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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Shame the Devil, Let's All Vote Yes for Kenya

Russian Roulette: praying for holy shot.

The daggers are out of their sheaths. The church are out in full swing planning POLITICAL NO rallies. This time round the MEN of clothe have vowed to lead by example unlike 2005.

And to politicians the year 2010 will be to 2012 what 2005 was to that dark year 2007. Make no mistake, 2005 the referendum changed Kenya's political landscape forever and was clearly the political rehearsal for 2007 bloodbath.

Kenyans must not make that mistake again with the 2010 referendum. Before voting YES or NO, we must all agree to vote only one way, YES, for Kenya. The referendum will come and go but Kenya remains generations. It is within our powers to stop the present polarization which will only succeed as the best spark for Kenya's sure self-destruction.

There is no worse dictatorship that uniformity of thought. Granted, the church and any other Kenyan has all the constitutional right to vote NO just as the GCG have resolved to support the draft constitution. Trying to convince the other party to give up would defeat the very rubric of democracy. The referendum question can only be answered in one of two ways.

Conducing civilized campaigns by either party is key to holding Kenya together. We must learn to agree without being disagreeable. Come on, it is 2010 and we can and must only fight armed with facts and not misinformation laced in propaganda whose only selfish objective is to achieve short-term goals.

There is no need foul-mouthed campaigns. No need for politicians to call others names. Equally the church must stand up to its byline as the bastion truth. Men of collar must not engage in propaganda and misinformation. True, religion is founded on dogma but the flock have brains of their own and must be allowed free conscience.

After all those voting NO in the referendum will still have to be governed by the very Constitution if the YES team wins. We must be ready to lead the orchestra by turning our backs to the crowd (read politicians). So vote yes or no in the forth-coming referendum but before that please vote only YES for Kenya for she is bigger than all of us singularly or collectively.

Kenya remains after the vote. So seize the opportunity, do your bit and shame the perennial scoundrels.


Anonymous said...

You said "the flock have brains of their own..". An obvious oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

Tribalism with a twist:

Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau on Kalonzos CLAIM (Fitness) to THE PRESIDENCY.

He urged " his constituents not to forget the role the VP played in ensuring Kibaki won his second term in office "

" You know in our Kikuyu culture, when someone does such an important thing it is always good to return the favour. That is what I am asking you to do when the right time comes," said Kamau

Even with Zero leadership qualities all you need is to do FAVOURS and the favours will be returned. I thought we were passed NG´WACHE POLITICS.

No wonder we have QUARKS holding almost all the important jobs that they do not deserve due to this CULTURAL FAVOURITISM. The consequences are there for all to see.
You dont have to imagine what this CULTURAL FAVOURITISM has done to this country and it did not start yesterday. Such Cultural paractises are stupid, backward, retrogresive and downright foolish.

Come 2012 we Kenyas will not accept a president due to FAVOURITISM. There is pervasive favouritsm in almost everything - Jobs , business etc etc in Kenya and to extend that to the presidency will be an INSULT to all kenyans and the New Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:56,

Raila was in the same Kigumo constituency a couple of weeks ago asking the Kikuyus to return him favours in 2012 because he had declared Kibaki Tosha in 2002. He went even further and begged the Kikuyus to consider him for presidency because he is a muthoniwa (an in-law).

In short, Raila was claiming that he was fit to be president because he had declared Kibaki Tosha and, perhaps more importantly, his son was married to a Kikuyu woman. This is worse than NGUACHE POLITICS, this is PRIMITIVE POLITICS in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Muthoniwa is a good thing, Kizuri Kitembezwe ... But equating support among equals and FAVOURITISM for support for STOLEN ELECTIONS resulting in bloodshed and unprecedented turmoil in the history of Kenya is a bit FAR FETCHED.

The violence unleashed had not been seen on Kenya borders except during colonial times.

Lets get serious and stop muddying the waters. Leadership qualities are what we are looking for NOT wishy washy political moves like hedging your bets on the referendum and hiding behind the CHURCHES SKIRTS.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5/3/10 12:25 AM

And if you must please give us a rundown (blow by blow) of what we were celebrating for the 25 years in Government for Mr Musyoka. Give us something solid that moved the country just one step forward.
Something that affected the lives of the diverse people of Kenya , not the various posts he has held.

Any sycophant can hold cabinet positions and perform designated functions of state – while earning a salary ten times beyond their ability and at the same time stunting the development of the country - that’s how FAVOURITISM has skewed our reality. Holding "FAVOURABLE POSTS" does not mean they are qualified to be President.

"According to official results, Musyoka placed a distant third behind Kibaki and Odinga with 9% of the vote. Amid a violent crisis over the results, with supporters of Kibaki and Odinga disputing the outcome, Kibaki appointed Musyoka as Vice-President and Minister of Home Affairs on January 8, 2008."

