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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why did Uhuru call Raila "stupid"?

Break ups are very nasty things indeed. Very few people are able to manage them, let alone live with the new reality they present to the two individuals concerned. And I am talking about relationships where those concerned are passionately and deeply in love with each other.

Najib Balala and Raila Odinga were once inseparable. I remember the tearful moment during the ODM presidential nominations in late 2007 when the handsome mzee from the Coast publicly stepped down in favour of “the Captain.” Not even that Nyagah guy from Embu stepped down for Raila. And this was after Mr Balala had already spent a small fortune campaigning for his presidential bid. I saw Raila shed tears and I said to myself if that man becomes the next president of Kenya then Mr Balala is going to be a very powerful man indeed.

Alas, human relationships are not that predictable. As you read this the two are bitter enemies. Balala took a very direct swipe at his party chief during the controversial Mau fund raiser when he said; “Look at this high table here. This is the future. If you are not here you are not the future.” There was loud mocking laughter at the end of his comment because there was absolutely no doubt who he was referring to as “ NOT being in the future.

Then at the same meeting Uhuru Kenyatta angrily said that “there are some people who are very stupid.” He quickly recovered and tried to make excuses saying that he had never hurled abuses at anybody from a podium in his life. But it was too late and again it was clear who the insults were directed at.

The clincher for me came when the increasingly busy (politically) Jimmy Kibaki addressed a meeting and started by telling people that he had brought greetings from Honorable William Ruto. Who is Ruto?

So what the hell is going on?

Why don’t we start by asking what has caused this bitter break up. Remember that in a real relationship the true reasons are sometimes so petty that neither of the parties will even talk about them. At other times they are so serious that they will talk of nothing else. So which is it in the case of Balala and the man who shed tears because of him not too long ago? I believe the Raila/Balala problems started with very petty issues like Balala not getting enough attention and not being given quality time. But they quickly escalated to more serious issues like the involvement of the said gentlemen in the post election skirmishes. Indeed on the surface this seems to be the same reason that Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta are so bitter against the Prime Minister. But why should they be so bitter and yet the PM has dutifully protected all the murderes in ODM and has even defied Ocampo and stuck with his fellow principal Mwai Kibaki in insisting on a local tribunal to try post election violence suspects. For my slower readers a local tribunal means that the real culprits will go scot free no matter how much noise Kenyans make. Muta-do?

Some analysts believe that it is all political and that is why Balala, Uhuru Ruto etc are under the banner of KKK. This KKK rubbish is meant to signify the union of three major tribes in 2012, namely Kamba, Kikuyu and Kalenjin. Actually in my book the real name for this ridiculous “contraption” that will never work is Kalonzo, Kenyatta and Kipruto (the order is significant). But that is a story for another post very soon.

Let me admit to you folks that the real reason why there are such bitter feelings of animosity towards the PM is still a mystery to me. But I am digging and you guys know that when I start digging I never quit until I am able to solve all my mysteries and cold cases.

But the Jimmy Kibaki mystery I have already solved and I will tell.

Remember how I have said in many posts here that Mwai Kibaki’s schemes are usually so perfect that they never work? Well the president is still at it. If a leopard can ever get rid of its spots then you can expect that he will change soon. Admittedly in this case the president is borrowing heavily from the political notes of one Jomo Kenyatta who often fanned battles between his close lieutenants and then supported both sides, even going as far as financing both sides. Once upon a time Kenyatta had let loose Tom Mboya to destroy Odinga Oginga (Raila’s dad) and he gave hefty donations to both sides so that Oginga started believing that Mboya was acting on his own. Fast forward to the present and the president is fully backing Raila Odinga in the Mau battle. But he is also fully backing Ruto and the KKK alliance.

P.S. I stand by my headline in the last post where I asked if Ruto will survive. My opinion is that both Ruto and Raila are finished politically (only that they don’t know it yet.) However Ruto will fall first and Raila may survive even to the next presidential elections where it will dawn on him at the very last minute that his time (politically) is up. Hold me to account for this prediction, if I forget.


Anonymous said...

You headline asks why Uhuru called Raila stupid. The answer is simple - he is just who Uhuru called him

Anonymous said...

The tale Raila told in Kisii to counter Ruto and his fiery allies is tale. We know Ruto’s gang benefited from huge tracks of land in Mau. That’s not news. In fact, all those who own land in Mau and other forests should surrender it.

Kibaki in his first term evicted settlers from Mau forest. Raila ganged up with Ruto and his allies denouncing Kibaki and introducing hate and tribal politics.

When campaigning 2007 presidential elections, Raila and allies perfected hate politics and used Mau to settle scores with Kibaki and assured settlers they wouldn’t be evicted. Raila scored political mileage and won Kalenjin votes. I don’t sympathise with the catch 22 Raila has put himself. Ruto and allies perfecting what their master taught them. Kibaki has last laugh as Raila’s hate politics returns to haunt him.

Raila’s crusade over Mau could be given a holistic impetus if he set an example by surrendering Kisumu Molasses Plant land, which Ndung’u report identified as one many dished illegally out by Moi for political favours.

All big sharks still clinging on grabbed land should equally surrender it. That way, poor folks in Mau will feel they are not being discriminated. Writer of Animal Farm novel had Kenya in mind when he wrote about some animals being more equal than others. Mau and other forests must be hurriedly cleared of illegal settlers as well as grabbers of public land.

