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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tested Manual: How to Rule More Than 24 Yrs


Anonymous said...


Kindly delete this senseless post and allow us to concentrate on the previous one by Phil who had put more brains into his words.
We have already seen these photos elsewhere and clearly you are deficient in between your ears to add anything sensible.


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:52

If you don't like the post, why not just avoid it and wait for the next one or still peruse the blog and still comment on those you fancy instead of croaking daily like a frog?


The only men I truly respect in the last photo are Kikwete of TZ and Kagame of Rwanda. Kagame has truly transformed Rwanda into a buzzing economic hub whose economy is growing by over 10% annually while women make up half of parliament in representation.

Investors are flocking the tiny land locked nation in droves while avoiding Kenya like plague which has persistently been voted the most corrupt in East and Central Africa. Kenya is also seen by many investors as politically unstable due to greedy leaders jostling for power daily through violence manner. Kibaki's swearing in at night has not been positive news either.

Kikwete on the other hand is a gentleman and a man of his words who is slowly pulling TZ from it's lazy economic polices and into a vibrant working nation. As for Arap Moi- AKA- the giraffe that sees far-the professor of politics-blah blah... if there was any justice in Kenya, this old man would be rotting in Kamiti for crimes against the resilient people of Kenya.

Museveni's on the other hand is a notorious dictator who rules Uganda with an iron fist while stealing land from neighbouring countries as in Migingo's case or just interfering in wars in Somalia, Burundi, S Sudan and Congo. It just goes to show he's a reckless bully who wants to be president of East Africa Community by any means when we fully integrate!


Did you know which is now the most notorious crime spot in Nairobi that you should avoid between 11pm and 5.30 am? Be warned accordingly!

Anonymous said...

This Taabu need to be hounded out of this site. Taabu is nothing but a very jealous troubled little stupid man. bure kabisa.
He was born a poor man and will die painfully poor.

Anonymous said...

wewe Taabu wacha,
E.Africa's FINEST wamekufanyia nini?

Anonymous said...

Why are people so stupid? Honestly, why?

”All eyes however, will be focused in Bungoma …..when the political future of Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa is put on the line when he hosts a Simama Kenya financially backed rally in Bungoma " - Verdict NON STARTER - BURIED ALIVE

It will be an uphill task to climb out of this” setback” read disaster. Its easy to spend money yapping about the youth without any rock solid agenda or ideology that address their plight. Let’s assume all this was about the youth. How was Wamalwa chosen and who were on that shortlist ... they never bothered, because as in the old days - that’s how” projects” were run. The only difference is that this project is being run through proxy. If they actually cared/bothered about the youth this Simama hydra would get a shortlist of literarily a thousand and one capable ,astute, able and willing youth with solid track records , better education & leadership qualities to choose from , not forgetting " real life experience " - people whose parents struggled with their school fees , their water was cut from time to time because they could not pay bills or no water and electricity if they lived in the country side, they had to survive in school, one pair of socks with holes , uniform had to be washed at night to be ready for school the next morning - survived due to their intelligence and hard work. Todays ”Self Made” real people with real Kenyan experience and with fresh ideas.

Is simama talking about the” real” misery of the youth? The best person to lead and solve the youth’s problems is one who has experienced what they are trying to solve in the first place. A privileged class experience and golf club idea is what put us in this mess. Our agendas are different. These home grown “foreigners” to your real life experience will never choose somebody capable to solve your problems, they always anoint one of their own - you can take as security to Equity Bank.

I guess the real question to Sir Jimmy since he is the patron for this ”youthful change” scheme is - what exactly is the reason for his support? What failures were committed by the presidency pre and post PEV and how did he reach the conclusion that Wamalwa will be the best person to solve them as President, who was the runner up ?

How did those problems affect the youth and country in general and what has he himself done, seen to be doing or been doing to address them pre and post PEV. If he answers these questions honestly starting with the mistakes and logically following up with effects, his contributions and how Wamalwa will solve them, we might just start to believe him otherwise as it stands any intelligent man realises that since” its not business as usual” he’s just been woken up from the bubble that is state house and handed a script for protecting their gains and maintaining the privileges from outside.

This hydra was a little premature regarding the presidency. The rules of engagement has been changed at Naivasha , the players of this Simama Kenya con have been exposed watch out for the next tentacle – but I can guarantee you it will be with these same players marketed to benefit the youth but geared to protect their interest. If we fall for it again without hard questions Kenya will remain the same. You will remain having the biggest freshwater lakes in Africa , drought , starvation while irrigating Egyptian farms, Matatus hold people hostage , while the rail system is sold off to their fellow “ foreigners “ and assets used for bank loans that have nothing to do with transportation citizens squatting while mass tracts of land is held for speculation etc e. I can go on for ages with problems caused by these “ home grown foreigners “ but suffice it to say real change can only come through real people -be very afraid when privileged names bandy around other privileged names as the best thing that has happened to you.

There is really no substitute for stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Ngoroko thug, the third from left.

Anonymous said...

How can you scrap a colonial presidency and replace it with a colonial precidency.

Who can face a president who will be handing out ministries to his friends, tribes and party followers.

Who will be really leading the parliament to secure it's independency? A PM could have been the best.

Who will be appointing the Judiciary to make sure it is independent?

How will be the senetors chosen? This will be increase corruption totally. Pay an amount (or follow me) and I'll make you a senetor.....I am an MP,...I am a President.

Poor Kenya! The PSC have done wrong to our country.

This constitution will not save Kenya from opression. Prove me wrong in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Mau Thieves, Maize thieves, Y92 Thieves, Goldenberg thieves, etc will always continue to rule Kenya, because Kenyans are blind and s....

Kumekucha rafiki. Dont sleep.

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