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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why free online advertising in Kumekucha?

Hate it or love it, the fact of the matter is that since May 2005 Kumekucha has proved to be a very engrossing and useful site for many Kenyans residing in the country and all over the world. In the early days Kumekucha was one of the very few places where Kenyans could find out what was really going on on the ground. Kumekucha has been a groundbreaking Kenyan blog in many ways.

Today competition has set in and there is a wide choice of sites for Kenyans to visit and enjoy interesting and insightful posts. But Kumekucha is still very much around and enjoys enormous readership.

And now in an effort to offer that extra something, I have introduced a classified ads section for all you wonderful readers out there to enjoy free effective online advertising.

It is my sincere hope that just like Kumekucha has had such a big impact on Kenyan politics, this new section will have a similar impact on small businesses and Kenyans everywhere trying to make ends meet. You will also see more business features in Kumekucha now.

Old readers of the site will know that I am known for telling it as it is and that is why I will admit that one of the reasons why the idea of kumekucha classifieds was so attractive to me was because it allows for more reader participation where you guys can create even more content at this site and thus reduce the pressure on yours truly to constantly generate fresh new content. Meaning that even if there is no new post at least my dear readers have an opportunity to look at some of the classified ads and maybe they will see something of interest.

Other blog owners will also be delighted to know that they can now advertise their sites here using the free classified ads (but only once a week. Please remember to read the house rules). Kumekucha has proved to be a very popular place for new Kenyan blogs and sites to advertise themselves usually in the comments section. Hopefully now they will have an even more prominent place to do it in this classified ads section.

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Wednesday kumekucha classifieds ads includes this chilling prediction about Obama's future
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