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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Heads Roll: is Charity Ngilu's Neck Next?

Ruto has exhausted all his ammunition and running really scared groping in the dark holding onto any straw to keep politically afloat. His latest object of tirade Hassan Omar will remain long after Ruto is shipped to The Hague.

Now we've heard it come straight from the horses mouth itself.Suspended Higher Education Minister William Samoei Ruto did not meet with ICC chief prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo in his recent trip to the Hague in Netherlands.

It turns out that the Eldoret North MP really did go to Hague to drink tea with his agemate and friend unfortunately his companion was not in his office as he had other more important matters to attend to in England. But why all the smoke screens?more on that in a minute

But first of all it seems more heads are set to roll in whats turning out to be an ugly mud slinging contest between water minister Charit Ngilu and her former assistant minister Mwangi Kiunjuri.

The Kitui Central MP is well known for speaking the truth even to the extent of putting to shame the devil himself and in the court of public opinion the jury have already reached their verdict. It is more likely that her word is believed over the assistant minister for public works

Its interesting to note that the current circus going on speaks volumes about what type of power struggles have secretly been taking place behind closed doors of various 40 odd ministries. The idea behind the coalition government was to have the 2 main parties shadow each other in the various dockets of government apportioned as stipulated in the power sharing agreement. Its no secret that ODM a favourite of voters at the time of the signing of the peace accord set out to establish a reputation for performing well in whatever line ministries it was handed. The party's philosophy was to in theory improve service delivery of ministries under its umbrella despite what they expected would be frustration from the ministries that fell under PNU's skirts. In this way they would build momentum for endearing themselves to the public throughout what then was looking to be a most difficult 5 years for the nation

This "government within a governmet" sounded good in theory but practically...well all you have to do is look at whats being exposed in Ngilu's docket.As the minister in charge she was in bed with the opposition who was meant to be her assistant! Meantime of course both continued to enjoy their time in government as ministry was divided in itself and delivering less than half of the services to its people

Will Ngilu's head roll in joining the long list of ministers and public officials who have stepped aside since the new constitution was promulgated?The Prime Minister has thrown his hat into the ring in throwing his political weight behind the Water minister and this could be seen as a sign that she has the right political backing not to lose her Water services portfolio. Honourable Ngilu does have alot of immense political capital and it remains to be seen whether she will graciously bow out of the ring or stay put for another round.

Back to William Ruto. It seems this man flew out of JKIA on a political mission to re-invent himself upon return and as he has said he is soon launching his political party. In all likelihood its possible he already knew he would not be meeting Moreno Ocampo as ICC prosecutor is not a man to waste anybody's time. It is therefore not surprising that since his return he has chosen to hit out at the government at every opportunity as he gets as a way of trying to endear himself to the public so as to be perceived as a man of justice who took shots at his employers and party boss in a bid to shake up the building from the foundations up hoping when the dust settles he will be more than just a governor in some county somewhere in the Rift valley


Anonymous said...

Ruto has said time and again. In politics you must be the master of your won destiny, you chart your own career path, simply you don't let others chart it for you.

The Hague Master piece was brilliant! Hats off to the Man.

As for Hon. Ngilu, the mweshimiwa has a case to answer, and so does his former Ass. Min. Hon. Kiunjuri.

Lets start with Kiunjuri, he should simply tell Kenyans why he vouched for his pal one Mr. Charles Ngunjiri to get a 200M water contract.

Didn't he have enough kickbacks from Zilp Contractors ( 45M) and Engineer Musili ( 37M). When Madam Ngilu said enough! The man is now crying foul.

And to Madam Ngilu, please tell Kenyans why your favourite nephew Mr. Mawia who was kicked out of CFC Life Assurance as property manager for embezzling over 100M is now again hogging all the Water tender projects.

The Man didn't even have a grader and was awarded a 200M contract which he didn't even complete, kama kawaida.

The rest we shall unveil later.

Ministry of Water - Official

Anonymous said...

Ruto is crafty but most stupid of all

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12.10 AM

Don't forget that Mr. Mawia used to drive a starlet and when he was given the boot out of CFC he bought himself a mercedes.

