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Saturday, October 09, 2010

The March of Folly of a Vanquished and a Deluded Nation

By Mwarang'ethe

In the recent past, we have seen news by the DN focusing on the potential of so called new counties under our new wonderful constitution. For instance, see Turkana wonder tree here , Jua Kali in Kiambu here. Not to be left out, the elders and professionals have been gathering to strategise how develop their counties as we see in Mbeere, Narok and in Kiambu. All this noise stems from the failure to distinguish between availability of resources and the ability to create wealth from the same. In any case, we can dismiss all these meetings by asking, what is the material difference between these counties and existing municipalities? However, this is not the main issue.

To add flavour to all these, we are now training youthful leadership as we see here. Furthermore, in line with our “welfare state,” the poor Kenyans are demanding “free health care” led by professor Anyang Ny’ongo as we see here. Not to be left out, are our old men and women are asking the state to use violence so as to give effect to their right to pensions as we see here.

Meanwhile, few seem to realise that we are already raising taxes for the poor people so as to fund their “welfare” as we are reading: “Oil sector to break Sh100 mark over refinery's new fees”. In an earlier article on energy question, we wrote this: “The best way to understand how a society functions and therefore, malfunctions is to understand the energy question.” Please refresh your memory here.

As we read all of the above, we are also reading this: “KPLC pretax profit hit Sh5.6 bn" Inter alia, we are told that this “... was due to revenue growth and relatively lower increase in overall expenditure.” To the initiated, this simple statement tells the whole story. But, we shall return to this later. At the same time, we hear our Minister Mwakere lament that, the cost of energy is the major hindrance to our economic growth as we hear here. In this last video, we also we hear the C.E.O of EPZA saying how these zones create jobs, bring in foreign exchange and facilitate technology skills transfers. This is all monkey language, but, that’s a story for another day.

What these videos illustrate is nothing, but, a vanquished, but, also, a very deluded nation whose elite are unable to grasp that, we are a RENTIER ECONOMY or DEBT PEONAGE ECONOMY. And, the bitter truth is this. A rentier economy can only increase poverty for the majority, while enriching a few beyond imagination no matter what we do. But, what is a rentier economy? A rentier economy refers to an economic arrangement whereby, certain persons earn profit without production. Such profits like the KPLC’s, if they can be so called, are rents, which constitute a parasitic extraction of wealth from the REAL ECONOMY, i.e. labour and industrial economy. This economy is tilted to favour property owners (land owners), monopolists and creditors at the expense of those who produce goods and services. A widening share of national income must go to the landlords, creditors and other rentiers at the top of the income and wealth pyramid increasingly free of taxes. The wealth that produces these rentier incomes is not real capital investment, nor is it technological. It is created by law and politics, often by stealth and insider dealing.

When the West was industrializing (they have now foolishly de –industrialised), the guiding principle was public regulation of areas where competition cannot bring costs down such as transport, mineral bearing land, electric power, communications, radio spectrum etc. It is for this reason these nations kept natural monopolies like power in the public domain. In the USA, they organised them as regulated public utilities. All this was meant to limit the economic rent by bringing market prices into line with actual costs of production.

According to the economists who industrialised America (forget about useful idiots and deluded economists like Jeffrey Sachs who favour colonial welfare to be provided by bankrupt Western nations to Africa in the name of MDG’s), the success of public infrastructure investment in natural monopolies like the KPLC is its ability to lower the economy’s cost structure. For instance, the Erie Canal brought grain from the Western States to upstate New York minimising the cost of doing business. Thus, to seek the highest profit as the market would bear is to make rent – burdened economy uncompetitive which reduces industrial profits for the economy at large. This is the exact role the KPLC and other privatized monopolies are playing in our economy.

It was for this reason in the USA; the Interstate Commerce Commission put an end to the watered financial charges imposed by the RAILROAD BARONS (remember Kenya Railways saga?). Also, for the same reason, the Sherman Anti Trist Act of 1890 was used to break up the Standard Oil of the Rockefeller. These measures enabled the USA out compete others who did not enact progressive fiscal and financial policy.

In simple words, we have an economy full of toll booths installed at the most critical access points. To remove these toll booths, we must appreciate the financial debt dynamic which undercuts the INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM in Kenya as well as in the USA and all over the world today. But, how does this come about?

Firstly, a nation is ordered by the IMF and WB to make sure its central bank (this is the FOURTH BRANCH of government, and an oligarchy) does not do what central banks were created to do. In our case, this happened in 1996 as we “struggled” with Moi with the assistance of our “friends.” Once this has happened (make the central bank “independent” and therefore, a lobbyist for commercial banks), our ability to create credit for public investments is cut. Once that is accomplished, we are instructed to privatise the natural monopolies which we cannot fund anymore.

