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Monday, March 22, 2010

New constitution: The evil that MPs are up to

All seemed to be well and just last month it looked like Kenyans were well and truly on their way to getting a new constitution, especially after the Naivasha retreat of the Parliamentary select committee handling the new constitution.

Then suddenly…. Drama. Now long suffering Kenyans are watching dumfounded as chances of a new constitution seem to be gradually but surely slipping away from their hands. It seems that every new day either side of the political divide is coming up with a brand new demand or position over issues previously agreed on.

But what is really going on? Why the sudden change of tact by MPs?

Just like in a murder investigation, the quickest way to figure out things when politicians start to behave in strange ways is to look for a motive or motives. If you instead try to listen to what they are saying and even attempt to analyze it, you will end up very very confused.

So what would the motive be for somebody to murder our new constitution?

Let us make it even simpler by asking two simple questions.

Who stands to gain the most with the passing of a new constitution? Answer: The long suffering people of the republic of Kenya.

Who stands to lose the most from the passing of a new constitution? Answer: The political class.

Many na├»ve Kenyans think that under the current constitution power is in the hands of parliament and the president. Hahahahahahahaha! If this were so then Kenyans would not be so upset with their leaders, don’t you think?

Real power is in the hands of the political class. They control land in Kenya, they control the economy, they control the courts, they control parliament etc. Now if the draft constitution were to be passed there are a couple of fellows who would not be able to sleep at night.

Daniel Moi and his vast tracts of land grabbed from the people, not to talk of billions stashed away in foreign accounts would have plenty to worry about. Moi seems to make comments about the new constitution almost daily. Now you know why. Add Moi men like Nicholas Biwott, Joshua Kulei, William Ruto etc. to that list. If power reverted to the people then you can be sure that the people will demand that this property be returned.

And it is not only Moi. Add every major family in the political class to that list. Names like Kenyatta, Kibakis etc. The Odinga’s are NOT clean but the truth is that when the most vicious part of the rape of the Kenyan people was happening, the Odingas were either in detention, organizing coups or under house arrest. So the truth (which many readers here hate to hear) is that in the political class, the Odingas have the least to lose with the advent of a new political dispensation.

So is it any wonder that there is so much dust around the passing of a new constitution?

But let me end this post by saying that there is still a glimmer of hope. And just like in the first liberation (Independence of Kenya in 1963), this last and true liberation is being pushed for from outside Kenya. It is no accident that Kofi Annan is expected into the country today. I have already said in this blog many times before that the president of the United States is right at the forefront of pushing for change in Kenya. (The first time I said this I was mocked here by many of my nice readers).

So the big question now is; will international pressure prevail and save Kenya?

For those who will be watching the proceedings in parliament today, don’t attach too much to what you hear those jokers saying, instead focus on the body language. Body language never lies.

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M. Pesa said...

"... focus on the body language. Body language never lies."

Here are some signs to watch and what they mean.

1. When answering a question and eyes shift to the left, as Raila constantly does, just know the person is lying.

2. A retracted lower lip that is almost bit by the upper teeth is usually a sign that the person is holding back and waiting for affirmation or action from the other person.

On the other hand, a retracted upper lip that's bit by the lower teeth usually signifies a person who's holding back and keeping mixed reactions, as with a reaction to the message being conveyed by the other.

3. Crossing the arms over the chest usually signifies doubt, mistrust, impatience, or closed-mindedness. Coupled with the body resting on one leg and having the other stepped away and angled, the whole idea of this unwelcoming look is heightened.

4. The eyes are said to be the windows to our soul. Though it may sound too cryptic and deep, it holds a bit of truth that the person you are talking to may see some of the thoughts that you are holding back, or perhaps even misinterpret your eye's actions from what you would like him or her to understand.

Phil said...

The Ruto/Uhuru conspiracy has failed. The KKK alliance is alliance for the elites. Let's watch and see if they will whip 145 MPs to their side!

Instead of making a constitution for posterity they KKK want to make it for 2012 power games, ethnic consolidation and succession politics.

ODM was unequivocal last week, even before they forced us into this ill fated retreat: That the Draft Constitution should be passed AS IT IS and that given the diversity of positions that may cause endless disputes, the work done by our Experts (COE) is closest to a compromise acceptable to all.

ODM never got what it wanted, ie parliamentary system of government or majimbo. But they were ready to accept a presidential system with a strong senate, something that the CoE ably constructed for parliament to pass.

PNU on the other hand got what they wanted - a pure presidential system - but it seems they are very uncomfortable with the idea of strong senate because they view this as competition to parliament and a challenge to the presidency. PNU also wanted to delete the re-call clause for MPs. Something ODM totally resisted.

Does anyone remember why the WAKO draft was rejected in 2005? Kiraitu and co thought they owned this country. It is the same thing Ruto and Uhuru are doing. It is strictly for their own personal interests rather than for the interests of the people they purport to represent (read central and rift valley).

