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Thursday, February 03, 2011

New Constitution Tested, Judiciary Rejects Kibaki Nominees, Marende Ducks Ruling

Less than a week after being consultatively appointed by the executive authority, Kenyans witnessed bold masterstrokes from the Judiciary in correcting the theatre of politically absurd as President Kibaki's newly nominated coterie of Chief Justice, Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecutions and Controller of budget were today dealt a severe blow in the ongoing constitutional battle against the approval of PORK's nominee's

The new constitution lived up to its much hyped billing by taking back the executive's jurisdiction over the court's and providing High court judge Daniel Musinga the much needed teeth with which to emphasise the commensurate bite that Kenya is for all Kenyans of all tribes, colour and creed and affirmative action excluding no professional career and qualified citizen from being fit to be appointed to any senior leadership position in the country.

However, no one understands peculiar Kenyans better than their duly elected equally peculiar leaders voted in by unanimous ethnically segrated universal sufferage. Having successfully divided us against each other they are now forever assured of a split cheering squad bitterly plotting still-birth Egypt/Tunisia style revolutions on social media (Twitter) while simultaneously praying for no further interruptions to the schedule of full implementation for the new constitution by the very same MPs! Normal human beings only have to be bitten once to become shy but peculiar Kenyans continue to enjoy the beauty of the view of every floor on their way down oblivious of the had pavement waiting to kiss their skulls open at the base

Parliament meanwhile continues to chase its tail with House speaker Kenneth Marende judiciously delegating the decision to bite the bullet to a divided relevant House committees. Disillusioned Kenyans expected the former MP to A I M H I G H E R than his previous LGB (Leader of Government Business) House ruling where he infamously sacrificed his own neck selflessly on the chopping block to break the stalemate between divorce prepared coalition marriage partners ODM and PNU

Thank God we have an effective consititution to fight injustice on our behalf, and baby-step taking Kenyans are slowly gaining confidence in learning how to turn the heat up from the kitchen as the political elite increasingly come face to face with their frail humanity as they find themselves within easy reach of litigation and other forms of checks for accountability. The law must be interpreted in both spirit and letter, and not according to usual me myself and I Kenyan politics. God Bless Kenya


Anonymous said...

Bunge should hasten electoral laes and we go to elections. This grand confusion should end. And ts same time leticc do its work. Kenys mpya

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that that Kibs(PNU)and PANUA mpigs plan to antagonize the coalition and call for Snap elections where the toad will contest coz he has not finished his 2nd term.

Brace yourselves for replication of Egypt in kenya

Anonymous said...

We need kifaki for life.who else could bring freedom and right of expression we have seen. So long ad muthaura goes back to south africa and uhuru to hague we are doing fine

Anonymous said...

A very strange judgement indeed. The issues have not been adequately canvassed in the courts. It is not possible to present an issue like that for determination in the morning and in the following day you have a judgement. This just tells you how rotten the courts are!!!!!!

An application one afternoon, no replying arguments on the matter and a judgement within twelve hours..ON A MATTER AS WEIGHTY AS THIS ONE.

It is a very big shame to ther judiciary..Justice Musinga has laid it bare for all to see. WHO NEEDS ANY OTHER ARGUMENT!!!

No wonder Collin Bruce described Raila odinga a master manipulator.

But this one will not pass..the executive and the legislator will clean it up!!!!

Anonymous said...

So long as Muthaura goes back to south Africa and Uhuru + Ruto to hague and Rao ( Ida) 1st lady)gets to be the prezo we are doing better even than USA

Anonymous said...


Mwarang'ethe said...

In 1924, there was an incident whereby, Pavlov's dogs were almost drowned in Leningrad. However, an assistant managed to rescue the dogs, freed them from their cages and led them to safety.

What was interesting was the strange changes that came over these dogs. They had forgotten or reversed the TRAINING they had received before the TRAUMATIC experience.

The keepers they had liked before, were shown aggression. The keepers they had disliked before, were now the recipients of these dog's affection.

As a result, Pavlov came up with what we call D.O.R. - Disorentation, Orientation, Reorientation methods used on masses today.


Now, all Kenyans are obsessed with so called judicial nominations. As an example, let us say we have two women and two men in the nominations.

How does that help in delivery of justice? Talk of a nation that specialises in form (nonsense) while ignoring the substance.

What would seem to be of interest to the Kenyan people is this:

"Kenya to get Sh40 billion IMF loan." Among other stuff, we are reading this:

"The Kenyan government is to receive a $509 million loan from the IMF over the next three years, despite ongoing corruption concerns."

"The funds are intended to ‘address balance-of-payments financing needs and provide a reserve cushion to help the country deal with adverse shocks."

NB: Translated, Kenyans must devote more time and resources chasing so called foreign currency.

This shall be at the expense of building an internal economy. In other words, enhance our dependence on our enemies.

More so, we are reading this:

"However, the three-year loan programme also envisages support for tax reforms and more disciplined government spending."

Tax reforms translated means, more tax burden on the productive sector while freeing the RENT SEEKERS to walk free.

Disciplined govt. spending translated means, austerity. In other words, more tax on the productive sector while providing less in return so as to free resoures to pay IMF/WB and others. In simple words, more poverty is on the way.

Anyway, good luck with your nominations which will CHANGE NOTHING. For us, let us continue enjoying "The Harder They Come" by Jimmy Cliff @

Anonymous said...

