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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amkeni, Kumekucha

I have to pinch myself now and then to make sure that I am not dreaming and that all this is for real. That our beloved motherland Kenya is actually about to get a new constitution that will usher in the most sweeping changes ever. Changes that will impact the long suffering ordinary folks.

There are many times in the past when I have been ashamed of being a Kenyan. This is definitely NOT one of those times. I am so proud for our country and the new beginning that will commence in just a matter of hours.

But once again I would like to remind all my fellow Kenyan brothers and sisters that after tomorrow we will have some very heavy responsibility on our shoulders. We must try very hard NOT to let the motherland and future generations down.

You see contrary to 1963 when power was handed over to Jomo Kenyatta, tomorrow when president Kibaki signs the new constitution into law, he will be handing over power to the people of Kenya. Folks we will need to make some very important decisions over the next few months and years. I am sure we are up to it, contrary to what Moi and company may think.

But even as we celebrate let us spare a moment to think of all those Kenyans who never made it thus far. Those who died in sheer frustration and hopelessness not believing that it was possible to birth a new Kenya. Guys this document like all other great constitutions is written in blood. Never forget that!!

I also take this opportunity to thank all you Kenyans who contributed in one way or another in pushing for changes through this small humble blog. We played our small part and it was a team effort all the way because what would I have done alone? KUDOS.


…But even as we celebrate this new day remember that it is only the beginning of the day and we have long hours of hard work ahead of us. But I am confident that together we shall conquer, we shall make good, we shall create a new nation that we can all be very proud of.


Anonymous said...

I,for one,will start celebrating when the positive changes start showing.Till then,it's fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I saw a prominent japanese politician has described americans as "monocellular, simpleminded". Yes, a vast number of americans are in fact simpleminded compared to europeans and japanese. But I wonder what this politician would call kenyans. Euphoric moronic neanderthals comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Is chris through with his jinga posts about kamba sijui athletism? Why does he care who is having sex with who? With other races spending so much on space exploration you fools are still discussing your little country and its backward tribes.

Philip said...

When a young gazelle is born the mother is happy, but behind the bushes lurks predators, which can easily snatch the young gazelle from the mother.

That's where we are with our constitution.

Anonymous said...

Chris/Phil/Taabu/et al
Just got back from MAKINA market Kibera County in ODM party leader Raila Odinga's
Langata Constituency. Apart from enjoying the sight of BIG NAME BANKS
pitching their fresh canvas tents to try and woo ordinary mwanaNICHI never before
considered KENYAN enough to open bank accounts with, i was enjoyed the pleasant
scent of fresh SALT LAKE FISH and OFAL(mtura) being roasted in the the open
air market.

I was there to design my costume for tomorrow's promulgation.believe you me Chris
as my good FUNDI Mr.Caleb was taking my height weight and length measurements
for my KAUNDA suit i was left with
tears streaming down my eyes. You see the suit i'm wearing tomorrow is made
from all the colours of our national flag. who thought this day would ever come? As
early as 5am tomorrowi will be in Uhuru park with my group of fellow Wazalendos to celebrate this historic
event in the life of our country.

Join me Wakenya wote!join me tomorrow at Uhuru park to celebrate the re-birth of our country.
Most of us under 55 years old were not alive in 1963 but tomorrow there's no excuse
Chris please don't sit there at home blogging from the comfor of your air conditioned
family office. lets meet tomorrow at GROUND ZERO. afterwards Alvaros all round
on me, Kosewe's

PS:-I have recently changed the ringtone on my Telkom landline to our national anthem..KWELI KUMEKUCHA

Mwarang'ethe said...

A false dawn! The delusions of a "New Constitution."

Phil said...


Next time you are in my locality, please be courteous enough to give me a call. I may just take you on a meet the people tour and our world famous local joints.


You have told us about your reservations for the new katiba. However, you must agree with us that in comparison to the previous katiba, this is a like a breath of fresh air. It is not 100% perfect (no consitution is!) but it offers the country a lot more than what has been on the table since 1963. For that reason, I urge you to join the rest of us at Uhuru Park will be a bash running three days from tomorrow.Karibu sana

M. Pesa said...


Do I sense that you now want to wind this blog down since it has now "Kumekuchad"?

