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Monday, January 17, 2011

Open Letter To Philip Ochieng Sunday Nation Columnist

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Dear Mr. Philip Ochieng,
First of all I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your controversial yet thought provoking article titled "our people have lost their sense of heroism" which appeared in yesterday's Sunday Nation; indeed my response to you is based on that opinion piece, and through this open letter which I am sure will reach your attention courtesy of this blog which is fairly familiar in political circles, I wish to draw your attention to one or two issues you raised which i have a healthily different opinion contrary to your own

Your perspective that the only form of politics known by "your people" is empty hero-worship and this is the reason why they are among Kenya's most underdeveloped regions did not go a long way in fully addressing the link between community development,historical events occuring shortly after independence, as well as present day events, all of which have had the impact of collectively sinking Kenyans as a whole into deeper poverty. It is on this basis that you should have questioned the value of "your people's" education in contributing to their development regionally

I understand that your OP/ED was not intended to be textbook cause and effect in analysing the current status quo of your ethnic group; however, because it left alot to be desired, forgive me for going ahead and stating the following obvious observations in relation to it, which I am no doubt sure you are well familar with-

1) Kenyans survived 40 plus years of bad governance that affected the whole country negatively, and against the will of all its individual communities that make up the country.During this time all ethnic groups are guilty of sitting back in their homes and expecting their MP to "bring development" to their region.

2) During this same period of time the same ethnic groups are guilty of endlessly complaining about poor governance and corruption yet refusing to change voting patterns and allowing the same clowns back to parliament every 5 years.

These are just some of the common characteristics which which guiltily bind each and every single Kenyan together, regardless of ethnic background, and in my opinion your assessment of your people was rather symptomatic and stereotypical instead of being helpful in truly identifying the root cause of all our collective problems as a people which have left many innocent Kenyans suffering for the sins of our leaders since independence.

I am happy to note that since yesterday many Kenyans from all walks of life, and in different corners of the globe far and wide have responded passionately to your article, and I will leave them as well as others who might not have had a chance to read it, to make up their minds about whether your well written commentary is true or not.

In conclusion sir, let me thank you for your many excellent pieces faithfully written for the Sunday nation over the years which are no doubt one of the many highlights of that newspaper which many Kenyans look forward to reading every weekend. However it is important that in future anyone seeking to address issues such as the ones you brought up does so in a well balanced manner and takes into consideration that Kenya and all her people are at a delicate time in history where the truth needs to be heard now more than ever before. Afterall, it is what will set us free

A regular Sunday Nation Op/Ed reader


Anonymous said...


e-diarrhoea is cathing up with you fast. If Philip Ochieng is to respond to you, he would note your misplaced use of adjectives and abuse of auxillery verbs. A simple response to your letter, Luka, do you live in Kenya?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Philip Ochieng's views on the subject in question. It follows that one ought to establish a middle position, equidistant from politics of hero-worship, demagoguery, religious fundamentalism and ethnic extremism.

BTW, how about we (some of us at Kemekucha) issue apologies to Julian Assange, editor in chief of WikiLeaks?

Remember when we dared him to release (leak) the hidden offore accounts and hefty Swiss accounts of 'who is who' in the underworld of secretive banking?

Assange is going to leak to the world what people have been wishing when he rolls the dice on some of the world's greatest tax evaders, looters, grabbers, swindlers, and all those political leaders, church leaders and NGO executives who have been involved in the deliberate 'in-and-out' schemes conceived to move (loot) billions from national coffers into and out of the accounts of several nations, institutions and organisations.

Above all the many so called NGOs and churches that claim to represents the the needy, the poor and the marginalized on the African continent, Arab peninsula, and Asian region.

I tip my hat, raise my ceremonial spear and tap my shield in salute to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Anonymous said...

I think I am really shocked that some particular people from Nyanza have decided to show their true self, as Raila worshippers.. I did not expect this in Kumekucha and Mlalahoi Google Groups but it now appears like Raila should never be criticised by anybody, that he is a 'god' and anybody who criticises him iss a devil.. that is very silly am now waiting to see RAO becoming the next president of kenya.. H.E. Raila Omolo Odinga, CGH, President of the Republic of Kenya,, Year 2013!!! Let us see..