Come 2013, Jaluos will be left with a bitter taste in their mouth as their god (RAO) fail to clinch the state house.
They will be alot of wailing and mourning in Luo-land come January 2013. Many will tempt to kill themselves while others will JUST lose the meaning of life.

Oracle's Boyfriend has spoken!

Anonymous said...

The current obession with the judicial nomimations is nothing but a fade that is akin to the old old old days, the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s when our great grandparents and grandparents, call them the wise elders of the community if you will, were so obsessive about how many students from their villages got admitted to the one time national schools such as Kenya High, State House Girls, Mang'u, Lenana, Alliance, Loreto-Limuru, Loreto-Musongari ("Musongareri"), Highlands-Eldoret, Limuru, St. Mary's-Yala, St. Mary's-Austin, Hillcrest, ISK, RVA et al.

Their obsessive complusive bragging nature was always done for the sake of show-and-tell and nothing else.

That was then, 60s, 70s and 80s, and this is now, 2011 which is slowly creeping into 2012 in just another ten months time.

Sadly, their grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren are still caught in the same web of obsessive complusive bragging nature, and have yet to improve their standard of living, let alone build good or better schools, colleges, universities, and teaching hospitals for the next generations.

What matters most to them is not about developing their communities or uplifting themselves from the current dark shadows of gross underdevelopment, but it's all about who among them or from their communities becomes the next;
prime minister,
vice president,
deputy prime ministers,
assistant ministers,
attorney general,
chief justice,
permanent secretaries,
top brass in the military, viceroys in the provinces,
police senior chief,
president's driver,
cook at the state house,
custodian at the parliament buildings,
Anglican arcbishop,
Catholic cardinal,
ambassadors and high commissioners to certain high profile countries,
representatives to certain institutions et al.

Who is to blame for the five decade old national and ethnic obsessive compulsive retrogressive and disastrous mentality?

None but ourselves!

Anonymous said...

First of all Kenyan's are cowards they cant do what Egypt did trust me. I would like that to happen but that scenario is a pipe dream .The MP'S will honga crowds with money to go home.We african's including myself are very stupid we are given 200 shillings and we vote for somebody ati mkikuyu .
First of all as a Kikuyu i think they are source of all this nonsesnse starting with the greedy Kenyatta's.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe for minister of finance in 2012! Im begining to understand your 'virtual economics'. When your comments are as concise as above we have no complaints! Why all these loans? What is a better taxation model for an african economy?

Anonymous said...

Did Marende Chicken out or force himself to duck the bullet, knowing what he knew at the time? Or was he just playing politics as usual with the hopes of amassing future political mileage that would catapult him to the vice presidency or deputy prime minister should the opportunity arise in 2017?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:47 AM

First of all, no one in their right mind is going to fall for your usual crude tribal bait because people like you are nothing but tribal goons who love to mascquerade as members from other ethnicities around the country.

Always remember to speak for yourself and your household, but not for "we" Africans or "we" Kenyans as if you are a seasoned expert in anything African or Kenyan.

Don't forget to enjoy your 200 shillings in December of 2012.

Anonymous said...

What type of politics do these PNU represent? I am not an ODM supporter, to declare my pol. affiliation.

What I see in these PNU bodies is just impunity. Nothing else. If many foreign countries must warn them to obey the laws (of their own country Kenya), what are these people doing in the gov.?

I guess the simple answer is "looting". Imagine they threatened the speaker of National Assembly with death...

Anonymous said...

@6:47 AM
LOL! British colonialists, religious imperialists, Idi Amin Dada, Pik Botha, Mengistu Haile Mariam, Milton Obote, Mobutu Sese seko, Savimbi, Laurent Kabila, Cahrles Taylor, Bemba, Ngunda, Interahamwe, Daniel arap Moi, Biwott, and others once thought that African were cowards but time has proved them wrong.

Anonymous said...

The Tanyes in Nai nowadays are moto, imekuwa city ya wasichana high class, they make you go googoo ga ga, Nominated MP Racheal Shebesh is one of the high class tanyes

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe for finance minister in Utopia, where people will live a life free of taxes, with free people who have rights to bear arms in the form of spears, shields, bows and arrows, a life free of toxic carcinogenous cosmetics from mwaras factory, a land with abundant gold deposits that mwara will personaly mine and of course distribute complete with a Swiss model of gava, a ganja smokin republic marinading in Bob Marley riddims and who will oppose him as the self appointed high priest.

Anonymous said...

Calling out Kenyan, Ugandan, Tanzanian and Ethiopian hypocrites living in Houston, Texas, US of America.

Do you all recall the incident where two car hijacking suspects were gunned down in heavy traffic during the early morning hours in downtown Nairobi, Kenya?

There was a lot of world wide out cry, heavy condemnation, anger, disgust, disbelief, name calling insults, shaming, calls for withdrawing US and international aid to Kenya, and rightly so, on facebook, twitter, chart rooms and on many other sites about the well known Kenya police siganture brutality.

So many of the one time former residents, tourists, refugees and so called exiles and locals were up in arms as they recounted their deep loathing for the Kenya police and the fateful encouters they had at one time with the members of the Kenya police.

One twit went on to write "My family always approached the Kenya police with fear and deep loathing during our five year stay in Nairobi, Kenya," and so forth and so forth.