Despite all the positives in the new constitution, it's still sad that some corrupt war mongers with cases in high court will be sworn in as ministers. Why can't they step aside until when cleared? That is a very sad start bound to leave a sour taste in the mouth of an otherwise near perfect day. We know some of them pulled mega scams while others financed and authored the near genocide after the disputed 2007 elections. It's the height of hypocrisy for some of these 'leaders' to swear to the same constitution they spent billions to defeat while they still have hidden motives to undermine the new laws. I can't wait for Ocampo and 2012 to arrive sooner so we can sweep the bad rubbish away. In the mean time, I will just grin and bear it.

@ Mwarangethe- Say whatever you like and express yourself freely. Enjoy the new constitution!

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance". Thomas Jefferson

Mwarang'ethe said...

Phil wrote

You have told us about your reservations for the new katiba. However, you must agree with us that in comparison to the previous katiba, this is a like a breath of fresh air. It is not 100% perfect (no consitution is!) but it offers the country a lot more than what has been on the table since 1963.


Thanks for the invitation, but, no thanks. There is absolutely nothing to celebrate bwana Phil.

No doubt, many Kenyans believe in their hearts that, they are doing, or are on the right course. However, time will prove otherwise.

At the moment, many are not willing to look at the facts. However, we understand.

Man stopped worshiping the CHURCH only to fall in to a disastrous STATE WORSHIP. Just look at how we are worshiping our military at Uhuru Park with our media houses camping there to show us men marching like robots.

The crowd are so hypnotized that they see what is going on before their eyes, but do not understand its meaning. The meaning of this drilling is very clear and simple: it is nothing but a preparation for killing.

Anyway, our quest for a new constitution should not be pegged on what the 1963 constitution says or does not say. It should be pegged on a very simple question. It is this:

- what purpose does or should the new Kenyan Government serve?, or,

- What is the essence of a government?

When you ask these obvious questions, and you cut through all the doublethink and smokescreen of altruism that surrounds government, you will find that, the essence of government of FORCE.

Once you arrive at this juncture, you can now ask yourself how such a monopoly of force should be organised and for what end. Why is this important?

Just to give an example. Should such FORCE be used to force any Kenyan to take a depreciating currency that ROBS his/her labour?

If such an answer is no and it must be, then, the way you frame your laws of money would radically change.

Kenyans have not asked this question and therefore, they have enshrined the use of force to ROB using monetary laws.

The reason why we fail to ask such question is as we note above, we WORSHIP STATE which has clouded our minds for so long just as CHURCH WORSHIP clouded men's minds for centuries.

That is the way we look at these issues. As such, we care not what the old laws said.

However, even if we cared, when we peruse them, we still find ROBBERY enshrined in them. So, if this is a FACT, what are we celebrating bwan Phil?

Finally, as we have noted many times, we can constitute a government in 3 ways:

(a) allowing anyone to rob anyone.
(b) allowing a FEW to rob the MAJORITY.
(c) ensuring that, all live by their own sweat.

Our 1963 constitution fell under (b). The new one also falls in (b). So, nothing has changed and it is therefore, a FALSE DAWN.

Anonymous said...

Our reservations on the new constitution aside we should all join the country in welcoming and celebrating the new dawn.
Atleast we have another chance to pick up the pieces and behave like a civilised and progressive people. However once the document is declared we should be the first to criticise our leaders and individuals who are keen to let us down and not live to the standards of the new constitution be it the president, the police, the clergy or the man on the streets.
As we say, na bado!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

MPesa wrote

@ Mwarangethe- Say whatever you like and express yourself freely. Enjoy the new constitution!


Haya Boss just dismiss what we say. However, soon, you will be enjoying paying more taxes so as to make you more wealthy while attracting more investors who love paying taxes.

"Majority of Kenyans are “fully confident” about Government’s commitment in ensuring the new laws are implemented, and are willing to pay ADDITIONAL TAXES in realising that goal."