Raila perfects chameleon politics and he's getting a sweet dose of his own medicine from Ruto and his gang

deroo said...

If he said stupid, then it was a little bit low! I have trawled the fund-raiser clips with detail and I am sorry.

On Balala and Odinga, I think they only lasted 6 months after the formation of government. I think that Balala started his arrogance towards Raila after his appointment and things escalated when his kin did not win the ODM backing for the Mombasa mayoral polls. Other problems emanate from the amorphous pentagon.

On the ODM nominations, sorry to say, it was a charade and the juggernaut that traversed the country and foreign lands was cosmetic as it could be to show a sense of democracy within the party. The same reasons that Kalonzo Musyoka could not buy and jumped ship.

Joe Nyaga? Standing against Raila in a Luo dominated party? People were having a laugh. If he could not win a parliamentary seat formerly held by his father and brother, losing to Mutava Musymi shows how petty he was a dreamer. Is there a remote chance that he could beat Raila in ODM? No! Stage-managed mickey mouse nominations? Yes they were a mockery of basic human intelligence.

Speaking from the tower of arrogance that was the Ruto fund-raiser just underlined what many have always said. I think Kimi has been on about the same thing for ages here now.

There are a few things that Uhuru has been trying to show Raila and this particular event was one of them. He was simply telling the man, '...I dont care what you are and I can do what I want...' The statement was clear.

While he might be his own man, which he will convince others, his backyard remains one of the most important things to him. There is every chance that John Michuki, Mwai Kibaki and other Kikuyu bigwigs have thrown him into the deep-end of politics to chart his own way and create his own persona. If true, then they want to see how he does it. That is another reason why the Kiuyu high command, as you rightly say, are behind the thing.

All they will need to do is, to ask their own to stick with their man. And stick they will. It also brings on another argument of Peter kenneth. For starters, he is from Thika and penetrating the Kiambu Mafia is as hard as Nyaga winning against Raila in ODM.

Wonders never cease either, Jimmy KIbaki, someone the Raila worshippers said was behind the Luo-Kikuyu connections, seemed to have jumped ship and making a triumphant entry in a region that virtually no Kikuyu has been in the last two years puzzles as much as it shocks. Why Keiyo and what about the timing. Back to the same argument, MASSADA Complex. They big boy has enjoyed publicity, cheap or deserved in the last few months as he cuts his teeth for Othaya or whatever politics. He will be elected anyway!


deroo said...


Raila/Ruto/Balala was a relationship made in hell and them falling breaking is no surprise. Remember it is Balala who led an ODM rebelling with a clarion call 'No Ruto, No Cabinet' after it was clear the man could not be appointed in cabinet. What did the ODM command at Kumekucha counter my integrity arguments with?

On the Ocampo story, I think Balala was the one who talked of Lesotho and should be in the report, anyway. But look at it Chris. The accusations against Uhuru Kenyatta were made in a statement by Oscar Kingara who presented a confession tape allegedly recorded by Mungiki boys transported to kill others in Nakuru and Naivasha.

And every other Mungiki adherent connected with the tape is dead and cannot offer any tangible evidence. Dead people dont. Do they?

Finally, Ruto will fall still puzzles. How? The kid will only make his presence felt in Rift Valley, which will not amount to falling. He will retain his status as the community's main man and gain the bargaining powers that tribalists so crave for.

Politically, Raila will find it hard to get the near-worship love that he had in the Rift and it will definitely affect his stand.

Look at it that Eastern Province is out of his reach, Central the same, Rift Valley and this includes the Kabila Adui regions of Nakuru, Naivasha and Kinangop, Nairobi is a shared apple at the moment, and more so that all the tribes in the other province abode here.

Raila starts with a beachhead in his Nyanza background and Western, though it will change as time drifts.


Anonymous said...

Uhuru was right to call Raila stupid, for that is what he is. However, being a statesman, Uhuru should have used more refined language such as calling Raila "foolhardy."
Anyway, whatever misfortune befalls Raila, he has asked for it. This is a man who, without qualms, based his entire presidential campaign on hatred and demonisation of the entire Kikuyu community tagging them "kabila adui." He also promised the Meru peole tears if ever he came to power. This is the same man who praised rapists and murderers as freedom fighters during the PEV.
After the Kalenjin people sacrificed their youth to install Raila as the PM, he turns around and withinhuman ruthlessness throws them out Mau. And when the cry, he terms their tears as crocodile tears. This weekend, he went further and called them frogs who cannot stop him (the cow) from drinking water and urinating on the remainder. Yes he can, but God is watching his malicous conduct!!
If Raila is not stupid as Uhuru characterised him, then he is certainly psychotic. Therefore, his continued holding of the PM office is a clear and pesent danger to the welfare of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Raila has perfected tribal and hate politics. What he did on others is bouncing back and biting him, Na mambo bado! He taught Ruto and his allies to use their tongues like sharp razors on others. Now, they are using it on the person who taught them. Of all the people, who could have ever dreamt of a fallout between Raila and Balala and the fiery sppeches he has been making against Raila? I am loving the show.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru and Ruto are irrelevant anyway. By this time next year both guys will be honored guests of one Moreno Ocampo at The Hague.

Let's talk about Peter Kenneth, Gideon Moi, and other more relevant figures.

Anonymous said...

