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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ringera’s to Resign in Style, at his Own Pace

The mob won’t relent and leaving Justice Aaron Ringera alone. Neither wil they respect authority of the president. Our own Shakespeare cannot bare it any more and he is destined to jump into the tattered towel. Poor Aaron!

Make no mistake; Justice Ringera is going to have the last longest and sweet laugh thanks to our collective folly. For starters we have to pay for our deafening noise by parting with a cool 150m that Ringera would have earned for the next five years. There is no other way to earn such a colossal sum without breaking a sweat. Forget that silly question about the re-appointment's legitimacy.

What is more, Ringera is just relocating and rejoining the bench. The loudmouthed MPs can eat their hearts out and they must not forget to avoid constipation. Hounding Ringera out of KACC will eventually prove very expensive. The same MPs mourning loudest about contempt for institutions are themselves busy denigrating the presidency and its powers. Shame on them all.

Ringera is not leaving KACC because his position is no longer tenable, whatever that means. The good Judge is miles ahead of the noisy pack. He knows when to quit, at his own pace and on his won terms. The Court of Appeal will be the richer. What with alloyed wisdom housed inside the silver hair? His dragon slaying skills will be handy in cleaning the rotten judiciary, ala radical surgery phase 2.

Watchdog is to guard master
You see some people are too important to a regime to be joked with. Ringera holds the key to the vaults containing all the explosive dossiers that can destroy a country in a flash. Such national investments like Grand Regency and Anglo Leasing cannot be entrusted to the wrong GENES.

While parliament may sheepishly be showing their post molars in jubilation, they won’t know what hit them soon. KACC will remain headed by the RIGHT PERSON at any given time t, PERIOD.

Very soon Parliament will be reminded that being a watchdog is to guard the master. And all their rulings and deliberations are nothing more than opinions. NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

And the sun still rises from the east. Thats kenya for you!

Anonymous said...

Change of topic.. is anyone in Africa worried about this latest H1N1 flu pandemic news

I hope it not another HIV damping place in Africa for those who want to control the world population I guess Africa is where thy want to control...
Just found this website and this shocking Radio host.. I was just wondering how H1N1 flu jumped into Kenya so quickly...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mzee Taabu,

While other Kumekucha contributors like Chris and Mwarangethe go to great lengths of research and therefore publish intellectually stimulating ideas, you are stuck in recycling news from the dailies that deem favourable to your tribal and political affiliations.
This has been going on for a while and i wish to request you to stop interrupting academic posts from chris and other smart contributors. We also read the dailies so kindly stop disrupting the flow of thoughts from chris, Mwarangethe and other intelligent contributors.

Its not like you have to post every day you know. Its not a roll call so kindly divert your copy paste energy elsewhere or enrich your posts with well thought ideas.
If you persist, we the faithful kumekucha readers will pass a vote of no confidence and chris will have to strike you out.

Concerned kumekucha ardent reader.

Anonymous said...

3rd comment seconded

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:54,
You have hit the nail on the head. Taabu must take that comment in good faith as constructive criticism. He has even of late been going a step further. Any time someone else other than him posts a thread, he is the first one to comment in it and kind of give it a twist and a twang that diverts the emphasis and gist that was intended. Mr. Taabu, you have received the most criticism on this blog and surely we cannot all be wrong and you be the only right one. But, giving credit where it is due, you have been good in giving breaking news. But if this be your specialty then don't be giving it your wrong opinion because if it breaking news, then more information is bound to follow. I had vowed not to ever comment on your pieces-I have not broken that vow-and I am happy that many readers are also seeing what I saw long time ago.
Taabu, jirekebishe, roho safi.

Anonymous said...

Asking TAABU to join the ranks of Mwarang'ethe and Chris is akin to asking a neanderthal to be the intellectual equal of a human being. It will never happen even in a million years. He doesn't seem to have benefited from the undeserved scholarship he got from his fellow tribesman, Moi. Moi took a cow to the river but he couldn't make it drink from the well of ideas. While the others drank upstream, Moi's cow was satisfied with the dirty water downstream, after all it reminded it of the village it came from. In the arena of ideas he is bure kabisha; so, let him limp on behind the pace setters.

M-Pesa said...

Common sense may have eventually prevailed with Ringera's resignation. But did he have to be dragged out of office while kicking, screaming, cursing and yelling? It has taken about two weeks for this guy to "see the light" but I hope all the corruption files are safe and intact. A lot of mystery could have happened in those two weeks as he worked himself behind closed doors overtime!

sagwende said...

About ringera

Bravo to abiriya once again we have proved ourself worthy apat on our back na bado.Bobby marley should have lived long enough to see this

Anonymous said...

Kalembe Ndile,during the campaigns for the 2007 electionns once famously said there were cabinet ministers who whenever they opened their mouths,'50 000 votes dissapeared.Same case with Taabu here,every time he writes a post,a sizeable number of regulars get disgusted enough not to return!

M-Pesa said...

Ringera finally quits!

Kenyans..... 10

Kibaki/Ringera/Raila......... 0

Anonymous said...

