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Friday, February 19, 2010

The imminent resignation of William Ruto

Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Nominated MP & Rift Valley 'Governor' Musa Sirma and suspended Agriculture minister William Ruto

The Kibaki succession is about to claim its next victims. Kenya is suddenly too small to hide anywhere.

After a week of exciting political shadow boxing, the two principals are due to square-off face to face this Sunday.

Interesting political times lie ahead and I can already forecast that the cabinet tenures of William Ruto and Sam Ongeri are no longer tenable. Will they wait till Sunday or will they resign to pre-empt the inevitable?

The Prime Minister's unprecedented action to suspend two ministers accused of corruption over the weekend has produced the desired political effect.

First, the normally laid back and timid president was compelled to swiftly react to the suspensions and three days later, he is still issuing statements from State House to reassure the public and others that all is well in the coalition. Secondly, the suspension also triggered a flurry of political upheavals locally, seeing that both PNU and ODM National Executive Committees calling meetings. Religious leaders have not been left behind. Thirdly, the international and local media have become very excited and the story has been headline news for four days running. Fifthly, and perhaps most importantly, it has raised the profile of Raila Odinga among Kenyans and international development partners that he is indeed committed to fighting against grand corruption in Africa. Even the US State Department issued a statement urging the two partners to work together in order not to derail constitutional reforms or the fight against corruption. Powerful people may have made diplomatic phone calls between Nairobi and Tokyo.

Having said that, and speaking as a one with their ear on the ground, and unless a miracle happens, I do not think William Ruto will still be Agriculture minister by this time next week. Neither will Ongeri be Education minister by then. If they do not step aside for three months (which is what ODM wanted), then they most certainly will be reshuffled to other ministries (PNU’s preference). Whichever way it ends up, something must move, will it be the collapse of the coalition? I do not think so.

But what happens to Rift Valley’s self-proclaimed and proud Kingpin William Ruto? Will he take a transfer or a suspension or a sacking lying down? Unlikely. I do not think Ongeri has the political legs to resist anything but for William Ruto, it is a different story. Rather than step aside, William Ruto may step down as Minister, and follow that up with resigning from ODM.

Ruto is certain to want to show his political muscle and he may even resign his seat in ODM and quit the party before the president and the prime minister square off on Sunday. There are no official secrets in the GCG and it may even be that William Ruto has already been told to prepare for an exit and prepare himself for a soft landing. No other landing can be softer than dealing the ODM a body blow.

Ruto’s departure from ODM will mark the end of a very eventful marriage, but that is a story for next week. In case he defects, Ruto will necessitate a by-election in Eldoret North and he will most certainly be re-elected on UDM ticket. (Remember it is only the PM who has done this before, when he quit FORD-K for NDP in 1997). Ruto may want to shatter this record.

This will also mark the official launch of Ruto's presidential campaign, modeled along the lines of a similar campaign by Kalonzo Musyoka three years ago. Howerver, the big question remains: Is PNU honest with Ruto? Is PNU willing to nominate him back to the GCG cabinet? Who will be sacrificed for Ruto from among the PNU ministers? Perhaps Ali Mwakwere's loss of petition is god-sent for PNU. But then again, will Coast accept their docket to be given away? Will Ruto's political constituency, meaning supporters, local councillors, MPs want to defect en-mass with him, or will they bid their time until the parliament is dissolved?

In replacing William Ruto, ODM may choose to test the resolve of the William Ruto group by offering the Agriculture docket to someone like Isaac Ruto or Joshua Kutuny. Politics is a game of chess and a cabinet post in Kenya's government carries huge fringe benefits more so if it is the Agricultural docket which is the largest docket of those that ODM got in the power sharing arrangement. If a Ruto supporter accepts to be reappointed as Agriculture minister, and they are put on the campaign trail in Rift Valley, this will seriously complicate Ruto’s presidential campaign that has been largely hinged on galvanising ethnic support. ODM may even choose to move Ruto’s friend and comrade Najib Balala to the Agriculture docket and give Balala’s tourism docket to a Rift Valley politician like Musa Sirma. Semeni n’gweee?

To be continued............

Meanwhile, why is everyone talking about three months suspension. Why not two months or four months? Has this got anything to do with an earth shaking announcement from the ICC, expected to be made in the coming weeks?