Musyoka expressing gratitude to Kibaki for appointment as VP said he was "intensely aware that the appointment has come at a difficult time when our nation is going through a painful moment". Wikipedia

He was “intensely aware” of IREGULARITIES - Now he is asking for favours in return at the same time hiding behind the CHURCH. What a cartoon and a hypocrate!

We should seriously shame the devil and vote YES for the new constitution. Kalonzo should be nowhere as he is the epitome of the old constitution we are throwing out. He is the FAT BABY in the bathtab that will be thrown OUT. Spoonfeed all the way to the presidency ?

NO WAY! tumekataa kata kata.

Anonymous said...

Kwani what is with the obsession with Kalonzo? Even when he keeps quiet, some people are still dreaming about him. Kalonzo is only one among the millions of Kenyans qualified to run for presidency. We are sick of 'Kalonzo this, Kalonzo that ...'

Anonymous said...

Anon 5/3/10 4:07 AM

YOU will make sure you get sicker by telling YOU "trudhe"

Anonymous said...

The post reads: "Shame the Devil, Let's All Vote Yes for Kenya"

So far no comment relevant to that title and we all wax lyrical here ati intellectuals with dormant brains that need stimulation?

Bw moderator remember "Any post/s breaking the house rules of COMMON DECENCY will be promptly deleted, i.e. NO TRIBALISTIC, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, swearing, DIVERSIONS, impersonation and spam AMONG OTHERS. No exceptions WHATSOEVER"

Kazi kwako.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:07 pm Shiish,watu wa ODM watakusikia and they never contemplate Kalonzo becoming president before their messiah,to them,thats the unthinkable.And you know they only practice lip democracy,just ask Omingo Magara.Ask yourself the kind of headlines we would be seeing if it was the PNU national treasurer who had resigned but since it came from the party that doesnt do anything wrong,the likes of Taabu and Kumekucha dont have the time to analyse such an occurence.

Anonymous said...

People don't want to read peace sermons from Taabu, they want to hear Raila call the NO crowd names such as takataka, dishonest land grabbers, tribal liars, religious bigots, etc. People want Raila to lead them into name calling their opponents. These are the leadership qualities they want and expect from their messianic leaders.

Anonymous said...

Since Kalonzo visited Murang'a last Friday, Raila worshippers are in a panicky quandary. They have lost the RV warriors to lead them into power grabbing in 2012, and they know their stone throwing can't take them out of their Kibera slums. When they see Kalonzo get warm reception from the indomitable House of Mumbi they know the electoral tsunami awaiting them. They shouldn't over-diarrhea before 2012!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Kalonzo for championing consensus an national dialogue. He understands that politics of zero-sum game breeds hatred and Kibera-type poverty.

Anonymous said...

ODM is on a suicide mission. They have antigonized the Kalenjins completely. Now they are busy antagonizing the Kisiis. And don't forget the kabila adui who are now being called athoniwa with a tongue in the chick. As I keep saying, by 2012, ODM will be a thingamajigg.

Anonymous said...

Non-cooperation is a measure of discipline and scarifice, and it demands respect for the opposite views. - MOHANDAS K. GANDHI

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. - EVELYN B. HALL (paraphrasing Voltaire).

We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies. I think the soul of America [Kenya or any other nation] dies with it. - EDWARD R. MURROW.

Therefore we (Kenyans) should shame the fearmongers, religious fundamentalists, intolerant politicians and clergy, ethnic haters, and those who continue to be influenced by foreign puppeteers and their finances.

We (Kenyans) should be civilized enough to the point where there is unlimited allowance (room if you will) for dissenting voters and their political opinions as well as concuring voters and their political opinions.

We (Kenyans) must never agree to vote as a block in the same manner millions of unfortunate Eastern Europeans and Russians used to vote or were forced to agree on all local and national issues during the dark era of the Iron Curtain.

We have come a long way from the days when the 'WORD' of the colonialists, Kenyatta, Moi and KANU 'FINAL'. Although we still have a very long way to go as a people and a viable and peaceful umbrella nation.

On Political Violence in 2010, 2012 and Beyond.

Hold your horses for the next sevral years or more due to the fact there will be no more political bloodbath, PRV (post referendum violence), PEV (post election violence), PKV (post Kibaki violence), or even CIFHV (clergy induced fundamentalist hatred and violence - evil Rwandan style) when Kenyans are done with their democratic exercise.

So far, well known perpetrators of ethno-political violence may seem to have gotten away with their dirty and evil schemes dating back to the late 1980s, 1992/3, 1998/9, 2002, 2005 and 2007/8.

However, it will not be the same case in 2010 nor in 2012. The government will not allow the darkside of Kenya's political past to repeat itself in any way, shape or fashion.

There will be dire consequences and swift response as well as immediate legal action taken 24/7 against any individuals, political parties and institutions that will be found to have been involved in calculated disruption of law and order in Kenya, as was the case in 2007 and 2008.

Security measures similar to those elsewhere (in the USA, UK and other EU nations) have been put in place and will be implemented when the urgent need arises.