Not surprisingly, these are the two individuals bearing the greatest responsibility to the PEV!

Anonymous said...


With all due respect kenyans (and africans generally) are not suffering because of constitutions. Black people no matter where they are on earth do not appear capable of creating prosperous societies. Am an african and not self-hating. We cant do anything without the help of other races. Even your new constitution is being master minded by whites. How do you expect it to be for your benefit. The local ruling group will continue to rule on behalf of foreigners. People thought independence would bring everything. But wapi? the same for many parties. It will be the same with the so called new constitution.

Anonymous said...

M. Pesa,

Last week I warned you and others when you were glorying on Ruto's "terminal" disease. I told you am a widow and many people who gloried on my husband's kidney failure died of other natural causes and non-terminal diseases long before my husband did. In fact he attended several funerals of people with a failed kidney.

Now you are glorying on Raila's left eye which all of us know has a problem. Raila, like many of us human kind are susceptical to certain unexpected attacks and find ourselves hurt or deformed in some parts of our bodies.

I do not know whether you are a devil's agent and do not give us teaching on verbal communication to hide your obviously evil heart.

If you continue inserting people's pains instead of meaningful debate, you will be like Herman who leprosy of the person Elijah healed attacked him.

With equal measure, you will have a terrible disease that you will live with the rest of your life. You will then be able to empathise with people (including your enemies) with certain medical conditions and identify with them.

If you do not desist from playing around with people's medical condition, may the plague hit you, so severely, you will learn how to separate issues from people's personal conditions.


M. Pesa said...

Blogger at 1.04

For how long will you keep lecturing us of how your husband died through some kidney disease? In all honesty, you should just pick the pieces, dust yourself and move on instead of wallowing in self pity while looking for sympathy from complete strangers on the Internet. We have also lost our loved ones, including newborn babies but we don't keep whining about it to every idler willing to listen. That's life, I guess. On my above post which you are trying to comment on, did I "laugh" at Raila's eye disease? All I talked about was the generally held view that when someone or anyone (including me and you) is lying (telling porkies), their eyes tend to shift to the left. Or your point is that Raila never ever tells some occasional fibs? I don't know where diseases come in with that point. You sound like a manipulative, sad little woman and in all honesty, you need to get a life. If you can't make a valid comment on the dithering of our politicians when it comes to passing the draft, just shut it.

JIMMY said...

@ M.PESA, you are stupid. After reading your response to that lady, which by the way is a waste of time, my conclusion is just that. YOU ARE STUPID

Joe said...


I fail to see how the passage of the constitution will greatly affect the thieving class. There are no game-changing clauses in that constitution, the way i know it. Perhaps i am wrong and need to be educated?

Anonymous said...

Whites messed us up with modernity, which we did not need. We were so happy in our tribal life of spearing wild animals, dancing and marrying many wives. There was always enough for everyone because diseases, infant mortality and maternal mortality ensured a small population. We never needed to advance technologically because technology is only necessary where there are inadequate resources. Why do whites keep on telling blacks in US and europe to go back to africa. Whites took blacks out of Africa. No black made ships to travel to europe and the americas. The tribal life in africa was itself destroyed with the mordern technological life which is alien to us. We are then being judged by standards that are not ours.

Anonymous said...

By the same token you are using an alien medium (language) to judge yourself and others. You cannot eat your cake and have it or vice versa. Don't blame modernity but yourself for not measuring up. Pole.

Anonymous said...

Am saying there is a reason why whites are probably smarter than us. Their enviroment stimulated more brain activity. They have been using their brains far longer than us. Explains the inventions. Africans did not need to think that much because to eat they only needed to spear an animal. After we were uprooted from our enviroment and taken to europe and america it should be obvious that there would be challenges. You make my point when you say I write in the white man's language. The white man ensured those who speak english, french etc well are regarded as "civilised". It is total enslavement or is it entrapment.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys are DIMWITS. We are discussing the constitution and people bring in white supremacy SHIT!. I teach chemistry to white kids at a top university in the U.S and have never seen the kind of students who I see in Nairobi university. I worked hard and earned a 1st class but will readily tell you that I have come across countless brilliant Africans.

The thing that has made whites appear more supreme is that they came to Africa stole our science (remember what we had started in the great Nile and spreading to Egypt? remember the Uinoversities in Timbuktu?) Took all our inventions (Olbeliks (stands in near the white house and in numerous cemeteries around the US), enslaved blacks and brain washed them to think they are superior.

Here is from me, whites are not superior. FULL STOP.

Africans have been brainwashed to think they are stupid. But they are not, they just lack confidence (this is something we can easily rid ourselves). The blacks in America have suffered the most from systematic discrimination and through systems that forever tie them down. The schooling system is designed to forever produce black mediocrity and crime and other stuff has been forced onto them.