Post written by Phil and posted by Chris for technical reasons.


Anonymous said...

The glue that held ODM together is no more - the hatred for Kikuyus. When the glue is no more and the center can no longer hold, things fall apart. So KABILA ADUI mantra is no longer an election winning strategy come 2012. Will the ODM Captain invent another bogey tribe? Everybody watch-out desparate times call for desparate tactics!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are wishful thinking from desparate and sycophants of Raila.William Samoe Ruto is going nowhere.Mezeni wembe.Musa sirma will not even win a civic seat in his own backyard

Hari Sheldon said...


You wrote:

"ODM may choose to test the resolve of the William Ruto group by offering the Agriculture docket to someone like Isaac Ruto or Joshua Kutuny"

WTF! These two are cheap common thugs! And ODM would consider them as ministers? How can they be trusted? Wouldn't ODM be setting themselves up for another bruising battle?

Phil, I have followed a lot of your analysis here and on Jukwaa. Unfortunately (for you), I get the distinct impression you operate on extremely short-term solutions for long-term problems, which has been the bane of our politics.

Anonymous said...

If PNU continues to play hardball with ODM, ODM must be prepared to ask for an inventory of the NYS, Police, Army, Civil Service, and parastatals by a neutral, and probably an audit committee made of 42 Kenyans each chosen from the 42 nations of Kenya.

This will expose the dangerously high levels of members of one nation that has the potential to be a source of persistent instability in these institutions, especially the uniformed forces.

Anonymous said...

ODM should Insist on making it be known to Kenyans that having the districts (46, Nairobi should be excluded in all these deliberations) as unit of devolution as insisted by PNU will promote tribalism yet agenda number 4 of the national accord abhors it and even the commission set up by Kibaki himself detests it. Further, the districts/counties will be directly abused and misused by leaders at the national level. The districts/counties will be unable to generate sufficient resources to stand on their own and as such will have to depend on the goodwill of the national government.

Anonymous said...

. Have policy pillars in the party that cannot be changed even it forming alliances with other parties. These pillars should guide it in the current approach to constitutional- making process. It should be able to stand its ground and refuse to yield even if means not getting a new constitution coalition government. It should not allow itself to be rushed through by PNU who is interested in protecting the interests of Mt. Kenya and not those of the whole nation. These pillars include but not limited to:

a. Insist on a truly devolved government with three levels of government (national, regional and county).

Anonymous said...

For those who have not had a chance to read the Naivasha- R-HDC and the Wako/Kilifi document that was rejected at the 2005 national referendum, the two (Naivasha-R- HDC and the Wako/Kilifi) are the same only that the language has been changed in the former!

The Naivasha- R-HDC document was written specifically for the residents of MK region and it has nothing good for the people of Kenya.

I would encourage those who have not read both of these documents to carefully study to be able to make informed opinion on the schemes the MKL have put in place.

Given that the marriage between PNU and ODM has not worked, ODM has to be bold and go back to what it promised wanainchi during the run-up to the 2007 general elections. It should not play subservient to PNU but must be bold to expose the rot in PNU schemes and reclaim its position in the country and specifically in Rift Valley and Coast provinces.

UrXlnc said...

phil very interesting observation/analysis

i think ruto us quite smart and would not put his political life on the line and risk losing it all. up to this point all his political decisions have almost always earned him a cabinet post implying a very shrewd political planner. PNU would be a risk with potential terminal effect. i doubt he will bite that bait, he'll let or sacrifice other smaller fish to bite the bait first (omingo magara comes to mind).

but you are right a lot will happen very soon so lets see how the events unfold

kumekucha umepotea sana, vipi?

Anonymous said...


Please spare us this crap!

I think Chris once told you and I quote "Read my lips, ODM is finish". Did u forget that, or you are still hanging with hope?

Let me make it painless as possible; your god raila's political career is OVER!!! Do yourself a favour and join another cult or even better join Esther Arunga and Hellon, after all they are running for the top job 2012.

M. Pesa said...

Yenyewe sielewi!

Why did Raila appoint Ruto into the cabinet knowing very well he had a land grabbing case at the high court back in year 2007/8?