Anonymous said...

The State has set aside Sh1b to resettle Mau evictees,and a larger Sh4b to fight private legal battles of the Ocampo SIX, says Vice president of Kenya,Kalonzo Musyoka

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Luke:

"Kenyans (ALL TRIBES) have endured 40 plus years of bad governance that affected THE WHOLE COUNTRY, NOT JUST ONE TRIBE, negatively,"


All ethnic groups are guilty of endlessly complaining about poor governance and corruption yet refusing to change voting patterns and allowing the same clowns back to parliament every 5 years.

Ultimately it is us, the kawaida Kenyan, who is the problem. We are very stupidly tribal, we adore mediocrity, we abhor excellence and we are full of SELF HATRED.

Anonymous said...

These raila people like discussing other tribes, but when their tribe is touched all hell breaks loose. What ochieng said is known by everyone who lives in kenya.

Anonymous said...


There are insiders within the Ruto camp who say their man fears Kalonzo is pursuing a second political miracle, after the one he declared in 2007 of squeezing himself between Kibaki and his then leading opponent Mr Raila Odinga. As the argument goes, Ruto and Uhuru suspect he is positioning himself to pick up the spoils should the ICC’s axe fall on them.

There was also talk that Uhuru and Ruto were keen to have the Kamba community in the "KKK" alliance, but under the banner of Mutito MP Kiema Kilonzo. However, insiders say the ‘substitute’ they have for Kalonzo is Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa.

Konoin MP Dr Julius Kones, one of the Rift MPs closest to Ruto, revealed Kalonzo was not in "their equation" as they planed for 2012. "Kalonzo is trying to attach himself to Ruto and Uhuru, but as their allies, we are not interested in him," he said.

Kones said Ruto’s allies only trust Uhuru as "the leader they can form an alliance with". Emgwen MP Elijah Lagat revealed they have an alternative for Kalonzo as their group seeks support from Eastern Province....

Bobby6Killer said...

So long as Kenyans worship their local warlords be they Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo or whichever of the 42 it will be same tune, different song.

@ anon 1:15. Agree with you on Assange even if the cables leaks have dwindled down to a wiki-trickle. You'll have to wait 2 weeks for the bank data to be vetted before it's uploaded & with both the whistleblower (Elmer) & Assange facing court cases, don't be surprised if it's shelved.

Anonymous said...

"Every aspiring candidate is worried of Kalonzo because of what he did in the last General Election. That is why Ruto and Uhuru are interested in Kiema Kilonzo and Mithika Linturi," added Lagat

M. Pesa said...

Philip Ochieng' is right and he's only giving the great people from Lake Sango a good kick on their lazy asses i.e to wake up from what he calls "empty hero worship" which is so rampant among our Luo brothers. Ochieng' is simply calling a spade what it is and not a big spoon and he's likely to prick some raw nerves.

Why can't they (Luos) for example apply the same energy of hero worship, uprooting railways or throwing stones in tilling their land? I think that's what Ochieng' is trying to illuminate although he doesn't use the exact words.

Luke talks about historical injustices but he doesn't elaborate. Didn't Moi try to literally wipe Gema off the earth's surface for 25 years yet they metamorphosised into a stronger and more economically active peoples who eventually greatly helped kick him out of power?

Let's face it, I have travelled extensively in this great nation of ours but what I have found in Luo Nyanza shocked me- more than any other place- to the roots.

The poverty I saw there was mind boggling. So many mud huts, so much hunger, so much rural-urban migration, malnutrition etc. I was shocked because I didn't expect such poverty in an area with rich fertile soil, nearby fresh water lake (the second biggest in the world) and good amount of rainfall unlike Garissa or Isiolo.

The good people of Nyanza have been let down by their pathetic leaders since independence especially the Odinga dynasty which they follow blindly. What do they have to show for this loyalty? If Odinga says you are not going to be elected as an MP in Luo Nyanza (as in young Steve Wanga's case over Orengo where he was rigged out of nominations), his word is biblical final!

Compare that to (for example) Central where Kibaki campaigned hard for his good friend and former big shot minister Mutahi Kagwe in his neighbouring Mukurwe-ini constituency. The people snubbed the head of state big time and opted to elect little known Kabando wa Kabando from an even smaller party known as Safina!

