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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Will Kenya Survive The Hague Trials?

Since Independence, nothing as significant as this has happened in Kenya.

Over the next few months, we are all going to be witnesses to a situation where our political class, and those who handle them, will work tirelessly to invent ways to scuttle the legal process Annan and Ocampo have set in motion at the Hague. What these perpetually blinded folks will be forgetting is that this game is over. Their best way forward at this point is to hire the best attorneys money can buy and have them start work on a defense strategy that will at least minimize the damage the presence of their name in the Waki envelop will have caused.

As these events unfold, Kenyans should require that those mentioned in the envelop resign immediately to pave way for further investigation. It should also be made clear to such folks that they will never hold any public position in this nation until they are cleared of the charges against them. Like I said last week, this may well be God's answer to the cry of Kenyans to be delivered from the tyranny of a ruling class that has turned out worse than the colonialist.

But here is my fear.

My fear is that when these folks sense that the Hague will go down with them, they may set in motion a state of affairs that may well plunge this nation into worse chaos than what we witnessed two Decembers ago. Just consider for a moment the guys whose names we know are in the envelop for sure. Ali, Uhuru, Ruto, Michuki. Those four guys, even if we left out everybody else, command terror machines in the name of Mungiki for Uhuru, Kalenjin Warriors for Ruto, the police force for Ali, and top brass in the armed forces for Michuki. If those guys sensed that they are going down at the Hague, the evil they demonstrated to be capable of in the past will repeat itself...only this time they'll want Kenya to burn with them.

That said, I want to call on the members of Parliament to stand firm against a local tribunal. It is now clear that such a tribunal will not go anywhere. We have successfully demonstrated to the world how immature we still are by being incapable of doing as simple a thing as merely punishing goons who masterminded the mass murder of their fellow countrymen. Even worse is the political posturing going on for 2012v while IDPs continue to languish in the unforgiving seasonal cold weather. Two years later? May Parliament unite in defeating the pleas of Raila and Kibaki for a local tribunal. Let those of us who have worried about Kenya's sovereignty swallow this harsh pill and turn over our boys and girls to the Hague. And the first girl hurled there should be that woman in Kisumu who gave a shoot-to-kill order. I hear she's now in a comfortable office here in Nairobi. And we wonder why Annan don't trust these folks?

I pray that once these evil men and women are withdrawn from circulation, this nation will have an opportunity to start afresh. I pray that we will cultivate a culture where impunity is frowned upon and integrity encouraged. A culture where corruption will not be tolerated, and God feared for what He has done. It is only when men and women of solid character run the affairs of this nation that Kenya will move toward Vision 2030 with surefootedness.

We shall be free!

I know we shall because out there where God lives, those who watch over us don't sleep. Woe unto those accused when the cry of an entire nation has reached the ear of the Almighty.

Woe unto them!


Anonymous said...

Woe unto them, sam. the blood of the innocent dead will haunt them forever

Anonymous said...

Ringera clears MPs in maize scandal

Twenty-four politicians have been cleared of wrongdoing in the maize scandal that erupted early this year.

A Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission report says the 21 MPs and three ministers who were accused of writing notes to the management of the national cereals stores for maize allocation had not committed any crime.

The commission’s report has been published in the Kenya Gazette of July 10.

Commission director Aaron Ringera says the inquiry into allegations that some MPs and senior public servants unlawfully influenced the allocation of maize from the cereals board by writing introductory letters proved that the letters did not accord the bearers any advantage or benefit.

The investigations established that a number of the introductory letters were not complied with as they were received by the National Cereals and Produce Board after the trustees of the Strategic Grain Reserves Fund had suspended the sale of maize.

“It was further established from NCPB officers that applicable guidelines were followed in the sale of the maize and that all requests were treated equally,” says the report.

Industrialisation minister Henry Kosgey was among those interrogated by the anti-corruption commission detectives in connection with the controversial sale of subsidised maize when the country was facing a grain shortage.

The graft watchdog’s recommendation to the Attorney that the investigation file be closed was accepted on June 25.

In the same report, Solicitor General Muchemi Wanjuki was cleared of corruption claims and abuse of office.

Also cleared was a former permanent secretary, whose company bought Kenya Railways Corporation land at Sh77 million and re-sold it at Sh174 million to the National Social Security Fund.

Similarly, a former mayor was cleared of graft allegations amounting to Sh18 million for the construction of Kehancha Municipal Stadium.

However, the commission found a former managing director of Kenya Medical Research Institute guilty of fraudulently transferring Sh19.3 million from the Kemri-CDC (Centers for Disease Control) project to the account of African Medical Services Trust.





