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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Patent Pending

What is in a name?quite rightly William Samoei Ruto does not own the patent to the name his parents gave him. Yet this same name of his seems to be owned by a mischevious shady and shadowy copycat determined to embarass the hard working Eldoret North MP with close shaves of the uncomfortable kind that cast shadows not favorable politically.

This unpatented name has done enough pseudo harm to raise suspicious eyebrows on the real agriculture minister. From being mistaken as being the identity of the cabinet minister banned from the United States early this year through to suspicions about that name appearing on the infamous Waki envelope with a list of post election violence perpetrators and now that name allegedly being one of the those alloted Agricultural Development Corporation land. On all these counts however the authentic owner has always been consisten in clearing the air of any misconceptions that may have been surrounding the misuse of his person

All these coincedences may have prompted the minister to ask himself the question "do Kenyans really know who i am"? Kenyans will have to keep the answer to that question close to their chest just in case it will prove too costly to reveal in the near future. On the other hand what we are seeing might be the dawn of a new era in the political landscape involving real politik warfare using never before deployed tactics of literally cloning your political opponents and liberating the doppelganger to go undo any good the REAL person may have done. A good example would be at a public function for example one president could safely be tucked away at night sleeping in the confines of his bedroom while the doppelganger stands in his place to be sworn in at the ceremony


Anonymous said...

what's in a name???

Skin colour a factor in Kenya ordeal: Mohamud
Last Updated: Friday, August 21, 2009 | 11:08 PM ET Comments486Recommend139CBC News
Suaad Hagi Mohamud talks about being stranded in Kenya in an exclusive interview with CBC's Diana Swain. (CBC)A Toronto woman who was stranded in Kenya over false claims she was an impostor said she believes the colour of her skin played a role in her ordeal.

In an exclusive interview with the CBC's Diana Swain, Suaad Hagi Mohamud was asked whether she thought things would have been different if she were white.

"I wouldn’t be stopped at the Kenyan airport if I'm a white," Mohamud said.

"The Canadian High Commission wouldn’t be treating me the way they treat me. If I'm a white person, I wouldn't be there in one day. I wouldn't have missed the flight."

Mohamud, 31, who was visiting her mother in Kenya, had been stranded in the country since May after Kenyan authorities said she didn't look like the picture in her passport photo.

Mohamud, who filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against the federal government on Friday, said the reaction by officials to her situation was "really frustrating" because "deep inside I thought we all the same."

She said her ordeal began when a KLM worker stopped her and looked at her documents and said that she did not look like her photos.

Mohamud said she was asked to pay a bribe to "make the problem go away."

"They make you miserable, tired, give up, for some money there."

But she said she never considered paying a bribe, saying she’s "always a straight person" and that she had done nothing wrong.

Canadian consular officials called her an impostor, voided her passport and urged Kenyan officials to prosecute her, even after Mohamud handed over numerous pieces of identification, offered fingerprints and finally demanded that her DNA be tested.

She was charged on May 28 with identity fraud and spent eight days in jail.

Mohamud said prison was horrible and that she was put in with gang members, killers and thieves.

"It's really horrible and a bad place to be. It's not something I can describe — the food, the sickness I get over there."

She said she tried everything to prove who she was and asked officials to call her 12-year-old son in Toronto.

"Why don’t you just call him and say, 'Where is your mom? Where is she? Where [did] she go? Are you with someone?' In that case, they will know if they really wanted to find out."

DNA tests proved Mohamud was who she said she was and the charges were dropped. She returned to Toronto on Saturday.

She said she blames the Canadian government, saying they "let me down, big time.

"No matter where we are, where we go, we're all citizens and I believe that we don't have a different level, we're all Canadian citizens," she said.

"I'm just asking the government to get up and back up their people wherever they are."

Anonymous said...

Past atrocities by one Moi, today often cited for his good deeds

Anonymous said...

Mimi kenya si rudi

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:25
Just who the heck do you imagine you are?You have already said it enough times.Stay wherever you are,nobody is feeling the loss!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Easton apartments is a property consisting of five blocks of four storey apartments.It stands right at the edge of Makadara railway station along jogoo rd.It belongs to one William Samoei Ruto and you dont have to be a genius to know that the apartments were built on grabbed Kenya Railways land.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sample the above comments and what other evidence do you want that this blog has definitely gone to the dogs.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Can we for once confine ourselves to talking and thinking sense that adds value not only to our country but also to the human race?

Look at what people who are supposed to be Christians are saying about Kalenjins being ugly!

It is foolhardy to ridicule people who are like you are original from Gog Almighty, people whose land you have arrogantly stolen.

Besides such naive tribal arrogance could lead to more churches being burnt with you and your children in them come 2012 presidential elections.

Just continue with your base tribal simple mindedness. May be you will be burnt into cinders come 2012 presidential elections.

Please learn from history for the simple reason that by sensibly learning and respecting it, it might save your tribe whose extinction is imminent.

Of course with your thinking the rest of Kenyans cannot be blamed if they, the 80%, converge on you and crush you and your arrogant impunity once for all.

It will soon most likely be 4:1 in the event hat you arrogantly attack the 80% majority. Sensible people should shudder at such a thought.

Anonymous said...
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Blog Admin said...

Comment moderation is now in effect

chola said...