When a motion of no confidence on Ruto was brought into Bunge by Bonnie Khalwale due to the Maize scandal, why wasn't Ruto asked to step aside by ODM until he was cleared? Surely, the same info Khalwale and Public Accounts Committee used to implicate Ruto was the same info used by Price Waterhouse.

When Kenya Airports Authority provided evidence that Ruto had grabbed another land near Wilson Airport where he's erecting a 5star hotel, why wasn't he asked to step aside by the ODM Captain?

Why now? Hope it doesn't have anything to do with the new constitution!

Vikii said...

Has Raila Odinga's purported suspension of the two government ministers "elevated his profile among Kenyans and Development partners as someone committed to fighting graft"?
Yes, it has among that brand of Kenyans and 'development partners' who see governance virtues through the prism of Railaism.

Two fundamental questions arise out of this proclamation; One, if Raila Odinga was desirous of ridding the government of corruption and if the best way of doing that was by asking government ministers to shoulder the responsibilities of the junior staff working under their watch, why would he personally as the overall minister in charge of the Office of the Prime Minister be so unwilling to shoulder those of Mohamed Isahakia and Caroli Omondi? If William Ruto's PA wrote a letter asking an individual be granted 1000 bags of maize as the PWC report tells us (and this 1000 bags was never granted, right?) and if that alone is sufficient grounds for suspension of the minister, why would Mohamed Isahakia's meddling that reulted in the actual allocation of 10,000 bags to a company he co-owns not sufficient reason for Raila Odinga's suspension of himself? Phil needs to answer this question; How are these two different? If he is fighting corruption and not political opponents, don't common sense and objectivity demand that he steps down, actually that he leads the way?

The second concern that arises out of Raila Odinga's posturing as a committed anti-graft crusader is this; Assuming, even at the risk of appearing stupid, that Raila is actually genuinely irked by official corruption and that he wants to fight it,constitutionally does he have the power to suspend ministers he did not apppoint without the consultation and concurrence of the President? If President Mwai Kibaki who is the head of the Kenyan government cannot legally cause William Ruto to vacate his office without Raila Odinga's concurrence, where on earth does Raila derive the powers to do just that to Prof. Ongeri without the approval of the President? So if we want to be seen to be fighting corruption, can we only achieve that extra-constitutionally?

It is very easy to turn a clear case of somebody violating the constitution into a 'contest between those for and against corruption'. Does the end justify the means?

When Raila Odinga was prodded by the media on whether he had consulted the President before his illegal 'suspension' of ministers, he answered that there had been requisite consultations "within government". According to this man, just like according to Daniel Moi, 'government' is synonimous with his person. He is the government and that is why when he got a few of his friends at the political rally at the Mau the other day, he said "the government will be there planting trees".

About whether the political theories cooked by Phil--appointment to the cabinet of Sirma, Kuttuny, Isaac or the transfer of Najib Balala, those are sideshows. That is the burden of the ODM party and I do not see why it should affect us non-members. Martha Karua had afterall led the Kibaki side in the Serena talks in resisting the inclusion of Ruto in government. If I may quote her, "they were unwilling to welcome murderers into government". Raila and his juggernaut could hear none of it and it is now time for them to own their myopia!.

Will William Ruto still be minister for Agriculture "a time like this next week(read Friday next week)"? Oh yes. Why not?

Anonymous said...

Let me ask all of you.What why do you think Kibaki has sought audience with Raila? Dont you think Kibaki is likely to toe Raila`s line of sacking corrupt ministers like Ruto?

Kibaki has to beg from too sides; Raila`s and Ruto. Raila because without Raila it will be very difficult for Kibaki to rule this country and Kibaki needs Ruto to support Jimmy in 2012 election.

Raila is known to be tough and can easily tell Kibaki off on his face. I bet that on Sunday`s meeting he will say exactly that.

People thought that Raila can be finished through Ruto.That is very wrong. Ruto need raila than raila need Ruto and soon you will discover that.

deroo said...

Why does Phil lie. What part of the world does he live in? Sorry, I have said this. Will it change ODM's prospects??? Turn around the TITANIC!

Hari Sheldon said...

What is the world coming to?
For once, I find what Vikii wrote makes sense.

deroo said...