Well, the question is why are same the "Houstonians" or diasporans or exiles in Houston gone underground, remained eerily silent, missing in action on twitter and facebbok, less concerned, or not even irritated at all to say the least, now that the shoe of police brutality is on the other foot?

To be precise, the foot of the Houston police in connection with the malicious beating and wounding of a young bulgary suspect several months ago as seen on the video that's now gone viral only recently because some diligent resident of Houston sued to have the video released after a judge, chief of police and mayor had tried so hard and failed to block the video form being released.

Long story short, police brutality should be condenmed whenever and wherever it happens to occur, regardless of the geographic location or the nationality of the victims and perpetrators involved.

Mmmmmmmmmm. The twitter and facebook enthusiasts have been dead silent on the matter, but are instead so preoccupied with the Super Bowl XLV (The World Cup of American football) that will held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It's the first time the Super Bowl will be held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area; and the third time it will be held in Texas on February 6, 2011.

Police brutality and miscounduct should be condemned all times.

NB: Watch the video clip and make your own judgement call.

Anonymous said...

Lol, that is just being plain evil Tehe heheee WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

DN,the mouth of PaNUa!
Now the principles are said to be very close.Stupid Kenyans will be overfed with all this rubbish.Kibaki was wrong.Period.

How Kibaki, Raila make peace after crisis

Cabinet ministers interviewed said President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga are actually fond of each other, hardly having acrimonious conversations although they occasionally disagree on principle. Photo/FILE
By SAMWEL KUMBA skumbak@ke.nationmedia.comPosted Friday, February 4 2011 at 22:16

As President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga prepared for their first face to face meeting since the latest coalition crisis broke out last week, a Saturday Nation investigation went behind the scenes to reveal the inside story of how this and past stalemates have been resolved.

It was Mr Odinga who on Friday let it out that the current disagreement over nominations for a new Chief Justice, Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecutions and Controller of Budget would be resolved.

He said he hoped for a meeting soon with the President to address the matter. Mr Odinga spoke as it emerged that a morning meeting for the House committee on Justice and Legal Affairs to discuss way out of the stalemate was postponed to allow for fresh consultations.

The names of Civil Service head Francis Muthaura and that of the PS in the PM’s office, Dr Mohammed Isahakia, featured prominently among those who would eventually lead the two men to break the stalemate.

“These people have a very special relationship. They ventilate through Mr Muthaura and Dr Isahakia when their relationship is at the low ebb,” said a source familiar with the workings of the President and PM.

The relationship between the pair and the Principals is said to have been founded on the secret meeting at the Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri where the principals named the Coalition Cabinet in 2008.

So secret were the details of the retreat that the location was only revealed to the PM on the morning as he was driven to the airport for a helicopter ride to the State Lodge.

“Only Muthaura knew of the location, and he waited until the morning of the trip before passing the details to Mohammed Isahakia, the permanent secretary in the office of the prime minister, who then relayed the details to the clueless Raila,” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the continuing stalemate.

The episode was a clear pointer on who was the official carrier of State House secrets of the Kibaki presidency, and the Prime Minister’s most trusted lieutenant in the bureaucracy that is public service.

Another scenario of import played again exactly a year later in April 2009 at Kilaguni Lodge, when the coalition was split over power sharing.

The ministers on both camps had been in agreement of the agenda of the meeting as they went to bed, only for them to harden the stance in the morning.

Hardline stances

“The only person who could communicate to both camps was Muthaura – of course after placing a call to Isahakia,” said our source.

Anonymous said...

New Constitution!

PNU salivating for CJ's post!
ODM salivating for AG's post!

Judges and LSK
playing broken musical

Kenyan tribal choirs singing in discord!

Rest of the Kenya's smaller tribes left wondering whether they are still part of Kenya or second class citizens!

Who will really win the day when all is said and done?

Will PNU Mafia and ODM Mafia get their prized possessions in the name of coalition?

Or will the rest of the country country benefit from the judiciary selections when the dust has settled?

How about we select a female Chief Justice from the coast, and another female from north eastern as the Attorney General?

So that the rest of other tribes can learn to stop fighting among themselves as they have done for the fifty years.

Chief Justice Salima Seif, 49 yrs, and Attorney General Fatima Imran, 53 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for thinking what I was thinking just before I clicked on PUBLISH.

What became of the Adult Education Program or Elimu ya Kumbaru (spl)?

The American equivalent of General Education Diploma (or GED).

All thing taken into account, there is no need of placing a 40 yr old in the same classroom and boarding school environment with eleven, twelve or thirteen year old form one students.

Such a scenario is a big NO-NO by law in developed countries like America, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the UK where women's rights and educational opportunities are highly valued, cherished and championed at all times.

As it were, Kenyans like Mercy Wanjiru Weru should be placed in adults education programs (or AEP) that are more suitable for people of her age rather than place them with eleven, twelve or thirteen year old form one students.

If Americans can get enrolled in GED programs and end up getting admitted to college, Kenyans can do the same with AEP.


Only individuals who have not earned a high school diploma may take the GED tests.

More than 15 million people have received a GED credential since the program begin. One in every seven Americans with high school credentials received the GED, as well as one in 20 college students

May some good soul out there help Mercy Wanjiru Weru prepare for her GED so that she can be able to join Harvard College and eventually realize her dream of going on to Harvard school of Public Health instead of her wasting another four years cooped in a secondary school at the age of forty.