This is where it gets interesting. The new owners of these monopolies do not spend any money they have earned. No, since they are connected to the money printing central banks of the West, Japan etc, they print dollars, pounds, yen etc which are WORTHILESS PAPERS and use them to “buy” our hard assets. At the same time, they ensure in our tax laws we treat debt interest payments as tax deductible expenses. In other words, the interest payments to the bankers are guaranteed by our tax laws. This is actual fiscal subsidy as compared to tangible industrial investment and operating profit. In other words, bank credit has been decoupled from CAPITAL FORMATION taking the form of mortgage credit and loans secured by corporate stocks.

Once these arrangements are in place, a number of things happen. For instance, in the case of the KPLC, they increase the cost of electricity connection and the electricity itself. This increment is not done to reflect the cost of connection, but, as a method of wealth extraction method from the labour and industrial capitalists, i.e. tribute. Secondly, once a monopoly such as the KPLC is in the hands of the rentier class, they issue bonds with its income stream and old assets as the collateral. This is in addition to the original debt used to acquire the assets. As a result, when income streams come in, instead of putting the same into expansion of KPLC, in research and development and improvement of services to the labour and industrial sector, the entire surplus is used to pay the creditors who created their money out of thin air. This leaves only the labour and industrial sector to bear the taxation burden.

So, what should be done? We have been told that to increase the efficiency of the KPLC and other monopolies we must privatise them. This is pure fiction. The best way of ensuring competition in natural monopolies would have been to leave KPLC in the public domain and then take bids on its operations. This would preserve it as a common; while through the bid process retain the benefits of competition. Instead of this common sense approach, Africans have been brainwashed to fully give up their rights for local control of land, resources, water and other basic services. The problem is that, once you do this, you must pay monopoly price which makes your economy uncompetitive in the global economy. The question is, with such an economy, how do you create jobs for the unemployed army in your wonderful counties?

Dear reader, you may find this startling, but, it is true. We are in the midst of the greatest commons enclosure which is worse and widespread than those of the land enclosure 18th – 19th Century in England and Scotland. In other words, we are now witnessing the most savage class war fare in the long bloody human history. It is not warfare between industrial capitalism and labour as Atwoli of COTU imagines. No, it is a war against labour and industrial capitalism by financial capitalism and land monopoly. In other words, we are witnessing the reconstruction of FEUDAL SOCIETY like that of the old Europe. However, instead of old military conquest, this time, the super elite are using financial system as the weapon. This makes this weapon even more dangerous because it is so hidden from the masses.

The original liberals, who championed the idea of democracy in the 18th and 19th century or even in the classical Greece, wanted to have popular governments that could stand up to the rentier class, i.e. the land lords and financiers (aristocrats). In the same manner, the classical thinkers like Adam Smith called for free trade to mean an economy bereft of free lunch, i.e. economic rent and financial interest. However, in an ironic twist of fate, the rentier class has captured governments all over the world and turned the meaning of free trade upside down. By so doing, they have effectively nullified democracy. As a result, no matter who you elect, he or she, must implement the on – going neo – feudal policies. It is for this reason we have asserted that, voting is the modern opium of the masses here.

Now, instead of reforming our rentier economy so as to allow labour and industrial capitalism to prosper, and therefore, end the depression, it seems all nations (the oligarchy) including the USA, China, France, and Brazil Kenya (128 KES is equal to £ 1 on 8th Oct. 2010) etc have decided to devalue their currencies. In other words, you devalue your currency, I devalue mine and on and on. This is meant to help the exporters. However, the consequence for the masses will be dire for they are destroying the masses buying power. Dear reader, keep this in mind. “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero,” so taught us Voltaire. You can calculate the loss of purchasing power of these useless papers here.

And, when this shit hits the pan, money being the glue that holds civilised society together, prepare for chaos. This chaos will give an excuse for fascism like that of Hitler and Mussolini. When all fails, there will be a major and we may add catastrophic war. By the way, we add that, today’s fiat currency laws (legal tender laws meant to force you to accept money which is losing value) were enacted in 1909 so as to help fight the 1 World War. So, we are celebrating 100 years of fiat money regime and the bloodshed it has funded.

Finally, we have been accused of writing complex things that many may find difficult to understand. We reply this way. Industrializing a nation requires very complex thinking and not peasant simplistic thinking as we witness in the above videos. But, let us clarify that, we have a lot of respect for peasants. We just note that, they are simple minded people, but, this kind of thinking is awfully inadequate in strategising how to develop a nation.