Seems like you have forgoten Mr.Musili Kivuitu as he was the Finance Manager then, I believe he is now the Regional Manager for Risk and Compliance, the son of former ECK boss who helped Mr. Gerald Eaton and Mr. Mawia to milk CFC Life.

So Mawia continues with his ways at the Water docket that Aunty Ngilu holds. Shindwe Kabisa.

Anonymous said...

crafty and stupid... someone is sounding stupid with that post...

Anonymous said...

Ngilu has protection from Raila to continue looting. That is the ODM-change we were promised in the election of 2007. Ngilu closed the account she had in Miami, USA, and now maintains a top secret account in Nikosia, Cyprus to hide the loot. We have nyang'aus for leaders starting with Raila.

Anonymous said...

Stop being selective. The budget for water is a drop in the ocean comapred to the endless pit that has been the OP,Finance, Energy and all those ministries that have continuously been milked dry by PNU.ALL thives/looters and swindlers have to be targeted. This nonsense of targetting raila's key people while Anglo, Triton, Grand regency thieves etc enjoy their loot is BALONI.
Kwanza, this stinks so much of kalonzo. we know ngilu has been a threat especially since she introduced wakamba to tap water. instead of being thankful-remind me what he has done for them in 25 years that is more useful than clean tap water? zilch, nada.
Mama rainbow and mudavadi will overcome. WASHINDWE!!

Anonymous said...

How does taking a personal walk around The Hague and later going on to stroll within the Hague University campus translate into a brilliant master piece?

Who is he trying to dupe? The media, the public, his opponents, perceived "political enemies" or his loyal constituents?

Give him the benefit of the doubt for all it's worth.

However, a three minute youtube moment of the individual in question meeting with the prosecutor, his deputies, any one of the 18 judges, or a single senior lawmaker from the Pre-Trial Division or Trial Division would have boosted up his moral charcater, integrity, and the much needed political capital in the eyes of the so called Kenyan public.

BTW, why would anyone of the 18 judges meet with a person being investigated for the crimes against humanity committed in Kenya before the pre-trial session is set to begin? Any pre-trial dates as of yet?

IMHO, he may have gone to The Hague to familiarize himself with the Rights of the Accused in preparation for when and if the dreaded prosecution sessions takes place.

As I stated earlier on, anyone, a visitor, tourist, you or me, can take a guided tour at The Hague, take some good photos and impress who is who in your life.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Some heads will roll in due time, especially of those local leaders who encouraged their people to take over the homes and properties of 650,000 Kenyans who were uprooted from their homes during the post elction violence.

Philip said...

Ngilu and Kiunjuri: A case of deal gone sour.

Mwangi's was a case of intent to engage in corruption. Ngilu's was outright corruption. Diverting the bigger story id not a good defence.

But the battle is not them, but us as the people of Kenya, f we keep quiet nothing will happen.

I'm overwhelemed with these two issues of corruption and PEV. Shouldn't we go back to constitution and see how best it will help us?

Philip said...

Ruto's matter,

That face was not the brave face of Ruto, seems things didn't go well. Hope his 20 lawyers are burning the candle to come up with the best defense, afterall law has it's loopholes.

Anonymous said...

@ Philip

You are absolutely right. One could tell from his voice that he isn't bwana RUTO but ruto. Seems like the 30 hour session was a real griller.

He was speaking in his usual bravado style from the chest but from his throat, almost sounding like someone who had cried the whole night.

Thats why he is niw trying to create "chaos" by potraying Hossan Omar as lacking any credibility. KNHCR did its job, this will turn out real nasty knowing that Ruto is going for Omar's throat!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a rejoinder from Hassan Omar Hassan. This is a serious and dangerous allegation levelled at the KHRc and the person. But Ruto spin doctors me think specifically went for mr hassan omar knowing him well to be outspoken among the commissioners. The result will be public accusation and counter accsation , meanwhile subverting the real issue of PEV a d corruption.
I have only known WS Ruto to oppose everything. Can someone tell Me other credits this MP is well known for?
Time will tell

Anonymous said...