DM-Nairobi said...

Although I voted for the new constitution, I fear I may have to agree with Mwarang'ethe on the futility of this re-newed Kenya.

Now that we've created more idlers in the name of obscenely paid politicians in parliament (443 members including senators) and the counties, what measures are in place to curb their voracious appetites in the form of rampant corruption???

I see no change in the values system.

As long as the Kenyan Presidency remains the patron, protector and bastion of the country's corruption culture, we are going nowhere as a nation.

kumekucha said...

Luka my broda, It is sad that I will not be at Uhuru Park kesho physically, but in spirit I will be fully there. Pity too that I could not buy a matching Kaunda suit (exactly like yours) to join you. Remember them days when you used to watch the rapidly growing economy? There was no light at the end of the long tunnel in those dark lonely days. Who would have guessed that you and I and NOT our great grand children wud c this very special day?

@Phil my comrade the new constitution is something both of us are very passionate about. Sadly our dear Mwarangethe is unmoved and would instead like a revolution whose foundation is high up there in the clouds. I know that it is good to aim high but our brother is really pushing it in my view. Why not allow the child to at least sit and walk before you start teaching them complex sums?

@Mpesa You will never guess how close u r to da truth. I hve seriously considered shutting down (or selling) this blog after the new constitution comes into force to concentrate all my efforts on serving the motherland in another way. But after some deep introspection I have decided to soldier on. Indeed I have realized that the new dispensation will come with numerous new opportunities for this blog to remake and reposition itself. Kenya needs Kumekucha now more than ever before. On other matters, ur surprise will be on its' way very soon, I'll just have to overcome the jinx.

About additional taxes I have only one simple question to ask? Wat's better, to remain poverty stricken and with no money to even be taxed, or to prosper and pay higher taxes than the ones you couldn't qualify to pay when you couldn't even feed yourself?

I am aware I may be playing a guitar to a goat saying wat I hve just said coz many folks here have never lacked plenty of food...

Happy Katiba day my dear brothers and sisters.


Taabu said...

Shauri yako and I will take your share from Luka's ALVARO (ati he wants to please Njue!).

Anyhow it is all here and thanks to the like of Mwarang'ethe we need a tight leash on these leaders. Opposition makes victory sweeter.

@Phil, YES it is here but vigilance begins now.

@Luka pole for walking alone (3-0), RH/SG wapi. Welcome to the City of .......Lakini the HQs remain OT, yes we rule and rain. Wachana na Chris and Gooners, ole wao.

Finally let us savour the moment that will NEVER happened again in our lives. You know even that pundit Ngunyi didn't know what hit him and he has to hibernate to gain some credibility after an irrelevant academic sojourn that Kenyans disabused him of.

Ati intellectuals are a lonely lot. Well, baridi tele, wanunue blanket kwa wingi.

Philip said...

Kuzaa si shida, shida ni kulea mwana.

Mama wa kambo ndiyo huyo, yuaja. Tumchunge sana, kwa sababu anaweza weka sumu kwenye uji wa mtoto.

Yeye yuataka kumwona mwana amekufa ama hataweza hata kutambaa.

Lakini wakenya wenzangu, tusifikiri mtoto huyu ataanza kutembea baada ya mwezi kumi na mbili. Hii wakati ni sisi tutafanya kazi kumwezesha awe mkubwa, na atapokuwa mkubwa basi ataanza kutusaidia.

Tukumbuke wahenga waliosheheni chumvi kem kem walivyofoka, "Subira huvuta heri".

Tuonane kesho.

Mwarang'ethe said...

About additional taxes I have only one simple question to ask? Wat's better, to remain poverty stricken and with no money to even be taxed, or to prosper and pay higher taxes than the ones you couldn't qualify to pay when you couldn't even feed yourself?


Ngai Baba Chris!

There were times when men believed that giving priests money would help them avoid hell. Using these funds, the Church built a fortune.

As we noted above, there is too much state worship going these days. Your believe that, giving Kibaki more of your money will make you more wealthy is really what we are talking about.