Anonymous said...

Amr Mussa for Egyptian President, damn! could this statement be fodder for someone on kk to trash.

Anonymous said...

Another body blow to Raila's state house hopes as Sally Kosgei confirms she has ditched him and is now in the Ruto camp.The remaining Kalenjin Mps sticking with Raila are just minnows who wont be able to retain their seats against the Ruto wave.

Anonymous said...

Hiii! Sally amemkonjolea Tinga. And now mad Jaluos are calling Kales all manner of names.

As I keep saying, come 2012 and ODM will be a Luo thingamajigg.

Anonymous said...

If the Luos insist on worshipping Raila, they will be the most isolated community after the elections of 2012.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus will ALWAYS remain the most ISOLATED tribe in Kenya FOREVER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Interest of my community first!

Imagini. Somebody with such a tribalistic mind is made a NATIONAL minister to be in charge of national resources.

Is this what is called development? Is this a democratic development of a nation or backwardness towards Nyayo Era?

It is a pity that educated and better enlightened Kenyans still find it good when tribal associations still dominate politics in Kenya.

A modern Kenyan should embrace an issue-dominated politics. Only National Political Parties with clear agendas should be registered.

Agendas should be: Eradication of Impunity, Corruption, Illitracy and Poverty. Equality in Education (No parallel studies), Regional and gender balancing of National jobs, etc.

A country can only develop if its people are intelligent and willing. At the moment intelligent Kenyans are not willing and just want to loot the country.

Remember Kibaki, Raila, Ruto, Marende, Kilonzo, etc will not be there in 50yrs to come. Stop talking about people.

Let's talk about policies.

Anonymous said...

ODM is the most Popular and we are going for Victory come 2012 Hakuna Matata! Kwani Kaleos are ODM Bure Kabisa, let the ballot speak for Kenyans! And the Hague Train has got passengers to pick and haul, the security council will not back impunity, Security Council Twende Works!

Anonymous said...

These jaruos are MAD!

Anonymous said...

Neither Ruto or Raila will ever have the political opportunity to reside in the State House as president of Kenya in 2012 or 2017 if they continue with their tribal-cum-political feuds.

Kenyans wouldn't mind if the two feuding politicians went and ahead and established their own state houses (chiefdoms) in Kisumu and Eldoret instead of trying to drag their people into another tribal abyss, and the rest of country into a political apocalypse.

Majority of Kenyans are so sick and tired of redundant politics that are always being imposed on the public by tribal warlords and tribal chieftains.

"Enough is enough! Leave us alone! Get lost! Egypt [Kenya] is for all Egyptians [Kenyans]! Leave us alone! Let Egypt [Kenya] rise again and return to its rightful place in a free and democratic world. Leave us alone! Enough is enough!" - Demonstrators in Tahrir Square Friday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

@4:35 AM
Hakuna kitu au mtu kama Mkenya wa kisasa, "modern Kenyan", nchini Kenya au huko ulayani. Wote ni nyani katika misitu mbalimbali.

"Same political/tribal nyani but different forests."

The worst breed of nyani is the educated type because they know the real difference between an electric fence and a trap door with one entry point.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus with their small dicks think that they will capture state house again on 2012, mundhu khu mundhu

Anonymous said...

Trouble for another Kibaki appointee

Updated 19 hr(s) 43 min(s) ago

By Evelyn Kwamboka

National Security Intelligence Service Director General Maj-Gen Michael Gichangi may be stopped from discharging his official duties.

Gichangi, who is the principal advisor to the President and Government on matters relating to national security and intelligence, will have to stay away from office, if the court issues the order on February 10.

Attorney General Amos Wako and Gichangi are expected to address the court on Thursday on why conservatory orders sought by Muslim for Human Rights (Muhuri) should not be issued, pending hearing and determination of their petition.

This is because applicants in the case want the court to bar Gichangi from acting as the NSIS boss, on grounds that he is unconstitutionally in office.

Justice Mohammed Ibrahim said the respondents would have to inform the court of their views on the consequences if the order is issued.

They are also expected to convince the court the petition can be heard on priority basis within a reasonable time.

This comes few weeks after President Kibaki re-appointed Gichangi who took over from Brig (Rtd) Wilson Boinett, for another five-year term. Gichangi’s term was renewed on January 16.

In his ruling on Thursday, the judge said the petition by Muhuri raises issues that are extremely sensitive, contentious and of great public interest.

The judge said transitional provisions must be protected to the tilt and if the High Court is called to do so, it would for the benefit of Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:52 AM,
So u mean come 2012 it will be determined by the size of dick(s)?
Yaani it will be the battle of the dicks?

As a female, I can only say,
Thank you for making my day!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:52 AM & 6:49 AM
Did the two of you guys forgot to take your meds as prescribed.

Anonymous said...

....and sally koskei moves on. how intriguing. so what will it be next in the jaluo party? 41 against 3?

Anonymous said...

@anon 8.20 am

RAO is a very powerful politician and is basicaly the epicentre of Kenyan politics that is why all machinery is required to try and tame him but PaNUa must be ready to go all out, please stop your premature ejaculation

Anonymous said...

Am not luo but this is the fact.Take it to bank. Nobody in kenya today can beat tinga.he is a darling of masses and the more Panua fights him the more masses like him. Even in central masses except kiambun like him. The guy galvanized the country whole week and won the PR and political contest he alone set up.a master strategist!Kenyans want a decisive leader and who is not tied to a mafia group.they will have to kill Tinga to stop him. Sympathy vote is what is being created for the eantime ICC we enjoying it all.

