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Monday, July 13, 2009

Hague Express: Envelope Watch Day 5

Two is better and deadlier than one.

Elephant Moreno Ocampo is in the house. There is no room to wiggle. The political temperature sores, the tempo heightens, the heat intensifies, the atmosphere is poisoned. No template to read from, the plot thickens as the environment gets lethally toxic.


deroo said...

Luke, long time. Count 365 and many more.

Mwambu said...

Uhuru, your day with destiny is nigh.

Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, because of your support for, funding of and organising of genocide perpetrated against innocent Kenyans, a jail cell awaits you at The Hague.


Anonymous said...

Impunity has invaded our homes and we demand a third envelope for those who kidnap themselves (like Maureen Odera) in order to extort money from parents and relatives.

Anonymous said...

These politicians as they are wont to say in my local language dont have heads,they have started sabre rattling again but not with as much energy as before.You can sense the reservation,for surely with big brother watching,you just have to be careful about what you say.But as we heap all the praise on Annan and Ocampo,arent we forgetting one man?The man whose foresight started all this rolling,the man who knew our politicians well enough to know that of their own volition,they didnt care about justice for the common man.JUSTICE WAKI!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:32
Shhhhhsh!Maureen Odera doesnt fit into the description of INDUSTRY,FRAUD and DECEPTION!But surely,even by Kenyan standards,this is a 1st.Self kidnap,for ransom,from parents and relatives?Duh!

Anonymous said...

Even mzee Moi is calling us backward for paying too much attention to foreigners, especially our cousin who is US president. We have to grant Moi that having been in high level politics for so long he knows what drives the big powers, or in deed any country. According to mzee Moi obama was in Ghana because of the newly discovered oil, which is said to be a lot. I agree. Of course if you can have oil and democracy, so much the better.

Anonymous said...

Bw.Deroo habari ya masiku lakini 365 is too long

Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama went to Ghana primarily to secure the oil for US before China does with sweet deals. US is very concerned with the growing instability in the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea. The Nigeria oil supply has become extremely unreliable with the Niger Delta militia calling the shots. And when Obama tickles the Africans, the Africans show their molars and release their raw materials for a song to the Mzungu International Corporations. Then Obama turns around and with glee reminds the Africans that they are behind Korea.

When will the Africans wake up to this deceit??????

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:57 PM,

That is something to ponder about. The African has become so rootless that he/she will hold on to the wind. They have even invented "self-kidnap" as a new artform of self-moral-mutilation. Na mambo bado.

Anonymous said...

This is peer pressure at its best. Kenyans have had the perpetrators in their midst for a full year. ICC has no forces in Kenya yet somehow there is a crisis. There is only a crisis if Kibaki blinks from this Mta do? position. Worse presidents like Bashar are not in a crisis mode. Is a staredown contest pure and simple.

M-Pesa said...

Ocampo will widen the net once he starts his own investigations and the number of those in the envelope will swell to hundreds.

Once the bars are shut behind the mastermind killers, the truth will ring home. No beer, no women, no 1.8 Cc teenagers cars, just the dawning of reality.

I hear there's a gay pub somewhere near Kenya cinema, the culprits may as well seek free lessons there before one becomes a prison bitch either at Kamiti or Hague!

It doesn't matter how long it takes but the truth ALWAYS comes out.

Anonymous said...

Will Kibaki ask Ali to arrest Uhuru and give him up to the ICC, or will Kibaki ask the head of Admin Police to arrest Maj. Gen Ali and give him up to the ICC?

Anonymous said...

Hear John "The Rattlesnake" Michuki: We want a local tribunal that we - THE LORDS OF IMPUNITY - can "CONTROL"...

"CONTROL"? Your guess is as good as mine about what John "The Rattlesnake" Michuki Means.

Hint: It has something to do with getting away with IMPUNITY (of STEALING the elections and post elections crimes)

Anonymous said...

The Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki Limo soap opera

Besides the chief finance officer, Mr J.K. Mutua, who was suspended last week, five other officials were also shown the door in the wake of the deal described by DT Dobie officials as “the most unusual in the 50 years” it has been selling cars to State House . Only under Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki can such unusual deals occur.... all the time!

Mr Robert Chira, the head of mechanical department at State House, Mr John Mwirichia, the head of procurement and three of their staff members have been suspended.

Anonymous said...

For the umpteenth time,Ocampo isnt investigating stolen elections.That was done by retired judge Kriegler and he gave his report.Whether you liked it or not is another matter.Stealing elections and ordering mass murder of innocents are both crimes yes,but on very different levels.Thats why you never hear anyone talk of prosecuting ex president Moi for electoral fraud despite his notoriety as a serial election thief(if you can get Ken Matiba he can confirm this).So for those advocating for a second envelope,rest easy,the world community is never interested in election thieves(what the heck do you think M7 has been doing for the past 25 years?)But,they are very interested in mass murderers and ethnic cleansing.

Wangu wa Makeri said...

What most of you people don't understand is ICC only prosecute crimes against humanity e.g. genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass murders. Nothing like "stolen election!rape and arson only if committed during the aforementioned indictments otherwise ICC will not investigate random spontaneous violence unless the violence was organised. And they will only go for the organisers, financiers and inciters but the people who actually carried the crimes will be expected to be prosecuted and charged in their own countries.

I hope this clarifies the matter.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in Kenya? How do you explain a grown-up man from Kibera shown on TV crying because Obama was visiting Ghana instead of Kenya? Are such tears no ordinarily reserved for when their is death in a family? Why are people suddenly unable to control their emotions? Or is this the new norm.

I don't know what to make of it, but something is amiss.

Anonymous said...

This is for "Wangu wa Makeri" and all the other Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki supporters who think Kibaki is not "touched" by the Post elections violence issue, This is Judge Phillip Waki's take on him:

The Waki Commission report accuses Kibaki of failing to exercise the required LEADERSHIP that would have convinced the public and the international community that the 2007 General Election would have been free and fair. (This later came to pass: Kibaki STOLE the elections; consequently triggering the Post elections violence)

Kibaki's inability to provide leadership includes the failure to lead the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) from the front when he took over power in 2003 after winning the December 2002 elections.The post election-violence is, in part, a consequence of the failure of Kibaki and his first Government to exert political control (i.e LEADERSHIP) over the country or to maintain sufficient legitimacy as would have allowed a civilized contest with him at the polls possible.

The report also blames Kibaki's decision to renege on the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Kibaki’s National Alliance Party of Kenya (NAK) and Mr Odinga’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) before the 2002 elections as one of the major contributory factors that created the environment that made occurrence of post election almost a certainty. It eventually came to pass.

Even though the 2005 referendum was peaceful and results were accepted rather than contested, the parameters were nevertheless drawn. Worse was the decision by Kibaki to dissolve the entire Cabinet after LOSING the referendum and excluding Mr Odinga and his allies from the Government a month later when he reconstituted his administration.

The net effect, was further political polarisation. Kibaki's turning away from Raila and removing from government the group of ministers associated with Odinga had the effect of increasing the polarisation of politics along ethnic lines.

By so doing, the Waki report points an accusing finger at Kibaki saying that he failed to take actions (i.e LEADERSHIP) that would have bridged the escalating ethnic and political divide, which fueled the political violence. It was wrong, the report argues, for Kibaki to fail to heed the advice of leaders from other communities.

Kibaki’s regime failed to unite the country, and allowed feelings of marginalisation to fester into what became the post-election violence. He and his then Government were complacent in the support they considered they would receive in any election from the majority Kikuyu community and failed to heed the views of the legitimate leaders of other communities.

Under the agreement that Kibaki's NAK signed with Raila's LDP the post of PM was to be introduced after 2002 General Election and the Constitution reviewed to recognize the new position. Failure to honor the MoU by Kibaki broke the trust that had been built between Kibaki and Mr Odinga, in the process splitting Narc.