By this we mean that, we are a nation that seems comfortable in arriving at convictions without any inquiry and, or study. The result of this is that, we are a vanquished nation that is unable to understand the rules of ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL WARFARE. Those who develop economic warfare strategies are first class thinkers. To counter them, we must also deploy first class thinkers. Since we seem unable understand this and therefore, formulate appropriate defence strategies, we say that, in our convictions we are a very deluded nation which is on the march of folly.


Anonymous said...

So what can you and i do about it? Or are you just complaining? What do you propose?

Anonymous said...

Well articluated and that expands the expertise of LAND/WEALTH/TAX/WARS/Bob Marley. Kudos and well done.

So, what next after acatalogue of whines? Ego trip (expansion) ama nini?

Anonymous said...

This guy spends his time energy and brains writing these articles to what effect? Not many have the patience to read all of it nor the brains to comprehend them! (myself included)

Anonymous said...

I only need to see 'posted by ..........' and am off to better things..!

Anonymous said...

Good article, Mwarangethe.
Doing the right thing generally means going against the grain - swimming upstream, getting bullied, being put down, having some folks not believe. I always figure that when one is up against difficulties - it is likely a good sign that one is on the right path. So keep on keeping on!

Eric. said...


A few years ago when in my Undergraduate lecture in Acturial Science.

I remember the lecturer asked us how many of us were planning to study Economics and did we understand what it was? I along with all the rest, were a bit stumped, coming up with "its about resource allocation, how development and growth really.

'That' announced the lecturer said, is the problem with economists - they think they are experts on everything, when in reality they can't even define their own specialization.

I for one studied Acturial Science... One result of the 'great economic crisis' in Kenya is that as an academic practitioner, I am finally acknowledging that economic policy is not just a series of equations applied to the real world, but questions that ultimately have a political answer.

What would you propose so that we as a 'deluded nation' can move forward.

Eric. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks for a long essay. I was expecting questions at the end of it. Are you trying to show us your expertise or what? If you do, then it's on a wrong forum. This used to be an intellectual fora before simpletons made tribal and cheap place to tribal tirades and pettiness.

Just a digression. We have seen some exemplary work done Abdikadir Mohammed in guiding the PSC and by Abdi someone at IIEC, why don't just vote for someone from North eastern province for president. It would reduce the petty rivalry between the big tribes.
Anyone seconding that proposal? Thanks

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
So what can you and i do about it? Or are you just complaining? What do you propose?


As the Roman Empire collapsed, the ELITE in government/land owners etc, moved out of FIAT currency and held their wealth in real stuff like gold, silver, land, etc etc.

As a result, there were two different monetary systems. The PEASANTS had no choice but, to take DEPRECIATING fiat currency. At the same time, the elite by holding their wealth in gold etc preserved their wealth.

When the whole sucker fell to the ground, the PEASANTS were reduced to SERFS/SLAVERY tied to landlords.

In modern world, the ELITE have been moving into gold, silver, land, real assets like KPLC since 1971. At the same, the POOR have been getting paid and saving in DEPRECIATING FIAT CURRENCY.

We have given thee the site where you can calculate how the fiat currencies are depreciating. At the same time, all commodities, be it gold, silver, food, timber, minerals are going up.

For instance, just the other day, the KES was 120 or thereabout to £ 1. Now, it is around KES 128 is equal to £ 1.

Thus, if you have your wealth in KES, u have taken a major hit. However, the ELITE who know these things, are doing well because as the FIAT CURRENCIES go down, their assets are going up.

You may call all these insights platitudes as someone has called our essay, but, the time will tell.

You may keep on shouting about your favourite politicians and all that, but, as you take hit via currency depreciation, they are doing well.

As Marley sung, you may think you are living in heaven, but, you are leaving in hell:

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:07. That is the most assinine proposal I have come across on Kumekucha. Just because NEP MPs are winning parliamentary chairmanships as compromise candidates doesn't mean they will make viable presidential material.

Anonymous said...

Now the BOB MARLEY expert is back having smoked ganja.

After posting a 7,000 word essay for us to read is the GOLD STANDARD all you can propose??? Aki we need to join the BIG NOISE petition.

There is a reason why the 'gold' standard worked so well in the 19Century but after World War I things got baaaaaaad!

We all know the benefits of Gold over 'FIAT' money and all the 'Usuri' hogwash. Gold is in limited supply bwana 'professor' so our currency being backed with reserves of Gold is unsustainable - ama because their is Gold in Macalda in Migori.