Anonymous said...

You mean there is that much witchcraft in Western kenya? I am here watching GODTV and a young preacher from UK is setting so many people free from powers of witchraft in Busia through the name of Jesus.
Come on people, we are in 2011, why do u need witchcraft or witchdoctors?
Turn to Yesu Christo NOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu Prince will be hauled 2 the hague, including the nandi warrior. Snap elections won't cut it, a cool lose. Plus KKK will eventually break, the have a common purpose ( read; stop tinga) but are selfish towards their own goals

Anonymous said...

Raila Should Go for Opposition Post

Raila will not and should not make it to State House because the House (Murder, Bewitched House) is stinking.

I would be happy to see Raila as the opposition leader in 2012. With Ocampo accelerating his justice motor, all the thugs will end up in prison including Kibaki (for Muthaura, who will warm the seat for the Mugumo Tree preacher).

All the EU and US representatives dont recognize ex-YK92 wariors, Goldenberg Champs, Anglo-Lease Captains. They will all be barred from enterring London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, NY, Canberra,etc.

Kenya will be a lone country without assistance from civilized nations. China only wants to rape Africa, this is their chance to eat in Africa. Be aware of new colonialists whom our frustrated leaders want to impose on us.

Anonymous said...

Finish Raila and Bury him For Good!!!!
Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Raila's mti ya shamba is not working! heee eheee....! He consulted a powerful witchdoctor in Mwanza TZ who use human body parts to empower politicians seeking powerful offices, but now it seems the magic powers are not working anymore.
Ya dunia ni hapa hapa duniani!!!

Anonymous said...

Finish Raila and bring impunity, corruption and Mungiki back forever.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:09 PM
I am not a Luo, Kikuyu, Kamba, Luhya, Kalenjin, Kisii, Taita or Turkana, but I assure you that if we waste half of our energies on election politics rather than on developing our home regions and the nation we love to refer to as KENYA, we will still find ourselves trapped like minners in the very same dark tunnel that has become our time wasting refuge by 2021.

Anonymous said...

@1:24 PM
The last time I checked, there were hundreds of European and American televangelists still casting out millions of emotional demons, hysterical spirits and principalities and powers of darkness that prevent people from making more money, getting the type of jobs, spouses, children, inner peace and happiness they seek in everyday life.

Don't worry, televangelism was a real business with a keen eye on the bottom line?

Have fan.

Anonymous said...

"Come 2013, Jaluos will be left with a bitter taste in their mouth as their god (RAO) fail to clinch the state house.
They will be alot of wailing and mourning in Luo-land come January 2013. Many will tempt to kill themselves while others will JUST lose the meaning of life."
People in this school of thought are the reasons why there must be a Federal government in Kenya. Since independence, Luoland has never been developed. Many Luos with education have been detained and others had to run for their lives, ending up in some foreign land where nobody wants them.

Kenya has borrowed so much money from IMF and World Bank without any tangible development to show for it. The payment of this debt rests squarely on the heads of young Kenyans, their children, their grandchildren and great grandchildren and is going to take more than two centuries to pay-off. The people condemned with the payment of this debt include the Luos and other marginalized tribes in Kenya.

If this debt cannot be paid, land and other natural resources in Kenya will be owned by IMF, World Bank, and other financiers of Kenyan debt! Yet, the "talking tribal gas-bags", like the one quoted above do not seem to understand the looming transfer of Kenya’s resources to foreigners! He is so blinded by tribal hatred that he is unable to see the approaching "anaconda" that will squeeze the life out of him after he and those who think like him have transferred all tangible Kenya’s resources to foreign financiers!!

The Kenya’s debt has corruptly lined the pockets of political elites, their families and friends, including the "gas-bags" whose words are quoted above! The debt has also gone towards the purchase of second-hand weapons and payment of salaries of personnel the powerful elites use to intimidate and silence the rest of Kenyan population!

Sumerian Prince / Free Thinker said...

Sobriety is required to free this Nation from the shackles of Tribalism

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.31 pm
Your comments will be fodder for someone on kk

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:31 PM,

Clearly raila has a big vision for kenya and luo-land! He appointed his sister as ambassador and offered all his clan plum positions in the govt.
If u think raila is the man to bring development in luo land, then can I ask what has he done since he became PM, and what development has he brought to Kibera since he was elected as Mp in 19..?
Nothing is special with raila! too much noise but no tact!

Oracle's boyfriend has spoken!

Philip said...

Sumerian Prince,

We have a government that has Luos, Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Luhyas, Somalis e.t.c. but we still complain about it. Tribalism is so secondary that if we deal with primary issues it will be possible to have a Government with people from same tribe and nobody will see any problem with it. Most of us are going to vote out our MPs who come from the same tribe as us.

Kenyans should be educated once again to see that most problems we have cannot be solved by fighting tribalism.

All Kenyan tribes pay taxes, receive poor services, are subjected to high lending rates, are affected by high inflations e.t.c.

Only few people among the Luos are gaining from Dominion farm around River Yala and Lake Kanyaboli. I'm sure only few people among the Kamba will gain from limestone and coal deposits in the area and most likely it will their rich tribesmen. We know well how few people gained from Kenyatta's leadership despite some Kikuyus being happy that their tribesman has become a president. So far I haven't mentioned Moi, Biwott, Nyachae e.t.c. In Central several coffee farms are being converted to Real Estate - only few will gain.