Can this happen in Nyanza, hell no! Let's not even discuss Molasses plant where poor residents were cheated out. In my own view, the vice like grip the Odingas have had on Luos has impacted negatively even with other Kenyans.

This vice like grip will continue to hurt Raila's chances for 2012, his last shot ever for power. The Kambas and Kalenjins are already proving this. Who wants to be bound under such mesmerising, hypnotizing curse of empty hero worship which can easily turn Kenya into a Zombie nation?

Anonymous said...

At least we know some luos are aware of the luo hero worship which other communities have always known. You just need to watch tv on national days with the hero in attendance. Which other kenyan tribe can oppose development just because it is coming to them from a person who is not with the hero. Remember tuju case? I agree luo education is completely useless. How can you claim to be educated and yet you cant act rationally. During the referendum, the church leaders in luo nyanza even abandoned their brothers from the rest of the country just not be seen to oppose the hero.

Anonymous said...

I hear they bath in the same pond they draw water for drinking. And there are so many luo doctors in kenya!

Anonymous said...

it took one man burning himself in tunisia...may be the truck driver in thika rd was a sign of things...some1 might do something crazy and boom..we are just tired of these politicians. if i were them i'd be very afraid

Philip said...

A tribe that feels oppressed by the government will always want to cling on one of their own leader for hope. What is happening in Luoland is quickly catching up in Kalenjinland. Thats why Ruto will be a major factor on who will win parliamentary election in Kalenjinland.

Maybe Mijikendas and Kambas have not had an influential leader in their midst and that's why they haven't got a leader to worship.

What perplexed me so much was when Rarieda people sent Tuju away just because he wasn't supporting Raila.

Mwarangethe needs to tell us why Siaya is so behind despite a lot of resources there.

Anonymous said...

@Philip which resources are you talking about? and the 40 something year old Mwarang'ethe should provide abbreviated references from Siaya while at it.

Anonymous said...

If Jakom has spoken who are the common fellas to oppose.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip wrote

Mwarangethe needs to tell us why Siaya is so behind despite a lot of resources there.

1/18/11 2:59 AM


Siaya is behind for the same reason/s Africa, with all the resources is the poorest continent.

To Ochieng's and his other "educated" Luos, as well as others, we can only sum matters this.

There is a difference between:

(a) knowledge, and
(b) understanding.

To know that, Luo land is "behind," to know that Africans are corrupt is NOT demanding.

All you only need is some memory and time like the Pavlov dogs. We congratulate Ochieng and other African intellectuals for this knowledge.

However, to UNDERSTAND, is something else. To understand, one needs intellectual ability and training, self coscious awareness of what one is doing/pursuing, experience in techniques of analysis and synthesis. Above all, one must have pespective.

If we seek UNDERSTANDING, and not mere KNOWLEDGE that we are poor, corrupt etc etc, we can study the USA and Old Europe in the 19th Century.

If you read the history of this period, you will find the following in Europe:

(a) class conflicts, you may call these tribal conflicts like we have in Africa today,

(b) pauper labour, as we see at EPZ in Siaya/Africa, and

(c) struggle for foreign markets based on starvation wages as we see in EPZ at Athi River.

At the same time, some Americans with UNDERSTANDING, sought to create a new civilization with the following features:

(a) increasing returns in agriculture,

(b) increasing returns in the industry,

(c) HIGH WAGES as a precondition for achieving higher productivity and a new SOCIAL MORALITY.

Unfortunately, our "friends" America have abandoned this UNDERSTANDING of how to develop nations.

And, with that ignorance being taught at its universities where most of our intellectuals are taught, we are not surprised that, all we seem to have is a lot of KNOWLEDGE, but, no UNDERSTANDING.

Anyway, the time to reconfigure Kenyan system was during the new constitution debates. That chance has been lost. Thus, fasten your belt for not a very bright future.

Anyway, in our usual travels, we met an historian who also seems to enjoy climbing Mt Kenya of Human History.

Although he works for the OLIGARCHY, it is worthy listening to him, for he tells us what happens when schools concentrate on KNOWLEDGE, but, no UNDERSTANDING.