What about 'hording' when countries like S.A have enough and Kenya?? How will we get this Gold? And what about the other countries? Wouldn't there be a scrumble for 'Gold Rush' the reason why the elite can afford it is because they use the 'useless FIAT currency' as you put it.

Some 'Professors' hold on to their careers for dear tenure, eking out threadbare research material and desperately placing articles in whichever blog will take them. When 'retirement' comes, the waters of academia swallow them up so that they become barely a footnote on a conference paper.

With all his 'oppression knowledge' Bob Marley died a poor man. We need local solutions man in a disia country.

Popopopo selector

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mwarangethe for a very educative piece.Unfortunately some
Kenyans will not see beyond their noses. These are the same guys complaining of a lengthy article yet they can't discern its value.Why not read a few paragraphs at time?

I agree the nation is deluded on several aspects. Look for example what is happening in oil sector. The Govt is mainly to blame yet in the minds of many Kenyans, it is the multinationals who they accuse of operating as a cartel.

Very few of us will ask questions like; why is the Govt totally unable to control oil prices? Why is the National Oil (NOCK)unable to set competitive prices, yet it was established to stabilize the prices? Oil companies Vs banks; who makes abnormal profits?

Anonymous said...

Banks make abnormal profits not oil.

What about bottled mineral water vs. Banks? Huh. A litre of Keringet vs. A litre of Petrol huh.

Or better still a litre of Tusker vs a litre of petrol? Which biashara would you be in.

Anonymous said...

Pseudo-dons are academic mercenaries. Just ask one Mutahi Ngunyi who used the dailies to hawk his brains until eggs blinded him following the referendum.

You can quaote Bob Marley but did the singer himself live what he preached. Well, we know in what stat(e)us he died. There is no differnece between and e- and tout ganja smoker.

The intellectually lazy will find blog essays the GOLD STD hence the e-fame. Good luck.

Eric. said...

@ Mwarang'ethe

Without a doubt Historically, the strongest & most stable currencies were those backed by gold & silver, as compared to FIAT money.

The U.S has managed the "con"fidence game well. This is where the "management" of the con comes into play. First, you must create & develop the Con, then you must manage it.

Good old Big Brother has called allies to support the Dollar either by selling their gold reserves or by buying US debt paper as the Asian central banks have done.

What has always been a depreciating value of a currency; like the Dollar? Rising gold & silver prices & Big brother "suppresses" this prices inorder to make the dollar attractive.

What I learnt my from my British lecturer was that Europeans hold gold with the highest regard and quoting what he told me ..."The risk of 'fiat' money going to zero value historically is very high. The risk of gold going to zero value is nil, none, it will never happen". That means paper currency always goes to its intrinsic value of 'paper'.

In contrast to 'FIAT' currency, the US and Japan cannot create gold 'out of thin air'

One interesting aspect is that the Central Bank of France holds 50% of its currency reserves in Gold, the reserves in Germany are higher than that of France, I guess they 'learnt' the country having been ruined by 'fiat' paper about 80 years ago.

Europeans also own half the official gold in the whole world. The Europeans want the euro to be a reserve currency as the euro has some gold backing.

The europeans have already declared that they will sell very 'little' gold going forward and France, Germany and Switzerland are calling the shots.

Mwarang'ethe, Even if gold is more 'stable' and the european fellows are busy stacking up, how will a 'poor nation' like Kenya acquire this 'limited' mineral?

Anonymous said...

Mwara... Thanks 4 the reply it was more pallatable. Keep on educating the few who pay attention. Keep it simple.

Anonymous said...

This Gold and Fiat brouhaha is all 'foreign'. We need local solutions to all our problems. Ocampo must go and Mwarang'ethe must follow him in 'Bolt' speed.

If we continue like this we shall die very young and we shall not live long like Mr. Thomas Parr of Salopp county in England - (1483 A.D - 1635 A.D) - 152 years.

The 'secret' for his long life as King Charles found out by a postmortem performed by Dr. William Harvey was on his colon. His colon was as clean and healthy as that of a child.

Lets take care of our colon, of particular note to you Mwarang'ethe is that parasites in the colon have killed more people than all the WARS combined, kula hiyo! ( say it with Italia Masiero's accent)

Have you ever heard this expression? Death Begins in the colon - That statement comes from a Russian scientist, Ellie Metchnikoff, who won a Nobel Prize.