This (reneging on the MoU) was criticised by the public as an attempt by the so-called ‘Mount Kenya Mafia’ to keep power to itself rather than share it.

The Waki report also blames Kibaki for the way he handled the search for a new Constitution and the 2005 referendum and its aftermath. His administration is accused of diluting some of the provisions of the Bomas Draft into what was later called the Wako Draft. It is the latter that was put up for the referendum pitting Kibaki on the side of the “Yes” or Banana campaign and Mr Odinga in the “NO” or Orange crusade.

The Orange movement that defeated the government by rejecting the Wako draft was later to be transformed into a political party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

What a big let down from someone - Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki - from whom so much civilized and progressive leadership was expected...

Bottom Line: Mwai "pumbavu" had a great role to play in the occurrence of the PEV. He Should not escape responsibility for his negligence.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:28 AM
Hiyo ni character traits of Wajaluos! They are emotional people by nature, you wonder why they vehemently support Odingas? - It is in their blood.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when discussing politics, we start labeling our selves by tribes and tagging some assumed prejudices? So what's the difference we have from the politicians we haggle about if we can not overcome such prejudices? shame on Anon 3:52!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.36
All the crap you have written could have contributed to political/ethnic mistrust, but can you point the crime against humanity, genocide or war crime committed as this is the ICC specialty. ICC does not deal with political issues such as MOU and elections. Please refer to the link below

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:47 AM,

Trying to convince you ni kama kuchezea MBUZI guitar. You will never understand. No, no, you have REFUSED to understand. Judge Phillip Waki gave his take and it clearly implicates Mr Pumbavu.

It appears you will only "understand" after Moreno-Ocampo unleashes the names in THAT envelope.

papa plus said...

This Ocampo guy is about to become a very very wealthy man...

Kamili said...

Scanadals all the way to the Haque? Kibaki's PNU are accustomed to these PUNU orchestrated theft of public coffers. Can anyone else in this blog tell us the other 3 members of PNU state procurement operatives who have been send home cos of limo scandal? Please...... Let us know their names.I know the names sounds like Kimani, Njoroge, kioko, etc or similar somewhat! Thieving everywhere even in statehouse?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:36 AM you write like an educated man. I am ODM but please stop using the word "pumbavu" in reference to Heat of State as accepted and recognized by none other than ROA. This name calling a does not contribute to civil discourse. Kibaki was well intentioned and started out on the right footing in 2002 in trying to undo the rot of the Moi era. Dare I say had he not had his stroke, 2007 would not have happened. Please reserve your derogatory remarks for the kitchen cabinet.

BTW the mofo Patnni like his predecessor Somaia is giving us muhinidis a bad name. We should rout those bastards out.

Anonymous said...

