clubs and pangas.

The violence erupted on Tuesday after a 70-year-old farmer, Mr Kuria Wakaba, was hacked to death by herders from Likia location of Mau Narok Division. Mr Wakaba was killed in the controversial Witemere area in Likia forest.

The forest has been at the centre of a bitter dispute between the communities, with the herders claiming it as their grazing field while the farmers have continued to till it even after the government declared it a water catchment area.

A witness, Ms Tabitha Muthoni, said that a group of herders found Mr Wakaba harvesting his potatoes and slashed him with swords, killing him instantly.

“I saw another group of four chasing another farmer, Joseph Macharia, shooting at him with arrows,” Ms Muthoni said.

The same herders are said to have attacked Samuel Macharia on a farm in the same area. The two were critically injured and were on Wednesday being treated at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital in Nakuru.

Joseph was shot twice with an arrow. “One of the arrows got him on the hand and the other in the spine,” a nurse manager at the hospital, Ms Margaret Ombego said.

Ms Ombego said Samuel had deep panga cuts in the head and shoulder. “His right leg was also shot with an arrow,” she said.

On Wednesday, the violence spread across Likia location and other parts of Mau Narok Division, with youths fighting in the forest despite a heavy security presence.


When news of Mr Wakaba’s death spread, the mainly farming community of Likia shopping centre barricaded the Njoro-Mau Narok road.

They attacked a trader who managed to escape, but his vehicle was burned to the ground.

In retaliation, a group of herders at Tipis trading centre, about 20km away, attacked Mr Francis Thuo, poured petrol on him and set him on fire. He was rescued by transporters passing by.

In the afternoon, a group of herders attacked farmers at their shambas near Tipis trading centre as security forces patrolled Likia area.

Four farmers were critically injured, but by the time of going to press, they had not been taken to hospital.

A meeting called by area district officer Dolphine Okondo at Likia trading centre to help ease the tension failed to proceed as the youths threatened to attack each other.

Area DC Jim Njoka said he had not yet established the cause of the fighting.

“I cannot immediately say what the problem is at the moment. However, we will get to the bottom of the matter soon,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Yes, POWER to the people. Egypt has blazed a trail. Next who?

Anonymous said...

More power to the Egyptian people. Let them keep the momentum going as well as the people's revolution.

Muburak's government hangs but by the thread, and it's totteering on the brink of commotion, disturbance and collapse with every passing day.

NB: The Tunisian people were the first to blaze the trail in the region and reap immediate rewards after they got rid of the oligarcal tyrant.

More power to them as they continue with the unfinished business of reclaiming their republic.

Africa South of the Sahara is missing in overdue revolutionary action.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:12 PM
Men do not change from enemies to friends when their century old way of life is threatened by outsiders, or by mere alteration of geopolitical name.

That's why reconciliation and ruin are nearly related and the wise political keepers of the two communities will have to find an excuse for a peace rally similar to the one that was recently held in Eldoret, or else the residents are in for real shocks in 2012, considering what has already happened.

Anonymous said...

But where, say more, is the leader of the people's revolution?

To talk of negotiations with Mubarak in whom the people's reason and experience forbids to have faith, and their affections, national pride and dignity, wounded throughout the last three decades, would be madness and folly.

The people of Egypt should continue to detest Mubarak and his political cronies by all means until he is embraced by Anubis.

Anonymous said...

'The oracle' should not be afraid of 'the virtual economist', 'the virtual economist' should be afraid of 'the oracle'!

Anonymous said...

Whats going on in Egypt and Tunisia will NEVER happen in Kenya.
There are no such people as Kenyans.
All we have are 42 assorted tribes NONE OF WHICH ARE KENYAN.

Proof of it is simple-just look through the comments on blogs like these to get a faint idea of the situation.Or better yet a look on the comments of the newspapers on Facebook.