Anonymous said...

All the Killers and murders of innocent kenyans must face the "ICC" which Kenyans is foolish enough to give this current government a chance with the local tribunal? ati witness protection program??( ha!!ha!! call it witnessing your own death) they will kill any witness they can lie their hands on..

let nobody be fooled.
Hague is the only solution. witnesses can be heard in Camera and nobody will ever know they talked! period!

Kenyans prefer the murderers of their family members be taken to the ICC

Anonymous said...

We want them taken to the Hague

we want then to be taken to the Hague

We want them to be taken to the Hague
All those that killed -beheaded, murdered innocent kenyans must face Hague

paid mungiki and other gangs to kill,
contributed money to the mingiki and others to go and kill innocent kenyans must face the HAGUE


Anonymous said...

I like Woe Unto Them!

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Ali is on the list. I thought he helped to bring order, Most of those shoot by police were looting, destroying property or attacking their neighbours. Ali had to do his job

Anonymous said...

Its funny how sam okello manages to carefully write his crap keeping his small king Raila out of the fol lay. its Raila who called kikuyu kabila adui before the elections setting in motion hatre campaign. Raila is in record having said that Kenya will not be governable unless ODM was in govt.
its Raila who a month after signing the accord went to thank the Kalenjin warriors for causing chaos that led to international intervention.
its Raila who stood to benefit most from all the genocide that took place.
those like sam okello who think that Raila is safe should smell the coffee. the only reason that Raila is fighting and bribing MP's for a local tribunal is because his black smelly neck is on the line.
those blind enough not to appreciate this fact need to book an appointment with the nearest psychiatrist.


Anonymous said...

Hague is the only option. Given that the very few Kenyans expect any form of justice from our courts, it is only plausible that a third party court take over the case against the 'heavy weights'
The only curious thing is, how come Raila believes a local tribunal would dispense justice, yet because of his conviction that local courts are biased he surpused them when he thought he was aggrived by the election results? Kama mbaya mbaya wacha wezi na wauwaji waende hague.

M-Pesa said...

Has anyone ever seen a politician convicted of any criminal activity in a Kenyan court and sent to jail? Me neither. If you are well endowed financially and well connected, there's simply no way you can be jailed unless you are a dimwit fool, even kids know that.

Five years on, Ruto still has corruption cases hanging on his neck, thanks to his battery of clever lawyers who manipulate the system citing his "constitutional rights." Anglo fleecing and Goldenberg masterminds are laughing at stupid Kenyans while Mobitelea ghosts laugh all the way to the bank. As if that's not enough, maize and oil thieves have stuck up their middle finger at us while asking mta do nini mafala?

I'm flabbergasted at the plain fact that we have post election killers dressed in designer suits and Rolex watches sitting in cabinet offices and parliament plotting how to scuttle justice.

However hard you wish that fact away, it's just the simple truth, yep.. killers and masterminds of electoral violence are still drawing their hefty salaries while they should be rotting in dark dungeons of Kamiti!

Now I understand why Obama snubbed Kenya and opted for Ghanna, there's simply no way he could have come here to shake hands with murderers, thieves and crooks in this land of impunity and impotent justice.

Minister for Metropolitan one Njeru Githae said it bluntly over the weekend in a straight face "..We want a local tribunal, something we can check on and control as a government on it's mandate." Ostensibly to safeguard our national interests, sovereignty and classified security matters blah blah blah. In plain English, they want something they can manipulate to suit their selfish ends!


Anonymous said...

I want to see Ruto before the Hague,explaining to Ocampo why it was necessary to Kill, evict and burn thousands of houses belonging to poor peasants because an election had allegedly been rigged.Yes,let him carry on with his line of thinking at the ICC.

M-Pesa said...

In case of a local tribunal, the Big Fish will walk scot free while the small man (rats) implicated in violence will face long stretches in jail.

At The Hague, the Big Fish will surely be fried without a doubt. So far, there's no escaping since Ocampo (already nicknamed Onyango at my local) has given them a tight grip by the balls. MPs must reject the local kangaroo courts by all means.

To dismantle their intricate web of deceit, impunity and fraud, let's fry the big fish first at The Hague, we can deal with the rats here later on in our own way. They cannot afford mechanisms to manipulate the system and wiggle out of justice.

If Big Timer's networks are not destroyed through Hague option, they will loom larger than before when 2012 comes knocking. And Kenya will cease to exist as we know it, that's a given!