ARE WE READY FOR THE TRUTH? CAN WE HANDLE THE TRUTH? It’s interesting how many ignorant mortals think that William Ruto has any blood on his hands. He doesn’t even worry at all, because no one can prove any wrong doing on his part. His only guilt? He is the de-facto KALENJIN leader and the kalenjins were the worst sting the Kikuyu ever had to face in history.
Lesson one: Kalenjins, unlike many other tribes… are not brainless people. They don’t follow blindly...That’s why, unlike the kikuyu who have nothing to brag about kibaki, who have suffered under Kibaki more than any other president before him, continue to impishly stick to his administration.
The kalenjins abandoned Mzee Moi, a huge personality, and made their gamble with Raila. And it had nothing to do with Ruto.
Lesson two. Many guys posting here were nowhere near the skirmishes. I was there. Michuki Ali and the AP commandant deployed Aps in plainclothes days before the election to try sabotage polling stations in rift valley and Nyanza.ODM complained about it and PNU tried to rubbish it. Before Kibaki was sworn in, Contingents of AP’s and regular cops including GSU, not armed with tear gas, but with live bullets filled the streets of Rift valley and Luo Nyanza.
Wananchi, who had been following media reports, had filled the streets in readiness to celebrate a Raila win...Then suddenly there was a stop on all media coverage...Then suddenly, Cops started chasing Wananchi around. When Kibaki was declared winner, I saw the Kericho scenario, Wananchi filled the streets with twigs and placards demonstrating.
What happened next was what you only watch in some cheap Cambodian movie. Cops immediately started shooting into the crowds in order to repel them .Many young boys died. The scenario was replicated in all ODM strongholds.
In spontaneity, youth started fighting the police. What did the kikuyu and Kisii deserve to suffer? Simple. These were people who had lived with the kalenjins for decades. They knew well the myriad of developmental and social injustices caused by previous regimes that affected all communities living in the rift valley. But in all arrogance they, as their democratic right dictated, voted for the same regime that was now killing young boys. The kalenjins could not fight the police, but the police, who as a matter of fact were 90% GEMA speaking, provided shelter to their kikuyu tribesmen as they killed innocent protestors. That was when the kikuyu became victims of war. It was war. Period, something had to give. No one ordered for massacres, it just happened. When the situation escalated, mungiki were asked to retaliate in naivasha. Logically they couldn’t come to the heart of the rift valley because they’d have been minced meat there...pastoralist are real warriors, not thugs.
Let’s call a spade a spade and stop pretences. Most people who comment on newspapers and blogs have no clue as to what happened.PNU and other RUTOPHOBICS have tried to link Ruto to the deaths. The MOI family, through their influence in standard group (they actually own most of the company…ever noticed how KTN reports?) have frantically tried to predict the downfall of ODM and have mounted great attacks on Ruto’s credibility.
I’m no fan of Ruto, but as a first hand witness, I know why Ruto prefers The Hague, He knows how intense the investigations shall be. Everything on him so far is circumstantial. He freaks out the Kikuyu, he thrashed Moi and he’s a potential threat to Raila in ODM. Who wouldn’t want to destroy him? Ironically, now more Kalenjins support him than before. And this is because they all know that they were up in arms against a murderous government, and that Ruto, used his own resources to try and bring peace, but as politics in Kenya is, he instead gets vilified for it. Kalenjins now know one thing; no one will ever take them for granted again.

Mwambu said...

Are PNU types simply averse to the pursuit of justice and fairness for victims of crimes and abuse of power?

Check out latest reports on the cabinet meeting where you have PNU politicians desperately trying to manipulate the local tribunal as if it were a Kangaroo Court.

Sheesh, talk about support for impunity!

Mwambu said...

@Anon 1:18 PM, what an interesting read.

I concur with you on 95%+ of what you wrote. Great job.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Annon 1.18 on some issues, more so, that ruto is a circumstantial scapegoat.The biggest three influences in kenyan politics would love to have him hanged.Moi, Uhuru and kikuyus for revenge, and RAILA. Ruto is the bravest politician Kenya has today and very suave.You saw how he made Khalwale and his motion into fodder.
Who wouldn't love to see him taken out?Since it would be hard to kill him, as we know many have tried, and considering the implication it might have,the best way out is to paint him as a warlord.Even Kalonzo cringes on the thought taht to get into riftvalley he'd have to cut a deal with Ruto.
Lets face it..who has any evidence on Ruto?aren't we all assuming?is it because Ruto is an unapologetic politician?

deroo said...

I was just passing by and decided to tell you his. The place is called the International Criminal Court )ICC).

It does not deal with election stories. It deals with burning women in a church, targetiing and killing members of a community called kabila adui or madoadoa.

If you bring the issue of elections in this case, you are misguided as it sounds. Elections are challenged with court petitions within the land and not at ICC.

Please bring in issues that offer defence and justification of barbecuing 'kabila adui' in a church and targetting them up and down the sovereign country Kenya.