When is Raila going to be stripped naked at Ruring'u Stadium in Nyeri, then clothed in raw animal skins around the loins and made a Kikuyu elder? I am still waiting but my orange kitenge's colour is fading. Poor Raila, he will continue to seek Kikuyu acceptance but it will never come and he will die a tragic man like his father.

deroo said...

To Chris,

You can see how fluid politics is, buddy. Three weeks ago, people were talking of Raila and Kibaki in an agreement that would see power transfer to the other.

That Kikuyu will elect Raila because he is the most trusted one to protect their interests after Kibaki. Did I not challenge all these???

Imagine that even the details of the Bondo visit were not made public. Never.

If you take a close look back, during that week of the Kibaki visit to Bondo, Daniel Arap Moi was active. The most he has been in a long time. Very few people might have noticed it! It was the same week that William Ruto made some statements and Isaac Ruto the same.

I think the person who knew what he was doing was Daniel Moi. The Rutos were not aware of what they were doing. From reliable sources, that was the first time KASS FM reported something against Raila. Even at the worst times, they were pro-Raila, even having a reporter following him across the USA.

Then, Raila even fell for the bait with the MATAPIKO YA MOI; UCHAFU WA MOI statement. All these might have galvanised the Kaloes. They wanted a chance to hit back and walk out and they achieved it in grand-style. Just imagine what they have said.

'Oh, we were told', 'Moi told us', 'Dictator', Interestingly, they were the first to openly say about the Raila family appointments. They have said virtually everything about the man. I felt for him the other day when one of the evictees from Mau even mentioned his name, meaning that the message has trickled to the masses. It is grim!

It even gets grimmer that someone the Kales said they did not trust Kalonzo Musyoka is even sold to them and they see no problem. If he is one of those in the running, then, Raila has a massive mountain to climb.

I know Musalia Mudavadi will hold his cards close to the chest for as long as he can. He is not active at the time due to the wife's health condition but he will make his opinion when the opportune time comes.

Do not be surprised when you hear that leaflets are being circulated in Rift Valley targeting certain communities. If it happens, then, even the shard of light that Raila had will die.


Anonymous said...

The ODM pentagon was a union built on deceit and pure raw greed for power by whatever means and bereft of any meaningful ideology.I wish I used to post with a name instead of anon for I know I predicted this fallout right here at KK during those months of madness of early 2008.The interests of those tribal thugs would always lead to a break up at one point,they dont have anything for the masses,only their selfish interests.!!

Anonymous said...

If Raila can mistreat the Kalenjins like this when he is PM what would he do to them if he was the president. Let us thank God for his mercy.

Anonymous said...

In 2012, either the Luos or the Kalenjins will be a very isolated community. It is unlikely that will not be the Kalenjins. Luos are of no strategin economic importance to the Kikuyus while Kalenjins are. So regardless of the hard feeling occassioned by the PEV, Kikuyus will continue to engage the Kalenjins, after all it is in their best interest.

Anonymous said...

Word is being spread to the Kalenjin youth that Raila was to blame for the deaths of their comrades for lying to them that the election was stolen and inciting them to fight a Luo war. I think the time has come to call a truce between Raila and the Kalenjin leaders. Things could get out of hand very easily.

deroo said...

Did we stop talking about the new constitution? If it happens that it is Yes Yes...wake me up.

From what is happening, the grandstanding is already taking place and if Francis Muthaura can speak publicly about a single entity that gulps Kabila Adui and Mta lia (Njuri Nchekes) and the rest, then expect few changes or no changes.

Then remember my argument before elections about the lie that there will be a new constitution in six months. Even the Bondo CDF constitution cannot be changed in six months.

Now, this time, there is no Kalenjin to be cheated that Ruto will be made a PM that does not exist in the constitution. Well, if they remain as they are Mudavadi will be made VP and where will the PM come from.

Life's interesting! Raila wants to be a ceremonial president? So, as the new constitution says, the president will relinquish his administrative powers to the PM.

See you later guys. Going to watch Arsenal play Chelsea. Join me at the pub mates!


Anonymous said...

Raila needs to back down as he is being very stupid here. It all politics on both sides but he cannot win this one. The Kalenjin leaders have nothing to loose either !

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:21,
The forest act is clear on what should be done about illegal squatters. So even if Rail was president he would still have to enforce law and order. Should we now go rob banks and complain that qe are being "finished" if we the law catches up with us

Anonymous said...

Anon 11/29/09 3:46 AM

If the forest act is that clear Raila would not be under this much pressure. Its not about the trees - its about the humanitarian situation. If Raila was sure he was right, fire the disenting cabinet ministers - I thought he had the power to appoint them? Asking the to resign is spineless.

If you listen to both sides they are both for conservation of the Mau. It is the manner in which it is being done thats is in contention. You cannot decide to suddenly evict people and not plan for the to relocate them... this is not a banana republic where the leaders dont undertand planning.

Anonymous said...

Is it Derek who said...Odinga Dictatorial Movement (ODM)?

Anonymous said...

Raila will win this one hands down...chest thumping by a bunch of non starters some who rode Railas back to stardom like Balala and Ruto are on a one way ticket to oblivion.
Read the mood on the ground....have a feel of what Kenyans are really going through..the elections the violence and the false promises.....the same people who voted in 2007 will vote in 2012..cant they see that! its hilarious

Anonymous said...