When the NARA Accord was signed, on the same day, I said Raila was short-changed. All he got was the appointment as PM. Period. Only KImi supported me on that. For two years, I have been on about dictatorship and fact that Raila will not be President or anything.

Everything has worked out against him. PEV suspects, Mau, parliamentary system of governance, and now maize corruption, involving his family, a proxy Mike Njeru and one of his main sycophants sister (actually charged in court).

Does he have the moral high ground to talk corruption, governance and even lead a political party???


Anonymous said...

WAR - " by all neccesarry means "

Never before has so few Kenyans declared OPEN WARFARE against so many.

Kenya has never been at WAR since independence, this WAR that it finds itself in MUST be WON

KEEP IT HERE. WAR against CORRUPTION inashika ......

Anonymous said...


the defination of a party scrapping at the bottom of the barrel... when just getting Kibaki to comment on raila's rantings is described as a 'victory'

Ruto is going nowhere. neither is Ongeri

Anonymous said...

Visualise and ESCALATE:

WAR against CORRUPTION soundtrack and video competition is now official

Lyrics to include : Voices of children crying for help, Goldenberg, Trinitron , Ugali , MAU MAU, MOA and MAU , IDPs gased by police , Milk wastage , Malnutrition and Starvation , Resource misallocation , Majimbo , Tribal hate and much much more.

Awards will be announced for the best video and soundtrack. Cash prices (we promise not from graft funds) will also be paid out for vivid depiction of the effects of IMPUNITY.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the "succession" deal that was struck when Kibaki visited Raila's Rural home in Bondo for Omena lunch?

Anonymous said...


naata yu? being gay,an idiot plus a tribalist is such a dangerous combination. What are kalonzo's plans? forget agwambo he is heading nowhere and i wonder why you keep on repeating it to the converted. Who between kalonzo your god, uhuru, saitoti,ruto etc will be the pnu candidate?

Anonymous said...

Since William Ruto declared that come 2012 he will be among the aspirants for the presidency,Raila odinga and the group felt threaten.They said they were going to finish william ruto if you can remember the boxer reuben ndolo once said,so if somebody can be sacked by road side without involving the other principle, that raised alot of question than answers.Its look like if u dont support Rao then u r undemocratic,corrupt and nonreformist.Come 2012 mtaona dusty.

Phil said...

what many posters here fail to acknowledge is the fact that William Ruto serves as Agriculture minister at the pleasure of the Prime Minister who nominated him to that position. It is all there in black and white on the NARA accord.

What is shocking is that most people view this as a factional fight within ODM rather than a bold move by the PM to slay grand corruption and impunity in Kenya...You can all see how Kibaki dreads this...

M-pesa you must remember that the NARC government, especially after the 2005 referendum was not the same government Kenyans voted for overwhelmingly in 2002. While I cannot defend Ruto for his corruptions cases, we have to ask why NARC did not see it fit to call Moi to account for siphoning US$2Billion of our money. They could not also put Kiraitu to task, a man who was caught on tape by John Githongo abetting corruption. The same Martha Karua Vikii keeps yapping about never raised a finger when Kenyans were being robbed in broad daylight through Anglo Leasing. Martha herself is on record having done nthing when Pattni was buying a blanket amnesty by giving up Grand Regency Hotel to individuals at the house in the hill. Hypocrisy will not take us anywhere and the war must start somewhere even if Kibaki remain frightened.

I keep saying to some villagers here that it is NOT A MUST that Raila Odinga must be president or prime minister. Our search for good governance, democracy and better living conditions for all Kenyans does not start and end with Raila. He may have already done his part. May be, may be not. It will be for Kenyans to choose.

But liabilities like Moi, Kibaki, Kalonzo and others are like eternal curses on our country. We shall overcome though.

ODM as a party cannot protect corrupt leaders, never. It is not the first time Ruto is running for president and I wish him luck for 2012. Before that, can he please step aside so we can actually confirm that he was clean in the maize saga? The maize that was being sold without moving out of the NCPB warehouses was under his watch. What is so difficult about this? Did Mwiraria or Murungaru or even Kimunya ever ask Kibaki to resign with them????

The prime minister can be removed by a simple majority in bunge, why cant these imbeciles move that motion? One wonders!