I think we need to go back and see what our problems are because I'm seeing we have forgotten our problems and completely see different things as our problem.

In future I would wish Kibera people to demonstrate for railway transport to be improved so that they can easily travel to CBD and industrial area instead of destroying it because they see Kibaki is their problem. I would wish the Kikuyus and Kalenjins to demonstrate so that government can come up with better land policy, better loan policy that they can easily access and even acquire good agricultural technology that will enable them to increase their yield instead of seeing Raila as their problem.

We know we have a problem and that's why we are not satisfied. We need to understand our problem first then let look at the solutions and finally other issues later.

Anonymous said...

This an innocent question. No pan intended and no digging people. Just answer it as it is.
How long has Kalonzo been VP of the republic of Kenya? 3 years? What has he done to Kenya that makes better than, say, Otieno Kajuang or my MP Ekwee Ethuro?
As the Minister for Home Affairs, what has he done for the betterment of the welfare of prisoners and prison warders? Has he done anything to ease congestion in Prisons? Has he done anything to improve the poor living conditions of Warders who are more prisoners than prisoners themselves?
I am asking this because Kalonzo Musyoka is the Line Manager or CEO of Home affairs Ministry and the buck stops with him.
I know someone will ask what RAO has done for Kibera! No these are not similar or comparative questions. Kibera is not RAO personal property but it belongs to NCC, Local government and GOK.
Kalonzo has immediate responsibility of his line ministry. RAO is the Kibera area MP. All he can do is raise the issues in Parliament and with line Ministries.

Anonymous said...

This an innocent question. No pan intended and no digging people. Just answer it as it is.
How long has Kalonzo been VP of the republic of Kenya? 3 years? What has he done to Kenya that makes better than, say, Otieno Kajuang or my MP Ekwee Ethuro?
As the Minister for Home Affairs, what has he done for the betterment of the welfare of prisoners and prison warders? Has he done anything to ease congestion in Prisons? Has he done anything to improve the poor living conditions of Warders who are more prisoners than prisoners themselves?
I am asking this because Kalonzo Musyoka is the Line Manager or CEO of Home affairs Ministry and the buck stops with him.
I know someone will ask what RAO has done for Kibera! No these are not similar or comparative questions. Kibera is not RAO personal property but it belongs to NCC, Local government and GOK.
Kalonzo has immediate responsibility of his line ministry. RAO is the Kibera area MP. All he can do is raise the issues in Parliament and with line Ministries.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.45, your post was good but yo forgot one thing. The Kibera people uprooting rail line was uncalled for. But it's understandable. Easily. If they had access to areas to demonstrate they would have vented their anger out in the fields of Uhuru park. But they were cornered in the slums with Red berets all over them.
I bet you know this. If you don't then it's my pleasure to inform you. Learning is a continuous process yea..
It's a chain of command called Father-Mother-Child-Cat! A father tells off mum, mum smarks child, child kicks a cat. You know it.
Then bring that to Kibera, Demonstrators could reach their target, then the cat was the rail line. OK. "Simples" nkt

Anonymous said...

Ati ruto to be the jail? These guy are really making a monster in raila and consequencies will be lethal. What do they have in common? Looters. A tag that is finally strengthened by sally.they never see it coming.eventually it is turning into an econ class war which is honey in railas ears.kanu and more so yk92 at work

Anonymous said...

What has RAO done for Kibera? So that Jaluos can stop using flying toilets and using their fingers to wipe off shit.

Mwarang'ethes boyfriend has Spoken

Anonymous said...

So why are the jokers here questioning the bumpkin's credentials? I think he has brought a LOT of development.

We now have low impact, slum tourism in Kibera. His slum-dwelling constituents are sharing in the benefits and it's ecologically sound. We also have dominion farms somewhere in the lakeside. Again, local farmers are receiving benefits (even if their land has been taken away from them) and indeed the nation will benefit from reduced rice imports.
Moreover, a couple of years back the bumpkin led the 'haki yetu' rail-uprooting brigade/movement for liberation, strongly encouraged citizens against patronizing kabila adui businesses (just like Hitler did in the early 30s against the Jews).

To summarize, the bumpkins development track record, both economic and political, is unrivaled in the country. Moreover his successes in international 'mediation' are also well appreciated.

Let all jokers forever have their lips sealed!

Anonymous said...

The sun will never set on the RAO....even though the rain is beating HARD on him right now.

--quotable quote by a veritable, mandazi-selling slum-dweller

Anonymous said...

anon 6:43 am
are you still referring to the bumpkin from the bumpkinlands of kenya?

or the pumpkin from the stagnated village islands of kenya?

trying to plaster the hitler label over the walls when it suits you is a bit extreme to say the least.

the hitler-nazi label doesn't cut the mustard nor does it augur well.

let's ask for the sake of fairness and truth, how many of you so called people do patronize businesses operated by the other "inferior kabilas" of kenya?

how many of the same "inferior kabilas" run businesses, own property, plots, land, coffee farms, dairy farms, hotels or industries in the land of your "chosen people"?

what's worse, fighting for "haki yetu" or having a government that's owned, run and manupilated by puppeteers who under the constant protection and blessing of the "kitchen mafia"?

let all tribal court jesters forever be banned from the affairs of the state and have their lips sealed in the process.