Kenyans dont exist-simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I disagree problems like poverty marginalisation unemployment affect all ethnic backgrounds within the borders. The toad might be the prezzo but most of his people languish in poverty here in town they are makangas and mkokoteni drivers up country they are drunks the pm's people live in kibera up country they are no better ruto's kales are just police lunjes are supposed to be cooks and watchmen one day we shall all be fed up the frustrations showded in 2002 when m01 was heckled out and 07 when we turned on each other maybe in 2012 we will know who the enemy is just imagine if m01 clung on to power! It could have happened within a year we were crying for change

Mwarang'ethe said...

There are two ways of fighting for freedom. One can fight it by:

(a) instinct, or,
(b) reason.

What we see in Tunisia, Kenya and Egypt is an instinct led revolution. In other words, it is a demonstration of unconscious minds.

Yes, many have given their lives, and many shall do the same in the future. However, one cannot win freedom by instinct/emotions.

To to win real freedom, reason must be used which seems in short supply.

We say this because, the OLIGARCHY uses reason and is therefore, very conscious.

This being the case, in a tussle between the unconscious and the conscious, the latter is ASSURED of EASY VICTORY.

So, good luck in your useless demonstrations which are only leading to unnecessary loss of life and property.

Egyptian said...

Kibaki is preparing the grounds for the complete collapse of Kenya through chaos after the 2012 elections. As the Patron of Corruption and Impunity networks in the country, Kibaki now believes that he either saves the Ocampo six or the country burns. He prefers to burn the country.

Mr Kibaki, you are an old man who most likely has less than 10 years to live on this Earth. I strongly advise you to make your peace with the ALMIGHTY CREATOR of the Universe. Repent and cease forthwith with your evil plans for Kenya's future. Otherwise the Wrath of God awaits you on the other side of Eternity once you breath your last!

This is the ULTIMATE JUDGE you can't manipulate Mr President!

Be very afraid......

Anonymous said...

Even as we speak Kenyans on Twitter are watching their hurriedly conceived plans for a Tunisia/Egypt type demonstration on Feb28 fail right before their very eyes due to tribalism, fraud and deception

Anonymous said...

Mwareng’ethe, we hear you but do you agree that desperate times call for desperate measures. How do you reason with a dictator like Mubarak.Some things you write about are too theorical to be real.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Mwareng’ethe, we hear you but do you agree that desperate times call for desperate measures. How do you reason with a dictator like Mubarak.Some things you write about are too theorical to be real.

2/3/11 1:20 AM


The problem is NOT Mubarak. We repeat, Mubarak, Kibaki, Mbeki etc are not the problem, they only APPEAR to be.

A wise man in the name of Epictetus taught us this:

Appearances to the mind are of four kinds.

(a) Things either are what they appear to be; or

(b) they neither are, nor appear to be;

(c) or they are, and do not appear to be;

(d) or they are not, and yet appear to be.

Rightly to aim in ALL these cases is the WISE MAN'S TASK.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Mwareng’ethe, we hear you but do you agree that desperate times call for desperate measures. How do you reason with a dictator like Mubarak.Some things you write about are too theorical to be real.


Let us clarify one thing. It seems like we are advocating reasoning with Mubarak, Kibaki etc. No. That is not what we propose.

What we propose can be seen from that great teacher, history. Let us therefore, climb that mountain and illustrate what we mean by fighting for freedom with REASON and not USELESS EMOTIONS.

In the 17th Century Europe, after the devastation of of the Thirty Years' War, Prussia, then called Brandenburg determined to end such defeats by creating a disciplined army and a trained civil service.

So as to enter civil service, one had to be well educated in the following areas:

- political theory,
- law,
- legal philosophy,
- economics,
- history,
- penology, and
- statutes.

NB: Can you get anyone so broadly and deeply educated today?

The Prussian state that emerged from this education proved so effective that, it survived both the Napoleon defeat and the revolutionary surge of 1848.

Some of these very well educated Germans migrated to the USA where they played a crucial role in developing the USA to what it is today.

Unfortunately, the very success of these reforms contained the seeds of their own destruction, for it nourished the arrogance and power - hungry that brought Germans to two world wars.

However, even after the defeat in the hands of the USA (remember the role German educated Americans were playing there), Germany is still one of the best run economies.