For all great leaders I ever came accross Reading history of the world, NONE of them were known to accuse the personality of others. But preached and talked well of God and other people. They opposed political systems but not individuals. Mr Ruto , political name has been built on opposing and going against RAILA. Kama Bwana Ruto ana kipawa kingine cha uongozi, twambieni jamani

Anonymous said...

Waswahili Wana msemo unao sema PUMU ZIMEPATA MKOHOZI. Wakimaanisha kuwa jambo Fulani limepata mtu kiasi chake kutekeleza wajibu fulani. Hivo nami namaanisha kuwa Ruto amepata mtu wa kujibizana nae. Hassan omar ni msemi hodari. Haya tuone yatakuwa vipi?

Anonymous said...

What is this talk of mpigs extending their current term to march 2013? Are they serious?

Anonymous said...

Ngilu is as corrupt as they come. And then the bondo bumpkin supports her. Safi kama pamba!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip wrote

I'm overwhelemed with these two issues of corruption and PEV. Shouldn't we go back to constitution and see how best it will help us?


You are overwhelmed by corruption and violence? Go back to the constitution?

Ukistaajabu ya Musa utayaona ya Firauni. You wait until the Governors and County Assemblies are in place. We see a disaster which will make Kenyans cry with one eye.

For anyone to comprehend and offer credible solutions to our problems, he or she must be conversant with:

(a) genesis,
(b) essence, and
(c) purpose of modern state.

A casual glance at the Constitution you refer to, tells us that, it is informed by the absurd fiction of CONTRACT SOCIAL of Rousseau.

This absurd fiction of rationalism is not only unhistoric, but, even anti - historic.

Unfortunately, that was a fiction became an hypothesis and an axiom of politics, law, sociology, economics and philosophy.

However, the real deal is this. If we live the European modern state and focus on the Kenyan State, it is INDISPUTABLE that, it was NOT a result of pacific economic competition, but, the result of:

(a) violent conquest, and

(b) subjugation.

Having no doubt that, the above origin of the Kenyan State is accepted by every right thinking Kenyan, we can now define the Kenyan State.

Kenyan state is an organisation of ONE CLASS (originally White class) dominating over other classes.

As such, when we got "independence" all that happened was handover of that organisation of DOMINATION of many by the FEW into hands of a black face.

The question is, did we change anything of essence in our latest Constitution making? Hell NO, NO.

We did not change anything because, our scholars like Nyang Nyong'o, Prof Macharia Munene, , Kivutha Kibwana, Nzamba Kitonga, akina Muite's, Railas etc are grossly mis - educated on this matter.

Anyway, pass some more popcorns please.

Anonymous said...

@ Mwarang'ethe. You write (copy-paste) so well then ruin it by your sign off. A word of advise: sheep & popcorn are both singular & plural so please drop the "s".

@ anon 12:56, the MPigs need to be contained. Come January 2012 we need to revive street protests to saba saba them out of office in time for august elections, or another dose of opiates as some would argue.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:37 PM
A drowning man will clutch at a straw. Any straw that he sees on his way down stream. Hassan Omar Hassan is just one of those many straws that Ruto is trying so desprately to yank out.

Need I say more?
'Triumpant' mission to ICC is the manipulation of an expert spin doctor. - By Macharia Gaitho.

Anonymous said...

Ngilu and Gachoka, a classic fairytale romance. Wait for the book to come out - it's a MUST READ! It will ignite the fire of passion for that special one.

Anonymous said...

The MPigs are just trying to line up there campaign "war chest" by seeking for extension to March 2013, but I doubt, unless the Sleuth on the hill has some tricks up his sleeve.

For the "Sumerian General "- Gen. Mwarang'ethe, was just rammaging through your post the way I would an old newspaper.

A very "illuminating" and provocative piece I must say, still busy plagiarizing work(s) i see from the Song dynasty all the way to Chang mmmh!

Please 'rescue' us from the darkness of our "ignorance" that will help cushion the impact of political cycles on economic cycles, as you have already seen that Kenyans will cry with one eye.

The habitual seer of gloom, always anticipating the worst. The one who wishes to provide us with a navigational map to doom.