Anonymous said...


Minister for Metropolitan one Njeru Githae said it bluntly over the weekend with a straight face "...We want a local tribunal, something we - THE LORDS OF IMPUNITY - can check on and control as a government - read THE LORDS OF IMUPUNITY - on it's mandate." Ostensibly to safeguard our national interests, sovereignty and classified security matters blah blah blah.

In plain English, they - THE LORDS OF IMPUNITY - want something they can manipulate to suit their selfish ends! - which is to get away with IMPUNITY

Who are these "THE LORDS OF IMPUNITY"? They are the people who were behind, organized and were responsible for the STEALING OF THE ELECTIONS OF DECEMBER - most of them are the so called current Mt Kenya "elite," Michuki et al.

Anonymous said...

Those suggesting that the election thieves be taken to The Hague are extremely ignorant of the law. Theft of any kind including that of an election is not a crime against humanity.

Those who should worry most are those on tape talking about madoadoa in the RV because that will be a significant fact in ethnic cleansing charges.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how sam okello manages to carefully write his crap keeping his small king Raila out of the fol lay. its Raila who called kikuyu kabila adui before the elections setting in motion hate campaign. Raila is on record having said that Kenya will not be governable unless ODM was in govt.
its Raila who a month after signing the accord went to thank the Kalenjin warriors for causing chaos that led to international intervention.
its Raila who stood to benefit most from all the genocide that took place.
those like sam okello who think that Raila is safe should smell the coffee. the only reason that Raila is fighting and bribing MP's for a local tribunal is because his black smelly neck is on the line.
those blind enough not to appreciate this fact need to book an appointment with the nearest psychiatrist.

on another note; the argument that innocent babies were thrown into burning inferno because of a stolen election sounds like an argument of a mental case!!!
its on record that in luo nyanza, raila got over 150% votes in some constituencies (remember Mbita), or what defines stealing elections in ODM???

Anonymous said...

If we just deal with the people in that envelope alone without asking ourselves why the PEV occured, we will be going nowhere. The PEV did not just occur out of the blues without reason. There were causes and a trigger.

Why did the PEV take place? There were a lot of historical injustices the had not been dealt with in a just manner and resolved with fairness. This bred deserved resentment from the aggrieved parties.

Now, When Mwai "pumbavu!" Kibaki blatantly STOLE the elections in broad daylight and had himself sworn in at night and in secret, this had the overall effect of pouring gasoline on the small fires of justified resentment. An explosion, the PEV, was virtually guaranteed by this blatant act of ELECTORAL THEFT.

What am I saying? It is this: The people who bear the biggest blame for the PEV are the thieves who stole the elections of December 2007 in BROAD DAYLIGHT. That, my fellow Kumekucha readers, was the height of IMPUNITY.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's time our logic of stolen election causing us to kill is tested internationally.

Nice sermon Sam. Dont forget to pass the begging (sorry, collection) bowl around.

Anonymous said...

It is foolhardy to expect that these Kenyan problems can be dealt with in isolation of the State sponsored THEFT of 2007 elections. To do so would be very foolish. It would just be encouraging more deadlier IMPUNITY in future. The problem of IMPUNITY will not have been conclusively dealt with and eliminated.

This is very important and crucial in view of Kriegler’s own admission that the election was a sham and it was impossible to tell who won.

There is one envelope missing - containing the names of the election THIEVES .... John "the rattlesnake" Michuki and his fellow Mt Kenya election thieves.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those who planned the STEALING of the elections of December 2007 by paying and using the disbanded and discredited Electoral Commission should be the first to answer followed by those who were involved in the PEV for JUSTICE to be done and be seen to be done.

Anonymous said...

Fraudulent elections, such as the ones of December 2007, are a manifestation of corruption and impunity which we should address without fear or favour and the time is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Rigging according to ODM only happened when other parties stole more than them.Those calling for another envelope containing names of those who stole the elections forget Judge Kriegler pointed a finger at ODM leaders citing massive irregularities in areas the party had the majority.Who can also forget the sham that was ODM nominations where losers in Nyanza were declared the winners ostensibly to give Raila people he could work with!If in doubt ask one James Aggrey Orengo and one Peter Anyang Ny'ong'o.Rigging and electoral fraud only happens when others are doing it but NOT when ODM is the one doing it.Then,it can be explained as something else.

Philip said...


I agree with you 100%.

Let Hague do it's work and let's also do our work from now onwards and tell our leaders - we can now see, and we are no longer with you.

Come 2012 lets kick all of them. Ama sivyo?