People grow wealthy when:

(a)their disposal incomes rise, or

(b) when the products they consume become cheaper.

Increased taxation to fund useless busy bodies as a matter of logic reduces your disposal income and therefore, makes thee poorer.

Simply, men do not wake up in the morning and say, I am going to work so as to feed politians. Men/women wake to work to feed themselves and their families.

And, if you say that we shall be wealthy due to this katiba so as to "afford" more robbery, then, you are yet to show us how this Katiba will increase our wealth.

Anonymous said...



Full name: The Republic of Kenya
Population: 39.8 million (UN, 2009)
Capital: Nairobi
Area: 582,646 sq km (224,961 sq miles)
Major languages: Swahili, English
Major religion: Christianity
Life expectancy: 54 years (men), 55 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: 1 Kenya shilling = 100 cents
Main exports: Tea, coffee, horticultural products, petroleum products
GNI per capita: US $770 (World Bank, 2008)
Internet domain: .ke
International dialling code: +254

Anonymous said...

Ndugu Zanguni,

Kumekucha kweli! Hoyee nchi yangu Kenya.Its a long journey and thanks Chris and Kumeucha fans for this day - we've fought here than ever before, we have agreed to disagree but ultimately we look forward to this day - its a real rebirth.I have already bought the T-Shirt and tommorrow just as early as i live my hovel in cofee-sugar thika road at 5:15pm, i will live for Uhuru Park - The first time ever to attend the national days. Its unforunate i was not able to see Phil in advance and get a card for a reserved seat - but that notwithstanding am fully set with a bottle of water/juice and a packet of biscuits and a kenyan cap to witness the big day.

For those we have fought in Kumekucha - i pronounce peace from the hilltops. I will be a pacifier - but i will wake up if Rao and Kib do not measure up.

Kumekuchans - Whoever will make it to boulevard to toast the new constitution - you will have a beer on me. See you there.

I love you all.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

This Mwarangethe is a real idiot,according to his reasoning,one would rather earn peanuts and be under the tax bracket,rather than earn millions and pay thousands in tax!Mwarangethe,theories zako hazisaidii and if you feel a govt isnt the best thing to have,what name do you have for that Utopian entity that doesnt take anything from anyone,that collects 100% taxes and spends the whole amount on the taxpayers without itself incurring any expenses?What utter bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to kibaki and co for having stolen the '07 elections. Otherwise we would still be clamouring for a new constitution had ODM assumed leadership. Ruto and co would be riding high and lording over everyone as payback for delivering the kanjelin vote to ODM.

Anonymous said...

Don't over-sex your hopes like a teenager. As Taabu has said, vigilance is the key. Many countries have very good constitutions yet their people live in rat holes. They have CONSTITUTIONS WITHOUT CONSTITUTIONALISM!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vive le Katiba Mpya! Kenya Zindabad! Kenya Zindabad! Kumekucha Zindabad!

The new dawn has arrived! Kumekucha!

It has been said so many times that "Kenyans are wired to fear the unknown, hence they always remain on the watch-and-wait mode of existence" for the rest of their lives.

Let's not try and drag yesterday Kenya and its so called unsolvable problems into the brand new day of Friday, August 27, 2010. Give ourselves, those around us, and our country, a break and fresh start.

Friday 27, August, 2010 is a beginning of a new era and the first collective step in the right direction for the next hundred years or so.

Wake up call to the naysayers and doubting Thomases - did you know that the antidote for a snakebite ("defeatism") contains the same venom from the snake?

Yes we can can defeat defeatism. Captilize on it and watch as it self-destructs itselfs.

Kenya Zindabad! Katiba Mpya Zindabad!

Anonymous said...

This Mwara-rubbish guy is really an arrogant brat who just publishes gibberish here that he wants to pass off as intelluctual stuff.

He even admits that advanced countries like the USA have not met his Utopian standards... so what are we discussing suggesting the same for Kenya which is light years behind?

Please stop wasting our time and stick to your ivory tower where people get orgasms for "great minds."

The guy is really beginning to get on my nerves after months of boring us here with his lengthy posts designed to put people to sleep.