Since, I have no luxury of enjoying popcorn - I shall just sip and pass my 'mursik' and wait for more "illumination".

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for We Were Denied Our Time To Eat, a sequel to It's Our Time To Eat.

Any writers out there willing to write their versions for the Kenyan public should do so before 2012 elections come knocking at the gates of our cyclical political campaigns?

I wonder whether Mwangi kiunjuri was denied the golden opportunity to eat his percentage - share - of the pie from whatever deals that took place behind the scenes?

Who is really using Mwangi Kiunjuri to sling salinized mud from the Ministry of Water at Charit Ngilu?

I would like to know the real identity of the shadow mud slinger who stands to gain most if Charit Ngilu's political image is sullied before 2012?

Or if she happens to fall from grace and eventually step aside so that the heat - things - can cool down?

Water is life and that's why it's always referred to as living waters.

And, it seems as though the 'real mud slinger' has not been happy with Charit Ngilu extending the gift of water - life as it were - to the forgotten people of Kitui Central.

People who have been thirsting for water development projects since the days dating back to a time when the late Kitili Maluki Mwendwa brought his good old friend, Milton Obote, to tour the region in 1970, while they were on their way to Mount Kenya Safari Park. [A picture is a worth a thousand words].

Should be the term used instead of the sanitized version of "STEPPING ASIDE".

So that any member of cabinet or public official who is found to have used his/her office to engage in dishonest and illegal behaviour or activity, should have the courage to step down or resign from their privileged political appointments.

Mh. Charit Ngilu is no exception in that regard.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Hey Mwa"N"gethe up your game man, we need abreviated links on LAND/ WEALTH/ BOB MARLEY / BIBLE.

Unmasked OWL, the horns are just but feathers, sumerian and amurabic folklores won't cut it.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The Oracle has Spoken wrote

The habitual seer of gloom, always anticipating the worst. The one who wishes to provide us with a navigational map to doom.

Since, I have no luxury of enjoying popcorn - I shall just sip and pass my 'mursik' and wait for more "illumination".


We have no doubt you are aware of the story whereby, it took a child to inform the King that he was naked.

All we are saying is simple. You have been fed a lot of bull shit lies by our schools, politicians, churches and our media on why we have so much trouble.

All we have asserted is very simple. Let us assume you have sulfuric acid (colonial state) which you use to pour (oppress) at people.

Surely, the fact that, someone (post colonial governments) has snatched the acid from you does not make it less dangerous.

In like manner, a state founded as a tool of oppression does not and cannot change just because someone has taken it. It is that simple and even a child can understand it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mwa"N"gethe up your game man, we need abreviated links on LAND/ WEALTH/ BOB MARLEY / BIBLE.


Here it is:

"ICE Clear Europe Announces Acceptance Of Gold Bullion Collateral."



Even better and hillarious, the Chief High Priest at the WB has called for debate on gold standard as we are reading here:

"Zoellick seeks gold standard debate."

"Leading economies should consider readopting a modified global gold standard to guide currency movements, argues the president of the World Bank."


He then added this:

"Zoellick urges G20 to heed gold price."

"Mr Zoellick on Wednesday said the increasing use of gold as a monetary asset was an “elephant in the room” that was being ignored by policymakers in the debate over how to correct global trade and fiscal imbalances."


NB: Do we need gold to have a stable and just money? Hell, No.

However, as we noted, the elite have been accumulating these precious metals just as the Roman Empire elite did leaving the masses with USELESS PAPERS like the £ and Ksh.

Anyway, we do not mind some popcorn and 'mursik' as well.

A Pint of Lager and a Packet of Crisps said...

Is there any good news that is coming from Kenya.

Every time I tune into this blog and other alike, it all about GRAFT GRAFT GRAFT... and more GRAFT!

Seriously, is this what Kenya is all about?

You mean every ministry in Kenya is infected by this bug?

From Tourism, Immigration, Land, Education, Agriculture, Finance, Oil, Foreign Affair, Health, Fishing, Irrigation, Power, Graveyards (Cemetery), Maize Scandal, Molasses Plants, Church Fund missing.... and now Water!