The colon is our 'sewer system' - detoxify and clean it and you will no longer suffer from - IBS, constipation, lack of energy, digestive problem and lastly Mwarang'ethe's Bob Marley syndrome.

Anonymous said...

I have read all the Comments posted in the Blog and I am yet to see any solutions, especially from the 'post master'.

Or is just about writing doctrines and in typical Kenyan fashion, responding to a Mosquito bite with a hammer.

Mwarang'ethe have you ever thought of implementing what you say here or will it just end up gathering dust in dusty old national.

Make use of what you got unless your theories will end up as toilet paper or meat wrappers in our local butheries.

Mwarang'ethe said...

After posting a 7,000 word essay for us to read is the GOLD STANDARD all you can propose??? Aki we need to join the BIG NOISE petition.


Surely, is it impossible for you to have an honest debate like a real man/woman?

In an article entitled:

"It's Not a Political But an Intellectual Crisis," we wrote this:

"In 1966, Mr Greenspan wrote an article entitled: Gold and Economic Freedom. Whenever there is word gold, please insert [SOUND/HONEST MONEY] for we do not think gold is necessary to have sound money..."

It is available here:

If our views are so clear on gold, why waste all time writing your trash?

If you do not understand, what we have written is this. The elite have taken to higher grounds while leaving the masses with useless papers. That does not amount to asking for gold standard.

However, even if we were to ask for it, all you have to factor is this. We are transacting $ 4 trillion per day for GAMBLING purposes.

Obviously, if there was gold standard, all these gambling will end and we will remain with money required for trade and investment purposes.

Anonymous said...

Hakuna solution umetoa hapo Mwarang'ethe.

You proposed gold as your prefered standard instead of useless paper.

Now that you have been asked a question that you have circumvented, about the scarcity of gold and where the hell can Kenya get this gold?

Have you noticed that you have no 'tangible' or workable solution so far?? Only theory and hot air.

Thats why the real Prof. Njuguna Ndung'u is on the right track 4% growth expected this year.

Mwarang'ethe you are all about HOT AIR

Anonymous said...


Another great post...
Keep writing your articles for it will take re-educating one person at a time before that bulb lights up....
hopefully, and I repeat hopefully it will not be too late...
Ken Thumbi

Anonymous said...

chris, where are you?

Anonymous said...

I have been told there is oil in my little 2 acres Shamba. In other words there is a well right beneath my ka Shamba here in Karugiro village which is capable of producing 200 gallons of oil per week.
This is amazing!!!!
Truly the last shall become first! I am going to become VERY rich! AMEN!! AMEN!!

Jogoo wa Shamba

Mwarang'ethe said...

Have you noticed that you have no 'tangible' or workable solution so far?? Only theory and hot air.



Let us stick with the "workable solutions" which our central bankers have in place today.

An example of their wonderful solutions is explained here:


Now, your wonderful solution is becoming clear to the sheeps when it is a very late.

This was made clear by a Californian Court on 20th May, 2010in the bankruptcy case called In re Walker, Case no. 10-21656-E–11.

We are now witnessing the GREATEST FRAUD in human history perpetuated by the Central banks and their children, i.e. banks.

Inquiring minds are reading this:

"Pressure Intensifies on mortagage lenders." Inter alia, we are reading this:

"More than two-thirds of U.S. state attorneys general plan this week to launch a joint probe into charges some banks used fraudulent paperwork to kick struggling borrowers out of their homes."


Meanwhile, a law passed by the "law makers" to LEGALISE this FRAUD has stalled because Nero, oh, no Obama seems not to play ball. Interesting times we leave in.

The prophecy of Thomas Jefferson has come true in our age:

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up HOMELESS on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

It seems Lord Acton's time has also come:

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the PEOPLE VERSUS the BANKS."

Anonymous said...

Has it occuredto you that you are engaging in AUTO-gratification. You post 7000-word e-essay and end up dominating it with self-references and webpages?

You surely have plenty of time to expand an ego. Truly what it takes to search and remain e-relevant. Good luck prof. (AND WHERE DID YOU STUDY THAT, LOL!)

Anonymous said...


Your article is good and it makes alot of sense for those who understand.Unfortunately they are very few and i think for it to be of value you need to link it up with our day to day operations because they the article is mainly long term.

Anonymous said...


Where are you and your well researched article? please dont let us continue getting articles from local media-please jitokeze

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe for 2010 Nobel prize for LAND/TAX/WEALTH/WAR/Bob Marly. LOL!

Philip said...

I think the first step to a solution of problems we have is knowledge of the same problem.

