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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Fallacy of Sharing Two Centres of Power

You know you are a failed state when the country’s institution constituted to fight corruption abdicates its responsibility and instead seeks divine intervention to achieve that mandate. They should resign so that we appoint Cardinal Njue to head KACC for free. Boy, aren’t we geniuses who can afford the cheek to mock God together with the Holy Book? That is Kenya for you and we are erratically matching on to vision 2030.

Almost 50 years after FLAG independence, our original quest to conquer the trio menace of hunger, disease and ignorance has been overcome only in tons of paper and no result to show for the gimmicks. Meanwhile the politicos are all dreaming and scheming on how to share raw power.

Power rationing must never be mistaken for power sharing. Power abhors vacuum and all the eloquence in articulating new vision amounts to nothing but hot air designed to expand political egos. The truth is with limping institutions, Kenya is only cheating herself by making impression of motions bereft of any meaningful movement.

Mocking God
The numerous political posturing in the last two months can only be traced to PS Muthaura’s hospitalization and subsequent recuperation. Everybody is jostling to fill the void he left. But soon the schemers will come crashing down when the real power levers revert to the rightful owners.

We are not permanently warming hellhole's bottom because of lack of glossy blue prints. It is the acute dearth of political will. The current crop of leaders is only entertaining us with circular motions.

With their theatrics, the distance covered may be enormous but unfortunately the true displacement remains ZERO. We will eventually arrive at the starting point very exhausted.

Aborted revolution
Look around you what do see, paralysis and anarchy galore. Basic necessities such as water, energy, food and security have been cheaply branded emergencies. What is more, 10 days after an EXECUTIVE order from the commander-in-chief to evict forest settlers nobody moves, nobody cares what the political rant was all about.

Well, political IMPOTENCE and MORAL DEATH manifests itself in numerous forms and shapes. We must re-invent ourselves fast politically before 2012 after our 2002 revolution was aborted. OLE WETU.


Anonymous said...

Taabu, as usual you are trying to hide the burning issue sitting ministers illegal allocation of ADC farm. Reason, your Kalenjin kinsmen and ODM politicians are adversely mentioned.
To KK audience, here is the story that is too hot for Taabu to touch since it might involve contradicting his current pay masters.

Story: Full story in Nation and Standard newspapers.
Ministers and MPs are among prominent Kenyans who were allocated Agricultural Development Corporation farms.

A list tabled in the House names Cabinet ministers William Ruto and William ole Ntimama as some of big political players who were allocated State farms.

Other politicians mentioned in the document presented to Parliament are Agriculture Assistant Minister Kareke Mbiuki, MPs Isaac Ruto, Boaz Kaino, Wilson Litole and one G K Saitoti. Appellate judge Justice E O Okubasu is also among those from the legal fraternity named.

Anonymous said...

Take a break from this blog's monotony by reading this on POTUSAs mother. By a whole stretch more interesting and meangingful than the story of his philandering father.


Anonymous said...

2 principals is the reason why we are the success story of Africa bro. how many other countries in the continent do you know are led equally by 2 PhDs?

We have PEACE to show for it too. we're moving forward wapende wasipende.we have been to PEV HELL and back-been there done that in less than 12 months with only the small irritant of IDPs to show for the inconvenience

coalition governance has never been carried out successfully before us on this continent and yet here we are doing it with ease.

Truly as the PM said -yes It Can Be Done!

Anonymous said...

How fast expectations change,werent you among the ones cheering and clapping that your god molasses had finally been made the pm.We,the sober minded ones,tried to reason that it was of no value to kenyans but the lone voice of reason was lost in the madness that was reighning then.

Anonymous said...

You should have written about how the power-hungry PM Odinga is deeply engrossed with accumulation of raw power when Kenyans are faced with millions of problems. Raila only thinks about amassing power. He incited Kenyans to butcher each other to his unquenched greed for power. He and Kibaki cares less about the common man and are only driven by the desire to remain in power up to 2012. Down with Raila and Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Now your Arap Mibei has been given all the power and VIP toilets he needs to feel BIG. What else does he and his followers need? Now we want SERVICE DELIVERY.

Anonymous said...

The PM office is no longer toothless. But Raila should stop using his newly acquired teeth to eat his Kalenjin puppies.

Philip said...

Why do I have this feeling that Muthaura was and if he comes back may be the President of Kenya?

And why do I have this feeling that Michuki was and maybe still is the Vice President?

And why do I have this feeling that Saitoti was and maybe still is the Prime Minister?

And why do I have this feeling that Kibaki, Raila and Kalonzo are the ceremonial president, prime minister and vice president respectively?

That Kibaki has finally become an acting President since Muthaura is away?

That Kibaki woke up one day and said "Migingo is ours" and went back to sleep? That nothing will be done concerning this until Michuki and Saitoti (the real Prime Minister and Vice President) have approved this?

Why do I have this feeling that Kibaki saw nothing, heard nothing, did nothing, in December 2007, he was simply woken up from sleep, dressed and told to go to State House for a swear in ceremony to represent Muthaura as President of Kenya?

My God, help us Kenyans.

Kumekucha, I have not written this for humour, I think we all need to know who is the REAL PRESIDENT OF KENYA! BECAUSE I HAVE A FEELING THAT IT'SNOT KIBAKI.

Philip said...

I hereby send the list of REAL OFFICIALS IN KENYA:

President: Hon Francis Muthaura
Prime Minister: Hon John Michuki
Vice President: Hon George Saitoti
Deputy Prime Minister: Hon Uhuru Kenya
State House Controller: Hon Lucy Kibaki.