Anonymous said...

Mercenaries in the House
Published 03/02/2011
How members are hawking their votes for cash, settle political scores and to undermine the rule of law

Anonymous said...

An honest advise to Excited Ruto.

Ruto.nasalamia wewe.naobea wewe.

Kenya iko na wenyewe. wanakutunia!

I give you max 6 months and you will know what this means.

You always talk about some personal shady background.speak to Karua and you will know that you do not belong to "owners of Kenya".
For your info,Raila does belong to this group!.
Raila survived death,re 1982 coup!
It is a class war that you should keep off from.

Why are you on the list of ICC and Raila is not? THINK very hard and fast.
Ati Uhuru s in the list you ask-of course there was no way out with the overwhelming evidence-he took over from Michuki to command Ali!

Heed Sirma's words-that some are using community to keep power.

Time will tell. not long.Lo

Anonymous said...

........“Forget censure motions and petitions, the hottest item now is demanding money to drum up support for presidential hopefuls,”
Anonymous MP

This excerpt from the Nairobi Law Monthly article signals the arrival of the silly season of presidential campaign politics. It's a confession of what Parliament has been reduced to. Can you imagine how many shillings a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister can fetch these MPs, appropriately termed mercenaries? I bet quite a lot.

Parliament has even outsourced monopoly on impression marketing. According to the article, a presidential candidate in the PNU coalition told the publication editors that two MPs, one from Eastern and the other from Western, had asked him for Sh300 million to shore up support for his candidature. In other words paying MPs to create a certain perception of legislative strength or popularity.

And here is how the money is typically used:

“They told me that money was enough to get 90 MPs to push for grassroots support. They also asked for Sh5,000 plus accommodation for every MP who they will bring to attend my rallies".

I suspect the Ocampo-effect has also necessitated further expenditure from the suspects themselves. Ruto must be spending millions every week ferrying these rent-an-MP crowds to his rallies.

Here's a pictorial confession of what goes down in these rendezvous.

“Some even ask for female escorts. We also give them pocket money ranging between Sh5,000 to Sh10,000. You must do it, or else they desert you. You know politics is about impression, and the more we appear to have many MPs supporting us, the more solid our candidature becomes,” he said.

Obviously, these are folks who believe in the top-to-bottom approach of politics, where it is MPs who tell constituents where to go... not the bottom-upwards believers who keep an ear on the ground to pick the direction the grassroots point at.

In 2007, the turnover rate of not re-electing MPs, especially in places like Rift Valley was so high. Many MPs lost their seats to newcomers. I suspect the trend of incumbent MP fellings will continue, since most current MPs seem too pre-occupied by Ruto's survival politics..the rent-an-MP-for-a-weekend-rally business with little concerned about bread-and-butter issues starting with lack of access to land vs population explosion.

In Ruto's preoccupation, he has sucked first-timer MPs unquestioningly to a paradoxic level where they now take orders from the same forces in PNU that have perennially disenfranchised Kalenjin peasants since time immemorial. The Ocampo question regarding Ruto is now the alpha and omega of local politics, thanks to the mercenary and scavenger MPs.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo says African states will be very "unhappy" if the security council refuses to defer the Kenyan cases, he is one man whose brain is filled with mothokoi, the old Toad will have no legacy for shizzo.

Anonymous said...

Ruto for PM!
Ruto MUST replace Ojinga NOW!

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.11am

Ruto will NOT be PM and u can take that to the bank, peleka ujinga yako kwa mamako

Anonymous said...

Raila is QUIET

Kibaki: We have agreed to leave it to Parliament

President Kibaki's OFFICE reports they have agreed with Prime Minister Raila Odinga to let parliament decide the fate of the nominees to justice and budget office jobs.

Anonymous said...

Ruto sells RAO in central

If radio africa research team is to be believed, then raila now has 59% of central kenya support if elections were held today. If he is paired with uhuru as his running mate, the rating goes up to around 67%. Why would a man said to be on his political deathbed get such high rating in ''enemy'' territory? it's very simple... William ruto. You see, the ordinary kikuyu still hates ruto with a venomous passion.. And the more he bashes raila on every issue, the more he gangs up with kalonzo and uhuru, the lesser the central kenya support for these two ( kalonzo and uhuru) this is what Geuss, R. in his book philosophy and real politics calls ''the time blinder''... to understand politics is to understand the powers, motives, and concepts that people have and that shape how they deal with the problems they face in their particular historical situations.
A fickle constituency can be won or lost on the time blinder... Some political actors still fail to understand how constituencies behave the way they do.. This could be due to suicidal association with an irredeemable adversary..''

Ruto has thrust upon himself the crown of kalenjinstan and unwittingly become the face of the pev killings and forceful displacements in north rift. To the ordinary kikuyu, he is the irredeemable adversary... Even an association with uhuru will not sanitize him... In fact, it hurts uhuru more. In the same book, the ruto tragedy also falls under the chapter on legitimacy... I.e some acts are unforgivable, and some political actors lose legitimacy forever within certain constituencies once they commit such unforgivable acts. Ruto thinks he is using pnu to fight raila, pnu are convinced they are using ruto to bring down the same raila. But the truth escapes them.... Ruto is the kalenjinstan king... Nothing beyond that.. Don't be deluded. That's why his continued bashing of raila is a blessing to odm's leader. If ruto would have walked out quietly, it would be more devastating to raila than the current cacophony.