And, even today, Germans have the capacity to conquer the world in a few years.

May we also remind you that, Germany and USA sent German educated jurists/economists to reform Japan. Look at Japan today.

NB: Today, if you have to know something beyond the narrow specialisation, you are asked, are you a Jack of all trades?

It does not occur to the 21st man that, the 17th Century German was better educated than him/her. Thats how terrible the situation has become. Just EMOTIONS and no REASON.

Anonymous said...

The Kenyans in Support of the ICC Process

please sign here

Anonymous said...


I always seem to learn something from you every now and then. Your comment above has enlightened me on how the the Germans are the way they are - because of their superior education and sense of discipline.

Mwarang'ethe, there are a lot of nut cases over here who do not seem to appreciate the value of your input on this blog. They always like resorting to insulting language at you. Just ignore them.

It is best not to argue with the FOOLS. They might end up making you look like them. They are similar to those mad men found at every market center.

M. Pesa said...

Marende has no balls...Marende hana mak*nde! He wastes our time reading lots of nonsense, pretending as if he has the final ruling, boasts he has the jurisdiction over the matter, yet fails to make a ruling and sits on the fence! Thanks God the High Court has already beaten him to the job and declared Kibaki's nominations illegal. The threats Marende received from Mt Kenya Mafia seems to have worked like a wonder pill. What a chicken that wants to please kila mtu...bure kabisa hii mutu!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.22 AM

I can see you never let up, endelea!!! KK "gatekeepers" have provided you with a platform ya Kujienjoy.

The Oracle has Spoken

DM-Nairobi said...


I've been following your arguments in KK for a while now. The only serious problem I have with the rationale you keep postulating here that many commentators here are somehow imagining their Kenyan leaders to be corrupt - that their reported theft of public funds is somehow an illusion created to hoodwink gullible citizens by western powers.

I for one will readily agree that the West has been very conniving when it comes to exploiting African leaders and their people over many centuries. But to try and whitewash African leaders in this evil duplicity is really disingenuous on your part and a gross insult to our collective intelligence here.

So Mr Armchair Philosopher - are African leaders such as Moi, Kibaki and Mubarak (and their cronies) fabulously wealthy from stealing from the public taxes or is it propaganda created from the west? Thats all am interested in knowing in order to make a judgement call on their Moral Values and Patriotism.

Kindly avoid a long-winded treatise in your answer. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Self-admiring faggot aka Oracle is again left reeling at the mention in honour of Mwarang'ethe.

Oracle, you delight in pulling others down in this blog inorder to elevate your stinking ego... YOU are going to have a taste of your own medicine soon!
Shoga wewe! This is not a gay cruising site!!! GET OUT!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:29 AM

For starters, the word "armchair" this and that is so archaic as from an ancient period in history.

Welcome into the world of 'twitter this and facebook that.'

2dly, the true facts about the source of where 95% of the so called "African bigmen" is well known unless one is as saintly as they come.

Anonymous said...

Mungiki everywhere. ...Eh. ata uko misiri, ndani ya Egypt kabisa...

Anonymous said...

@7.58am aka Taabu,
Is there anything noteworthy or educative that you may have or not have contributed

Anonymous said...

The rationality of the so-called oligarchs or rulers can be called into question. Quite frankly how do you milk your milk cow dry? IS THAT RATIONAL?? Elite rationality is a MYTH. Next theory?

Mwarang'ethe said...

But to try and whitewash African leaders in this evil duplicity is really disingenuous on your part and a gross insult to our collective intelligence here.

So Mr Armchair Philosopher - are African leaders such as Moi, Kibaki and Mubarak (and their cronies) fabulously wealthy from stealing from the public taxes or is it propaganda created from the west?


We have never denied that, Moi, Mubarak etc are corrupt. As we have said many times over and over, that is what is called MERE KNOWLEDGE. All one needs is a memory of the Pavlovian dogs to have this.

As we have noted before, what we need is not knowledge, but, UNDERSTANDING. Unfortunately, we have a lot of knowledge about Swiss accounts, but, not any understanding.