IN which country on earth does a Finance Minister start using abusive slurs against his Prime minister?JUST BECAUSE of an opinion... means WE ARE ALL STUPID isnt it, including the power hungry finance minister himself?what a shame? like they say ASANTE YA PUNDA NI MATEKE....and all the donkeys including look alikes were at panafric!

Anonymous said...

I have never supported Raila before but this time round i'm gonna vote for him. I know my sentiments are reflection of the new crop of Kenyan voters. Time has come for Kenya to have a bold, assertive and fearless leader.
For God's sake IDP's have been in filthy camps for 2 years. why should we have mercy on land grabbers who nearly brought Kenya down on it's knees during the KANU era.

Anonymous said...

to my last comment i started at anon 5.48.
when balala says the future is on this high table...he is right because THERE IS A FUTURE IN OBLIVION for that bunch..after 2007..successfully campaigning for Raila like it was worlds you wake up in the morning and tell Eldoret North and Coast ...umm okay i was wrong....i made a mistake VOTE FOR ME the YOUNG many more mistakes will they make at the expense of the country.who is being taken for a ride?
The brady bunch at panafric are going nowhere..few headlines here and i started Raila will win this one hands down.

Anonymous said...

Can they censure PM?

Me doubt it because:

- It means that the Grand Coalition GOVERNMENT WILL LAPSE, HENCE FORCING A GENERAL ELECTION.Dont these silly Mps understand this?

-In the next few days, all those making noise will be fully exposed as far as their raping of the Mau forest is concerned.

-They fear Odinga- He might CALL THEIR BLUFF and actually support their move to force a Genaral election. He has threatened to do so before.rao IS CAPABLE OF DOING THIS.-are these MPs ready for this?

bring it on and we see what will happen.
Lucy will definately talk to Kibaki once someone somber somewhere advises her that a General election means living statehouse before 2012!

Kenya MPs lobby over plot to censure PM

The war between Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his critics is set to move to Parliament as MPs plan a motion of censure against him.

Consultations are at an advanced stage among MPs from the three leading political parties to pass a vote of confidence in the PM, Konoin MP Julius Kones claimed on Sunday.

Dr Kones said MPs dissatisfied with the premier’s leadership would present to the National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende a notice of vote of no confidence against Mr Odinga in the next 14 days.

The MPs are mainly drawn from ODM, PNU and ODM-K.

Dr Kones pointed out MPs (including himself) opposed to the premier’s alleged dictatorial leadership will have tabled the censure motion before parliament breaks off for recess to facilitate the debate early next year when Parliament resumes.

The Konoin MP maintained that Kenyans were not happy in the manner in which the premier had handled the evictions of the Mau squatters and the only remedy to “clip his wings” was the vote of no confidence to serve as a lesson to other would be “heartless leaders” in future.

“It is absurd that Mr Odinga is happy to see squatters being removed from their farms without compensation or being resettled yet it had been agreed in the Cabinet and parliament that either of the options had to be fulfilled before the evictions were carried out,” Dr Kones insisted.

The MP made the remarks during a fundraiser for the construction of classrooms at Embomos secondary school in his constituency.

Dr Kones stated that they would mandate an MP from outside Rift valley province to be the mover of the motion so that Kenyans are not made to belief that the agriculture minister William Ruto who has broken ranks with the premier was behind it.

And in a telephone interview, Cherengany MP Joseph Kutuny also said MPs unhappy with the government’s handling of the Mau Forest evictions plan to censure Mr Odinga in Parliament if the evictees are not compensated.

He said: “If our people are not going to resettled and provided with food and shelter, we might decide to ask him (Mr Odinga) in Parliament to quit.”

He added: “If he fails to ensure the plight of those evicted from Mau is properly addressed, he will have no business to continue as PM.”

Mr Kutuny said his colleagues were waiting to see if the government will fulfil its promise of providing humanitarian assistance to the people removed from Mau and resettling them elsewhere before deciding on motion.

“Unlike the impeachment of President we will only require a simple majority to remove the PM,” Mr Kutuny said.

The removal of squatters from Mau is however being handled by various line ministries and coordinated by Interim Coordinating Secretariat.

Anonymous said...

is the Queen embarrassed to touch Kibs politically blooded and dirty hands

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Watch - Mr Odinga will pull a stupid move in the name of Tsunami

Anonymous said...

The bondo bumpkin is at his wits end as the Circus maximus that is Kenya's politics continues to unfold in a rather predictable manner.

Anonymous said...

Malipo ya dunia ni hapa hapa duniani!
Raila fanned hatred against Kikuyu "Kabila adui yetu", now he must bite the bait! And you haven't seen anything yet... watch this space!

deroo said...

Anon @7.39

Please, I do not hide under any name, identity or aliases. I will not today and never after, do that. If I was to call to Raila STUPID, I will not pull any stops. I am not under any reason to say that the man is STUPID. I dont and will never think so, say or even imagine that Raila Amolo Odinga is stupid. I shall never say so. Mine and Raila's start and end with and at politics and to me, he is not STUPID and he will NEVER be. I will not use Chris' blog to do so. I have my personal respect for Chris and please stop dragging my name to your shenanigans that border on REAL STUPIDITY.

So, the dimwit/airhead/scatterbrain who thinks that I can call Raila so, should think twice before connecting me to that level of thinking.


Anonymous said...

... contd.
A man reap what he sow. Raira sowed hatred and discontent now he must reap the same thing. Raira hey days are trully done and over!