Anonymous said...

Kenya as a nation is bigger than any individual,whether or not the Ruto's, the Uhuru's and the Michuki's end up in the Hague is irrelevant for the country will continue to move on,no single person can hold the country at ransom!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya as a nation is bigger than any individual,whether or not the Ruto's, the Uhuru's and the Michuki's end up in the Hague is irrelevant for the country will continue to move on,no single person can hold the country at ransom!!

Anonymous said...

In calling for a local tribunal, THE LORDS OF IMPUNITY want something they can manipulate to suit their selfish ends, which is to get away with the IMPUNITY of stealing elections.

Njeru Githae, I watched you on T.V yesterday and you just confirmed what I have been thinking all along. You do not want justice. You want to get away with THEFT. You want to get away with IMPUNITY

Anonymous said...

Those arguing PEV was as a result of stolen elections are not explaining why the planning was done months before elections were held. Does it mean that ODM prophets knew elections would be rigged? I don't think Ocampo is going to buy that kind of unintelligent defense. Waki report differentiates the spontaneous and planned violence.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine an ODMite telling Ocampo: "Historical injustice made me kill my neighbour and rape his baby-daughter." Only a Raila worshipper can come with such a lunatic defense.

Anonymous said...

Dear ODMorons:

The crimes that come under the jurisdiction of the ICC at The Hague are Crimes against humanity, and Gross violations of human rights. Stealing of chicken, cows, votes, and goats are handled by the local chiefs and magistrates at your respective divisional centers. So sought out your grievances and take them to the court with the proper jurisdictional.

Anonymous said...

"Kabila adui yetu" slogan was used as a war cry and a code for ethnic cleansing of Kikuyu from the RV. The top ODM Kikuyu hater will have to explain himself before the world what he meant. "Madoadoa" and "sangari" were also used with deadly effect by ODM top thugs to accomplish the planned ethnic cleansing.

Anonymous said...

The Luos should start looking for alternative leadership. The Odingas may have brought them out of Egypt but they will not be able to lead them across River Jordan. Plus putting your eggs in a single busket is an imprudent way of life.

deroo said...

To all,

For those reading this article, you should all appreciate with facts that the July date Koffi Annan presented the envelop that includes names that remain fictititous to this moment, politics changed and at a wider spectrum, politics died in Kenya.

Literally, the game that is politics, the art that it lies and the shame that is impunity grind to a halt.

For the first time in more than two years, the people of Kenya, mostly illiterate and culpable have not heard the swan-song 'WE ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU A NEW CONSTITUTION'. Indeed, Koffi pushed it to the back burner.

But look at the ramifications and what people talk about in this forum, it is simply COLD.

For the first weekend in so many, we have not seen politicians rallying to make calls in funerals and other meeting proclaiming that the election was stolen and for the first time, politicians have learnt to SHUT UP.

General Hussein Ali's crime was to bring the bedlam that had gripped the country to a stop, other people's mistakes were to obey existing orders and people here and in similar fora thought otherwise, so was Kalonzo Musyoka's mistake to join Mwai Kibaki's PNU, and a few years back, it was not a mistake for the opposition Nyanza Development Party to join Daniel Arap Moi.

Now, the hour of reckoning is here and lets face it with the same gusto, chest-thumping and hubris that was in us slightly more than a year ago.

Have a nice day folks and think deep about the political crunch that is about to descend of beloved Kenya.

Think about the communities living in IDP camps in Rift Valley, the ones living in Central Province and the many more who lost millions of properties across the country for a mistake they could not reverse---being born of a tribe that was either madoadoa, kabila adui or from Lesotho as the ODM juggernaut charade referred to people they did not like.

Lest you forget...the poor of RV who were lied to that they will managing their own property in their own province and the level of galvanising that was witnessed prior to the elections.


Anonymous said...

I hear Ruto now wants us to stop talking about the Hague. Really? The true charcter of this guy reveals itself daily. I hope the Hague will find him guilty of his crimes and take him away from our backs.

The man is what Okello would call a contemptous murderer.

deroo said...

Sad it is to imagine that a grown up man, can see people huddled in a church, take a match stick, light a motolov bomb and throw it into a church that has all doors shut.

Sad it is for a man with brown-turning-red teeth in a smelly mouth, attack a Luo man and his children in a house in Naivasha.

Sad that a Kisii peasant in Rift Valley can be attacked by a marauding gang of hollowheads simply because their tribe was thought to have voted otherwise.

All these in the name of politics. It is a time that the whole country should think what we have achieved as a nation.

