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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ringera's Head Off, Next Scalp Please!

The dragon slayer fell headlong on his own sword. The sharp blades happily kissed his shiny skull. Shakespeare was lost for words. It was a paradigm shift when hitherto bravado conveniently metamorphosed into evangelism. The crestfallen Aaron was a lion both fatally wounded and thoroughly drenched.

But wait a minute, no false jubilation claiming triumph of people's power. Not just yet unless you are politically naive. Kenya has its owners mark you.

Ringera did his part and saved the regime at its most trying moments. What is more, re-election came and went and the rest is history. All the explosive deals have been safely tucked in secure vaults awaiting appointment of a replacement with the right GENES to take the reigns of KACC. Forget about all the noise from the loud MPs.

Bravado readily transforms itself into evangelism in diffult moments. You only write Ringera's epitaph at the risk of overfeeding on humble pie. He was the face of the discredited radical judicial surgery. Well, he may have suffered the pain of blunt scalpel now but the silver headed Justice is headed for greater things. What with 150m guaranteed with no sweat broken?

Clever gimmicks
Expect an artificial crisis with dual objectives soon-to mask Aaron's departure and create a smokescreen for the rulers to regain the apparent lost political ground. It is typical Kenyan mentality to selectively praise and condemn with expediency as the ultimate goal.

Look no further than this blog where faceless apologists will shamelessly divert attention by violently attacking the messenger while conveniently evading the message. Well, such old tricks stand no chance in hell just like the present rulers scheme using templates of yore to emasculate Kenya.

MPs must not be fooled into chest thumbing. With impunity personified in the two faces of ever-smiling Wako and the Chief Justice, the rag will be speedily pulled under their feet. As the old bad guy movie's signature goes NOBODY MOVES NOBODY GETS HURT. We haven't seen the last moves from our landlords. NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

the laughing fisi bin ngiri (wako!_wako!) must go. the fisi has overstayed his welcome in the justice circles and it's time some patriots helped him find his next exit asap.

ringera's head is still intact but he leaves with his political tail (ego) within his legs.

i point out this fact because there was no large guillotine assembled on the exit stage and he was never made to kneel before it with his head in the half-circle stock.

there was no sound of rigera's head dropping into a large wicker basket as anticipated by the audience at the parliament as well as those who were screaming for his head in the market place of kenya's dead(business-as-usual) politics.

he will survive and even reinvent himself, kenyan style in due time. I will not be surprised he makes a run for office in 2012 and beyond.

i am invariable stunned that fisi bin ngiri's (wako!_wako!) sclap has not been claimed by those concerned.

Anonymous said...

Parliament should now move to the next scalp, Amos Wako. The smiling AG has overstayed.

Anonymous said...

why dont you write about rao and his support for america over the letters? I now know i will not vote him. And I want reforms.

Anonymous said...

who cares even if you don't vote RAO.he still will get mine until he quits

Anonymous said...

wako has constitutional security of tenure, unlike Ringera. People are reluctant to contravene such issues contained in the constitution because last time we did that during the "Randical surgery," things went so wrong and we got the most stupid of GEMA judges to replace them. Wako may be a tough one, cos of the sureme law of the land.

kumekucha said...

I will be honest.

I find it very difficult to criticize Taabu, even constructively. This is despite the fact that he is a difficult person to get along with in real life.

The reasons why I am always so reluctant to criticize the man are as follows;

1. He was the very first regular commentator on Kumekucha (before Phil and anybody else) and so he is part of the foundation of Kumekucha.

2. He has done an excellent job keeping this blog going during difficult times. Especially with breaking news (the current post is an example). Not everybody who reads this blog sits next to a TV or radio the whole day. Incidentally I personally tried to do the breaking news thing and failed. So I guess it isn't so easy to accomplish.

3. He has Kikuyu blood in him and yet has always been seen as a Kikuyu-basher here. That fascinates me to no end because somewhere in there is the solution to Kenya's tribal problems.

I am aware that this comment is not a smart move, but it is the truth.


M-Pesa said...

"I find it very difficult to criticize Taabu, even constructively."

Nice to know Taabu has some friends, OK just one. I think the reason why he goes to bed with lots of criticism ringing in his ears is because most people see him as an ODM cheerleader. He has never posted anything critical of ODM or it's senior members even when their scandals are obviously open. Not a single critical item from his hundreds of posts even though we have a Govt of national unity. Yet he will hastily wish a heart attack on some senior PNU members and I can reproduce one such link right here. When not predicting doom, red rivers and Armageddon, he's busy deleting some comments which are critical of ODM/Raila as he did last week with one which I had posted. Taabu castigates those who "attack the messenger while conveniently evading the message", but what if the messenger is deeply aware his message is half baked? Truth is no one should be above criticism!

Anonymous said...

Chris give us a break! Go hawk your Taabu in a different market, Kumekucha regulars know a tribal warmonger when they see one. It is obvious from posts that he is a troubled man and is likely to be difficult in real life. And next time he tells you that he has Kikuyu blood in him, just know that he is expressing what kind of blood he craves to have, not what he has. That is the kind of self-hater he is.

Honestly, I used to read his posts with an open mind, but the moment he laughed at and celebrated the misery of the IDPs, I realised we were dealing with a psychopathic individual. And that was just too much for me.

Anonymous said...

Taabu is an excellent example of what ails Kenya. From the deceitful "horseless" Taabu of 2007, to warmonger/armageddon priest of no Kikuyu should be a councillor in Mogotio of 2008, to see/hear no evil about ODM/Raila of 2009, Taabu is in a class of his own.

I would rather deal with Phil, a red-blooded ODMer, who is proud of his party, but is also ready to appreciate any goodness in his opponents. Chris, the future of Kenya lies in a person like Phil who is critical but not hateful.

Anonymous said...

taabu what is wrong with me saying i dont like dark blacks. It is what i dont like. what dont you like?

Anonymous said...

question is why did chris feel he had to write what he has written up there. Is taabu thinking of suicide and had to be told he is useful.

Anonymous said...

When I was a student in the US, I found that many blacks with white blood in them were some of the most rabid white haters. So, why is Chris surprised that Taabu, a Kalenjin with a few drops of Kikuyu blood in him is a virulent Kikuyu basher? What Apologist Chris should relize is that a few drops of Kikuyu blood in a Kikuyu basher doesn't make it any easier on the Kikuyu victims.

Anonymous said...

The blacks with white blood hate whites because whites group them with the darkies. They would like their own class, like the coloureds of SA.

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about this chap Ringera tafadhali - There is a paradigm shift here and we are talking about Tabuu. What does ringera know and did not act upon , when did he know it and how did he know it ? Tabuu will always be with us we can talk about him later

John Maina said...

As a kyuk i agree very much with what Taabu writes and I have never read/understood him to be bashing kyuks as a whole, but the arrogant mount kenya mafia and their apologist who truelly deserves what they get as not only kyuks they destroy with their greed, tribalism etc but the whole nation.

Anonymous said...

We're all Kyuks. Can you beat that?

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