UrXlnc said...


there is so much energy expended on these blogs destroying.

is there anyone else other than mwarang'ethe who can show us what they can build?

it does not require genius to destroy, but it takes diligence, knowledge, guts, skills, etc to build

its all part of our backward mentality to sit at tables pointing at so and so and predict how and when they will fall or fail

it takes genius to sit at the same table and devise innovative strategies that will pull kenyans from the present problems and into a productive and prosperous nation.

i see no harm in pointing out potential pitfalls of poor policy but come on man, we need to build the nation.

Anonymous said...

Wewe wachana na Chris. He is entitiled to his opinion just like you are. We all know you are a Raila bootlicker and you cannot bear to read what is going on around ODM tables. Chris is only reporting what is happening. Sorry to rain on your beloved ODM, my friend. ODM is FINISHED. NO MORE!
If you want to build the nation find another party but not ODM! ODM was built through lies, propaganda, hatred and all manners of evil. And anything built on faulty ground will always crumble!

Green party is the only party for Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Raila's political career is cooked. The only way he can salvage himself is to take a backseat in ODM and hand the running of the affairs to Musalia Mudavadi, otherwise Kenya is in for some confrontational politics.
It might be the too late to salvage ODM, it worth trying. Like a judge said some time back, "It'll be shutting the gate after the horse has bolted." That horse might just decide to back-track.

The best consolation for Raila, after all this drama is that Musalia Mudavadi my end-up
benefitting bigtime from all this political shenanigans.

Raila's politics is synonymous to peeling an onion. For some reason, Raila himself and his opponents are always successful in peeling the onion. Raila has not able to hold on to any of his supporters besides the Nyanza vote. Had he been able to hold onto his supporters, there is no politician that could be able to challenge him. But just like an onion, he is always been peeled and he is always peeling himself of his supporters.

As for this Mau issue, if I was one if confidants, I would let him know that he ought to think globally and act locally. His inability to juggle UNEP/international organizations expectations and local politics is his undoing.

He ought to have handled those that voted for him in a much better manner that he is doing. Those pictures of mothers and kids been rained on by the roadside literally cut umbilical cord between Raila and Kaleo RV, and sure looks like those people are not turning back. I doubt he can make another trip to Chepalugu(?), like he did last week.

Time is not on the side of Raila. He cannot afford to make anymore stupid political blunders.

UrXlnc said...

anon 3:39

actually sometime down the road, one of us will say to the other

"i told you so"

contrary to what most people believe, that is not a statement of triumph but a statement that acknowledges our own shortcomings i.e there was nothing we could about it except talk and talk

fortunately or perhaps unfortunately for you i will still be ODM, the present crisis will have moved on, there maybe or may not be other crisis. and as far as this episode goes, either you will tell me i told you so or i will tell you the same

end result = hot air

then we'll look for more stuff to try to bash each other on

i'd rather keep on the look out for progressive minded people.

neither this nor the next crisis bothers me. the worst was PEV, the atrocities committed then were inexcusable. these other issues are manageable, notwithstanding the horribly inept logistics management of the Mau affair.

Anonymous said...

Your problem is, you've always been a Raila bootlicker but in a very disguised manner. You know how to use 'right' words and sound 'intelligent' but you can fool others but you cannot fool me.
The sooner you realise Raila is not the future/hope of Kenya, that's the day you will start to talk progressive politics. All you do here is kid yourself ati Raila is our 'Joshua' to take kenya in her promised land.

UrXlnc said...

non 4:23

thank you

if indeed am using the right words, and sound intelligent on these blogs, then my objective is achieved. this is a forum that relies on being able to put a point forward via written word and that is what i would have hoped for

how about you?

Anonymous said...

You mean you are that stupid you can't tell sarcasm? Note the words 'right' and 'intelligent' are hyphenated. And you're giving yourself marks, You fool!

UrXlnc said...

yes anon

the words were in single quotes, not hyphenated thank you once again for the literature lesson.

now how about you?

maybe i should spell this out in return for the favor

am using the "right" words and sound "intelligent" ... how about you?

Kipsang said...

Why does Raila think that buying the media (Standard group,Kiss..) to infulence the minds of Kenyans will work.

ALL POLITICS is Local,mashinani,grassroots ....

The majority who live in rural ares listen to radio, and Citizen has better coverage all over , and by far they have been very fair.
KASS FM is God sent, where every one in RV listen 24/7 ..

KTN/Standard on the other hand are obessed witrh Raila , what a shame .A station that we all admired has lost its image..

Watching Kukurukakara on the weekend, they praised the man so much and even insulted others, CHEAP!

This is the end of Raila, whose highest office he will ever hold is Supervisor of Some ODM Ministers !

RV has woken up, and were are saying weve seen the light. We will not relent on our efforts.Just like we resisted the british rule, We will resist the Dictator.

God blees Kenya ! .We are also ready for the Hague, the great RV leader has brought back the unity which even Moi was unable to command. The Hague will come and GO ,BUT RV shall be even more united than before from North to South and just as raila put the Great storm from North to South will push all the Takataka to LAKE VICTORIA !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First things first: Mwai Kibaki is not Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, and he should never be compared to the late Mzee wa Taifa in any way, shape or fashion.

They two are complete opposites and Kibaki will never ever match Kenyatta's political achievements.
Of course it's a known fact that Kenyatta wasn't an angel during his rein as president of Kenya.