Why did Ghana not descend to chaos when it was clear that there was open fraud, not in the Kenyan case when Justice Kreigler said was on both sides? why was there no chaos in Nigeria years earliier yet they are divided along more than 22 different lines from politics, class, religion and other petty formations?

The political elite are behind this and the political parties and whoever, should take the blame.

NOT THE COSTITUTION as many of the senior politicians want us to believe.



deroo said...

There is a saying in Swahili that goes...MUOSHA PIA HUOSHWA or in this case...MUOSHA KAOSHWA...


kenyahalisi said...

I am happy that hague is Taking over because I want to see Kibaki beeing Hanged for his sins....First he rigged the elections and was determined to hold on power at the cost of Thousands of his Kikuyu people ..second ..It is on record that some planning was done at State can a sacred place like state house be used to plan the killings of other Kenyans just because they are from another tribe..Kibaki is a devil...All non Kikuyu tribes were reacting to this evil acts by isolating and Killing Kikuyus...this will happen again if they continue beeing arrogant!!!. Eventualy we will have to find a "final solution"

Anonymous said...


i wan to give you a benefit of doubt and allude your comment to sheer stupidity. otherwise someone who has no qualms arguing that its okey to kill innocent women and children who had no role in stealing of elections needs a mental check up. pray that in future it will not be your poor family on the other side of the spear.
its on record that ODM also stole. its also on record that ethnic cleansing was orchestrated even before elections. lopsided arguments may give you temporary reprieve but eventually you will face the hard truth. i hope you mature fast enough.

kumekucha seems to have kids on the prowl or mental cases including okello who though intelligent seem to suffer from temporary insanity.

Kamili said...

The PANUAS are so obsessed and scared of Rutto. What evidence do you fuckin' born thieves have on allegation that Rutto planned the PEV? Who are the Kalenjin Worriors? You keeep mentioning this as if nothing exist like the terror gang of Mungiki? We know that you get scared when the bitter truth is mentioned. No other leader in Kenya is comparable to Rutto. He has been astute and articulate on issues pertaining to the bungled election of 2007. That is why you brutts feel agitated when he speaks. If it were not for him you PNU's would be roaming around Killing and supressing other communities like the way your armed wing of Mungiki is terrorizing Kenyans in Nairobi and its environs. Let it be clear to you that as far as the Kalenjin community is concerned, there is nothing like Kalenjin worriors and this as been a creation theory by the NSIS to imply that the Kalenjin have a similar thing as kikuyus Mungiki. Have you seen any pupported "Kalenjin worrior" in any city or village street demonstrating like the government sponsored Mungiki? It is a sham cos you shout louder and you dominate the media.
You will be suprised when The Hague hard wood bull doors will be opened for Kibaki,Uhuru, Michuki and Ali. Stop shouting most as if you know everything.

Anonymous said...


7/12/09 11:26 PM

You can scream all you want and try equating Raila with your Othaya thief and murderer but it won't wash

Did Raila order thr Police to shoot and Kill innocent kenyans??






Anonymous said...

ANON7/12/09 11:46 PM





Anonymous said...

is that the only example you can give?? Ruto?

1. Anglo leasing
2. goldenberg
3. Transcentury(Riftvalley railways)
4. Charter House
5. Grand Regency
7. Oil Devani deal

and the list goes on..all involved are sitting in the Statehouse and parliament

Kenyans say Hague is the only way to stop this impunity and Hague is where it will go period!

Anonymous said...

anon7/13/09 12:21 AM

You are the fool and do not understand international criminal courts work

Election theft combined with bloodshed by the governments security forces is a crime against humanity!

as much as you would like to remove Kibaki from the equation it ain't happening .. he ordered the death of innocent Kenyans -Kibaki's name is in the envelope

Ocampo said in black and white ICC does not care even if you are the president " you will face ICC"

Kibaki is on his way to HAGUE:):)

Anonymous said...

anon7/13/09 2:04 AM

What other parties?? stole the elections??

1. the othaya thief and murderer of the innocent kenyans by ordering the police to shoot and kill is the main man here and the only party that stole elections by ordering kenyans to be killed is PNU


Anonymous said...

anon7/13/09 3:07 AM

Rape and murder was committed by your mungiki thugs and murderers ordered by your warlord Uhuru Kenyatta! what does ODM has to do this such brutal acts of rape and beheading while screaming thai thai?