If only radio africa research team is to be believed.

Anonymous said...


The two principals AGREED to DISAGREE.
Hopefully,parliament will tell us what new Katiba says on this.

omurekelefu said...

I never thought I would write a political comment about Kenya. I have never been politically active. I have supported no party, know very few politicians and generally have kept my head down and focussed on my community on the Kenya/Uganda border area.

However, for the past year I have been living in Europe, an escapee from the turmoil of living in rural Kenya.

As a result I have a new perspective and this new view has clarified by vision and my awareness. I owe it to my community to speak out.

I was never naive. I saw too much from 2007 and 2008: villages burned, girls and women raped, children terrorised, men tortured or killed, families forced into refugee status in their own country. I have even seen churches, schools and a healthcare centre razed to the ground.

I reported everything and nobody listened. My district commissioner was suddenly struck deaf and blind. The international cvommunity's myopia prevented them seeing anything beyond Eldoret.

Then there was a flash of hope. The ICC suddenly took centre stage. Perhaps just six big fish where in The Hague's sights, but it was something at last.

It was too good to last. The western governments who have been complicit in hiding the reality of Kenyan democracy because our country has been the regional good boy in the frontline against terrorism have continued to dance to the tune composed by the Lavington Mafia and its Kenyatta-Kibaki capo de capo.

What hope do the people living in real Kenya have now? They have been lied to, used, abused and ignored while the self-selected elite pillage the country. Kenya's leaders just have played the PR game so much better than Comrade Mugabe did.

We living in the diaspora have not served our country well. We have just been too comfortable. We have forgotten too quickly. Sending money home by MPesa is not enough.

Who would ever have thought that countries of the Middle East and North Africa, whose poorest peasants are wealthy compared to the landless masses of Kenya, would grasp the nettle and claim back their countries before the dispossed and abused Kenyans did.

Anonymous said...

It is very possible that Raila has a substantial following among youth in central. Without a doubt he has some attractive attributes, one major one being his decisiveness. His populist ideals have been consistent and his ability to connect with the masses is unrivaled. Emilio's detached elitism on the other hand doesnt serve him well. But for Raila to truly bag the central voters, he must persuade them that the kabila adui, 41 versus 1 politics of 07 and 08 was unwarranted and a mistake. This is not impossible. It is highly unlikely that central will vote for Ruto even if he were able to turn water into wine.

Anonymous said...

What's next once the squabbling politicians are done with their skirmishes over who was or was not consulted and whether they should have been consulted in the first place about the real names of the nominees.

Can't wait for another time wasting distraction to shift the nation's attention in a different direction.

I hate to jump the gun, but let's pause for a moment, the year is 2021, and reflect on what took place, when it all happened, who were the political characters involved, why were the events so important to the nation's future, and where all those leading colourful and controversial characters are ten years after all had been said and done by the majority.

That was ten years ago, 2011, when the late Mwai Kibaki was the country's president, Raila Odinga, the retired politician was prime minister, Uhuru Kenyatta, the exiled former leader of KANU was deputy prime minster and William Ruto who is still serving his two prison terms at The Hague was a one time contender for the presidency in 2012.

Lest we forget, what became of Martha Karua after her failed bid for the presidency in 2017 general elections?

The fate of Kalonzo Musyoka the all time indecisive politician is well to many who care to remember him for his middle lane pre-election antics.

He's eventually eased out of Kitui politics due to events beyond his control, and now runs his dairy farm business from Loserville.

Last and but least, how can we forget to memorialize so many diasporans in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and Southern Africa, especially those of us who never lived to see a very different Kenya rise from the old ashes of ethnic alliances and acrimonious political regional feuds of 2007-2012.

The only saving grace is that, the current president of Kenya and the vice president who are still in their late forties and early fifties, were never considered to contenders, threats or political entities in 2012 or 2017.

The two leaders emerged from the anger and frustrations felt by the majority of diehard Kenyan patriots.

BTW, who would have thought that it would take another decade for the United States of America to elect a woman president in the nation's history?

LOL! Russia, China, Cuba, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Rwanda and South Africa, beat the USA to the winner's tilt by electing women presidents.

Warm regards and a Happy New 2021 [2021].

Anonymous said...


How can a suspect supervise ministers. Ruto has not understood that he stepped aside because of a court case.

Now he wants to change the accord to suit him. Wonderfull.

Poor Kenya. We are soon going back to the dark days when murderers were being promoted.

We are watching and clapping, while thugs are ganging up to protect themselves. Is this in our interest?

Anonymous said...

here we go:
RAO refuse to play ball

An aide to the PM, Mr Salim Lone confirmed the decision to leave the issue to parliament.

"The PM is CONFIDENT that parliament WILL SEND BACK the nominations to the two principals. The President and the PM will then ensure that the constitutional requirements for the submission of such nominations is adhered to," said Mr Lone.

Anonymous said...

Flip the page!
Kenya will be a very peaceful, progressive and democratic country in the next twenty years if the nation doesn't get infected with a Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin, Luhya, Kamba or Kisii presidency. Some leaders and communities will never ever change for the betterment of the whole nation, people and their very own communities. Their sordid track records speak volumes since December 12th, 1963.
Time to flip the page!

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