Calling Raila "stupid" was a typical case of a kettle calling the pot black.

The son of Johnstone Kamau is now enganged in verbal sparring with the son of Oginga Odinga. Where will it all it end and at what expense?

Uhuru Kamau, could hav used a better choice of words given his own family's sordid political history and business dealings.

Balala should be forgiven for saying "... high table here" rather than "... floor mat there."

He will soon be spending a lot of his time on floor mats after election 2012. In the meantime, Raila's house may be on fire, but Balala's house is already smoldering in ashes.

Balala, the unwise politician ("bendera popo (upepo) kasoro msimamo timamu") will be singing a different tune by 2012, there are several segments of political enclaves the who coast region who are working day and night to make sure he no longer waste their votes by sleeping on the backbenches parliament after 2012.

Who is Jimmy Kibaki? The last I checked he was neither a politician or one of those very successful Kenyan tycoons. Hence, i wonder what constituency he represent in this day and age?

Mirror, mirror on the political walls of Kenya, who will be Kenya's next president, prime minister, vice president and deputy prime minister of Kenya after 2012?

Do you know?

Anonymous said...

Why did uhuru call raila stupid? I will venture a guess. When uhuru left odm (k) raila said he (uhuru) would not be missed because he was there only for sentimental value. I think that statement hurt jomo's boy too much, more than even the 2002 loss which raila engineered. This is only a guess as i dont know uhuru or anyone close to him.

Now about raila and mau. Of course raila is not doing it for us. He suported the kaleos when they were first evicted by the first kibs gava. I think ruto could be on to something when he says raila is after international prestige. And the guy does care about white opinion. There must be something for him. It must be big if he was willing to give up kaleo support for it. Since he stll desperately wants to be prezo, i wonder if he knows something we dont. Like whites will give it to him, somehow. You know the west can make anyone prezo. In other words has he already been assured of the seat regardless of local tribal opinion?

Anonymous said...

of course I know what "hyphenation"/dash means. I wanted to see how petty you are. And yes, single quotes is the the right one in this case!

Mwambu said...

@10:31 PM very sober analysis indeed by you and the essayist, Chris.

I, for one, have always wondered why Kenyans are such an excitable lot akin to kids afflicted with symptoms of ADD and ADHD; incredibly flighty and flaky.

Negroes, much of what we are so excited about today, whether Ruto and Uhuru's dalliance will bear fruit will surely come a cropper; you know it and so do I. By this time next year, Uhuru and Ruto will both be at The Hague- an incontrovertible guarantee. Then what? Will you start shopping for other demi-gods to front another doomed KKK alliance?

* BTW, the KKK is a loser of an acronym being synonymous with the vile white supremacists, the avowedly racist and retrogressive Klu Klux Klan.

Anonymous said...

One person who must be loving this is "kalooser". At least he is no longer the main target of hate comments from the raila fan club. One kaleo recently told me: you people (meaning kalonzo but including every kamba as is done in kenya) were right to deny that man (raila)victory. After kalonzo joined kibs, kambas were being targeted as part of the wider "kabila adui". Now they are being praised for the very same thing! Things do change fast. As someone has said, look at balala. During the odm nominations he appeared like he was ready to die for raila if he was asked to. Now he refers to raila dismisssively as a political tourist. I know political parties die fast in kenya, but back in them days (late 2007/early 2008) I was convinced odm had a future.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed how the vocal Taabu and Raila Fanatic Phil have gone underground after suffocating us for over 1 year with chest thumping allegations of how popular and democratic Raila and by extension ODM is.
Well, no one is reinventing the will, the Holy book clearly states a house built on shaky ground will never wear a storm. ODM party was a well oiled propaganda machine whose foundation was lies and hatred that Kikuyu's had taken over the country from the rest 41 tribes. Raila through his mzungu spin doctor preached that song, branding Kikuyu's Kabila Adui and we all know that resulted to the slaughter of 1500 kikuyu's, blood that is still wet in Raila hands. Now, his gang for hire have turned the blade that he used to spill the guts of innocent Kikuyu's onto the fat belly of their master, one Raila Odinga. Everything goes full circle and those who invested in sowing seeds of discord will harvest a full measure of hatred and mayhem. You do not sleep with dogs and expect to escape flea bites. The well orchestrated charade of talking unity to the camera while hiring family members and relatives to plum public jobs is soon coming to a grinding halt with even threats of taking away the PM posts that Raila holds so dear since it has supplied him with VIP toilets, carpets and escort cars.

RIP Raila A. Odinga. Yours will be used as a practical lesson of what goes wrong when one tries to grab leadership by turning brothers against each other. You will surely not be missed beyond bondo and Kibera slums.

Kipsang said...

Well said ,the big storm is coming mr PM . You will be greatly missed

Anonymous said...

Since you keep asking "what about me"... well, my thinking is clear and sober - "what goes round comes round". Raila and ODM are reaping what they sow - HATRED.
Thank God I was not born in those cultures that worship human beings!
I feel your pain my friend.

Anonymous said...

Its Funny Chris,

Uhuru calls Raila stupid and it becomes news even in kk.

Raila spends the weekend calling RV Mp's opposed to inhumane treatment of their kin thieves and frogs and he is not censured.
So its Okey for Raila to insult his political enemies but its a Crime for Raila to receive an equal dose of his own medicine??

