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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meet The Real C.O.E

Will the REAL C.O.E please stand up?
It's now official-in order to solve the myriad problems bedeviling our political systems and man eat dog class of society, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission has decided to go back to our traditional roots and rope in the role of council of elders (C.O.E) to reprise the coveted position these wise old men once occupied in counseling the collective psyche and schooling the national conscience of the whole nation albeit at that time segragated in remote partitioned villages located in far-flung corners of the pre-independent republic

In playing the "age-comes-with-wisdom" card, the siamese C.O.E is cleverly taping into the rich vein of inbred reverential fear for "wazee" deeply imbued and instilled from an early age in the sub-conscious psyche of every well brought up and polite mannered citizen of this land. But wait a minute, is the assumption that we went astray, tore the national fabric of our country simply because we lacked counsel of wise old men (not women since traditonally they only gave birth and cooked for men) an accurate diagnosis or rather simplistic point of view of what ails the 45 year old motherland?

Sanctioning the role of Council Of Elders in drawing attention to the rot swept under the carpet in Kenya is one thing but dusting the broom out of the closet and cleaning the mess in our own backyard is quite another thing altogether.

All in all, I for one am looking forward to a better Kenya from now onwards, due to the fact that we'll now have a lone voice of sagacious experience coming from the "wazee" and completely drowning out the cacophony of looney tune voices of our politicians. Think about it-why else would the "wahenga nena....." so many ancient proverbs in the past yet they are still all quoted thousands of years later?and still just as relevant as ever before, with never ending lessons full of new meaning applicable today?

It makes those "oldies" appear even more "golden" now than when they were in the prime of their youth. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this new C.O.E will not disappoint and is already in good company with the likes of the embattled TJRC Chairman Hosea Kiplagat who would already easily qualify to join its ranks with white flying colours should his boat not fail to sink in the truth commission

This COE will do a far better job than their siamese twin on the constitution side whose line up disappointingly did not even include a single "learned" fellow with gray hair as the pre-requisite stamp of approval for being culturally acceptable. No wonder they churned out such a doomed draft constitution.


Anonymous said...

Luke said.....
"In playing the "age-comes-with-wisdom" card..."
This phrase should be the other way around!

Anonymous said...

How entertaining it is to listen and watch the "yes" versus "no" debate turned into an ODM internal supremacy war and a fight for the heart and soul of the Kalenjin. What is refreshing is that the former rabid majimboists (Bett, Kosgey and and Kosgei) of these world have realised that the RV Jimbo will never ever be. After the referendum, RV will just be a sunken piece of ground stretching from Israel passing through to Mozambique. That is all, and it is an exciting brave new world.

Just three weeks ago, Bett was shouting hoarse that it will never be acceptable to have Nakuru as not the commercial and political capital of the Kalenjins, that Nakuru will always be a part of Kericho/Bomet or Baringo. The proposed constitution has rejected that proposition and today Bett was busy in Gem, Nyanza, selling that proposed constitution to the people like hot mandazis. Even Mzee Moi has come to terms with the fact that RV will be no more in his life time; he is only talking now about the land and abortion clause.

There is nothing more beautiful than to see tribalists turned around by reality and made to see the light. Now, somebody need to tell Bill Ruto to chill up about the land clause because land will never ever be left to be managed by tribalists at the local level. ENOUGH OF ETHNO-CLEANSING IN THE NAME OF ANCESTRAL LANDS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


why recycle this old piece?
want to fetch a handful of comments?
there goes one from me...

Ivy (i am back)

Anonymous said...

Welcome and let your sworn enemies not get to your skin, PAD IT HARD. The empty drums will come buzzing. You know who.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You were soarly missed. And don't forget to ignore the empty drums/haters.

Anonymous said...

Luke, you could have done a better job with the piece on C.O.E. because I have always expected higher standards from you. Please, don't fall in the trap of lowering your standards by stooping to my level of poor language stints laced with questionable grammar and lack of presentable ideas.

As you've known, I never made it beyond your former high school but you were meritoriously admitted to one of the best colleges in the UK and a renowned university in the USA.

So that's one of the reasons people have always expected more from you due to the fact that you have what it takes to be syndicated columnist in North America or a greater writer and author.

More is expected of people like you who have more (better) education than what I have had while in various training camps during my early teens.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ivy!!

We dearly missed you as our Kalucy of Kumekucha. If you remember to follow your doctor's orders, you will not need to pad yourself as some self-appointed advisor has suggested. I hope we will give you the love you missed out there.

kumekucha said...

Welcome back Ivy.

Big hug from me.

We missed you sana!!


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