Be cafeull what you wish for, you just might get it. Ringera wanted money, not justice now he has plenty, but I don't think he is happy. Kenya juu. Nobody said sorting out kenya was going to come cheap....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

The "forced" resignation by Ringera and Sichale should sound a warning to those in power that Kenyans are waking up and asserting themselves. It is because of the complacency and carefree spirit of Kenyans that made the PEV to happen. Now Kenyans have decided to "take their country into their own hands" and do what they have to do.
Next. Wako must go. He was heard saying that parliament had no powers to sack Ringera and that all it did was to voice its opinion. What he forgot to acknowledge was that parliament is a gathering of the people's representatives and if it voices an opinion, then it is the people's opinion. Now I urge Kenyans (and I would request Obama to join hands with us in this) to voice the same opinion and see Wako out of office. He has been in that office since I was in primary school and apart from his smile, there is nothing good I can associate him with that office in the form of a milestone. The fact that he survived in Moi's and Kibaki's reign (two persons with diametrically opposed styles of ruling) means that he is just there to be used. We want an attorney general with principles. One who is current in thinking and in sync with the parliament. Even as Ringera has been giving his resignation press conference he is still saying that Wako is not an effective AG. Wako must go.

M-Pesa said...

Ringera turned spiritual, quoting Ecclesiastes: "There is a time for everything," and that it was time for him to exit.

Ringera said he was leaving KACC with his head held high: "We have discharged our mandate with integrity, courage….and have conducted ourselves with utmost professionalism."

Go tell it to the birds!

M-Pesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

LIGHT at end of the Tunnel?

The happenings of past few days are an inspiration to Kenyans.

Moi tried, but failed

Kibaki tried, almost got it there until when he changed in 2005 after the constitutional referendum.

Now, Kibaki +Odinga have tried and there are all indications that they have JOINTLY failed.

Signs are also showing that Odinga will soon desert Kibaki going by their reactions to the USA letters to personalities within the "Government"

All is showing good signs for Kenyans.

Seems God loves Kenyans and , not too long to come, they are likely to "own " their country. Its been very expensive to Kenyans.

by the way, who is that PNU's leader's son in the latest scandal at Kenya pipeline? D.....?

Hii state house iko na mambo. Thieving has become a profession. No wonder since the Ken Ren Fertilizer scandal of 60s.( note execution similarities to those of Goldenberg and Anglo leasing).

That is the light at the end of the tunnel, I wish!

God bless Wanjiku.

KUTD said...

Now that he has resigned who should replace him.

Anonymous said...

I knew that once Raila enters government, Ringera would have to pay with his blood. Remember ODM had sworn that Ringera would be one of the first persons to go once ODM came to power? well, it has taken longer but he has gone. plus Kibaki used Ringera to get rid of many civil servants perceived as Raila supporters (by tribe, similarities in names and Kalenjins) through filing corruption charges against them in court, leading to massive loss of jobs in Westen, Nyanza and Rift Valley provinces, and hence increased poverty. Things were not helped by the fact that the replacements of the top civil service jobs were from GEMA. Just look at Judiciary, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Finance, AG's offices etc.

Anonymous said...

Let Gema rule. Lets not pretend ODM are coming to bring democracy, they just want to get their snouts into the trough.

If there are going to be snouts in the trough, they might as well be ours

Long live gema. Rule till all jaluos decamp to south sudan in frutsration and bitterness.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is decamping to South Sudan. Better Kenya to burn so that we all loose, or Kiyks return to Congo where Shaka zulu smoked them out of.

Shocked said...

Some of you people were very hard on this guy, Taabu, whom I thought was merely trying to pass over some very critical information about H1N1. This virus flew from Mexico to various parts of Kenya, including those areas where they do not raise pigs, at the speed of lighting!
In his so called rambling speech at the UN a week ago, the controversial African Union chairman Gaddafi, referenced this flu story as something that has been manufactured. So I decided to do some reading myself to establish whether or not AU chairman was losing it on the international arena!
There are many conspiracy theories out there on vaccinations, particularly when it comes to those transferred from animals to humans. As I was going through some of these theories, something hit a nerve (a) Kissinger paper on population control (b) the foreign governments promotion of vaccination cocktails to Africa (c) the accumulation of heavy debts by many African counties brought about by loans advanced through IMF and World Bank (d) the association of these two organizations with companies advancing the loans, particularly, the vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies
(e) The shooting up of the stock prices of some of these pharmaceutical companies manufacturing H1N1 vaccine:

The reason for reviving this alarm raised by Taabu is due to recent topic of discussion on land issues in Kenya. Do we really know the extent of foreign ownership of Kenya's land and how that land was acquired? Do we really know how deeply debted Kenya is and how it got into those debts? Based on the lack of development, short life expectancies and lack of tangible economic progress in Kenya, can any Kenyan be at ease that the natural resources are only in the hands of the corrupt ruling elites who have no managerial skills and not World Bank, IMF or other foreign entities? How is the delivery of life prolonging HIV/AIDS drug cocktails being paid for?
There is a heated debate in USA right now about healthcare to millions of un-insured people. The corporations and their supporters in Congress are up in arms about who is going to pick up the price tag for insuring the un-insured Americans. How drugs the drugs delivered to Africa are paid for must then be the next logical question. Please, do not tell me that these foreign drug czars love Africans more than their own people!!!

Please, read these two links first before declaring me “academic dwarf”!

There are scientists who believe that inter-species transfer of virus does not exist unless artificially injected to a targeted population for a reason. Know who your friends are and make sure they genuine friends!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WAKO should be removed next.
WAKO if your reading this, we Kenyans are demandin you resign......pronto!
YOU have cost KENYA alot with your grinning incompetence and corruption.

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