If we can't understand the problem then how can we come with a solution? In this particular case understanding of the problem is a solution by itself. Though I'm a proponent of "we should start considering implementing the solution" I think we need to appreciate so much the clarification of the problem and causes of the problem by Mwarangethe.


Hope you have put all that you have written here in a book, so when should we expect the book?

Anonymous said...

Don't be naive there is more to than a catalogue to webpages. Ever heard of plagiarism even under self-publication. And that is not to invite the predictable self-righteouness of trashing publishing as we know it. And why not add the Nobel prize of publishing, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't finish reading the article, Mwarang'ethe you must be very boring guy in person. Yaani where do you get the time to write such, you must be real prophet of doom.

See we hook up this weekend you have pints on me, and dont worry I have your back, I have plent of useless paper, I am yet to attain your gold bar status.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:34
Has it ever occured to you that Mwarangethe may be actually right but is in the wrong forum..?

Anonymous said...

Kazi iendelee

Chaos suspects nervous over likely freeze, seizure of assets

Updated 4 hr(s) 49 min(s) ago
By standard team

Anxiety has gripped politicians who suspect they are under probe by the International Criminal Court, after it emerged the prosecutor was profiling their assets for freezing or seizure.

Sources said detectives under the ICC prosecutor’s office are working with individuals and professional firms to identify, profile and trace suspects’ property.

The court is doing so in readiness for the judicial processes set to begin once the Pre-Trial Chamber II issues indictment letters.

The Rome Statute compels States Parties to, in accordance with its provisions and under procedures of national law, to comply with requests by the court to provide assistance in relation to investigations or prosecutions.

The assistance, under section 93, include the identification, tracing and freezing or seizure of proceeds, property and assets and instrumentalities of crimes for the purpose of eventual forfeiture, without prejudice to the rights of third parties.

Insiders said ICC would soon seek Kenya’s assistance in this area as part of their investigations.

Section 106 of the International Crimes Act 2008 says the court will ask the Attorney General to give authority to proceed if he is satisfied the request relates to an international crime investigated by the Prosecutor, or which is the subject of proceedings before the ICC and the property concerned is or may be located in Kenya.

ICC has indicated three to six suspects may be affected in this.

Sources familiar with the procedure said Luis Moreno-Ocampo’s case against Kenyans under investigation is as good as closed and it is a matter of time before it takes off.

More ICC detectives arrive in the country tomorrow. A team is expected to meet AG Amos Wako and lawyers representing security chiefs, who served in the regions worst hit by chaos in January and February of 2008.

Anonymous said...

We are still an anguished nation but we have not yet reached a point where we can be considered as a "vanguished people" given the current state of our nation's affairs.

FACT: A large percentage of the Kenyan population continues to languish in abject poverty, While the other twenty percent is still labouring under the delusion that the current economic system - put in place for Kenya - is a success.
What became of the residual effect of the UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillian's famous 'wind of change' speech in Cape Town, South Africa, 1960?

Or was it meant for the infamous whites-only South African parliament?

And how comes that the 'wind of change' has not yet swept through the stagnated regional economies of Kenya, 50 years later?
What's your favourite definition of 'an economist'?
Where are Kenya's equivalent of Yunus and his Grameen Bank?

Microfinance is not just developing new products to assist the global poor; it is targeting new and diverse poor population left behind by traditional economic assistance.

Many people belive that microfinance works only for entrepreneurs who have existing business, but this assumption is being challened.

... lives of beggars, youth, and prostitutes [are] being improved by innovative microfinance initiatives.

I am so sick and tired of running into the so called African economists at the World Bank, IMF, UN, Wall Street, and other mega financial institutions around the globe.

Why am I so sick and tired of all the above mentioned "experts"?

It's because of how they have perfected the art of thrusting unwanted business cards at me and the unsuspecting public when they are least expected to do so.

And due to the fact that Continental Africa has yet to give birth to great economic minds that can come up with easy solutions to deal with how African buyers and sellers can easily find each other in particular [African] labour markets.
Congratulations to wazee wa kazi:

a) Peter A. Diamond, 70 (M.I.T).
b) Dale T. Mortensen, 71 (Northwestern University).
c) Christopher A. Pissarides, 62 (London School of Economics).

"for their analysis of markets with search frictions".

Muru wa Gacii.

Anonymous said...

Waki report

look at Waki report page 45 Waki Report and ask yourself

why should Kenya not punish these people?

Anonymous said...

Chris is in hospital and it's not known whether he will make it.
Please remember him in your prayers.

Anonymous said...