Blacks need to be very focussed to oercome what is before us. We need to wake up and see what this conspiracy is.

Mwarangethe keeps talking about the land issue an d how we can compete economically, does anyone ever listen.

Black inventions are dwarfed since their recognition will tip the equation as designed. If we see more and more black inventions we will be more inspired. Look at the games (basketball, american football and even short distance running) blacks excel since they know others have been there and done it. If the same was to be translated to academics it will just be a matter of time before.

This is the bottom line as I see it (This is my analysis). We will get there, but it will not be easy. We need to believe we can do it and work three times as hard. We need militant leaders who are sharp and can position their countries to compete globally. The global economy is structured to always be an a disadvantage to Africa so we need someone who can se through this and remedy. We need to protect (jealously) our sovereignty. We need to build our industries and compete on a global scale. I believe with the struggle Africans have gone though, they are more than prepared for the task ahead. This task calls for strong people (which we are). We have everything to be a superpower for a very long time; resources (both manpower and capital), climate, land etc.

It's time to wake up. If Africa rises up, Africans globally will rise up!!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment on those who opine that constitutions do not help, the point is that if you have weak laws and systems, your leaders will steal from you and bleed you dry, hence there will not be much progress. On the contrary if the system is that people cannot steal from us,chances are that those resources might in a small way maybe make life better...drugs meant for health center might actually treat someone, a road somewhere might be well constructed and I might get by produce to the market cheaply etc etc

Anonymous said...

The anon @ 3.22. Yes, the one correctly calling Kenyans dimwits. It is a fact and indeed true that black people are quite stupid.

The very fact that you teach chemistry in the US makes you one of the most foolish Africans in the world. If you had any brains, you would be teaching Kenyans in Kenya. Wewe ni falla sana. Your opinion that blacks will follow the steps of success provided they have visible examples is the most foolish thing I have had the misfortune or reading. Kwani your first class degree was awarded for sex? But anyway you are black and therefore stupid. Are you sure you are a professor or just a struggling student looking for stripes?

Even Mwarangethe himself agrees that the black man is foolish (Greece example).

Since we know that we are so stupid and, if left to our own devices, will never come up with a document that protects the rights of all our people, why don't we just hire the white folks to write the constitution.

Anonymous said...

The long suffering people of the republic of Kenya must arise, unite as one people (proud patriots) under one nation and not as separate ethnicities, in order to strategize, push back, fight back, and rout out all the political goons, corrupt politicians and their demonic (yes demonic) henchmen/women and all sell outs in the civil service, and above all reclaim their one time great nation that has been slithering in the political graveyard, slumbering in an economic ICU, steeped in a constant social mayhem and drowning in ehtnic hellish existence since October 18, 1970.

BTW, there is no such thing as the political class or political elite, it's nothing but a political creation from imagined rural myths and fictinal urban legends.

All Kenya has is a sickening political merry go round with the usual corrupt players from various regions and ethnicities around the country with one goal in mind, that of vying for the coveted musical chairs at the kitchen (sorry I meant coalition) cabinet table, 24/7.

These are Kenyan goons who are already in the game of politics or are busy seeking to enter into parliament so that they can continue with their business of corruption, and then spend the nation's time and scarce resources trying so hard to cover their goonish selves from being exposed, prosecuted, kicked out of parliament and politics all together and then sent to root in ancient Kenyan jail system for years.

The people of the republic of Kenya will have to decide whether they want, desire, or need another four more decades of the same old same old sickening and tiring political mess, or effect real change by not only fielding new faces but well known candidates who can be trusted to do the people's business in the name of the people's and country's interests when they get elected into parliament after the 2012 general elections.

The people of the republic of Kenya will have no one to blame but themselves if change doesn't have happen or come to their respective regions and the country at large in the next five to ten years.

All the never ending whining, loud crys for help from international community, self-pity, burying our heads in ethnic pits of national destrcution, and allure of all things European/American in the name of a deep seated hatred for everything Kenyans should be brought to stop before Kenyans can moved forward with their heads held high above their patriotic shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Kombokombo of politics of Makombokombo is at it again. This time the kombokombo man has just proposed a presidential candidate from one of his many sub-tribal entities to start the long awaited tribal march headed for the nation's state house in Nairobi.

One wonders on how many people (tribes) are these people going to walk over or step over in order to attain their entitled paramount chiefdom in this day and age.

Will someone volunteer to teach the old political dogs some much needed new political tricks before 2012 or 2017?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12.47, you seem to be suffering from inferiority complex. Teaching Chemistry is the U.S does not make me any stupid for that matter but I qualified to come here on a research scholarship just like the many chinese and Indian students who rise to top levels in the U.S.

You will never convince me that Africans are stupid. If you are stupid don't speak for others. STUPID

Anonymous said...