Anonymous said...

anon7/13/09 3:07 AM

We are waiting to see what your Othaya thief and Murderer of innocent kenyans will be telling Ocampo :) notice he has not mentioned appearing at the Hague.

trust me kenyans should not worry he will be shipped there.his stolen millions won't help him!

Anonymous said...

anon7/13/09 3:30 AM

aaah!! wooooui! now you have been caught red handed.

Mungiki informant confirmed that at the statehouse meeting they were told to go clear all the madoadoa from Nakuru and Naivasha-

We have someone on Kumekucha whi knows the inside story of the statehouse meeting

that is the only Place we hear that started the Madoadoa reference!
shame on you killers and murderers of innocent Kenyans-

ICC= Kibaki= Michuki= Saitoti= Uhuru= Karua= karume= muhoho= kabondo wa kabondo= MP Njenga= Musyoka Kalonzo= all the murderers who sit in parliament today.

Anonymous said...


Kibaki ordered the murder of innocent kenyans through his security forces namely the police.

you can post gibberish on here all you want but it won't change the facts..

All kibaki's cronies involved in the planning and the death of innocent kenyans will face Hague

Ocampo said he will set an example with Kenya. kibaki is not above the law he will be in jail for the rest of his life

justice must be served for those who died by kibaki's hands period

Ocampo should move time to waste we want this goons behind bars.

Anonymous said...

anon7/13/09 3:35 AM

My friend if i were you I should be worrying about your next PNU leader:)


check this out

Uhuru= hague
Michuki= Hague
and most of PNU MP's who contributed to the mungiki murderers to go out slaughter kenyans

even your affiliate parties ain't doing well

Kalonzo musyoka=Hague(he attended statehouse meeting with the mungiki's

Martha Karua =Hague (Kibaki's master mind)

concentrate on your PNU= Narc-Kenya- ODM-K

No top guys will be spared

Hague is waiting:) and now they are all peeing in their pants:)

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is a red herring the thug is standing for reelection ever, that man is practicaly senile, have you seen him of late, totally incoherent. The people we should be concerned about are the pretenders to the throne, Uhuru and co these are the guys who's arses must be hauled to the hague kibaki will be a waste of time and money he is a goner one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

anon7/13/09 3:53 AM

Opps!! I think you meant to say yours truly KIBAKI can't even mention HAGUE:)

RUTO want to go to HAGUE.. smart chap.. since he knowS the truth will set him free. not manufactured lies by the same murderers of innocent kenyans..

kibaki is a killer and a murderer period even if you tried you can't those facts won't go away



Anonymous said...

anon7/13/09 3:53 AM

ha!ha! you won't tint Ruto's name at ICC like you have done in Kenya with falsehood and propaganda-
let anyone who has a case to answer face Hague.

why are your people running scared?
is Kibaki ready to face the HAGUE like Raila and Ruto?

ha!!ha!! I doubt he is already peeing in his pants.. shanzi yeye kabisa

Anonymous said...

anon7/13/09 5:02 AM

When faced by facts you post propaganda and abuse people.

let me be clearer

1. Kibaki = Hague

2. Kibaki = Hague

3. Kibaki= Hague

and that is putting it politely

most kenyans feel like Kenyahalisi given a chance we would all put Kibaki a a market place and stone him to death like they did in previous centuries that is what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

is anyone convinced now that one mr. Stephen kalonzo Musyoka will be the next Kenyan president?

Hilarious how foxes get caught in their follies

Anonymous said...

What baffles me is Kifaki stole the elections and has done jack squat.

His Kikuyu people are still languishing in camps. Kikuyus have killed more of their own people (read-Mungiki/Vigilantes) that the PEV of 07/08/Kalenjins/Moi combined as a matter of fact.

So Deroo, and the other idiots, you anger and rationale is totally misguided.

deroo said...

I think the violence after the elections started when the live transmissions were being aired from KICC and one dimwit Musalia Mudavadi went ahead to announce that Raila Odinga had won the elections. Not bad for starters.

Two hours later, when Samuel Kivuitu, the man charged with overseeing the exercise announced the winner of the presidential poll, Kenya was on fire and it was only in selected places in Nyanza, Kakamega and Eldoret.

Under the current constitution and any other in the world, the police, even in the most developed democracies are charged with the task of restoring law and order. It has happened in Los Angeles, it has happened in Northern Ireland, it has happened in Egypt and it has even happened in Iran, Iraq, China and all trouble spots in the world.

If whoever makes the noise here does not know, ODM announced hours after the swearing-in of Mwai Kibaki that they were to hold a swearing-in ceremony in the City Centre venue of Uhuru Park and at the same time announced that similar protests were to take place across the country.