Hata wewe Chris grow up!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, why your reference of Uhuru as Prominent and Useless Politician in your poor Cartoon attempt??

Whyo decides when a politician is useful? I mean he is not your wife or your father whose performance you can measure every day. Uhuru was elected by Kenyans and labelling him as useless just because hi is Kikuyu is just mean. Are you useless chris now that you were sired by a Kamba woman and a Luo man???
Or is Taabu useless coz he was sired by a Kikuyu woman and a kalenjin man??
Or is Raila useless not that he was sired by a luo woman and man??

Stop inviting stupid questions Chris!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


M-Pesa said...

Damn ODM is indeed STUPID!

The motion of no confidence against PM Raila is in the works and secretly being funded by the dreaded and faceless Mt Kenya Mafia. The death of a dream (to state house) beckons in the next two weeks.

No wonder the likes of Phil have done a "Kibaki" and made a retreat to silent mode when things are pear shaped while ODmorons like Urxncl? are firing blanks! Of course Raila is doing the right and sensible thing in trying to reclaim the Mau from executive thugs.

But make no mistake, this is Kenya where decent hard work doesn't pay and crime pays big time. There will be a bloodbath on the floor of the parliament soon as DOMOs skin each other. Mau debate will consume some few good men starting will Agwambo then General Ruto.

These stupid ODOmorons are frying themselves in their own fat, just like I predicted last year. Raila- "the nationalist"- made a big mistake of including killers and savage scum in his cabinet line up. sorry buddy, you made your bed, now prepare to lie on it!

Anonymous said...

This mau thing, what is it about? Raila used it in 2005 and 2007 to get kaleo support. Now he is using it for what? This is an issue which could have been left to michuki and wekesa. By defining his premiership with mau, raila must be getting somethin very big. I wonder what it is. If the next elections are to be decided by voters, it looks like kaleos are willing to let kikuyus continue ruling. The kikuyus would love this. They will even forget the 1,500 deaths. As for kalonzo, his chances of becoming PORK lay in raila remaining a strong candidate. A weakened raila means kikuyus dont have to look for a non kikuyu to support. Kikuyus will have a kikuyu candidate, and if kaleos are willing to play ball then i think we are looking at president uhuru in 2013. kikuyus are very lucky. raila used a kikuyu to defeat moi in 2007, now ruto/moi will use a kikuyu to beat raila. Of course the 30% gema base is a big help.

Anonymous said...

This blog is full of tribalists, to be precise tribal apologists, in the name of Kalenjins and Kikuyus. I am amazed at how they can pour their naked and tribal vitriols. I left reading this blog long time ago but came back to see the comments coming in on this debate about MAU and the reckless selfish agenda of some leaders. While the analysis is good, the comments coming from the tribal jingoists who want to suit every argument in their favour, is to the least myopic. Thats why such jingoist people can support when other crazy leaders call others stupid.

Anonymous said...


When Raila abuses Uhuru, it does not make news because it is a case of a dog (Raila) biting a man (Uhuru). But when Uhuru calls Raila stupid it makes headlines because it is a case of a man (Uhuru) biting a dog (Raila).

Philip said...

First of all I would like to commend Derek for being very realistic.

Now to Raila issues.

I believe that Ruto is not only destroying Raila, but he's also destroying himself. I don't know the pull each is going to make, but I'll not be surprised if all fail. I see the politics of Kalenjin leaders and to be sincere it's not going well with any educated person, for it is full of tribalism. Even if you are not happy with Raila you should not go to the extend of saying the man didn't win election when you were among the people who fought with tooth and nail for him. Also one should not include in the fight innocent people like Mudavadi just because one wants to get votes from Luhyas.

I'll agree, though hesitantly, that these politicians are using the political strategy that Raila used against Kibaki. If politics is a science then they'll succeed, but if politics is an art, which I believe doesn't have a formula to be applied years to come, then one cannot predict what will happen.

Yes, there is a new breed of educated Kenyans who are being moved and pulled by Raila's stunts over Mau, but how many are they? And do you think by 2012 they'll outnumber the normal breed who are easily deceived by politicians? I highly doubt.

Few MPs have started calling for unity among Kenyans, which I applaud, and this can give Raila an edge over the rest, that is if these MPs managed to educate and unite Kenyans, since Rift Valley MPs have started disuniting Kenyans.

I wonder how thirsty Raila is to get the highest seat in Kenya. My advice to him is, if he sees things are getting nastier then he should go ahead and pull a surprise - that is by supporting a neutral leader who cares about our motherland Kenya.

All in all I doubt if the motion against Raila will work. If the resolution on eviction of Mau settlers was made in cabinet one cannot pass a vote of no confidence on one individual. Raila will only need to prove that the resolution was made by cabinet and nothing will happen, so that any vote of no confidence will be passed not on him but to the whole cabinet. Is there minister who is ready to be removed from cabinet? That's the right question.

Anonymous said...

Nyang'ao Raila is where it is supposed to be full time: In a tight corner, on the defensive. In 2007 he made history as the only presidential candidate to ever rely on demonisation of an entire community as "kabila adui" as an election strategy. May he be haunted by the spirits of PEV victims for the rest of his days on earth!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course the no confidence motion will not pass. Knowing kikuyus i think they are playing both raila and the kalenjin mps. Kikuyus are very happy with kalenjins for finishing raila (meaning depleting his eectoral base) but they are also happy with raila for agreeing to do the dirty work for some illusion of power. So am betting kikuyus will find a way of convincing the kaleos to drop the no confidence motion. Being "convinced" means getting some quid for your quo.