If I can borrow words of Barrack Obama, "...a pig is still a pig. Whether you apply lipstick or not, it is still a pig...".

Anon, whether you try to elevate Ruto to the level of Mother Teresa, there was a crime committed and all that you are writing here are either apologetic, insincere of dreamt over.

Tafadhali, ICC is not an election petition court. It is all about attacking and commiting rape targetting one community and infringing on their human rights.


Kamau Njuguna said...

Similarly Mr Derro, The ICC does not prosecute regular acts of criminality and the few isolated cases of thugs pretending to be protestors should be prosecuted by the state.

The ICC investigates organs of state used to kill, shoot, rape and otherwise torment her citizens as recorded. Please note your favorite genocide victims the Kikuyu, Kabila Adui, Madoadoa were less than 300, while the rest were 900, i.e three times as many others died at the hands of the state and Kabila Adui. Since you have such a high level of inside information on how the ICC works, do tell how they will proceed.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Ati PNU wants a local Tribunal, presidential immunity to remain etc etc.

PNU have been crying about violence against Kikuyu's and now, they do not want a legal process that is credible. What do they really want? Can someone inform us please.

More importantly, what this debate in the so called Cabinet demonstrates is pure lack of appreciation of international law.

Basically, when a State signs and ratifies a treaty, it means that:

- any domestic law and domestic state practice which contradicts the ratified treaty must be amended to conform to the treaty.

If thats the case, if the ICC treaty and other sources of international law do not recognise any immunity for president and prime ministers in cases dealing with war crimes, crimes against humanity etc, then, how someone can argue for president's immunity in terms of domestic law is beyond comprehension.

Simply, such law does not exist. And, even if it exists, it is not true that, the framers of the Kenyan Constitution meant to shield a president who commits crimes against humanity or war crimes.

Furthermore, this debate demonstates how disorganised international law practice at the AG's and Foreign Office is. When a state goes for treaty negotiations, it ought to do a number of things:

- Using a committe made up of lawyers from AG, Foreign Office and Justice Ministry, should analyse all domestic laws and practice that will be affected or likely to be affected by the proposed treaty. Needless to say, such committe should be composed of people who know international law.

- If after such analysis it is found that, there are some critical domestic law and or practice that, a state wishes not to change, that, realisation should inform its participation in the treaty negotiations.

- If it does not get its way, it can enter reservations when signing and ratifying the treaty.

Thus, if Kenya did not want some matters in the ICC treaty, it could have not ratified it, or, it could have entered its reservations.

However, when it comes to reservations, it is difficult to do that with crimes against humanity, war crimes etc because these norms are jus cogens, i.e. peremptory. So, the only option was not to ratify it. Otherwise, by our ratification, we consented to all that, we are yapping about now. Simply, it is too late now.

Anonymous said...

anon7/14/09 3:35 PM

I plead my case and of those friends and relatives that lost their life's unceremoniously -

Hague is the only road I trust..
most people even Ministers and MP's who are still serving in the government we all know they were involved.

No court or persons in Kenya is trusted to handle this case


Mwambu said...

This overblown myth that Kikuyus were the major victims of the PEV will burst once Ocampo begins what I hope will be very deliberate and impartial investigations.

To date i have always wondered how and why the ODM leaders let tthe Kikuyu politicos win the moral high-ground in what is essentially a propaganda game; failed to bring attention to the myriad Kikuyu media that were busy promoting the idea of genocide by the Mungiki against other Kenyans. Other Kikuyu media were referring to anyone that was not supportive of Kibaki as kabila adui or worse.

Mwambu said...

In reference to my 12:01 post, let it be known that I do and have always empathised so very much for the suffering of the many innocent Kikuyus who found themselves evicted and forced into the IDP camps.

Anonymous said...

@annon 3:52
I am not a Jaruo, I am a muindi.

But I would like to tell you that it is better to be emotional than to be cold blooded murderer. No feelings, emotionless, no life, ONLY MONEY....minded.

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