The topic is: Empires on the Edge of Chaos by Niall Ferguson:

Kenyanese said...

Have to agree with Mwarangethe on this one- especially since he made it easier to understand without the annoying Sumerians and milk sipping rituals(btw the Mt Kenya is also annoying)

Kenyans ALL over have suffered from bad decisions at the Ballot Box-a situation that will remain the same if the politics of now are anything to go by.While Nyanza admittedly suffers from the personality cult of Odinga that doesnt mean the rest dont-as we speak there is one of Ruto in the frmr RV.

Until Kenyans can liberate themselves mentally from these cults-something which even the highest level of education will NEVER cure then the status quo will be the same for 20 years when these vulgar deities are gone.For now, to quote Mwarangethe 2012 will be another Opium taking session.


Anonymous said...

Stultus est qui stratum, non equum inspict; stultissimus qui hominem aut veste aut condicione aestimet. ~ Seneca the Younger, Epistulae Morales, XVII, 23-25 [sculpted on a rock at the entrance of the Kijabe Chapel built by prisoners of WWII].

M.Pesa and Philip, I say amen to you and I couldn't agree with you more.

Tupende tusipende every worldview locates the individual. Put differently, every worldview provides an identity. Hero worship cultivates a similar worldview in both its cultural and subcultural versions.

Anyways, that's a painful topic that will be taken up at another time.

Some Kenyans have always argued, and rightly so, that leaders like Raphael Tuju among others, have tried to set a flame of change, thinking of the box, regional progress as well as democratic awareness that would burn for a long time in the young minds of many residents of Nyanza, but to no avail due to a deep seated cultural indoctrination and a heavy presence of systemic regional resistence induced by the cult of perpetual hero worship.

It's one thing to blame the Arab invaders ("body snatchers"), the settlers, the colonial government, the post independence governments, the natural elements, and the unjust world trade practices.

But it's another when a community or a nation of people systematically fails to combine all the educated minds, muscle power and available regional resources for the betterment of the people in a particular region for a period over forty years.

The question becomes, what's the real use or point of having members within a community earn countless Ph.D. or Doctorate, magister artium, magister scientae, and countless barchelor's degrees when they can not be put to use for the express benefit of the immediate community and region?

Or is it all done in the name of bragging rights, show and tell sessions and "ours is better educated than yours"?

You are free to continue cursing and hissing at the remarks if you will, but the fact is that the Nyanza region should have been more developed by the educated native sons and daughters of the land, with or without the so called help from the Kenyatta, Moi or Kibaki governments and foreign "outsiders" by now.

As matter of fact, there is always room for hero worship and a brighter side to glorifying such ethnic practices, so along as its done along the lines simialr to those of nations like Israli, United Arab Emirates, the State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman etc.

In the meantime, the scars of cultural martyrdom and political persecution should never be a hindrance to cultural pride, regional development, open mindedeness, democracy and peaceful coexistence with others.

Unfortunately, one of the greatest weapons in the hands of political and ethnic leaders who are always in need of being worshipped as exclusive heroes and heroines, is having countless brigades or regiments of diehard supporters wallowing in a frenzy of ignorance, xenophobia, entreched chauvinism, abject poverty and seasonal election politics.

The above mentioned cuts across all ethnic and racial lines.

Anonymous said...

'Abbreviated references' lol! Guys need to get off our "virtual economist's" case! Oh how he educates us all!

kenyaone said...

Whoever wrote that article you have nothing better to do than the self same hero (stupid) worship that he is talking about. I am a luo and if anything irks me its the common 'we are the world' nonesene that waste more tim ethan we can afford. True all communities had to find their place in post independent kenya but Luos must stoff the bay crying of 'if only' I have more right to that than anyone else and its childish, pathetic and irredeemable. Grow up and get with the beat. Nobody cares if you were mistreated/hurt/marginalised. How long will you try to make a case for yourselves? Its in the past, move on. Ochieng is 100% right. Our self pity and beggarly attitude is our own worst doing.

Lucas Mboya

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.07 am

Our virtual economist sits atop Mt. Kenya of Human history. We sit at the slopes waiting for abbreviated knowledge to trickle down. Oh, How educated we must feel.