Those complaining about tribalism here cannot be kenyans. Do they read the papers. did they not see a delegation of kalenjins going to offer the luhyas the Vice presidency or pmship, and the luhyas saying categorically that they will settle for nothing but the presidency. In kenya it is not individuals but tribes which run for president.

Anonymous said...

I think the kalenjin tune of raila did not win the elections is being played for kikuyus. As part of accomodating each other kalenjins need to convince kikuyus that PEV was not their fault: they (kalenjins) were misled by someone who claimed to have won. They have now realised he had not won and they are very sorry for having acted on his claims. If kalenjins support uhuru and he loses, I wonder if they will kill for him. But i suppose kk cannot lose.

Anonymous said...

all the tribalists in this forum be ashamed on yourself sou all smell of scum none of you is a=in anyway educated just wel learned in pouring vitriol on one another about kikuyu this kalenjin that luo these. but all are FOOLS who need to be forced at gun point to read frantz fannon's 'wretched of the earth' and see who it is they are fighting for. like there is kikuyu youth who can come here and rejoice to have gained from a kibaki presidency unless he is one of the sons of the bankrollers of kibaki or which kalenjin youth rejoices at ruto and say 'my man has put ugali on the table'
this is all about power games mwananchi hatambuliki but ofcourse on a chessboard the pawns are to put forward e=while protecting the queen. the proletariat needs to rise above the confused lumpen that i see filled in this blog. kenya needs help for sure how we the generation Y need to be inspired by hardwork and less by yesterday's greed masquerading as youth wow at 45 you still YOUTH???? Mlets not misuse the queens lingua.

Anonymous said...

Was it a question of Uhuru Mjinga or Uhuru Mjanja?

Or worse, is it still the usual sad case of Uhuru na Ujinga wake wa kawaida? As expected.

Anonymous said...

Guys, let me start by saying you can call me a Raila apologist if you wish but let's have an honest argument. I think we are falling in the same trap (the one some politicians want us to fall into) and it is high time we distinguished politics from development. This is my view...
Take this scenario, you have some piece of land somewhere. You then realise that someone has encroached on it and is leaving in part of it. If you ask this person to leave, are you supposed to compensate him/her? Is it your problem to know where this person is going? The same case applies to Mau, those people who were being 'evicted' in the first phase were not supposed to be in that forest in the first place as that part of the forest has never been excised for human settlement. They had no title deeds nor can they prove that they 'owned' land in that place. How do you compensate such a person? In my opinion, these people should be rounded up and charged in court for among other malicious destruction of property, crimes against humanity and attempted murder. Have any of that been done? No, instead the government (read Raila for the Raila bashers) is pleading with them to move and has even provided transport for them to wherever they want to go.
Secondly, this is a government project so why is it that they are just blaming Raila?
Thirdly, it's nearly a week after the Panafric harambee was held. Has the money started trickling to the so called GDPs? No.When Raila talked of crocodile tears, he meant those shed by akina Ruto and Kilimo and after 'inciting' the evictees not to move, they got into the chopper and flew away leaving the same people in the same state they were in. How did that help?
Fourthly, the decision to evict people from the Mau was a cabinet, inter ministerial decision so unless you are in the cabinet, you don't know for sure what was agreed. Some of the most vocal MP's (Issac Ruto and J. Kones) do not sit in the cabinet and as such should not comment on cabinet issues. Why can we ask Muthaura was was agrred?
To conclude, these people are just trying to deflect attention from themselves. They want the 'evictions' to be stopped before the next phase which they are listed as beneficiaries start. How can a squatter who happens to be an MP (Z. Cheruiyot) own 1,955ha of Mau land? Unles we as the people of Kenya say not to our leaders who are bent to destroying this country, we will be the ones to loose. Maybe you are in the diaspora and that's why you are arguing that way.
Raila may have his problems in ODM, but let's keep politics and personal attacks out of the Mau!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol political wanksters wishiful ODOMers sasa ndoa imevunjika ya raira na ruto ....ndoaa ndoaaa ndooaaa ikivunjika ya raira na ruto....teheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mama said...

I didn't hear Uhuru calling Raila stupid. I support Raila's (government's) call for eviction of the Mau invaders. You will note that all people against this directive are land grabbers, beneficiaries of land grabbing and people who have made their monies swindling the taxpayers.

That said, I think Raila is a big fool and I think all politicians in government right now are stooooooooooopid!

Anonymous said...

Let's wait until the MIGHTY ENVELOPE has been pushed and the names of the suspected political generals, lieutenant commanders, colonels. lieutenant colonels, messenger of death, financial backers of Kenya's interahamwe , and their foot soldiers have been revealed (exposed) to the public.

Only then will the current chest thumping antics by the usual tribal crowing roosters make any sense in the face of justice.

Who are the six names being fattened for the gallows at Hague? And why six when there were more of them involved in trying to wipe out their political opponents as well as the enemy tribe?

Oh, how I wish that they were more names of suspected interahamwe than the six names or more from various both camps.

wtfff said...

You said Raila and Ruto are politically finished and requested to be held to account. Do you mind explaining, looks like your crystal ball consistently makes wrong predictions

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