@Mwarang'ethes response at 2.12 a.m

Am I the one who is not getting it or is that you cant offer workable solutions, just Thomas Jefferson tuntrums and whining.

Dont take as to Cali, our very own Emilio 'pumbavu' kibaki has refused to sign the 'illegal interest bill' that banks charged throughout the 90's for the last 3 years- its gathering dust in the 'brilliant' economists desk.

From the posts that you have made, kindly point out just one solution apart from the gold bar fiasco.

and please dont use 'anons' to defend yourself, ati support. You can fool the others but not me.

Anonymous said...


Has it ever occured to you that Mwarangethe may be actually right but is in the wrong forum..?

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe are you trying a thesis here or not. If you are then, note that Turnitin will reject your final submission as plagiarism for it will detect you contacts as coming from this forum. Hence previous work of someone else. That would be a double wormy!
Good luck with theories. We can see through cut and paste articles.
By the way how economists are full of themselves yet, they couldn't stop the recession we are in now?
Where you Mwarang'ethe et al?

Anonymous said...

Forget the trio 2010 Econ Nobel lureates Diamond (70), Mortensen (71) and Pissarides (62), the REAL WINNER is our own Mwarang'the who like Ngugi last week made the short list but didn't win.

Congratulastions Mwarang'the for your nomination for expertise in


That is a unique combination and you were the youngest nominee ever.

PS: Now please educate us on how USELESS the Nobel prize is and provide links please.

Anonymous said...

In addition to providing theories on how useless the Nobel is, please tell us if you consider the Nobel economics trio as "worthy".

And have you noticed they are being paid using 'useless paper' as prize money? Me thinks GOLD is better ama?

By the way our Kalenjin brothers are showing people in the commonwealth athletics 'Gold rush' - me thinks they should keep the Gold medals in Vaults to save our economy ama?

And since you are a BOB MARLEY expert and you know on his death bed he told his son.. That money wasn't everything - what do we do meeeeen!

I am curious Mwarang'ethe - are you employed? If so, are you paid using "useless paper" or in gold bars. Lest I forget you are also an expert on WEALTH CREATION- could you by any chance be a millionaire, if so please pass on the skills man.

Please forgive my 'simple ordinary mwananchi' language - I do expect you to come up with very COMPLEX, one of those e=mc something stuff.

Anonymous said...

He he he, you guys are now straying from the anarchist point of view. Ngojeeni sasa, now when 'prof' comes he will do collateral damage.

With as you see here... And words such as 'idiot', 'useless', 'roman empire', 'right to bear arms', 'Fiat' money, nero obama, 'wonderful new constitution will rent the air.

If you rattle a snake, be prepared to be bitten.

Anonymous said...

Good article. Kenyans should shun the petty primitive tribalism and start looking at ways we need to build our nation by thinking globally and historically like you do. Surely stopping a little and thinking about how the politicians we are hating each other over are raking in millions while wining and dining together is not that hard. God gave us brains, let's use them and grow up!

Musyoka said...

@ Mwara....Pure sweetness reading this!!! What an improvement from previous posts! Hitting the right notes. Hopefully with time things on the ground will change to a positive track. My heart warms every time the ruling international banking oligarchy is questioned. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

The likes of Anon @ 3.35 p.m should know that NOT every Tom, Dick and Harry can read and enjoy Mwarangethe’s articles. Each piece of writing is aimed at a specific audience and in my opinion, the current article is for those who are passionate about keeping trend on economic dynamics that drive nations forward; or those that cripple nations.

If you wanted to read humour and other not-so-serious stuff, there are places you can easily go to e.g burekabisa blog. So please, if you do not understand a thing, kindly keep your arrogance and ignorance to yourself. Those with impaired sense of judgment might think I am the current article’s author posing as anon. Honestly I’ve no clue who this guy christened Prof is, but I like and get challenged by his writings.

PanAfricanist said...


Excellent article which beautifully demonstrate how the unravelling of the global financial system is driving some of our key structural problems in Kenya and African countries. I usually find your earlier articles too theoritical and somewhat rambling but this article has hit the sweet spot for me. Kudos and keep it up!

Hope some of the lazy folks here take time to read some of your stuff - which is top notch stuff, up there with the best in the world.

Huge props from the PanAfricanist

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
The likes of Anon @ 3.35 p.m should know that NOT every Tom, Dick and Harry can read...


Do not worry about Anon @ 3.35 p.m et al. You can divide humanity into three groups:

(a) Those who know, i.e. the illuminated,

(b) the deluded, and

(c) the cattle/sheep.

This anon guy/s you see posting all these rubbish belong to (a). So, he/she is not ignorant at all. He/she is doing his/her job.