Anonymous said...

I want to draw everybody attention to this icc Petition at

PLease have all your friends sign it to stop impunity

Anonymous said...

@Lucas Mboya

Owadwa ang'eyo ni okin jaluo, koro pand pieri mondo inang olundi, in act kama olek tiga milwongo ni mwarang'ethe, mane Oracle nose chwado olunde newa nwang'o ni oja mriambo. Thi kucho ogwal ni, joluo monyalo somo wach ni, ung'eyo ni Agwambo en taya to wathi kawo sirikal.

Ondiek nyuka quarter.

Anonymous said...

Here we go

all roads leading to the Commander in chief-otherwise why waer Uk and Ruto not invited

Three post-election violence suspects have been invited to The Hague to present evidence.

Related Stories

* Kenyans want Ocampo Six tried in Hague
* Kosgey’s fate jolts Rift Valley politicians
* Politicians walk a tightrope as courts swoop in for the kill
* Raila allies warn of anti-ODM campaign
* MP roots for local courts to try violence suspects

International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has given the suspects until month-end to absolve themselves of blame that they committed crimes against humanity.

Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura, suspended Industrialisation minister Henry Kosgey and Postmaster-General Hussein Ali had received the invitation letters, sources close to the investigations told the Nation on Tuesday.

Others listed are Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, radio journalist Joshua Sang and Eldoret MP William Ruto who travelled to The Hague last year “to set the record straight.”

“We would like to offer you an opportunity to meet with our representatives at The Hague to provide relevant information in regard to the investigations,” says a letter.

The invitation is seen as a response to the desire to comply with ICC investigation procedures. Questions have been raised on whether the prosecutor may have violated the Rome Statute by not talking to the suspects before making his application for summons to appear.

Article 54 of the Rome Statute mandates the prosecutor to investigate both exonerating and incriminating evidence.

“You can only obtain exonerating evidence by speaking to the suspects which the prosecutor didn’t do as anticipated in the Statute,” said a lawyer close to Mr Kosgey.

“The prosecutor may be sealing gaps in his evidence to comply with the ICC procedure and block possible avenues for the defence.”

Nation investigations show the accused have been burning the midnight oil with lawyers to prepare statements.

Last week, Mr Kosgey told journalists that following his suspension, he had redirected his energies towards preparing his defence.

Should the suspects choose to appear, they will not be forced to incriminate themselves.

Meanwhile lobby groups on Tuesday condemned the decision by the government to pay legal fees for two of the six suspects of the post-election violence at The Hague.

Centre for Multiparty Democracy chairman Lawrence Gumbe, said the government’s move was a clear testimony of how it intended to “subvert the final and only remaining process of justice for the post-election victims, that of the ICC.”

“More than 350,000 IDPs are suffering at the hands of the same government that is protecting the suspected masterminds of their demise, this is unacceptable,” Prof Gumbe said.

The Muslim Human Rights Forum termed the move to bail out Mr Francis Muthaura and Maj-Gen Hussein Ali as a waste of taxpayers’ resources.

“Kenyans need to be told where the government will get the money to pay the legal fees for the suspects as the budget did not have a provision for such expenditure,” the lobby said in a statement.

It called for the immediate resignation of the suspects still occupying public office —Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura and Postmaster General Hussein Ali.

Prof Gumbe told journalists that proponents of the KKK alliance — Mr Kenyatta, Mr William Ruto and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka — should be prosecuted under the national cohesion laws for fomenting tribal animosity.

“We are seeking legal counsel and urge National Cohession and Integration Commission (NCIC) to prosecute the individuals who want to use the International Criminal Court issue and the fight against corruption to balkanise Kenyans on ethnic grounds,” he said.

Anonymous said...




kenyaone said...

anon 11.38. your the exact symptom of the problem. especially since your to cowardly to call yourself by name.

Anonymous said...

Ocampo summons Muthaura,Ali and Kosgey

Kweli we are after the C-I-C, through the chain of Command
The King is naked!!!!

Anonymous said...

Selective memory at best. Talk of some people craving to go back to "the way things were in the good old days where everyone knew where they belonged and they were very much aware of who was incharge."