No individual or group of individuals will be allowed to get away with any acts of political violence, wanton destruction human life and property, and blantant disregard for law and order.

ACTION WILL BE TAKEN to defend innocent civilians, property and civil order in all regions of the Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Two sides of bad Kenya

1. (a) Deceit and being undecided, hidding under porous dialogue while calculating to undo your perceived opponent.

(b)Consorting with political opponents to fix another politician.

2. Intolerance and abrassiveness, calling opponents names and thereatening them with brimstone.

None is worth being Kenyan leader.

Anonymous said...

I too fail to understand rao and his supporters when it comes to democracy. There are no "fixed" reasons for a group to use to elect someone. In fact most reasons used all over the world are irrational. In the US much is made about looks, same now happening in uk. All that one needs to satisfy to run for office is spelled out in the constitution. If people elect someone with "zero leadership qualities", why hate them? The rao movement does not appear to want an election: they want a coronation. Obviously this is unacceptable given the governance system we have chosen.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, we are trying to have a new constitution. I propose we create a monarchy and have rao as the first king of kenya. We can always find a "prophet" who will say that rao has, like david, been annointed by god. Not that i believe any god annoints anyone king. But if the people want to believe it, ok with me.

Anonymous said...

The same Raila who in 2007 was calling Kikuyus kabila adui is busy calling Kalenjin leaders takataka. And he wants to be a president of Kenya. He is truly a delusional man.

Anonymous said...

Who will stop this DIVISIVE/MONSTER called RAO? Anybody man enough to bell the cat Agwambo? But please don't dangle the fairy tale of softy ambi man or shifty eyed UK. As for WSR he is already roast meat waiting for MO's frying pan (just like UK). Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember phil's "obama, odinga, oliech" slogan? Meant to highlight the accomplishments of luos.

Phil, I really miss your worshipping of rao. Someone said you are at jukwaa but I cant go there. Come where we can challenge you once in a while. Jukwaa is one big house of delusion.

Please start with a post highlighting the accomplishments of Dr. Sarah Obama, the "grand mother" of POTUS.

Anonymous said...

The Pain/curse of O+O+O, JIJAZIE na bado.

Anonymous said...

haziwezi ongea saa hii but wait till the referendum is over and then Kibaki with a fait accompli,will cut molasses to size and lest you forget,the baks has f---d rao from behind not once,not twice,but thrice...!

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous said...

Anyone remember phil's "obama, odinga, oliech" slogan? Meant to highlight the accomplishments of luos.

Phil, I really miss your worshipping of rao. Someone said you are at jukwaa but I cant go there. Come where we can challenge you once in a while. Jukwaa is one big house of delusion.

Please start with a post highlighting the accomplishments of Dr. Sarah Obama, the "grand mother" of POTUS.


I did not realise I was that popular. I am making a come back from tomorrow. Watch this space.

Point of correction, my triple O chant, adopted from Russia stand at City Stadium, was not about highlighting accomplishment of Luos. In fact if you would care to read the achieves of this blog, especially under NATIVE PRIDE, I highlight achievements of all Kenyans regardless of their ethnic origins. I was among the first to publish a post on Mariga, those days Oliech was still a rookie playing for Mathare United.

It is YES versus NO. You can already see the fault lines, and it is easy to identify status quoist.

Anonymous said...

deceptive article.- the only way to shame the devil is for us all to vote NO

Anonymous said...

You TWAT please read the post befoe you hit the keyboard. You have fallen for the title without reading th substance. It is not VOTING for the referendum. No wonder even the diaspora waxing lyric remain fnctionally illiterate. Bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

You TWAT please read the post befoe you hit the keyboard. You have fallen for the title without reading th substance. It is not VOTING for the referendum. No wonder even the diaspora waxing lyric remain fnctionally illiterate. Bure kabisa

The problem with this blog is that it belongs to illiterates and has roped in similar minds.People who salivate at others' progress and wait for chaos ili wapate ya bure from jasho yetu?
Forget it even the holy book says you shall reap what you sowed!
YES or NO will not add sufuria ya ugali on your table!Bure bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about Smoke and Mirrors again!! Why arent your talking of the real issue of corruption and how an international crook could land in Kenya bila shida.. 4/24 -Devani takes off from UK, lands in India. Interpol in UK and India confirm target. Devani takes private jet to Dubai to conceal his initial point,then switches to a commercial airline to JKIA. Interpol either way tipoff Ken Police. Utumishi are told to "welcome" this crook, escort him to town and secretly release him and bring his nephew 3 days later to say he was the original traveler. No footage, no 3rd party independent sources or press to confirm at JKIA, just Iteere and his goons. Now the man who stole from Kenya resides in posh Muthaiga after stealing poor Kenyans wealth (Taxpayers will have to pay for this for the next 10 years like Goldenberg). It makes me sick this thief can have the nerve to come back and crap all over the place he screwed over with impunity.

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