JEFF said...


The bottom line of all this is the perpetuation of Raila's attempt to grab power through the back door. The history is clear on Raila's tactics - 1982, 2003, 2008 and now 2010. The guy is just power hungry and believes he is the only one who can make an effective CEO of Kenya.

However, it is apparent that this latest attempt has seriously backfired on him. He followed the wrong advise from Miguna Miguna and Salim Lone. Why does he seem to trust these two guys so much more than the elected leaders in ODM?

To say the truth, he is a guy who is full of himself. Ati raising his profile. So was this the objective all along? I have stated before that ODM's fortunes are on a downward spiral and something had to be done to rejuvenate his 'popularity'. And this seems to be it. He played his last card!

JEFF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JEFF said...

The Sunday meeting that Raila was pushing for will not happen, after all.

Phil said...


How can you accuse RAO of wanting to grab power while Kenyans know him as one who delivered Kibaki to state house and also one who currently leads Kenya’s biggest and most popular political party?

The latest suspensions have in fact led cancellation of a full cabinet meeting. So who is the real loser?

The objective was to demonstrate the will to fight corruption and to show transparency on the part of ODM.

Jeff you need to come out of dreamland. How many last cards does the PM have? Or rather, does Kibaki have any cards at all?

Bure kabisa hii watu wa PNU.

After RAO's press conference in Tokyo calmed down the nerves of Kenyans and settled things at NSE, Kibaki now wants to chicken out of his date with the inevitable! Isnt that typical of him as we know him? And again Jeff, who is the real loser?

Anonymous said...


relax before you froth and choke to death. Meeting or no meeting, your god the othayan sloth cannot run the gava without RAO. Procrastinating sijui moving the inevitable meeting to whenever is his own problem. Already his sorry behind is being smoked to give statements ati there's no crisis. If there is no crisis why give a statement? they can continue running round in circles, those night meetings wil not stop the heat building up against the barons and masters of impunity. Remember after 07 elections the thieves thought burying their heads in the sand,hiding in SH, holding night meetings and giving shoot to kill orders would help matters. Didn't the country almost explode in their faces? Both and the sloth and RAO have no choice but to work according to the spirit and letter of the accord which they signed acknowledging that one couldn't govern because of the other. Playing supremacy wars ati the prezis diary is not controlled from the PM office will not wash. RAO has to keep him on his toes otherwise atalala fofofo. Look at the idiot still talking of commitment to fight corruption, the same things he started harping on since 2002. how many corruption related cases have been resolved eight years later? Bashing and fighting RAO is one thing, but reneging on every issue that got him to office is another.He must remember that p'ple did not vote kibz the man in 2002, but more the hope that he would get rid of the rot that characterised the nyayo error. After all, he of the mugumo tree had been on the ballot a zillion times and no one really cared. Corruption must be seen for what it is and this Raila fighting business that many p'ple have made a career never got anyone far. We want our country back!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya's pseudo "religious leaders" have always been left behind by events in Kenya since the cruel and dirty old days of Nyayo's village politics. They are only for climbing on every bandwagon issues as expected.

None of these so called religious leaders ever speaks out against current evils, injustices, corruption, unwanton destruction of human life and property that still continues to take place in Kenya on daily basis.

They have all become prophets for profit ("game-faced-clergy") rather than prophets who have the courage, integrity, faith, zeal, tenacity and religious conviction to stand up to King David (Kenyan politicians) and rebuke them for killing 1000s and 1000s patriotic Uriahs of Kenya in order to take their wives (Bathsheba aka republic of Kenya) into chambers of greed, corruption, ethnic strife and consequent self-destruction. [2 Samuel 12:9-12:10]

On the other hand, Ruto's resignation after the fact will not win him any political capital nor any more tribal (sorry I meant ethnic) mileage nor clanish empathy.

Nor will the move earn him a stay-away-from-the-Hague-jail-free-card. The political domino effect and the anticipated fallout have just began and the heads of many PNU/ODM big-wigs will roll and follow Ruto's downward spiral, sooner or later.

Is "Ruto's presidential bid is already completed"? Yes it is, that is within his immediate region but it will never be completed in other regions of the country.