A return to the flesh pots of Babylon, Egypt and the sun scotching era on the sugarcane plantations in the Caribbean islands.

Haiti has never had the perfect leader. Many of them were corrupt. Many of them have blood on their hands. But with Duvalier, we safe and our stomachs were full. ... If Jean-Claude had been here, we would never be like these. ... His happy to be here. He was homesick. - Nostalgic Voices.

Duvalier is a murderous thief! A country that has no memory will repeat its mistakes! ~ Bobby Duval, a former soccer star.

Anonymous said...

@11:49 AM
It's not too early nor too late to learn from what our united neighbours have done, and are still doing in the streets and towns of Tunisia.

The ICC will only add some band aid to cronic national problems rather than seek longtime solutions.

If I may ask, why waste valuable time sending political reptilians to the ICC while leaving their broods, nests, and thousands of eggs intact and ready for an anchor to the evils of 2007 by the time Decmber 2012 comes knocking with the same political tune?

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.09pm

Nyani haoni kundule, hope it rings a bell. What's your name?

Bobby6Killer said...

@ anon 12:45 it took a month of sustained, focussed & increasing mass action to dislodge the Tunisian despot. Focussed in the sense that the rioters (freedom fighters) did not take their eye off the ultimate prize...targetting the state. Was there looting? Naturally. But the common man did not turn against his neighbour to settle old scores real or imagined. Their anger was directed at the top, where it belonged. Another key factor that led towards the tipping point was the participation of hundreds of lawyers who marched in solidarity with the protestors. After 1 month of chaos, cost to the economy: over $2 billion. Probably the best "spent" $2 billion in Tunisia in 2 decades.

Coming so soon at the heels of PEV, renewed mass action in KE will merely deteriorate into a free for all. Also, I can't see our lawyers here even considering taking the risk of being tear gassed & having running battles with the GSU downtown. We don't even have the spark that will set things off as the 26 year old who set himself ablaze did in Tunis.

Ofcourse if our MP's actually succeed in shamelessly pulling us out of the Rome Statute, that will be a whole new ball game....

Anonymous said...

Well stated with regard to the combustible ingredients that took to dislodge the Tunisian despot.
a) Common man.
b) Minimal neighbour on neighbour violence.
c) Hundreds of courageous lawyers who turned their legal lingo into real action.
d) Patriotic protestors.
c) A military that stood down and refused to open fire on protestors.

Divide and rule along ethnic lines has always been our nation's Achiles heel.

Anonymous said...

As long as my "hero" is at the feeding table, I will not riot against gava. This is the way our tribes think (yes they think as tribes) and tunisia cannot happen here.

Anonymous said...

ICC Judges throw out Ruto's case that was filed against Ocampo!

seems things are getting elephant kwa hawa vijana wa KANU.

And Kalooser should stop stalking the vijana like Mbwa "since they are not holding/swagging a bone that is about to drop" as Uhuru remided Him.
or is the ICC just about to make the bone drop?

Also a very togh week for bw.wiper,I would say

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:39 PM
kila nyani ana? Give credit where it's due whenever you use the nyani one liner.

Kwani, when did you first hear about it or come across the nyani-one-liner on the world-wide-web?

There is one Kenyan who liked using it long, long time ago when Bush junior was still president of America.

Have fun but with a good memory.

kiterunner said...

I proud myself as an extremely objective and independent Kenyan. From the comments above I feel Luo Nyanza doesnt deserve the bashing they are getting. Luo Nyanza is underdeveloped mostly because of being marginalized by the successive Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki governments. Having said that I think their culture of rural urban migration does nt help. On the question of RAO worship its hard to explain but i believe 90% of Kenyans suffer from the same (tribal chieftain loyalty). Remember the 2005 referendum? I still havent figured out how all Kikuyus (both learned and simpletons) thought it was a good constitution while all Luos thought it was bad!!!. Think about it for a second, would we have a new constitution today if RAO said NO? I dont think so. I think tribal loyalty is a much bigger and deeper issue than we care to admit. Why for example does every single kikuyu I know feel obliged to defend Kibaki or Kalenjin think Ruto is innocent? I feel I am missing out on something since I dont feel such loyalty to my tribe's chieftain.

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