Kalenjine as a tribe have more gold and other medals then any other tribe in world and Kenyan. Thank to their hard work and determination. Kenyan flag fly’s high in the world and our national anthem played all over the world
If you London, Berlin New York, Scandinavia, even in Siberia if you say I’m Kenyan the local reply yes Gold Gold.
Yes kalenjine the Golden tribe of Kenya

Anonymous said...

Where have you been all this time when mud-slinging tribal nonsense has been going on?

1. what is your definition of Democracy?

2. Free Speech


when even the Kenyan media prints lies? daily.. where is the truth in Kenya?

I would like to ask you to also moderate the main posts.. since some are very biased and sometimes tend to be demeaning to us on here..

I hope you will not remove my post for asking you as the administrator this questions!!

Anonymous said...

when people like Sam Okello and Taabu make posts that are clearly targeting our brothers from Mt. Kenya. No moderation takes place. Infact, a few days ago sam okello did one on Equity bank, a bank that he said was taking kenyans money and giving it to Kikuyus (check it here So when you make moderation partial, only when it hurts Kalenjins, then i suggest you make this a Kalenjin aka Kass blog and save us the pretext of impartiality.
infact one reader questioned chris on the house rules when the equity bank post came up. as usual moderation was not necessary then.

So i also suggest you edit this;
Any post/s breaking the (Kalenjin) house rules of COMMON DECENCY will be promptly deleted, i.e. NO anti kalenjin, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, swearing, out of topic, impersonation and spam AMONG OTHERS.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Terrible things are happening to Colombians who work at the Coca Cola plant there. Murders by the union etc. Maybe we should all stop drinking Coke!! I don't drink it so no quitting for me but I would quit because of this. Well worth a look.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Another missed opportunity to discuss the real issues.

As we have noted before, there is nothing wrong with Ruto, Saitoti etc. It may be true that, someone like Saitoti was given 100 acres of land for around 187, 000 KES.

However, to focus on him, is to miss the point. The problem, it seems to us, is those who claim to study sociology, philosophy, economics and political science. Instead of seeking the cause, they have all specialised in description of social facts. How shallow.

Establishment of a domestic empire requires it to be founded upon DOMINION. Dominion is a question of property, which may be real or personal. This encompasses land, money or other goods.

The question before us is this. Is the modern state designed to enhance and aid the construction of domestic empire? The answer is in the affirmative.

Today, if you are a Kibera resident, and you happen to have an income of 25 KES from your labour (EARNED INCOME), you are expected to pay tax. However, if you dodge that tax so as to survive, the state will come very hard on you as a criminal.

However, when you are given land worthy millions of Kenya shillings for speculation purposes so as to pocket UNEARNED INCOME, the state has nothing to say about that.

It seems therefore right to argue that, the modern state is constructed in a way that, it disables those who labour (those who earn their income), while protecting and aiding those who grab common property, whose value is generated by all (those who pocket unearned income).

If that is the way we have constituted states in the 21st Century, how can we turn around and accuse Ruto or Saitoti for creating domestic empires through land as the modern state requires?

Simply, we are yet to learn how to constitute a functioning state. Thus, our concern should be the study of these flaws so as to devise means of removing such inherent contradictions of a modern state.

However, instead of focusing on such fundamental philosophical flaws of modern state, we spend eternity yelling at each other about Luos, Kalenjins, Kikuyu etc.

No wonder Bob Marley expressed the view that, modern education is meant to brainwash so as to make us fools.

Anonymous said...

Biggest Headache in Kenya today

The biggest political problem in Kenya is William Ruto:

He dethroned Moi in RV. He will same to Raila unless the latter come into his senses, not only in RV, but Ruto is likeable/identifies with the youth.

He is not from the "inheriting dynasties- Kenyatta,Moi,Kifaki- hence acceptable to the majority apart from the high echelon of Kikuyus who sell the idea that "he is the chief architect of 2207 mayheim".It is not selling-speak to manabas and there goes your answer!

However, the Kikuyu youth rank Ruto as second to Raila. If Ruto sell the idea that Raila is fighting him,then Ruto will prevail.
The youth, beyond those from the Kikuyu tribe are looking for a "strong" leader. Ruto is seen as the "one".
I think that Ruto should stay put and continue his line of "toughness", but start speaking to all tribes, not only kales.
Raila must be careful in the way he handles Ruto.

While Raila is "old",Ruto is still a "youth with an unfortunate back ground". He is politically lethal as time will prove. It is the time for a social revolution and Ruto easily passes as a member of the masses (read the poor).Obamism is already in Kenya- "youthfulness and a poor back ground"

I wish Raila can see through the Mt. kenya Mafia.They are conmen out to maintain the status quo. But they have miscalculated-Raila is not a "jaluo" as they think. He is wealthy by his own right. A right the mafia think they control. He is likely to outdo them, but my only concern is that he NEEDS Ruto.

Why would Kifaki allow Muthaura back in office?-besides health issues, he is past Retirement age!

Lets watch the game.

But for certain, Ruto will continue being a headache.

I like it

Anonymous said...

the "patent" maybe "pending", however one individual name "so and so" will never be kenya's president or prime minister in 2012, 2017, 2022, 2027 or 2032.

it will take an individual from the same region/province/background with an unblemished political record and a wider national appeal to become kenya's president in 2032.

these are the words spoken by the oracle at the source of ngara-nanyuki

Beegee said...

Many comments here have little to do with the subject in question.
Kenyans need to cherish our diversity and just embrace each other.
Jacob Obongo

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