To keep the deluded and sheep where they are, he would rather tell you about Prof Ndung'us 4% economic growth.

As you focus on such illusions, he makes sure you do not realise that, Prof. Ndung'u is in charge of the most satanic institution devised to enslave humanity.

Sample this. We pour blood, tears and sweat to produce our coffee, tea etc. Instead of equal exchange for or with equivalent blood, tears and sweat of others, we get dust in form of so called dollars.

Inquiring minds for instance are reading this:

"Dollar Falls to Eight-Month Low Against Yen as U.S. Loses Jobs."


Now, if you analyse how they report these things, you will realise that, the intention is to keep the deluded and sheeps ignorant while mesmerising them with communicated nonsense.

What if they reported this way:

Since we exchanged 1 kg of coffee for $ 1, last week, as a result of paper dollar destruction by the American central priests, it is as if or, it is equivalent to say that, we grew our coffee and thereafter, we gave the Americans half of the kilo for FREE OF CHARGE, i.e. slave labour.

Collins said...

Some good point written.
Work of many people on this issue of plastic, there are several plastic materials recycling organic-based view. In February, for example, Imperial College London and bioceramic drug polymer biodegradable plastic from sugar derived from the decay of lignocellulosic biomass. There is also an existing plant more corn starch and plastics based on paper, including household goods and food packaging, bioplastics toys, plastic dynamic Cereplast. Metabolix also several lines of plastic products from corn, in cooperation with partner companies.

Blake said...

@ Mwarang'ethe

You said:

"Those who develop economic warfare strategies are first class thinkers. To counter them, we must also deploy first class thinkers."

I would really want you to enlighten me on a rather innocuous topic to the current subject matter, but which I think may hold a related key.

In this global financial re-alignment conspiracy that you so eloquently postulate, where does the promotion of so-called HOMOSEXUAL "RIGHTS" in the Western Countries & Africa come in?

I say this because it seems there is a very concerted effort by leading media commentators (Minister Murugi & Prof Makau Mutua) backed by the Nation Media Group to commence serious agitation for these depraved "rights".

Is there a connection between economic development and the moral well-being of a nation?

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe interesting thoughts. However, your almost anal fixation on "paper" currency is very 20th century. We are in the digital age. Money is nothing more than bits & bytes which are infinitely more malleable than printed paper.

Anonymous said...

" Worlds best" Please dont even bring comparison with such ego self serving 'dons'

Anonymous said...

Vanguished we are NOT, never ever! But there is room for more "NUTTYs" in UTOPIA.

Over to you bwana tax/ bob marley/ land

Anonymous said...

This is the Longest and most useless article ever on Kumekucha.

And now the "Illuminated" man now adds on to his new acquired knowledge on SATAN, Not bad.


Maybe a title for your new book "SATANS WEALTH"

Anonymous said...

This Mwara rubbish guy must have just a HUGE EGO.

We wont allow you to call us SHEEP - do you want us to become your 'sheep' so that we can agree with you.

Debate debate debate PERIOD.

Eric. said...

Is it that you are afraid of me Mwarang'ethe???

It seems that you are deleting my comments, and I thought you were a 'democrat'.

Or am I being too much of a challenge. STEP UP!

Anonymous said...

Delusion and hypocrasy is
1) Recycling webpages and claiming originality

2) Deriding the west while living within their borders

3) Waxing intellectual with pedestrian/doomsday mindset

4) Most imporatantly trashing paper money only to be paid in the same (or you are paid in GOLD and you bought your laptop in gold too?)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6;46 AM

Mmmmmmmmmm! Trolling through KUMEKUCHA for sneaky sniper missions (attacks) seems to be your forte 24/7.

Does the following ring a bell?

Trolling: crusing the boards looking for a fight.

Harrassing other users by having a continuous negative or bitter attitude towards them.

Speaks galore about your sneaky art of anonymously responding to others, given your usual phraseology. Don't you think?

lol! Sneaky carbon foot prints never fail to tell tales.


Eric. said...

Delete ukitaka Boss!

The said...

To all Anons read Thomas Greco's The End of Money and the Future of Civilization available on
And if you really want to argue stop posting as faceless anons. Surely the gist of your arguments should consist of more then e-fame, utopia and Mwarangethe have you implemented your ideas.

Anons what have coherently argued about on this blog and implemented?

Anonymous said...

Waaaa Mwarang'ethe you are such a let down.

I was wondering why you are deleting Eric's post but damn am so dissapointed.

Are you really a FRAUD?

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