Kenyans now know who he really is and they waiting to see which ethnic community or communities will be singled out for "cleansing" after his exit his ministrial cage (post if you will)as well as during the 2012 general elections.

Ruto is now a wounded cat turned political beast and he will resort to the usual fight or flight instictual ethnic mentality that has become a weapon of choice of many politicians in the country.

The only difference, this time, is that he will be dealing with high stakes presidential politics, where there is no second place (like Kalonzo's infamous miraculous last minute medal choice) but a win or an induction into political oblivion or worse into the jails at Hague by 2013.

In the meantime, will Kibaki or Raila imerge winners at the end of the day or when the dust has settled to some extent?

I don't think so like many Kenyans out there, because people are fed up, they are sick and tired of the same old same old politics of negative ethnicity, greed, corruption, recklessness and egocentric personalities that have been carried/brought forward from Moi's twenty-some years of total darkness, ignorance and underdevelopment.

Mbaka Ndungu aka Mr. Fatcat said...

This is an ODM internal war being dragged to the whole coalition.Even Phil doesnt come out as being very honest when he wants it to be seen as a war against corrutption.He starts his post very well mentioning Ruto and Ongeri in the same breath on corruption but then drops Ongeri and corruption and dwells entirely on Ruto and various scenarios concerning his ambitions,by reading between the lines its very clear the sudden interest by RAO to fight corruption is a well calculated move to cut William Samoei Ruto to size and at the same time take advantage of the ensuing confusion in government to try and throw off course the constitutional review after it emerged that ODM wasnt too happy with the Naivasha accord and the way Ruto was seen as siding with Uhuru to push through the PNU agenda.Could this be the real reason thats making Ruto be crucified?

Lukaine said...

people basically what you are saying is that given the same circumstances you woud have ate like Ruto and Ongeri....Infact you have been day dreaming about it thinking what car you would have been driving and...that house...ohhh that house in Runda if only you could eat like the ministers....Why DUMBSHIT you are Kenyan and you have been brought up hero worshiping corruption!

Hari Sheldon said...


All that you are writing sounds good and fine.

When Raila named his share of the government, he included many well know thugs. Now you write and I quote: "ODM as a party cannot protect corrupt leaders, never.". You mean Raila never knew about Ruot and YK92?

Orengo has just been lately snuggling up to Pattni, the grand master of corruption in Kenya. You do not mention that.

Unfortunately, the crooks are both in ODM and PNU and however much you try to whitewash ODM, it can't and won't work.

Like I said, short-term thinking.

JEFF said...


You say..."The objective was to demonstrate the will to fight corruption and to show transparency on the part of ODM."

This is where he went wrong. This happens to what end? The will to fight corruption should start from the party leadership. Who are the key leaders in ODM? How did they acquire wealth? Were they vetted before being accepted in ODM? Is ODM more clean than the others?

You seem to be either naive or suffering from selective amnesia. You know that you don't win an election in Kenya with vows to fight corruption. You win by assembling a retinue of so called tribal chiefs and promising them (rent-seeking, plum) positions. You even don't bother with their backgrounds, so long as they can deliver the crucial votes. That is the fact. That is how Raila got the PM position.

Now, at what point did Raila discover that some of the guys in government are corrupt? I think this is the big issue. You will agree with me that this is pure politics. Even the press has noticed the gimmick, going by Miguna Miguna's complaints that the press is not advancing ODM's views.

Furthermore, you by now know that what he did is illegal as it is against the constitution. A general manager cannot fire or suspend an employee just because the CEO has failed to act on his recommendation.

The public posturing by Raila is not doing any good to him. Like an ignored kid fighting to be notice. Raising profile?

Then there is this obsession with 'government'. When Raila refers to government, who is he actually refering to. This "the govt will be in Mau" and "there were consultations within govt" comments are a symptom of somebody who is obviously purporting to exercise powers that do not belong to him. What do you call such a person?

deroo said...

Phil, you amaze and will never cease to amaze. Phil, you need a good refreshing to understand that everything you have been talking about with a brag for the last two years is not going to work out.

Was it not ODM that announced to the world this week that there was a CRISIS? Was it not ODM that said they were going to SHOOT down the Constitutional Review Process?