I would love some of the airhaeds posting crap material here to tell me or other readers where Mwai Kibaki features to have ordered for the killing.

For your information, you academic dwarves, looting is a crime in any oountry in the world and Kibaki, whether he ordered the shooting or not, cannot be charged with that. It is a globally accepted order. You dont expect those looters in Kisumu to continue unwantonly with their trail of destrution and looting unchecked.

Did Kibaki order the ODM adherents in Kisumu to loot the shops and destroy government property? Did Kibaki order the ODM folks to burn ambulances and the rest of government property in Kisumu, Homa Bay and the rest of the country. If KIbaki did order for the shooting, why did he not order for shooting of Luo men and women in Central Kenya?

Look at the troubles, they were only concentrated in regions where Luo, Luhya and Kalenjins are the majority. Kibera, Mathare and Eldoret, Kakamega, Kisumu and Homa Bay. Why were there no such troubles in Machakos? Think wide!!!

Didn't we hear Peter Anyang Nyongo announcing loudly that PNU-linked businesses should be targetted? Yes we all heard that.

Please give us a break and imagine the consequences of the damage that the murder, rape and property destruction have done to your political party.

Well, because you are the prosecuters, hangmen and judges at The Hague, why dont you just chaperone KIbaki to the airport, and fly him to wherever you want. Sorry that you dont understand nothing.

I pity and it is ironical that I have to make this comment to those writing rubbish here.


Taabu said...

Tell them, tell them bro. These AIRHEADS have committed even more henious crimes after PEV. Look at how they have exported decapitation to Central. You must also remind them of what Kriegler said: NO WINNER.

And let nobody ask you why one was sworn in, power abhors vacuum. Remind them hey have to live and hug the skink they have. Not done yet after Emilio comes prince UK wapende wasipende.

Deroo you are so knowledgeable Deroo I guess you must be a genious. How else would one know all those village towns in Nyanza populated by scum looters. Rub it in man. What those rioters did can only be stopped by a live bullet.

Thank God we have Ali to thank otherwise there would be no Kenya to talk about now.

Deroo you are so articulate you leave the ODMorons muddled. You warned them of the flawed NARA Accord and how prophetic? What is more, you take no hostages and with gloves off you skin their messiah, you singular object of HATE and TIRADE.

May Raila exist forever so that we can sample your superlative prose. Without RAO your intellectual faculties would go comatose.

Finally Deroo please remind them of painful history: like father like son. And puntuate that with you devine signature tune-Raila will NEVER, NEVER.....

The gallery is full, the applause if thunderous. Woe unto the truly bereaved if they cannot match your exotic dirge.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Deroo wrote that:

For your information, you academic dwarves, looting is a crime in any oountry in the world and Kibaki, whether he ordered the shooting or not, cannot be charged with that. It is a globally accepted order. You dont expect those looters in Kisumu to continue unwantonly with their trail of destrution and looting unchecked.

Our views:

It is one thing to express a mere opinion, but, it is entirely a different issue to express an INFORMED opinion. Yours is a mere opinion. Why so?

You argue with coolness of a judge ordering death sentence that, whether he ordered shooting or not, MK cannot be prosecuted cos looting is a crime all over the world. Let us see if you know what you are saying.

It seems to us that, here we are dealing with excessive use of force. In Loayza Tamayo case, the Inter - American Court of Human Rights expressed the opinion that: “any use of force that is not strictly necessary to ensure proper behavior on the part of the detainee constitutes an assault on the dignity of the person… in violation of Article 5 of the American Convention."

Thus, although states can use force even to kill, such use of force can be said to be excessive if it is not “necessary and proportionate to the needs of the situation and the objective to be achieved."

More over, “[t]he legitimate use of force implies, among other factors, that it be both necessary and proportional to the situation, in other words, that it be exercised with moderation and in proportion to the legitimate objective pursued, and in an effort to reduce to a minimum
any personal injury and loss of human lives."

In La Exata case, it was found that, an attack on striking farm workers and their families lacked appropriate SAFEGUARDS against the UNRESTRAINED use of force. As a result, the state was found liable.

In Corumbiara case, 500 farm workers invaded a ranch. They were evicted by military police, landowenrs and hired gunmen. A number of these people were injured and killed in the process. It was held that, USE OF EXCESSIVE FORCE violated their right to human treatment. More so, FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE the RESULTING DEATH and INJURIES aggravated the situation.