Just shut up we get our new constitution will you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those thick-headed jaluos who believe Kibaki and Raila are equal partners should ask themselves why that forko jembe jaluo won’t enter Uhuru Park riding a military land rover, inspect a guard of honour, jointly promulgate the new constitution and append his signature with Kibaki, or officiate state functions . . . . the idiot forced himself to power by ordering his tribal goons to slaughter innocent Kenyans and turn kenya into another Somalia under guise of stolen elections . . . he now knows where real power lies.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:25 AM

civility. civility. civility.

mwarang'ethe has a right to his opinions, projections and predictions.

extend a little bit of respect to others and same will be accorded to you in due time.

as well as in the spirit of a second republic, kenya's new era.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

This Mwarangethe is a real idiot,according to his reasoning,one would rather earn peanuts and be under the tax bracket,rather than earn millions and pay thousands in tax!


Stop your delusions and face the reality.

Any serious student of taxation, and/or of civilization knows this:

"The power to tax involves the POWER TO DESTROY" as was held in the McCulloch v Maryland case (1819).

So, stop feeding us with your ignorance that you have been fed by your politicians on the matters of taxation.

More so, what you, and the supporters of this law have yet to show us is how it will extend our incomes from peanuts to millions you mention.

Will you please educate us on this aspect instead of hurling insults? Or, may be you are a politician or a bureacrat who does not have to earn his way in life?


This Mwara-rubbish guy is really an arrogant brat who just publishes gibberish here that he wants to pass off as intelluctual stuff.


We believe this. The pursuit of truth can only begin once you start to QUESTION and ANALYSE every belief that they you have held dear.

If a certain belief passes the tests of EVIDENCE, DEDUCTION, and LOGIC, it should be kept.

If it doesn't, the belief should not only be discarded, but the thinker must also then question why he was led to believe the erroneous information in the first place.

However, we are aware that, such kind of thinking does not sit well with the elite who rob the poor for many political leaders throughout history have always sought to mislead the thinking of the masses.

See them trying Socrates for "subversion" and for "corrupting" the youth.

We shall not be silent.

Philip said...

One thing I knew was going to happen is some dignitaries will come with their concubines who weren't planned for in this occasion.

Now see. As I'm writing this there are no seats. Some of the judges have missed seats.

The front row where the president, PM, East African presidents e.t.c will sit is also suppose to be occupied by judges.

Prof Anyang Nyongo, If you missed a seat you should have told the protocol guys instead of occupying the seat to be occupied by the judges. It's important for the judges to sit there because they will actively participate in today's ceremony. Or you better go and watch at home since your presence isn't important.

I'll continue to name and shame some of these leaders who have come with their concubines and witchdoctors masqueraded as bodyguards and allowed them to occupy seats they weren't suppose to sit on. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the naysayers have a point,the skies over Nairobi are gloomy and overcast,not the kind of weather you expect to usher in the new dawn...!

Anonymous said...

^^^might be an omen.ppl heckled Cardinal Njue.that was pure intolerance.

Anonymous said...

Anon! 9.12 you must be a very THICK headed KIKUYU!

I am from Rift Valley and my people were simply chasing away your thieving and land grabbing community from our ancestral land.

Kibaki stole the elections - You should know, since you are a KIKUYU and are used to STEALING! Even respecting the National accord has been an issue for Kibaki ( I understand he is a Kikuyu).

Raila has been and will always be a patriot! ( what would have happened had Raila refused to compromise) we all know that KIKUYU's would have been slaughtered like chicken.

Furthermore, KIKUYU's are the least Favorite tribe in Kenya why....Mungiki, Thieves - Prisons are full with their filth, conmen, Most corrupt, land grabbers.

I MEAN KENYA IS IN THIS MESS COZ OF KIKUYU's PERIOD! So next time, you wont even have tents in Eldoret. Heri Luo's mara thao than Kikuyu's.

Who trusts a Kikuyu in Kenya today!

Anonymous said...

Eh! I cant trust a Kikuyu - It's in their genes! Very Tribal and corrupt, prefer short cuts than hard work.

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