A waterloo for PDM and KKK!
IDPs shun voter registration, claim neglect

Ruto and Jimmy Kubafu listen

Updated 37 min(s) ago

By Standard Team
As fresh voter registration entered second day, a section of the people displaced by post-election violence vowed not to be listed, claiming they have been neglected.
Victims of the 2008 violence in Eldoret failed to turn up for the exercise citing failure by the Government to address their plight.
The group comprising of members of the two communities that faced off after the election separately said they would not co-operate with the registering officers until they get assurances of compensation from the State.
Ms Eusilah Cherono, a victim, said she was attacked in Naivasha and has remained disabled since then without much help from the Government.
"I am in my current state because of voting, and I am just not ready again because nobody seems interested in my suffering and those of other victims," Cherono said.
IDPs camping at Ya Mumbi Camp blamed the Government of "misusing" them to fulfil its objectives.
"Last time when it was time for census, the Government enticed us with gifts to co-operate, and now they know referendum is coming and they are here again, we shall not co-operate," said Ms Judith Kimaru, a displaced mother.
And at Mawingu Camp in Ol Kalou, the IDPs have kept off the exercise, claiming voting made them what they are today. They said they would not wish to associate themselves with the electoral process again.
"We are suffering in camps for exercising our democratic right. If what we went through is what it costs, then we would rather not participate in the process," said Camp Chairman Peter Kariuki.
Majority expressed fear taking part in future elections would only make matters worse for them.
Mr Kariuki added: "We have not yet come to terms with what happened after the 2007 election and worse still, the leaders for whom we paid the price including losing our loved ones have not showed much enthusiasm in resettling us, yet they now urge us to register again. Never!"
He said that the over 14,000 victims at the camp have agreed to only register as voters once they have been resettled.
Meanwhile, turn out was low in most parts of the country. There was a low voter turn out in Kiambu, Githunguri, Limuru and Lari districts in the ongoing voter registration even after President Kibaki urged Kenyans to register in large numbers.
Expressed optimism
Most registration centres had recorded less than 20 people by the time they closed in the evening.
Kiambaa Constituency Election Co-ordinator John Gitau, however, expressed optimism the number would increase as days go by.
A survey by The Standard showed many clerks were largely idle on the second day of the exercise.
"Residents are saying there are still many days to go and they would turn up when the deadline nears. So far there is a slow start, hopefully this will improve," said a clerk at Nyeri, Rodgers Kariuki.
At Murang’a Social Hall, only a ten people had registered by yesterday despite the area having more than 5,000 eligible voters. Technology Primary School in the neighbourhood had 20 registered voters.
In Kilgoris, controversy marred registration where angry youth ejected a clerk from one of the stations.
They claimed the clerk at Elkirotit voting centre was irregularly hired, as she was not from the constituency.
Some of the residents claimed the clerk had problems speaking and writing the local dialect and questioned the criterion used in her recruitment.
A local Provincial administrator is alleged to have incited a group of youth that led the protest against the clerk on grounds she was an outsider.
The local Interim Independent Electoral Commission Co-ordinator Amos Nyongesa told The Standard the irregularity had been sorted without giving details.
—Reports by Winsley Masese, James Munyeki, Leonard Korir, Dedan Okanga, Felix Njenga.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anon 10.53am

It is possible you are good in chemistry. But on average, and this how these things are measured, blacks cannot be better than whites in chemistry. Studying chemistry is not part of our heritage. If you go to china with a whiteman to teach chemistry, no one will attend your class. But if you go to teach how to spear animals, your class will record a high attendance. That is our heritage.

Your stories of technology in norh africa stolen by whites is just a myth designed by some african scholars to make us feel we have the same heritage of technology as whites. Whites stole some technology from the chinese in the middle ages but no technology was stolen from africa. In any case north africa is not black africa.

What am saying is the reason you hear black kids in the US say going to school is acting white. No matter how good you are in chemistry you are just studying a white man's subject. Period.

Anonymous said...

@annon Your logical conclusions/sentiment betray a contradiction of arrogance/ignorance and inferiority/superiority complex. Its illogical and stupid. You don't speak for Africans. Should we forget chemistry and modern innovations and go back to spearing animals? Get serious !! Your reasoning is not befitting of your writing prowess.

Anonymous said...

Man you are NOT SERIOUS at all. Then why do we go to school? Was science or technology invented in China or India? Yet they have embraced it and are now pacing up to be super powers. Change your thought man and you can change the world. Africans need to seriously start using their HEADS and not forever think they cannot do it. Do you know people like Philip Emegwali, Bartholomew Nnaji just to name a few. These are Nigerian brothers and have revolutionalized technology as we know it. So go EFF yourself.

Anonymous said...

The last comment is for anon @10.04 AM

Anonymous said...

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