Now details from reliable source, after an e-chat are telling me that my feeling were completely right.

Lets see now how the Acting president - Hon Kibaki and his Secretary - Hon Raila will do.

Anonymous said...

Mimi Kenya siwezi rudi!

M-Pesa said...

Dear all,

Many of you have been asking what happened to Chris and whether he sold this blog. I got a chance to speak to him yesterday and although he's rather busy executing various projects in some remote corners of this country, he's very fine and promised to be back soon probably next week.

He's also speaking to the common Wanjiku throughout his travels just to "gauge the political mood on the ground". He will report back. Chris is also in touch with his many sources in sensitive positions in government, so you can expect some explosive dossier when he returns- all guns blazing.

One of the reason why Chris attracts so many readers and responses in his many articles is because he believes in "verifying the information" which he gets before publishing it. Many of you may recall some of his works concerning Tom Mboya, scandal at Nation Media Group, tribalism at K24 and the explosive distant love letters by Marianne Briner among others.

Chris further quashed the rumours that this blog had been sold stating firmly that it's his labour of love and he would never sell it for any amount of money! Asked when exactly he will be back, he just threw a hearty laugh and said.."keep logging on Kumekucha, it could be tomorrow!"

Anonymous said...

M-pesa, stop ass-licking! Are U and Chris in anyway gay lovers?

Anonymous said...

ati gauging political mood on the ground or reading local press at the neighborhood news vendor?

verifying information or raila bashing?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bashing Raila, Muthaura, Bush etc is the easy part. This will take us nowhere.

Let us first say something about two theories that were/are relevant in the formation of modern state.

On the one hand, we had Thomas Hobbes who argued that people must surrender part of their liberties to the all powerful sovereign, The Leviathan.

On the other hand, we had John Stuart Mills who rejected Hobbes ideas and argued that, states are granted power so as to defend personal liberty.

As we all agree, the ideas of Mills are the cornestone of modern "democtratic" state from the USA, UK to Kenya. It was on the basis of the need to control their own destiny in terms of Mill's ideas, people fought bitterly for the universal suffrage.

However, it is now, or should be clear to philosophers and political scientists that, this democracy has fallen short of its promise of the 20th Century.

As we noted yesterday, South Africa which authored one of the best Constitution in the 1990's has utterly failed to liberate the majority poor, offers the best study case. Unfortunately, when the bottom will fall out of the bucket, as it will soon, most analysts will blame African politicians.

If we agree that the democratic project has stalled, we then, in honesty should review the fundamental philosophy of a modern state so as to find our why this noble experiment has failed.

Unknown to many, the modern democratic movement was corrupted by feudal aristocracy which ensured that their selfish interests were embedded into laws of the land, thereby polluting the political process that has evolved into democracy.

This corruption is best seen in the public finance. There is no father or mother who can declare that, he or she has the RIGHT to leave debt burdens on the shoulders of his or her children.

If this is accepted at the family level, why is it that, a mere govt. official can burden unborn generations with unpayable debts? Why is such an absurdity universally accepted today?

Any lawyer is versed with the idea of privity of contract. If such a doctrine is accepted in normal contracts, on what basis is it ignored when it comes to the wellfare of the future generations?
It is all a question of socialisation as sociologists would say. As a result of this mind conditioning, we see the world through the eyes of those who have vested interests.

The simple outcome of this corruption of democracy is that, any state has constituted today, has divided royalties.

It may claim to act and represent the welfare of all its citizens. However, this is utterly impossible because, at the same time, it seeks to protect the rent seeking interest of the priviliged group.

It seems to us therefore, before us, is a moment of historical exhausation and opportunity. But, can we grasp it before it is too late?

Our ability to grasp this opportunity will depend on the incisiveness of the modern philosopher. If the modern philosopher cannot be the Solon of ancient Greek, then, we are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

This country is what it is today not because of the leaders but because of you the citizenry. You have totally aided and abetted regime after regime to take this country to the dogs. You have given away your rights to vote either through tribalism or a day meal. All we do is to sit down and complain without offering any meaningful alternative. We fail to recognize any positive gesture or deed from the so called leaders. Its a high time we grew up.

Anonymous said...

There really is no difference between this and previous governments which like others before it has kept treating kenya's and Kenyans' problems and challenges with insensitivity and contempt, with strategic plans unveiled every now and then to defend its open failures.What happenned to the three harmonised manifestoes that the three top leaders had gone around to study, collect and note down the country's challenges and kenyans' demands which informed their campaign platforms? Such are the demonstrations that the leaders stand for nothing and its why everything falls on them.
If we should remember, it was Raila who with a reserch publication which he read at a conference months before the elections discredited and challenged Kibaki's leadership and development record, and is historically known for hard and constant criticism of governments and leaders in power. Criticise him today and reflect on his past, he will take no one's criticism which he will claim are smear campaigns and vendetta; how people, esp. the so-called reformes, change once they taste power!
Collectively the leaders are the disaster that have kept multiplying the traditional one including famine, environmental destruction, among others, and why no tangible godd can and should be expected from them.
Kenyans can and will only do themselves justice by voting all the 210 and nominated MPs out, regardless of party, their cvs come the next general elections,for fresh and new leaders.
The media should also spare our heads with loads of political gargabe by giving politicians minimal attention and the industious common Kenyans and their creativity more.

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