Why should Kenyans have to put up with this nonsense

God help you all

Anonymous said...

@Mwara"N"gethe, PHIF,
Predatory high priest (obsessed with) irrelevant folklore, LOL!

Anonymous said...

He He mmmh! I am familiar with that story you alluded to Bwana Mwarang'ethe..

Am sure you are also familiar with the story by Thilo Sarrazin, who said that Muslim migrants were making Germany "more stupid".

It looks so easy when you copy and paste your comments on this blog, making it seem so very easy to solve our economic problems. Am sure if it were so we would all be skipping happily to an economic-eden.

Allow me to say this: you are part of the problem and not the solution, mara gold standard, mara sumerian standard then mara roman - this to me continues to be a blatant insult of KK reader's intelligence.

I have read most of your posts and to be honest you sometimes behave like a dinosaur searching for a time machine to take you back to that era of the "good old" days.

cutting taxes or spending, or allowing the market to set the interest rates, let insolvent banks fail or putting the banking system on 100% gold reserve etc would not solve all the economic puzzle.

Economic predictions will not be accurate all the time as they have in their domain the REAL WORLD! Just like political scientists - economists will make their predictions which if the economy "crashes" they then often conduct useless post - mortem analysis.

Are you now turning your back on Gold?, are you in the same regard aware that under Prof. Njuguna Ndung'u the CBK has upped its gold reserves by over 350% in the last two years ( the highest reserve in east and central africa)? Maybe he is far ahead of the WB high priest.

"Put on a happy face for once", in my village Santa Claus and Father Christmas ellicit different reactions, neither name is so strong that it can over power the other.

Dont stick to Zurdo - history

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Holier than thou anon 4:55 AM, get off your high horse and share with the rest of us some good news that comes out of your neck of the woods (region, country, continent etc).

In what corner of the planet earth do you reside, where there is no infestation of GRAFT in high places?

Let us know where in the world can a person afford to "tune into" any media news outlet without being afflicted or assailed with breaking headline news that scream about the scandal of the day, week or month?

On a lighter note, when it comes to dietary habits, I dare you to try fillets of smoked hering spiced in canola oil and juices from organic wild capers, with a roasted or baked patato.

Just avoid a getting stuck with a pit of lager and a pack of greasy chips, which is a sure recipe for long term disastrous health consequences.


Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:30 AM

Where art thy verifiable sources?

I have been left going hmmmmmm after reading CBK has upped its gold reserves by over 350% in the last two years.

Is the 350% a residual effect of Goldbach's good tidings on Kenyan gold reserves by any chance?

Mwarang'ethe said...

cutting taxes or spending, or allowing the market to set the interest rates, let insolvent banks fail or putting the banking system on 100% gold reserve etc would not solve all the economic puzzle.


Where did you get the idea that this is what we advocate?

Are you BLIND or STUPID? If not, what does this statement which is part of our previous comment tell you?

"NB: Do we need gold to have a stable and just money? Hell, No.

However, as we noted, the elite have been accumulating these precious metals just as the Roman Empire elite did leaving the masses with USELESS PAPERS like the £ and Ksh."


Allow me to say this: you are part of the problem and not the solution, mara gold standard, mara sumerian standard then mara roman - this to me continues to be a blatant insult of KK reader's intelligence.


It seems you are not interested in truth at all. Or, may be, you do not know how to read.

And, if you know how to, if we ask, what is this Sumerian standard you refer to?

NB: For your sake, we reference to man's attempt to construct goverments for the last 6000 years.

In that sense, you will find us giving examples from Sumeria, Babylon (inventors of modern banking/money), Cannanite civilization, Mycenae, Greek, Persia, Roman, Islamic civlization, Middle Ages and off course Modern Era.


Economic predictions will not be accurate all the time as they have in their domain the REAL WORLD!


To the contrary, we have called for economists to be taught REAL ECONOMICS or how the world works and not mathematical models that are pretty useless.

NB: Please, we would appreciate if you stick to the ideas we have expressed and not just pick your own empty head and throw them at us.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! More heads must be made (forced) to roll down the hill of resignation.