And fighting against corruption, and let us assume that William Ruto resigns because Prof Misoi at NCPB and PS Kiome have stepped aside, why should Raila's PS and main man step aside and he remains.

If Prof Ongeri has to resign because Prof Karega is gone, why should Raila not resign and there is glaring evidence that implicates him in all wrong-doing, including WASTING Sh 25 million for an audit that had already been carried out and found his relations and friends culpable.

From me to you, ODM is gone, the dream dead and look for another party.

Analysts know that ODM wanted to infane a certain kind of EUPHORIA with this one, but it has just failed to catch the fire. The EUPHORIA could have shot down the costitution and taken the countyr by storm through the REFERENDUM to 2012.

A reminder and this is not the second or thrid time, LAMEDUCK PNU changed when there was a change of guard among the president's advisers and you dont need to look far to notice that.

Sadly for ODM, prepare for a WIPER revolution, the kind of one that put buffers on the tracks this week.

deroo said...

Raila never knew that Kajwang, Ruto, Kosgey (x2), Mudavadi, himself have grey areas that people would take advantage of? The meeting is off. Raila should concentrate on his ODM diary and stop exciting Phil. Phil, in this post has been over-excited for nothing. Absiolutely nothing. He even knows when others are going to resighn and be replaced? This is not Nyatanga Salon in Kibera, BONDO CDF or Kisumu Mollases Factory. There is a government in place. Full of corrupt ODM campaigners.

Can you rush COUNSELLORS to Phil please. Just in case

Anonymous said...


ODM is shinking, don't be the last rat on board. Scamper, lad, scamper!

Anonymous said...

@7:20 AM

Will you step to the sidebar @Kumekucha (away from Phil's post, "The Imminent Resignation William Ruto") for a minute.

Are you speaking for yourself and yours? Or is it projection galore?

Kenyans are not different from their counterparts in Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East and worst of all in North America.

Who in the diaspora or in the above named continents doesn't dream of driving the latest models of vehicles, owning a house (lol! "a home") in the most affluent suburbs of their nations?

How long have you lived in the disapora or wherever you are at the moment?

Have you upgraded you zip-code and lifestyle in general? Have you realised your ultimate dream that brought you to where you call home in 2012?

Or are you still struggling with bitterness, frustrations, envy and watts of anger?

Anyway, hero worship is thee staple addiction in the west. That's why every rich or poor kid is brought up wanting to be a "superstar," a "hero" (whatever that neans in 2010) or "someone famous" for fifteen minutes.

There is nothing wrong (no alternative for many) with habouring such deep seated personal dreams if one is raised under the constant burdensome religious influences of consumerism, greed, corruption, Hollywood, Wall Street seduction, etc.

I have no doubt that Africa, including Kenya, wakes, walks, rests and sleeps on the dirty bowls, pots and glorfied cemeteries (graves) of corruption.

Well, well, well! What do you call the current millions of dollars in bonuses that are still being paid out by the very the firms that nearly brought about a near-melt down on Wall Street and the collapse of world wide economies? Was it hardwork, good ethcis, greed, corruption or politics as usual?

Talking of the very bonuses that are paid out to a select few in the name of "good performance" at the end of every fiscal cycle?

I have always thought of corruption as corruption by any other name regardless of whether it rares its ugly head on the African continent or in the western hemisphere. Of course I am always aware that two wrongs don't equal a common good nor the greater good.

BTW, what was your point? That given the same circumstances we would have done what was done on Wall Street, failed and turned around asking for a handout (lol! "bailout plan").

Anonymous said...

I'm new around here, seems like a cool place though. I'll be around a bit, more of a lurker than a poster though :)
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Anonymous said...

Delusion is contagious. It is choking everybody in the PM's office. From Raila thinking he is the govt, to Miguna thinking PM means Co-President, to Lone imagining Sunday meeting with the president and announcing it to the media. How do we create a coherent nation with people like these?

And now here we have to deal with Phil who thinks that his mental masturbations are facts. Are people raised in some cultures more prone to delusions than in others?

deroo said...

Ati Sirma is GOVERNOR? Wa nini? He cannot stand a swollen William Ruto tide or at a lower rang, Joshua Kutuny. What a weekend it will be in Rift Valley

Anonymous said...

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