In Lucas v Brazil case, it was found that, use of teargas into an overcrowded cell with obstructed ventlilation to repress a riot was a violation of their right to humane treatment.

Thus, the fact that, someone was looting is not sufficient defence. If he is called to account for the civilian deaths, he must show that, the use of force was not excessive, in that was NECESSARY to contain the situation. From where we stand, that will be a tall order.

On top of that, he must also show that, there were enough safeguards to prevent use of excessive force.

Furthermore, he must be able to show the steps he has taken so far to investigate these cases. Thus, it is a matter of waving rioters and then u go free.

Simply, it will be tough man if he is called to account. It will not be a cake walk as you think.

deroo said...


This one deserves a cold drink.



deroo said...

The NARA Accord was a fallacy and should feature in a DUMB and DUMBER epic. I would buy that any time. It was the biggest lie ever told in 2008. How do you sign an Accord that clearly says that the only powers your mate has is to nominate a minister? Shortchanged baba...makubwa yako njiani...


chola said...

DEROO who was the president of Kenyan when police shot 5000 KENYAN Citizens’ IN COLD BLOOD if you did not know, I will tell EMILIO MWAI KIFUKI.
Yes he was the top dog; we did not even have a PM.
Police and all force fall under the presidential office that where the commanding orders (or hamri ya keya) of shoot to kill come from.
The buck stops with him.
Yes kibaki and core are as guilty as hell

deroo said...

Chola, until I hear a man selling icecream in hell, I will not believe a word that you say. Have you ever read the Chiefs Act? It is enshrined in the Kenyan constitution. It is archaic, brutal and henious that it does not respect any human right. That is what General Ali was using.

It is the same law that the British Police visited terror, torture and unheard of brutality during the State of Emergency in 1952. Until it is changed, then things will remain so.

It is not Kibaki who orders, whoever, Michuki, Ali, Saitoti, Pogishio, Kianga and many more, simply follow the law.


Anonymous said...

Why have you left Kibaki's name out? He was in charge and refused to protect Kenyans.

He should be the first to hang. He should hang himself like Milosowich, if he is afraid.

deroo said...

Are you talking about Slobodan Milosevich? I have not heard of that name, but I know of another name, very famous in those circles call Radko Mladic.

Those named in the above para were involved in crimes against humanity, that bordered on eliminating whole tribes and religion. Whose tribe (aka madoadoa, kabila adui and sangiri) was attacked in KIbaki's case? And they will not go back to their lands, that is for sure.

Kindly confirm the name you are referring to.


Anonymous said...

It does not matter what Derek and co think the bottom line is; ICC will be keen on getting the big fish, and by this I mean Kibaki and maybe Raila. I can bet a fortune that all PNU folks inlcuded in the ICC list will name Kibaki to either save ass or as part of a bargain pleas with ICC to nail the big fish. Ruto knows this well and this explains his appetite for the ICC. I was taken a back by PNU big wig reactions instead of celebrating with other kenyans!!!!What surprise me is that the Kalenjin mafia does not look worried as we would expect..surprisingly they are calling a forclosure on this matter. Isnt ait ironic

Anonymous said...

Kibaki and cronies heading to the Hague

Now even Bashir of Sudan is being waited for to be arrested in Uganda ha!!ha! nice.

ati Kibaki calling an emergency meeting? who was with him when he was ordering the Police to shoot innocent Kenyans?? those are the only people who should attend his emergency meetings

Meanwhile the Hague is waiting for him


Anonymous said...

Now give us the names, Ocampo.

Mwarang'ethe said...

deroo said...

Chola, until I hear a man selling icecream in hell, I will not believe a word that you say. Have you ever read the Chiefs Act? It is enshrined in the Kenyan constitution. It is archaic, brutal and henious that it does not respect any human right. That is what General Ali was using.

Our views:

Another rubbish opinion.

The fact is that, even if domestic law such as Chief's Act you mentioned above, does not impose a penalty for an act which constitutes a crime under international law does not relieve the person who committed the act from responsibility under international law.

CHOLA said...

Dario this why we have the ICC, OCAMPO, Human rights
Hitler SOS men wound have gone free but the ICC, same to Charles Taylor, Slobodan, yes this guys sure smart they set up laws that my absolve them from conviction, but deroo believe this time the kamba iko kwa shingo, they day he signed that accord the mzee was sorted raile and Ruto may be added to spice it up, Kibaki was the president then and buck stops with him
Kenya and Kenyans TUTA SIMAMA IMARA but I’m not sure of Kibaki PANU, Raila and ODM they will yeyuka

Anonymous said...

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