What we categorically deny therefore, is the SICK IDEA THAT, we can root out corruption, impunity etc by prosecutions and so called war on corruption in Africa. That cannot be done.

However, to understand why it cannot be done as we say above, one must be well versed with how man may get wealthy and how that shapes man's personality.

Very unfortunately, such kind of education is not available anymore. All that is available is passing of USELESS KNOWLEDGE of how Mubarak is corrupt in our so called universities.

Anonymous said...

So are you in possession of this rare knowledge/education pass it on please

Anonymous said...

Historical A-holes will wax lyrical claiming illuminated knowledge only shines upon them. Stinking shit is what we call em waxers

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
The rationality of the so-called oligarchs or rulers can be called into question. Quite frankly how do you milk your milk cow dry? IS THAT RATIONAL?? Elite rationality is a MYTH. Next theory?

2/3/11 10:21 AM


Let us first define OLIGARCHY. Oligarchy can be described as the rule of the FEW and as the rule of the RICH. Can you deny that, the FEW RICH are ruling us?

Haya, you ask for their rationality? We shall provide it in their own words.

During the hearings for the Bretton Woods Agreements, i.e. IMF, WB and ITO, the limited discussions on agriculture were only about the USA agriculture exports to the 3rd world, for in the words of Ass. Secretary of State:

"the World Bank lending program would certainly be a very good for agricultural EXPORTS ... so that I think in the end you would create more markets for your agri. products rather than otherwise."

Now, if the WB/IMF were designed to export USA agri. products, what do you make of that?

Isn't obvious that, the WB/IMF must therefore, as a matter of policy objectives, pursue policies that destroy any capacity of the 3rd world to produce its own food? If not so, how would the USA export food to people able to feed themselves?

Why would our "friends" pursue such a dehumanising policy?

Let us hear from the mouth of Henry Morgenthau, the then, Secretary of State testfying at the 1945 World Bank hearings:

"Nothing is more menacing to world security, than to have the less DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, comprising more than half the population of the world, ranged in the ECONOMIC BATTLE against the less populous but industrially more advanced nations of the WEST."

There you are. Thats how rational and calculating the OLIGARCHY is.

They know their economic interests, and arrange the economic affairs to achieve them.

Thus, it is us, who are irrational and stupid to pursue our interests within the arrangements the West has carefully constructed to pursue their own interests.

The irony is this. When we riot in the streets of Cairo, we shout at BBC microphones crying like babies for help from the West, the same authors and enforcers of the arrangements that keep us like slaves. Heavenly God, how pathetic can Africans be!

By the way, have you see they have hired Githongo to help them disperse their "aid" to us?

mmmm, because, according to the OLIGARCHY, supported by their INTELLECTUAL HARLOTS like Githongo, the problem is income distribution problem and not lack of productive capacity which the West has decided to deny Africans.

Anyway, Peter Tosh was very right when he sang:

400 years
And it's the same
The SAME PHILOSOPHY (colonialistic and imperialistic philosophy of Columbus, Henry Morgan)
I've said it's four hundred years;
Look, how long
And the people
they still can't see.
little FOOLS DON'T SEE, fools don't see @

Anonymous said...


DM-Nairobi said...


Thanks for your response and for accepting that these African leaders are indeed corrupt.

Now, you say that its impossible to root out corruption from Africa's governments - or at the very least severely deter it. You even assert that the audacity of the idea sickens you!

I seriously beg to differ with you on this one.

Kindly tell us how President Kagame of Rwanda has achieved this "impossible" feat. While you are at it, please also take a look at Botswana.

Outside Africa and outside the "propaganda" and "manipulations" of the West, I present to you Fidel Castro's Cuba.

Now I'll give you one tiny clue - I firmly believe the Presidents of these countries are not thieves - that they have not enriched themselves using their citizens' money or resources. May be thats why they have the spine and moral authority to stand up to the West on several occasions??

Perhaps am just naive but I would like to see your valuable response to this.

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