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Friday, August 21, 2009

Masters of Duplicity, Perils of Parallel Actions

The term figurehead had never acquired a poignant meaning in Kenyan political lexicon. The two centres of power are really working overtime to create a false picture of harmony. Well, evidence and history will leave those young or naive enough to trust the gimmicks really disappointed.

The last few weeks have witnessed tough talk and directives that are designed to be ignored and never followed. Only in Kenya do you have a commander-in-chief issuing an edict for immediate eviction but no subsequent actions by his subordinated to effect the same. We heard the confirmation that Migingo is Kenya’s ruled by Uganda who have declared no census on the island come next Monday.

And the evil of parallel authorities serving selfish interest doesn’t stop there. On paper there is only one Kenya Police but the reality confirms two forces. While Major Ali heads the regular police wing, ex-Nakuru DC Kinuthia Mbugua is busy arming and modernizing the AP wing for obvious reasons. Besides parallel commands, the two bosses owe their loyalty to different individuals and not the institutions they lead.

Misplaced enthusiasm
Meanwhile the PM has been handed a sturdy velvet noose. Poor man! He is meant to coordinate and supervise some painful and unpopular activities by ministers already scheming for 2012. How I would love to be proved wrong but I fear not.

Raila’s enthusiasm will be severely fatigued and frustrated by vested interests. The history of such a disappointment is just months past when he was reminded that Muhoho is not ordinary. Meanwhile let living in serial denial mutate into all its known and unknown variants.


Anonymous said...

There's only one person in Kenya who has ever put a stop to Raila's political schemes.That man is Kibaki.You can call him what you want but that is the sad reality and yes you are very right when you say history repeats itself.Its about to and we all know who the loser will be.Having been given the authority to do the dirty work and having jumped at it with the enthusiasm of a fool,he can only alienate the single largest community that voted for him as a block,outside his luo tribe.And come to 2012,if Kenyatta,Kalonzo and Ruto decide to work together,the guy will be lucky to make it back to parliament as a backbencher!

Anonymous said...

you guys its a high time that you stopped seeing everything negatively. You have become prophets of doom. Someone has to do the dirty work. I am not a raila supporter but i admire the man. atleast he is willing to take unpopular position for the good of the country. Personally me think that by 2012 the prime minister will be a very popular man.

M-Pesa said...

Finally Kibaki and Raila seem to tango harmoniously, but is Kibaki being sincere in this forced dance of two bickering and suspicious partners? That's for the ODM brigade to ponder considering the fact that Kibaki cannot be trusted at all as history has proved. As for the PNU, they know the script only too well. The dagger is being sharpened for it's final use on a naive PM.

I believe there's a scheme here to make the hot potato MAU issue explode in PM's face. Already a wedge has been driven between Raila and Rift MPs. Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau has found this to be a golden chance to sneak the muddle that was leader of govt business back in parliament hoping to get some backing from the disgruntled Kalenjin MPs. If he succeeds the prezzo will be calling the shots regarding that area.

Can't Raila see the banana peels being placed on his path by scheming Kibaki and co? Raila loves power and that is widely accepted. And now that Muthaura is bed ridden, The PM must be very careful because what he has always wished for may just become true and end up consuming his 2012 chances. With impending Mau evictions, it's all about damned if you do and damned if you don't!

Raila must be cautious otherwise he will end up getting his knickers in a twist and he will lose badly. Too bad he can't whine about his new found powers, otherwise he will be labelled lazy and unpatriotic. As they aptly put it, beggars can't be choosy.

Anonymous said...

I just didnt get the point you are trying to make? you state what you see but offer no solution.

So how can you have any impact? You see, you enjoy the murkiness of politics, more so than other parts. Your definitely more a politician than you care to believe.

Anonymous said...

Why are Kalenjin homes being burned under the watchful eye of PM Raila? This is sickening! Did he not promise that no Mau settler will be evicted when he comes to to power? And now this? You cannot just wake up and burn a man's home no matter whether it is a hut or not. Where is the National Rights Commission to stop this RAILA MADNESS?

Anonymous said...

The Kalenjins are on their own; used and dumped. But on the whole they are to blame. The other day Musa Sirma put it very poignantly. He said that since 1992 the Kalenjins have fought with every neighbouring tribe (Kikuyus, Kisiis, Luyhas, etc) and now they are rebelling against the leadership of a Luo. He advised them not to rebel against the Luos but to submit to their leadeship for they have no other friend left to turn to. I reinforce that and say that when Raila tells them to jump, they should ask how high and not why. For what other reasonable choice do they have. They have made their bed and it is time to sleep in it.

Anonymous said...

One time in August/September 2007, William Ruto told Raila to his face that Raila was uncircumcised. Raila cried, but he bid his time. Now we know who is the real man between the two.

Anonymous said...

I see Kumekucha deleted my comment. How cowardly! And you talk of DECEPTION and FRAUD? You are the most deceptive and most fraudulent individuals on the face of the earth.

You peddle misery, that is what you do for a living. Should a glimmer of hope rear its head somewhere in Kenya, you are quick to rush in and douse it, because you only thrive when misery reigns.

Ole wetu!

Laibon said...

There is one thing the so called Kenya primitive tribes must know and do .They must organise into guerilla war and fight and defend their God-given RV which Kikyus has been eying for so long .I pity the Kamatusa pple for keeping quiet when Kikuyus has occupied from Ngong to Loitoktok what will happen to Masaais in another 50 yrs to come?it is better to fight like the southern Sudanese Oromos (olf ) or the Somalis Al-shaabab and save their prosperity and destiny.

Hammer said...

i am surprised raila is not seeing himself being set up for a mighty fall. He talks of "we can rebuilt kenya". Good, great dreams. Does he imagine Mr Kibaki and the rest of them care?

But, like all my fellow luo brothers, he thinks he is strong enough to handle this Mau thing.

If he gets out of it alive politically, leave alone unscathed, i will surely respect him.

Kenya army blogspot said...

The military only has 24,120 soldiers while the Administration Police are 47,000. The Military is understaffed hence the importance of modernizing & militarizing the A.P

Kadubai Blogspot said...

Laibon Rift Valley shall not be buried with you after your death. You shall leave it where you found it when you were born. It is all in vain.

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