"The most frustrating thing about all of this - African politics in general and the Kenyan corruption scandals in particular - is that our leaders seem completely oblivious.

In some other places the minster in charge of the ... would have resigned already.

Just a few weeks ago the Belgian government resigned because of a scandal in the financial sector.

I am not advocating for a government resignation. I just hope that someone high up there gets to pay for his (her) mistake. That's all.

May be then we shall have stable political parties that are based on ideas and not fleeting personalities and (the dreaded) ethnic alliances

Anonymous said...

The head of the weakest leaf, one Musalia Mudavadi must roll beyond the shadows of the cemetery gates before Charity Ngilu's head is positioned to roll into the muddy hands of the head hunters.

No more obvious cover ups as was the ugly case in Anglo Leasing scandal and the Goldbach scandal.

The public is still waiting for more heads to roll at the Ministry of Defense as well Department of Defense.

Anonymous said...

@Mwara"N"gethe posting as anon 7.18 AM, if you don't know what's going on in your own country just simply shut your trap.

Stick to sumerian dogma, remove the links and use your own words for once. Unmasked owl, Oracle must really get to your nerves.

Anonymous said...

@ Mwarang'ethe

Ha ha he he...I must really get to your nerves, hope you did comprehend the Thilo Sarrazin story.

Am I STUPID or BLIND? It's not my fault that I am a very-slow-learner to be able to comprehend your mathogothianyo - e'con'omics, remember INSANITY! doesn't last long in economics.

I lost respect for you a long time ago, when I realised you only post works of others and front them as your own. Not that we dont understand economics, we understand it so well.

And Just because I continue to EXPOSE your PLAGIARISM doesn't make me STUPID. I have unmasked your "horns" severally and will continue to. It's not also my fault that you lack the mettle to navigate our highly "polluted murky economy "- may be via remote control.

Remember I told you, no sane person can entrust you with a child's piggy -bank.

Your Jackass! 3D E"con"omics won't cut it. Maybe to yourself.

I am off to watch news, then sleep. I can respond to your theory cries kesho!

I am sorry if you don't have much info regarding our CBK and also projects that it conducts, maybe you should ask for their "audited financial results"

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:30 AM
"... CBK has upped its gold reserves by over 350% in the last two years ..."

@Anon 10:30 AM
"... If you don't have much info regarding 'our CBK' and also projects that it conducts ..."

WGC (WORLD GOLD COUNCIL) monthly reports and quaterly audits don't corroborate CBK's 350% gold reserves.

GOLD (tonnes)
United Kingdom --------------310.3
South Africa ----------------124.9
Egypt -----------------------75.6
Nigeria ---------------------21.4
Cameroon --------------------0.9
Gabon -----------------------0.4
Mauritania ------------------0.4
Malawi ----------------------0.4
Chad ------------------------0.3
Central African Republic ----0.3
Republic of the Congo -------0.3
Burundi ---------------------0.0

Gold's Share of National Forex Reserves:
United kingdom ---------------15.6%
South Africa -----------------10.9%
Egypt -------------------------7.7%
Central African Republic ------6.8%
Mauritania --------------------6.0%
Malawi ------------------------5.6%
Nigeria -----------------------1.8%
Cameroon ----------------------1.0%
Gabon -------------------------0.7%
Burudi ------------------------0.0%

How did CBK arrive at 350%?
What's Kenya's gold reserves per capita?

Any data to support Kenya's rank and official gold holdings, given it's scandalous history with Goldbach scam?

Has the CBK ever allowed independent audits of it's gold reserves?

Educate us on Gold Reserve 101, fi you will.

Anonymous said...

Going by new katiba,then we dont have a cabinet-even the presidency,if Githongo was to be believed

I support Kilonzo that the new katiba be fast tracked so that we can get a new gava in place that takes integrity seriously.

Why is cabinet meeting in Mbsa and not statehouse-with enough round table?-wasting tax payers monies.impunity!

Anonymous said...

@Mwara"N"gethe, PHPIF,
Stop the bravado. Once changellenged or exposed for your shallowness you often revert to:

1) Where did you study that

2) Are you blind or studpid.

You are so much stuck in the past and furiously gropping in the dark navigating with trivia to secure that time machine that will deliver you to the GOOD OLD DAYS.

Well, expand the ego and cheat yourself with PLAGIARIZED stuff. You cam to KK to exhale, cheated the lazy masses and you flew too close to the sun oblivious of your waxed wings. Well, brace yourself for the had landing. Bring on the abbreviated links and Sumarian folklore.

Philip said...

Ruto's saga continues....

Ruto came back and started blaming KNCHR, particularly Omar Hassan for allegedly bribing witness.

Later a man came out saying he was being given allowances and offered accomodation by KNCHR, just because of giving evidence that implicates Ruto in PEV.

From what has happened in the last one week this is what I see. Ruto was aware of these matters with KNCHR. I see one reason Ruto may have gone to Hague was to raise these issues and clear his name on the basis that because of what KNCHR did to witnesses it amounts to influence of witnesses, so that credibility of the witnesses should be questioned and further his name should be cleared. But it seems ICC didn't agree to his arguement, and that's the reason for his recent outburst, coz things are getting hot.

Despite all these my stand is that killing is bad, but then apart from stopping killing, the root cause of these killings should be investigated and resolved. Unfortunately we have all gone and focused on killings while ignoring the root causes of the killings. That's why we are not focusing on TJRC, who were suppose to unearth root causes of these killings.

Anonymous said...

@Mwarang'ethe yes you hiding their as anon 11.10 AM

I have been an avid reader of your comments in KK for a while, but honestly it seems like the Oracle is exposing your short comings.

I also notice a trend where if you are challenged you go ballistic or on defence mode.

If you can READ and COMPREHEND what the Oracle said in regard to CBK reserves as per my understanding. The reserves have increased by 350% and not that gold reserves stand at 350% who was your English teacher ?

WGC statistics is a fallacy and you of all people know that. Furthermore, is Kenya a signatory to the world Central Bank Gold agreement ?

Mwarang'ethe countries are known to hold gold but they do not report their findings to the IMF. South Africa for instance is a leading Gold exporter and the reported gold reserves stand at around 124 Tonnes about 10% in CB reserves, but CIA reports that SA holds about 650 Tonnes, why are they hiding this figures? Egypts reserves have remained unchanged for the last 28years, do you think what Mubaraks government reports is true.

We are not fools, I know get where the Oracle is coming from. You have lost one more fun, hope I will also not be branded STUPID!.

Anonymous said...


(a).What do you think of Charity Ngilu vs. Mwangi Kiunjuri's bare knuckle political brawl?

(b). What do you think of Ruto's accusations on Hossan Omar of KNHRC?

(c). Do you think the Hague process is justified?

(d). What do you make of Florence Jaoko's statement?

Keep it KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) no sumerian and amurabic abbreviated folklore and NO PLAGIARISM.

Anonymous said...

RUTO is just testing waters for UK!
Serious claims as Ruto, KNCHR tussle hots up
More damning allegations on the issue of the 2008 post-election violence emerged on Wednesday, even as the national human rights body denied claims of witness bribery and coaching levelled against one of its commissioners.

Three more people alleging to be key witnesses swore affidavits claiming they were induced to incriminate Eldoret North MP William Ruto in the violence that broke out after the disputed 2007 elections that pitted President Kibaki against Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The three disowned and withdrew evidence they allegedly gave to Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), the Waki Commission and International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo’s teams.

They spoke even as the KNCHR chair Florence Simbiri-Jaoko expressed concern over the singling out of Commissioner Hassan Omar Hassan over witness bribery and coaching claims.
criminals who stole elections now armtwisting silly ruto


Anonymous said...

I am a Mkamba but will say this about Ruto. Like or hate the man but he has lots of guts and currage. He is one of few Kenyan politicians who can stand up to the Bondo bumpkin[ Dictator]As for Ngilu she is as corrupt as they come and she hides behind the claims of providing water to Ukambani. I live there and have yet to see the water. Being Mr O's mistress will not save you this time

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